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Things get interesting!
Kind Readers,

This story is quite outside my usual genre. It is hot, sexy and full of twists and turns. Fair warning, it is also a LONG story. Still, I hope you will enjoy it.

Steffi the Sophomore Part Two

I had no idea what Steffi was thinking at that moment, but I was practically terrified. Steffi and I had just gotten caught by my girlfriend while we were having sex. When I say caught, I mean CAUGHT! We were both naked on the bed in the guest room with Steffi laying spread legged on top of me and my semi-hard cock still buried in her fifteen year old pussy. Cindy, my girlfriend, had acted nonchalant as she watched the two of us hurriedly get dressed. She even told us to come downstairs for pizza. When Steffi and I arrived in the family room we were doubly shocked to find not only Cindy, but Val, Steffi's mom (and Cindy's best firend), sitting on the sofa.

Regardless of the feeling of impending doom we both felt, Steffi and I each took a slice of pizza, sat down (as far apart from each other as possible) and tried to eat. I think we both felt as though it was our last meal. (Personally, I would have preferred steak and lobster, but I couldn't be too choosy at that point). After only a few moments, Val and Cindy struck up a conversation. The topic was obvious: G and Steffi had been fucking in the guest room. I quickly discovered, to my horror, that Val had also witnessed our little romp for she was describing in detail many of the things Steffi and I had done together. 'How the hell did they manage to see us', I wondered. 'And why didn't Steffi or I see or hear either of THEM?'. I hadn't heard the door open. Steffi had thrown the deadbolt (which Cindy had a key for), and that damn thing sounded like the lock on a jail cell when you opened it. I guess we were both too caught up in what we were doing with each other to hear.

Steffi looked at me for the first time since we had reached the family room. Her eyes were filled with fear and her mouth stood wide open. This was far worse than either of us expected. Her mom and my girlfriend had BOTH caught us in the act. We had thought we were being so careful, yet we had been busted on our first time.

Cindy and Val continued to converse as if Steffi and I were not even in the room. Only when Cindy described how it looked to her as Steffi and I both came did either of them acknowledge the fact that the two of us were present. She explained, "G was going like a jackhammer and Stefanie looked like she was on a trampoline. I swear I thought they were gonna levitate right off the bed when they came!".

Cindy looked back and forth from Steffi to me and said, "did I describe it right? Did it feel as good as it looked?".

I could not force myself to speak. I looked at Steffi only to see her eyes filling with tears. Bless her heart, she was so scared and embarrassed. I can't really say I was embarrassed (I'd seen and done far too much over my many years), but I was upset. Mostly with myself for allowing this to happen in the first place. Not that I didn't really enjoy it, but it shouldn't have gone that far. Cindy was my girlfriend of four years, Steffi was underaged and Val had trusted me. I felt that I had let them all down.

This time it was Val who spoke. She stood from her spot on the sofa and began to pace the family room. Looking straight into my eyes she said, "G, I know she's beautiful, hot and sexy, but she's still my kid. I can't really blame you, though. Try as I might I can't be mad, but I am disappointed".

I hung my head and responded, "I don't know what else to say other than I'm sorry, Val".

"And you, young lady", Val continued, looking sternly at Steffi, "just what did you think YOU were doing?".

Steffi started to open her mouth but Val interjected, "No, no, no.....I'LL tell you what you were doing".

'Oh shit', I thought. 'Val is REALLY going to lower the boom now'. Boy, was I wrong.

I don't think Steffi saw it, but Val whipped a quick wink at Cindy and parked herself into the recliner before she proceeded. She said, "You seduced the guy you have been dreaming about for almost a year. You got him alone and then you threw yourself at him just like a little slut. He's just a man, but I still think he's a good man even though he gave in to you. I truly don't blame him for that. If he hadn't gone along with your little scheme, I would have thought he was either gay or impotent. I guess he's neither! Now here's the're fifteen years old and you think the world is yours. Truth is, the world is a big and often ugly place. That's why you need to be careful....especially with men. You even need to be cautious in your own home...even when you are sleeping".

Val looked over at Cindy and both of them giggled. 'What the hell is going on here', I wondered. 'Why is Val talking about being cautious when you sleep? And what the hell is up with all that fucking giggling'? Then it hit me...Steffi's wet dreams. Could Val possibly know? Of course she would. She did the laundry. Steffi's soaked sheets would be hard to disguise. I guess she could have told Val that she just spilled some water or something, but the fact is that pussy juice has its own scent and an experienced woman would recognize it. I realized what Val was going to say a split second before she spoke again.

"Stefanie, honey, or should I just call you Steffi", Val said, "you talk in your sleep".

Steffi's eyes were wide and her mouth was moving but no sound escaped her. Val and Cindy had started to laugh and, truth to tell, I felt a little less worried myself. Steffi still seemed shocked.

Through her chuckles, Val finally said, "Steffi, (he he!), you have been fucking G in your sleep for months. I hear you almost every night! 'Like that, G. Deeper, G! Oh yes, fuck me. HARDER. PLEASE!!! Kiss me! OH GOD I'M COMING... YESSSSS!!!'". "Truth is", Val continued with a bit of a snicker, "I wish it had been ME. Cindy has told me all about that big cock of his. Honestly, Stephanie, I'm a bit jealous. After all, I AM your mother and I should have investigated this more carefully before letting you proceed".

Now it was my turn to be shocked. Did Val just say that she wished that I had been fucking her? Oh shit, this is getting too strange.

Cindy was beside herself with fits of laughter. Val was now holding her sides as tears ran down her face. Steffi was obviously stunned and I had no idea what to think or do. This was not what I expected after just being caught naked and screwing a fifteen year old girl. After a few moments, Val got up from her chair and rejoined Cindy on the sofa. They slung their arms around each other as the wails of laughter continued for some time. Finally I noticed that Steffi seemed to be getting a handle on her own emotions, but she was still as completely confused as I.

After a few uncomfortable minutes, both Val and Cindy settled down. It took each of them a few more moments to catch their breath from all the guffawing they had done and when they did, they both looked back and forth between Steffi and myself.

This time it was Cindy who spoke. "Val called me this afternoon a bit concerned about you, Stephanie. She told me that G was picking you up at the school, but when she called home to check on you, Nate told her you had never arrived. She put two and two together pretty quick and called me. I found out about your little 'sleepytime fantasies' months ago. Val and I discuss everything. Also, I'm far from blind. I could see how G looked at you. Men are SO easy to read. I could see that he wanted you. We both had a good idea what was going on this afternoon, so we both took off early and, well, the two of you know the rest".

Val took up the monologue at that point. "I guess Cindy and I knew it was just a matter of time before something happened between you two. The fact is, that neither of us can be truly mad at you for simply acting on your feelings. It's hippocritical to judge others for acting on their emotions when you are doing the same thing yourself...and have been for years".

I wondered what the hell Val was trying to say. I turned to Steffi with a puzzled look and she just gave a slight shrug of her shoulders. As Steffi and I turned back to look at her mom and my girlfriend, we witnessed something that I'm sure neither of us ever expected.

Val and Cindy turned to face each other, wrapped their arms around each other and proceeded to engage in the slowest, most sensual kiss I had ever seen.

"MOM!", Steffi shouted.

"Cindy?", I said (albeit quite a bit confused).

The kiss went on for some time. Both Cindy and Val started moving their hands across each others bodies in a slow caress. Cindy seemed to take the lead as she unbuttoned Val's blouse and pushed it from her shoulders. Steffi was seated in such a way that she couldn't see exactly what was going on, but she had to know. Val reciprocated by pulling Cindy's shirt over her head. Now both women were nearly topless. Without any regard as to who was watching, Val and Cindy pulled briefly away from each other just long enough to remove their bras. Both of them had nice breasts although, sad to say, gravity was taking its toll on them. Still, I had always enjoyed Cindy's sweet big tits even though they hung just a bit. This was the first time I had actually seen Val's tits uncovered. They didn't really sag, but they did ride just a bit low on her chest after she removed her bra (I've always called tits like that 'tear-drop breasts' because of the way they look from the front. Think about it, guys.). For a woman of her age, Val wore pretty skimpy stuff when at the pool or beach. Her tiny tops and thong bottoms revealed a good bit of cleavage and ass and the combination of the two got her more than her fair share of lewd glances. Still she looked good. Her bare breasts were nowhere near as large as Cindy's (or even CLOSE to being as full as Steffi's) but they were nice. (NOW what in the HELL was I thinking?)

Both women reached out to cup the other's breasts as Steffi and I continued to look on. I know that I was in a state of near shock and I knew that Steffi had to feel the same. Seemingly oblivious to the two stunned people in the room, Cindy and Val began to grope, fondle and squeeze each other's breasts. They took turns licking and kissing each other's nipples and within minutes both were also stroking the other's crotch.

I turned to Steffi again to find her open mouthed and gazing at the spectacle before us. Truth to tell, even though I was totally dumbfounded by what Cindy and Val were doing, I could hardly tear my own eyes away.

The groping, stroking and nipple licking went on for some time before each woman sat back up straight, kissed and only then turned toward Steffi and I.

Val spoke. "Steffi, G... I guess Cindy and I have some explaining to do as well".

Steffi and I both nodded. I don't think either of us could really form a cohesive sentence at that point.

Again, Cindy took over. "After my second husband left me, I thought I would be alone forever. There I was in my late thirty's, alone again. Val was the only person in the world who understood me. She was there whenever I felt lost and alone". "G" she said to me, "You and I had an internet thing going on but we hadn't met in person yet. Even though I thought we had connected in a personal way, I was still by myself. Then one night about four years ago, Val and I got together for a girl's night and we were drinking tequila shooters. We were both kinda hammered and I guess we were both feeling frisky. It didn't take long before we started talking about sex. Chip was on one of his business trips (Val said under her breath, "") so she and I were all alone at my place". Cindy looked to Steffi and continued, "You two kids were at your Grandma's for the weekend so Val and I had time to just be together and talk. I don't think either of us planned it, but after all that booze the loneliness we both felt started to kick in and we just started to kiss. One thing led to another and before we knew it we were both naked in bed. We had our first lesbian sex that night. It was the first of many times that led up to today. After seeing what you two were doing, we both felt as though we shouldn't hide our feelings any more. After all, the two of you were obviously expressing your own feelings to each other".

TMI, as Cindy would sometimes say. Too much information. Steffi finally found her voice and said, "So you two are lesbians now or what?".

"We can't be lesbians", Cindy said. "We both love cock too much, but we do enjoy a woman's softer touch. I guess that makes us Bi".

They both giggled again as Steffi and I continued to stare open mouthed at the two of them. Without another word both Val and Cindy stood and removed the rest of their clothing. NOW things were getting really weird.

I must describe the two women that now stood naked in front of Steffi and me.

Cindy was then forty-one, petite at five foot three and the years had been mostly kind to her. As I said earlier, her large pretty breasts had a bit of sag due to their size (42DD), her age and the effects of gravity, but they were still lucious to the eye and the touch. She kept her thick brown hair short and it framed her pretty face in a delightful way. Her belly was just the tiniest bit rounded and she kept her pussy clean-shaven. When I first met her in person, she was wearing an off the shoulder blouse and a very short pleated skirt that showed off her long legs and shapely ass (I have since learned that girls call those garments 'butt skirts' I know why).

Just shy of her thirty-ninth birthday, Val was an older version of Steffi (and I mean that in a good way). She was kinda tall at five-eight with long, untamed flaming red hair, a few freckles around her little nose, nice tits, trim waist and a round ass. Unlike Steffi, Val's pussy was also shaved. Val still had a great pair of legs. They were long and shapely and she had tiny cute feet just like her daughter.

The two naked women sat down together on the floor and resumed their kissing and fondling. I looked to Steffi and indicated that she should come and sit with me. 'Why not', I thought to myself. 'If these two are going to have sex right in front of us, we should at least be able to sit together and watch'. Steffi stood up and walked over to the chair that I occupied and perched herself on the armrest. I placed my arm around her waist as we both looked with amazement at the display before us.

Cindy and Val lay down on the carpeted floor and held each other close. Their lips were locked together and their hands were all over each other. After a few moments, the kiss broke and they looked into each other's eyes. As if they had shared an unspoken comment, both women turned their bodies so that they were both face to pussy with one another.

Steffi and I watched as tongues danced around vaginal lips and clits. Both women were writhing on the floor as a result of the ministrations of the other. Steffi then moved one of her legs over mine as she sat on the arm of the chair. 'Amazing', I thought. 'She is opening herself up for me while we are watching my girlfriend and her mom get in on'. Lowering the hand that I had placed around her waist, I started to caress her thigh. Steffi looked into my eyes and sighed quietly.

Steffi's thigh was still tacky with the juices that had poured from her after our first sexual union just an hour ago, but I didn't mind. She didn't even seem to notice that my hand was not really sliding smoothly over her soft skin. In fact, both of us could hardly stop looking at the two women on the floor in front of us. Val and Cindy both had their faces buried in the depths of the other's pussy. Jucies were flowing freely from each of them and Steffi and I could hear the primal, sexual sounds that both women were making.

Now listen, I am a man. The fact that Steffi and I had just fucked for the first time coupled with the lurid display in front of my eyes was just too much. I had to do something. In fact, I had to FUCK something. 'To hell with that', I thought. I didn't want to just fuck ANYONE, I wanted Steffi again...and NOW.

She must have felt the same for as I reached to pull her off the armrest and onto my lap, she suddenly stood and started to strip. I didn't help her this time, but I stood and took off my own clothes as quickly as I could. Val and Cindy didn't seem to notice at first. They were far too involved with what they were doing with each other.

When Steffi and I were both naked once again, I dropped to my knees in front of her, took her beautiful ass into my hands and kissed her in the center of her peach-fuzz-covered pubis. She jerked a bit and I heard a gasp come from her mouth.

"Why did you do that", she asked.

"Did you like it?", I responded.

"Yes", she replied sheepishly.

"Then you're REALLY going to like this", I said.

Now oblivious to the two women licking each other furiously on the floor, I slid my tongue into Steffi's little slit and licked her from top to botom. She nearly collapsed as I found her love button and gently wrapped my lips around it.

Steffi lifted her left leg off the floor and draped it over my shoulder as I leaned deeper into her sweet pussy. Within seconds my face was dripping with her sweet nectar and she was holding the back of my head in a death grip. With just a bit of sucking and a few firm licks on her swollen clit, Steffi gushed her love juices all over my face and clear down my chest. She came so much that I could actually feel her juices dripping from my balls onto the carpet between my knees.

With my face still buried between Steffi's legs, I suddenly felt one hand grab my stiff cock and another cup my swollen balls. I pulled my face back from Steffi's wet crotch and looked over my shoulder to find Cindy on her knees to my left and slightly behind me on the floor. I looked over the other shoulder to find Val on my right. Both women were grinning and each had a hand extended under my ass and into my groin, but I had no way of knowing which girl had ahold of which part of my genitalia. Didn't felt great either way.

I released my grip on Steffi's ass and she slid her leg off my shoulder and lowered herself to the floor. It took a minute before Steffi's head cleared and by the time she was able to speak Val and Cindy had pushed me onto my back on the carpet.

"G..G...G?", Steffi sputtered."What's going on?".

This time it was I who was speechless. Both Cindy and Val were tag-teaming my cock in a most delicious way. The two women were taking turns fondling my balls and sucking my cock into their practised throats. Talk about heaven...I truly thought I had found it.

After a few moments Cindy got up, turned her body around and straddled my head before lowering her bald pussy to my face.

"Dont you think for a minute that Stefanie is gonna get all your attention", she said.

'Oh well', I thought. 'It only took Steffi a few seconds to cum. My tongue and jaw aren't really tired yet. I'm good for another pussy licking session'. And with that I drove my tongue straight into Cindy's hole as far as I could. She yelped a bit then settled into a gentle back and forth motion on my face. This was something we did quite often. It gave her all the pleasure she desired while allowing me to vary what I was doing with my mouth and tongue.

Val was now sucking me furiously. She was pumping the base of my cock with her hand and sucking the head and upper shaft for all she was worth. Even though I couldn't see what was happening 'down there', I suddenly felt a change in the way I was being handled and sucked. It seemed more tentative and gentle and somehow I just knew...Steffi had taken over. I wasn't sure if it was her first time giving head or not. She HAD told me she had lost her virginity some time back, but she hadn't given me any details. If she had sucked cock before, she obviously hadn't done it often. If she HADN'T done it before, she was doing a damn good job for her first time!

With a loud groan, Cindy came for me. I felt her legs spasm for a minute then she was still. Cindy never was a girl who had violent orgasms, but each one always seemed to please her. Without a word she slipped off my face and Val took her place. 'Damn', I thought for a moment. 'I really wanted to watch Steffi suck my cock'. Val didn't give time to ponder that thought as she immediately pressed her wet hole onto my nose and her stiff clit in between my lips. What WAS a guy to do?

I had been licking and sucking on Val for just a few minutes when I felt Steffi release my cock from her hand and mouth. Val turned and without a word straddled my hips and sat down hard on my stiff rod. It sank into her silky depths quickly and easily. She wasn't near as tight as Steffi, but her internal muscles were obviously well trained. I could feel her pussy practically rippling up and down my shaft as she sat, unmoving on top of me. I could only take so much of that. I pulled Val down on top of me, raised my kness, planted both feet on the floor and began ramming my cock into her. She responded by meeting each upward thrust with her own downward one.

This being my second new pussy in less than two hours, it didn't take long for my cock to begin spurting hot cream deep into Val's wet puusy. I felt her walls contract hard as I let go and knew that she was coming as well. The two of us pounded against each other until our orgasms finally subsided and Val rested herself on top of me. After I both collected my breath, I gently rolled Val off of me and onto the floor. She lay there with her legs still spread and her arms straight out from her body. Her eyes were closed but she had a very pretty smile on her face.

Just a few feet away, Steffi was lying on her back and Cindy was on her knees between Steffi's legs. I could see Steffi's body shaking slightly, but her eyes were closed and she was moaning loudly. She was getting her first oral sex from a woman within an hour of getting her first time from a man. I could tell that Cindy was being gentle, yet she was clearly hitting all the right buttons. Within two minutes Steffi's hips raised from the floor and I could see her juices dripping from her pussy and Cindy's chin as she cried out in pleasure.

I felt a hand brush down my back and turned to see Val, now propped up on one arm, watching the scene as well. Cindy moved from between Steffi's still shaking legs and came towards us. She kissed first me, then Val sharing Steffi's juices with us both. Val crawled on hands and knees over to her multi-orgasmic daughter and lovingly laid her head on Steffi's belly. To my amazment, Val dropped one hand gently between Steffi's still parted legs and closed her eyes.

Cindy also moved over to the two reclining girls and laid her head on one of Val's thighs. Not to be left out, I moved over as well, rolled onto my back and scooted myself in between Cindy's legs then laid my own head onto her crotch.

The four of us must have fallen asleep, for when I next looked up, the clock on the mantle showed it was nearly three AM. I stood as quietly as I could and noticed the three girls were all seemingly out for the count. I padded to the kitchen, got a cold beer from the fridge and leaned on the counter to enjoy it. As I drank, the entire episode replayed in my mind.

Steffi and I had gotten caught fucking, Val and Cindy had sex with each other, Val, Cindy and I had sex together, Cindy, Steffi and I had sex together, Val, Steffi and I had sex, then Cindy gave Steffi oral sex while Val and I screwed each other and we had finally all collapsed together on the floor. Yep...that about summed it up. I finished my beer, grabbed another and walked quietly back into the other room. To my surprise, both Val and Cindy were gone and Steffi was sitting Indian style on the floor alone. Her red hair was a mess and I could see that her fiery peach fuzz was matted with her copious juices. I thought that she had never looked more wonderful.

"Hi sailor", she said as she stiffled a yawn. "It woke me when Mom and Cindy got up. Is it really that late?", she asked, pointing to the clock.

"I'm afraid so", I said as I sat next to her. She leaned into me and lay her head on my shoulder.

"What in the world have we done?" she said. "In the last twelve hours. I have had sex with you and your girlfriend. Then I watched you have sex with my mom. Then your girlfriend had sex with me. This is too much to take in for one evening!".

I held her close and kissed her on top of the head. Then I told her softly, "I have no idea where this will lead. I was as clueless as you about what Val and Cindy were doing. I certainly didn't expect what went on tonight. Especially after us getting caught like we did. To be honest, though, it was enjoyable".

"That's what's so funny", Steffi said. "I enjoyed it too and I hope we can all do it again".

That shocked me a bit, but with all that had happened that day, I decided to just roll with it. I gave Steffi a sip of my beer, drained the rest and parked the can on an end table. I stood, took Steffi's hand and led her upstairs. I saw that the door to the room that Cindy and I shared was closed so I guessed that she and Val were in bed there. I took Steffi through the guest room into the guest bath and started a shower for us. We bathed each other lovingly and by the time we were both dried off, there was no question of going right to sleep.

Steffi and I made slow love with each other once again, then took turns going to the bathroom to clean up. After, we settled into each other's arms and let sleep finally overtake us. I had the sweetest dreams that night.....


The strange yet wonderful relationship between Steffi, Val, Cindy and myself went on quietly for nearly a year. We would get together in various ways, two's, three's and all four of us on many occasions. In time, Steffi became comfortable with Cindy and even her own mother as sex partners. As for me, I loved being in pussy heaven, but I still treasured my alone time with Steffi most lf all.

Val got a much deserved promotion at work and her finances finally stablized. Cindy did the few night classes she needed to earn her Masters in meteorology and got the chief's job at the station while I was offered (and, of course, accepted) the position of station manager.

Nate, who was two full years older than Steffi, left for college in Kansas in mid summer (he had received a music scholarship and had to report to school early for marching band training). For all any of us knew, he had never discovered the lewd and crazy antics the girls and I had been up to.

With the money now flowing in for both households, Val, Cindy and myself sold our respective homes and the three of us together bought a sprawling ranch several miles outside of town. The home is situated on nearly two hundred acres of hilly and wooded land with a winding, paved driveway. The house has four bedrooms, three full and two half baths, an inground Olympic-sized pool, an enclosed hot tub and a full, finished basement that we furnished with our own home exercise equipment, pool table and home theatre. We have a fully stocked wet bar at one end of the basement near the one hundred inch projection HDTV and this room (along with our bedrooms) is one of our favorite places in the house The house is huge yet cozy enough to feel warm and welcoming. Still, it is large enough that each of us could vanish for days if we need some solitude.

It may be an unusual way to live, but it seems to work for the four of us. Steffi is getting ready to begin her Junior year in high school. I work with her almost daily on her studies to help prepare her for the advanced classes she plans to take (part of my own college work was in education, so I hope that I am being a big help to her). She is such a bright girl that I know she will do well. We are all hoping that she will get into one of the top-notch colleges. We all have faith.

Cindy and Val work out in our home gym and swim laps in the pool most every day to keep their bodies youthful. The two of them have even convinced me to take up an excercise regimen. I admit I was a bit reluctant at first (I had been an athlete in high school years before, but I had been seriously hurt playing football and I hadn't really worked out since), but now, the more I work out the better (and younger) I seem to feel. Val hit the big four-O this year, Cindy turned forty-two and I will be fifty-one in just a few months, but the way we have chosen to live our lives together makes us all feel just as young as Steffi. What a wonderful feeling...

After all.....isn't being young-at-heart the real secret to a long and happy life? We think so.

Steffi the Sophomore...The End

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