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Bryce had woken up with his morning woody and decided to wank one off. He threw off the blankets of his bed revealing his smooth chest and flat stomach. His plaid boxers were made into a tent. He lifted his ass off the bed to slid off his boxers and as he did his penis fell back and landed with a soft smack against his stomach. He wrapped the soft boxers around his cock and he slowly stroked up and down. The boxers glided up and down his cock and his cock oozed pre-cum. As he stroked his cock, his other hand took his middle and pointer finger and he shoved them into his ass. He stroked the hard cock until the head was completely red and the normally white skin of his shaft was a light pink. The plaid boxers pushed Bryce to the edge as he lifted his ass off the bed as his cock shot his cum onto his soft stomach. He scooped up the cum and ate it and then he threw his legs back over his head. In this position, his cock was right in his face and he sucked the head hard trying to get all of the cum out if his young prick.

The phone rang and Bryce put on his boxers before going to answer the phone.

“Hello?” said Bryce.

“Hey Bryce,” said Daniel.

“Hey Danny, why’d you call?”

“I just wanted to know if you wanted to sleepover tonight.”

“Sure what time should I be over?”

“Be here around 8.”

“Okay see ya Dan.”

“See ya.”


Ace woke up the next morning with a hard cock and a gaping asshole. He stood up, but pain from his ass quickly made him sit back down. He heard his cell phone go off and he answered it.

“Hey Ace,” said Abhi.

“Hey Ab what do you want,” said Ace.

“I just wanted to hang out,” said Abhi.

“Okay I will meet you at the playground and when can think of something to do,” said Ace.

He slipped on a pair of shorts and a shirt as he managed to get up and start walking to the park. He thought of Abhi and what they could do. Automatically his mind went to sex and he wondered what it would be like with an Indian. He arrived at the park and he saw his Indian friend. Abhi was 14-years-old and was around 5’3” and he had brown skin.

“Hey Ace,” said Abhi.

“Hey Ab, what do you want to do?” asked Ace.

“Well Ace I was thinking…uh…well how about we go on the swings and talk?”

They sat on the swings and they talked about life in general. Ace couldn’t seem to realize if Abhi had a boner or not. It looked as though there was a tent, but he couldn’t tell.

Abhi tried to muster up enough confidence to ask Ace a question he had tried to ask for a year now.

“Uh…well Ace I am…uh…gay and I…uh…just wanted to see if you wanted to do anything,” said Abhi.

“Ab I have been gay for now less than a week so I guess I can do something with you,” said Ace as he stopped swinging.

Ace walked over and he stopped Abhi from swinging. They walked over to the woods into a clearing of grass. Ace leaned in and kissed Abhi hard on the lips. Ace stripped off his shirt and his pants leaving him just in his tented boxers. Ace loved the feel of the warm sun on his nipples as he watched Abhi pull off his shirt and his shorts. Ace went over and he sucked on one of Abhi’s brown nipples, which made Abhi’s cock become even more rock hard. Ace continued sucking as his hand went down to Abhi’s boxers and he rubbed his rock hard penis through the thin fabric material. He stopped sucking and pulled down the boxers letting Abhi’s 5-inch-cock spring out.

“Abhi I’m going to give you a blowjob and then you can give me one after I’m done,” said Ace as he stroked the brown meat.

Ace continued stroking the hard prick letting the pre-cum ooze out. Ace leant in and he licked the head of the brown sausage, which caused Abhi to moan. Ace sucked the head in his mouth allowing his tongue to roll up the back of the head. He started to rhythmically bob his head up and down taking a little more of it each time. Soon Abhi’s balls were slapping Ace’s chin as he deep throated the young dick. Abhi could feel the urge to cum and he let it fly. Ace continued sucking the Indian penis after it twitched and Abhi shoved it all in. Ace’s nose was rubbing against Abhi’s soft brown skin as hot cum flew into Ace’s mouth as he sucked it all down.

“Wow Ace that was amazing,” said Abhi.

“It’s your turn,” said Ace as he dropped his pants letting his white cock fall out.

Abhi looked shocked at the size of the white prick as he slid his hand ever so gently causing the big head to let clear liquid escape out of the slit. Abhi slid his mouth over the head and tried to take the thick member into his mouth. He got about 3 inches before he started to gag.

“Just take as much as you can without gagging,” said Ace as he pulled out and placed the tip against Abhi’s lips.

Abhi started to suck again and this time he sucked the 3 inches again, but this time Abhi’s brown hand stroked the rest of his cock. He sucked the white prick hard and he could taste the pre-cum.

“Finger my asshole,” said Ace.

Abhi continued sucking the white prick and he continued stroking, but with his other hand he took to thick fingers and he shoved them in and out of the white ass. Ace could feel the cum rising in his hot prick.

“Here it comes Ab,” said Ace.

His white cock twitched in his friend’s hand as cum shot out and hit the back of Abhi’s throat. A lot of the cum leaked down Abhi’s chin as he tasted the salty liquid swishing in his mouth.

“Wow Ace your cock is amazing,” said Abhi watching the white prick shrink.

“Sorry Ab I gotta go,” said Ace.

Ace got up and put on his clothes and lost the wonderful feeling of the warm sun washing over his cock as he walked away.

“See ya Abhi,” said Ace as he walked home.


Bryce knocked on his friend’s door.

“Hey Dan,” said Bryce.

“Come on Bryce let’s go to my room,” said Dan.

They went into his room and took turns playing the new video game Dan had just got.

“Hey Dan why do you have a white name?” asked Bryce looking over at his Asian friend.

“I dunno anyway this is getting boring,” said Dan.

“Let’s do something then,” said Bryce as he touched his friend’s cock through his shorts joking around.

Dan leaned his round, Asian face over and kissed the hot lips of his friend.

“Dan I need to be fucked,” said Bryce.

Bryce pulled down his boxers and shorts at one time letting his cock spring free. He bent over spreading his ass cheeks giving Dan a view of his puckered asshole. Dan leaned in and he stuck his tongue in his friend’s ass. He continuously let his tongue slid in and out of the brown star. Dan then pulled down his shorts and boxers letting his 5-inch cock free and he had it rubbing against Bryce’s ass. He slowly pushed the head of his cock into the anus of his friend and soon he was letting his small, Asian cock fly in and out of the young ass. To Bryce it felt like an eternity before Dan pulled out and shoved the ass-flavored cock into Bryce’s mouth when it was really only a minute or two. Automatically he deep throated the cock letting the balls slap his chin. The balls were definitely not proportioned to his cock because his sack were almost as big as his hard penis. Dan shoved his cock all the way until Bryce’s nose was shoved into a mass of straight, silky pubes and he tasted the familiar salty spunk in his mouth.

“Uh Bryce fuck my ass,” said Dan as he bent over as Bryce had did.

Bryce spread his friend’s chunky ass cheeks giving him access into the hot ass. He tongue fucked the ass and soon the tongue was replaced with fingers and then his hard prick. He started to shove his cock in to the hilt and then out before pounding him again. He continued this until he felt his balls tighten and he shoved it all in. He started grinding against Dan until his cock twitched and let the white cream enter his friend. His cock slipped out of the gaped, Asian hole and the cum followed. They lay there with Dan in Bryce’s arms and they were going to bed.

“Holy fuck!”…

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2009-03-14 21:05:49
good job, better with drawing out the scenes. Slow down and don't worry if you don't two of the main characters in the same part, unless they are in the scene.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-11-22 03:55:11
still need to slow it down a bit... you get caught up in the moment then hurry to get it over with... very goo though i like it :)


2008-01-03 16:52:27
ok since no one liked parts 3-5 i will allow you to tell me what to add on to part 2 i will make a new part 3 based on your ideas


2007-12-25 20:43:33
The transitions are still not making any sense. The idea of the story is good, but you need more of a turn into the content. Right now, you have these ridiculous change ups that are kind of hard to swallow.

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