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My wife is pregnant and I blame myself that it’s not my child growing in her womb
From Perfect Wife to Black Cock Slut - Part 1

Chris and I had just flown back from Rome, a trip I'd arranged so we'd be back in the UK on 15th April, which was our 10th anniversary and Chris's 35th birthday. The plan was to dine at the same restaurant that I'd proposed to her exactly 11 years previously, am I a romantic at heart? The flight landed at Stanstead so I was driving up the M1/M6 heading back to the North West on this happiest of days. Being a Saturday I'd decided not to take the toll road but just my luck, there was a heavy traffic jam around Birmingham. I was desperately in need of a break and soon after we’d crawled through the snarl up I pulled into a motorway service station and made dignified dash to the gents.

I'm standing there, cock in hand, staring at a poster six inches from my nose showing a pretty girl in a bikini catching a beach ball, the poster was for car insurance and I tried to figure the relevance as I emptied my bladder. The flood of relief was just ebbing away when a guy rushed up besides me, shuffled about a bit and then let out a long sigh "phew" he said "that traffic is terrible, just made it".

I glanced over and saw that he was pointing around six or seven inches of thick black dick at the porcelain, even flaccid it was significantly longer than mine is when I'm fully erect and at least twice as thick. It was circumcised and the dark purple tip was in itself longer than my whole flaccid cock. I have to admit to being just a little envious. Becoming conscious and then embarrassed that I was staring I looked back at the poster in front of me and said, "Will your make one for me in white". The guy chuckled.

I began fantasising about Chris being fucked by that dick and imagining her expression as that beautiful purple tip eased between her pussy lips, parting the way for the rest of that enormous dick to slide into her. I became aware that my own puny penis was beginning to grow. I shook off the last drops, zipped up and turned to the wash basins.

I waited for Chris and as she came out of the ladies room I noticed the same guy heading our way. Neat, close cropped hair, about 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and a slim waist, white shirt and quiet blue tie, his expensive looking suit fitted him well and his shoes were well polished. Chris had spotted me and began to move my way passing directly in front of him. There was a collision, they grabbed for each others arms and apologised at the same time, then as if on que they each asked if the other was ok, they both laughed together and I saw a spark of desire as the strangers' eyes scanned Chris.

He was in front of us in the queue as we waited to pay for our coffee, Chris was close behind him and she suddenly backed up as though becoming intimately aware of his presence, she have me a guilty glance. My mind was working overtime, I'd often fantasised about Chris taking another man, that's why the fantasy popped readily into my head in the toilets. I wondered it I could make it happen.

I guided Chris to the next table to him. We sat with Chris facing him and me with my back to him. I was as nervous as a first time lover as I told Chris what I'd noticed in the toilets. She looked at me for a few seconds then brazenly weighed him up, her face cracked into a beaming smile. She sounded like a star struck teenager as she said, "He smiled at me…" then she continued "hmm… it could be interesting to try a big one… I'd love to know what it's like… maybe I could go a round with him". I knew she was teasing me, even though that was exactly what I dreamed she would say I was stunned. Chris had never before spoken of another guy like that and as far as I am aware she has never seriously looked at another guy since well before we were married. She kept glancing at him and smiling then she whispered to me, "When I bumped into him it was like electricity shooting through me. In the queue I was right behind him, he smells so… I don't know… so… so manly… so erotic, it turned me on so much I was starting to get a little moist, my imagination went wild, for a second or two back there I was having the most wonderful sex with him and after what you just told me, well…." She said in a louder voice "Oh Paul, shut your mouth, you'll catch a fly."

The thought of Chris being fucked by that huge dick had my mind was racing. 'She's really going for it, mines so small and she deserves the pleasure a big dick would give her. Do I have the courage to ask her? How could I possibly arrange it? For fucks sake Paul, just ask…' "Chris! Would you really?"

"Certainly not" my heart dived as she went on "unless you wanted me to, if it's ok with you I probably would, he's very sexy, he really turns me on and what a presence he has. I was getting wet just standing behind him in the queue. Would you really like me to have sex with another man… with him?"

"You know I only want the best for you, to see you happy is what drives me. If it's something you wanted to do then I'm with you all the way, it'd be a dream come true for me and I'd really love you to try".

"Are you sure?" she asked.

I smiled and touched her hand "Chris love, I've fantasised about you and another man for a long time, just thinking about you and him making love has me rock hard, I'd love it if you could make that fantasy come true".

She smiled and said "Anyway it's hypothetical unless one of us asks him… It could be another anniversary present… Will you ask him…? Please".

My mind began to race 'Oh shit, she's really serious. Could I ask another guy to fuck my wife? Could I really stand the thought of another guy actually fucking her? Especially with a monster dick like his, of course I could, I've just said so, a dream come true and I love her so much and she deserves it'. My heart was thumping, my penis was rock hard at the idea of that huge dick penetrating my wife and just as I'd psyched myself up to turn round to ask if he'd like to join us he stood up and left. I could see disappointment on my beloved wife's face.

After a few minutes of silence I said we should be going. When we got outside Chris spotted him coming through the entrance doors. She nudged me and said "Please Paul quickly". So on our 10th anniversary I found my self walking up to a total stranger with my heart thumping in my chest, my throat rigid as if afraid to speak, my dick throbbing so much I was close to shooting a load in my pants. I rather pathetically asked the dreaded yet exhilarating question "Err... Ex. ex excuse me, would you like to err… f-f-fuck my wife?"

The guy looked at me like I was crazy, he turned to walk away and Chris reached out and put a hand on his wrist, he stopped and stared Chris in the eye. There was a few seconds when the world stopped and then he broke into a cheeky smile, his eyes sparkling. Chris shocked me yet again by lunging at him, throwing an arm around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

Chris always looks good to me but at that moment with her body pressing hungrily against a complete stranger she looked absolutely stunning. The fact that he was a handsome, black stranger that I knew was enormously endowed made the situation highly erotic. I remembered again just how lucky I was to be married to her. She's a trim five feet eight inches with flawless pale golden skin. With her high heeled shoes her legs take the long slender shape of a lingerie model. She knows I think her legs are great so she always wears shoes and a dress or skirt to show them off. Today she wore Faith ankle strap shoes with four inch heels, a black Gucci mid thigh and figure hugging dress that I had bought her in Rome, it showed her legs to perfection, accentuated her slim hips, firm ass, slender waist, flat stomach and full, firm breasts. A face so pretty, rosebud mouth, high cheek bones, slightly turned up, tiny nose and big blue eyes all topped off with straight, long blond hair. Unusually for Chris she'd spent some time this morning applying a little makeup to eyes and lips 'to look nice for the trip home', no wonder the guys eyes were sparking.

When the kiss broke Chris said to the bewildered black man, "That's just to show you I'm serious, it's our anniversary today and my husband dreams that I should be bedded by another man. I think it's a great idea and you'll make it just perfect, how would you feel about taking me to bed right now?"

He looked at Chris and desire flooded his eyes again, Chris nodded to him, he looked at me. "I hope this is not a wind up" he said. "No, honestly it's what she w.. w. what we both want" and Chris said "Right here and now… if it's okay with you". She pointed back to the restaurant area "There a hotel across the bridge", he nodded. She turned to me and said "Paul, give me your card, this is your fantasy so you can't expect me to pay for a room" so I dutifully handed Chris my cash card and watched them pass through the door to cross the foot bridge.

I climbed into the Lexus, I was trembling all over, my heart was racing, my mind was in a daze, and my dick was so hard and throbbing that it hurt. I tried to turn the CD on but my fingers were shaking so much that I just couldn't mange to control the display.

My mind ran in circles 'She's going to be fucked by a monster black dick - I hope he's gentle with her - I hope she's not disappointed – She can't be, she'll love it - Will she ever be happy with me again? - My darling wife is taking a giant black dick - She's being fucked by a bigger dick than she ever took before - She's being opened up like she has never been opened before - I hope he doesn't hurt her - She's taking a dick deeper than she ever took a dick before - I hope she's OK - What will she think of my miniscule penis now - Will she ever feel me inside her again - She's not on the pill, we've been trying for a baby for seven months, shit I hope he has a condom' - 'What have I done?' and back to the beginning in never ending circles.

Eventually I calmed down enough to drive the car around to the other side and parked so I could see the motel and waited, and waited, and waited, my cock rock hard and dribbling cum into my pants.

It had been more than an hour since I'd seen my wife walk away with a black stranger when a movement caught my eye. I saw Chris through a second floor window, her dress pulled down to expose her breasts and up so that it ended just above her pubic mound. She leant forward and placed her hands on the sill, she spotted me in the car and waved, then she jerked, looked behind her and then back to me. All that I could see clearly was her head and shoulders which were jerking rhythmically, her long hair and breasts swinging back and forth and in the shadows behind her I could just make out the dark outline the stranger fucking her hard.

I couldn't see the expression on her face but it was obvious when she came, she tensed, her arms locked straight and she threw her head back then she arched back standing up into the window. Whereas the guy fucking her was just a shadowy outline Chris's golden flesh could easily be seen, she was rigid with orgasm. A black hand covered her mound and vigorously rubbed her clitoris, another black hand covered one of her breast. She tensed up even more and I even saw her mouth open as some sound of passion escaped her.

After what seemed like an eternity of watching some other guy making my wife orgasm but was in actual time probably less than a minute she leaned forward again to take up her original position and the fucking went on. I got out of the car. I was trembling all over as I watched the scene. I heard a "wow" behind me and I glanced around. There was an elderly man walking towards me and looking up at the motel, he looked at me with a big beaming smile on his face and said "Now there something you don't see every day eh!"

Oh shit this guy is watching Chris being fucked, I turned back to watch. He walked up beside me. "Look" he said,” she's cumming again, that guys a lucky bastard, wish it was me there shafting her like that eh…. She's fucking gorgeous, just look at that, she's really hot for that big black cock he's giving her". What do you say in conversation when your 'gorgeous' wife is being fucked rigid by a strangers 'big black cock'.

Now she was stretched, arms in the air, pushing at the top of the window frame with her legs spread. I (we) could actually see that enormous dick thrusting into her. He had his hands gripping her around the waist and slid her up and down his shaft. As he lifted her up I could see her pussy lips being pulled as they clung to the thick shaft as she slid up it. The vaginal juices and semen on his shaft caught the light and glistened. 'Oh shit he's not wearing a condom, must be a trick of the light, Chris wouldn't be that stupid, - would she?' and I tried desperately to work out the timing of her cycle.

As I've already said, we're trying for a baby. The start of the trip to Rome coincided with her most fertile time so she should begin a period in a few days unless we'd got lucky in Rome. I breathed a sigh of relief but then began worrying about STIs. I know very little about them, what would chlamidiya or ghonoreha for example do to a recently conceived child? Or worse… what about HIV AIDS?

The guy continued chatting to me but I really could not think of anything to say, well I could think of lots to say, all of it about that being my wife and the guy fucking her is a total stranger and his dick is really huge and he's not using a condom and I hope he's not got anything nasty to give her. But I really did not feel I could express all that to a stranger so I stayed silent.

The third time she came it looked like her stud came at the same time. Again Chris was pushed against the window but this time the guy stopped with his dick buried full length into her, lifting her up and pressing her hard against the glass. They were together like a statue for a minute or two then Chris turned her head and it looked like she kissed him. That's what she does with me when we make love, when it's over she always kisses me tenderly. After a long and deep kiss the guy lifted her off his dick, it still looked to be fully erect. She turned to me and waved then blew a kiss before dropping to her knees in front of him. I couldn't see for sure, her head blocked the view but it looked like she'd taken him in her mouth and was sucking vigorously on his dick. That upset me more than anything, she always told me that she didn't like taking it in her mouth and she’d just dropped to her knees for this guy.

The guy asked. "You know her? It looked like that was aimed at you" I nodded. "Don't look so glum" he said "That was a great. I'm going to tell the wife all about it when I get home, may make for a bit of excitement tonight eh. How about you are you married?" I nodded "I bet you'll be telling yours about too… eh".

I opened the car door and managed to clamber in. Just before the door clicked shut I heard the guy say "Well It looks like the shows over." He turned to walk away. I looked up, they'd gone from the window and then I glanced around to notice three or four other groups of people were gazing across to the hotel, slowly in ones and two they moved to their cars or to the facilities taking the occasional glance across to the hotel as the walked.

The car phone chimed, I pushed the button, "Paul, come on up, room 214", She sounded excited, I tried to reply, I wanted to ask if she was okay but my throat was dry, by the time I managed to say anything the display read 'call ended'.

"214 please" I said to the receptionist, "I'm expected".

"Could I take your name please sir" she asked. I told her, she looked at the computer and must have seen the name I gave and the name registered to 214 were the same, I could see her brain trying to work out what the situation was, she gave me a contemptuous look, rang the room then gave me directions.

As I approached the room I could hear unmistakable sounds of lovemaking, loudest were Chris's moans of rapture which coincided with a slush, squelch, slush, squelch noise and behind that a lower, deeper moaning and grunting. I waited outside the door and heard the sound of Chris cumming harder than I'd ever made her cum, the rhythmic slush, squelch noise didn't change pace. After a couple of minutes she came again shouting "I want it, cum in me, for fucks sake cum in me". The slush, squelch sped up to a rapid pace, Chris was mewing in ecstasy, I heard her shout "Oh yes, fuck me… fuck me hard, cum in me, cum deep inside me". She came again screaming abuse that I'd not heard her use in all our time married. In mid scream the sloshing noise stopped suddenly Chris gasped and I heard a long drawn out ahhhh, then silence for a few seconds then Chris began to giggle. My dick was as hard as it had ever been and my balls ached as though I’d just been kicked, I knocked on the door and tried the handle, the door swung open.

The beauty of the scene stopped me in astonishment. Consider the magnificently sculptured back of a well muscled black man with a pair of slender tanned legs wrapped around his waist, crossed at the ankles. The shoes on her feet locked tightly together from ankle to toe. Her heels were pushed hard into his buttocks, her calf muscles taught and quivering as she used the pressure of her feet to force the guy into her. His buttocks were clenching and relaxing as though he was still cumming. After a few moments he swung a hand round to her ankles and gently prised them from his back, Chris's feet fell to the floor. He slowly rolled to her side and as he moved I could see his enormous, semen streaked black penis snaking out of my wife. Not until he was alongside her did the huge, bulbous tip of his penis plop out of her vagina. His dick sprung out to lie across her stomach, fully erect and dripping semen. Her vagina was gaping and her pussy lips looked very swollen. Chris was naked except for her shoes.

Several thoughts zipped around my artist mind as I processed the sight before me, Their sated and naked bodies lying together 'That contrast, brown on gold, that is gorgeous, so artistic, so exotic, so erotic' - The look of total bliss on Chris's face 'What a beautiful sight seeing Chris like that, she looks so content, she's obviously so very happy about this'. - His dark chocolate coloured penis lying across my wife's golden stomach 'That is enormous, how could she possibly take it, so long, so very thick' - The semen on her lips and chin with globules of it glistening on her chest and in her hair, his dick dripping more onto her stomach, 'she's absolutely covered in semen, where does he get it all from'. - Just as I thought, 'no condom' a thick white globule of the strangers semen oozed from my wife's vagina and dribbled down her crack to pool on the bed, I felt my penis twitch and I very nearly came there and then.

The expression of total bliss on my wifes face convinced me that she had to do this again, at that moment with another mans semen on her lips and dripping from her vagina she looked unquestionably stunning. She looked up at me, winked then said "Hi Paul, don't just stand there, shut the door and get that fucking tiny dick out, lets see if I can feel you fuck this juicy cunt or are you just going to stand there like a sissy and cum in your pants".

I was stunned, Chris would never, ever talk that way, she would never use crude language and she would never belittle me or the size of my penis. In a daze I unfastened my belt, dropped my trousers to my ankles and knelt between her legs. I pushed my engorged and throbbing penis towards her swollen pussy lips, the tip began to slip between those semen soaked pillows of swollen flesh and then she parted and sucked me in, no pressure, no pushing, it felt as though my whole dick was being pulled into a bath of warm oil, with just a slight clinging at the base where my pelvis pushed against her swollen lips, it was pure ecstasy. I have never felt a sensation so erotic, so sensual, so totally overwhelming both physically and mentally, a moment of complete bliss.

For those of you who have never had your penis in a woman who has just been very well fucked and filled with semen by a very big and very thick dick I can recommend that you give it a try. It's an experience of a lifetime, you'll love the feeling and I'm sure your other half would appreciate it.

While I was kneeling between my wifes legs the stranger was still alongside her, his enormous dick resting on her stomach, he took a nipple between his lips. I looked into her joyous eyes, her lips parted and with the tip of her tongue she slowly licked the semen on her lips. That was the final straw, I shot my load, and what a load. All that excitement, trepidation, fear, pain and pressure erupted. My body pulsed with the flow and I gushed into her. The ache in my testicles subsided a little as the flood of semen eased and slowly the flow lessened and stopped. As the sensation of the most powerful orgasm I’d ever had subsided the embarrassment hit me, that had never happened before. I may not be a brilliant lover but I think myself to have a reasonable control. Chris gave me a sad look then turned to stranger and said to him, "He's already cum… he usually lasts a bit longer than that".

My shrinking dick fell out of my wife's gaping, stretched and dripping vagina, a gush of semen followed it, pooling with the semen already soaking the bed, "Fuck off back to the car Paul, it was a waste of time asking you up" she said.

"No Chris" I replied quietly "It wasn't, I'm sorry I came so quick but what I've just seen was so beautiful, the emotions I've struggled with for the last hour and a half have been extraordinary and to walk through that door and see you so content, so obviously satisfied was worth all that anguish, It was worth it for me at least, happy anniversary".

She reached up and took my hand "Aww thanks Paul, go back to the car, we'll be a while yet, I want to feel this wonderful man fucking me some more before we make tracks or do you want to stay and watch". The stranger glanced towards the door then slipped a hand between her legs and I was forgotten.

It was three quarters of an hour before Chris and the black stranger walked from the hotel. They stopped in front of the Lexus where I'd been sitting pondering the sight I'd witnessed and my failure at pleasing my wife but to my relief and amazement my penis was hard at the sight of them together.

Chris pulled the guy towards her, flung her arms around him and they kissed in a deeply passionate way right before my eyes. Right out in the busy car park I watched my wife slide an arm down from his neck, down his back, across his ass and round the front to the bulge in his pants and start to stroke it. My penis pulsed and a felt a dribble of cum escape.

After a couple of minutes they pulled apart and she said something to him, she ran a finger along his cheek and chin then licked the finger. She spoke again and he nodded agreement and they kissed again briefly before she walked to the car.

She looked so content, so confident but also so messy, I could see streaks of wet semen shining on her thighs, her chest above the dress, on her chin and cheeks and in her hair, the beautiful, expensive designer dress was crumpled and streaked with damp patches.

To say that I was apprehensive was an understatement. Chris climbed in, leaned over and gave my cheek a peck then she buckled herself in. I sat there waiting for her to say something, she did, "Drive, we should just have time to make it to the restaurant for our reservation".

"Don't you want to change" I asked, "There are clean clothes in the case in the boot".

"No thanks".

As drove back to the north bound side of the M6 my thoughts were, 'I've lost her, one stupid comment on the size of a guys dick and I've lost the love of my life, what a stupid fool I've been'.

As we left the slip road to join the flow of heavy traffic I asked "What was it like? Did you enjoy it?"

Chris was silent for a long few moments, "Fuck Paul, what do you want me to say, No… you are much better…, well you're not, it was wonderful, it was exciting, he woke feelings that I've not known before" after a short pause she continued, "He actually passed my cervix, can you imagine that, his dick bumping past my cervix, it hurt like hell at first but it was a good hurt that’s easy be grateful for and that beautiful black symbol of true manhood filled me completely, ejaculated so deep inside me. I've never felt such excitement, such intensity, such pain and such pleasure. I thought I’d die when he asked me to go to the window but it was such a turn on seeing those people watching us. I lost count of the number of times I came, some multiple, orgasm building on orgasm. He came in me and on me seven times… seven times in what… a little over two hours. You see this semen" and she pointed to her thighs "He licked my pussy and legs clean before we left, this is what’s dripped out of me from the bedroom to the car. I asked him to leave the rest so you could see. You should have seen the look on the hotel receptionists face".

Another pause, slightly longer, she spread her legs and took my left hand from the steering wheel and guided my hand between her legs. "Feel" she said, and I did, I felt hot liquid dribbling from between very swollen pussy lips, a finger slipped between the lips and into her sopping vagina, she was still gaping, I pushed another finger into her, then another and the fourth with no problem, absolutely no resistance and what seemed like lots of room to spare, if I'd not been driving I think I could have got my whole hand in.

As I withdrew my fingers I had a thought, "Where's your panties?"

"Paul kept them as a souvenir" she replied, then said, "I don't think I'll be wearing them anymore, but I think you will, your hand is dripping, lick it all off".

I misunderstood because I offered my hand to her mouth while I asked, "Paul? We have the same name?"

She pushed my hand away and said "Yes, the same name and no, you lick it off, I want you to taste his semen. We'll call him big Paul and you cuk Paul to save confusion".

I hesitated feeling dubious and even a little nauseous at thought of tasting semen, "Please" she said. "Paul… big Paul licked his own semen from me, I want you to do the same so start now by tasting it. You are always on at me to suck you. You want to cum in my mouth, I know you do and I will let you but before I do I want you to know what semen tastes like". Tentatively I extended my tongue towards my semen soaked fingers and stopped about an inch away, "Please" she said again, "do it for me on this most wonderful anniversary". And so for the first time in my life I tasted semen.

We drove in silence for a while then just as we were leaving Cheshire onto the home stretch of Lancashire motorway Chris said "Thanks Paul, this has been the most wonderful anniversary anyone could ever wish for, I love you so very much" she reached over and stroked my cheek.

We reached the restaurant in time, Chris looked so wanton and sluty, she loved the idea of being seen in public with dried semen in her hair and on her dress, she knew what she'd so recently done and it showed in her look. She absolutely revelled in the fact that semen was still dripping from her vagina, I sat across the table from her and watched as she tensed her body to squeeze out a little more juice. She deftly slipped a finger into the dripping semen then offered it to my lips, I just didn't believe it, she was feeding me another mans semen in the middle of a busy restraint, if only those customers knew what was on my menu. My mind was full of turmoil and confusion, she's acting like she loves me more than ever but she'd just been fucked by a stranger with my encouragement. We held hands across the table and whispered like young lovers.

We arrived home just after eleven and went straight to bed for the most wonderful, exhilarating sex we'd ever had (well I’d ever had). She was still sloppy and very much stretched and although I came much too quickly first time she worked on me with her mouth until I was hard again while I licked her semen sodden cunt. We finished when I came for the third time, my swollen cock between her lips, she swallowed.

We were lying in each others arms, I had a finger slowly circling her clitoris when she dropped the bombshell "I want him again, I think you realise that, I want to feel that beautiful, huge, perfect penis filling me and penetrating so deep into me again and again. I'll always love you Paul, but this is different, this is a base need, a pure lust. I'll always stay with you, I love you so very much but I am going to need that man every once in a while. Please say you don't mind if I see him again, it could be a whole new exciting chapter for the next ten years of our marriage. Please say you would welcome me cuckolding you".

What are my options here, talk about rocks and hard places. I say yes and my wife has an open affair with a massive dicked black guy, I say no and she has a covert affair with a massive dicked black guy, Have I been a bloody fool? Then I remembered how I felt when I first saw her in that hotel bedroom and the memory of the sex we’d just had was still strong and I knew my decision but I had to put up a bit of a show. "Chris, more than anything I want you to be happy but you have to understand this is a major step so you need to give me some time to think about this".

"I'd like you to be with me in this Paul, come on darling you started it, it was your idea, your dream.” She paused for a few seconds then continued “You can have all the time you want so long as you say yes within the next two weeks. I will be getting fucked by him again whatever you decide, he's coming here on the 29th we've made the arrangements… He has the directions, he has the address and he knows I'll be waiting… Please, you've got to be with me in this. Say you're ok with it… Please."

About 10 seconds later…


To be continued…


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