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Karen is raped and abused at a porn shop
Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 3
By Redlegtiger

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity. If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

Chapter 3, Karen’s Afternoon at the Porn Shop.

After Darrell left the clerk leered at Karen and ordered, “Come back here behind the counter and let me have a closer look at you missy.” Karen hesitated briefly and he added, “Or do you want me to tell that husband of yours that you wouldn’t cooperate?”

Karen got a look of fear on her face when he threatened to tell Darrell so she immediately complied and stood before him. He reached up, started squeezing her tit and looked her in the eye and asked, “What’s your name little one?”

Karen told him and he immediately squeezed hard and said, “Not any more. For as long as you are in this store you will answer to Cunt Karen. You will not speak at all, no matter what. You will also do as you are told immediately or I’ll tell your husband how uncooperative you have been. If you want to talk, then you will come to me, kneel down on both knees and look at the floor with your hands clasped behind your back and say Master. You will then wait for me to acknowledge your puny existence and give you permission to speak. You will count to 30 and if I haven’t given you permission to speak then you will go back to the room I’m about to take you to. Now follow me.”

The clerk took her to the back room which had a filthy old mattress on the floor that had all sorts of stains on it. He told her, “Unless I say otherwise, this is where you will stay. Now follow me back up front.” On the way back to the front he added, “If you aren’t in the process of fucking someone, you are to keep those dildos in place where they are.” When they got back to the front counter he ordered, “Cunt Karen. Get on your knees, pull down my pants and suck my cock.”

Karen looked straight at the clerk’s crotch. She saw that the old man’s fat belly over hung his belt and guessed that he must weigh about 250 pounds which on his 5 foot 6 inch frame was morbidly obese. Karen immediately but reluctantly complied and unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper. She was so afraid of what Darrell would do to her if she refused that she saw no other choice. She grabbed his pants and pulled them down. He wasn’t wearing any underwear so she grabbed his short stubby cock, which was only 2 inches soft, and started masturbating him.

He told her, “I said for you to give me a blow job. If you don’t get right to it I’ll put you over my knees and spank your sorry ass until it is black and blue.”

She immediately leaned in and almost gagged from the putrid smell. It smelled as if he hadn’t taken a bath for years. She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking.

As soon as she took his cock in her mouth, the front door opened and in walked a group of college aged men. When they saw that the clerk behind the counter was getting a blow job from a young girl, one of them asked, “Hey man, how about letting us have a little piece of the action.”

The clerk ordered, “Stand up cunt and take off your blouse and then turn completely around.”

Karen hesitantly unbuttoned her blouse. She felt like the worthless whore her parents had called her when they found out she was pregnant. Her fingers shook nervously as she unbuttoned and then took off the blouse exposing her nubile sixteen year old breasts to the college students. When she was done she started to cover her breasts with her hands and the clerk cleared his throat to get her attention and shook his head no. She reluctantly put her arms down to her side with her blouse in the left hand and turned around as he had ordered. When she had turned completely around he ordered, “Now get back to work. You have a cock to finish sucking.”

Karen was silently crying in abject humiliation, with tears of anguish running down her cheeks as she got back down on her knees, leaning back in to start sucking the fat clerks cock. He looked back at the young men and asked, “Nothings for free boys. What do you have in mind?”

They huddled together and discussed it among themselves and counted up their money. They knew that a young cunt like he had was not going to be cheap. They determined that they had $500.00 between the 9 of them. One of them turned to the clerk and said, “We want to gang bang the whore. How long will $500 get us?”

The clerk moaned from the blow job that he was getting. He knew that the afternoon was still young and that the likely hood of too many customers coming in was minimal until about 7 pm. He told them, “I tell you what. Being that we’re a little slow this afternoon, you can have two hours in the back room when she gets done with me.” He looked down at Karen and said, “Hurry up cunt, your costing me money!”

The clerk grabbed her behind her head and forced his 5 inch dick in and out as far as it would go. It wasn’t long before he was cramming her nose against his pubes and cumming down her throat. When he finally recovered from cumming he ordered, “Now get to the back room and take care of your new customers. You will do everything they tell you to or else.” He looked back at the college guys and said, “Your time is starting now. When you get in there just take her dildos out and do what you want. Just don’t leave any permanent marks on her. I don’t care if you make her scream or not but don’t hit her or hurt her or injure her.”

The guys all had shit eating grins as they followed Karen to the back room. When they were all in the room, they locked the door. Once the door was locked they all started stripping. The self appointed leader of the group ordered, “Strip the skirt off and get on your knees bitch. Your going to suck us all off for starters.”

Karen got down on her knees and began sucking the cock of the guy closest to her. Two others stepped up on either side of Karen and grabbed her hands and put them on their cocks. She started masturbating them, because she knew that it was what they wanted. She knew that if she didn’t cooperate, Darrell would beat her unmercifully. The guy on her left pulled her off of the cock she was sucking, turned her head and rammed his cock down her throat. After 3 or 4 strokes, the guy on her right did the same. They kept alternating like that until one came. When that happened, another one would step up and take his place after he stepped back.

It took about 30 minutes for her to get all 9 of them off the first time. When she finished the last one her throat was feeling sore. She looked around and saw the first guy she blew was laying on his back in the middle of the mattress. He ordered, “Get on top of me and put my cock in your cunt bitch.”

She immediately got up on the mattress, took the dildo out of her cunt and guided his cock in. He grabbed her, pulled her down to him and bent his head up and started chewing hard on her nipples making her cry out in pain. One of the other guys got up behind her, took the other dildo out of her ass and rammed his cock in to the hilt. As he started pumping into her ass, he began slapping her already black and blue bruised ass cheeks saying, “This bitch must be into pain. Look how bruised her ass cheeks are.” It wasn’t long before the two of them had developed a rhythm where one was ramming his cock in while the other was pulling out. While they were fucking her senseless in both holes, another one grabbed her hair and rammed his 10 inch dick down her throat until her nose was pressed against his pubic hair. He began sawing his dick in and out in rhythm with the other two. Karen’s tits and ass hurt so much, and she was struggling to breathe so much that she could not derive any pleasure from the sex. It wasn’t long before one of them came and was quickly replaced by another. By the end of the two hours, Karen was covered from head to toe with come and every orifice had cum dripping from it. Her tits and ass were even more tender and painful than before. She lay there and sobbed uncontrollably at having been used and defiled like a common whore. If she could have gotten her hands on a knife or some kind of weapon at that point she would have killed herself. But there wasn’t anything in the room. Not even a window that she could break to get a piece of glass. She just lay there curled up in the fetal position and cried to herself in misery at what she was being forced to become.

The clerk had come back at the end of the two hours and escorted the men back up front. As they left, he thanked them for the business with a smile on his face. He just made 500 dollars more than he normally does and it was just beginning. He thought how he would make a mint of this bitch as he went back to the room and saw Karen curled up in the fetal position on the old stained mattress. She was silently sobbing over her lost innocence.

As Karen lay there sobbing she thought back to how just 2 short months ago she was a shy virgin teenager with everything in the world going for her. And now she was now just a common whore fucking all comers in the back of a filthy porn shop. Her soul was in despair.

The clerk came in and said, “Quit feeling sorry for yourself cunt, get up and follow me.”

Karen got up and slowly started for the door. He stopped her and asked, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Karen just looked at him like he was crazy. He slapped both her tits hard and ordered, “Put your dildos back in bitch. Your master didn’t give you permission to leave those out.” She quickly scurried over to where they had been thrown and put them back into her cunt and ass. He led her to the bathroom and ordered, “Clean yourself up and come back up to the front counter as you are.”

Karen looked at the mirror in the bathroom and cried as she looked at her face and hair which were covered in come. She looked like a whore. Her eyes were blood shot from all of the crying and the tears left clear streaks through the cum that covered her face. She turned on the water and began scrubbing her face and hair clean of all of the cum. When she was done, she dried off with some paper towels, ran her fingers through her hair to try and straighten it out and came back to the front counter.

When Karen came out to the counter the clerk told her to bend over it. He got behind her, pulled the dildo out of her ass and began fucking her. It wasn’t long before the door opened again and a big black man and a woman came in.

The big black man told the clerk, “Hey Joey, your whore is here.” He paused as he saw that Joey was fucking the sweetest, youngest piece of white ass he had seen in ages. He said, “I see you already got yourself a whore. Man she’s a fine looking piece of ass.”

Joey explained, “Yea, her husband loaned her to me for the night in exchange for some merchandise. I would be more than happy to have both whores working tonight. Why don’t you take cunt Karen here to the back room when I’m done, free of charge?”

The black guy readily agreed. It had been a while since he had some under aged white cunt. He was going to have the time of his life this afternoon.

After the clerk had shot his load in Karen’s ass he picked the dildo up and rammed it back in and ordered, “Now cunt, I want you to go with these two to the back room.”

When they got back to the mattress room the black man ordered the girl that came in with him, “You best be gettin undressed and lay on da bed on yo back little who’.” He then looked at Karen and ordered, “Get up on the bed over dat whore dere and lower dat cum soaked cunt of yours on her mouth.”

Karen slowly and reluctantly complied with his orders. When she finally settled down on the other whore’s face he ordered, “Now I want yose to lean down now and put yo mouth on da bitch’s cunt and eat each other out.”

After several minutes, Karen was starting to feel a tingly good feeling in her groin area. Just before she was ready to trip into orgasm, the other girl took Karen’s clit between her teeth and bit hard eliciting a scream of pain from Karen and causing her to back off of the impending orgasm. The big black man got up behind Karen and pulled the big dildo out of her cunt. He rammed his 14 inch long, 3 inch diameter black cock all the way up her cunt in one hard shove. He could hear a muffled scream from Karen which just egged him on to fuck her harder and faster while the other girl kept chewing and biting her clit. Every time he slammed into Karen he slapped her hard on the ass. He had a lot of stamina and kept at it for about 30 minutes.

At about the half way point Karen lifted her head from the whore’s cunt and complained that he was hurting her. He immediately said, “Shut up bitch” and pushed her face into the other girl’s pussy and told her, “Get back to eatin her out good. Yo better bring da bitch to orgasm before I cum or else ya will regret it.”

Karen instinctively knew that she didn’t want to find out what “the else” would entail so she tried as best as she knew how, considering she had never had an orgasm, to give the other girl one.

The big black man then took his cock out of Karen’s cunt, took the dildo out of her ass and rammed his cock in hard into her ass to the hilt. He forced the ass dildo into her cunt causing Karen to scream again, feeling a tearing sensation in her ass as he pumped in and out. She knew that he had torn her and she was bleeding, because she could feel something dribbling down her ass to her cunt. She knelt there on all fours sobbing when the man leaned forward and reached under Karen to grab her sore, abused tits and started squeezing and pinching them hard. Between the torture of her clit, ass and tits, she was screaming almost constantly in pain, although the sound was muffled because her mouth was glued to the other girl’s cunt.

Finally, just before he was ready to come, he pulled out of her ass and went to her head. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head up, her mouth gasping in pain. He crammed his cock, which was covered with her shit and cum from the previous gang bang all of the way in to the hilt until her nose was mashed in his pubic hair. He then started cumming. It seemed as if the guy could cum forever to Karen and she was starting to struggle for air when his cock finally shrank enough for her to breathe normally again. As he was getting dressed to leave, he looked at Karen and told her, “I hope you learned your place bitch. Let thet be a lessun to ya for tryin’ to take my whoe’s business away from me bitch. If I find ya hea agin, I’ll take ya stinkin whoe’ ass out.” He turned and left the two girls alone in the room.

Karen was shaking in fear and waited a couple of minutes trying to recover and then got up and reclaimed the missing dildo. She took the small one out of her cunt and placed it back in her ass and put the big one in her cunt like she was supposed to do. She then went and lay down on the mattress on her side still stunned and sobbing a bit. She looked at the other girl and hesitantly asked with trepidation, “What’s your name? Mine’s Karen.”

The girl answered staring at Karen as if she were stealing her life’s savings, “It’s Terry as if it’s any of your business bitch. That guy that just fucked you silly is Jerome. He’s my pimp master.”

Karen asked, “What do you mean by pimp master?”

Terry said in answer, “About six months ago I was passing through and stopped for dinner at a restaurant and bar near here. All the guys started hitting on me and buying me drinks. I finally noticed that I was getting a bit tipsy and was getting ready to leave. Well Jerome came up and offered me one more drink and sat down. I tried to beg off, but he was so sweet that I finally gave in and drank it. It must have had some GHB in it because the next thing I know, I’m waking up and every hole I have is sore and I’m covered in cum as if I had been fucked by every male in the bar that night which I probably was. When I tried to get up I found I couldn’t move. I looked around and it looked as if I was chained up in a barn. Once I’m awake he comes in and tells me that I’m his slave now and then he injects me with something. I don’t know what it was but it made my cunt buzz and gave me such a rush that I was begging for him to fuck me. He gave me a shot about every six hours around the clock for a month and never once fucked me. Then he stopped cold. I was in so much pain and was so horny that I was begging him to give me more. And I meant both more drug and for him to fuck me. He said I had to be his whore and do everything he tells me or he’ll quit giving it to me. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I agreed. Before he would give me any he made me get down and fuck his dog. He was the scariest looking Mastiff I’ve ever seen but I did it. That wasn’t enough so he brought in a horse and told me to suck him hard and then fuck him. I was so horny and I was in so much pain by then that I would do anything to get it to stop so I did what he wanted. I spent the next hour sucking and fucking that horse until he came in my pussy. It was the most humiliating thing I ever did. I would like to leave and go home but I don’t know what stuff he’s got me on. Whatever it is I can’t stand to be without it for more than a couple of hours. I had been going home to college after traveling for the summer after my high school graduation when all of this happened. My parents even came looking for me and Jerome made me lie to them and tell them that I had found my true love and that I didn’t want to leave. It was awful to have to lie to them like that but what could I do. I’m so hooked on that stuff that I can’t live without it. If I left I would be in hell for I don’t know how long. So what’s your story?”

Karen told her the story of her rape after the Prom and then being forced by her parents to marry the guy that raped her because they didn’t believe she was actually raped. They hugged each other again and tried to comfort each other. Terry apologized for biting her so hard, but that if she didn’t, Jerome would have taken it out on her.

The Clerk came back to the room and told Karen to get off her ass and come up front. When she got there, she saw two females standing at the counter. One, a very petite and well endowed redhead, was wearing a studded leather collar like the one Darrell had gotten for her. The clothing that she wore barely concealed her huge tits and it was obvious that they had nipple rings in them and it also looked like she might have a chain between them. She also had a nose ring, belly ring and 4 piercings on each ear, each with a small diamond stud in it. Her pants were cut so low at the waist that it looked like it should reveal pubic hair, but she couldn’t see any there at all. She did notice that the word slut was tattooed on her pubic mound and was just above the level of the waist band of her skin tight pants. The other woman, a tall muscular butch blonde, was holding the leash that was attached to the collar. She was dressed in tight black pants, a black leather bustier and a black jacket. It was obvious that this was a lesbian couple and that they had a sub/dom relationship.

The clerk looked at the dom, and said “Lynn this is the girl I was talking about. Come on and inspect the merchandise.” He turned Karen around and bent her over to provide a more enticing view.

Karen felt Lynn’s hand on her buttocks and she asked, “What about all of this bruising here. Who did that to her?”

Joey told her, “Apparently her husband punished her last night or this morning before he brought her in. He must have been teaching her what her new place in life is. She’s awfully innocent about everything. I’d bet this is the first time she’s ever been treated like this. He left her with me in exchange for some merchandise so I have her until tomorrow morning to do what I want with.”

Lynn said, “He’s a man after my own heart Joey. I would like to meet him.” As they were talking the Lynn kept pinching and squeezing various sensitive parts of Karen’s body. Lynn looked at the clerk and asked, “So what are my limits?”

Joey told her, “As long as there is no permanent damage done and no breaking of the skin, anything is fair game.”

Lynn gasped happily in reply, “So if I wanted to tie these tits up and cover them with clothes pins as well as these wonderful cunt lips and her clit then that’s within the rules?” she asked while physically grabbing the appropriate anatomy while she talked about it.

The clerk confirmed that what she proposed was definitely within the rules. Lynn nodded, looked at her slut and asked, “Would my little slut like a play toy for the night?”

The slut answered “Oh yes mistress. She is beautiful and will make a wonderful little play toy for us.”

Lynn turned back around and asked Joey, “How much is it for the whole night?”

Joey then started in complaining, “Look if you take her now, then I’ll be losing a lot of business. It’ll cost me at least 4,000 dollars.”

Lynn laughed and told him, “That is absolutely ridiculous. I’ll give you 2500 for her for the night.”

Joey thought for a minute and then said, “I know how much you like to draw blood when you’re playing with your beauties. If you add another 500 and make an even 3000, I’ll let you pierce her tits and clit in front of her husband in the morning when he comes to pick her up.”

Lynn looked Karen over again with lust and while licking her lips told Joey, “You’ve got a deal Joey. I’ll bring the check to you tomorrow. You know I’m good for it.”

Joey then told Lynn, “This is cunt Karen. Her husband wants the dildos left in when she isn’t being fucked and she needs to be back when the store opens at 10 am tomorrow morning.”

Lynn turned to slut and ordered, “Take off your collar slut and put it on cunt Karen.” Once the collar was buckled tightly enough around Karen’s neck that she was just able to breathe, Lynn started walking toward the door. Lynn waved at Joey as she headed to the door and said, “Bye Joey. Thanks for the call. You out did yourself this time.”

Karen realizing that she was still naked didn’t budge. She didn’t want to go outside in the daylight nude. She told Lynn, “I can’t go outside without my clothes on!”

Lynn turned and looked at Karen with a look of contempt and hatred that made Karen start to worry that she had just made a huge mistake. She began to sob and cry just from the look. Lynn looked at slut and ordered, “Go get your favorite set of nipple clamps and put them on cunt Karen’s tits as tight as they will go.”

Slut quickly returned with a pair of what looked like mini 2 inch vice grips. She looked Karen in the eye and told her, “You should have just gone with mistress because this is going to hurt.” She then set the clamps at the lowest setting and grabbed Karen’s right tit. She pinched and pulled on Karen’s nipple until it was fully erect. Then she attached the clamp and squeezed it shut.

Karen let out an ear piercing scream from the pain. It felt like her nipple was being ripped off. Slut immediately repeated the process on the other tit, eliciting the same response from Karen. She then looked in Karen’s eye and told her, “If you don’t want your clit to receive the same treatment, you better follow mistress out the door.” Lynn pulled on the collar and after a moments hesitation Karen followed her.

Karen had a look of pure terror on her as they walked out the door on the end of her temporary new mistress’ leash. She was totally nude with tit clamps on and dildos up her ass and cunt. She started to bring her hands up to cover her tits and cunt, but slut slapped her hands and told her that she was not permitted to cover herself. They walked her up to a limousine and mistress stopped at the trunk. Slut opened the trunk and reached in to get some things. The first item was a 6 inch dildo gag. She made Karen open her mouth and jammed the gag in and fastened its straps. Karen accepted the gag fairly easily considering the cocks that had been rammed down her throat in the last few hours. Slut then got out a set of wrist and ankle cuffs connected by a chain and put them on her. She pulled out a dildo harness that had a couple of dildos attached to it. She looked at them, and then at the dildos already in her and removed the ones attached to the harness and put the harness on. She pulled the harness up hard and drove the monster dildos in her cunt and ass in until they were almost all of the way in. This was extremely painful and Karen screamed as loud as she could with the penis gag in. Finally Karen was ordered to sit down in the trunk and slut helped her in. She attached the chain connecting the cuffs to some hooks, locked them in place and closed the trunk. Karen felt the car start to move. She could not tell how long she was in the trunk, but it was long enough that the vibration of the road eventually lulled her into a restless sleep.

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