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A girl knows what she wants.
Samantha Lynn was a born nympho. Blond haired, blue eyed, early developing, she was a little sex bomb as early as 12. She started masturbating when she was nine years old. She would simply pile her blankets up on her bed into a little mound, wrap a stuffed animal in part, and hump herself against that stuffed animal, grinding her little clit against it until either her body gave out or she succumbed to an orgasm, melting into a shivering puddle of orgasmic pleasure as she whimpered and mewed at the intense forces churning at her nether regions. She would often fall asleep soon after, still naked, with her thighs tacky from the drying pussy juice that had oozed out of her through the ordeal.

It wasn’t until she was thirteen that Samantha actually realized what she was doing was masturbating, and how she could do it by herself without the sometimes tiresome chore of having to pile the blankets just right, search out the stuffed animal she always used, etc. She began reading up on all sorts of techniques, and before long, she learned to bring herself to an earth shattering orgasm every night, sometimes twice. She was soon addicted to masturbating, and would do it every chance she got, sometimes even skipping classes to sit in the bathroom, legs up in the air and spread in a stall, frantically rubbing her little clitty until she exploded, moaning as spasms swept through her body at the pure taboo of doing this in public. She was still quite a little beauty, with breasts that were more than a handful, and blond fluff forming around her pubic area, though she kept herself shaved bare most of the time. She had a few on and off boyfriends, but very rarely had sex, finding that she much preferred her own hand to any penis. Of course, she became more and more daring with her masturbation as things went on. She would slip her hand down her pants in class during a movie and frig herself, biting her lip to keep from screaming as orgasms rocked her body. She was occasionally caught by other classmates, but she knew how to keep them quiet. She would bargain with them, and more often than not, the boys would agree to keep quiet if she blew them, which she would, but only if she could masturbate while she did. She would lead them to a back room, prop something against the door and suck them off, the whole time trying to bring herself off. It was from these little black mails that she also learned how much she adored cum. She would swallow any drop given too her, of course, but more than that, she loved to be covered in it. Sometimes, she would get as many guys as she could to cum on her in the back room while she fucked herself, always timing her orgasm perfectly with theirs, finding that it was intensified by the feeling of white hot semen splashing all over her nubile body. She began bringing multiple outfits to school, simply so that she could use one to clean herself off.

Of course, Samantha soon grew tired of her fingers. She needed more. She convinced someone she knew to make her a fake idea (for a blow job, of course.) and went to the local sex shop. Thanks to her mature appearance, she was easily able to buy a few toys, as well as quite a few pornos. She would sit at home, often times with a vibrator in her pussy, a plug in her ass, and an egg pressed against her clit, all the while watching some bimbo get pounded by a huge cock. As time went on, she found that the idea of girl on girl intrigued her more and more. After all, who better to know how to bring a girl off than another girl? So, she started making a list of all the lesbians in school. She would seduce them, and after a while, she’d be in the back room again, grinding her dripping cunt against another girls, or using her brand new double dong or strap on to their limits. She became known as the easiest girl in school, but unlike most girls, she was actually viewed with respect for the title, seeing as she had indeed worked hard for it. Hell, she was even know to have fucked a few teachers for good grades, and there was a rumor that she had participated in a gang bang with the science, math and history teachers, letting the math and history teachers fuck her ass and pussy raw while she ate the science teacher out.

When high school ended, Samantha went from one job to the next. She just never seemed happy. Almost anyone was willing to employ her, thanks to the grades all those blowjobs had earned, but none of the jobs she got quenched her desire for sex, no matter how many work place romances she had. Fully developed, with large, d cup breasts and a pussy to die for, there were always men ready to fuck her senseless, but they just couldn’t bring her off. However, as luck would have it, she soon stumbled onto a job perfect for her. Working in a porn studio, she got a job in a rather specific line of fetish videos. Masturbation movies. Everyday, she got to fuck herself to as many orgasms as she could handle, and more often than not, there was always a nice, cumshot ending.

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2012-01-06 21:28:36
I masturbated in class too.


2010-11-05 08:19:35
it's a very nice beginning to a story..... :-P


2008-01-03 00:57:09
Well, it is a bit short, but long enough, I suppose. It was still sexy as hell. Managed to get myself off a few times reading it myself. I used to masturbate tagainst my blankets as well, so you're defintaly not the only one that did it.


2008-01-02 01:12:40
Haha. I remember when I was probably 10 or so, I used to do that same thing with my blankets. o.o
later, probably as a teenager I looked back and found it odd that i masturbated that way. haha. But I guess I'm not the only one who ever did that.


2008-01-02 01:11:11
too short

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