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A Swinging New Year’s Eve Party that changed our lives.
New Year’s Eve

When one of my wife’s girlfriends invited us to a ‘Swinging New Year’s Eve Party’ my wife was simply thrilled and accepted her kind invitation immediately. We hadn’t been out on a New Year’s Eve in many years. However with both of our children in college, why not.

She was excited about that party for a week. Of course all she could think about was Christmas before that but as soon as that was over all of her concentration was on that ‘Swinging New Year’s Eve Party.’

She made an appointment with her hairdresser to get her hair touched up to cover the gray, to get it trimmed a little, and to get it styled. She also had her fake fingernails filled in and she got a pedicure too.

Then for no particular reason she decided to get her legs waxed instead of shaving them herself. While she was there the wax lady suggested that she get a ‘bikini wax’ too. She had often mentioned to me about getting a bikini wax someday but she was afraid that it would hurt too much. Anyway she went for it. She had gotten her legs waxed on a few occasions before, usually just before the summer bikini season. She was sort of used to letting the girl see her in her panties lying on the table but this was different. This time she had to remove her panties and she wasn’t prepared for that.

The thoughts that went through my wife’s head were, “Does it smell down there? Are my panties clean? Will she think I’m too hairy? After all summer was a few months ago and I didn’t feel that it necessary to trim my bush. Oh God what should I do?”

So she finally said yes to the bikini wax and removed her panties as panic started to set in. Apparently the young woman could sense the discomfort and tension in my wife. As my wife lay there on the table bottomless the young woman went to her head and started to massage her forehead and her temples in an effort to relax her. Then the young woman came to her side and ‘accidentally’ brushed her hand over my wife’s breast as she passed over it. She could feel that nipple tensing up and she could see the younger woman staring at it.

The young woman then said, “My but you have great nipples for a woman your age. Even for a woman my age.”

My wife looked at the young woman again and figured her to be about twenty-eight years old. With my wife being fifty-six years old that would make the woman half her age. I have always told my wife what great nipples she had but having this ‘child’ tell her that made her blush with pride. That perked up her other nipple to the younger woman’s delight.

The woman then moved down further to about my wife’s knees and then separated my wife’s feet and placed them out to the far edges of the padded table.

Tiffany said, “My but you are still tense. Let me try this.”

Then Tiffany slipped a finger right into my wife’s pussy lips and touched her clit making my wife tense up like never before. No woman had ever touched her there before, not even her own mother. In fact only a handful of men had ever touched her there before, me being one of them of course. However as the young woman progressed my wife did finally relax. She relaxed so much that she became sexually stimulated. She couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to have another woman masturbate you into one of the best orgasms that you had ever experienced in your life. While basking in the afterglow my wife no longer cared what Tiffany did to her.

Of course the wax was hot when it was applied and it hurt like hell when the hairs were ripped from her body but it didn’t seem to matter as much any more. Tiffany was fingering her clit in between the applications and keeping her in a state of euphoria. When it was finally over Tiffany gave my wife that second orgasm that she had been withholding from her. Then Tiffany bent down and kissed my wife’s bare pussy and patted her pubic mound. My wife left Tiffany a big tip and made another appoint for a month away.

My wife went shopping for a new dress too. She wanted something festive and sexy. She certainly got one too. It was yellow and orange, it was short and sexy, and it had a plunging neckline that could really show off her abundant cleavage. Well a new dress certainly required new underwear and shoes to go along with it. In Frederick’s of Hollywood she found a black and purple see through set that she just fell in love with. The bra was just what she needed to hold her tits up in that dress and the dress would allow her to show off her new bra just a little bit too. The panties were thongs of course. She thought about buying the garter belt and stocking that went with the set but she wasn’t sure if she should get it or not. Oh what to hell it was a party. Why not! So she bought the matching garter belt and a pair of stocking that had a design in them. They also had a purple and black look to them that would match her underwear. She knew that I would love to see her in them without the dress on. As to her shoes, she couldn’t decide whether to go for high heals or flats. Then she figured that she would be more comfortable in flats, so of course she bought the high heels.

She even sent two of my suits out to the cleaners. She had already given me new underwear, socks, shirts, and ties for Christmas so I was all set in that respect. She got my shoes polished for me too. She also sent me to my barber for a fresh haircut. She knows that I hate a fresh haircut because it doesn’t look good for a few weeks afterwards. Oh well, what I won’t do for my wife.

As the party got close our sex got better too. For some reason she was just to sexually excited for her own good but who was I to turn her down. When I pressed the issue she finally confessed to me what Tiffany had done to her during her waxing session. Then that got me all excited too. Every time I looked at my wife’s bare pussy after that I just had to touch her clit and kiss her mound just as Tiffany had done to her. Then I would fuck her until I was spent. Those last three days before the ‘Swinging New Year’s Eve Party’ were a private sex party of our own.

That Monday I did not have to go into work but she shut me off. She said that she would do anything that I wanted her to do after the party was over and she meant it too. She promised to be my little sex kitten all day New Year’s Day. She promised to serve me beer in the just her garter belt and stockings too. She was the sexiest woman that I had ever know. I even tried to talk her into skipping the party and staying home but she was just to excited to be invited out not to not go. She had been looking forward to it for a whole week. She had even played music and danced around the house in her new shoes just to break them in properly. She said that she loved the way her dress flew up when she spun around. She demonstrated if for me and wanted to know if it was too much. It could have flown up around her face and it wouldn’t have been too much for me. I just knew that she was going to be the hit of the party.

We were to arrive about eight o’clock so we were right on time. My wife’s girlfriend welcomed us to her home and took our coats.

Tiffany walked over to us and welcomed us to the party then she said, “I didn’t know you were a swinger.” Then Tiffany kissed my wife on the lips. It was a very gentle and a very sexy kiss. Tiffany had her hands on my wife’s hips and their lips only lightly touched but it lasted for a very long time. Neither woman wanted it to end.

When Tiffany finally broke the kiss off she introduced us to her very handsome husband then to the other couples that were there. We certainly felt very welcomed. We took a drink and mingled among the other couples. There were four other couples there but another couple arrived that we were also introduced too. Shortly after that the lady of the house tapped her glass and everyone quieted down.

She announced, “Well now that everyone is here let’s begin. There are four bedrooms upstairs but two have king-size beds if you don’t mind sharing. Ladies we will do our customary striptease here in the family room and then it’s lady’s choice first.”

When my wife accepted the invitation she didn’t really know what a ‘Swinging New Year’s Eve Party’ was. Swinging as in wife-swapping that is.

Tiffany saw the tension building up in my wife’s face and body and intervened, “Hold everything people. I don’t think they fully understood what this party was all about. Did you?”

My wife was just barely able to get out, “No!”

Tiffany cuddled into my wife and kissed her once again very passionately before she took her by the hand and led her upstairs to talk privately.

The lady of the house came over to me and everyone else settled down to wait. I was then told that we had been invited to a wife swapping kind of party and that she thought we had known that. As she talked to me she placed one of my hands up under her dress until I was touching her panty-covered pussy. She placed my other hand on her breast and held it there. She gave me to quick version of what could happen. What really got to me was, when she said that I could fuck the five women that were not my wife all that that I wanted too and that the party would last until tomorrow at midnight. Meanwhile the other five husbands would be able to fuck my wife especially with her being the new girl and the way she looked in that dress.

I had my finger under her panties and in her pussy when my wife and Tiffany came back down the stairs. My wife walked over to me and in her normal voice said, “I would really like to stay if you don’t mind.” Of course I didn’t mind after all I had just had my finger inside her girlfriend and I would get to fuck her and Tiffany if we stayed. So I replied, “Okay! I would love to stay too.”

The lady of the house announced once again, “Ladies we will do our customary striptease right here in the family room and then it’s lady’s choice first.”

We men sat on the couch and in the chairs while the lady of the house did her striptease first for us. She picked out a song with a nice beat but I sure wasn’t listening to it. I had known this very attractive woman for a very long time now and had never known that she was into wife swapping before. I started to think about all that I had missed out on then I got very excited as I watched her remove her blouse and her skirt. She looked sexier than I had ever seen her. Then she removed her bra and her panties for us. She looked fantastic standing there naked. She continued to dance for us and got right between each of our knees so that we could sample her merchandise. I could see exactly where my fingers had been not too long ago. Her breasts were heavy like my wife’s breasts were, she had dark nipples, and she too had some faint stretch marks from childbirth. I had seen the other men pinch her nipples and poke her pussy so I did it too as she smiled down at me.

Another one of the women undressed for us. When I poked my finger up into her pussy she was really wet. Soon it was Tiffany’s turn to undress for us. She was an amazing young woman and she and her husband were the youngest couple there. I could hardly wait to fuck Tiffany. When I poked a finger up into her pussy she ground her pussy down onto my fingers. Who was finger fucking whom? When I lightly pinched her nipples she just cooed softly. She was exciting the hell out of me and she knew it. Tiffany had waxed her pussy for the occasion too just as she had my wife’s pussy. It was smooth as a baby’s bottom.

My wife was the last woman to get undressed for us. The other women had saved the best to last. Apparently we were the only couple that the rest hadn’t fucked in the past and my wife was going to be the trophy for the evening. She stood up there in her new yellow and orange dress while her girlfriend put on an appropriate song to strip by. My wife then started to dance around in her dress and spun to let it float up in the air and show off her legs. She was teasing us and we men loved it. She was so graceful that she even excited me. I hardly looked at the other five naked women sitting around the room. Soon Tiffany stood up and helped her get her dress unzipped in the back and then she sat down right next to me to watch the rest of the show. When her dress finally fell to the floor she just stepped out of it. Tiffany reached for it and hung it up with the other dresses while the rest of us looked at my wife standing there in her lovely black and purple underwear. She was an aphrodisiac and made all of our peckers stand up proudly. Her breasts where full and that bra gave her the perfect amount of cleavage. Her nipples were hard and very visible right through her bra, her panties showed off her lack of pussy hair, and they also showed us her entire ass. The garter belt held her tummy in just a little bit to make her look even better. Then those stockings enhanced her long legs. All eyes were on my wife as she reached back and unhooked her bra for us. She tossed it right to Tiffany. Then my wife bounced her tits in her hands as if she were trying to juggle them. We all applauded her. Then she removed her panties and flung them at Tiffany like a slingshot. She was really getting into the striptease act but she was not about to remove her garter belt and stockings either. As she danced her way in between all of the guy’s knees she was in heaven. She loved it when they pinched her nipples and fingered her pussy. Just as Tiffany had done my wife fucked down onto the fingers probing her pussy.

When my wife had finished her striptease the lady of house said, “Lady’s choice.”

My wife immediately jumped for Tiffany’s husband while Tiffany grabbed onto my arm. I thought that it looked a little suspicious but I really did want to fuck Tiffany. She was the best looking woman there. Now don’t get me wrong, there were certainly no unattractive women there. The two girls took us up the stairs and right into the same bedroom. There was one of the king-size beds in the room too. While the girls sat on the edge of the bed we men got undressed. The whole time I was undressing I was just watching Tiffany. I had never thought that I would get to fuck a young woman like her, especially with my wife’s permission. Once we were ready Tiffany told us to just watch the show.

She leaned in to give my wife another one of those soft gentle lingering kisses that curled my toes. Tiffany made sweet passionate love to my wife. She fingered her clit until my wife couldn’t stand it any longer. Then Tiffany licked her pussy and clit to yet another orgasm. I could not believe it when my wife returned the favor to Tiffany. She had never done anything like that before in her life. However I watched as my wife then made love to Tiffany. I was slightly jealous because I also wanted to do that to her. When my wife licked her nipples and then kissed them they stiffened up very nicely. When my wife locked her mouth onto Tiffany’s pussy I didn’t think that she would ever let go. This was the most incredible thing that I had ever seen my wife do. Tiffany had a very good orgasm and pushed my wife over onto the bed. Tiffany’s husband jumped for my wife while I jumped for his. After all, the only rule was that you couldn’t fuck your own wife.

He went after my wife’s body like a starving animal. He was just as anxious as I was. I think that I did the same thing to his wife. It had been over thirty years since I had been with another woman let alone a woman this young and this beautiful. I kissed Tiffany and immediately realized why my wife had enjoyed her kiss. Tiffany kissed very softly like an angle might. Sucking on her nipples was wonderful too and licking her pussy was absolutely fantastic. To think that my wife and I had both licked the pussy that I was about to fuck. I couldn’t wait a second longer I just had to slip my cock into her love tunnel. As I did I managed not to cum right away but I sure didn’t last very long either. Tiffany was just too incredibly beautiful to resist. I gave her plenty of cum but I didn’t give her an orgasm. I felt bad about that but Tiffany said that it was okay with her, that I was new at this wife swapping, and that I had already given two great orgasms orally. Then we cuddled and watched her husband rock my wife’s world.

That was the best ‘Swinging New Year’s Eve Party’ ever. In a few weeks we will be getting together again for a ‘Swinging Saint Valentine’s Day Party.’ My wife has already been looking for sexy underwear.

In a few minutes Tiffany and her husband will be here for a little one on one fun.

The End
New Year’s Eve
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