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I was walking on some of the older trails in behind my family’s home, when I hear some strange noises, strange noises are not on common in the woods behind my home because, well they are full of various animals and such. But this noise was different, I had been walling in these woods since I was very young, and in the forth teen years walking in the woods I had never heard a noise quite like this.
So I follow the noise and it sounds like heavy breathing and moans and groans, so I start to walk very quietly squatting down, trying not to make much noise, hoping that its my very sexy next door neighbor doing something very kinky or naughty with her husband or herself. So I get very close to the noise and I look to see what’s going on.
I could barely believe my eyes, there was my neighbor’s sixteen year old daughter naked sucking some guys cock. When did she get a boyfriend, she was always a very shy girl and could barely talk to any one outside her family. So I am thinking to my self good for her, she finally got over being shy. Then I get to see who she is sucking off (and doing a very good job from what I could see) it was her nineteen year old brother, he must have just got home from college for the summer and it looks like the fun had just begun for these to love bird.
So I stay very quiet and listen,

“Slow down sis, if you suck any harder I am going to cum in your mouth”
“But brother that’s what I want”
“No I won’t cum in your mouth; not yet any way, now stop sucking and bend over”
“Okay bro, but please be gentle it’s my first time”

I watch has my next door neighbor’s son gently slides his large cock inside his sister and he starts to push in and out, making her moan and groan.

“Oh god sis, your pussy feels so good”
“Brother please push your cock in further, I want all of you inside me”
“Okay sis”

Then I watch has he puts his full ten inch’s inside is sister, and he must have done some thing right because she had her very first orgasm, and it was a very loud one, and I thought she was going to pass out.

“Keep fucking me bro, make me cum allover your hard cock”
“Sis you pussy feels great, wet and wrapped around my cock”
“Fuck me bro, fuck your dirty whore of sister”

The brother suggest that she would like being fucked even more if she was on top, so the brother pulls his cock covered in pre cum and pussy juice out of his sister and lies down on a blanket, his sister lies down next to him rubbing her cunt, her brother asks “aren’t you going to get on top”, she replies “not just yet”.
She starts to stroke her brother’s cock slowly, just working the well lubed head of his cock. He groans and moans and mange’s to say “Slow down, sis or I am going to cum all over your hand”, his sister smiles and says “no you won’t brother, you going to cum inside me”. She stops jerking him of and sits on top of him and lets the head of his cock part her pussy lips, sliding her self all the way down over his shaft.
From then on she fucks him and they moan and groan.
“Oh god sis, don’t stop”
“I won’t bro, I’ve want to do this for years, since the very first time I watched you fuck moms sister, Anna. You where on top and she was tit fucking you”
“You watched us sis, very naughty, but it’s nice to know that you inherited those big tits, that ever woman on mom side of the family has”

The brother reaches up licks his sisters tits, she moans and he says “just like Aunt Anna”, with her brother licking and nibbling her nipples, his sister gets closer to orgasm and she starts to fuck faster and faster, and her brother can’t hold on any long “oh god sis, oh god” and he fills her twat full of cum.
His sister has and orgasm that could wake the dead and stands up, her brother’s semi hard cock slides out of her and she stands up. For a good reason, her brother has a smile on his face, she asks “him why”, he says that he didn’t think he had that much cum on him”, “why” she ask and notices that he is looking at her cunt. She looks down and there is cum every ware, all over her ass, her stomach and dripping out of her cunt running down the inside of her thighs, not to mention the that her brother cock was cover in thick layer of cum and pussy juice.
Every day that summer I took a walk in the woods and it took me a little time to build up the courage to ask if I could join in, the said “yes”, and that was the best dam summer I ever had, it was even better when there Aunt Anna came to visit, we did some kinky shit.

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2012-02-12 14:15:08
blIHbk Extremely easy by words but in reality�, a lot of things don`t correspond. Not everything is so rosy..!

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2009-10-17 22:27:39
uhh . . . good story i guess, spellcheck major, and make it longer, what kinky stuff did they do?

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-23 13:12:30
Maybe next time you should make up names because "Brother" and "sis" aren't every realistic


2008-01-22 17:08:53
On the one hand, the others are right, this could do with a little polish, some elbow grease, and a spell checker. On the other hand, the effort and imagination necessary to writing fantasy stories is there, it just needs a little coaxing and some encouragement. You could be a good writer if you really tried and made sure that the spelling was right before being submitted. A creative writing class wouldn't hurt either, but i don't think it's absolutely necessary. Some people want more detail, others want stuff that isn't in the style of 'confessions of a voyeur'. Your next story should have a little more detail, and should be from the point of view of someone involved in the story itself from the beginning, not as someone who spied on them the first few times, then joined in later. That would be a good lesson for you, a challenge to see how well you can write. There's no need to take my advice, but i have been trying my hand at writing as well, and i find that while the first person perspective is difficult to manage at times, it feels better than a 'watching from the sidelines' perspective. 4/10 for the story, maybe a 5/10 because of effort. Believe me, that's higher than what i normally rate most of the stories i have read. My own rate about a 6/10, 7/10 for effort. So you're not half bad.


2008-01-04 02:40:15
Every day that summer I took a walk in the woods and it took me a little time to build up the courage to ask if I could join in, the said “yes”, and that was the best dam summer I ever had, it was even better when there Aunt Anna came to visit, we did some kinky shit.

Lol, wtf?

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