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Good Reveiws Means Another Chapter
Peter seemed too busy to stop by the house anymore. He looked at me differant. The way I wanted him to look at me since the dreams started. Those teasing dreams that came and went. It made me feel dirty thinking about it but also made me more interested. I wanted to see if he was in anyway what I imagined him to be like. Nathan and I hit a rough patch in our relationship and he decided to go to jersey to burn of some steam, leaving me lonely and horny. He did come and go from time to time because he and Peter were co-workers.

Pete thought it was a good idea to play big brother while working around his life.To be honest he wasn't doing a good job or it; sitting on the couch watching TV. I myself could careless keeping myself busy with the vibrator in my room. My eyes closed thinking of Nathan which ended up turning me off more and more. So I turned my attention to my brother and steadly things began to change. The more I thought about it, the things I wanted him to do to me and the things I would do in return, the harder I pusher the vibrator inside me. I imagined him touching me where no brother of mine dared to touch and soon soft moans escaped my lips. I was having a great good time of doing this until I felt a soft warm touch on my leg. I opened my eyes to see Peter standing there with a look of mixed shock and curiosity on his face. I pulled away from him instictively but he grabbed my arm. His other hand guided itself to the vibrator and slowly began pushing it in and out in between my legs. My fingers clawed desprately at the bed sheets, the pleasure I derived from it was enough to drive me to near climax. Peters hand let go of my arm and traveled to my T-shirt which he began to feel me up through. He rubbed my breast through the thin worn cotton until I grabbed his shirt out of pure ectasy, all the while his other hand was still fixed on mastubating me with the vibrator. My heart raced half out of excitment but also out of a odd feeling of fufilment. He was there, in my room, doing what I seacretly wished of him for the longest time.

Suddenly he pulled the vibrator out all together. I looked at him trying to figure out what the hell he was doing. He put it to the side and slid his fingers in my pussy, gently, still treating me as his little sister. He did it slow at first trying to get me used to the feel of his fingers inside me. Once he realized I was comfortable with the feeling, he sped up and so did my heartbeat. We were moving together now, I'd push my ass on his fingers and he'd meet my strokes with his own. It was becoming too much for me and I hit the top letting a long groan escape my throat. I lay back on the bed and Peter withdrew his hand standing up. He pulled of his shirt and he revealed a well sculpted abdomen to me, complete with six-pack abbs and thin yet well formed biceps. His jeans were the next things to come off. I'd always made fun of his chicken legs when we were kids but pueberty had changed that, too. He climbed on top of me, brushing my hair out of my face while, although accidental, also brushing a largely obvious hard on against my leg.
"Are you sure you want me to do this?"
Instead of a response I grabbed him, kissing him on the lips shoving my tounge through to meet his. Eventually we broke apart and he proceeded to kiss me down my neck. With his mometum slowing I began to get impaitent, jerking his head up by his hair.
"Don't be gentle with me."

I said it with pure seriousness and a wicked smile spread across his face. He pushed me down further into the mattress and playfully bit me. I squeeled with the sexual rush it supplied. I realized with those words I'd unlocked a beast in my brother that wanted nothing less than to rip me to shreads in the dirtiest way. I hadn't realized he'd proceeded to remove my bra while continuing on his hellbent mission to give me the nastiest bite mark on my neck. He pulled away to literally rip my shirt off. I laughed enjoying this new part of my brother. He stopped for a moment to enjoy what was once his little sister and now had also changed to enjoy his new side. He cupped my breats in his hands rubbing my nipples with his thumbs until my response garnered his attention. He bent back over me and, from my pantie line to my neck, licked me in one single motion. I screamed with pleasure ans he began to nibble on the little pink nubs, swirling his tounge around and around. I ran my fingers though his brown hair pulling him closer to me even though the ectasy made me force myself deeper into the mattress. His face left my tits, his hands taking its place but moved to my belly-button where he kissed me and gentley chewed on my skin.
"No. Just fuck me, dammit!"
I was fed up with waiting and I hated to be teased. Peters evil smile returned.

"I was wondering if you wanted me to or not."
He pulled his dick out of his boxers shorts. It wasn't much different than what I had imagined, about 9 to 9 1/2 inches and ready for action. Peter climbed off the bed and jerked my panties of me in one swift move. He tugged me closer to him positioning himself with my pussy. I could feel my pussy getting hotter, filling up with juices, just waiting for him to enter me. He teasingly rubbed it against my clit. I tensed up moaning in my throat. He pushed against my clit harder and it burned desiring to feel the full rush of a real fucking. He kept teasing the thought pushing against my pussy lips then back to my clit.
"Dammit, Peeeter.... Stop teasing meee!"
He did stop, that smile of his returning. He pushed against my pussy, getting just the head of his cock then pushing again. He did this only going about an inch at a time, pulling out about an inch pushing in two inches. I had my left hand around his neck the other holding me off the bed, because he was basicly supporting me. His pushing began to get more forceful I began meeting him halfway again. Holding me closer, one hand on my ass the other on my shoulder I could hear his breathing get faster and more harsh as he was about to cum. His thrusts came faster and he let out a long groan as he grabbed my ass tighter. He didn't stop like I expected him to but kept going. His momentum picked up once more and I felt it worse than ever. His dick sliped in and out of me and my head flew back as I came.
"Ohhhhh...Godddd! Yes!"
We slowed down exhausted. I didn't want to stop but I didn't think I could go on without a break. We colapsed on the bed breathing hard. He kissed me, thanking me. A part of me still wanted more but I'd have to wait.He kissed me again before we saw. Nathan was standing in the doorway...

Continued only with good review...
--Air Vee

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