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After Fergus had left I noticed I had given him the wrong tape by accident and that his tape was still in the camcorder, ‘never mind’ I thought, ‘I can always hand it to him in school’.

Sarah was now completely broken, physically, mentally, spiritually and analy. I looked at her sexy voluptuous body sprawled across the floor, just a few short hours ago she was a vindictive spoiled selfish mean nasty bitch with a hot body and a great ass, now? she was a sorry sad broken bitch with a hot body and a well used ass , downstairs all my friends and guys we both knew from school were drinking and celebrating her downfall, they were watching each other’s porn videos of themselves with my sister cheering every time she squealed,
“Well little sis, time for another wash” I said to her cheerfully, she no longer fought me or anybody for that matter, she just did what she was told, I untied her from the bed and led her to the shower, I told her to wash herself clean, she did as I instructed, she winced in pain as the water ran down her tender back and into her red swollen asshole, I gave her a toothbrush and some mouthwash, she brushed her teeth and gargled and spat, “now Sarah, time for you to perform for my friends again “I said grinning, she looked at me, her furrowed forehead screamed ‘pity me’(but I didn’t), and as I led her back into the room I informed her of what I had planned next, I had sent Rowan to the sex shop in town to pick up a few items for my next idea, I found the bag on the landing in the hallway, inside it were all the items I required, black stockings and black crotch less panties with matching bra, black rubber high heel boots, a studded neck collar and finally a Double Fish Hook Mouth Restraint designed to her mouth open, “perfect ”I said as I turned to my little sister,” everyone of my customers are downstairs and I’m going to give them a little treat before they leave and that treat you!” I grinned “you ...dressed up like a whore and ready for more!” once again tears flowed down her face,

Five minutes later, she was ready to go and damn she looked good, her hair still wet from her shower, droplets of nervous sweat forming on her thrust up cleavage, her oral restraint fixing her mouth open and contorting her facial expression into one of continuous shock and horror, I reached into the back of her panties and felt the crack of her ass I poked my index finger inside her asshole, Sarah’s eyes widened as I led her down the stairs to my friends and customers. As I was about to present her to the wild drunken party in our lounge I heard a knock at the door, “another customer “I said cheerfully as I opened the door.

“Good evening son, are your parents home?” said the sheriff, I looked at him in horror, my expression was now the same as the one fixed on my sister’s,” What the fuck are you doing boy?” he yelled as he threw back the door, there I was my mouth open, lost for words, standing next to my little sister dressed up as a whore with my finger up her ass. “Em...I can explain” I whispered in a broken shaky voice. Ten minutes later ,after I had told the sheriff the story, he lined up all the guys in the lounge and was about to call for re-enforcements, Sarah was sitting on the couch wearing a robe, she found her confidence now, she stared at me with pure hatred, “you are so fucked” she said as a slight smile curled on the side of her lip, “their going to do to you in prison what you and your fucked up friends were doing to me all day long”, she said, ‘she’s right’ I thought as the sheriff began to call it in, I’m going to get everything she got except I’ll be in prison for the next 20 years, just then someone cut in on the radio, “hey sheriff fuck face” yelled a voice over the radio, the sheriff shouted “who the fuck are you and what are you doing communicating on a police frequency”, the sheriff’s face had now gone the same colour as his hair, flaming red. “ah sheriff don’t you recognise my voice, it’s Vernon.......Vernon Cohn, remember sheriff, you arrested me and my cousins two hours ago for gang rape” said the sly voice over the radio, “well guess what sheriff, we broke out and now we’re holding your deputy hostage, I got a gun pointing’ right at his stupid face”, Vernon cackled as a voice shouted help me boss , the sheriff was stunned, convicts had taken over his station and were now holding his deputy hostage, “I’m willing’ to negotiate sheriff” said Vernon, “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?” yelled the sheriff, “it’s like this sheriff, we want you to bring us your daughter, we’re going to take turns with her and then you’re going to let us walk free, and if you don’t, well then we’re going to kill your deputy” said Vernon in a seedy whisper, “you got 15 minutes to comply, over and out” said Vernon and the radio channel resumed its static, “oh shit” said the sheriff, A thought began creeping into my head, “uh sheriff” I said clearing my throat, “ I think I have a solution” I said trying my best to be casual, my heart was now beating extremely fast, “what? Speak up boy” said the sheriff clearly furious, “well” I said “you can’t give those guys your daughter so why don’t we give them my sister” I said shakily, “you really are a little pervert aren’t you boy?” said the sheriff with disgust, “I’m glad my boy Fergus is nothing like you sick little bastards” he said as he reached for the phone, “Fergus?”I said smiling, “your son is Fergus?” I said grinning, “yep, what’s so funny asshole” said the sheriff, “ I think you better have a look in my camcorder sheriff, before you do anything else” the sheriff played the tape inside the camcorder and a look of shock spread over his face, “you see sheriff, you can’t arrest us otherwise you’re going to have to arrest your own son” I said trying to give him the impression that I empathised with his plight, “ oh shit, your right” said the sheriff, Sarah who had until now stayed unusually quite began to speak up, “what the hell do you mean you can’t arrest them? Just because your son is an evil little pervert who likes raping girls?” said Sarah loudly, “wait a minute, I know you now, your that little bitch who’s always been giving Fergus a hard time at school, making fun of him and tormenting him in front of your friends, laughing at him for your own amusement” snarled the sheriff, Sarah’s face dropped, ‘EXCELLENT’ I thought, “so what about it sheriff?, does my idea sound better than calling in the Fed’s? “ I said, “Son, you got a deal!” said the sheriff grabbing my sister before she could run away, “NO!” She screamed as I fixed the mouth restraint on her face again,

five minutes later, we were at the station, The sheriff dragged my handcuffed moaning sister to the front entrance, “Vernon” yelled the sheriff, “I have what you want” yelled the sheriff, “Vernon came to the glass door, he was in his mid forties, thin balding and unshaved, “sheriff you don’t expect me to believe that’s your daughter do you? She doesn’t even have red hair,” said Vernon through the glass door as he was eyeing my sisters big tits, “no Vernon because I don’t have a daughter only a son, but will this girl do instead?” said the sheriff, “Vernon continued to eye my distraught sister, he saw the tears running down her pretty face, “ fuck it, she’ll have to do” said Vernon “ we want three hours with her and then you let us leave with your car” said Vernon smiling and exposing his crooked yellow teeth as he opened the glass door and pulled Sarah in by her bra, “fine, three hours and you leave in my car, just don’t shoot my deputy” said the sheriff, and he came back to the car and sat inside it,

Vernon had left the channel on the station radio open and we could hear what was going on inside, “Okay boy, we have three hours with her, she isn’t the sheriff’s daughter, turns out he doesn’t have a daughter so this is what he gave us instead, she young, she got big melons and she’s damn fuckable” said Vernon, “damn but she’s got a nice round ass” said another voice, “who’s that?” I asked the sheriff, “ that’s one of Vernon’s cousins Cedric” said the sheriff, Cedric began to speak again “I want to fuck her ass, I want to fuck it until it bleeds”, just then another voice spoke up, ”I want to fuck her too”, I turned to the sheriff “Bob” he said, “Vernon’s other cousin”, we continued to listen, “boys listen up, here’s what we’re going to do, Bob you on the table and we’ll sit the slut on top of you, Cedric you get her ass, Bob you get her cunt and I’ll get her mouth” said Vernon sounding very excited, We heard movement and then the action began, through the radio we heard them yelling and shouting, we heard a sound I had heard only hours before the sound of whipping and groaning, I could hear Sarah mumbling in vain to plead with them but failing, partly due to the mouth restraint and partly to Vernon sloshing his dick in and out of her salivated mouth, We heard the squelching sounds of Sarah’s ass, pussy and mouth being repeatedly violated by the criminals dicks, I imagined them groping her tits licking her face and slapping her rump over and over again, I got hard in my pants, just then I heard another sound, I looked over and saw the sheriff beating himself off to the sounds from the police radio, “tell no-one or else” he said as he continued masturbating, “sure thing sheriff” I said trying not to laugh and I looked away rolled down the window on my side and lit up a smoke, the noise went on for two and a half more hours, the sound of yelling and shouting, whipping and beating, changing positions and comments like ” you like that bitch?, swallow it all” and “I told you bitch ,I told you I was going fuck it until it bled, I told you I was” I had smoked my way through a packet of Marlboro and the sheriff had beaten himself off another four times, then five minutes before time we heard three shots, “oh fuck” said the sheriff as he stared at the radio, one hand on the steering wheel and the other tugging his cock, “I got to get in there” he said and he fell out of his car and dashed up to the station with his gun drawn and his dick hanging out of his pants, I listened in on the radio, I heard the sheriff burst in the door, “freeze” he shouted, “IT’S OKAY BOSS, DON’T SHOOT” said a voice, I recognised it as the deputy, “It’s okay boss I got all of them” said the deputy, “they were too busy fucking that girl to notice I freed myself and got a hold of this gun, when they realised what happened I just shot them”, The sheriff looked over at his desk, there face down with a cock in all three holes was Sarah, she had passed out from exhaustion and was unaware that the cock in her mouth, ass and cunt belonged to corpses, sweat and cum dripping off of her, dried tears on her cheeks, “good work Frank, I always knew I’d make a good officer out of you!” , “thanks boss, eh boss? Why is your dick hanging out of your pants?”


Well the next day the newspaper carried the headline” BRAVE POLICE OFFICER SHOOTS AND KILLS THREE ESCAPING PRISONERS” no mention of the real circumstances surrounding the events, as for me, The sheriff said he’d keep my activities under his hat as long as he and Fergus got to pay weekly visits to Sarah who eventually recovered from the ordeal and my parents remain oblivious to what happened while they were away, as for my friends and I? We still continue to blackmail my little sister for sex, as my friend put it “FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!”

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2014-04-11 00:37:08
It's a kinda unrealistic but still good and the ending was funny

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2013-06-16 21:41:04
I wish it was me ;)

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2013-01-04 02:58:48
Hahaha, the part where the sherif comes in was fucking halarious good story

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2009-05-19 20:26:45
would have been even better if you had taken her home after they were done with her at the station to be further violated by your friends.but you definiantly get points for originality.

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2009-03-06 02:19:08
Holy shit best I have ever red 1,000,000,000,000/10!!!!!!!!!

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