My wife died eighteen months ago leaving me with our, now thirteen years old, twins: Nikki and Nick. Our sex life could get kinky when Charlie was in the mood (often, thank God!) to Dominate me. Since her death my sexual activity was strictly internet and Rosie. My kids were pretty hot: each 5’ 9” and built! Nikki had an unbelievable ass for her age, new, just over a mouthful breast, and sexy arched feet and hot legs. Raven colored hair and green eyes.

Nick had a swimmer’s body: great ass, chest, abs, legs…. He was the most androgynous hard body I ever saw. Both, at times, looked much older than thirteen.

It was a Saturday morning when this predicament of mine began. Nick was at a friend’s house (Friday night sleepover) and I wandered through the house. Nikki’s bedroom door was open and I stopped to peek in on her.

She was sprawled across her bed, still asleep, and (God help me!) looking sexy as hell. Her left breast was fully exposed: new breast, a little more than a mouth full; rosy, puffy areolas with full, bullet nipples. I was fixated and heard my breath stop. I caught myself licking my lips and heard my self say walk away….

Instead, I walked to her and gazed at her breast. Just last week I had looked in on Nick: he was asleep on his side and his butt and legs were exposed. Nick had a nearly hairless body and I startled myself thinking what a great ass my son has!

I convinced myself I could gently kiss Nikki’s nipple and leave without waking her. I couldn’t resist it just out in the open…beckoning me. I pursed my lips and gingerly kissed her nipple. It grew and I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around her sweet, hard nipple. A soft moan escaped from between Nikki’s parted full lips.

I heard a voice tell me to stop so I gently sucked down and engulfed her areola. She gently groaned and I felt her hand on the back of my head: she pushed my head and I opened my mouth wide and sucked her tit. I was petrified and excited. What am I doing?!? My daughter’s breast is in my mouth! I couldn’t stop; I gently sucked her breast, her nipple, ran my tongue all over her sweet tit. Al the while she moaned and guided me over her newly grown hard mound.

She pushed my head toward her pussy; a soft, silken patch of black hair starting to grow at the very top of her mound. I didn’t even try to stop. I kissed her warm, clamshell pussylips: “Eat me daddy….”

I froze! She was awake and loving it! Little scamp! “Eat me now daddy…eat me…eat your baby girl’s pussy…!”

I did as she said; running my tongue in and out of her warm, wet pussy. I nuzzled my nose in it, licked it, nibbled it, sucked her clit and felt it grow in mouth (about half the length of my little finger). I drank her free flowing pussy juice and tongued her urethra. She put my hands on her tits and I fondled and kneaded them. I gently pinched her nipples and wiggled my tongue inside her dripping pussy. Minutes went by and she finally arched her back, clamped her thighs around my head, jammed her pussy in my mouth and had a great orgasm. Her pussy drenched me and she squealed with delight.

She finally parted her legs, drew me up to her and French kissed me, “Ooooh daddy! That was fabulous…”

“Nik-Nik-Nikki honey….” I stammered, wanting to say something appropriate.

She put a finger to my lips to hush me, “I found all your porn stuff on the computer daddy. I read all about Dommes and Tranny’s and stuff. I’ll be your Domme….”
She cupped her hand under my chin, “This is for both of us daddy…it’ll be good for us…Nick too….” She wickedly smiled at me.

“Nikki, sweetie…I….”

“Shhhhh….I have this little escapade being filmed on DVD daddy. Now, you hush and be a good boy.” She had me, my own daughter was turning me into her sex slave! She pushed me to the floor, turned onto her hands and knees and raised her ass in the air. “Come over here and kiss my ass daddy….”

My cock was gonna burst through my pants! I went around and started kissing her hot, bubble butt: kissed it all over; side to side; up and down. “Open daddy….”

I spread her ass-cheeks apart and kissed both sides of her ass crack. “Sniff daddy…sniff my asshole so you will know me….” I stuck my nose on her butthole and deeply sniffed her.

“Kiss it….”

I pressed my lips against her asshole and kissed, “Mmmmm…eat it daddy…eat my ass….”

I did…I kissed it and licked it and sucked it and stuck my tongue up her ass. She pressed her heel against my crotch and I shot my load of cum all over myself. She giggled and pressed her ass to me while reaching around to my head and pressing me to her asshole. I thought my tongue would fall off …she clinched her tight ass and spit me out, yanked my head back and turned to look at me.

“You’re going to be my sex slave daddy. I will obey you in every way except when I want sex then I am the boss. You will have sex when I say so daddy…. Okay?!”

What could I say?!! Fuck! But, I loved it! “Yes sweetie…whatever you say….”

She patted my cheek, “Good boy…good daddy….”

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2009-11-24 22:22:28
both should be shot in the ear

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2008-10-18 02:25:36
how stupid are some people that they think that this is a true story?!?!


2008-02-01 12:44:45
hay asshole, its a fucking story, but the whole shemale whore house thing seriously turned me one, when your daughter turns eighteen get her a penis.


2007-12-30 00:42:15
i feel bad for the people that are the only ones giving bad comments, they're loosers. Good story 8/10


2007-12-26 18:00:00
she should be your slave, not the other way around.

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