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Daegan looked out the window at the snow cascading down past the window to join the thick white layer of snow. Christmas is tomorrow, thought Daegan as his Chinese eyes looked out at the snow thinking of something to do. He thought what perfect of a name, Daegan, literally translating to dark-haired in Gaelic, and he did have straight, black hair. He thought of his sweet mother probably making a Chinese specialty for Christmas Eve dinner. His father probably watching the latest football game on the new high-definition television they got as an early Christmas present. He thought of the cute little Asian in his class and his dick started to rise. He had never masturbated, never even stroked his cock. He never had an urge to masturbate. He knew what happened though when he watched his best friend, a white kid named Rafferty, when he whipped out his cock while they watched a Girls Gone Wild tape. He saw how Rafferty stroked his cock from the red pubes up until some skin covered the head. He saw the milky white cream shoot out of the end. Daegan let his boner pass before turning away from the window and walking downstairs. As he approached the bottom of the steps the smell of Chinese cooking filled his nostrils and the sound of a football game filled his ears. Then a ring of a phone was heard.

“Hello,” said Daegan’s father, Walden, into his cell phone.

“…Well I see…” said Walden.

“Okay I’ll be going,” said Walden before clicking the end button.

He walked over past Daegan and into the kitchen.

“Honey I have to go on a business trip,” said Walden.

“On Christmas Eve?” asked Daegan’s mother, Mabella

“Yeah, but I will be back soon,” said Walden as he went upstairs to get dressed.

‘God, man am I going to divorce him when Daegan goes to college’, thought Mabella as she cooked.

Walden walked back down and Mabella smelled the cologne her husband always put on when he leaned in to kiss her cheek.

Daegan had now walked over and started to watch a football game. He watched the commercials and one for Victoria’s Secret came on. His cock started to rise as he watched the sexy models prance around in sexy Christmas apparel.

By now dinner was almost ready, so Mabella walked into the other room and tapped Daegan on the shoulder. She looked down and couldn’t help, but see a tent in her 13-year-old son’s pants. She told him to set the table for the two of them while she finished up dinner. Mabella thought of how long it had been since she had sex with Walden. ‘More than 2 months now with all of the business trips he goes on’, thought Mabella. She thought of how Daegan’s penis would look like compared to his father’s 6-inch penis.

Daegan set the table and not before long was he eating the chicken and noodles looking across at his mother. They ate and nothing much else happened and after Mabella suggest they watch a Christmas movie that was on television that night. They watched the classic movie and then another commercial came on. It was the Victoria’s Secret commercial again and again Daegan’s cock got hard. Mabella knew her son was hard which made her hard nipples push against her shirt. She thought about reaching over and pretend to be looking for the remote and grab his cock, but she thought second of it. The movie passed and so did Daegan’s hard cock.

Mabella didn’t want Daegan to grow up too fast so she still tucked him into bed at night. Tonight Daegan got dressed in his pajama pants and t-shirt while Mabella walked in wearing a pair of red short shorts and a white and green bra that was a little large on the C-cups showing a lot cleavage. She pulled the blankets up over her son and she leaned in to kiss his forehead and as she leaned forward she pushed her one arm to shift her bra just enough to let the C-cup fall out and hit Daegan’s face. On impact Daegan was shocked, but he was always attracted to his mother so he took the small brown nipple into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the nipple while his small hands massaged the tit.

“Oh honey let me take off my bra,” said Mabella as he sucked on the hard nipple.

Mabella sat up and removed her bra while Daegan removed his shirt. Mabella leaned in and kissed Daegan hard on the lips. She leaned her C-cups back into Daegan’s face and he worked on the two globes with his mouth and hands. Mabella moved down Daegan’s body until she had her face next to his pant-covered cock. She rubbed the hard cock through the pants and then she pulled down the pants and let the straight black hair come into view. She started to stroke the 5-½ inch cock and Daegan started to moan wondering why he never did it before. She stroked the Chinese meat for a while before letting it be bathed in the warmth of her mouth. She rolled her tongue around the head and let it slid along the underside as she took more into her mouth. She sucked more and more until her nose was in her son’s black pubes and then his cum squirted in her mouth. She liked the salty taste even though there wasn’t much.

“Oh my God mom I never had an orgasm,” said Daegan as his cock stayed hard.

“Well how about you work on me,” said Mabella as she lay on the bed letting Daegan pull off her shorts.

She lay there as Daegan worked the short shorts off and looked at the small g-string barely covering his mother. He took his middle fingers and hooked them in the g-string as he pulled them down. He licked up his mother’s tan thighs and then he found her pussy.

“Finger fuck me,” said Mabella.

Daegan put one finger in and worked his mother’s tight hole. He continued to work his mother as he added a second and then a third finger making her moan loudly.

“Eat mommy’s pussy and finger my ass,” said Mabella.

Daegan followed his mother’s commands as he took his finger and he worked the ass. He moved his tongue in and he licked up and down the slit. He kissed the pussy and then he shoved his tongue deep into the folds of his mother’s pussy. He lunged his tongue in and out of the sweet pussy feeling his nose rub against her smooth skin. Mabella’s pussy was on fire and she looked down at her son as she peaked to an orgasm. Her juices flowed out freely all over her son’s face as she screamed. As she came down from her orgasm she heard the front door open.

Mabella got up and put on her white and green bra and her red short shorts, but left the g-string behind because she was worried her husband would see her in here. She told Daegan to hide it under the covers and she said get under the covers. Daegan didn’t bother getting dressed, as he got under the covers naked. The bedroom door opened and Walden saw Mabella leaning in to kiss Daegan on the forehead.

Mabella walked out and smelt her husband. His clothes were strewn and his breath smelt of alcohol and he also smelled like something else. She soon realized it was the smell of sex and she finally realized that all of the business trips he had secret lovers. He took her to the bed and told her to suck his cock. It disgusted her, but he was an angry drunk so she took the smelly Chinese cock into her mouth. She sucked on it and soon he fucked her mouth. His sweaty balls slapped her chin and her nose was covered in his sweat from his pubes. He pulled out and his disgusting white cum shot out and covered her tits which had the bra removed earlier by her husband when his rough hands played with them walking to the room. She went to the bathroom and washed her tits of the spunk and when she walked back to the bedroom her husband was asleep. She got dressed in a simple outfit while she went out and drove to get her husband’s present…


2008-11-22 04:04:09
ewww..... mom son incest... *shudders* i love most of your stories, but... this one was strait... :( maybe a chance for #2 with Rafferty? ;)


2008-01-01 12:18:10
write more.


2007-12-31 08:21:25
Now that she has her son's cock, she wont worry about the husband's except when he makes her eat his girl friend's pussy juice from his dick. Mother and son should be really close from now on.


2007-12-30 22:51:07
fist fuck her as well


2007-12-30 19:46:15
it was pretty good, a little short maybe, and you definitely need more sex in part 2
i liked it
i wonder what the present will be...

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