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Sheltered teen girl learns about love and sex
I learned about making love while in college. By today’s standards, I should have learned a lot younger, but in the small community where I was raised, there was no way to do anything without the entire town knowing about it. As a result, I acted just the way a young lady was supposed to in 1956. When I went to college in a city of three hundred thousand about one hundred fifty miles from home, I decided to change things.
My mother had taught me the basics of puberty and that I could get pregnant, but she left out the details of how it happened, except that I was supposed to avoid boys unless she and dad knew him. Before my freshman year in college got too demanding, I decided to spend at least an hour every afternoon in the library reading books about sexual function. Sometimes I checked out more interesting books to read at the apartment that I shared with two other girls.
During the second week of school, I became acquainted with Matt. He was a shy young man, but nice looking, slender and obviously in good shape. He worked at the college doing maintenance and repair work. Most of the boys had to clean classrooms, but Mr. Atkinson kept him busy doing electrical repair work, plumbing, and other special maintenance work.
As an organ music student I was scheduled to practice in a room adjacent to the maintenance workshop. One afternoon, Matt heard the organ music and stopped by to chat. He said he liked organ music, and wanted to listen while he was on break. Before long, he was stopping by every day.
One day, he picked up my book bag and began flipping through my textbooks. Before I noticed what he was doing, Matt picked up one of the sex books I had checked out. He tried to put it back before I noticed it, but in his haste it slipped out of his hands and dropped to the floor falling open to a page with an illustration of a naked female. His face turned crimson as he stammered an apology for looking into my bag. I laughed it off, telling him it was just a biology book and not to worry about it. The next day he stopped by again, and began asking where I was from, what I liked, generally wanting to get better acquainted. I hid my smile as I saw him trying to sneak another look into my book bag.
The more books I read about sex, the more I wanted to know, but books didn't offer much explanation. I began to realize that Matt might be the boy to help me learn what I wanted to know. I could sense him maneuvering into a position so he could see down my blouse. I decided to help him without becoming too obvious to others. I wore my low cut bra and a loose fitting blouse that fell open at the top when I leaned over to study a note. Matt tried to be nonchalant about it, but I could tell that he really enjoyed getting a peek at my breasts. Before long, we were eating lunch together and going to movies on the weekends.
Some weeks later an opportunity presented itself. Our school had a tradition known as The Senior Sneak. The seniors, without any notice, would disappear. In the spring there would be an all-school barbecue. If the junior class had found the seniors by 8:00 A.M. the morning after they sneaked, the seniors had to pay for the party. If not, the juniors paid for the party. The juniors frequently recruited lower class men to help in the hunt.
On a Thursday evening, one of the juniors called asking if I would help look for the seniors. If so, could I find someone with a car? I called Matt to see if he wanted to participate in the hunt, telling him we could meet at search headquarters. After we reported, it was obvious that there were more hunters than needed. Before it became apparent to the junior sponsor as well, I whispered to Matt that I had the assignment and it was time to go. We hurried outside, where I told him we were supposed to watch a road on the northwest side of the city.
He drove to the location and parked on a side road. I told him we were supposed to watch for any cars with the school parking lot windshield stickers. Since they were fluorescent, they could easily be seen. When we saw one, we were supposed to follow at a distance and see if we could learn where they were going. As we talked and watched, I snuggled up to Matt. He put his arm around me and held me close.
I had decided that I was not going to waste this evening when I could be gone from the apartment without question. I pondered how I could open the issue without scaring Matt away. Suddenly I thought about how embarrassed he became when he accidentally discovered the sex book in my bag.
“Hey, Matt, do you get terribly embarrassed very often?”
“Sometimes, but not too often, why do you ask?”
“I thought you were going to die that day you saw the book about sex in my book bag!” Matt laughed for a moment then looked me in the face.
“How long are you going to keep pretending that it’s a Biology text book?” he demanded.
“What do you mean?” I asked startled.
“Well, I decided that I wanted to know more about sex and girls, so I went to the library to look at some books. Guess what? Every book I looked at had your name in it as the last person to check it out.”
“So you are trying to learn about sex too!” I exclaimed.
As he nodded, we sat there looking at each other for a minute or two.
"So, do you want to see what we can learn from each other?" He suggested with a kind of shy but hopeful smile.
"Why not?" I responded quickly before my false bravado gave way.
With that, Matt started the car and made some comment about not really caring who paid for the barbecue, then headed away from town. After a few minutes he turned onto a side road and drove a couple of miles, coming upon a little drive way off the road, which led into a field. He parked the car behind a row of trees, and after satisfying himself that we were alone he turned to me with a questioning look on his face.
"Where do we go from here?"
I sat there for a bit not sure just what to say. I had it in my mind that I didn't want to waste an opportunity, but didn't want to appear too forward. Finally Matt spoke.
“I will go first if you promise to do everything that I do.”
“OK, but I have a provision. Either one of us can call a stop any time we want to,” I suggested.
Matt thought about it for a moment or two, then began unbuttoning his shirt.
“UH Matt, how about letting me do that for you?” He studied my face for a moment, and then leaned back with his arms at his side.
I reached up and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, going from the top down one at a time until they were all open. Then, I slipped the shirt off his shoulders and laid it in the back seat. Matt was wearing an undershirt, but I could see the muscles in his upper chest and arms. Matt reached out and unbuttoned my blouse with an urgency that left me fearing for the buttons! Before I could think about it, my blouse was lying in the back seat along with his shirt.
Now it was my turn again, so I reached out and lifted his undershirt over his head. Matt immediately began trying to remove my bra.
“Let’s not go too fast, I want to get a good look at a man’s body, and if you go too fast I’m afraid I won’t get to see everything.”
“Haven’t you even seen a man without his shirt before?” he asked in wonderment. “Boy, you really got a lot to learn.”
“Well, yes, but all I could do is look and I want to feel too, what’s the matter, you afraid to have a girl feel your muscles?” I asked teasingly. Matt shook his head and looked at me with this strange questioning look.
“What are you pondering so hard?” I asked.
“I just want to be sure that I get to feel as much as you feel,” he responded with a look that made be believe he was very serious.
Reluctantly he paused while I began running my hands over his upper body, feeling the muscles in his back. Slowly, I moved to his chest, probing his nipples, feeling them stiffen under my touch.
After a few minutes Matt began to reciprocate, running his hands over my belly, moving ever closer and closer to my breasts. Without warning, he pulled me close and kissed me with fervor. We hadn't kissed before, in fact I had only kissed one boy before and that was almost like kissing my brother. I returned his kiss with as much feeling as I could muster, trying to remember what the books said about how to respond to a boy. Before he broke the kiss, his hands were on my breasts, feeling them through my bra. Suddenly he pulled back and looked at me with a questioning expression.
“Are your breasts always so soft?”
“Uh, well, I guess they are always pretty much the same, what kind of a question is that?” I asked totally puzzled.
“Well, it’s, uh, I never felt a girls things before,” he responded. “I think I need to see more of them.”
He slipped his hands behind my back and began fumbling with my bra. After a moment or two it was apparent that he wasn't making any progress. I didn't want to go too fast, so waited to see what he would do. He seemed puzzled, but apparently didn't want to admit defeat. Instead of giving up, he simply changed tactics and began slipping the straps off my shoulders. He continued tugging them down my arms until they were below my elbows then pulled my arms up and out of the straps. A moment later, he pulled the cups off my breasts, exposing them to the warm night air.
He stared at my breasts for several seconds then began caressing them with both hands. The feeling was so incredible that I settled down in the seat savoring the feeling of his hands. Slowly he worked my bra down until it hung around my waist. Then he turned it so that the clasp was in front. After he studied the hooks for a moment, he deftly unhooked them and tossed my bra into the back seat. Instantly he began working his way from my tummy up to my breasts again, feeling, stroking, and caressing until I thought I would faint from pleasure.
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better he began kissing passionately, moving down to my throat, letting his hot breath tickle my flesh. By then I didn't care what he did as long as he kept doing it. I leaned back a bit basking in the pleasure of Matt's touch. As I leaned back, it caused his mouth to move downward onto my right breast. He hesitated for a moment, but when I didn't object he started kissing my breast in earnest. Did I dare hope he would actually kiss my nipple?
I didn't have to wait long for the answer. He fastened his lips over my nipple and began sucking as if his life depended on it. I could feel my heart quicken as the touch of his fingers on my other breast sent tingly sensations running throughout my body, especially into my lower tummy. As he kissed and sucked one breast with his mouth and stroked the other with his fingers, I did what I could to return the pleasure he was giving me. I stroked his back with one hand and ran the other over his chest, trying to imitate his actions on my breast as I toyed with his nipples.
Both Matt and I had arrived at the point where we wanted to go even further. He pulled back and began running his hands down to the band on my skirt, fumbling for the fastener.
"What happened with you going first?" I demanded.
"What happened with you helping?" Matt responded instantly.
Matt leaned back on the door and took a deep breath. I could see his flushed face and self-conscious little grin in the bright moonlight. I could also see a huge bulge in the front of his jeans. I had read enough in the books to know that men got an erection when they were excited, but this looked unreal! Slowly I moved toward him tugging the end of his belt until the buckle released. Then I pulled at the snap until it popped open. It took a little fumbling to get the zipper open, but finally I had it open.
Matt raised his hips as I tugged his jeans down. After he settled back in the seat, he lifted his feet so I could slide the jeans off and toss them into the back seat with the rest of the clothes. Without the restriction of blue jeans, his erection was even more obvious and menacing. By now it was sticking straight up so that I could see the tip over the band of his shorts. When I gasped at the sheer size of the thing, Matt looked at me for a moment then spoke up.
“What’s the matter?”
“I just didn’t realize it was so -- well uh, well so big, I mean its huge!”
"What were you expecting?"
“I don’t know, I mean the pictures didn’t really make it seem that big. Maybe you are a lot bigger than other boys,” I replied.
"Well, then let's just get these shorts out of the way so you can really see it."
Without waiting for me to help, he raised his hips and slid his shorts completely off. My mouth fell open and I openly gasped.
As he leaned back, his penis stuck straight up in the air, looking like a waving flagpole. I was more than a little startled at his unexpected move. I couldn't help but think that he was two moves ahead of me since I still had my skirt and panties in place but Matt didn't seem to care. This being my first chance to explore a naked man, I determined not to let the opportunity pass.
I reached out and tentatively touched the tip of his thing, marveling at how soft and velvety the tip was. As I touched it, I could feel it jerk and rise to even taller heights. Matt settled deeper into a reclining position and slid his hips closer to me. I grasped the shaft noting that my hand didn't even cover half the length of it. It felt as hard as a rock, but the skin was loose and moved up and down easily. I explored it for some time marveling at how soft the tip was, but as I gently squeezed I found that it was rock hard just under the surface. I became aware that his breathing had speeded up until suddenly he pushed my hand away.
"What's the matter, am I hurting you?" I asked.
“No, it doesn’t hurt, but if you keep that up I going to come.”
"What do you mean come?" I asked.
"Didn't the books tell you about it?" he replied with a strange look.
"Oh! Ejaculation," I said.
“Yeah, ejaculation,” Matt grunted.
“Can I see it happen?” I asked in anticipation.
“Sure,” Matt replied as he reached for his jeans.
“What are you looking for?” I asked.
“Well, you got to catch it in something unless you want it all over you,” he grunted as he retrieved his handkerchief.
After handing it to me, he instructed me to rub him some more, but to hold the hanky over the end to catch his cum. It seemed awkward at first, but soon I got the feel of moving my hand up and down the shaft. Then things happened so quickly that I was totally unprepared. Matt's breathing, which had been getting faster and faster, suddenly ceased. He thrust his hips up toward me and I felt his cock stiffen and twitch. A split second later a spurt of white stuff came shooting out with so much force that it went right over the hanky and landed on my bare breasts. It continued to shoot and shoot until I thought he was going to drown me! I tried to continue my stroking, but Matt grasped my hand telling me to hold still for a minute. Puzzled, I asked what was wrong.
"It feels so good that it almost hurts," he whispered.
“What do you want me do?” I asked in fascination
“Just hold still for a while,” he whispered in a husky voice.
As I held his cock, I noticed something puzzling. While it had been rock hard and stiff as a poker, a few minutes earlier, it was now smaller and a bit softer. When I commented about it, Matt explained that it always got a little smaller after he had come. What an interesting piece of equipment!
Matt was reclining against his door with a smile on his face. I was relieved to see that he was breathing once again! Then I noticed that the stuff on my chest and tummy was turning cold, so I took the hanky and began to wipe it off. By now his once gigantic cock was about half its former size. As I stared at it wondering what else I could learn, I reached out to explore it further. It felt soft to my touch, totally different from before. I stroked downward to where it joined his body. In the moonlight, I couldn't see clearly but I wanted to learn as much as possible. My fingers came into contact with what the books referred to as his scrotum. As I began to explore it Matt told me to be gentle because boys were very sensitive there.
I felt the wrinkled bag and its twin contents. They felt silky smooth moving freely to my touch. Once again, Matt shifted to allow me easier access to this new and interesting part of his body to explore. I continued to stroke and probe his equipment then noticed that his thing was starting to grow once again. While it wasn't at its former glory, it definitely was heading that way! I began wondering where this was going to lead. I wasn't done exploring, but began to think that it wasn't fair not to let Matt have his turn.
"I think I am a little behind in this game," I commented as I began to fumble with the button on my skirt.
"I'm not complaining, you can keep this up all night if you like," he replied.
"Aren't you interested in your side of this deal?" I asked.
"Well yes, but so far it has been really good for me," he replied as he moved forward embracing me.
His kisses were intense and passionate. His hands slid down toward the band of my skirt once again but this time I didn't try to stop him. Presently he found the button and opened it. Seconds later he slid the zipper down and pulled my bottom toward him. I lifted my hips so he could slip my skirt off, but he didn't stop there. He slipped his fingers under my panties and pulled them off along with my skirt.
“Hey, you took two things off at once, that’s not fair,” I complained in mock seriousness.
“Well, I am totally naked, and you still had two things on, what’s fair about that,” he replied with a big smile. “All I’m doing is catching up.”
Here we were, both naked in the moonlight. I noticed with some degree of concern that his cock was once again at its full size. I realized that we were at a point where it would be difficult to not go further. I had mixed emotions about it, but at this point wasn't going to call it off. Matt stared at my bottom with a puzzled smile on his face.
“I just never saw a naked girl before,” he replied breathlessly
"Well, I guess we are both learning something aren't we?"
“Uh, yeah, but I still got a lot more that I want to learn,” he replied as he tentatively reached for my tummy.
The feeling was like an electric shock! I could feel the tingling move to my bottom, and a wetness I had not felt before. Matt gently stroked and caressed his way toward my pubic hair. Soon he was running his fingers in little circles playing with my hair, moving even closer to my most sensitive opening. He concentrated at the area just at the top of my slit. I kept longing for him to move on down, but he continued to stroke and press on my pubic bone. Finally he commented that it seemed as if there wasn't room to put his penis into me. When I asked him what he meant, he said that he just couldn't see how he could put his thing into something that didn't appear to have any place to go.
I took his hand guiding it between my legs, spreading them open as far as possible in the limited space in the front seat. I shuddered in pleasure as his fingers found my dripping wet opening. He gently slipped a finger into my vagina and began running it into little circles. I thought I was going to scream in sheer pleasure. I thrust my bottom up to meet his finger and rotated my hips upward to allow him better access to my virgin opening. He continued to probe and stroke, sliding his finger in and out. I realized that he was trying to imitate the thrusting action that the books told about, and began meeting his forward movements with thrusts of my own.
He continued thrusting with his right hand, while playing with my erect nipples with the other. The pleasure was so intense that I shuddered from the feeling. As he stroked my bottom and leaned forward to reach my breasts more easily, his right hand moved upwards a little. Suddenly, I felt such an intense pleasure that I let out a little gasp. Quickly, I reached down and guided his hand back to the pleasurable spot. Once again, he hit the sensitive place and I ground my bottom into the seat in ecstasy. Matt sensed that he was onto something, and probed the magic spot again.
"Does that feel good," he asked?
I whimpered in pleasure urging him to keep it up.
He obliged, and seemed to understand just how to apply the right amount of pressure. By now, he had withdrawn his fingers from my vagina and was concentrating on the sensitive spot.
"What do you feel," I asked?
"There's a little hard spot that seems to be just the right place," he replied.
"Keep it up, keep it up," I urged.
It seemed as if I was at some threshold that I couldn't quite transcend. I reached up and grabbed Matt's neck, pulling him down in a tight embrace, pulling his face toward my waiting lips, initiating a passionate kiss. At the same time, he moved forward embracing me. I struggled to get into a full reclining position, working my way under him. Matt seemed to understand what I wanted, and slipped his hands under my bottom arranging me under his trembling body. An instant later, he was positioned over me, with his knees between my open legs.
"Do you want to do it," he asked?
"Oh yes, yes," I moaned.
Slowly he inched forward, but missed my bottom in his awkward movement. My passion was at a fever pitch and nothing was going to keep me from this point in my education. I reached down and grabbed his cock in my hand, guiding it to the proper spot. He inched forward and I felt the invasion of his huge thing begin. At first it was pure ecstasy but a second later I felt pain. I remembered the books talked about the hymen. This must be it. The pain wasn't too bad, so I didn't say anything. Matt sensed my involuntary pull back and stopped his forward movement.
"Are you OK?" he asked.
"It hurts a little, but I think it always does the first time, let's just wait a minute," I whispered.
Matt stopped, but I could sense his muscles gathered as if waiting to start a race. Placing my hands on his bottom, I gently pressed him back slightly then pulled him in again. This time it went in a bit further without pain. Once again I pushed him back then forward. This time, I met his forward thrust with a thrust of my own. There was an instant of sharp pain then I could feel his swollen cock moving in, in, in. An instant later, I could feel his hair mingle with mine.
He was like a run away locomotive. The instant our hair met, he began pumping like there was no tomorrow. I met his thrusts as best I could, and shortly got into the rhythm, meeting his movements in what seemed a natural motion. Too soon for me, Matt quickened his pace and drove in as deep as he could go. I could feel him twitching and pulsing inside me. An instant later he collapsed on top of me, panting as if he had just run a three-mile race. He lay there clutching me in a tight hug for several seconds, then began to relax. After a couple of minutes, he shifted his body taking most of his weight off me. I pulled his face to mine, and kissed him tenderly. Matt responded gently then sat up.
"Are you mad at me," he asked?
"Why should I be mad? I wanted to see what it was like, and now I know."
"Did you like it," he asked?
I wasn't sure how to answer. It was hard to say I liked it, I was glad I had done it, but wondered what the big deal was. After all the talk I had heard from other kids, it seemed as if it was supposed to be more fun than it really was. Frankly, I had more fun playing around before we did it than actually doing it.
“I'm glad we did it, and I am glad I did it with you the first time. Did you like it?" I asked.
“Yeah, well I liked it too,” he mumbled
"So, you were disappointed too," I said.
"You too?" he asked?
I nodded my head, and told him that I thought that maybe people exaggerated what it was like when they talked about it. Matt agreed, saying that other kids from high school made it seem like rockets would go off when done properly. About that time I noticed something sticky was all over my bottom. I touched it then realized that there was blood on the seat. I jumped up reaching for his hanky, trying to wipe it up before it stained. I got out of the car in order to have better access to the seat. As I opened the door, the light came on. I glanced up to see Matt opening his door as well. There we were, standing on opposite sides of the car with the light on in the middle. I got my first view of a naked man, in full light, realizing that Matt probably was likewise getting his first view of a woman. We stood there silently for several seconds, not knowing what to do. Finally, Matt closed his door and walked around the car standing beside me.
"You OK?" he asked. I nodded, snuggling close to him.
Reaching through the door, he pulled the keys from the ignition, and opened the trunk. He retrieved a blanket and flashlight, suggesting that we lay outside for a while. We moved to a grassy spot in the moonlight and spread the blanket, stepping to the middle and knelt down. Matt turned the flashlight on and asked if he could take a good look at me. I agreed, and turned to face him full on. He started with my face and slowly played the light back and forth down my body, stopping several times to examine my breasts in detail, then down to my bottom. I could see him leaning forward trying to see between my legs. I lay back so he could continue his exploration. Gently he spread my legs and focused the flashlight on my bottom. For several seconds he just looked, then reached out and spread the lips open.
After several minutes he seemed to be satisfied and lay the flashlight down. I told him it was my turn, and picked up the light. I followed his example focusing the light on his thing, marveling at its relatively small size as compared to the first time I saw him without his pants. After looking for a while, I decided to get a better look, so reached out to raise his cock to see what lay behind it. Just as I had done, Matt sat down and lay back allowing me to explore him in detail. As I was getting my close-up look, I became aware that it was once again growing. I decided to feel the difference in its transformation, and grasped the shaft.
It felt as if it had sprung to life. I could feel the blood coursing into the shaft, swelling, growing, and filling out. In a minute of so, it was once again rock hard. Matt took the light from my hand and laid it aside. Without a word, he pressed me back to a full reclining position, and kissed me passionately. I returned his kiss, grabbing him in a full embrace, wrapping my legs around his thighs. An instant later, I could feel his cock on my tummy, and sensed him moving downward to get into position again. I snuggled into the blanket in anticipation of his next move. Presently, his cock met my hair and dropped into position. Once again, I reached down to guide it into place, feeling my bottom dripping wet again.
This time, Matt did not hesitate. The moment he sensed he had it in the right place, he drove it into the hilt. I thrust my bottom up to meet him, feeling the tingly sensation of the invasion. In an instant, he was once again thrusting in and out as if he was trying to crawl inside me. This time, instead of coming in less than thirty seconds, he continued to pump and pump. I discovered that by moving his bottom up a little higher, I could feel his thing rubbing on my sensitive spot. I remembered that the books had described the clitoris. This must be it!
As he continued to pump, the sensations increased in intensity, until I felt as if something might really happen. Matt just kept thrusting at a regular rhythm, taking long strokes. I still had my legs wrapped around his back, and began kicking my heels against his bottom. As I did, he speeded up his thrusts so I could feel his balls banging against my bottom. My pleasure began to build and build. It seemed as if I needed something, but I didn't know just what it was. All I knew is that I wanted him to keep on and on. Presently, I sensed urgency in his thrusting, and once again he slammed his thing in so deep that I thought he was going to try to crawl in behind it. I could feel him shuddering and quivering, until he collapsed on top of me.
This time, he shrank to a small size more quickly than before, and pulled out snuggling beside me, caressing my breasts. It was a warm evening and quite comfortable under the stars. We fell asleep cuddled in each other's arms. Suddenly I awoke, wondering for a moment where I was. My startled movement woke Matt, and for an instant or two I could tell that he too was confused. The moon had moved from low in the eastern sky to nearly overhead. We must have been asleep for at least three hours. Matt looked at me with a questioning look in his eyes.
"I'm OK," I said.
"What do you want to do now?" he asked.
"We probably better get back to school, there is no telling what had happened to the Senior Sneak, and we could be missed," I replied.
Matt went to the car to get our clothes.
"Can I watch you put your clothes on?" he asked.
"Why not, you have seen just about as much of me as you could possibly see," I replied.
I picked up my bra and slipped my arms through the straps while Matt watched intently, observing every move.
"Let's do it again," Matt urged.
He pressed me back against the blanket and in an instant was on top of me. Once again, he pumped as if his life depended on it. Again, I felt as if I was just about to transcend some major hurdle, but didn't quite make it. I am not saying I didn't enjoy it, but there seemed to be something more just around the corner. This time, Matt just collapsed on the blanket.
"I think you have killed me."
"What a way to go," I replied as he picked up his shorts and began to step into them. "This time it’s my turn to watch," I said.
Matt said nothing, but pulled his shorts up. Here is what I was waiting to see. What did he do with his penis? After he had pulled his shorts up, he reached inside and placed his thing straight up the front. So that's how it worked, I thought. A few moments later, we were dressed, but we looked a mess. I was aware of the smell of our mingled sex juices, but there was nothing we could do about it out here.
We drove back to my apartment, making small talk on the way.
"Did you like your education?" Matt asked.
“Well, it wasn’t what I thought it would be, but, yes, I liked it,” I murmured snuggling up against him. “Did you like it?”
"Well, for the first time it was pretty good. Would you like to go to do it again?" he asked. I nodded and snuggled close.


2013-07-29 03:28:20
forget the negative comments, a very good read.


2008-01-04 23:00:37
thats a really good story. but i think if the plot of the story could be changed like they have fallen in love.. just not learn about sex ..... it would be a great story...10/10


2008-01-02 15:43:57
believable, a lot like my first, 5/10 like my first


2007-12-29 07:08:58
bad not


2007-12-29 04:39:38
it is really bad in sex stories

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