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The hunter was careful to take his position below the ridge so that his silhouette would not be seen on the skyline. He rested his rifle on a log and lay down as he studied his quarry through the telescopic sight. There they were, two of them, completely unaware that he was observing them from above. Which would he take out first? The one on the right maybe.

It was time to get closer. Noiselessly he moved into the undergrowth.

Both the girls were close to tears. For six hours they had been lost in the forest. The three day walk was meant to be an easy hike, but in the first hour on the second day they had taken a wrong turning. They hadn't realized that they were lost for another three hours. Then they unwisely tried to find their way back.
For another three hours they wandered aimlessly and all the time the country became steeper and the forest and undergrowth denser. .

Map-less and compass-less they were hopelessly lost and the realization was sinking home. The weather was hot and they were both sweating freely. Their T shirts clung to their upper bodies.

“God, we are so stupid,” muttered Liz. “No-one knows where we are.”
They had planned to go on the hike with their boyfriends, both experienced trampers. But a week ago the young men had announced that they were going to Australia for the university vacations.

“Be good while I'm away Wendy,” Bob had said as he kissed her farewell.”Because I won't be. But don't worry I'll be back between those lovely legs in a couple of months.”
“Bastard,” thought Wendy. “He's got more chance of flying to the moon by flapping his arms than getting between my legs again.”

Liz had phoned her mother from the apartment she shared with Wendy.
“Hi Mum, Wendy and I are going into the mountains for a week or so.”
“Oh do be careful Liz,”her mother had said.
“Mum don't be such a fusspot,” Liz had said, switching off the phone.

Her mother wouldn't miss them for more than a week. She hadn't even told her which mountains.
“We are so stupid. Why didn't we sign in at the Park Ranger's office?”

They put down their backpacks and made a cup of tea. Their feet were aching from the new boots which they hadn't taken the trouble to wear in properly. They both took them off.

He studied them from only 10 meters away, concealed by the dense undergrowth.
“About 19 or 20. Both tall, the brunette a little taller. Both slim and perhaps the blond had slightly bigger breasts.”
He could appreciate their figures from the way their T shirts clung to their bodies. He liked what he saw.

They were so stupid. If they had lit a fire as soon as they were lost the Rangers would have come to investigate and they would have been safe hours ago. They were brewing their tea on a gas burner. No smoke. Good.

“Good afternoon ladies.”
The girls jumped in shock. He was suddenly just standing there. But a rescuer, thank goodness. They were saved.

Wendy and Liz didn't feel quite as reassured when they looked at their rescuer. A mountain of a man about 6 foot three and about 30 years old. His tank-top was tight showing enormous musculature. They noticed several scars on his bare arms and legs and tattoos on his bulging triceps.

He was wearing a military style peaked cap and had a huge pack on his back. He had a rifle slung over one shoulder and an enormous knife sheath hung from his belt. Both girls disapproved of hunting, but who other than a hunter would be in these remote hills?

However his wide smile and beautiful teeth were reassuring. A mop of blond hair came out below his cap.

“Thank you so much, we were completely lost,” said Wendy.
“I saw you from the ridge,” he waived behind. “I thought you might be lost so I came to see if I could help.”
He had a lovely accent. At first Liz thought it was German, but then she thought Central European.
“We are so glad you did. This is rude of us. I'm Liz and this is Wendy.”
“I'm Hans.”
“Short for handsome,” thought Wendy. Despite his huge body he really was very attractive.

“I'm thirsty. Would you mind if I had some of your tea.”
“Mind? Of course not. You are welcome to share everything we have.”
“Yes,” he thought. “It will be everything.”

The girls told their story.
“Your boyfriends must be crazy to leave two such beautiful young women.” Hans roared with laughter and the girls giggled. He really was quite dishy.
But Hans frowned when they told him that no-one would miss them them for more than a week.
“Beautiful,” he paused. “But silly.”
Then he looked ashamed of himself.
“Sorry Liz that was rude of me. Not silly. Inexperienced.” Then that loud laughter. “But I'm certainly not going to retract the 'Beautiful'.”

The girls laughed with him. They were liking Hans more and more.
“But it was dangerous. It would probably take a week for a search to be mounted here. And in these hills, who knows how long before they found you. If they found you at all,” Hans added chillingly.
Wendy and Liz hugged each other. “We know Hans. We are so lucky you were here.”

Both were looking at each other and so didn't notice a strange gaze which came to Hans' eyes.

Hans explained that he was Hungarian and had immigrated five years ago. That explained his attractive accent.

“What do you think of the local girls?” asked Wendy.
“If they were all as beautiful as you two I would have thought I had migrated to heaven
That loud ringing laughter again. Wendy and Liz couldn't stop themselves from giggling.

“Now ladies, we must consider our strategy. It is a five hour hike to safety, but I don't think you are up to it.”
Wendy and Liz nodded. They were exhausted and their legs and feet hurt.
Actually it was far from five hours as Wendy and Liz had walked in circles. Safety was only a couple of hours away, but it didn't suit Hans to tell them that.
“Now I could go alone, but I wouldn't be there until dark. I could bring a rescue team tomorrow morning.
“Oh no Hans,” exclaimed Liz. “We don't want to spend a night by ourselves. And you might not be able to find us tomorrow. We would be terrified.”
Wendy nodded vigorously.

“Hmm,” said Hans pensively. “Perhaps you are right. We could spend the night out here. Then we can take all day tomorrow to get to the Rangers together.”
Both girls nodded their agreement. Hans smiled.

“I know a nice place to camp. It's only half an hour, downhill all the way.”
The girls groaned but agreed and reluctantly put their boots on. The journey was made easier as Hans carried their packs in his hands. The packs which seemed so heavy for the girls seemed like playthings for this powerful man.
It did mean that Wendy had to carry Hans' rifle.

“We'd better take the bullet out. We don't want an accident.”
“Do you only have one bullet.”
“I only shoot enough to eat.”
This made the girls feel better about his hunting.
“But what if you miss first shot?”
“I never miss.”

Both girls noticed a harshness to his voice as Hans said that. Perhaps it was their imagination. They didn't comment about it to each other.

Hans was right. It was an easy downhill stroll through the beautiful forest. Suddenly it opened out and they were at a beautiful river valley. On the far side cliffs rose above the river and behind that forest covered hills. The valley was flat, about 2 kilometers long, half a kilometer wide. Birds flitted through the branches of trees and they could see ducks and wading birds where the river widened below them.

Wendy and Liz were captivated.
“Hans, this is a paradise.”
“We must take some photos.”
Both girls took out their mobile phones which had cameras. Hans frowned.
“These have been so useless. We haven't been able to make a call since we left town.”
Hans stopped frowning.

Liz and Wendy took lots of snaps of their enchanted valley.
“Now some of you Hans.”
Hans frowned.

“Come on, show us your smile and those big muscles.”
Hans obliged. He smiled and braced his biceps.
“That's nice,” giggled Liz. “This will show our ex boyfriends what a real man is like.”

“Could I see?”
Both girls noticed that clipped tone to his voice but passed their phones.

They noticed how the smile left his face. They saw his frown. They saw his face screw up in anger.
“Modern technology angers me when it doesn't work. Look at these cellphones. You haven't been able to make a call for three days. It makes me want to do this.”

He dropped the phones on the ground and stamped on them with his boots. They shattered, but he kept on stamping until they were tiny fragments. But what scared Wendy and Liz the most was the look he gave them. His face was contorted with anger.

They hugged each other in terror. They started to cry. Both realized a nightmare was about to start.

Hans face changed quickly. He now had a sympathetic and considerate expression.

“I am glad you have each other for comfort.
“Look Liz, Wendy has tears on her cheeks. I think she would like it if you kissed them off.”

Both girls froze.

“Ah, you would like it if I showed you how?”
Liz kissed Wendy's damp cheeks.
They found comfort in each other's hugs.

“And wonderful Wendy, see how lovely Liz's tears have flowed to her lips.”
Wendy knew there was no answer to Hans' suggestion that he would “show them how”.
“I'm sorry dear Liz.”
Wendy brushed her lips across those of her friend and hugged her.
Such was their fear, such was their loneliness that they continued to hold each other for comfort as the tears continued to flow.

“And Liz, your dear friend Wendy will feel comforted if you kiss those tears from her lips.
The girls looked into each other's eyes.
Liz pecked Wendy's lips three or four times and then she gently licked some of the tears. Wendy hugged her friend tighter.

“Ah, it pleases me to see how you draw comfort from each other.”
Still hugging, Liz and Wendy turned to look at Hans. All sign of his fury had gone. His face had a tender, almost innocent concern.

But then he frowned.
“Wendy and Liz, we need to discuss your position. Your dire position. Please sit on the grass.”

A feeling of dread went through both their stomachs. They sat side by side with their arms around each other's shoulders.

Hans sat cross-legged on the ground in front of them about three meters away.

“You have realized by now that you are five hours away from safety, even if you could find the way. You have realized by now that you are my prisoners. You have realized that no-one will start looking for you for a week.”

Hans looked at them with a flinty stare. Wendy and Liz knew he was telling the dreadful truth

“You should also realize that I am an experienced hunter and that should you try to escape, I will catch you before you have gone a kilometer.”

“I believe your only chance is to surprise me and kill me.”

He paused, continuing his steely stare.

'But, my beautiful captives, that may not be easy.” Hans pointed to an insignia tattooed on his left tricep.
“This is the insignia of the elite Hungarian Kommandos. I had the privilege to be a member for four years. During that time many highly trained and very determined men tried to kill me. It pained me, a peace loving man, to have to kill a great number of them.”

Wendy's finger nails dug into Liz's shoulder in horror. Both realized they had fallen into the hands of a cold-blooded killer.

This was too much for Liz. Her tears flowed and she burst into loud sobs.
Wendy, in desperation hugged Liz tighter and rolled her onto the grass. They lay facing each other. Wendy stroked Liz's hair as she continued to sob. Instinctively she guided Liz's head down to her T shirt and held her face to her breasts.

“My lovely friend,” whispered Wendy. “We must be strong. We only have each other. We must try and be strong for each other.”
Gradually Liz regained her self control. She looked at up her dear friend. She saw tears on Wendy's lips. Liz moved up and gently and slowly kissed them away.
“I will try to be strong darling Wendy.”

“So often, in times of stress, have I found comfort between a woman's breasts. Liz, Wendy has used her body to sooth you. You should reciprocate. I believe that Wendy will find even greater solace if she can feel your skin.

“Hans, Liz and I are friends, but we aren't gay,” protested Wendy.
“Wendy, how beautiful and strong you are. But stressful times can change us in strange ways. Who would have believed that I, a peace loving man, would have cut out the tongue and cut off the ears of a Taleban guerrilla.
“He had killed my Kommandant,” Hans added with an apologetic expression.
Liz had no choice, she knew. Wendy felt that she had to do the same.

Liz's beautiful breasts with brown aureoles were revealed. Wendy's slightly larger, but equally firm, pink tipped breasts were opened to her friend. Neither Liz nor Wendy had ever felt the slightest gay urge. Each had long thought the other was beautiful. Now, even more beautiful as they looked at each other's breasts for the first time.
They turned to see what Hans was doing. To their surprise he had walked further away and was looking in the opposite direction from the girls.

But he still gave orders. “Liz let Wendy feel the same comfort from your breasts as you felt from hers.”
Liz had an almost tranquil smile. She guided Wendy's head, she offered her a nipple and felt a surge of satisfaction as Wendy's lips encircled her aureole.
Wendy did not suck or lick but felt herself relaxing with Liz's nipple in her mouth and feeling Liz hug her tightly and stroke her hair.

After a minute they communicated without speaking. Wendy raised her head to Liz's and they both moved their lips to each other. Their lips parted, their tongues touched, they pushed harder into each other.
As the killer wandered 30 meters away surveying the hills through the telescopic sights of his rifle, Wendy and Liz forgot their inhibitions, forgot their terror and enjoyed the new sensations as they explored the other's breasts with their hands.

But they were interrupted by a loud whisper.
They saw Hans aiming his rifle at a tree.
“Boom!” Another loud whisper as the rifle pointed at a distant stone.
The rifle traversed the landscape before settling on another stone.
“Don't they have lunatic asylums in Hungary?” whispered Liz.

Hans turned to look at them. They noticed that he didn't seem to have any interest in their bodies at all. They could see no sign of an erection under his shorts.

“Lovely Liz, wondrous Wendy! You are giving such help and comfort to each other. How lucky you both are to have such a beautiful and courageous friend.
“Now, you are both intelligent young ladies as well as extremely beautiful. You know what you both must do to help your friend.”

Wendy and Liz looked at each other. Both now felt attracted to each other in a physical way. Both were taking delight from the other's erotic femininity.
But neither wanted to be forced to take their clothes off by this revolting thug.

“No Hans, please. We told you we aren't gay.”
“As I said before Liz, distressing times may bring out a side of our characters we didn't know existed. Who would have thought that I, a peace loving man, would have castrated a Nigerian soldier and made him cook and eat his own penis?”
“He had tortured one of my Kommandants to death,” he explained with sorrow.

Two pairs of shorts were lowered. Two pairs of knickers were lowered. Wendy and Liz couldn't bring themselves to look at each other's intimate parts while Hans was there. Hans took no interest whatsoever in their nudity. He didn't deliberately look away. He just didn't seem to care.

But then he hesitated. An embarrassed look came over his face.
“Excuse my bad manners, lovely ladies. You are naked and I am clothed.”

In a flash he was naked. Liz and Wendy again hugged in fear. Hans' huge body was an intimidating sight. Powerfully muscled, far more so than Liz or Wendy liked. His penis was like the rest of his body: enormous. Enormous, but flaccid. It struck both the girls how odd it was that their nudity seemed to have no effect on this giant.

But what horrified Liz and Wendy the most were the scars. At least 20 terrible scars were scattered across Hans' body. Some red and livid, some white and silvery, some deep and puckered, some long and winding.

Hans was oblivious to their horrified stares. He put on his belt. There he stood, an enormous masculinity, nude except for military cap and his belt with that enormous knife sheath. In other circumstances the girls would have burst out laughing at this bizarre sight.
Now their fear returned. They were prisoners of a homicidal nut case.

Hans could read the fear in their faces.
“Liz, your loving friend Wendy needs the comfort of your body. Wendy, sooth your beautiful friend.”
Not because Hans ordered it, but because they each found the other's body their only haven, Wendy and Liz turned to embrace. They lay, faces tucked into each other's neck, breasts touching, slim stomachs touching, thighs touching. The stroked each other's hair and backs.

Then they noticed Hans emptying Wendy's backpack. He took their tent and moved 30 meters away to erect it. Feeling safer with him away, feeling the feminine softness of the others breasts they relaxed and commenced kissing as if it was the most natural thing in the world. They explored mouths with their tongues and lips, they became thrilled by the soft rounded firmness of the other's breasts. As their excitement grew their hips pushed confidently together.

But the mounting passion was interrupted by the sound of a metallic scraping. Liz and Wendy looked up and saw Hans sitting on a log. He had taken his enormous knife from its sheath and was sharpening it with a steel. Liz and Wendy were horrified. The blade was a least a foot long and glinted in the sunlight.

Hans continued for three minutes, his face creased in concentration. Then he tested the blade with his thumb. A contented grunt. Then to the girls' horrified amazement he drew the blade down his right forearm. The cut wasn't deep, but it was more than a scratch and blood flowed. Hans had a look of peaceful satisfaction on his face.

“Mad as a meat ax,” whispered Liz in horror and then they both giggled as they reflected on the aptness of her metaphor.

Hans had brewed some tea and brought it over. He sat more than three meters away and still took no interest in their bodies. He didn't make any effort to look away, but when he looked at them both Liz and Wendy felt that he had not the slightest interest in their breasts or thighs.

Similarly, he had no self-consciousness about his own naked body with the knob of his penis touching the ground as he sat cross legged.

“My exquisitely beautiful captives. It will be dark soon. I must go and catch our dinner.”
Hans walked away, knife sheath bouncing against his outer thigh, flaccid penis bouncing against his inner thigh.

He called out over his shoulder. “If you do ambush me, make sure you kill me. The consequences for you if you fail would pain me.” That loud laughter sent a chill up both girl's spines.

“He's escaped from a padded cell. It's obvious.”
“We need a screw driver here.”
“A whole fucking tool box.”
“Why did he slice himself with that revolting knife?”
“I have no idea. Some Hungarian Kommando tough guy act maybe?”
“Surely all the Hungarian Kommandos can't be as mad as he is?”

“Did you see all those disgusting scars?”
“Yes, they were terrible. He must have lost more fights than Mike Tyson.”
“No, I don't think he lost. I would like to see what happened to the other guys.” But then Wendy shuddered, remembering the mutilated Taleban and Nigerian soldier.
“No, I don't think I would like to see them.”

“Look, there's some stones. We could hide behind those trees and when he comes back we could hit him with them.”
“We would have no chance. He'll be expecting it. Didn't you see the size of him. He's built like King Kong.”

“I believe all his stories of the horrible things he did to those men.”
“So do I. Oh darling Wendy, what is he going to do to us?”
“He's so strange. He never looks at us in a sexual way. Never has the slightest hint of an erection.”
“Perhaps he's gay.”
“Perhaps one of his wounds has made him impotent.”
“Perhaps he won't rape us.”
“Before he kills us, you mean.”

This brought back the realization of their plight. The two girls hugged.
“Liz, this sounds strange. I really wish you were miles away from here safe and sound. But at the same time I feel glad that you are here with me. Is that terrible?”
“I know exactly what you feel darling Wendy. I feel the same.”

They hugged and kissed.
“Two hours ago I would never have dreamed I would be sitting here naked with you, kissing you, feeling so excited by your beautiful body.”
“Darling Wendy, if we are going to die, I hope we can make love before it happens.”
They kissed with infinite tenderness, stroked each other's breasts and explored the soft folds of the other's labia.

They were interrupted by Hans. Without warning he appeared from the opposite direction from where he had departed.
“So much for ambushing him,” muttered Wendy. Liz nodded.
“Nature has been bounteous.”

Hans smiled broadly and proudly as he held up a very dead eel.
“Our finned friend nobly sacrificed himself for us. He seemed so happy as I cut his throat.”
There was a large gaping wound from which blood had flowed.

The girls shuddered. They would never eat that.

Hans produced a bottle of red wine from his enormous pack and in the beautiful evening after a couple of glasses of wine and the aromatic odors of Hans' cooking they relaxed. They were also very hungry. All the eel was eaten and all the strange crisp vegetables which Hans had cooked.

“Hans, that was delicious. Did you bring that food with you?”
Hans beamed with pride. “The rice and some of the spices. But the forest and river provide healthy vegetables. And you know about our friend, the eel. Look, he is pleased to have given us such a satisfying meal. He's smiling.”

The girls looked around and were horrified to see the eel's head on a nearby rock. They could see no smile, only a contorted, deathly grimace.

The wine, the beautiful warm evening, and the delicious food helped the girls to relax. But also Hans was happy and at ease it seemed. He whistled to himself as he did the dishes. Afterwards he read a book by the light of a gas lantern.

Wendy saw the title: “Teach Yourself Modern Torture Techniques.”
She shuddered.

But he was smiling in concentration and the girls started to resume their interest in each other's body.

Hans continued reading. The eel just stared.

Wendy's and Liz's sexual arousal heightened. Partly a result of the emotional rollercoaster they were on. They rejoiced in the beauty and femininity of each other's body, of the erotic tenderness of each other's touch. Wendy moved down between Liz's knees which she willingly parted and raised. Hans seemed totally preoccupied by his book.

Wendy loved the softness, the intimacy, the fragrances and tastes of Liz's pussy. She desperately wanted to bring her to orgasm.

“Wendy, I believe Liz would like it if you brought her to orgasm.”
“I want to Hans, but this is the first time I have done this. I don't know how to.”

Hans closed his book but didn't look at them.

“Wendy, look at Liz's wondrous vertical wound.”
It took Wendy a moment to realize that Hans was referring to Liz's pussy.

“Understand, beautiful Wendy, that your lover is offering her most intimate femininity to you. She is honoring you because she loves you and she loves what you do for her. Look at the beauty of the soft folds of her labia.”
Wendy did so, assisted by Liz parting her legs even wider as she was excited by Hans' words.

“See the satiny soft skin at the top of Liz's beautiful thighs. Trace your fingers there, lick with your tongue there, kiss with your lips there. And now the crease between her legs and belly. Lick and taste the juices.”

Liz groaned.

“Be aware of your lovers reaction. Notice what excites her and repeat it, but not too much. Tantalize her by moving to something else, then coming back when she's not expecting it.
“Now those puffy labia with your lips and tongue and fingers and breath.”
Liz started to pant

“But observe Liz, Wendy. She is loving your wonderful sensitivity and touch. But we must extend her ecstasy. Perhaps go back to those slims thighs.”
A groan of frustration from Liz.

“Now part those outer labia. See the beautiful thin pink inner labia. See how they glisten in their juices. Taste her intimate flavors, smell those aromatic odors. Tell Liz how beautiful her weeping wound is.”

“Oh God Liz, I love your beautiful pussy, I love the way it looks, the way it tastes, the way it feels.”

Liz thrust her pussy up at Wendy's face.
“Now your tongue deep into your Liz's love canal. Explore, taste. But, not too fast. Perhaps those thighs again.”

“Now to explore Liz with your fingers. To know the secrets of her intimacy, to find what delights her, but all the time changing the speed and intensity of your touch.
“Push in deep and stroke her cervix. Savor the soft, warm moistness of lovely Liz's weeping wound. Sense the intimacy of being inside your lover's inner recesses.

“Withdraw and feel the top of her canal. Can you detect some spongy flesh?”
A gasp of joy from Liz showed Wendy that she had.

Hans returned to reading his book. Wendy repeated her exploration of Liz's 'Wound', retreating to her thighs, returning to her cervix, alternating with her fingers, her lips, her tongue and teeth. Gently blowing air on Liz's aroused and exposed flesh. Feeling delight and pride as she felt Liz's physical responses, joy as she heard her ragged panting, excitement as she felt Liz's hips start to bounce.

“Now, most wonderful Wendy, examine the top of the entrance to Liz's wound. See some folds of vertical flesh. These protect Liz's womanly bud. But your darling does not want protection. Push back those folds and see the glistening pearl of Liz's private treasure.”
Wendy saw the pearly pink bud bud of Liz's clitoris. She needed no instruction. Wendy flicked with her tongue, squeezed with her lips, nibbled with her teeth. She could feel Liz's gasping response and slowed.

“Aaaaa darling pleeeeeaaase,” groaned Liz.

It only took a firmer tickle with her tongue and tears of joy came to Wendy's eyes as Liz bounced and gasped and gurgled into an uninhibited orgasm. Liz held Wendy's head tightly to her vulva as her orgasmic juices flowed over her lover's face.

They lay like that for a minute. Unaware of anything except for the bliss of the other's body.

Hans read.

But then he leaped up and stared.

“The eel has stopped smiling,” he shouted in rage.
The girls looked but could see no change in that horrible grimace. Hans strode over, his long knife twirling and stabbed the non smiling piscean repeatedly. Then he kicked and the last sight Wendy and Liz had of the self sacrificing eel was of its head sailing into the dark sky.

Hans quickly composed himself and settled into reading again. He studied a diagram of how to insert a baseball bat-sized electrode into an anus.
Without looking up he said, “Wendy, Liz may like it if you explored that spongy flesh you found before.”

“Like it,” was not the expression Liz would have used as Wendy aroused her G spot as she sucked her clitoris. “Adore it,” she thought was better as, unbelievably, she came to an even more intense orgasm.

Again the girls lay together in Liz's post orgasmic heaven.
Again Hans stood bolt upright and stared into the dark, holding his knife. The girls couldn't see what he threw it at, but heard a blood curdling scream. Hans charged over and grabbed the possum which was skewered to a tree trunk.
He pulled the knife out of the still wriggling marsupial.
“Pests,” he roared in outrage and to the horror of the girls, cut the possum's throat and threw it to the ground.

Bubbles of blood emerged from the creature's throat and mouth as it crawled around before curling into a ball and moving no more. Liz and Wendy both shuddered in horror. Not only in sympathy with the dead possum, but at the spontaneous outburst of blood crazened violence.

Possibly they were becoming a little bit accustomed to the violence, but more likely their sexual urges were becoming stronger. Wendy longed to feel Liz's attentions to her pussy. Liz longed to return the exquisite favors that Wendy had bestowed on her. Soon they were oblivious to the dead possum and only aware of the delights of each other's and there own responses.

Afterwards Liz and Wendy lay cuddled together. They were tired and were dozing and didn't notice Hans tying their legs together until he had finished. The cord wasn't tight around their ankles and there was two meters of rope between them.

“Excuse me ladies, but I must go to my camp.” He waived vaguely into the night. “I do not want to be disturbed, hence the rope.”
“Hans, we won't be able to put our knickers back on,” complained Wendy, but saw that Hans didn't mind.
“Hans, it will be awkward for us to have a piss,” protested Liz.
“Not as awkward as it would be for me to have a shit if you found me and shoved a stake up my ass.” Hans roared with laughter. The girls couldn't suppress a giggle.

Then that abrupt change of mood. Hans face was stern. Wendy shivered as she saw he had that fearsome knife in his hand.

“My blade has desires which I cannot ignore. It must taste your blood!”

Wendy and Liz stood hand in hand, absolutely petrified. The moment they had dreaded had come. They were about to die.

Hans' blade flashed in the moonlight, swirling in front of their faces, slicing in circles through the air in front of their bodies. Absolutely motionless the girls stood waiting for that final thrust.

After half a minute Hans stopped. Liz and Wendy gasped with relief. He hadn't touched them.
“Look at your friend Wendy. Look at your lover Liz.”

Each saw four tiny cuts on the other. One on each cheek and one on each breast two inches above the nipple. A tiny rivulet of blood flowed from each.
Hans leaned forward towards them. Ever so gently he painted a small diagonal line with his finger from each cut. His face was solemn. When he had finished he looked them in the eye. Wendy was surprised to see his eyes glassy with tears.

“So brave, my captives, So strong, so beautiful, so feminine. Such magnificent women. I respect you so much. If only I had met women like you years ago.”
Then he laughed that loud raucous laugh.
“It is time for bed. Tomorrow you will have a day where you wished you never met me.”

Wendy and Liz were physically exhausted and emotionally drained. They crawled into their tent. The rope prevented from getting into their sleeping bags so they lay under them and went to sleep in a tight embrace as soon as they had kissed goodnight.

It was late the next morning when they woke. They heard Hans working outside in the camp site. Wendy looked outside the tent and saw him at cooking on the camp stove.

“Ah, Wendy you have woken at last. You and Liz are much too lazy.”
He was dressed in shorts again and a different tank-top. But the same knife was at his waist and the same military cap was on his head. He brought them some tea and undid the rope which tied the girls.

“I have to go for half an hour to get our breakfast. Do not touch anything on the stove, except that water I have heated for your washing.”
“Hans, are we allowed to get dressed?”
“You two are now lovers. You can decide how to dress to please each other.”
They noticed him looking at their bodies with greater interest than before. Particularly their breasts with their bloody stripes.
“You wear your insignia well.” He muttered and strode away.

Wendy looked at Liz and the diagonal stripes on her cheeks and breasts.
“You wear your insignia well, Liz darling.” She tried to imitate Hans' accent and they both laughed.

“God, it wasn't so funny last night when he was flashing that disgusting blade around. I knew we were going to die. Like the eel. Like the possum.”
“What did he mean last night when he said that today we would wish we never met him, do you think?”
“I have no idea, Liz. We both wished we had never met him yesterday, so what's different?”

Wendy thought. “We don't know much about him.”
“We know he is mad. Straight from the planet Pluto.”
“We know he is fascinated by blood. His own, the eel's and the possum's.”
“And our blood too.” Wendy touched a bloody stripe on Liz's breast. The two girls looked at each other both feeling the dread in the implication of that comment.”

Liz kissed Wendy on the cheek. “Today we are going to be strong sweetheart. We will not cry!”
“We will not cry,” confirmed Wendy.

“I can't see anyway we can escape. We can't overpower him and he always has that knife.”
“And there is no way we can run away. We are lost and he would catch us in no time.”
“You know, his words don't frighten me quite so much now. He seems to have an overdeveloped sense of the dramatic.”
“But it is those unpredictable outbursts of anger and his blood-lust which make me so scared.”

“Last night he spoke so beautifully when he instructed us on oral sex. His voice was so soft, his language, well it was odd, but so beautiful.”
“I know. And his attitude to sex. He made it seem like a religious experience.”
“I never thought I would hear a man talk like that.”
“Let alone a blood maddened Kommando.”

“And later, when he said what magnificent women we were and how much he respected us there were tears in his eyes.”

Wendy shook her head in despair.
“I can't work it out. You would need an army of shrinks to sort out our resident fruit cake.”

They went to the hot water and gave each other a flannel wash, enjoying the touch. There was no discussion, but for some reason they did not wash off the diagonal bloody stripes.
Both put on skirts. Not particularly short, coming about six inches above their knees. The material was light and swirled around their legs as they walked.

Liz started to put on a bra. Wendy kissed her nipple. “Would you mind if I was able to see the shape of your breasts.”

So they both remained bra-less, wearing low cut singlets. The bloody stripes were not concealed.

Hans returned holding his hat.
“Nature has again been bounteous,” he laughed.
The girls braced themselves for the sight of another dead animal. But in his hat he had a dozen eggs.
“The friendly ducks nobly sacrificed their young so we can eat.”

Hans cooked the most beautiful omlettes the girls had tasted. He opened an oven dish and produced some fresh baked bread and his coffee seemed to be barista class. Before the girls could get up he washed the dishes.
“He does everything,” whispered Wendy. “The only things we have done since we met him is sleep and make love.”

“I have some exploring to do. I saw some signs.”
“What signs?”

But he was gone.

Left to themselves Wendy did what they had both been wanting since they had wakened. They made love. They were now more confident, now more appreciative, now more giving and now absolutely adoring each other. Afterwards they lay under a tree. They didn't bother to dress as each wanted to touch and gaze at the other's body.

They lay in a 69 embrace. Both were now absolutely comfortable with their feminine intimacy. More than that that, they loved it. They had been friends for years and had never before even considered making love to each other.

But, within the space of a few hours they now loved each other and loved each other's body. Each explored the other's feminine folds, loving the smells, loving the tastes of the juices, loving being brought to orgasm by the other's tongue and lips and fingers. But most of both delighted in bringing pleasure and comfort to the other.
Perhaps it was the terror and danger of their situation that brought about this change. But both felt that, should they somehow survive, their relationship would last forever.

They heard Hans approaching.. He found them arm in arm, sitting on the grass, making no effort to cover their nudity.
“It pleases me to see how much comfort you bring to each other.”
His face had his benevolent smile. Liz again thought how bizarre he looked. Naked apart from his belt and knife sheath. His penis was, as always, soft.
It continued to puzzle both girls that, despite their being naked so much, Hans had never had an erection.

Hans brought them some tea and all three sat in silence drinking. The girl's tension mounted. What was in his mind? Was he in one of his gentle protective moods or was there going to be some spontaneous outburst of violence?

Hans looked at Wendy and Liz in a sorrowful manner.
“I can smell your exotic perfumes from your orgasmic juices. That pleases me. But now I must tell you that the moment you have been fearing has arrived.”
The girls felt the dead weight of terror in their stomachs.

“My body also has its own demands. My mind is surrendering to the lusts of my flesh.”
Liz drew in a sharp intake of breath in horror.
“It is time for you to be raped.”
Both thought of running but both knew that would be futile and would just enrage this gorilla.

“Who shall be first?”
He tossed a stone. “Smooth side up and it will be Wendy, rough side Liz.
“Ah Liz, you are the winner.”
Liz didn't feel like a winner.

“Wendy, I do not want us to be disturbed.”
In a flash Hans took Wendy's arm, firmly but gently, and in no time had tied her to a tree. The rope wasn't tight on her wrist , but tight enough to make it impossible for her to escape. The knot itself was so tight that Wendy knew that she couldn't undo it. She would need a knife for that and Hans had the only knife.

Tears started to come to Liz's eyes.
“Comfort your lover Wendy.”
There was enough play in the rope for Wendy to be able to hug Liz.
“Don't struggle or make him angry darling. Just do as he wants and it will soon be over.”

Liz nodded through her tears. She had thought the same. She was terrified of being raped but even more terrified of Hans' strength and his knife.

Hans led her 50 meters from the camp to small grove out of sight of Wendy. There was a foam plastic mattress on the ground with a pillow. There were four stakes half buried into the ground, two on each side of the mattress.

“Lie on your back on the please lovely Liz.”

Her legs were trembling with fear but she had no choice. Liz lay on her back and closed her eyes, tears flowing down her face. She felt Hans tie each of her arms to two of the stakes. Not stretched wide. She could touch each shoulder if she wished. Then Hans applied a gentle pressure to her legs. Liz' knees were drawn up and spread apart and tied into that position. Again not painfully spread, about two feet apart. None of the ropes were painfully tight on her skin

But Liz knew that her vulva was fully exposed and she was totally defenseless. She started to sob quietly. She kept her eyes firmly closed.

“Hush, beautiful Liz. You have been so brave until now.” Hans' voice was a whisper and she felt his fingers gently wipe the tears from her face.
Those gentle fingers brushed some strands of hair from Liz' face. They traced the outline of her forehead of her cheekbones, flitted across her lips and chin.

Liz was in two minds. She hated being tied down like this, she was in terror about her impending rape, she was revolted by the idea of this brute touching her.
At least he wasn't being violent. His fingers were so gentle. She marveled that such a brute of a man could have such a delicate touch.

“Lift your head, Liz.”
She did as ordered and felt Hans put the pillow underneath it. Then Liz noticed an aromatic perfume. She opened her eyes and saw that Hans had a bottle of massage oil. She was surprised to see how tender his expression was.

Liz closed her eyes again and felt some oil being poured onto her arms. Again she felt the extraordinarily delicate touch of Hans' fingers and hands. She was able to lay her arms down beside her body. She felt his soft touch, smelled the perfume and the only noises she could hear was the birds singing in the trees above her and the breeze in the leaves.

Hans finished her left arm and moved to her right. The skin on her left was tingling. Soon her right arm felt similarly pleasured. Liz started to relax. It was a beautiful day, the birds were singing, the oil had a lovely fragrance. She wasn't being brutally raped. She was having the most wonderful massage she had ever had.

But then she realized that here she was, tied down and totally at the mercy of this volatile, self confessed killer. Tears started to flow again.

“Beautiful Liz, you remind me so much of my beautiful Maria.”
Liz opened her eyes and saw that Hans' face was tender and there were tears in his eyes. God, he was such a mixture.
Then she felt Hans' fingers massage her throat and grunted in fear. She knew that with a flick of those fingers he could break her neck.

But there was no such flick, only a tantalizing softness of touch which helped her to relax. Then her armpits, then her chest. Liz braced herself for his attack on her breasts. Hans spent no more time on her breasts than anywhere else. But Liz was aware that her nipples hardened quickly at the fleeting touch.

Down across her stomach. Her stomach muscles seemed to quiver as the skin on her belly was pleasured. Down further, an exploration of her navel and fleetingly across her pubic mound. Liz' mind was in turmoil. She was afraid of his hand touching her pussy, but she had this strange feeling of wishing he would touch her there.

Hans changed his attention to the outside of Liz's thighs. His method changed a little. A combination of those featherlight fingers and firmer strokes with the palms of his hands.
Liz forgot her fears. This touch was something she had never felt in her life before. When at last Hans moved to her inner thighs she spread her knees wider. Tantalizingly slowly Hans' fingers moved. His knuckles, seemingly accidentally, touched her pussy lips then moved away.

Liz groaned.
Back again those magic fingers came and flicked lightly over her outer labia. Then away again.
Liz groaned again.
The third time his fingers stayed. Tenderly, almost tickling her outer labia, tenderly parting them to open to reveal the pink slipperiness of her inner pussy lips. These were treated to the most wonderful exploration before being parted in turn.

Liz had a moment of panic as one of Hans' large fingers entered her vagina. Now she was absolutely defenseless, her most intimate feminine private parts being invaded by this man, without her consent.

But that was her intellectual consent which hadn't been granted.
Physically Liz had now consented.
She spread her legs even more, she started to pant, she felt Hans explore her vagina which she knew was wet. She felt that lovely finger stroke her cervix, she felt it move back and stroke the top of her vagina towards the front, she felt her G spot respond, she felt her hips writhing, she felt her orgasm take control of her body, she felt her orgasm blot out all consciousness apart from the burst of exquisite pleasure between her legs.

“AaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhOooooooooooooAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh” Liz gasped loudly.

Fifty meters away Wendy heard Liz' groan, but mistook ecstasy for agony. Tears of sympathy welled up in her eyes. Her hatred of Hans grew, her frustration at being unable to help her friend and lover caused the tears to flow.

Now Hans pushed back Liz's clitoral hood with the fingers of one hand and lightly rubbed her engorged, glistening and aroused bud with two fingers of his other hand.

Liz had not fully recovered from her first orgasm before her second overtook her in an even more tumultuous burst of carnal delight.

“AaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhOooooooooooooAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh” Liz moaned even more loudly.
Wendy burst into tears and pulled frantically, but uselessly, against the rope that bound her.

Now Hans' face was between Liz' thighs. She felt his warm breath blowing on the sensitive skin at the top of her legs, then blowing on her pussy lips. Then his tongue followed where his breath had been, licking the insides of Liz' thighs, licking the flesh between her thighs and her pussy, licking her vaginal lips, entering her vaginal canal.

Now Liz felt Hans' lips around her clitoris, sucking gently as his tongue flicked over her aroused pearly bud.

There was no warning. Her orgasm just exploded, Liz' hips writhed and she felt her orgasmic juices flow over Hans' face.

“AaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhOooooooooooooAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh” This time it was a high pitched orgasmic shriek.

50 meters away Wendy was horrified. Her friend must be in agony. “That fucking bastard. What is he doing to her? Please God he's not using that knife.”

It was not his knife but a different weapon that Hans was now using. His rigid, erect cock. He had moved up so that his head was beside Liz' face. She panicked again. He must be so huge. But no, he wasn't that much larger than her boyfriend cock-wise. But was he so different. His cock seemed to explore her, finding the most responsive parts of her willing female canal.

Liz thrust up her hips and felt his knob rub her cervix. Then she felt him partially withdraw and massage the top of her vagina with his knob. Liz had never orgasmed before from a cock in her cunt. None of her boyfriends had known about her G spot. She had never orgasmed before in this way when her whole body seemed to shake and be overwhelmed by the ecstasy exploding in her vagina.

“AAAAaaaaaa. AAAAaaaaaaaEEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEEEeeeeeeeOOOOooooooowwwwwooooW,' her wail reverberated through the forest.

Wendy knew with a terrible certainty that her friend must be dying. She wept for Liz and wept in fear for herself.

Now all Liz wanted to do was to hug and kiss Hans. But he wouldn't move his face to be kissed and the ropes on Liz' arms prevented her from hugging him. The only thing she could do was to grasp his cock with her vaginal muscle as he plunged deeply into her pulsating cunt.

God his cock felt so wonderful.

Hans ground his pubic bone into hers. This caused pressure on her clitoris. This caused her most explosive orgasm yet as she heard Hans grunt, felt him stiffen, felt his cock plunge even deeper in his orgasmic excitement. Tears of pleasure came to Liz's eyes as she knew that Hans had ejaculated deep inside her.

Again Wendy heard the wail. She knew it was Liz's death shriek.

Hans lay motionless for a minute. Liz squeezed his now flaccid cock with her vagina, enjoying his gasps of pleasure as his knob, still aroused and sensitive, responded to her pressure. Then he sat up and untied the knots which had held Liz.

Liz saw an expression of enormous sadness in his face. She wanted to hug him but dared not. Ever so gently Hans stroked her labia.

“Poor weeping wound.”

He stroked her breasts.

“Poor abused mammaries.”

He stroked Liz's hair.

“Poor raped Liz.”

Liz didn't know what to say. He looked forlorn. She took a risk.

“You fucking animal. You raping bastard. I'll come back from Hell to get you for that.”
Hans immediately perked up.

“Come,” he said. “It is time for Wendy to be raped most cruelly.”

Wendy was delightedly surprised to see Liz alive. Not only that, but obviously uninjured, with a big smile on her face.

After Hans had released her, Wendy hugged Liz. “Oh darling, I'm so pleased to see that you are alright. I heard yours shrieks and groans and thought you must be going through Hell. I thought he must be torturing you with his knife.”

“Those shrieks and groans were from orgasms, darling.”
“I did not ever imagine that a man could be so exciting, so tender, so powerful but so gentle.” Liz looked over at Hans.
“Or so stark raving mad.”

Wendy wanted Liz to tell her exactly what happened, but Liz refused.
“You'll find out for yourself, I hope darling.”

After they had drunk their tea Hans tied Liz to the tree.
“There's no need for this Hans. I won't disturb you.”
“Liz the last time I trusted a woman in this situation it was with a beautiful Columbian guerrilla named Sanchia. She came and stabbed me with a bayonet, right here.”
Hans pointed to a large scar on his stomach.

Then he frowned in concentration.

“No, that was from Olga, the mistress of the Russian Mafia boss, with a meat cleaver.”

“Sanchia must have stabbed me here.” Pointing now to a deep red scar above his kidney.

Again a troubled frown.

“No, no, that was Jenny, the IRA bomber, with a breadknife.”

He gave up.
“Whatever. I cannot trust a woman while I am raping her best friend.”

Wendy's fear returned as Hans led her to the grove. There was no guarantee with this madman that he would be as nice to her as he had been to Liz. Her nervousness increased as she was bound, with her knees spread and raised.
But she started to relax when she felt his soft erotic touch. She started to orgasm, first with his fingers, then with his lips and tongue and then with his cock

Again Hans was sad and remorseful afterwards as he apologized to Wendy's weeping wound. But again he cheered up when Wendy screamed at him.

Like Liz, Wendy had to resist the urge to hug and kiss Hans after he released her from her ropes of ecstasy. Her loins were still quivering with pleasure as she yelled.

“You Hungarian rapist pig. You are a disgrace to the Kommandos, a disgrace to masculinity. I'll see you castrated for doing this to Liz and me!”

“Many women have attempted to seek revenge after I have raped them,” Hans' laughter echoed around the valley.
“But like their men, they have always failed. I remember when Boris, Olga's lover, had me tied naked to a tree in a Siberian snowstorm . . . . “

But Liz and Wendy didn't listen as they kissed and embraced.


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Ahahahaha! Hungarian Kommando. I'm Hungarian. That was the only reason I kept reading, when I saw that. I was like, "Wait, what?" That dude is crazy and that's what makes this so funny. All in all, good story. Kinda hard to follow though, the way the paragraphs are structured. But good nonetheless.

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