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Santa makes a big girl’s wish come true.
NOTE: These Christmas Stories have nothing to do with one another. Each is an individual story of it’s own.

Christmas Story Four
Stocking Stuffer

I have been the community Santa Claus for a few years now and then one day I received a phone call from a woman trying to hire me for a Christmas party. I had a funny feeling about it so at first I said no but she was very persistent. She offered me more money than I normally charge and she said that there would be a lot of children there too. I was finally sold on the idea as long as there were kids involved. She said that I was to show up near the end of the party and then hand out the presents that would be under the Christmas tree.

I was punctual as usual. It was eight-fifteen on a Friday evening. However when I got there it didn’t look like there was a party going on. I walked up to the door to knock when I saw a big envelope with Santa written on it. I opened it up and found one hundred dollars as my payment, a pair of stockings, and a note. The note read, “Hi Santa. If you make my Christmas fantasy come true I’ll see what I can do to fulfill yours. I’ve been a very good girl and I’d be happy to fill your stockings. Come in, go up the stairs, and I’m in the second room on the right. Merry Christmas.”

I thought about just walking away but I didn’t. I also thought about taking the money for my time and effort and still walking away but I didn’t. So I took the envelope and opened up the door. I looked around and I saw her Christmas tree in her living room with beautifully wrapped presents around it, I heard the Christmas music playing softly, and I saw the stairs. I walked up the stairs slowly still thinking about changing my mind. Even as I walked down the corridor counting the doors I wasn’t sure if I could go through with this. Then I came to the second door on the right and turned the knob. As I looked at the woman inside sitting on the bed she smiled at me and said, “Merry Christmas Santa.”

I knew her! She was the woman that owned the Fashion Boutique downtown. She was Sylvia something or other and she used to be some famous artist’s model.

Sylvia asked, “Do you want me to fill your stockings?”

I opened up the envelope and took out the stockings. Looking at them for a second time I realized that they were not the cheap nylon kind that I was used to seeing. These were very sheer and they may have been made of real silk too.

Sylvia stood up and walked over to me. She took the stockings from me and walked back into the middle of her bedroom. She untied the sash to her beautiful robe and opened it up. Underneath her robe Sylvia was wearing a see through teddy that was red. It had a furry white collar around her neck and also around the bottom that just covered her pussy from my sight. She could sure keep Santa happy for the rest of the year. She removed her robe and sat on the very edge of her bed. I could see why she would make such a good model. She was very shapely. She was neither skinny nor fat. Sylvia reminded me of those pin-up girls from the fifties like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

Sylvia took great care in slipping one of the stockings over her hand. She carefully opened up the wad of material and slipped it over her toes. Her toes and her fingernail were painted a bright red. I watched as Sylvia pulled that stocking over her foot and up to her ankle. Then she did the same thing to the other stocking. Sylvia then stood up and placed one foot on a chair giving me an excellent view as she then slipped one of the stockings up over her calf and up her thigh until it was resting just inches from her pussy. She had just the right amount of hair on her pussy too. Then Sylvia pulled the other stocking up into place and stood back up straight for me. The stockings clung to her legs even without a garter belt.

I admired her body while Sylvia put on a cute little Santa hat and then she asked, “Was this what you expected?”

I replied, “Not at all but this is much better.”

In a teasing way Sylvia asked me, “So Santa just what did you expect then?”

I replied, “Kids, presents, and Christmas Carols.”

She smiled and said, “Well I can be your Christmas present, I’ve been told that I sing during orgasms, and if you’re real lucky I just might even get pregnant. How’s that?”

I couldn’t help but say, “You might get pregnant.”

Sylvia smiled again and said, “Yes I just might. I’m fertile and I’m not on any form of birth control. In fact if you do get me pregnant that would truly fulfill my Christmas wish.”

I replied, “It would.”

Sylvia walked over to me, gave me a big hug, and then kissed me on my upper cheek. It was just about the only skin that was not covered by my wig and beard.

Sylvia said, “Please leave your beard, wig, and hat on for me. Part of the mystery is not knowing who you really are.”

Then She helped me get undressed. I undid my big black belt and she slipped it out of my belt loops. I unzipped my coat and she helped me get out of it. I untied my shoes and removed them. Next she removed my spats. I stood up and slipped my arms out of my suspenders and my big baggy pants dropped to the floor. Sylvia unbuttoned my flannel shirt and helped me out of it. Lastly I had to wiggle out of my Santa belly that is filled with Styrofoam. I stood there before her in just my T-shirt, underwear, and socks. Of course I still had on my beard, wig, and my Santa hat as per her request. My underwear and socks did not stay on for very long. My T-shirt however required me to remove my beard and wig so it had to stay on for the moment.

Sylvia walked me over to her bed and then we laid on it together. I could tell that she was already excited but I felt the need for some foreplay. I asked her to close her eyes if she didn’t want to see my face and she did. That’s when I removed my T-shirt and put my beard and wig back on. Then I lowered my beard just enough to kiss Sylvia on her lips. I went down to her nipples and kissed and sucked then. I went down further to kiss and lick her pussy. It had a Gingerbread smell and a Candy Cane taste. I licked her pussy and drank some of her fluids. I tickled her clit and I poked my fingers into her hole. Then I put my beard back up in place and told her that she could open her eyes once again. I got into position and slipped my cock into Sylvia’s pussy as she sang ‘Here comes Santa Claus’ softly. That made me smile. Sylvia apparently could tell that I was smiling because of the crow’s feet at the corners of my eyes that were crinkling.

This really was a Christmas fantasy for her and she loved every inch of it too. I enjoyed her softness, her firmness, and her willingness to allow me to impregnate her. She had absolutely no idea as to who I was either. As I made love to Sylvia she told me of her love for Santa Claus. When she was just a little girl she not only ‘Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’ but she watched them make love under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve before he left her a room full of presents. As she grew up she became aware that it had probably been her father in that Santa suit that had made love to her mother but the idea was engraved in her memory forever.

To Sylvia Santa was everything good in the World. He brought love to all of the children all over the world without concern about color or race. In her mind he may check his list twice but all of the children were on the ‘nice’ list. Even if the children didn’t believe in Santa she knew in her heart that he believed in them.

In my experience I had come to equate Santa Claus to God. If you think about it, parents are always threatening their children to be good or Santa Claus will know and not bring them any presents. Then when they drag their children up to see Santa they knew that they were bad. No wonder they are scared. What would you do if you met God and he knew everything that you had ever done wrong?

Well anyway back to Sylvia. We were both breathing pretty heavily as I felt my cum crawling up my shaft in anticipation of impregnating her. It was much more exciting for me too for some reason and I was sure that about twice as much cum came out of me and swam deep up inside her womb.

As our bodies parted Sylvia turned around and placed her feet up on the wall over her headboard so as to allow the sperm to swim downhill toward her fertile egg.

As we lay there basking in our pleasure Sylvia sang along with every song as it came softly into her bedroom from downstairs.

I decided to check out her body as long as I was there and she was willing to allow me the pleasure. I felt very honored that she had picked me to make love to her. I ran my fingers over her large firm breasts and flicked at her nipples causing her to giggle and loose her place with the music. I got up and sat at her head with my cock in her hair and my hands on her breasts looking at her wonderful pussy. I reached out and slipped a finger in between her pussy lips and played with her clit. Sylvia cooed and enjoyed what I was doing to her. She begged me to never stop. I very gently stimulated her love button until a half-hour had passed by. Sylvia then got out of that position to cuddle into my arms.

As we lay there she told me of her dreams for a daughter to follow in her footsteps as a model, a business owner, and as a mother. Sylvia was a very intelligent woman too. She takes classes on a variety of subjects just to expand her already vast knowledge. She poured her heart out to me and wanted to know very little about me. She wanted me to remain her mystery Santa. I made love to her again before I felt the need to leave. However Sylvia made it perfectly clear that I didn’t have to leave. I could spend the night, I could spend the entire weekend, or I could spend a lifetime with her if I wanted too. She laughed as she said that she might want Santa to make love to her on her fertile days though if I didn’t mind. I didn’t mind at all.

I did stay the night and in the morning Sylvia saw me for the very first time without my beard and she liked me so I decided to spend the weekend with her. After that I decided to spend a lifetime with her. She was three months pregnant when we were married and the due date is tentatively scheduled for December twenty-fifth.

The End
Christmas Story Four
Stocking Stuffer

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