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I spend the night in heaven with a Big Beautiful Woman and it changes my life forever.

I had been traveling for many hours that day and had finally found a motel out in the middle of nowhere. The name of the motel was ‘Heaven’ but it looked a lot more like ‘Hell’ if you ask me. It was one of those old antique motels that used to be popular back in the fifties.

It was about nine o’clock at night when I checked in. I got the very last room that they had too. They still used real metal room keys that were attached to those big diamond shaped pieces of plastic with the name of the motel on one side and your room number on the other side of it. You get to park right in front of your room too. Everything was outside such as the ice machine, the soda machine, and the empty swimming pool. Anyway I threw my suitcase on the bed so hard that it bounced and flipped over the backside onto the floor. I just said ‘fuck it’ and went out to get a bite to eat.

The local dinner next door was also a truck stop so it was open twenty-four hours a day. For a ‘greasy spoon’ it wasn’t all that bad. They even served take-out for those of us that wanted that. So I ordered myself two cheeseburgers, French fries, and side orders of coleslaw and cottage cheese. I also got a three-liter bottle of Pepsi.

Back at my motel room I used my key and opened the door. As I walked in and sat my food on the table a naked lady came walking out of my bathroom. We both stopped dead in our tracks and just stared at one another for a couple of seconds. Once the shock had worn off she placed her hands on her hips and started bitching me out for coming into her room. I just laughed at her and held up my room key with the number facing her. Then I told her that my suitcase was on the floor next to the bed if she wanted to look. She looked and it was still there. It hadn’t even dawned on her yet to cover herself up. She was actually quite pretty. She was a big girl but not what I would call fat. I had heard the term BBW and realized that she was a Big Beautiful Woman. She had really nice big tits, a good size belly, and a very hairy pussy. Finally she realized that she was naked in front of a stranger. So she took the towel out of her hair and wrapped it across her big tits with her arm holding it in place. Her big hairy pussy was still visible to me though.

She picked up the phone and called the front desk. The man was confused but told her that the room was hers. I told her to tell the man my name and he looked it up. Yes I had the room too and I had checked in first. Apparently his wife had checked her in, couldn’t find the room key, and had used her passkey to open the door for the woman. When she demanded that the desk clerk give her another room he told her that he didn’t have any more rooms. Finally out of suggestions and getting desperate she sat down on my bed to think her situation over. Neither one of us knew of another motel along the way. We had both come in from the west and hadn’t seen another motel in at least a hundred miles. Jokingly I told her that she could stay with me if she didn’t mind sharing my bed.

Then I offered to share my dinner with her as well or I could go out and get something else for her to eat. She smiled at me, thanked me for my generous offer, and then took me up on it. She told me that her name was Shelly. She let the towel drop to the floor when she reached for one of my cheeseburgers and didn’t even bother to pick it back up. As I ate my cheeseburger I watched her big fat tits resting on her rounded belly. When Shelly reached toward me for a glass of Pepsi her knees parted pretty good but her belly covered her pussy up from my view. She had very nice nipples that were quite large and dark. Shelly’s areolas were huge and must have been as big around as the palm of my hand. They covered the entire end of her big breasts.

Shelly saw me staring and said, “Oh I dress this way all of the time in front of my husband. He likes it.”

I replied, “So do I.”

Shelly said, “Do you mind a big girl?”

I replied, “Not at all. There’s more to love.”

Shelly laughed and said, “You don’t have to sweet talk me to get in my pussy. We big girls enjoy it even more than those skinny little ones do, plus we are very thankful when we do get it.”

When Shelly drank the last of her Pepsi she lifted one of her big tits, placed the glass under it, and let if flop over the glass holding it in place. Shelly then asked, “Can those skinny minny’s do that?”

I shook my head, as I said, “No.” Then I quickly gulped down the rest of my soda and handed her my glass also. She smiled at me again and then picked up her other tit, placed the glass under it, and let if flop over the glass holding it in place too. Shelly stood up and moved around to prove that they would stay there. Then she slowly lifted her arms up over her head and the two glasses stayed right where they had been placed. She did a little dance and bounced as she turned around for me. The glasses never budged.

As Shelly spun around slowly I got to check out her big ass. It was a little flabby, it certainly had some excess cellulite, but it sure looked fuckable too. Like they say, ‘the bigger the cushion the better the pushing.’

Holding her big boobs in her hands Shelly said, “They make nice pillows too. My husband really likes to fall asleep on them after a long session of sex.”

I just had to ask, “So how long does your husband last.”

Shelly laughed and said, “You men are all alike. Don’t worry stud I won’t compare you to my husband. After all we are used to each other and it just naturally seems to take longer. However from what I have been told I am not very tight down there and I get very wet and juicy too so the friction is somewhat lacking. You guys need the friction, but with me everyone takes a long time to pump me full of their man seed. The longer the better if you ask me.”

I just had to ask, “Shelly do you do this very often? Should I be concerned about sexually transmitted diseases?”

Shelly smiled at me and then said, “No stud you have nothing to be worried about. I do this every chance that I get though. However with my size I don’t get to fool around only once every five or six years. No one wants to pick up the fat chick.”

I replied, “Well you may have educated me on the subject. I just might go for the larger girls in the future.”

Shelly laughed and said, “Hold on there stud. You haven’t even fucked me yet. It might not be what you want at all.”

I put down the empty cottage cheese container, stood up, and undressed for Shelly. She smiled the whole time I was undressing, especially when I lowered my underwear and my hard cock snapped to attention. It was only average but it was hard as steel and I hadn’t gotten laid in maybe a month or so.

Shelly reached out and gently pulled my cock toward her mouth. She kissed the head of my cock very lovingly and lay back on top of my bed. She lifted her knees up and then opened them for me. I walked to the foot of the bed to take a better look. My first image was that of a beached whale but I took a really good look at Shelly.

Her hair was all wet and stringy looking but it was a rather nice shade of brown and matched her pubic hair. Her hair looked like it was layered, she had bangs, and it framed her pretty face quite naturally. Her face was round and pretty, she had no blemishes at all, and no beauty marks. Her lips looked soft and she still had on a light shade of pink lipstick even though the rest of her makeup had been removed in her shower. Her eyebrows were perfect, her complexion was just right, and she had two holes in each of her ear lobes. Her earrings were on the dresser next to the bed along with her wedding ring, her wristwatch, and a pretty necklace.

She had two chins lying back like that but she hadn’t had two when she was sitting up. Her shoulders were smooth. She had a massive amount of flesh between her neck and her nipples. As I stated before her nipples were rather big and dark and her areolas were huge. They were the size of my palm. Her big breasts flattened out on her body and slid off toward her sides pointing her nipples out in either direction from me. Each of her breasts looked to be the size of her head. Her belly swelled up as she breathed. It was so smooth and her belly button was so deep looking that I think that I could have stuck half of my thumb in there. As I came down her body her legs were full and smooth and free of any of those blue veins you see on the skinny girls.

Her pussy was opened up like a flower. Her thick brown hair covered her pubic mound completely but it was quite sparse lower down. Her pussy lips were puffy and quite red from being rubbed together as she walks. They were also opened up well in that position and her inner pussy lips were visible too, along with her big clit.

I could not resist Shelly any longer so I placed my knees on the foot of the bed and leaned in between her open legs. I like my women clean and she had just had a shower so this was perfect for me. Her pussy smelled of soap and maybe a little baby powder too. I didn’t even us my fingers I just ran my tongue up her slit and heard Shelly suck in some air as I did. I ran my tongue up her slit several more times as I listened to Shelly take in a breath each time. I pushed my chest down onto the bed and slipped both of my arms up under her legs. Shelly responded by placing both of her heals on the center of my back and that rocked her pelvis up toward my lips. I was then able to start my next trip with my tongue at her asshole. As I touched her brown pucker hole she let out a gasp of pleasure. Then I ran my tongue through her moist slit until I touched her engorged clit. When I hit it I stopped and closed my lips on it. I gave it a little bite with my teeth and listened to Shelly as she had her very first orgasm of the evening. After four more tips from her sensitive asshole to her very sensitive clit she had her second orgasm. She stroked my hair and flooded my chin with her fluids. I went right down there and started lapping it up for all I was worth. I didn’t waist a drop either.

I though that I had given her sufficient pleasure and that it was my turn now so I crawled up her body paying my respects as I went. Her nipples were almost as big and as hard as her clit had been and they were just as sensitive too. She shrieked with delight as I nibbled on her nipples. After a minute or so on her second nipple I once again heard her have an orgasm and clutch my head to her bosom. I was jealous that women could have so many orgasms but at the same time I was proud that I had given them to her.

Finally I slipped my cock into her moist hole. She was right the friction was almost nonexistent. She wrapped her legs around me and I felt very secure. Her breasts were spread out against my chest and my face was directly over her face. I kissed her and she responded. She was a very good kisser. I kissed her nose, her eyes, and her ears before going back to her lips again. As we kissed I fucked into her pussy very leisurely. Neither one of us were any hurry. She gave me a back rub from my shoulders to my ass. I kissed her and slipped my hands up under her shoulders and cradled the back of her head. Kissing Shelly was a real pleasure. Fucking Shelly was a real pleasure too. I wasn’t just fucking Shelly I was making love to this Big Beautiful Woman and I was thoroughly enjoying it too. I hadn’t looked at the clock so I didn’t know how long I had been inside her but she was right I had lasted forever. Making love to Shelly was like being in a dream world. She had an orgasm with me too just to let me know how good it had felt.

I slipped myself down just enough to use her breasts as pillows. Shelly even fluffed them for me and placed her chubby arms in a position to help hold them up. I slept like a baby in its mother’s arms. I dreamed of making love to Shelly over and over.

When I woke up in the morning I was still on top of Shelly. I opened my eyes and realized that the night in heaven had not been a dream after all. I crawled up to kiss her and thank her for the best sex of my life. She thanked me too for what might have been the best sex of her life also.

We couldn’t both fit in the shower so I let Shelly go first. When I came out of my shower Shelly was still not dressed. Instead she was lying on the center of the bed naked with her knees out to the side waiting for me.

Shelly asked me if I wanted to spend another day with her. We had both paid for the same room last night so we still had another day coming if we wanted it.

I placed my knees on the foot of the bed and leaned in between her open legs…


Making love to Shelly for the next twenty-four hours changed my opinion of Big Beautiful Women forever. I had falling in love with Shelly but I couldn’t have her…she was already married. However Shelly had a younger sister that was single, large, and according to her even prettier than she was.

The End
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