For those of you who love Vickie. For those of you offended, Read something else.
His balls were drawn up high and tight. She knew what that meant. She liked what that meant. Vickie was excited, wet. Stroking and sucking; stroking and sucking his beautiful, golden brown cock. Now she began to fondle his balls knowing it wasn’t going to be long before he would lose control. And she knew the final trick to make that happen. Vickie worked her hand farther back between his legs feeling the muscular curves of his ass where his cheeks came together. She explored a bit more to find and massage his asshole. Pulling her hand out, putting two fingers in her mouth to get them wet and slippery she quickly found his strong puckered hole again and slid both fingers up his ass as far as they would go. With her fingers deep in his asshole, his cock deep in her mouth and her hand stroking his manhood relentlessly he grabbed her head in both hands, his cock pulsed, he grunted hard shoving his dick now all the way down the little girl’s throat. He began to hump and pump his little girl full of sperm… his thick, hot, white salty delicious cum. Vickie’s eyes rolled back in her head. His thick, hot cum filling her belly.

With her eyes glazed over in pleasure, her mind in a haze, a perfect 11 year old pussy started dripping down her thighs. Working hard and out of breathe now, sweating, tiring she was still stroking, sucking and finger fucking her his asshole. Each time she shoved her fingers farther up his butt flexing them, wiggling them against the lining of his ass his shot another load of sperm into her mouth and down her throat. The voice in her head kept saying over and over and over, “Feed me! Oh yes, feeeeeed me!”
Her Daddy never disappointed her. Feed her he did. As he held her head on the cock fucking that little girl face Vickie gulped and swallowed and gulped some more gagging but choking down more than her fill of cum. The harder she worked her mouth, hand and fingers the more her Daddy fed her. Then in the middle of all this sex she sneezed blowing cum out her nose! What a beautiful sight. Cum was running all down her chin, dripping down to her 11 year old tits with those heavenly pink, puffy nipples… and all the way down into her dozen or so brand new and still little girl straight wispy pussy hairs. Then it ran down to her thighs mixing with her own slippery pussy juice. What a delicious little mess she was! Vickie loved being the center of her Daddy’s attention. His little girl covered in cum. Then…………….

…….she woke up. Wet. Panting, sweating and sopping wet between her legs. God what a dream! Then she realized she was at her mother’s house, yuck! She missed her Daddy so much. His beautiful hard dick and his balls were always there for her to play with any time she wanted. She love to lay on the couch her head in his lap, watching TV with him while rubbing his cock all over her face and occasionally sucking on it as she watched Hanna Montana. Dad would be home in one more week….7 days. Vickie got wet just think about him. About playing with his cock.

Last night while her mom was out with her girl friends Vickie had fallen asleep in her room (thank God!) playing with her pussy watching a video she found in her mother’s secret hiding place; a plain brown box high in the closet. In this box mom hid her vibrator, her dildos, her sex magazines, crotch-less panties, condoms and other really neat sex things like her sex videos. Vickie had discovered the box a long time ago. At first there were no videos in it so the magazines had taught her about men, about what their penises looked like, how they looked soft hanging down and then hard sticking straight out. How girls used their hands and mouths to get them hard and ready to fuck them. Vickie had played with her pussy and studied the pictures a lot. Pictures of what the women did for the men and then what the men did to the women. Wow! In the beginning she could not imagine be able to take a full grown man’s cock down her throat like these girls could or all the way in her pussy or especially up her tight, young asshole. But that is what the men did to girls. Oh, she had done many of these things too and she knew why the girls liked it. Sometimes they struggled and grunted taking the big things in their sex holes but it seemed they always wanted more cock! Faster. Harder. Bigger. More cum. Vickie did too.

These were the pictures that got her so horny and exploring her Dad’s body one night at the beach when she thought he was sleeping. She slipped under the covers and look at it, then finally touched his thick penis. She remembered the very first time when she touched his cock finding it slippery and dripping with something. She thought it was from a thing her older girl friends had talked about…guys have wet dreams. They have dreams about sex and squirt cum in their sleep. She tasted cum for the first time that night licking it from her fingers. OMG, she was hooked! She was addicted to the cock and to the smell and the taste of cum. Her Daddy’s cum. When she went under the covers to get some more to eat suddenly her ‘sleeping Daddy’ turned on the bedside lamp. He pushed her head down on his dick to suck. She opened her mouth and sucked it like she did it all the time! That was exactly what she was dying to do…to suck on that big beautiful thing that bulged between his legs just like all the girls in the magazines did! To make her Daddy hard. To make him squirt for her! She did it that very first night. She knew how to do that good…to make him squirt his sperm for her and she was only 10. Now she was 11, growing up fast, getting her tits, the beginnings of pussy hair and she wanted to do more kinds of sex things with him. Vickie wanted her Dad to fuck her. She dreamed about being fucked. What would it feel like? Why did all the women in the movies seem to go crazy and act out of control? It must really be great to be fucked. She loved to cum when he licked her pussy and finger fucked her but she wanted it the big girls. She wanted to feel his cock in her pussy, to hear him grunt and then to feel his hot sperm shooting deep into her little girl cunt. To feel it running out of her little swollen crimson pussy lips.

This particular night however her mother’s sex videos were hot on her mind. Four of her mother’s movies were of men and women together but one about girls having sex with other girls, licking and fingering each other’s pussies. There was a two hour video all about young, black men hired to fuck older white women while their husbands watched and took pictures! It boggled her mind that people did such things. God sex was neat! The women made wonderful faces of shock and pleasure as the black cocks plunged into their cunts and assholes, especially their assholes! They were grunting, crying and moaning, begging for more. That seemed to be her mom’s favorite because the movie was usually stopped in a different place each time Vickie went to play it. Meaning her mother had been watching it again and probably fucking her black vibrating dildo in and out of her pussy. The big black one was always covered in dry cunt juice, her mom’s cunt juice. Vickie could smell it, she had even sucked on the big black rubbery realistic cock. It was bigger than her Father’s. She tasted the dry white stuff which would turn slippery and sticky again as Vickie ran her young tongue over it. The juice from her mother’s hot pussy. It was not as good as her Dad’s sperm but she did like the taste of it. The thought of it. It was not as strong as her Dad’s juice; in fact it tasted a lot like the way her own little cunt tasted. Vickie thought licking another woman’s pussy some day would be sexy too.

Trying to decide which sex film to watch Vickie ran across something new. Like the rest it was a vhs, her Mom didn’t even have a DVD player…how low tech! But this new one had no label on it. Mysterious. It looked brand new and shiny but it had no sign that any label had ever been on it. Instead written in red grease pencil was “Horny Memories of Your Happy Birthday Dream Present from the Girls. PS: You have to let us watch it again whenever we come over to cum! XXX.” What could this be? Vickie put it in the vhs player, hit rewind and then play. Vickie was in for the shock of her young life!
It started like no big deal. A bunch of women at a party at some club. Lots of laughing, drinking and dancing. A little weird was that there appeared to be no one there but women of all ages. They danced with each other but there were some guys without shirts dancing too. They were dancing for the women…being sexy and hot. They had on some silky, sexy short shorts and their bodies were hot! Muscles, young men, handsome and black! Really exciting. Black guys dance so good Vickie thought. The women loved them, laughing, watching them dance, giggling like little girls about their butts and bulges. Some of them were now dancing with these guys, real sexy humping their pussies shaking their tits for them and running their hands over the shiny black bodies. Then….Hey! Wait a minute, isn’t that…that looks like her mom’s friend Brandy! Yes it is Brandy doing the humping with the good looking young black boy. Brandy was hot, she had a great body still but she was old enough to be the boy’s mother. He had a really nice big bulge in his black silk shorts and Brandy was paying a lot of attention to it. She looked down at his cock straining at and bouncing in his tiny shorts as he danced. She teased like she wanted to touch it but she didn’t but all her friends were laughing and yelling at her to ‘go ahead’! Instead she just laughed and kept dancing with him. He watched the white woman’s big braless breasts bouncing. Grabbing her by the hips he humped his silk covered cock at Brandy’s nice round butt when she turned to wiggle it for him. He turned around and shook his beautiful black ass at Brandy. She danced up behind him wrapped her arms around his chest grabbing his well defined pecks and began ‘fucking’ him, grinding her pussy into his ass to the uproarious approval of the ladies watching from nearby tables. Vickie, finger on her clit is hypnotized.

Oh my God! One of those women leering and clapping at the table nearest them was her mother, Vickie’s mother and she was having a good time like all the rest! Transfixed by Brandy and the black beauty Vickie just noticed her! Mom got up from the table and started dancing with Brandy and her young man. Someone spilled a drink in the middle of all the clapping. Ladies were playfully fanning themselves to stave off an attach of ‘the vapors’ while others were dancing at their table.

This video was getting really hot and wet. So was Vickie.

Completely naked now lying on her bed propped up on pillows and her elbows watching the video with those long young legs of hers spread wide open, the bottoms of her feet together as she rubbed her clit and finger fucked her beautiful little open pussy. Her baby twat was crimson pink and wet with milky little girl juice. It was beginning to look like it did when her Daddy had been lying with his face buried between her legs eating that fresh pussy for what seemed like hours forcing her to orgasm again and again. He loved to watch her cum, to smell her cum, to taste her cum. And God knows she loved to cum. He licked her pussy dipping his long tongue from her cunt into her tight asshole. That felt so good, using her hands she would try to open it up more for him so he could bury his tongue as far into her asshole as possible. To lick and suck her young butthole. He loved to watch Vickie’s face…see the strain…her beautiful agony trying to cum still again. To hear her sex noises and to smell her hot, wet baby pussy as she cried out, bucked and grunted her way to another anus flexing, pussy dripping, little girl orgasm. Little girls are so hot. Vickie is so hot. And so helpless.

Back to the video where her Mom was up dancing and enjoying all the sexy black treats on display. The handsome young man she and Brandy were dancing with put his hands on mom’s shoulders pushing her gently to her knees. He grinned and danced with his silk covered cock right in her face. She looked up at him with an mysterious smile on her face…the women goading her on. She grabbed him by his thighs pulling him closer to her face, rubbing the tip of her nose on his silk cock; she could smell his sex. Brave Brandy reached inside his shorts and pull out that thick Hershey’s colored arch of semi-erect cock. It was really big and beautiful …like Vickie’s Daddy’s accept bigger, longer and darker! Brandy grinned and stroked it a bit offering it to Vickie’s Mom! The ladies went crazy at the sight of Brandy manhandling the boy’s manhood. Her Mom sucked it into her mouth. Just like that! She started to pump it with one hand, working her lips and mouth while taking his balls in her other hand massaging them as she focused on her delicious work. She clearly enjoyed this young man’s penis. She was sucking and slurping his beautiful cock to full erection and it didn’t take long for him to get long and completely hard. Vickie was as astounded at the size of the thing as she was at watching her Mother work on it. Women around the club stood to get a better look at the cock and the cock sucking. They were cheering Mom on leering, giggling things in each other’s ears. And licking their lips. There wasn’t a dry seat (or pair of panties) in the house. The young black just smiled and kept dancing; he rolled his eyes at another of the black dancers, laughing and yelling at him “What are ya gonna do? They’re all cock deprived, horny white women!”

Mom finally forced the head of his cock down her throat, gagging herself hard but she kept on struggling with it, trying to swallow more of it. Vickie came right on the spot! Wham! She went stiff, her legs suddenly straight out, toes curled and point to the ceiling bouncing her little ass off the bed. She sucked in her breath and squirted all over her sheets. She rarely squirted but she completely lost control seeing her Mother deep throat this kid and squirted.

Every woman in the video had to have a wet pussy just watching her Mom give this young black boy serious head. There was an urgency now in her loud sucking, moaning and mmmmm noises. Her eyes were closed, her face getting red, her cheeks hollowed to increase the suction on his delicious black master piece, she pulled on his balls….then the video went black, then back on but shaking and turned on its side then black again with garbled sounds. And then the picture was back on but in a new place…like a house, a living room or something, Vickie didn’t recognize it.
Several women were on the couch talking and her Mon was there with them. In came a cake covered with candles. Laughter and the off key tones of ‘Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…’ filled the room. Out go the candles with two big breathes from her Mom followed by the applause of all her girlfriends. The camera move around again creating a disorienting feeling of party and fun. Presents appear in the frame; brightly colored wrapping paper covers the coffee table and floor around it as Mom opens her gifts. There was naughty girl giggling and taunting the sexy underwear, dirty magazines, boxes of magnum condoms and gaudy colored French ticklers, a calendar of mostly naked Firemen and finally out of a box comes the same black dildo Vickie has in her hands right now! One of the ladies took it and licked it asking to borrow it! All gifts were presented to the camera for approval and questionable record. Fun though.
Vickie decided Brandy must be behind the camera because she is nowhere in sight and Vickie could hear that bawdy laugh of hers close to the picture.

‘OK lady, the best is yet to come!’ said Brandy. Go open the front door birthday girl. The camera went with her. The door opened and there he stood. Mom whispered, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God. Aren’t you the guy….? You’re the dancer at the club! Oh my God I’m so embarrassed about what I did! Mom was blushing big time. The handsome young man said, ‘Don’t be. I’m not. You were very good at that and guess what? I’m one of you birthday presents! You have me to play with for the next two hours.’
‘Oh my God’ said Mom again. She looked at Brandy behind the camera and gasped! ‘Did you….I mean is this for real?’ The women all went absolutely crazy!
‘I know this has been a long time dream of yours; to have a young black lover for an evening so here he is! Just for you but there is one stipulation. I am going to video the entire thing for future nights when he isn’t here to pleasure you so you can use the big dildo while watching this again and again. And so we can all watch it too! Deal?’
‘Deal!’ says Vickie’s Mom. Yes, absolutely a deal. I want you to watch the whole thing but you only get to watch! He is just for me. Deal?’ ‘Damn! OK, Deal.’ says best friend Brandy with a mischievous grin.

Vickie jumped with start with the quick cut to the bedroom. Her Mother already naked, the handsome black kid naked, a close up of his fully erect cock in her mouth. She was into some serious cock sucking now, big sloppy, hungry slurping and load moaning too. Her Mother was really enjoying herself with this kid and his extraordinary cock. Shoving her head so far down on it again gagged her hard like before but she went right back after it. Thick drool hanging from his dick and her mouth as she worked herself into that delirious automatic sex place women get to during really erotic sex. No stopping her now, she was way too far gone. A woman on a mission to be fucked and wildly so by a beautiful black man. To eat his cum, to have his cum in her pussy and to feel his hot juice shot way up her asshole. He pulled his dick from her mouth leaned down and kissed her deeply, his tongue sliding into her mouth and hers into his.

Vickie was working her little pussy hard now with the dildo. She was panting, red faced and sopping wet down there. This was the hottest thing this little girl had ever seen. She loved to kiss a man and to be kissed, really kissed like a grown woman…his tongue and teeth; a man’s breathe. Her Daddy kissed her that way. She lusted after that. She would do anything, anything for him after the spent some time kissing her senseless.

Daydreaming about her Dad, Vickie was watching her own Mother kissing and was having sex with a young black kid while her best friend shot the whole thing on video. A porn movie with her Mother as the star or subject or victim or the slut whatever you wanted to call her. She was as good as any women Vickie had seen in the books or movies…better because she was totally real, really having sex. Vickie turned the dildo pointing up her young cunt and began pushing it in a little. She still had her hymen…she was still a vaginal virgin because her Dad had not yet fucked her pussy. He had taken her anally several times to preserve her ‘virginity’. Vickie was about to put an end to that herself. She wanted him to fuck her like a real woman. To fuck him like a real woman would even if she was only a child. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and rammed the big black rubber cock into her pussy. A quick yelp, a small amount of blood, a moment to recover and Vickie was good to go. Ready to fuck for real. To surprise her Daddy next week. 11 years old and able to be a true fuck slut. Thanks to her Mom and a naked black boy! She began fucking herself in and out with the realistic cock. It was big. It was heaven. She was going to cum again just as her Mother’s face appeared in the frame close-up about to take that big black cock from behind for the first time.

His large hands opened her ass, spread her; He licked his fingers running them over Mom’s pussy lips sticking out the back side, wetting her cunt some more. Then he pointed his cock at her shiny pink slot and drove it home in one big thrust. The look that came over her Mom’s face was incredible! Her mouth dropped open in a big ‘OOOOO”. Her eyes bulged. Her face a combination of surprise, pain, disbelief and ecstasy. Perhaps more shock, surprise and pain initially but then dreamy eyed, mouth open lust was all over her face. Mom began a guttural grunting, snorting, wiggling her butt and humping her back to meet his erect penis. His long balls slapped hard against her clit. The boy held her firmly by her hips and ass sliding a thumb way up into her asshole to create more pressure, to give her even more pleasure and to give him even more control of her pretty business end. He began to seriously fuck her brains out. She was out of it now. Her eyes rolled back into her head and back to camera and up into her head again. She tried to smile but was overcome with sexual heat scrunching up her face and fucking back on the cock with renewed urgency wanting to cum. Brandy whispered encouragement…’fuck for him baby! Take his cock. Cum all over that big black dick girl. Work beautiful, work that butt darlin’. Oh, fuck him sweet girl. Your tits are beautiful banging together, I love them. Your sex smells so good, it fills the room. Goddamn, shit I’m horny!’’ says Brandy.

Vickie’s Mom was still on her hands and knees, still had her head up working against the young man’s cock behind her but she was losing the battle to remain in that position…or winning it depending upon your point of view. As a woman heads towards orgasm on her hands and knees, most of them drop down to their tits and face on the bed arching their backs so their ass is fully open and exposed to their partner as their orgasm approaches. When he slid his thumb up her butt she went into this head down ‘Oh shit!’ helpless position. Vickie had succumbed to the cock in this same position many times with her Dad pumping her young asshole full of his cock and his cum. With help from her finger she could have an anal orgasm at 11. She knew what her Mother was feeling right now. Vickie came again, hard, for the very first time watching her mother cum. The camera was right there looking closely at her ass as the black cock stroked in and out of her generous cunt. As her orgasm over took her, the young man removed his thumb from her asshole and her anus began dramatic spasms, clenching closed and opening again …..Those beautiful contractions of lust. Vickie thought she was really beautiful being fuck to orgasm. She wondered if she looked like that when she lost control, her body spamming to orgasm. She understood why her father loved to make her cum. Vickie decided that all women were incredible hot and pretty when they were cumming. As her mother began another orgasm Vickie was going over the edge again too with that vibrating dildo in her sweet young cunt. The child and her mother came together moaning and grunting, fucking their partners hard in release. Both pussies dripping girl cum. The both results of heavy fucking. Mom collapsed rolling on to her side, thick, white sperm oozing out of her wet, well fucked cunt. Vickie was about to get her eyes to roll back where they belonged in her head. Working to catch her breath. Her little pussy was wet, red and stretched open around the dildo.

‘Oh no please!’, it was her Mother’s voice on the video. Turning her and pulling her white ass back up in the air, the black boy wasn’t finished with her yet! Mom was still shuttering and having aftershocks from her orgasm. Vickie’s clit was so sensitive she accidently touched the vibrating dildo to it! Whoa! She jumped straight up in the air shaking and giggling.

The kid was about to mount her Mom again. Stroking his now well lubricated, glistening black cock; his target this time? Her asshole! Oh…. My…. God!
Brandy moved the camera around to see the big thing try to penetrate her best friend’s ass. He caught her off guard and in one long steady powerful thrust he was in and sunk to his balls in her splayed open, relaxed butthole. She was still sympathetically open and relaxed back there from her last cunt fucking. Mom yelped loud and tried to lunge forward off the cock when she realized what was happening. But the boy had her firmly by one hip and a fist full of hair pulling her head way back to meet his anal attack. Mom was absolutely helpless. Again her mouth gapped wide open from the sheer size, the power and the strain of taking his erection in her asshole. She was stretched to the limit. This guy had to be 5” or 6” in diameter. Plenty even for full grown well used, experienced woman. Vickie stared at the screen in shock and amazement. Frozen watching her Mother being taken again, all but raped, reaching back with one hand trying to block his deepest penetrations, begging for him to go slow. Slow was not in this beautiful black kid’s vocabulary.

His sweat dripping on her ass, he gave the camera a dangerous grin and power fucked her white round butt until she seemed almost unconscious. And then he fucked her some more. Then it started. Barely audible at first but stronger and stronger she began to hear her Mother. ‘Oh shit! Oh God! Oh, Oh, Oooooh…!’ Each time he sank into her up to his balls, every time he hit bottom in her asshole Vickie’s Mom was virtually crying, heaving and gulping for air and whining ‘Oh shit! Oh God!’ Oh my God! Oh, -Oh, -Oh shit!’ Her head still was still yanked back so hard she was almost looking at the ceiling, her back arched impossibly turning her pretty ass up for his eyes and his sexual pleasure. Her throat was so tight in this position she had to struggle and choke the air into her lungs.

Vickie was getting scared for her Mom. How much more of this could she take? She was bouncing like a rag doll on his cock. Crying, tears running down her face, snot running out of her nose, drooling, and her hair flying in the air, those big tits bouncing wildly. Now even Brandy was getting a little worried about her friend and began asking ‘you all right honey?’ No answer, just more ‘Oh shits!”. Again ‘Baby are you OK?’ Still no answer then finally one word at a time in rhythm to the ass fucking she was taking, ‘ Oh, oh …God…ye, ye, yesssssss! Oh God. Fuck my asshole, fuck me, fuck me ’ Her hand was now not trying to stop his thrusts but was actually wrapped around his muscular, glossy black ass pulling him into her! She’s OK. She was in the middle of one huge, long orgasm. Helpless to do anything but babble, cum some more, grunt, flop on the end of the cock and cry out ‘Oh sheeee-it!’

Happy Vickie! Real happy Brandy. Incredibly happy black guy. Awesomely happy, exhausted Mom!

Vickie is cumming again. ‘Oh sheeee-it!” says the beautiful , horny 11 year old girl.
Her little cunt is ready to fuck like a grown woman’s now. And willing.

Her Dad was coming home next week! Surprise Daddy!

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