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Hi my name is Tammy and I just turned 14 a few months ago. When I did my dad told me I was allowed to get a job as a babysitter for some of the folks who live on our street that he knew. At first no one wanted me to babysit cause everyone said I was too young. My break came from a divorced guy down the street when his babysitter had to go out of town for a weekend.

Before I go any farther I need to let everyone know what I look like. My hair is a light brown and my eyes a a dark green. I am about 4 foot 10 and about 90 pounds. My tits are just barely b-cup and the boys at school say I have a killer ass. The guy I got my first job babysitting for is a black man in his mid to late 30's, about 6 foot tall and kinda lean. He has custody of his two sons who were 10 twins.

The Friday night I was suppose to babysit for him I arrived about ten minutes early. He told me he was taking a lady friend out to dinner and dancing and should be back about midnight or so. I was sitting on the couch when he came home at 10:30. "hi tom why are you home so early?" I asked him.

"The date was a bust so I dropped her off early." He responded. "Was everything ok here?"

I shook my head no, that is when he came and sat down beside me. "What happen did my boys not listen to you"?

"That and other thing." I told him.

"What did they do and do I need to punish them for it?" Tom asked.

Nodding my head " Well, we were wrestling and they pinned me on the floor. One of them was sitting on my belly while the other had my hands held down to the floor."

"That ain't too bad Tammy." Tom commented

"That is not the bad part yet." I said. "While I was pinned the one on my belly unbutton my shirt and pulled down my bra cups showing off my tits." When I said that I noticed Tom's eyes look down at them.

"I will a talk to them in the morning and it will not happen again I promise you that Tammy." he reassured me. His hand was on the my upper back rubbing it in small circles.

"If they would of asked I would of shown them to the boys." I said as I looked up at him.

"Is that so?"Tom asked me as his hand slide around and started to fondled my tit threw my shirt. "Could you show me Tammy?"

Turning a bright red I nodded and started to unbutton my shirt. When it was undone I was about to take it off when Tom told me he wanted to see my tits like his sons did. Reaching inside of my shirt he pulled down my bra cups and whistle. My nipples got hard as soon as he started to rub them with his thumbs. "How late is your dad expecting you to babysit tonight Tammy?" he asked

"Well I called after you left and told him you was suppose to be out till midnight or so." I responded. Smiling he pushed my shirt off my shoulders. One hand went back to my tit while the other hand went behind my head and neck and brought my face towards him. Closing my eyes I open my mouth and accepted his kiss and tounge. He kissed a lot better then the boys at school I can tell you.

Breaking the kiss He had me stand up in front of him. Moving me so I was standing sideways in between his legs he started to caress my body. One hand was on my ass kneeding it and slapping it lightly. His other hand was rubbing my belly in circles. On a down stroke of his hand on my belly he unfasten my jeans. My hands went to the front of my jeans to refasten them. Looking up at me Tom asked,"Tammy can I see the rest of your body?You can leave on your panties."

Backing up a couple steps I pushed my jeans down and showed off a pair of red thongs. He then asked me to take my bra all the way off. I did and tossed him my bra. With me just in my thongs he had me turn around and bend over for him. After he saw me from all sides he patted his lap and had me straddle him, facing him. Both of his hands went to my ass and started to play with it. Pulling me closer to him made my go off his lap and my tits to his face. With my tits in his face he went form one to the other sucking them.

A deep moan escaped my lips while he sucked on my nipples. Pulling away from my tits he asked "Do you like this Tammy?"

"Yes I do very much." I replied back. When his hand went around to my pussy I reached down and stopped him. "Please don't I wanna save myself until i get married."

He looked hurt then he asked me if I ever sucked a cock. When I said I had he kinda pushed me off his lap and onto the floor. Kneeling on the floor I reached up and undid his jeans freeing his cock. It was bigger then the 8th and 9th grade boys I had blown before. I was just able to fit my little white hands around the big black cock and stroke it. Leaning in I licked from base to head. Looking up at him I saw his hand move then felt if on the back of my head. He started to push my head down and my mouth down onto his cock. Opening wide I was just able to fit it into my mouth as I began to suck him off. Bobbing up and down I heard Tom moan a few times.

As I blew him Tom was saying how sexy I was and how I was made to suck cock. Every so often he would push my head down which would make me gag and choke. He only did that a few times before stopping. I was sucking for about 10 minutes then he pulled out of my mouth. He stood up in front of me and told em to open my mouth and stick out my tounge. Doing what he asked I watched as he jacked off and came all over my face and into my mouth.

Right before I was to clean my face Tom asked me not to. Leading me into the bathroom he had me stand in front of the mirror. Standing behind me, he was rubbing his soft cock up and down on me. Taking one of my hands he had me scoop some cum off my face then lick it off my fingers. After my face was clean that way he told me to get dressed and he would take me home.

On the ride home he asked me if I enjoyed my night. When I said yeah he then asked if I could babysit the next Friday.

"I thought your ex-wife had the boys every other weekend?"I asked

"Yeah she does. But I wanted to take my new girlfriend out to a dinner and some fun after wards.: Tom told me as he reached over and squeezed my upper thigh. When we pulled into the drive way he leaned over and gave me one more kissed and grabbed my tit one last time. Running to the front door I opened it and saw my dad passed out on the couch waiting up for me.

want more? what did you think?

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2014-12-02 14:35:05
I like to suck Mr. Conners dick when I babysit for him. His wife goes to bed and is supposed to walk me home. We walk to the park where he licks my kitty and makes me suck him. One day I want him to make me a woman


2014-08-15 20:00:34
Sadly, never had a babysitter blow me sadly. But when I was a young teen the mom of two kids I babysat sucked my dick. Late 30s. Fat ass but huge tits.

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2013-10-24 22:03:15
Should be a white guy. And backing up a few steps?


2013-01-17 14:00:39
I sure do love this little Tammy. I wish I could hire a Tammy to work with me.

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2010-06-16 22:11:11
when me and my wife spit i fucked my 14 yr old babysitter she is pregnant and her mom is happy for us im 37 and have two daughters one is 15 one is 12 and a 6 yr old and ive fucked both of my dauhters

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