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On Tuesday morning, Elina looked out from her glass-walled office onto the floor. There were only a few secretaries busy at their desks. She called down to one of them, "Where is everyone?"

"Oh, there is some sort of meeting going on at the hub. Sales won't be back today. We are just here typing up letters for everyone for the next meeting. Some reason, they need like 50 of them done up per focus group, I don't get it at all." shouted the secretary up to Elina.

Elina decided to have some fun for the day. She went over to her closet and unlocked it, pulling a drawer full of strapons and dildos. She took a large, black dildo from the back of the drawer, and went back to her desk. In a few seconds, her skirt was up above her waist and her panties were down around her heels. Elina took the dildo and sucked on it, getting it wet and warm in her mouth, her tongue caressing down the gel-like and wobbly shaft. When it was suitably wet, she moved it down her body and pushed it into her pussy. Elina let out a deep moan and she started to play with her clit as she pushed and pulled the dildo from inside.

Just short of climax, she stopped, and took out the dildo, putting it back in the drawer. But, she took out two smaller vibrators, and set them on her desk. They had remote controls that could turn on the vibration and turn it off at the touch of a button, and she took those out too. With an inwards smile, she called up two of the secretaries, Sandi and Victoria. When they came up, they saw the vibrators and the remotes, and gave Elina a blank stare.

"You two will be making some extra money this month, but only if you do as I say. As I'm sure you know, these are vibrators," Elina said, holding up the small pink toys, "and if you keep these in during the work day for the next few days, I'm sure that you will find a nice bonus on your paychecks. But remember, they have to stay in all day, unless there is an emergency. Failure to follow will cause problems. So, would you like to take on my offer?"

Both girls silently nodded. They were both very beautiful, shorter than most, both at about 5 feet or a bit taller, but still very well endowed for their size. Victoria stood out more than Sandi, with her large C boobs and beautiful hair that had a touch of red among the brown, along with her odd grey eyes, that set her apart from the rest. Sandi was a blonde, and as stupid as most men would think. She was known around the office for fucking any guy that could get her a raise, and according to talk, she was quite good with her lips. For most, the pay she recieves is above that of most Sales team members, forget their secretaries. To her, this was another opportunity to get money, and she took it.

"Good, now here you go, put this in and get back to your work," said Elina to the girls, as she handed them the vibrators. "Put them on in, go on."

As the girls pulled their panties down under their skirts, Elina watched in enjoyment. She smiled as their faces reddened in a mix of horniness and shyness. With the toys in place, the girls left and went back to work, typing letters, both a bit distressed. Every so often, Elina would hit the buttons and turn the toys on, and then back off, to keep the girls from climaxing. She was going to have a fun few days ahead of her.

The next day, everyone was back, and Elina's two secretaries were on the job. She wanted to test them, so she turned on the toys, and both jumped in their seats, and their faces became bright red. Good, she thought as she smiled. Elina called up the girls to the office, "Come with me, lets have some fun."

She took the girls into a back room, completely bare, except for some motivational posters on the wall. "Take off your clothes, all of them, and take out the vibes, too. We are done with those for now" commanded Elina, and the girls instantly obeyed.

Victoria's boobs bounced as they fell out of her shirt, perfect and natural, nice pink nipples. She had a well-trimmed pubic area, a little landing strip. She was bright red, standing in the nude, under the gaze of her superior. Sandi was all porn star, shaved bare and with obviously fake tits that never moved. The only thing natural was her long, blonde hair. After a few moments, Elina removed her clothes, revealing large, D sized breasts that seemed out of proportion to her body, along with a trimmed pubic area. She laid down on the floor and spread her legs wide, pulling her pussy lips open with her fingers. Sandi was the first to react, her head was between Elina's legs as soon as she realized.

Elina closed her eyes as Sandi licked, her tongue going from the lips to the clitoris and in, darting around. Victoria, more timid, bend down on her knees and sucked on Elina's hardened nipples. As Elina reached climax, both girls sped up, as fingers started to go in every direction. There were a few in Elina, Elina had two fingers in Victoria's hot pussy, and Sandi was fingering herself wildly. They switched positions, And Victoria got the same treatment, and Sandi did too. Sandi moaned in the most fake way possible, it was only by act of God that no one came up and saw what was going on. All three girls were panting and sweaty at the end of their session, and Elina left the room for a moment. Both girls were sitting on the floor, waiting, until Elina came back into the room with a large, black, double-ended dildo. It had to be about 2 feet in length.

Elina smiled as she sat down, facing Victoria. Elina took one end of the dildo, putting it in herself with a large sigh, and then pressed into Victoria until their wet pussies were pressed against each other. As Victoria rode the dildo, her tits bounced, and Sandi felt lonely. Sandi came up to them and started rubbing their clits as they moved up and down, only heightening the sensation for the girls. Both of them rose to climax rather quickly, and an intense one it was. After that, they were laying on the floor, with the dildo still in, catching their breath. Sandi was fingering herself to climax as it all happened, and after that, she was, as well, on the floor. When they were all back, the girls got dressed and put in their toys. Exiting the room, they found the entire male Sales team, smiling devilishly.


2008-01-11 09:50:41
shit. 1/10


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2008-01-06 20:22:19
the story was average, but i did not like the way it ended.

Try harder next time.

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