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The continuation of a Mom's temptation
Becky couldn’t get the thoughts out of her mind. It had only been a few days since she had experienced her son and his friend Larry. Every time she thinks about that night merely days ago, she can feel herself getting wet all over again. She lies in bed at night and thinks about it, and when her husband is sound asleep snoring, she is rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples. She will rub her clit and then plunge her fingers into her wet pussy and touch her g-spot and orgasm in bliss.

The weekend was fast approaching and she knew her husband was to go away on a business trip and conference. Whenever he went to New York City, he would always go a couple of days early so he could meet with his brother and visit with him. So she was not surprised when he announced that he was doing the same again. She helped him with all the arrangements and made sure all his best suits were cleaned and ready to go. She was actually looking forward to him leaving this time.

The night before her husband was to leave Becky sneaks into her son’s bedroom and catches him with his cock in his hand. “You naughty boy you, and just what are you thinking about that made you need to stroke your lovely cock?”

Her son looks up and starts to release it until he realizes it is his mom. He grabs it tight and points the head at her. “I was thinking of when I pushed it into your pussy mom and how wet and hot it felt. How badly I want to push it back in again. Mom please, I need to feel you around me again.”

She smiles and wickedness fills her. She moves over to his bed and sits down next to him. She wraps her hand around his thick cock meat. She leans over and licks the head gently and quickly. “You taste good. But not tonight baby, when your father leaves tomorrow night I want to fuck you good again. And then this weekend, I want you to invite Larry and anyone else you can think of to come over for the weekend. I want as many young hard cocks as I can get this weekend. Do you understand what I am asking of you my son?”

He looks up at her, lust filling his face and eyes. Becky can see her son needs to release his built up sperm. She figures it has probably been a few hours since the last time he did this. She tightens her grip on his cock and starts to stroke up and down quickly. She flicks her tongue over it once again and then sucks just the head into her mouth. She sucks her checks in and creates an intense suction on his cock head. She strokes his shaft and feels him release in her mouth. She swallows as much as she can, her cheeks filling with his salty sperm. She rolls it across her tongue and then swallows the last of it.

“Feel better son?” A line of sperm and drool connected between her lip and the tip of his cock. It snaps free and hits his cock. He moans loudly and falls back against his bed. “Now do as your told and arrange for some of your friends to spend the night, I want all of my holes filled this time.” She squeezes his cock once more and then leaves the room.
Becky was returning from the airport after dropping off her husband. She was feeling guilty about what was about to happen. She didn’t want to cheat on her husband, but she was consumed with these yearnings that he could not fulfill and had not been able to for a long time. Her pussy was already tingling and wet and had been ever since her husband kissed her goodbye. But she had a tickle in the back of her head and she didn’t know if it was good or bad.

She pulled into the driveway and saw Larry’s car. She wondered if her son had misunderstood her. She did not want all of his friends over tonight. Maybe he was just visiting for a bit then leaving. But if he was here, well maybe she should take advantage of it and fuck him and her son again. She knew if her son was thinking of it then Larry must have been as well.

She opened the door and went inside. She could hear the boys downstairs and decided to leave them be. She went up to her room and removed her business suit. She sat on her bed naked and touched her body. Her body yearned for the touch of several men, young men, not just men in general. She let her hands slide over her body and within seconds she felt her orgasm fill her and take hold. One hand slid down to her pussy and the other searched further until it reached her clit so that she could touch them both at the same time and her orgasm peeked and took her on its enjoyable ride.

After letting her body relax, she went into the bathroom and cleaned up a little and removed her makeup and took her hair down to relax for the weekend. Becky goes down to the kitchen and starts to prepare dinner, going for something light since it was only her, her son and Larry. After getting dinner started she goes down in the family room to see what the boys were doing. As she approaches the door she can hear moaning. She wonders if they brought some girl home to share. The thought actually excites her a little. She looks through the door and sees Larry and her son Sean sitting in front of the TV watching a porn movie of what looks likes an older woman and several men fucking her hard.

Becky immediately got wet and her nipples grow hard. She watches the movie from behind the boys and can see that they are actually masturbating to the movie. She decides to take the initiative and steps around in front of them. Looks at their hard cocks and smiles, she drops to her knees and takes their cocks in her hands. She moves from cock to cock, sucking each in as far and as quick as she can. She is quickly rewarded with both boys spurting cum all over her face.

She looks up at them, smiles big with cum sliding down her face, “Dinner will be ready in a few minutes.” She stands up and walks back to the kitchen and pulls dinner from the oven and sets it down. As she looks at the pizza and a large glob of cum drops onto the pizza and melts over the hot cheese. She laughs and cuts it into pieces and throws it onto paper plates and calls the boys upstairs. They walk in with glazed expressions and big smiles. She then decides to wipe the remaining cum from her face with a towel and sits at the table across from the boys.

“So now that I got you two are fed and ejaculated, what are the plans for tomorrow? I do hope that you have at least a couple of your friends lined up to come over and play with us. I really want to experience more then two cocks now.” She watches as they eat their pizza and cum and not even knowing it.

Larry laughs and nudges Sean, “Yes ma’am we have a couple guys lined up. One has a really big cock and loves to have it sucked. The other guy is about Sean’s size and is kind of shy as well. He really wants to meet you as well. Last time I talked to him he mentioned that he has had a crush on you for a long time and is really looking forward to tomorrow.” Hearing that Becky blushes and feels her pussy get hot and wet so she reaches down and touches herself briefly. They finish eating and the boys leave to go hang out with their friends. Becky goes upstairs and takes care of her nighttime routines and then restlessly lies naked in her bed trying to go to sleep and instead is thinking of what will happen tomorrow.

The next morning Becky awakens with her hands still between her legs. She takes a shower and discovers that she is wet and wanting and while the water pours over her, she pulls out the shower head and uses it to make herself orgasm. After recovering from the body shaking orgasm, she finishes her shower and goes to the kitchen to start her day. She finds a pot of coffee already made and at first thinks her husband is home, and remembers he is across the country at his brother’s house, she figures that maybe Sean made it as a surprise.

She drinks her coffee, plots out her morning and leaves to run errands and get food. During the morning she calls her husband on his cell phone and they talk for a few, and she is surprised at how quiet it is at his brothers, normally it is loud and crazy. Finally they end their talk and Becky finishes her morning errands. She returns home and sees that Larry and Sean were out back with another friend that was stockier then both of them. She smiles and thinks he is cute and hopes that he is one of the other boys that are here to fuck her today.

She makes some sandwiches and calls them all inside. Sean comes in first and whispers to his mother, “This is one of the guys that is going to pound your body Mom!” She stops and looks him over then Sean introduces him. “Mom this is our friend Duncan. He has been over a few times, but I don’t think you two ever really talked.” Becky looked the young man over and smiles. She extends her hand and he takes it confidently.

“It is my pleasure to meet you ma’am. You are fucking hot.” He blushes, but not nearly as much as Becky does. Sean punches him in the shoulder and chuckles. Becky pulls her hand free and tells them to sit down and eat. She pours them something to drink and then walks upstairs to change into her bikini and robe. She walks back downstairs and hears the boys laughing and looking around. She wonders what is going on and Sean says, “Mom we are expecting our other friend soon, so why don’t you go get some sun. We cleaned the pool already and will finish cleaning up inside, go relax Mom.”

She hesitantly leaves the house wondering what they have planned. But as she thinks about it she feels her pussy start to get wet and throb in anticipation. She goes outside and lies down in a nearby chaise lounger after removing her robe. A few minutes later Larry comes out and gives her a large glass of lemonade and offers to put suntan lotion on her. She agrees and wonders how far he will go.

She feels his big hand upon her legs and looks down to see his growing cock in his swim shorts. Her mouth waters and she is not sure she can wait for anymore of Sean’s friends to arrive. She moves her leg and brushes it against him and Larry jumps then grabs her legs and nods negatively. She stops and lets him finish. His big hands slide all the way up her legs and stops mere inches from her wet pussy. His hands stop as though trying to resist the urge, then he moves them forward and his thumbs come together over her pussy and stops on her engorged clit.

A moan floats from her lips as he vigorously rubs her clit through her suit. He traps her clit between his thumbs and pushes it around. She feels the orgasm coming and relaxes to let it fill her. He feels it as well and then stops and returns to applying the lotion. Her nerves on end without the release, she can feel her body vibrating with the need to orgasm. He rubs lotion into her exposed breasts and then moves her bra aside and applies more to the rest of her flesh. Again her moans fill the backyard. His fingers capture her nipples and she can’t restrain herself anymore and explodes in a body shaking orgasm.

She opened her eyes and saw he was walking away. She suddenly felt as though someone was watching her. She stayed by the pool, not even sure if her legs would even work yet. After about 30 minutes she rolls over and then realizes he did not lotion her back. She only lays there for about 15 minutes then goes into the pool. She swims a few laps and decides to go in the house. She grabs her bra and pulls it back on and walks in. The house was clean and she felt a familiar presence but couldn’t place it. She walked through the house and heard noises in the basement. She hesitated then went down the stairs, after all this is what she truly wanted, no sense waiting.

She walked into the room and there were 3 more teen-aged boys there waiting and talking. “So are you boys waiting for me?” All eyes turned to her and she pulled her swimming bra off and let it drop to the floor. Her breasts golden from the sunning they just had. Cocks started getting hard and Sean and Larry where the first to pull theirs out.
Becky walked over to them and kissed her son and his best friend, her hand taking their cocks and she started to stroke them. Within minutes all the others were naked and stroking their cocks.

She drops to her knees and the boys all moved around her and cocks were everywhere. Her hands were wrapped around a different cock every few seconds. Seven cocks had passed through hands and her mind was reeling from it all. Then her head was yanked back and a cock was forced into her mouth. She looked up and saw her husband fucking her face with reckless abandon and she lets him. Her deepest fantasy has come true. She doesn’t try to figure it out but reaches for another cock and starts to stroke it. Hands now cover all of her exposed body and soon she is lifted enough to get her bikini off as her husband fucks her mouth with a wild abandon he had never shown before.

Becky’s mind is awhirl with all that is happening. She is in total bliss, her husband fucking her mouth, her son’s cock in her hand and a dozen other cocks touching and rubbing her. She can feel her pussy dripping her fluids onto her inner thighs and dripping down to the floor. She feels her husband thrusting harder and deeper into her mouth and she feels his balls tighten against her face. She sucks on his cock hard and frees a hand to massage his balls. And to her joy, he explodes into her mouth and down her throat. She sucks with reckless abandon, trying to get all of his sperm inside her. She can hear his moans and knows that she has done well. Suddenly, his cock is gone as quick as it arrived.

She looks up and sees her husband and sees the pure elation and joy in his gaze upon her. She releases all the cocks and moves to stand up. At first everyone thinks she is leaving. She looks around and smiles at all the young men before her. She steps up to her husband and hugs him, kisses him deeply. She looks him in his eyes and says, “If you don’t want me to do this then say so right now. Otherwise, I am going to let these men fuck me until I can’t move.”

Her husband looked at her, looked at the young men gathered as well as his own son. He smiles wide and wickedly, “You have my blessings, especially since I helped to get them all here. So now that I have fucked your mouth, they are now allowed to fuck you senseless, and when I am ready, I will fuck you again as well.” He watched her glow with pride and desire and she turned on her heels and looked at her son, smiles and grabs his cock once again.

She dropped to her knees and took the first available cock into her mouth. As she suckled on it, she felt it swell and throb in pleasure. She did not look to see who it was attached to, she just sucked. At the same time she felt someone move up behind her and lift her to her knees. She felt hands stroke and caress her soaked pussy and then a tongue on her lips and then up to her anus. She felt a shiver rush up her spine and back to her pussy. She felt her first orgasm rush through her body and explode onto the mouth that was licking and sucking her.

As the cock in her mouth exploded and filled her mouth once again, she purrs loudly. She feels the mouth leave her pussy and a cock spread her lips open wide. As it pushes into her, she feels that it is much bigger than her husband, and she wonders if it is her son again. As she looks around she sees him stroking his cock to one side and she smiles at the knowledge that an unknown cock is now pounding her drenched and orgasmic pussy. She can feel it being stretched and opened, and the cock pushing down into her, touching her cervix, after a few minutes of solid pounding, Becky orgasms again, and this time to the point of almost passing out from the pleasure of it.

As Becky looked back onto that night she felt as though it was a blur from that moment forward. She knows that she experienced all the young men there, some of them a couple of times like her husband and son. After a while it all blurred together and then she passed out. She is sure that all of her slutty holes were filled at least once by each of the young men, her husband, and her son that night.

When she awoke the next morning, she was still lying on the floor and covered in dried cum from all of them. There was a pool of cum underneath her as well and she moved in and rejoiced in the pure naughty taboo nature of it all. She sat up with a huge smile on her face and looked into the eyes of her husband. He returned her smile and helped her to stand. Her legs were still wobbly and she was sore all over. He carried her to their master bedroom upstairs and into the large claw footed tub he bought for her. He filled it with hot water and let her soak in the warm water until her body relaxed. Her muscles released their tension and the dried cum loosened and was washed away by the water.

Her husband returned and helped her to their bed where she slept on and off for the rest of the day whiles her men took care of her. Her son would come in and rub her legs or feet and then he would leave. She wanted more sex with them now, but knew that this weekend she just couldn’t. She rested for the rest of the weekend and on Monday weakly went into work with sore legs and a


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