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You liked that didn’t you bitch...
Even though Cindy’s vice like grip immobilized Angie’s hands it was Kate who kept her reasonably still. The two girls used one of the wide plastic benches in the girl’s locker room, to stretch the naked Angie across. Cindy held her arms and pressing them down into the plastic while Kate straddled Angie’s back like a jockey.
Kate held in one hand a rigid eight inch cock in a strap on harness and in the other a fistful of Angie’s shimmering brown hair. Kate yanked her head back by the hair and through gritted teeth hissed, “Open up.”
Whimpering with tears streaming down her cheeks Angie shook her head to Kate’s delight.
She smacked her hard on one cheek with the strap on and then the other until Angie’s trembling lips parted and welcomed about three inches of the cock into her mouth.
“Suck it. Suck it good you slut.”
Kate and Cindy enjoyed the sounds of Angie slurping away on the plastic manhood.
“Better use for your mouth than being a tattle tale eh?” Cindy mocked.
Kate laughed.
Jane had finished securing her strap on making sure the fabric would rub against her clit when she started fucking Angie’s cunt. She watched Kate’s large rump for a bit slightly spread revealing a sliver of dark hair but soon her gaze moved to Angie’s small but tight round butt. She kneeled behind her and parted her cheeks to inspect her.
Angie’s cunt was completely shaven unlike the three girls who ranged from just trimmed to full natural. Also unlike the three girls with large protruding lips like the petals of flowers Angie’s pussy was just a thin slit that revealed nothing.
Jane licked her lips at the thought of ramming the brown strap on into her but first she wanted to see more. She spread Angie’s thick folds. It was moist between the folds of fat that covered hid her hole, sticky moist and cotton candy pink.
Jane wondered what sort of acts the quiet girl in class with the best grades did while she was at home. Did she poke her pink hole with her fingers and flick the small nub that was her clit with her thumb? Did she use a toy or maybe a fruit? Did she like to finger fast or slow? Did she like it deep or shallow? Jane smirked, she’d find out soon enough.
With no lube on the strap on she positioned its head at the folds of Angie’s pussy. Cindy was holding her firmly and with Kate on her back she moved little but she was trying, squirming under Kate’s weight and wiggling her little ass to make penetration difficult.
Jane smacked her cute rump hard and watched it jiggle a little. She smirked and slammed the dildo home.
Angie cried out in spite of the Kate’s strap on in her mouth and almost gagged on it. She tried to arch her back but Kate’s weight held her down. The pain of the sudden intrusion brought fresh tears to her eyes.
She knew that she should never had told the teacher that the girls were cheating on the test but she felt obligated as the good student the perpetual top grade earner to defend her turf to cheaters and now here she was being raped by these three dykes.
Jane grabbed her hips and began to stroke her slowly.
Cindy enjoyed watching Angie’s face become twisted with each stroke from Jane and wondered if Angie was a virgin. It would have been so sweet if she were she thought but that wasn’t the case.
Angie though no virgin was in pain. The dick stretching her insides with each stroke seemed twice the length and girth of her brother’s but in spite of the pain with each stoke her cunt was getting used to it and accepting it.
With each thrust the fabric of the harness tickled Jane’s clit and sent shivers through her body. She slammed harder into Angie’s cunt not because it brought more stimulation but because the tattle tale was being punished for squealing to the teacher they’d cheated on the test which resulted in their suspension from the field hockey team but also because Angie was starting to moan and she liked hearing girls moan in pleasure or pain.
Angie couldn’t believe it but as she lay splayed she was actually beginning to feel aroused but not yet enjoying the onslaught. Could it be because she hadn’t had some in so long? Did she actually like it in spite of the fact that she was being raped by this girl? She’d heard stories of rape victims being aroused but that arousal was just the subconscious actions of the body. It was still rape but yet she closed her eyes and began to push back against Jane’s strap on ever so slightly.
Kate had enough of forcing her to suck on the plastic cock. She yanked it from her mouth and let go of her hair. She’d been listening to Angie moan and it and her squirming beneath her had turned her on. She found her clit amidst a fluff of moist pubic hair and slowly began to massage it with her fingers.
Jane savored her view as with each stroke she watched Angie’s pussy yield to the brown shaft only to emerge coated with the girl’s sweet milky juices. She squeezed Angie’s ass digging her fingernails into the flesh as she began to thrust faster and harder and deeper her own body ready to explode.
Kate’s fingers were deep in her slit. She had her eyes closed. Her index finger and thumb had her clit seized as she toyed with it her wetness oozing from her pussy onto Angie’s back.
Sweating from the onslaught Angie didn’t notice the additional wetness pooling in small of her back even if she did notice she didn’t care. From the searing pain of being stretched by the monster inside her now she was approaching a climax. She had her eyes closed and her bottom lip between her teeth. She couldn’t help herself in spite of the assault against her womanhood.
“Bitch likes it.” Cindy said as she looked up from Angie’s breasts pressed hard against the bench and Kate’s large loose mammories bouncing in response to Jane’s thrusts.
Cindy licked her lips thinking of the many times she’s sucked on Kate’s pink nipples while Kate’s tongue and fingers explored the depths of her body. She released Angie’s hands and grabbed her hair pulling her head up and pressed it into the forest of her pubes.
“Suck it!” she said growled eager for stimulation.
Angie opened her eyes to a jungle of tangled hair. It had a musty smell to it like old shorts.
Cindy pushed her face deeper into the jungle as if trying to smother the girl. “Suck it.”
Angie had never seen another woman naked before this save her mother and on her brother’s computer but now this girl’s hairy snatch was thrust into her face with the command to suck. Her desire to climax faded and again she came to the realization she was a victim not a participant and that even though repulsed if she didn’t satisfy Cindy she didn’t know what these girls would do to her.
Cindy smacked her across the back of the head with a closed fist then grabbed her head again.
“Suck it!” She barked.
She began tentatively only really sucking hair as Cindy pressed herself harder onto her face. Cindy’s persistence paid off and soon the brush of hair gave way to meaty lips. Angie began to suck. She’d hope for someone to come along earlier but that was as they dragged her into the locker. The school was deserted and no one was coming better to comply with the abuse and survive.
She could taste Cindy on her tongue. It was a salty and sticky goo that was warm as she swallowed unconsciously. She gagged but that only got more of Cindy pressed into her mouth.
Kate could hear Cindy ordering Angie to suck it but she was in her own world now. On Angie’s back her legs raised and on the bench her fingers working furiously on her engorged clit she was cumming.
In waves it came, waves that sent shudders through her body weakening her. She savored the delightful release as cum oozed from her into the cradle of Angie’s back yet she continued to caress her pussy enjoying the after shocks.
It was Jane’s turn. The stimulation against her clit had reached its pinnacle. She couldn’t halt her climax even if she wanted to.
She grabbed Angie’s hips and pulled as she pumped her but being a woman she really didn’t need the last thrusts as much as a man would and even though she dug her nails deeper into the girls flesh drawing a trickle of blood where the skin broke it was more so to stop the shuddering that seemed to erupt from her core and radiate through out her body.
Jane tried to bite down on her own lip her panting and moaning reaching a crescendo but nothing could silence her as she exploded. With the last of the after shocks passing Jane with a ‘plop’ pulled out of Angie. She smiled seeing the once pink hole red and gapping oozing wetness along the girls inner thigh. It wasn’t cum more natural lube but it was still a sight to watch it roll down her slender ivory legs.
Angie felt some relief when the strap on came out but there was no relief from Cindy’s musty pussy in her face her clit hard wet in her mouth. She sucked it like she sucked lollypop as Cindy ground herself into her keeping her hands on her head to bar any escape.
Jane and Kate swapped positions on Angie’s back.
Jane was not as heavy as Kate. All three of the girls were sixteen. Angie was fifteen. Jane was five six the same height as Angie but she weighed thirty pound more at a hundred and fifty. She was muscular but not overly so like Cindy whose thighs and arms sometimes bulged a little too much. She had long blonde hair often pulled into a pony tail and deep brown eyes in the midst of her smooth oval face. She was a pretty girl and one would never think she was into women in anyway especially the boys who admired her physique, hour glass figure, firm legs, nice round rump the swayed when she walked coupled with her 36 D breasts that always brought them gawking when she wore V necks.
Kate found the lube and lathered some the length of her strap on once she had it secured about her. She cupped her hand and took some more figuring she’d need it. She moved behind Angie and rubbed it along the girl’s entire ass crack.
What now? Angie asked herself as she felt the lubricant become warm as it was rubbed between her cheeks. She still had Cindy’s clit in her mouth sucking on it while the girl seemed to want to stifle her with cunt and hair.
Cindy could start to feel the tingle in her body the tingle she often felt when she was at home or when Kate was teasing her a little too long and her body was starting to move towards the climax.
Kate spread Angie’s ass and slid a finger in her anus.
Angie’s back arched again this time in spite of Jane’s weight. Her heart already racing from the assault thundering in her chest seemed to quicken it speed. Was she going to do what she thought she was going to do? She opened her eyes though the only thing she could see was Cindy’s pussy. She turned her head in spite of Cindy’s vice grip.
“Don’t put that in my ass!” She cried out.
Cindy hit her again. “Shut up bitch! You fuck ‘er good Kate.”
Angie made to get up but Jane’s weight pinned her and Cindy pulled her head back to her bush.
Angie squirmed and bucked beneath Jane. At her tender age she’d only had vaginal sex once and that was an experiment with her brother. That was years earlier and both were curious about their bodies. He was twelve and she was eleven when they did it one night while their parents were out late. He came inside in her leaving a mix of cum and blood oozing out of her for hours. It hurt but they’d do it again before they realized what a dangerous game they were playing. The pain was intense the first few times but her pussy adapted. She couldn’t imagine what she would feel if something the size of his dick was into her ass not to mention that the strap on these girls were violating her with seemed twice the size of his dick.
Kate slid one finger into her, massaging the insides of Angie’s puckered hole. She felt the girl tightened as she pulled out and slipped two fingers in.
Angie continues to squirm to no avail. She started screaming but the sound was muffled since Cindy still had her face buried in her bush.
The fingers came out and Kate positioned the tip of the dildo on her pink puckered hole. She watched it tighten in anticipation of what was about to happen. She smiled and pushed the head in slowly delighted to see Angie’s anus envelope it.
Angie gripped the bench digging her fingers into the plastic trying to move her body forward.
Once the head was in Kate slid the rest in quickly and began to stroke her not in the least caring what damage she could be doing inside the girl’s tender rectum.
Angie bucked and squirmed beneath Kate. She felt as if she wanted to take a shit. In fact she felt as if some shit was pushed back into her. She felt nasty and humiliated and disgusted with herself. She’d even begun to enjoy the vaginal stimulation from Jane but this sent it home what Kate was doing to her. She was being raped.
Kate stroked her slowly sliding her free hand under and between her legs and finding her clit between the meaty folds of her pussy. She began to stroke it as she fucked her ass.
She didn’t really care if Angie enjoyed it or not she just like touching pussy and caressing it and feeling the bald cunt in her hand was nice.
Angie’s pussy was wet from the previous encounter with Jane and from sweat. In fact they were all sweating. The locker was beginning to stink of it. Female sweat and lesbian sex in the air like steam from the showers. Kate closed her eyes. She loved it.
One hand on Angie’s ass and the other on her clit her thumb and index finger doing to the girl what it had done to her. She kept the rhythm steady.
Angie gave up struggling. The attack had weakened her and she was only capable of burst of protests before she could surrender plus the pain was subsiding but only enough to be bearable. It still hurt but as her asshole widened she could accept it. She accepted it as her pussy also accepted the stimulation from Kate. The fingers on her clit brought the arousal back and drowned the pain in her ass away slowly. It got to the point that she began to enjoy it somewhat but barely.
Cindy felt her again relax. She smiled. “What a whore,” she said.
Jane laughed.
Kate knew she wasn’t going to cum again it would take quiet a bit of stimulation from the harness and she wasn’t getting that but she felt she could make Angie cum so she worked her clit as she fucked her ass harder and faster.
Angie began to moan and grind against Kate’s hand. Grinding against her hand meant less of that eight inch cock in her ass. She closed her eyes and wish she could bite her lip if not pussy in her face and the clit back between her lips. She sucked on it, the salty taste gone her taste buds dulled by the pleasure she now felt cascading through her body. It was like she was at home but instead of her hand it was someone else’s on her.
She shuddered and felt a fire building in her pussy.
Kate watched as the dildo slipped in and out of Angie’s ass. It was a sweet sight. She loved it and wished she were a man though she felt sure she was fucking Angie like if she were a man. Angie bucked beneath her.
The tremor began slightly and grew and grew until the climax tore through her. Angie scream through muff in her face the vibration sending chills through Cindy who was again denied the delightful lips on her clit.
Kate pulled the dildo out. It popped out of Angie’s ass, streaked with shit and some red. Some brown stuff oozed out her reddened hole. It was puckered and swollen.
“You liked that didn’t you bitch,” Cindy said. “I don’t wanna fuck you but you owe me a suck.”
Cindy grabbed her own lips and spread her pussy so her clit was clearly exposed. Jane pushed Angie’s face back into Cindy’s crotch.
Angie began to suck again. The unintentional but constant teasing from Angie had Cindy’s clit extremely sensitive and it didn’t take long for the climax to send her knees buckling as a rich river of white ooze rolled down her legs as she staggered back to grab a locker for support. She slid to the flood her eyes closed and her lips between her teeth.
Angie watched her as she sat there naked on the floor of the locker, her knees up and her legs spread. Of the three girls she was the biggest. She was about five nine and a hundred and seventy pounds and muscular. She had thick thighs that were now spread before Angie revealing the thick brush that seconds early was smothering her. Her muscles bulged in her arms and her abs were firm. If not for her breasts which were under developed and her shoulder length hair no one would doubt her as a man.
Jane walked over to Cindy and kissed her, strap on still on and helped her up. She was more like Kate with femininity to her with dark brown hair like Angie, and a round face that seemed chubbier than it was.
Cindy regained her strength and walked over to Angie. “Clean it.”
Angie complied licking the juices that still oozed from her.
Kate got off Angie’s back as Cindy pulled away.
The three girls backed away from Angie.
Kate said, “We’re going to shower bitch. You tell anyone and next time we won’t use strap ons.”
“Yeah or sticks might be eager for pay back.” Cindy said.
Jane laughed as she pictured fucking Angie with their field hockey sticks.
The turned as Angie slowly stiffly got to her feet. There was no way she was going to tell on these girls. She was humiliated by what they did and embarrassed by the fact that she’d cum at their hand. Like it or not they own her now even if they or she didn’t realize it.
She gathered up her clothes and looked down at herself. A streak of blood was on her thigh mixed with shit and cum. She should clean up. She knew she should but did she really want to go into the shower with the dykes who just raped her.
She turned to leave the locker then turned back and headed into the shower. They’d fucked her in the ass and the cunt and made her suck pussy what else could they do.
Angie strolled into to the shower with the three girls to their surprise. It was then that the girls and Angie knew she was theirs.

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I was also thinking about the intriveew questions that were asked; and the intriveewers are asking the questions that they feel their audience (British magazines or TV shows) want to hear her talk about. This is all part of Angie's job; and she does a great job. Even if you know she has been asked the question a zillion times; she always answers in a polite, respectful, interesting way.Cherrysnowdrop: I disagree with you comment that she gets put down for caring and talking about her humanitarian work. Most articles that I read, that say negatives about her, do still comment positively about her humanitarian work. Even when you read comments, people who don't like here, pretty much agree that she does a lot of good with her humanitarian work. Her and Brad have both made comments (I am just paraphrasing / summarizing) that they use they celebrity status to draw attention (publicity) to topics that they want highlighted (Katrina, Darfur, Haiti, International Criminal Court, et

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ya but it would have been better if there as mroe story to it. and i wish i was rapd my older girls my age. and im only 12

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