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The night started out like the past three Halloweens at my house. My two younger brothers would get dressed up in there costumes, find the biggest bag they could find, and leave to go trick-or-treating with both my parents. This left me all by myself, with a bowl of candy and that certain feeling you get when you want to jack off. I waited only a couple of seconds after the door shut behind my parents before heading for my computer to see what kind of porn I could find.

The selection for the night wasn't that bad and in only a short period of time I had work up a pretty nice erection. I started to I unzipped my pants when I heard the doorbell ring. The first batch of trick-or-treaters had arrived and here I was with my cock in my hand. I quickly zipped my pants up and grabbed the candy bowel. I ran to the door, the whole way trying to make my boner a little less obvious.

When I opened the door and saw who was standing outside, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Three of the hottest girls in my high school stood on my front porch, bags out ready for candy. They were all on the varsity cheerleading team, and were thought of as the “it” girls at school. Now here they stood on my porch, dressed as the sexiest witches I have ever seen in my life. Each one of them was wearing very sexy makeup in dark red or black, and had more cleavage showing then some bathing suits. They had on black boots and short skirts showing off there perfectly toned legs. The hottest of the three stood in the middle and gave me a devilish grin as they all three said “Trick-or-Treat” in unison. Her name was Katherine, and she was not only the captain of the cheer squad and soccer team, she was also named homecoming queen two weeks earlier. She had light brown that was a little longer then shoulder length. Her beautiful brown eyes were accented tonight by very dark blue eye shadow and eyeliner. She had on black glossy lipstick and French manicured nails with black tips. Her smile was very sexy and when she did smile her eyes seemed to sparkle. She wore a tight black latex top that allowed a generous amount of her very nice rack to show. The top was cut short of her skirt showing off her great stomach and cute belly button piercing. Her skirt was almost as small as her cheerleading shorts that she wore during practice. To complete the costume she wore sexy black high heel boots that rose to right below the knee.

This of course did not help my erection go down at all; instead it just got tighter in my pants. I gave them a slightly embarrassed smile and started handing out candy as quickly as I could. I wanted them to leave as soon as possible before they saw my erection and told the whole school about it. Katherine’s two friends looked a little surprised at my haste, they said "thank you" and started down the stairs and towards the next house. Katherine however, stayed right were she was. Instead of following her friends she turned around and said to them "I need to use the bathroom, I will catch up with you two later." Her friends told her they were headed to a friends party and that she should meet them their. She said she would and turned back to face me. I was a little shocked at this remark; she wanted to come inside my house while I still had porn up on my downstairs computer. I stood their staring at her, not knowing what to say, trying to make an excuse to not let her in.

“Well, aren’t you going to let my in?” Katherine said with that smile of hers, “or are you going to leave me out in the cold?” I was thoroughly embarrassed and muttered so form of apology as I stepped out of the way and let her in.

"The bathroom is two doors to the left", I told her all this time hoping that she wouldn't go into the computer room where the porn sites were still up on my desktop. Katherine turned around and gave me a little smile.
"I am not here to use the bathroom silly", her voice a little husky.
"Your not"? I said, my voice conveying the confusion I felt. She gave me another one of her smiles, “That boner of yours is a little obvious, I can't believe the other two didn’t notice it."

I took a deep breath in, she had noticed it, I was doomed. Now here came the part where she black mailed me, I give her something, and she doesn’t tell the whole school that was handing out candy with a massive erection. She stepped close to me dropping her empty candy bag on the floor as she did. She threw her witch hat to the side and took the last step to close the gap between us. Her pelvis pushed against my rock hard cock as she moved in towards me. Pleasure shot threw my body; this was not what I was expecting. Our moths connected, lips pressed, tongues started to explore. Our tongues danced around each other’s mouths, as we slowly made-out. Katherine began to grind her pelvis into mine, as the kissing became more furious, one of her hands under my shirt, the other entwined in my hair. I moved my hands up and under her skirt to find she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I took two big hand fulls of her firm naked ass and started to message her cheeks, pulling her closer to me.

By now my cock was screaming at me to take my pants off, it being trapped between two grinding bodies. I started to unzip my pants, but her hand stopped me. "Let me help you with that", Katherine said, her lips leaving mine for the first time in what felt like hours. She knelt down on her knees and grabbed my zipper. Staring up at me with that devilish smile, she slowly unzipped my pants, teasing me the whole way. She finally pulled my pants and my boxers down in swift one motion, letting my 7-inch throbbing cock breath. "Your not going to waste your load right away, are you"? she asked with a cute mocking tone. "I'll try not to", I said hoping this was the truth. She lowered her head to my cock and began swirling her tongue around the head of my cock. I shuddered a little, I couldn't help it, it felt so good. She then pressed my cock against my stomach and brought her tongue up along my hard shaft. Her wet tongue felt so good against my cock. She finally put the head of my penis in her mouth and began to slowly suck, still swirling her tongue around the head of my cock. I started to moan, but only quite enough that I could only hear it. She gradually took more and more of my cock into her mouth. It was so sexy to see my cock disappear between her lushes black lips, my cock stretching her mouth as she moved up and down. She stared up at my with her big brown eyes and stared to jack me off as she sucked my cock like it was the best thing she had ever put in her mouth. She ended the blowjob by deep throating my cock while she gently messaged my balls. I though I was going to explode in her mouth right then, but before I could she drew her self back from my cock and said “ That’s it I need you to fuck me right now”.

Agreeing with her 100%, I led her to the coach in the living room and I sat down. She stood in front of me; her legs spread out a little farther then her shoulders and started to take off her sexy black top. She let it drop to the floor revealing her perfect breasts, they were fairly large and firm, the most perfect sized tits I had ever seen. Katherine moved to her little black skirt, it came off faster then her top.

I was in heaven, her shaved pussy was now only a foot away from me, moist and glinting in the light.
"I hope you don’t mind", she said talking about the black high heel boots. She had left her black boots on, she was going to fuck me with her boot on. I gave her a nod of the head; what ever she wanted to do was fine with me. Moving slowly she straddled me, first one leg then the other. She leaned in and kissed me again, then moved to my neck where she started slowly and gently biting my neck. This whole time my cock was pressed in-between her pussy, rubbing up and down but not penetrating. This was driving my wild and she knew it. She moved up my neck and nibbled on my ear lobe. She then did something I didn’t expect at all, she stuck her tongue inside my ear, sending a bolt of pleasure through me. As a result I grunted and bucked my hips slamming my cock hard against her clit. She gave a cry of pleasure and threw herself closer to me, her breast forcing them into my face. I took her first nipple in my mouth and started to nibble and suck at it. I moved to the other one and gave it the same treatment. At this point she was moaning and pressing against me harder with each passing minuet until finally she couldn’t take it any more.

She lifted herself up and I held up my hard wet cock so that it was easier for her wet pussy to find. She positioned herself so that only the head of my cock was between her pussy lips. I felt her pussy melt around the head of my cock slowly trying to draw the rest of my cock in. Before I could start to beg her to stop teasing me, she thrust herself downwards onto my cock, taking the whole thing in at once. I could feel her tight pussy stretch and squeezed my cock as she sat there with my cock lodged inside her. She slowly began to move herself up and began to grind up and down, as I sucked and played with her tits. We began to form a rhythm, as she moved down I would trust up, forcing every inch of my cock as far as it would go in her wet pussy.

She wasn't a quite one during sex. “Yeah, fuck me baby, fuck me harder”. I was worried people could hear her outside. “Give it to me you dirty boy, fuck your dirty little witch slut”. I did as she said and soon she was letting out screams of pleasure as she started to orgasm. I could feel it flow through her body, and gush around my cock. "Yes, yes, she screamed, keep fucking me, harder, harder, oooh please harder!" She threw her head back and let the orgasm rush through her, it was quit a beautiful site. That was too much for me I was about to blow my load and Katherine sensed it. Before I could blow my top she dismounted my throbbing cock and got down on her knees in front of me. “ I hope your not done yet, because I still want you to fuck me, Katherine said with a sexy giggle. She then turned around and stuck her beautiful ass up in the air, just inviting me to come in.
I quickly jumped off the sofa and onto my knees behind her. I took my cook and guided it into her waiting pussy and started to slowly move my cock back and forth, letting it come all the way out before putting it back in. I started to pick up speed until Katherine was screaming again. “ oooooh god that feels so good, your cock feels so much bigger this waayyy”!
I slapped her ass several times, and she wriggled her ass as I did. This felt so good I told her to keep moving her ass as I continued to fill her pussy. She did, and it was amazing. She began to orgasm again as she moved her fingers violently over her clit. “Oooooh, I am coming again, ohh god.” Her body seemed like it was almost electric as sparks of pleasure shot from her body to mine. I couldn’t take it any more, and I told her I was about to blow. She quickly turned around and opened her mouth “ I want your fucking load all over my face” That was the final straw, milky cum sprayed out all over Katherine’s face and open mouth. Her tongue made its way out from between her black sensual lips and she beganthe cum from off her lips. The rest she collected with a finger and stuck it into her mouth. Slowly, she drew her finger out of her mouth. "Umm, that tastes sooo good".
I couldn’t believe it, I had just fucked the most beautiful and popular girl in school and then deposited my load in her mouth. I felt like the king of the world. With my dick softening and her pussy still sopping wet we quickly got dressed. I started to walk her to the door when the doorbell rang, more Trick-or–Treaters. As she started to leave she turned around and said in her always-sexy voice, “that was fun, maybe ill come by more often for some of your Halloween treats, she then licked her lips. She then turned and was out the back gate and gone into the night.

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