“Cheers to less than an hour to the New Year!”

As my dad finished the toast, the four of us tapped our glasses together and then took a sip. This was the first year my parents were letting my sister and I drink champagne for New Year’s. In the past we had always stayed up for the ball dropping and drank ginger ale while they had champagne, but I guess they felt we were okay to have some champagne this year. When I had found out, I actually complained at first that my sister shouldn’t get to drink at 12 since I wasn’t allowed to when I was 12 (I was 14, turning 15 in a month), but they said that if she doesn’t get any, I don’t get any. I let the argument die there.

I should also explain that my family goes about New Year’s a little differently than most people. Rather than waiting til midnight for the first glass of champagne, my parents pour the first glass around 11 and we celebrate the last hour of the old year and then generally the first half hour of the New Year before everyone goes to sleep.

“So how do you like champagne, Dan?”

My mom had asked the question as I was pulling away my glass. I’m sure she thought this was the first time I had ever had alcohol of any sort, but that’s not the case. I had started high school in the fall, and during the past couple months, I had been going over to a friend’s house whose dad drank tons of wine. He wasn’t a wine collector or anything, he didn’t have a cellar full of wine or any valuable wines or anything, he just liked to drink wine, and he always had a small cooler in his basement full of wine bottles. I’m sure it was really cheap wine, but when you’re in high school you don’t worry about quality – alcohol is alcohol. So two or three of us would go over to his house, when his parents weren’t around (they went on tons of trips) and we’d drink a bottle of wine or two while playing darts or billiards, both of which his dad also had set up in the cellar.

“It’s not bad,” I replied to my mom feigning a bit of shock at the taste in my facial expression, assuming she was looking for something like that.

“Well, I think that Sarah likes it!” Mom and I turned to look at my sister just in time to see her let up a small burp while holding an empty champagne glass. Dad had made the comment, and was now laughing My mom joined in while I just stared at her wide eyed. That probably was her first taste of alcohol, and she had just chugged it!

Mom told Sarah that she’s not supposed to chug champagne, she’s supposed to sip it, blah blah blah. I didn’t really pay attention, I was just a little in shock at it. I mean, the first time I drank a couple months ago, I was drunk after four glasses of wine and acting like an idiot. After six I had passed out on the floor. I didn’t want to do that in front of my parents, so I wasn’t planning on drinking more than three glasses of champagne, which is generally all my parents have drank on New Year’s Eve in the past. I don’t know if my little sister thought she was supposed to chug or if she was trying to prove something or what she was thinking, but that first drink was my first hint that the evening was going to be interesting.

I should also explain that I’m not kidding when I call her my “little sister.” I’m not that tall, but at 5’7”, I’m taller than both my parents. My dad’s about an inch shorter than me, and my mom an inch or two shorter than him. My sister is barely 5’1”, and apparently her doctor doesn’t think she’s going to be getting much taller. I mention this because I know that being that small affects how much alcohol she can hold – which wasn’t too much.

The rest of the hour was similar to that first drink.

Sarah was only poured one more glass before midnight that my parents knew about. But whenever my parents weren’t looking, Sarah would take sips of champagne from their glasses. A couple times when they left the room, Sarah drank straight from the champagne bottle until she heard them coming back. I never knew why she was doing this, I guess she thought it was cool, like she was showing me up or something (she did smile kinda egotistically at me when she did it sometimes). I just let her do it, smiled at her, and never told mom or dad, figuring she’d pay the price tomorrow morning.

Now I’m not going to talk about everything that happened before midnight, but I will share a couple highlights.

Shortly after 11:30, we were watching some pop star singing in Times Square on TV. I don’t know who, as I don’t listen to pop music, I’m more of a rock guy. At some point my dad commented that the girl was going to “pop out of her top.” My mom then agreed adding that she should watch out. Then my sister chimed in with, “I wish I had that problem.” Everyone then turned to look at her.

Now this was an odd statement for a couple reasons: first, it was kinda a personal comment, something Sarah generally wouldn’t say in front of the whole family, clearly indicating she was somewhat less than sober; second, for a 12 year old, she really has bigger than normal boobs anyhow.

“Sarah, I don’t think you need to be any bigger than you are right now,” my mom replied. This was probably true, as Sarah has what looks like two grapefruit halves for a chest, far bigger than your normal 12 year old (though they couldn’t really be seen at the moment since we were all in our pajamas and she was just wearing an oversized t-shirt that went down to her knees).

Sarah was quick to reply, “Yeah, but I want mine to be like yours!”

“What – these?” While saying that, my mom grabbed one of her boobs and shook it up and down a few times. Now, this actually wasn’t that out of the ordinary. While mom is somewhat short and a little thin, she has giant boobs. I guess they get in the way of things or something as she talks about them all the time, usually complaining. Also, my dad’s sister, though slightly on the chubby side, has even bigger boobs, and I’ve heard my mom and my aunt talk about them a lot in my life, so I’m kinda used to it.

In response Sarah just nodded then looked down and grabbed her own boobs, I guess trying to make them jiggle like mom’s did when she shook hers. Now, I had seen my mom do this a million times, and I never really got anything from it, but this was the first time I saw my sister do it, and for whatever reason I found that, I don’t know, hot I guess, as I felt my crotch jump a little. I had never thought of my sister like that before, and it kinda bothered me. But I had to admit Sarah was pretty hot. Her body mostly looked older than 12, hell, it was better than most girls in my grade, except she was a lot shorter than most girls.

“Well honey, I don’t think you’re gonna have a problem there with your genes,” my mom replied, causing my dad to laugh. “It’s just gonna take time.”

This went on for a bit more, my mom and my sister talking about boobs, and how my sister wanted more now, and my dad and I just looking at each rolling our eyes trying to ignore it.

The other thing happened a little more than five minutes before midnight. I got up saying I was gonna get something to eat from the kitchen. As I did, Sarah got up saying she had to pee. I watched my sister have some trouble getting up from her chair and trying to walk straight to the bathroom, which she couldn’t. I tried, successfully, to hold back from laughing, but had a huge smile on my face. I looked at my parents, who were watching too and were also clearly trying to hold back from laughing at their clearly drunken daughter (though they thought she was drunk off two glasses of champagne, and I knew she had far more). When she was about halfway across the room, I turned to go to the kitchen. While walking back towards the living room, I heard a noise that I couldn’t quite place, though it didn’t take me long to figure it out. As I walked out of the kitchen, the living room is on my right, while the bathroom is on the left. Sarah apparently had not closed the door all the way, and the way our bathroom door works, if it isn’t totally closed, it pops open an inch or two. I could clearly hear Sarah’s pee shooting into the toilet, and for a brief couple seconds while walking by, I saw Sarah holding her oversized t-shirt around her stomach and her naked hip while sitting on the can. While I couldn’t really see anything else, I felt my crotch jump again. I had the sudden desire to stay there and watch her, but I knew my parents could see me, so I just kept on walking back to my spot on the couch. My parents were laughing and whispering to each other, I’m assuming about how drunk Sarah was.

Soon enough, we all heard the stream of pee stop, then a flush, then a bit later the door open and watched her stumble back to the chair she had been in.

It was almost midnight then so my dad poured everyone another glass of champagne, though he poured Sarah’s last and only gave her half a glass. Sarah immediately complained, through some heavy slurring. My dad looked back at my mom. She just smiled and shrugged, so dad did the same in response and filled up Sarah’s glass.

Then we all watched as the ball dropped. As the countdown hit one, we all stood up, then cheered, toasted the New Year, laughed, and so forth. Ten minutes later, everyone had finished their champagne, and Sarah looked to be passed out on the chair, which we all laughed about. I was actually feeling kinda tipsy myself. My dad poured himself and mom another glass, and was about to pour me some when I told him I was good.

“What,” he replied, “You don’t want to end up like Sarah?” We all had a good laugh at that, looking at her passed out with her head on the arm of the chair.

While mom and dad had their next glass, I brought the empty dishes we had used for snacks along with mine and my sister’s champagne glasses into the kitchen. I also got a quick drink of water, trying to keep myself from getting drunk.

When I got back to the living room, my parents were discussing what to do with Sarah. They decided they shouldn’t leave her there, so my dad went over to pick her up and carry her upstairs to her room. He scooped her up with both arms with her legs hanging over one side. As he walked towards the hall to get to the stairs, his foot hit our dog who had been asleep in the middle of the floor. He stumbled forwards, which caused Sarah’s body to lift up from his arms for a bit and the shirt to float farther up, which inadvertently gave me a quick glimpse of my sister’s hot pink panties. My crotch jumped again.

“Be careful! Don’t hurt the poor girl,” mom exclaimed as my dad caught both my sister and his footing.

Dad just looked down at Sarah, still knocked out in his arms despite that small trip. “No worries there, I think I could drop her on a hard floor and she’d still sleep through it!”

Mom and I laughed while dad continued to carry Sarah to her room upstairs. As we heard him on the stairs, my mom changed the events of the rest of the night by smiling and saying, “Don’t get any ideas.”

I had no idea what she was talking about, so I just said, “What?”

“I saw you look at her underwear, just don’t get any ideas.” Crap! Apparently my mom had seen her panties too!

I quickly made a disgusted face and replied, “Come on, she’s my sister.”

“Yeah, but she’s also a beautiful girl.”

I made my face even more disgusted and turned away from her. My mom then started laughing, but I didn’t turn my head back or say anything.

My dad came back soon and announced, “Well, I think she’s out for the night, and probably most of tomorrow too!” We all got a laugh out of that. Then he came around to my mom, and rather than sitting down, just bent down to kiss her.

I knew what that meant! I quickly announced, “Guess I’m going to bed too,” and headed upstairs amongst some “good nights” and “happy New Year’s” from my parents, who got off and started walking towards the other end of the living room, dad’s hand sliding around my mom’s butt. I really don’t know if my parents think they are subtle about sex, but my sister and I have known that they’ve been doing it as long as we knew what “it” was. They go into their room and lock the door (I know as a few years ago I tried to open it to peek), so they apparently try to hide it somewhat, but then they are really loud, especially my mom, which kinda ruins their efforts of trying to hide what they’re doing.

But yeah, the way our house is set up, my parents’ room is off to the side of the first floor while the second floor has just two bedrooms and a bathroom. I went up to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, washed my face, and then took a pee. While peeing I could lightly hear my mom’s moans begin and just rolled my eyes. I guess most people get disgusted at thoughts of their parents fucking, but I’m so used to hearing it that it doesn’t faze me.

I flushed the toilet and was walking across the hall when I stopped halfway. My sister’s bedroom door was next to where I stopped, and it was open a crack. All the sudden some earlier comments started running through my head – “I think I could drop her on a hard floor and she’d still sleep through it” – “Yeah, but she’s also a beautiful girl” – “Don’t get any ideas.”

Who knows if I would have gotten any “ideas” anyhow, but my mom telling me not to get any ideas gave me the idea, well, to get ideas. And so, I walked to my room, closed my bedroom door (just in case my parents came up for any reason, which they probably wouldn’t cause I don’t think they ever do), and then turned around and walked to Sarah’s room.

I opened her door and closed it behind me.

“Sarah….” A quiet whisper.

No response.

It was really dark, I waited a bit for my eyes to adjust then walked up to her bed. I could see the outline of her body beneath her comforter. I guess dad had just pulled down the comforter and sheets, then placed Sarah down, and put the sheets on top of her. It didn’t look like she had moved since she had been put there.

“Sarah!” This time louder.

Still no response.

Her head was facing away from me. I reached out for her shoulder and briefly rubbed it through her shirt. I leaned in right above her ear.

“Sarah!” As loud as I dared without my parents hearing.

And still no response.

I stood up and smiled looking down on her. I then figured I’d go for the final test, figuring I’d say I was playing a joke on her if she woke up. I climbed on the bed, straddled her over the comforter, and shook Sarah up and down and side to side for at least half a minute. I then got off the bed and stood next to it like I was before. Besides her hair being all over the place and her head now being twisted to the other side, she hadn’t moved. She showed no signs whatsoever of being awake. Dad was right. He could have dropped her and she would have slept through it! I knew she was bad before that last glass of wine, but that last one really must have done her in! I mean, she is a small thing, and with all the extra champagne she drank that my parents didn’t know about, she could really be out. I suddenly freaked out for a second and wondered if she was okay and if I should tell my parents she drank all that extra. I leaned in close to her face, twisting my head as I did so. My ear was right next to her mouth. I could feel and hear her breathing. She was okay! Just knocked out drunk. I smiled. I twisted my head and gave her a peck on the lips. My sister and I were pretty close and we often gave each other pecks on the lips, in a sibling like manner. I knew that anything more I did would be the most I had done, not only with her, but with any girl.

I leaned in and kissed her lips again, this time slipping my tongue out and over her lips, and then slipping it inside her mouth. It felt great! I rubbed my tongue against her tongue for a bit, until I realized that the champagne taste in her mouth clashed really badly with the toothpaste taste in mine. I lifted my body up and stood looking over her again. I smiled knowing I could do anything I want to her, and she’d never know.

I went to the foot of the bed and put my hands on my sister’s ankles over the covers and began sliding them up her legs. I felt the outline of her body through the covers. When I got to where her legs met, I spent a minute or so rubbing where I knew her pussy was. I felt my dick getting hard while doing this. I then continued up her body until I had a hand on each one of her boobs. My first boobs! They felt bigger than they looked, but then I wondered if that was just the comforter. I slid my hands up until I got to the top of the covers. I grabbed them with both hands and dragged them down towards the foot of the bed. After I pulled them completely off of her, I folded them up at the bottom of the bed so that they would be easy to pull back up when I was done. I then just stared at my sister passed out on her bed.

Mom was right – she was a beautiful girl! She was a little thinner than most, but not super-skinny. Everyone in our family was like that. She had long dark brunette hair that, while normally wavy, was currently all over the place from when I shook her and just looked like a tangled mess. Her legs looked somehow long, despite her being so short, and despite the t-shirt she was wearing going down to her knees. Dad must have pulled her shirt down after putting her down. But it must have been some kind of optical illusion, cause her legs did look long, and damn attractive. She even looked like she had the beginnings of some hips coming in! Most importantly though, even laying down, her chest was pushing the shirt up. She was definitely larger than most girls in the boob arena, even larger than most girls in my grade. I could clearly see the shape of her breasts through the shirt. Well, not clearly because there was no real light.

And then I remembered! Sarah used to have a nightlight on her dresser from when she was younger. I quickly ran over to look for it, knowing I’d want to see what I did next. I fumbled around for a bit on her dresser, it was hard to distinguish everything that was on it, but I did eventually find the nightlight and quickly turned it on. Just as quickly I was back at Sarah’s bed.

The next part was going to be a bit complicated – pulling the shirt up that she was laying on. First I pulled the shirt up to her butt underneath, and then over the front of her panties on top. Seeing them close up now, I saw that her panties were not just pink, they were also lacy. I wondered briefly why she had such nice underwear, if mom had bought them or if she had, but then decided I had more important things to do. I thought about pulling her panties down then, and actually put my hand on top of her panty-clad pussy, but realized I wanted to save that for last.

I then got on the bed and straddled Sarah’s legs. From there I pushed one hand underneath her butt, pulled her body off the bed, and then pulled her shirt up with the other hand. I repeated this process three times, moving my hand underneath her body up each time, until I had the back of the shirt up to her shoulders. The front was still covering her boobs – but not for long! I brought both hands to the bottom of her shirt, which was now just under her boobs, and pulled the shirt up to her neck.

They were beautiful! Large soft mounds sticking up, capped by puffy, conical nipples! I couldn’t help myself, I immediately put my head down and started sucking on one of her nipples, running my tongue in circles around the nipple while sucking hard. It wasn’t long before I felt the tip of the nipple start to get hard. When it was as hard as I thought it would get, I finally pulled off. The tiny puffy nipple now had a small hard point at the end! It kinda looked like a pencil eraser. I ran my finger around it and flicked it a few times. Then I ran a finger from my other hand over her other nipple which was not hard. I compared the feel of them, how they reacted to flicking, and slowly, before my eyes, that nipple got hard too. I then just played with her boobs as a whole. Grabbing them, pushing them together, pulling them apart, shaking them just to watch them jiggle – they were amazing! I leaned in and started licking her boobs, not just her nipples, but her whole boobs!

I eventually sat up again and just looked at her boobs again, now covered in my saliva. I rubbed them with my hands to try and dry them off, wiping the saliva from my hands onto my pajama bottoms. When I was done, I looked down to see my hard dick poking at the crotch of my pajamas. I also noticed that my butt was right on top of her pussy. It was then that I knew it was time for the final treat!

I slid my body off the bed and stood up at the foot of it. I reached forward to Sarah’s panties, grabbed them by the side and, without thinking twice, pulled them all the way down her legs and off. I looked at the panties briefly, smelled them out of curiosity, noted they smelled good, then just tossed them on the floor and climbed back on the bed straddling my sister’s legs.

I stared down at the line between my sister’s legs. I don’t know what I was expecting to see, I had never even seen pictures of pussies before, only the stupid medical diagrams they show you in sex ed (I hadn’t even seen any softcore porn before). While it didn’t look like much at first, I could feel my dick pulsating in response. All there was was a tiny little line surrounded by really small hairs that I could barely see, though I could feel them as I ran my hand in circles around her mound. I guess my sister just hadn’t gotten much in the way of pubic hair yet, despite the size of her boobs.

I quickly realized I couldn’t do or see much with her legs as close together as they were, especially with me straddling them. I got off the bed, and pushed my sister’s legs as far apart as they could, which ended up being pretty far as she ended up with the ends of her legs dangling off either side of her bed. Then, instead of sitting down, I laid on the bottom of her bed with my head about six inches from Sarah’s pussy.

It didn’t look like a line anymore. The lips had spread apart and I could just barely see the insides, which looked pink. I reached up with my hands and pulled the two lips far apart, and now I could see everything. It was definitely pink in there! I immediately became engrossed in the hole that I saw, which, while actually pretty small, looked huge as close as I was. Then there were what looked to be tiny flaps on either side of the whole, and a little nub just above it. While keeping some fingers holding the lips apart, I let others slide around on the insides, feeling the flaps, the nub, and even pushing slightly into her hole. However, I quickly found some kind of resistance when I tried to push my finger in there and, while I may not have seen a pussy before, I had taken sex ed, and knew that was her virginity I had hit, and that it would probably bleed if I pushed too hard, and bleeding was something I would not be able to cover up for the morning, so I decided I couldn’t push any farther into her hole. With anything. Which was very disappointing.

I continued to slide my fingers around the rest of her pussy, playing with the flaps and the nub, surprised by how slippery it was between those lips! Soon, I couldn’t take it anymore, inched my body up a bit, and started licking it. I was immediately greeted by a sweet, sweet flavor – I don’t know how to describe it, but I immediately loved it! I licked the flaps and then the nub, which I played around with for a bit. I had a lot of fun pushing it to one side, then the other, doing circles around it, and such. But eventually, my tongue slid over her hole. While I knew I couldn’t push my tongue too far inside it, I could push up to the resistance I felt, and that’s just what I did – over and over! The flavor was so strong there I just couldn’t bring myself to stop! I must have been going for minutes when I realized I was rocking my hips against the foot of her bed. I knew that I did not want to cum like that, so I decided to stop, I slid my tongue out the bottom of her hole, and ran it down between her legs, letting go of her pussy lips to push her hips up a bit so that I could just barely lick her butthole. I just briefly licked that before deciding that wasn’t too exciting, not too mention uncomfortable, so I stopped, and got off the bed again.

I stood at the side of the bed staring at my near naked sister. Then I realized that I was staring at my near-naked sister! And there-in lied a problem – why wasn’t I staring at my fully naked sister?

The shirt may not have been covering anything, but I wanted to look at my sister completely naked. Through some creative maneuvering (thankfully oversized t-shirts have very large armholes!) I eventually got the shirt off my sister’s arms, then over her head. This also let me know Sarah was still completely out of it.

And then I stood at the side of the bed staring at my naked sister! I turned her head so that it was facing me and just stared at her body – her big boobs, her puffy nipples (still hard!), her flat stomach (with just a bit of the bottom of her ribcage showing), her slightly hairy pussy, and her smooth, beautiful legs still hanging off either side of the bed. As I looked her over, my hand slid down and started rubbing my dick through my boxers and pajama bottoms. I hadn’t even realized I was moving it until I felt it! I rubbed for about a minute before I decided I needed to stop and figure out how I wanted to cum.

I knew I couldn’t fuck her, as I had felt her virginity there, and that really limited my options. I leaned forward and pushed Sarah’s boobs together and smiled. That would be it! I’d tittyfuck my sister and cum on her boobs!

I immediately began stripping out of all my clothes. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right! Both of us naked! It took mere seconds for my clothes to be in a pile on the ground, me standing next to my sister naked, my skinny six-inch dick pointing at her boobs. As soon as I saw where it was pointing, I nodded, smiled, and got on the bed again, straddling my sister just below her boobs.

I pushed my dick down and then pushed her boobs together. It took a couple of tries to get it to stay there. I started humping my hips up into her boobs with my hands pushing them together, my thumbs on her nipples. I kept at it for a couple minutes, but eventually decided that, despite how good it felt on my dick, the position itself was just too uncomfortable to cum in. My legs were hurting and my arms were starting to ache. And I thought to my self, ‘Shit, there goes that idea.’

I had no idea what to do next. I didn’t have any other ideas of cool ways to cum on my sister. I just lay down on top of her as I decided what to do. I felt my hard dick pressed against her stomach while I lay next to her, my head on the pillow next to hers, staring at her sleeping face, feeling her boobs pressed into me just below my chest, my body feeling exactly where her hard nipples were. I slowly started humping my hips against her stomach. It felt great! My dick moving up and down her stomach, occasionally brushing by her belly button. And on one of those brushes against the belly button, I realized what would feel even better! I stopped humping and slid my body down, noticing a puddle of precum at the top of her boobs dripping to her neck and another line of precum on her stomach where I had been humping her. I smiled and kept sliding down until I felt my dick hit her pussy.

I brought one hand down, pulled Sarah’s lips apart, and pushed the shaft of my dick between them, letting the lips close on the sides of my dick. And then I started thrusting up and down inside her lips – and it was incredible! I leaned my head down a bit and started sucking a nipple while I rubbed my dick inside her pussy. I kept thrusting and sucking, every so often changing nipples. This was without question the best feeling I had ever had in my life! I don’t know how long I was doing that for, but it seemed like hours, though it was probably just a few minutes.

As I started to feel like I was going to cum, I lifted my head up to let out a slight moan. I briefly opened my eyes and saw my sister’s face on her pillow, head to the side, mouth hanging open. This led to a sudden change of heart – I wanted to cum in her mouth!

I was right on the edge, so I quickly pulled myself up to the head of the bed, leaned my hips over my sister’s head, turning her head to face up, and put the head of my dick in her mouth. And then, with a single jerk of my dick, I began cumming! I let go with my hand, instead steadying myself over her head and just thrust my dick lightly in a couple inches and then out enough so just the head was in. After six or seven times, I knew I had cum all I could. I stopped thrusting and just laid there over my sister’s head, my dick in her mouth, her mouth full of my cum.

I think I actually fell asleep there for a bit. I wouldn’t know, my sister doesn’t have a clock in her room, I couldn’t check. But the next time I moved, I had to kinda shake myself wake, moving only because my sister had suddenly started snoring, still with my dick in her mouth.

I freaked for a second, wondering if Sarah had woken up at all. I quickly backed off her body til I was standing on the side of her bed again. As I did, her head dropped to its side again, no longer being upright as it had been when my dick had been in her mouth. And as her head dropped to the side, I suddenly realized why she started snoring – a puddle of cum spilled out her mouth onto her pillow as her head dropped. I laughed, momentarily amused that my cum had made her start snoring because she couldn’t breathe through her mouth with all of it, but then I suddenly realized that the cum on the pillow would leave evidence of what I did when she got up in the morning.

I quickly lifted her head straight up with one hand so no more cum would leak out her mouth. Then I tried to scoop up what had gotten on the pillow and put it the first place I could think of – which was of course my sister’s body! I took most of the cum and rubbed it into my sister’s boobs until they were drying, taking the last of the cum and rubbing it into the area around her vagina, which was a bit complicated while still holding her head up. When that was done, my sister was still snoring, so I looked in my sister’s mouth – there was still a lot of cum! I don’t think I ever came that much before in my life!

Carefully, I tilted my sister’s head over to the side, over more than she had before, so that she was facing mostly down, and caught the cum that dripped out with my other hand. When I got all that would fall out, I put her head back upright, though it quickly fell to the side, which was fine as no more cum would fall out of it now. Then I took my hand full of cum, and spread it along the inside of Sarah’s thighs and up into her pussy (though not in her hole, for fear that she could somehow get pregnant), and lifting her hips up, I spread some on her butt and butthole.

When it was all rubbed in, I realized I was hard again. Or still. I never really checked while cleaning out the cum whether or not my dick had dropped. Either way it was standing proud now. And all that fondling of my sister’s privates had certainly not helped him go down. I had to cum again!

Obviously, her mouth wouldn’t work out, that ended up pretty disastrously. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, until I realized I was still holding Sarah’s hips up, and I could see her butt. It was then that I realized I wanted her butt!

Her butthole didn’t have some virginity to let it know it had been fucked. I could do it and she’d never know! I just had to flip her over.

I immediately got to work. I pulled both my sister’s legs together, putting them together for the first time since I had pulled them apart. I then dragged her towards the side of the bed, and then rolled her over towards the middle. I immediately reached for her butt. I spread her cheeks but realized that I couldn’t get to her butthole in that position. I tried spreading her legs, but that barely improved matters. And then I decided to fold her legs up under her, which both allowed me access to her butthole and made her boobs hang a bit so that I could hold them while fucking her butt! That’s right, I was going to fuck her butt! I had never really fantasized about anal sex before, but right then it was all I could think about!

I got up on the bed kneeling behind my sister’s raised hips. I ran a finger up from her pussy to her butthole and poked my finger inside a bit – immediately my dick jumped, knowing what was coming. I got my finger in to the first knuckle then tried to pull it out. It took awhile, as her butt was really tight and dry. When I got my finger out I put it into my mouth to get it wet. I was kinda worried about putting a finger from her butt in my mouth, wondering if it would taste bad, but it was okay. Not as good as pussy, but manageable.

Now with my finger wet, I slid it back in, and it went in fine. I twisted my hand around and pressed my finger against the walls of her insides, which felt strangely smooth and a strange combination of soft yet firm. I then brought a finger from my other hand to my mouth and soaked it in saliva, then slid it in my sister’s butt next to my other finger. I then pulled the two fingers apart trying to see inside, and seeing a small bit of reddish-pink. I stretched her butthole in all directions before deciding it was time.

I pulled my fingers out and spit all over one hand, then rubbed that spit around the head of my dick, and then down the shaft. Then I aimed my dick at her butthole. It was then that I became thankful that I had a skinny dick! I had always felt kinda weird knowing my dick was much skinnier than most, but I think if it had been any bigger it wouldn’t have fit in her butt! I placed the head right up against her butthole, took a deep breath, and then pushed my hips forward. And it went in! Slowly, my dick was actually going into my sister! I was having sex! Anal sex, yes, but still sex!

I pushed my dick about halfway in, before it felt like it wouldn’t go any farther. Then I slowly pulled out, and slowly pushed back in. And then I repeated, over and over again, faster and faster. I had to hold onto my sister’s hips to make sure she was staying in the same place, but as I got faster, and my dick went in deeper, she began shaking and moving more because I was pumping into her so quickly!

While it got faster, I had to bite my lips to keep quiet, suddenly realizing why my parents are so loud, as all I wanted to do right then was scream and moan in ecstasy, but knowing that would lead only to bad things!

Finally, I felt myself on the verge of cumming! I started thrusting slower, but harder! Then, I thrust one last time into my sister’s butt and started cumming! I apparently had lost control and thrust too hard, as on that last thrust, I ended up banging the top of Sarah’s head in the headboard of her bed. In a strange conflict of emotion, I was scared of her waking up and worried that I hurt her, but could only focus on cumming, so I just stayed there on my knees, dick nearly five inches in her butt, staring at her head against the headboard.

I must have been in that position for more than a few minutes. First, because it felt so good, later because I was scared to move. Eventually I worked up the courage to pull out of her butthole. There was a small pop sound, followed by a brief gurgling sound as a little of my cum dribbled out her butthole. Not wanting it to drip, I rubbed the cum along her ass crack, and continued doing so until no more cum dribbled out. Then I pulled her legs out straight, and pulled her body a couple inches down the bed so she wasn’t against the headboard anymore. Then I pulled her towards the side of the bed, like I had done before, and rolled her over towards the middle back onto her stomach.

And I once again stared at my naked sister. Her head was hanging off to the side, hair disheveled, body – well, beautiful. She actually didn’t look much different than when I had first got her naked. I felt the top of my sister’s head, and could feel a small bump already. Then I leaned in with my ear towards her mouth again. She was breathing. Almost the exact same way as she had been breathing when I first checked. She was perfectly okay, just perfectly unconscious!

I decided this was the time for me to end my fun. I had cum twice, it had been an amazing night, no need to do anymore and risk getting caught! I grabbed my sister’s pink panties and dragged them up her legs, kissing her pussy one last time before covering it up for good. Then I got the shirt back on her, first over the head, then each arm through its hole, then flattening it out over and under her body, of course kissing each nipple goodbye as I covered them.

I looked down at my sister. She literally looked exactly as she had when I had first pulled the covers down, only her hair was all over the place, but I doubt she would notice that. I then pulled the covers over her, grabbed my clothes, turned off the nightlight, and walked out of the room, closing the door just as much as my dad had when he put her in bed. I then went to my room, laid down naked in my bed, and almost immediately fell asleep.

The next morning, I was having a bowl of cereal, dad was having a cup of coffee, and mom was doing the dishes when Sarah stumbled into the kitchen rubbing the top of her head – her hair in a complete mess, her eyes half-closed, still in the same shirt she was in the night before. She was also walking a little weird, her legs slightly more apart than normal, her feet angled slightly outwards. Mom, dad, and I just looked at her and laughed, though I for different reasons than them. Dad was the first to speak.

“Sleep well, darling?”

“Uggh,” was my sister’s first reply, followed by, “I must have, there’s a stain from my drool last night on my pillow. I haven’t drooled like that in years, I must have really been out.” I choked on my cereal when she said this, immediately remembering the cum that leaked out of her mouth on the pillow, but mom and dad just laughed, so I played off my choking on cereal as if I had tried to laugh.

Sarah then continued, “I also have a really bad headache and I woke up with a weird taste in my mouth.” This I couldn’t help but laugh at.

“Well, baby, I think next New Year’s, you’ll only get two glasses of champagne!” Dad and I laughed at mom’s comment while Sarah continued to look bewildered standing just inside the kitchen.

Later that day, when mom and dad had gone out, I was watching TV in the living room when Sarah came in and sat in the same chair she had been in the night before.

“So how bad was I last night?”

“Pretty bad, why’d you drink all that champagne?”

“I don’t know, I guess, I just wanted to see what its like, people always say not to and don’t give us the chance, who knows when I’d get another chance.”

I laughed. “Well, was it as fun as you expected?”

Sarah groaned. “God no! I don’t think I’ll drink champagne again! I don’t even remember the ball dropping or going to bed!”

I had to laugh again, simply replying, “Really?”

“Yeah, it’s really weird.”

“Well, you weren’t too coherent when the ball dropped, and you passed out in that chair not too long afterwards, just after finishing that last glass of champagne. Dad had to carry you to your bed, and you were so out that he nearly dropped you and you didn’t even flinch, let alone wake up!”

“Really,” was all she could manage in response, putting on a slightly confused look. I just smiled and nodded. Then she slid her hand behind her and started rubbing her butt. I tried to ignore it. She didn’t say much for a bit, then said, “Can I ask you something?”

“Apparently,” I replied. She ignored my sarcastic response.

“Do you know if he did drop me? Or if I fell or something? Cause my ass hurts like hell and I don’t know why.”

I had to laugh to cover my fear. Eventually I responded, “Well, I didn’t see or hear him drop you, but I guess it’s possible. I don’t really know. I guess you just drank too much to remember.”

She nodded. “I guess so.”

And then we went back to watching TV, with Sarah still rubbing her sore butt, and me smiling to myself.

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2014-03-04 23:08:32
This story is about RAPE. And it sux. Incest that both people want and enjoy is love. Shame on those that enjoyed this sick shit. I could not read more than a few inches down.

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2013-12-30 01:29:37
not real good could have been much better IF she was only pretending to be passed out and IF you had continued with them haveing more sex all the time. as is it was a waste of time and legally rape since she couldn't agree to it and therefore this needs a nonconsent tag.

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2009-09-14 22:33:56
Dude anal sex is the best part2 coming soon??

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2009-07-08 15:57:04
That was fucking awesome! 9/10 I usually don't care for butt sex, but this one was very well done!

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