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Continuation of an ealier story
The door knocked menacingly as if from a horror movie. Jess sprang up from next to me and started chanting “Oh my god” like a mantra, over and over. I rushed out of bed and found my robe and threw it on.
“Get in the closet!” I whispered harshly threw my teeth.
She scuttled into the closet, covering her breasts and vagina, from who I wasn’t really sure; whoever was at the door wasn’t in yet. I closed the door, wrapped the robe around me and walked towards the door. I could imagine my entire relationship crumbling down as Jess leapt out of the closet at the wrong time. I wondered what would happen if my girlfriend opened the closet and naked Jess sprung out like perverted magic trick. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but at this point I couldn’t just ignore the knocking. I had to answer it and face the music. I opened the door slowly.
To my jubilation and my puzzlement, the knocking did not come from my girlfriend but rather from two strangers, a man and a woman who were a few years older than me, maybe 26 or 27. The man was taller than I was, about 6’2” or so, and pretty well built. He was Hispanic with dark tan complexion and I would put around 190 lbs, so a force to be reckoned with. His wife or girlfriend was a tall white girl with dirty blonde hair, about 5’7” and I would guess about 120 lbs. Her hair was about 6 or 7 inches past her shoulder and hung over small facial features punctuated by classic baby blues. They were an attractive couple, but they didn’t look thrilled. It was pretty late, about 2:00 AM.
“Hi, what can I do for you?” I asked wearily and nervously.
“Well, what is all the noise coming from?” asked the man, who spoke with a medium accent.
I glanced back over my shoulder to see if Jess had wandered out, hearing that it wasn’t my girlfriend. She hadn’t.
“To be honest,” I began, “I am in here with a woman.”
“See? I told you so!” the woman said sharply and gave him a little whack on the stomach.
“Man, I feel really bad, I am so sorry,” I apologized. “Do you guys want to come in?” I couldn’t believe I had said that as soon as it slipped out of my mouth. I was sure they just wanted to get some sleep though.
They looked at each other and the woman cocked her head to the side as they communicated non-verbally. “Sure,” she said simply and they came in.
They walked over to the couch and had a seat. They were both in their sleepwear, she in little red sleep shorts and tank top and he in cotton pajama pants and a T-shirt that he had clearly juts picked off the ground, probably in his haste to come over. There were wrinkles all over it. They seemed oddly at ease for being in a stranger’s apartment, owned by someone they knew had just been having loud sex.
“So,” I started, “My name is Will. What’s yours?”
“My name is Mandy,” the woman answered, “and this is Ramon.” Ramon nodded.
“Nice to meet you guys. You live on the other side of that wall?” I said and pointed towards the bedroom.
“Yes, we have lived there for about 5 months now,” Ramon said.
“Cool, you guys have been here longer than me,” I said. “What do you guys do for fun?”
“Well,” Mandy said, “I like to cook and run, and Ramon runs with me sometimes and he also likes to build things. He’s very good with his hands.”
With this she looked up at him and smiled and they exchanged a knowing glance. It seemed they were in agreement that he was good with his hands and he rubbed his on hers sensually. “We also like to swing,” Mandy finished.
I sat across from them and looked at both of them straight on. They were smiling, but not because they were joking. My face must have gone blank, because Ramon laughed.
“You look like you have seen a ghost,” he laughed heartily. “Have you ever tried swinging before?”
I answered that I hadn’t and my palms started to get sweaty. Ramon reached over and started rubbing Mandy’s leg, up by her waist and moving his hands to the inside of her thigh. I looked around nervously.
“So what do you think?” Ramon asked. “Is this something you would like to try?”
I was fascinated by the idea to be honest, spurred on by Mandy’s tight little body in front of me, but I wasn’t sure how Jess was going to feel. In addition, she wasn’t even my girlfriend. What if Ramon and Mandy came over unexpectedly one night and my girlfriend was here? She would probably throw me out forever. Realizing that I was between a rock and a hard place, I just explained the situation to them.
To my relief, they understood completely. They didn’t judge me for cheating on my girlfriend, they just nodded compassionately. I told them that I was game if Jess was but that I didn’t think she would be. She was pretty young I said and just starting to come into her own sexually.
“I want to,” Jess said quietly.
She had been hiding around the corner, listening to our conversation from the privacy of the bedroom. She came around the corner, wearing a white dress shirt of mine she must have found in the closet. It was much too big for her, so it came down like a dress to mid thigh, covering up her privates. Her nipples poked out through the shirt.
“So this is the little lady!” cried Ramon. He seemed to be getting more and more excited by the minute as the plan unfurled before him. Jess had become much more shy in the company of new people, looked sheepishly at the ground and quickly tucked some of her long red hair behind her ear. Ramon stood up and took off his shirt, revealing a well toned stomach and chest. He walked over to Jess, picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. When I opened my mouth to ask what he was doing, Mandy came over and stopped me.
“The first and most important thing that swingers do,” she said, “is to become familiar with their new partners’ bodies. It makes everyone more comfortable to learn each other on a one-to-one basis. And that’s what we are going to do right now.”
She placed her right hand on the bottom left of her shirt and vice versa and peeled her shirt slowly over her head. Her tank top had been so tight that her breasts looked perky and she wasn’t even wearing a bra. She stood in front of me, hair flowing down over and between her breasts. Though she was a few years older than I was, her C cups were very high on her chest like a high school girl. Her stomach was toned and trim.
With me still naked under my robe, she came over and sat on me, pinning my already erect cock to the side which was a little uncomfortable. She quickly put that out of my mind with her tits, which he mashed together and said, “Feel them.”
I put my hands around her tits and squeezed with her. They were magnificently firm and filled my hands. I was rough with her breasts, but they could take it and Mandy wanted to take it. She leaned her head back, letting her long hair drape down and brush my knees. I shoved my face between her tits and worked them hard with my mouth. I smashed her boobs together with my head between them. She writhed around on me, rubbing my cock with her legs. She was like my own private stripper. I never even thought about what was going on in the next room.
Perhaps getting the idea from me, she removed my face from her breasts and put her face into my chest. Delicately working my nipples with her tongue, she made her way down to the waist and opened up my robe. My cock sprung out as it had done earlier in the bathtub with Jess. Normally, once I have gotten off, that is it for me, but this was such a surprising, erotic turn of events, that I was somehow able to get it up again.
“Now it is time to learn your body,” she said and lowered his mouth onto my dick. It felt amazing, but my cock was still very sensitive from my recent ejaculation. She worked on my cock voraciously and it felt better and better as my cock get back into the swing of things. She gave a workman like blowjob, not as gentle and erotic as the one Jess had given, but certainly enough to get me aroused.
Still wearing her little sleep shorts, Mandy asked me if I was ready to join the others. I was surprised that we weren’t going to have any sex before we teamed up (she hadn’t even gotten fully naked yet, how was I supposed to know her whole body?), but I said I was. Lifting herself from her knees, and pulling her hair back behind her head and tying it with a band that had been on her wrist, we walked together into the bedroom to join Jess and Ramon.
When we walked in, it became clear that Ramon was more familiar with Jess’s body that I was with Mandy’s. Ramon kneeled at the edge of the bed, hands reaching up onto Jess’s tits, who was laying on her back. Her legs were wrapped around Ramon’s head as he ravenously ate her out. We could see his head bobbing back and forth as he slid his tongue in and out of her. They didn’t even realize we had walked in the room from both of them closing their eyes and Jess moaning the way she was.
When they took notice of us, Ramon pulled out smiling brightly. Swinging was like an upper to him apparently. I was pretty excited myself. I raised my eyebrows at Jess, who smiled back at me and put her hand between her legs. She was ready to go again and so was I. We were all naked except Mandy, a situation quickly remedied by Ramon who walked over to her and pulled her shorts down. She wore no underwear which gave us a faster view of her cute little ass, which came out of a sturdy pair of legs and deliciously wide hips. Her pussy was shaved close, but it looked completely shaved because it was tough to see the small blonde hairs.
“Do you have any drinks?,” Mandy asked. I did and thought they would make an excellent addition to this impromptu party. I went to the kitchen and brought back a bottle of champagne we had and a bottle of red wine. It took me a minute or two to find a corkscrew, then I popped the tops and went back into the bedroom. The party had started while I was gone. Jess lay along the foot of the bed, sucking on Ramon’s cock while Mandy worked her pussy. The sweat had already started to bead on Ramon’s chest and Jess’ forehead, both enjoying the foreplay but eager to get into it. Jess, having already been warmed up from our romp earlier, must have been itching for some more fucking. Foreplay isn’t as good once you have already started. I walked over to Mandy and, putting my hand on her shoulder, moved her gently away.
Seeing what I was up to, Jess spread her legs wider and kept sucking on Ramon. It was incredible watching her work from an outside angle, it was like she had suddenly become a pornstar in the last 15 minutes. Ramon had cradled her head with his hands as both he and I watched his cock vanish deep into her mouth, reappear, and vanish again. Her red lips fit perfectly around his dick, filled completely by him. Now I would fill another hole. I slid mine into her snatch which, if it had ever lost its wetness, had become dripping set again. Getting into the act, Mandy came over and put her hands on Jess’ supple breasts. She put them in her mouth and caressed them with her tongue.
Jess had become the focal point of our unexpected orgy. Her youthful body was delightfully up for this orientation into the world of sex and she was thriving in the spotlight of this combined sex. I kept slamming my cock into her but the real turn-on for me came by watching these two new people have their way with her as if they had known each other for years. Ramon and I loomed over her while Mandy got down on her knees to pleasure her.
“How does her mouth feel on you, baby?,” Mandy asked Ramon (who I later found out was her boyfriend) coquettishly.
“Feels so good…,” he managed to get out.
Mandy shifted her weight over until her mouth was right above Jess’ pussy with my dick sliding in and out of it. She watched it intensely as if expecting something to happen. She looked innocent sitting there with two men being inside a woman right in front of her and she with nothing to do. I decided that she could use a task so I slid my cock out of Jess and extended it to Mandy. She looked up at me took my cock in her mouth one more time.
Maybe she was more in the mood or maybe she wanted to give her boyfriend a good show, but her blowjob was much more sensual this time around. She took her right hand and placed it on Jess’ now exposed pussy and took my balls in her left. From there, she employed a method I hadn’t seen before, hitting the very base and very top of my package. Her left hand worked my balls as I mentioned and she wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock. She massaged my balls, rolling them around gently, while sucking as hard as she could on my cock, as if trying to suck the cum straight out. After a minute, she changed to a more conventional blowjob, but it was very wet and felt fantastic. I could feel the spit sloshing around in her mouth, soaking my cock in her mouth. She pushed her face into me over and over while rubbing my balls off and on. I didn’t want to get off (I feared I was susceptible to that because of the excitement of the evening), so I pulled out.
As I opened my eyes I saw Jess positioning herself on the edge of the bed on all fours, preparing for more doggystyle. Ramon stood behind her getting his cock ready for entry. He had the bottle of champagne in his hand and took a big swig. He handed it to his girlfriend who did the same, and we passed it around making sure everyone was pretty well buzzed.
“Slide under Jess,” I commanded Mandy. “Face up.”
She did what she was told and got in the 69 position with Jess. Jess spanned the right edge of the bed to the left and Mandy vice versa. I positioned myself for entry into Mandy and Ramon behind Jess. It was wonderful not being jealous at all as someone got ready to have sex with a girl I had just been inside. It was completely a free for all.
“Take me in your mouth, get me wet,” I commanded Jess, her head inches above Mandy’s eager pussy. Ramon asked the same of Mandy, and both girls commenced sucking. Jess had been sucking for quite a while now and didn’t seem to be tired of it. Her red hair fell delicately onto Mandy’s stomach and pussy and moved back and forth as she thrust her mouth at my cock. She moved her tongue around as she worked, a delicious trick she may have picked up in the last few minutes. She moaned as if being fucked as she worked me.
I looked across to see Mandy’s work, wondering what she would do being upside down from the normal blowjob position. They had taken a different approach, and I understood where Jess’ noises were coming from. Ramon had his cock in his hand and was moving it around the edge of Jess’ pussy, from what I could see, just tracing the outline of her snatch. I could imagine it twitching in anticipation in my mind. His sac hung down into Mandy’s face and rested on her mouth. I could see her jaw working slowly, languishing over every inch of him. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes.
Not being able to hold out anymore, I removed myself from Jess’ mouth and guided my cock to Mandy’s box and entered. It wasn’t quite as tight as Jess’ (who could be surprised?) and began pumping back and forth. She was incredibly wet and I slid in and out so easily. Jess rolled her head back as Ramon inserted at the same time. Her body began bouncing forward and back as Mandy’s did the same below her. I took Jess by the back of the head and forced her down into Mandy’s snatch, penetrated by my cock. Jess’ face was right over it, and she started exploring with her tongue to find Mandy’s clit. I could feel her tongue on my cock as I slid in and out, an extra sensation. I could hear Mandy moan louder from the other end of the bed as Jess’ tongue gave her a heightened level of pleasure. Mandy could look up and see her boyfriend’s cock sliding easily in and out of Jess’ cunt as Ramon slid his hands up and down her back. He put a finger into Jess’ pussy and put it into Mandy’s mouth, who sucked on it hungrily.
“Does she like it in her asshole?” Ramon asked, for some reason feeling the need to ask me rather than her.
“Well, earlier we…,” I started.
“YES! DO IT!” Jess yelled. When the momentum got going, she was up for anything.
Ramon slid his dick out of her snatch and moved it directly to her asshole, which he opened slightly by pulling her cheeks apart. He had to move her ass down to get the right angle in there and by lowering her hips had put Jess’ pussy just a few inches from Mandy’s face. I was sure that Mandy could smell her. With her hips lower, Jess had pushed up on her arms, arching her back. Pulling up in the front exposed her luscious breasts to me and I reached down and groped them. They felt so good and firm, I just kept kneading them and massaging them. She looked up at me and smiled appreciatively.
“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” she screamed as Ramon entered roughly. It appeared he had taken her anal experience as a given, though she had only been penetrated there for the first time less than a half hour ago. She closed her eyes and winced and Ramon pounded away happily and vigorously. Enjoying educating this girl about the ways of sex (they 26 or 27 and she was only 19, after all), Mandy reached up and pulled Jess’ pussy onto her face. She flicked her tongue all around her dripping wet pussy as her anus was punished just above. Jess screamed and opened her eyes wide. Her mouth, open from screaming, coaxed my cock in and I pulled out of Mandy’s cunt and shoved my cock in there.
Jess was now being stimulated in the mouth, ass, and pussy and I wasn’t giving her any relief in the mouth. I jammed my cock in there, down to the back of throat and I heard her gagging and could see her eyes welling up. I did this for a minute before deciding I should give her a breather. I pulled out and she began huffing and puffing heavily, though not getting much of a break from the rough anal action. Mandy decided she didn’t need a break and wrapped her legs around Jess’ head, pulling her down into her recently punished muff. I had been hitting it pretty hard. Mandy also wrapped her arms around Jess’ stomach. With her arms and legs wrapped around Jess, it was if she was holding her in place for her boyfriend to fuck. He was taking full advantage as he jammed his cock deep into her anus, balls deep. I didn’t think she could take it that far in but with it being forced in, there was nothing she could do. She was going to be sore.
“I am going to cum,” Ramon said. “Are you ready to cum?” he asked me.
“Yeah, come suck me off, Jess,” I said.
The three of them untangled each other and Jess positioned herself on the floor, ready to receive another of my facials. Mandy did the same thing for Ramon, the two of us pinning them against the foot of the bed. Ramon and I both worked our cocks, ready to unload. Mandy came over to suck on his balls as he jerked and, not wanting to be outdone, Jess came over and performed the same service for me.
In a minute, I couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed Jess off my balls and shot my load onto her face and tits. The release almost knocked me down, the rush of the second ejaculation even more overwhelming than the first. The cum was thick and clung to her face and supple breasts, which she rubbed her hands all over. There was a big string hanging off her chin. It was taking Ramon a little longer to get off so Jess slid over to him to provide some backup. She put her arms around Mandy, who leaned over and put the end of the hanging string on the tip of her tongue and sucked it slowly off. When it got into her mouth, she kept it there.
With a mighty yell, Ramon shot his load over Mandy. He had aimed completely at her face, and some of it splashed off of her and landed on Jess’ lap. Tugging hard, he made sure every last drop had landed on his appreciative girlfriend’s face. Exhausted, he stumbled over to the bed and collapsed, spread eagle.
I stayed to watch what would happen next; the girls seemed to be into cum play, having been on display right before Ramon’s big finish. Both girls licked each other all over, with Jess even getting some that had gotten into Mandy’s hair. Mandy reciprocated and licked off what had fallen into Jess’ lap. They ran their fingers and tongues all over, gathering up whatever cum they could find and shoveling it into their mouths. Between the two loads, there was a lot of cum to gather but both worked diligently and seductively until it was all gone. They smiled and cooed to each other, enjoying their game and not doing it as a show for me; they were really into it and each other.
When all the cum had been gathered up, the girls took each other in their arms in a loving embrace. Their tits smashed together and they wrapped their arms around each other, onto their perfect little asses and down to each others’ still moist pussies. Slowly moving in for the kiss, they locked lips and began to rub each other all over as I could see their tongues extending out to meet the other. The cum began to dribble slowly out of Mandy’s mouth, then Jess’, then it began to flow quickly, pouring down onto their breasts, pushed into each other. The cum ran down their chests, between their tits and onto their stomachs. Their tongues swirled with snow white cum making their kissing a sticky and thick affair, their lips and chins glistening with escaped jizz, a mix of Ramon’s and mine.
“I want to swallow it,” Jess said, taking the sexual reins from Mandy. Mandy leaned back and pushed her chest out, making her boobs seem much bigger and Jess shoved her face between her tits. She ran her tongue between them, through the reservoir of cum, and down her stomach to gather all that had escaped. When she was finished, she gobbled it all down. Mandy performed the same service on Jess and swallowed the cum concoction.
Feeling the exhaustion of sex and alcohol, I felt overwhelming fatigue but couldn’t get on the bed because there was already a naked man there, who had passed out and was out cold. I wandered out to the couch and fell asleep. As I drifted off, I heard the two girls laughing and heading into the shower.


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great 10/10 make more


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GREAT part 2 man, keep them coming pleassse

10/10 :)

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