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This story will include in parts extreme scatgames. So if you don’t feel in mood for that stuff don’t read this story. But I would be happy if you commented on this story. If you like it I will write
Mummy’s true passion- part eleven

Some young man from the hotel’s parking service had gotten us the car and hadn’t been able to take away his light blue eyes from mum. He had deserved a nice tip but none of us, neither mum nor I, could guess which of the two events, the huge tip or the beautiful women in that see-through nothing had been the highlight of his day. As he had opened the door for mum, as his job expected from him, mum couldn’t fight her exhibitionistic side and had taken place in the car in that bitchy Britney or Paris way and had shown her pussy to him. Then she had acted like she couldn’t find a comfortable sitting position and “accidently” her breast had exposed. So after all I think the woman had been the highlight of the parking service guy’s day.

Mum smiled at me as she drove down Park Avenue and we laughed as we talked about what kind of a crazy trip this had been. As mum normally had to turn left and take the FDR to the north and then drive over Manhattan Bridge to get us to the south she took the right lane and I wondered but didn’t say a word. Then she decided to take the Holland tunnel and to Jersey. “Mum, where are we going?” I asked her. “It’s a surprise, honey”, she said, “you better don’t care about it and keep your eyes on your mummy’s body, because I didn’t get dressed like that for you and then you only care about the route I’m taking.” “Yes, Mum.” I replied and was a little stunned about the tone mum had used but at the same time enjoyed being with her and thought about how fantastic it was that I just drove trough Manhattan with a half naked woman next to me and how much that satisfied my exhibitionistic fetish and hers, too. Since we had had sex this morning and since mum had massaged my cock through my pocked in the lobby and since I was totally crazy about her anyways it didn’t take anymore to get me in a really horny mood again and soon my pants got tight and I kept my eyes on mummy’s mind-blowing body and let my eyes again follow its silhouette. I thought my eyes had developed into some certain kind of hungry animals and their favorite meal was mum’s body. What had become my own favorite meal should be clear so far. The white and the red and the stockings and the entire nothing she wore drove me crazy. “So you are doing well, baby” mum said and lay her right hand on my cock. “Ok, now we are getting forward” she smiled at me. “Will you open your pants for mummy?” she asked. And I for sure I knew what to do and lat my cock pop out for her. I must say that the act of letting it free and having this part of mine standing up there totally naked while driving through New York City exited me even more and my body pumped even more blood into that certain part of mine. “You enjoy that, don’t you” mum said. Then she wrapped her fingers around my shaft to feel the pressure of my blood being pumped in massive waves through the one big artery. I nodded my head and leaned back in the cozy seat. I closed my eyes and let myself fall into the amazing hand job mum gave me. Whenever I was really close to Cumming and my balls tightened and my cock almost started to shake mum stopped and let me recover for a while. Whenever I opened my eyes to look at mum she was looking at the street and didn’t seem to really be occupied with something else but driving. That glittering seem of unresponsiveness raised my hornyness even more but not as much as the picture of mum’s French nails being wrapped around that shaft of mine. From time to time she forced her nails into my flesh and gave me a little pain that way. But I loved it for sure. The paradox feeling you get when you get a hand job by your own mum in the middle of the most beautiful city of the world and at the same time this woman manages you to still feel like a slave is simply indescribable but if you are into that kind of things like I am you maybe can imagine it.
After a drive of about 1 and a half hour and a hand job of almost one hour mum still hadn’t allowed me to shoot my load but she had made me exited enough that I was ready to do whatever she would ask me to do for her. She had made me her slave even more than I had been earlier and not only hers but also the slave of my own sexual drive. Meanwhile we had arrived in Maplewood and I was pretty sure I would have wondered what we were doing in that part of New Jersey if I hadn’t been that busy by being wanked by mum. “We are there my love” she said and parked the car on some parking space in front of a normal house. I still didn’t wonder because mum didn’t made any moves to take away her hand from my pride. “Now put that nice hard one back into your pants and follow me.” She said. I was a little shocked and didn’t ask her why or anything else I simply followed her advice. But as I wanted to close the zipper mum stopped me and said “Did I say anything about closing that thing?” “No, mum” I replied and let it open. That way my cock was not really hide it simply was pressed to me body and the pants were stretched like hell. I had no idea what this might be good for but I relied on mum so I did all she told me. “Now get out and promise me that whatever will happen from now on you won’t touch your cock” this time she used her motherly voice to stress the deep trust I had to her. So I did as I was told and got of the car. I folded my hands behind my back and just stood there with my marble cock almost uncovered. Mum got of the car herself and walked over to me. Then she took my hand and we went up to the door.

A woman opened the door. She was about mum’s age and looked cute. Her face was thin but her lips were well formed and deep red. She had brownish eyes and dark red, long and straight hair. I thought the lipstick really fitted well. She wore all black varnish. Her upper part of the body was completely wrapped by a tight corsage. Thick cross ties followed the bodyline along her breasts to her tackle and ended a little above the point where the navel is. The corsage was corseted on each side with a stabile leather band. They ended in nice bows which hang down. Her pants were black, too. The waistband was, if that was possible, even lower than mum’s was. I saw some reddish public hairs flashing from the depth. They had a silver zipper which started right at the waistband and ended somewhere at her back I think, but in fact I couldn’t see the end. She also wore black corseted boots. They were damn high heeled and had pretty copped shoe cops. All in all you could say this woman looked like all the mistresses I had seen on those pages in the internet. “Oh my god, Maygan, how long haven’t we seen each other?” mum started and sounded a little pitched over I thought but I might have been mistaken because I really was focused on different things that moment. “How are you, sweetie?” the woman said. The two women appreciated each other and I somehow managed to find out that obviously Maygan was some old friend of mum and that she really- what a surprise- was a mistress but also sold all the SM-stuff and that mum and she knew from the time when my dead father had had my position, under mum’s high heeled feet. After what seemed to me like ages we finally went inside. There it all looked normal. I don’t know why- actually I know why- but I had expected the inside to look like a torture basement. Maygan had a nice “Pottery. Barn’s” couch and all the stuff you would expect in a house in that kind of residential area.

“Now, let’s have a look. Who do we have here? Wait a minute, isn’t this….”Maygan said and put her sexy attention on me. “Yes, it’s my son. He somehow inherited his daddy’s position.” Mum laughed. “You are some kind of a freaky bitch. But I like that idea. Is he good?” Mum just pointed at the meanwhile dried liquid on her legs. “Do I have to say any more?” “No you don’t.” Maygan stroke her chin. “And what’s about the hard stuff? Is he into that?” “Baby” mum turned to me “Tell May what you ate tonight.” I looked up and into Mum’s face. “Yes, mum.” I turned to Maygan “Tonight my mum had to take a shit so bad, and since I’m into that stuff like hell I ate it all from her asshole. My mummy has the nicest ass I’ve ever seen.” “Is that so?” May asked. “May, you have no idea.” Mum answered for me “yesterday we had an appointment with Dr. Hamilton and since she proved my shit as not dangerous and since he really has inherited the fetishes of his daddy he’s totally addicted to all the human toilet stuff.” “That so?” May still seemed to doubt for some reason. “Yes, that’s so, May. I’m positive even talking about that topic turned him on like hell.” “Mhm” May looked down my body and saw the bowl in my pants which, if that after an hour hand job by mummy was possible, really had grown even bigger “let’s have a look.” May put her hand into my pants and wrapped her hand around my shaft. Her nails were longer than mum’s and painted in a red that fitted her hair and lips. “Ok son, now tell me, do you really get turned on by eating your mum’s feces?” I nodded my head and thought of me nightly meal again. “So, are you thirsty, son?”May asked me. The question somehow sounded a little strange to me in that tone and asked by another woman than my mum. But since she had told me to keep cool and since I re ally trusted her I just said I was. In fact I really was thirsty since my last drink had been mum’s pee this morning. May gave me a meaningful smile and turned to mum. “So sweetie, what’s about you? Would you like to water your son or do you think he’s fit enough to try a strange woman’s juices?” Mum looked into my eyes “Honey, how thirsty are you? Do you think you can try May’s piss, too?” My cock made a certain move and Maygan, whose hand still was wrapped around my shaft, for sure noticed it. “I think your son really is positive to that idea.” “Is he?” “Yes dear, come over, feel his cock when we talk about allowing him to drink the pee of the both of us.” Mum made a step into me direction and May took out my cock completely. Few clear drops of my pre cum glittered on it’s top. Then Mum wrapped her fingers around my cock, too. The two women felt my blood being pumped through the artery again. As they had felt my pride for a couple of seconds mum seemed to be satisfied and nodded. “May, I think you are right. My little sicko of a son in fact really enjoys the idea.” “So let’s not lose any time, because I really need to pee so badly by now.” May said. Then she opened some sideboard. She took a medium sized glass vase out. Then she positioned it on the floor and opened her tight pants. She pulled the zipper down between her legs. Her pussy was much more hairy than mum’s was. She did not only have a Brazilian V but much longer, red public hair. They surrounded her nice, short pussy slit. But I must say it didn’t look nasty to me. The hairs were all well trimmed and it didn’t look like a jungle down there. “Come over to me son” she said. I obeyed. “Get on your knees” I obeyed again. Now my head was on one level with her pussy. I expected her to pee right in my mouth like mum did every morning and the vase to just be some kind of insurance for her floor. But she pulled on some small fiber which appeared from her pussy and which I hadn’t seen till that moment. For sure it belonged to her tampon and as it flushed out of her it danced a little in the air. Then May commanded me to open my mouth. “And you better don’t let it fall it’s your task to take care of it.” she put the red and blood sucked cotton in my mouth and I immediately tasted clear and clean blood with a mix of some juice, that develops deep in the abdomen of a women when she gets horny. “Now watch son” May brought me attention to her pussy as she lowered above the vase and started peeing. I liked the sound when the vase got filled inch by inch. The yellow juice glittered in the smooth light of the afternoon. As she was done the vase was filled to about one third. “Now clean me up” I tried to answer something but the tampon in my mouth prevented me from talking. “Seems as if your mouth is filled with my tampon, slave” she said. I nodded my head. She turned to mum who had stood behind me the whole time. “Help your son I you want, dear.” Mum took the red tampon from my mouth and bound it around my cock with ably hands. “Now there is no problem, right?” I didn’t answer but leaned forward and started to lick May’s pussy, covered with pee and a little rest of blood, clean. As I did my slave job May shoot out some hard little shots of pee on my tongue. “Do you enjoy licking another woman’s pussy while your mummy is watching you?” I swallowed all the little streams until Maygan’s pussy hole was all cleaned. “You did a good job, slave.” she said and stepped back to close her varnish trousers. Then mum made her step forward. Her view was soft and requested trust. “Now, baby you want mummy’s pee, right?” I nodded my head. And I think my view was full of love that moment. So mum lowered her lower body to the vase and started peeing. Her stream was less strong than Maygan’s. Maybe because Maygan had saved a little longer for that event I though. Mum didn’t need to pull up the skirt. Although a few drops hit the material. The yellow liquid ran down the inner side of the vase and filled it up to almost two thirds. As mum was done she asked me if I wanted to lick her clean or if I’d prefer her pussy being wet from pee. This time I decided to lick her clean and did so. “Now sit down on that couch” Maygan ordered me. I followed her advice. Then she took the filled vase from the floor and handed it to me. “Now drink our nice cocktail, son” I took the vase to my lips and started taking small drafts. I had to be careful because the orifice was big and the danger of wasting a drop was even bigger. So I dank very slowly. As I did my job and in fact enjoyed it the women talked about what a horny piece I was. And that by drinking their pee my cock got hard and how they could possibly help me. So it didn’t take long and the two beauties kneed in front of me and licked my tampon hung penis. I tried to concentrate on who was who. Mum licked much softer. Although she was a mistress, too I could doubtless feel the motherly feelings of love in her moves. Maygan, on the other hand licked much more intensive and harder but with less sensibility and feeling. I certainly enjoyed the treatment. And piece by piece, draft by draft I managed to empty my mixed drink. The taste was different from the pure pee I knew from mum. It was a raw feeling when I swallowed and it as bitter, too. But at the same time it was much sweeter than mum’s pee. I thought this might be so because of the few drops of blood Maygan had inserted or the rests of mum’s and mine fuck this morning might have played a roll, too. Anyways I liked the taste and really enjoyed drinking the pee or two breathtaking women. Plus they gave me a stereo blow job. As the vase was almost empty I felt my balls tighten and my pride started to shake. Then I heard the women laugh. “Look at your son. He wants to cum.” “I know and we didn’t allow it to him.” “Yeah, it seems to me he really enjoys drinking women’s pee, doesn’t he?” “He does like hell, I told you.” “Now, what do you think, will we let him shoot a load? Is he a good shooter?” “Hell yeah, May I can’t count how many loads he shot since we started having this relationship. And you wouldn’t belief how much he shoots out every time.” Maygan kissed my cock top as mum talked who still kept shaking and massaging my shaft herself. “Really” they changed positions “then perhaps we should let him allow o shoot his load, what do you think?” “Yeah” mummy pressed out and didn’t let her mouth loose contact to my cock. May grabbed my balls and massaged them. And then as I took the last draft from my nameless drink mum finally made my shoot. As a matter of fact I had the feeling that each load my mum had made me shoot since this started was harder and better than the earlier one. And it was the same this time. It shoot more cum than ever before and the shot flew with hard pressure through me shaft and hit mum deep in her throat. I saw, as I laid the vase aside, thick, white streams flowing from her nostrils and off the sides of her mouth. Then Maygan, who still kept massaging my cock and milked out each drop variantly, kissed drops from my cock and from mummy’s mouth. The picture of mummy kissing another women with my cum dripping from her mouth and nostrils was and is still one of the hottest pictures I have in my mind.
As the women and I were done (so far) Maygan said: “Now, what’s about a cup of tea?” and I wondered her voice and tone had changed. I didn’t know if she had had an orgasm, but obviously she was less aggressive by now and turned out to be a nice person and not only a rock hard mistress. So we sat down. Mum still dressed like the schoolgirl- whore of my dreamy, Maygan wearing her varnish outfit with her public hair shown to us and me all a mess with my meanwhile already semi hard cock handing out of my pants. During Teatime we had the nicest and most familiar and politest talk one can imagine. Mum and Maygan talked about the past and I heard a few funny and sometimes horny stories about my dad and what he and the women had done when I had been a child. As the can was emptied and we all seemed to be recovered Maygan asked mum what she was looking for. Now it turned out that mum and I had not only come here to have more disgusting sex and to involve Maygan into out sick fantasies but also to buy some of her high quality sex- toy- stuff.
“So, my dear let’s have a look at the new stuff I just got” Maygan said. Mummy and I followed her to the basement door. She turned the key and we went down the stairs. I noticed that the basement was not as deep as normal. I estimated the ceiling to be about twenty-five feet high. The walls looked like a medieval stonewall and the floor was covered with black flagstones. Sometimes the black was broken with mirror- style ones. A lot of chains and stuff hang from the roof. And in the middle of a big room a large table was fixed with the ground. On the walls many leather whips and other SM stuff had found their places. In some corner I saw another table. This one was lower and had a seat with a hole on one end. On the back wall o saw a huge cross with bonds for arms and legs. To make a long story short we stood in the middle of the dream of every SM and humiliation- fan. “So, my dears let me introduce you to my slave area slash sales room. Everything you see here you can buy and I have a catalogue for sure, too. But I think we will care about that later, now let’s have some fun!”

End of part eleven; please let me know how you liked it and comment like hell. And look forward to the next parts. You will be stunned.

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Loved the tampon in the mouth


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So called story by a kid trying to jerk off really stupid


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just cause there are a few spelling errors doesnt mean there bad,for god sakes read over them,this story was great 10/10


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Hello there, I've been reading your list of stories and I thought I'd give some intelligent commentary. Your stories are fantastic, I applaud you for writing on such an iffy content, one enjoyed only by the truly opened, or the truly insane. I do hope to see more and more of your stories appear, your an excellent writing, with only the lack of spelling that holds you back. Perhaps I can help you in that aspect, if you so wish. ~masaki~

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