Chapter 18

“George?” Mary called as she entered the nurse’s cabin. “Hello? Is anyone here?”

“In here,” came a voice from the small office. “I’m just taking care of updates on some camper records, I’ll be with you in just a minute.”

“No rush,” Mary said as she closed the cabin door behind her and headed toward the door she’d heard George’s voice coming from. “As long as we have plenty of time for a good hard fuck when you’re done.”

Mary grinned at the startled look George shot her when she stepped into the doorway so she could see him sitting at his desk in front of his computer. “Mary?” George asked as he looked her over from head to toes.

“Yes,” Mary answered as she gave George an even bigger grin as he sighed in relief.

“Good,” George said, “you had me worried for a few seconds there, but now that I can actually see you I realize you look too much like Dannie to be anyone but her older sister. Except for the fact that you have straight hair instead of curly you could be her twin as well as her sister.”

“Thanks,” Mary said as she slid into the small office and sat down on the extra chair before adding, “I think. I always thought of Dannie as my pesky little sister and never really thought about how much we look alike, but since we’re both carrying our brother’s babies I guess we’re more alike than I realized before.”

“How sure are you about that baby?” George asked as he finished typing something into his records and turned to give Mary a broad smile.

“Pretty sure,” Mary said with a shrug. “I have enough of the usual symptoms to make me pretty sure that I’m carrying Kenny’s baby, but I haven’t had an actual pregnancy test yet.”

“Then I guess we’ll start with that. Let me see your finger,” George finished as he held out his hand. Mary tried not to flinch as George pricked his finger and let a drop of blood fall on the stick before he set it down on his desk. “While we’re waiting for the result I can give you a quick checkup.”

“Ok,” Mary said hesitantly.

“Good,” George said, “raise your shirt so I can check your stomach.”

“Is that all you want to do?” Mary asked with a smile as she raised her shirt so George could examine her bare stomach.

“For now,” George said with a chuckle as he pressed his fingers against the thirteen year old’s belly. “But I’m sure that will change if the results of your test turn out the way we expect - and if you’re willing.”

“Oh I’m willing,” Mary said as George removed his fingers, “and I’m sure the test will turn out the way we expect. So what’s the result so far?”

“Your stomach appears to be firmer than normal - much like I’d expect from a girl about a month pregnant. In fact your stomach is just about as firm as Dannie’s was at the beginning of last month. What about your breasts? Are they feeling tender? Any recent growth spurts there?”

“Yes and yes,” Mary said as George checked the stick from the pregnancy test and gave the blond girl a wink before he turned the stick over so she could see the plus sign clearly.

“I guess this means we can have some fun,” George said with a smile of his own. “At least we can have some after I give you these prenatal vitamins, there the same ones I gave Dannie when she came to me last month.”

“Thanks,” Mary said as she accepted the bottle of vitamins before she set it off to the side and reached for the hem of her shirt.

“I was hoping that would be your response,” George said with a smile as he got up from his chair. “But why don’t we move things to the bedroom where we can be more comfortable and fuck on a real bed, we could even watch the movie we made with Dannie while we’re fucking.”

“I think that would be fun,” Mary said hoped up from her own chair and followed George into his private room. “Even if we’re too busy to pay attention to the movie it’s so hot that it turns me on just to know that it’s running.”

“Me too,” George said with a weak chuckle as he opened the door for Mary and patted her ass as she entered the room ahead of him. “You get undressed while I put the movie on.”

“Ok,” Mary said as she pulled her shirt off and tossed it into the corner before she reached for her bra, “but don’t take too long. From what Dannie told me about your prick I can’t wait to get it in my own pussy.”

“You know just what to say to get a guy good and hard don’t you?” George said as he started the movie and started stripping out of his own clothes as he headed for the bed.

“I figure if it works for my brother it will work for other guys too,” Mary chuckled as she slipped out of her shoes and socks and then pushed her slacks and panties down to the floor with one quick shove before she bounced naked onto the bed and threw her legs open for George.

“Let’s take things a little slower than that,” George said as he sat down on the edge of the bed and reached out to stroke Mary’s tits. “Your tits may be small, but they’re still larger than your sisters and I want a chance to play with them - if you don’t mind that is.”

“Mind?” Mary asked as she pushed her chest up to meet George’s probing hands and fingers, “I’ve been looking forward to this all day. As much as I love my brother Kenny has no idea how to play with a girl’s breasts, but I think Dannie may be able to teach him a few of your tricks before the end of the month. In the meantime I look forward to your expertise when it comes to playing with my tits.”

“Nice to know that someone thinks I’m an expert at something,” George said with a chuckle as he teased Mary’s tits until her nipples popped erect. “I did manage to get a lot of practice last month with Dannie and Kathy last month, and it looks like I’ll get even more practice this month with you and Beth.”

“As long as you practice fucking my pussy while you’re at it,” Mary groaned as George pinched her nipples and sent a wave of sexual energy rushing through her body until her pussy pulsed with pleasure. “Oh God! I can’t wait, George, get your cock in me now. I’ve already gone several hours without a good hard fuck and I want it now.”

“Patience,” George said with a chuckle, “let me take my time and you’ll enjoy it even more when I shove my cock in your tight wet cunt.”

“But I want you cock in me now,” Mary whined as George tickled her nipples with his fingers.

“If you want it that much,” George said with a soft laugh, “then how about it I put it in your hot little mouth?”

“Oh, I like the way you think,” Mary said as she wiggled down George’s body until she could get her hands on the older man’s almost erect penis. “Let me suck you nice and hard so you can ram this thing deep in my hungry pregnant pussy.”

“Just like I want to,” George groaned as Mary licked the tip of his shaft before slipping her lips over the head and slurping the whole thing into her mouth and down her throat. “Suck me, Mary, suck me good and hard so I can fuck you silly.”

Mary’s only response was to suck even harder on George’s cock as she felt it harden between her lips and down her throat. As she sucked on George’s prick she brought her hand around and started playing with his balls and George grabbed her hips and lifted her up until her legs straddled his chest so he could reach the young blond’s dripping slit with his mouth.

George watched as Mary’s body shivered and shook as soon as he touched her slit with the tip of his tongue. As her pussy juices flowed out of her cunt George opened his mouth and sucked on the thirteen year old’s lips letting the juices fill his mouth before he swallowed them with relish. “You taste so good,” George said as he spread Mary’s cunt lips with the index finger and thumb of his right hand and slipped the first two fingers of his left hand into the girl’s fuck tunnel before he pulled the juice soaked digits out so he could lick them clean. “Do you fuck as good as you taste.”

“I think I do,” Mary said as she spat out George’s now fully erect cock and massaged his swollen balls, “but you’ll have to judge my fucking ability for yourself - that is if you’re as ready as I think you are.”

“Oh, I’m ready you little slut,” George said with a chuckle, “and it’s obvious you are too. What position do you want to try?”

“You know, I never really thought about it,” Mary said thoughtfully as she stroked George’s prick with one hand while she tickled his balls with the other one. “But since I’m already on top of you I think I’d like to try fucking you like this.”

“Do you want to fuck facing me, or facing away?” George asked.

“I do want to try something new,” Mary said, “and since I usually fuck Kenny while I’m facing him I think I’d like to try fucking you when I’m facing the other way - this time at least.”

“Ok,” George said with a slight frown that he realized Mary couldn’t see, “we’ll try it your way this time, but next time I want to see your face when we’re fucking so I can see your face when you cum.”

“Ok,” Mary said as she sat up on her knees and slid her pussy down George’s chest and belly, leaving a trail of pussy juice all the way down to the older man’s crotch where she lifted her hips up until her slit was balance on the tip of his steel hard cock.

With a deep breath Mary flexed her thighs and then lowered herself down, guiding George’s cock between the juice soaked lips of her slit. The thirteen year old girl groaned with pleasure as the head of George’s cock split her cunt lips and she slid down her lover’s shaft until the wiry hair on George’s balls tickled her cunt and her ass rested on his muscular belly. “You know,” George said as he grabbed Mary’s hips and swivelled his crotch so that his cock rolled around in the girl’s stretched fuck hole, “in professional porn this position is called the reverse cowgirl.”

“Interesting,” Mary said with a groan of pleasure as she raised her thighs until just the head of George’s penis was in her pussy before she slammed her hips down at the same time George pushed his ass off the bed to meet her thrust so his cock was buried deeper than Mary had ever dreamed possible. “So how do you know that?”

“I always thought it would be interesting to fuck professionally,” George said with a chuckle as he swivelled his hips again to Mary’s pleasure.

“So what’s keeping you from the job?” Mary asked as she leaned forward until George’s hairy balls tickled her clit and sent a rush of sexual energy rushing up her spine. “It’s obvious you have the skill to fuck professionally.”

“Why thank you my dear,” George said as he raised his hips to meet Mary’s next downthrust with enough force to bury his cock to new depths in her pregnant belly. “The reason I never pursued a job as a professional porn star is because I’d never have a chance to knock any of those girls up.”

“What do you mean,” Mary asked as her stomach started to quiver with her approaching orgasm.

“If you think about it,” George groaned as Mary’s cunt clamped around his shaft as she came, “porn stars always pull out of the girls and shoot their cum all over their tits, face, and belly. On top of that the girls in those movies are always on the pill because they don’t want to get pregnant and mess up their chances to make more movies and more money because of their swollen bellies and milk filled tits. And if I don’t have a chance to get a girl pregnant I don’t really want to fuck her, well actually I do, but it’s just not the same thing if I can’t knock her up.”

“Or if she’s already knocked up,” Mary pointed out, rubbing her belly where she could feel George’s prick stretching her fuck hole.

“True,” George said with a chuckle as he slipped his left hand from Mary’s hip to her belly, “just thinking of how your belly’s going to grow big and round with your baby makes me so hard I just want to fuck you forever.”

“I wish you could,” Mary panted as George rotated his hips with every thrust, “because I your cock feels almost as good as my brother’s.”

“And your cunt feels almost as good as one that isn’t knocked up yet,” George groaned as he felt his balls starting to jump as his own orgasm approached. “I can almost think that you’re not pregnant yet, that your pussy is just waiting for my cum to knock you up with my own baby.”

“If I didn’t love my brother and our baby so much I might even let you knock me up,” Mary moaned as her clit started spasmming with another orgasm as George slammed his cock into deeper than ever in her tight pussy with a growl as his shaft grew thicker and longer than before as Mary felt the older man’s cum spurting into her quivering fuck hole, sending her over the edge when the first spurt of baby juice hit her cervix. “Oh God, I’m cumming.”

“So am I,” George groaned as Mary’s pussy clamped around his cock and tried to milk every single drop of cum from his shaft and balls. “Take my cum, Mary, take it all.”

“Oh yeah,” Mary moaned weakly as she rolled off George’s wilting prick and stretched out on the bed with sigh. “Dannie tried to tell me how good it would feel to fuck other guys, but even after fucking Mark Williams I didn’t believe her - until now.”

“Does that mean I can expect you for a daily fuck session?” George asked with a quick laugh.

“Once, twice, three times,” Mary said with a satisfied smile, “how many times do you think you can fuck me in a day?”

“As many times as you want,” George said, “but remember, Beth has a fuck ticket too. And once you start fucking the other guys waiting to get into your tight pregnant pussy you may decide that once a day is enough for my cock.”

“Maybe,” Mary said, “but my baby has me hornier than ever, so I may want all of you more than once a day. But I’ll see how I feel after I give Bill, Ben, and Jake their chances.”

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