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my aunt completely uses me
This is true believe it or not my aunt went nuts on me one night. This is what happened.
I was 15 years old when my uncle passed away in his 50's. My aunt who was in her 50's also was devastated. To make things worse she didn’t have any of her children around to be with her during that time. So being the closest to her at the time I went over with her and tried to be there for her but she was crying hard. I finally got her to stop crying but it was late so she asked me to stay the weekend since it was summer I called my parents and they said it wouldn’t be a problem if I stayed the weekend or the week it didn’t matter. She showed me the spare room and we talked in their awhile. She then gave me a hug and thanked me for spending the time with her I told her no problem. I then went to sleep feeling both sad for my aunt yet feeling like I had done a good thing staying with her. My aunt was a shorter woman maybe 5'7 not fat but heavy set, big boobs they were DD’s, thick thighs.
While I was sleeping she snuck into my room wearing a black silk nightgown. With nothing under it. She snuck in the room while I was sleeping and handcuffed my feet to the bed then handcuffed my hands to the bed. I woke up when she was handcuffing my last hand to the bed post. I startled said what are you doing? She then got on top of me by straddling me. She said this is the only way I could have you. I said what do you mean have me im your nephew! This was one night I wished I had worn more to bed then boxers and a shirt. She said that’s beside the point. I said what are u going to do. She said what do you think and began grinding on me. She then began kissing my neck. I started screaming someone help me please help! She stopped kissing me and looked at me and said o baby who do you think your screaming to? No one is home or coming home, and the next house is 5 miles away. You can keep screaming if you want im enjoying the helplessness. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips sliding in her tongue this time. She then said so our you a virgin? I said yes but please let me go I wont tell anyone I swear just let me go. She said im not letting you go and the virgin thing just got me really turned on, just think of all I can teach you, you can accept it or not I really don’t care but im going to use you, you are now your aunts personal play toy and that virgin think isn’t going to last very long if I can help it and judging by the state of things I can! She then leaned down and kissed my neck again increasing the pressure of grinding on my groin. I was speechless. She ripped my shirt while continuing to grind on me she began moving down from my neck to my throat sucking and licking my Adams apple. She then kissed my chest sucking on both my nipples I was squirming trying to get away but it was useless to try. She moved down my stomach licking it. She stopped at my boxers and all I could do is watch in horror she gave me a smile and licked her lips then grabbed my cock through my boxers and began groping me. So how big are you? I gave it one more attempt to reason with her I said please don’t do this I promise no one will ever know just please don’t do this. Continuing to fondle me through my boxers she said sorry but you have no say in this but you being so vulnerable is doing something to me honestly its like foreplay. She pulled down by boxers and my cock came flopping out. She said you are a big boy aren’t you I wish I would of noticed this along time ago!! So how big are you? Lets see she gets off of me and grabs a ruler off the dresser and says your 8 inches and your not even hard yet you have to be at least a foot long hard if not longer! What I love is how thick it is!!! we will soon see how thick and long it is, But right now someone has a chubby, but who gave you that she then laughed sadistically, was it your aunt who did that you are a sick sick boy don’t worry though were family I forgive you!
She then grabbed my cock and licked the head of it. She then licked the entire underside of my cock. After lubricating my entire cock with her tongue she put it in her mouth and began inching all of me inside of her. She had my cock all the way in her mouth and down her throat! She then began to bob her head up and down. I did not want this yet my own body was betraying me and I had a hard on like none I had ever had. I could feel my aunts throat squeezing my cock as she licked and sucked and it was to much for my body to take I said please im going to cum stop your my aunt!!! she sped up and I cummed in her mouth and down her throat and she left my cock in her mouth until I was done and she then pulled out my cock and licked it clean. She then said I thought you didn’t want this but apparently your cock disagrees.
She then began crawling back up my body. She gets right down next to my ear and whispers I want you to eat my pussy!!! I said hell no that’s something I wont do and u cant make me do that. She said your right I cant but I can make the option real appealing here is your choice lick my pussy clean or smother I really don’t care. She then stood up hiked up her night gown which she was wearing no underwear under stepped to being directly above my face and dropped her knees putting her pussy right over my mouth. She said now do a good job for your aunty. Seeing no other way out because I could see the sick pleasure she was getting from this and not wanting to suffocate I stuck out my tongue and began licking her pussy. I stuck my tongue in deep and flicked my tongue against her clit as fast as possible to get this enveloping woman off of me. After a few minutes of tongue fucking my aunts pussy she gave the first sign she was close to an orgasm, she grabbed the back of my head and started grinding my face. Every second she seemed to push her pussy into my face harder and slower. She had her hips rotating on my mouth. Then I heard her Moan and she orgasmed all over my face. She made sure I could not close my mouth by pushing her pussy hard into my mouth and I was forced to drink it all.
She then crawled off my face. Then leaning back down she said good boy! Now how has your stay at your aunts been so far? Did you like what was served to eat for dinner? She gives a cocky laugh. She goes you know your folks trust me and if I called them up they’d prolly let you stay the entire summer with me so how would you like that? Three whole months of this kind of fun! Every day, maybe we could even create more fun I was speechless I felt like I had just been kicked in the balls. She goes I think that be fun maybe ill do that, maybe I could invite some girl friends up that be fun, hell maybe my daughter would be willing to fly up here and spend a week im sure she would if I asked, that’s something for me to think about though, right now im not done with you. Im sure you’ve been wondering what’s underneath my night gown. I screamed no but she just smiled She then takes off her night gown and lets it drop to the floor showing she was wearing nothing under it. She then straddles me again pushing her pussy by my once again hardening cock she looks at me and goes come on baby get it hard for your aunt (she speeds up her grind on me) get it nice and hard so I can use you I want you inside of me your aunt wants you inside of her. Once again my cock had betrayed me and I was rock hard again. She then reached down between her legs grabbed my cock and guided it into her as she sank down full weight onto it. She just sat their and I could feel her pussy muscles squeezing my cock. She looks at me with the silent gasping face then says wow your cock is big my first time was over 35 years ago and you are stretching me out. She then began working my cock getting into a up and down rotating motion on my cock. She kept speeding up all the while clawing my chest when she dug her nails into it. She started moaning loud, this was to much and I cummed inside her thinking it was over, she said o no your not done yet I haven’t orgasmed, she kept going at a feverish pace, She kept saying fuck your aunt fuck your aunt thats right your aunt wants to fuck you and eventually reached a violent orgasm she screamed at the top of her lungs then collapsed on top of me. I am glad she only collapsed for a few seconds because her large boobs feel right in my face and I couldn’t breath. She then kissed me some more and said guess what I got this whole thing on tape so if you tell anyone I will show it to all of your friends, family and even your little girlfriend and you’ll be the laughing stock of the whole town. So you keep your mouth shut. She then fucked me 10 more times over the course of that night and the following mourning and sent me home Sunday night. She told me before I left to comeback tomorrow at 3 in afternoon if I knew what was good for me. I left quickly I didn’t waste anytime. I was panicking trying to figure out how I could get out of going back to that house the next day.......
If you like it ill write what happened the next day and it was something......

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Very beutiful girls326

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2013-03-31 14:32:59
we r not fools dude this is paka fake story created from ur brain useless

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lmao u should fuck her back unless ur2

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my good man, you would be nuts not to go back.Thats the bet way to learn about sex. Some one who knows.

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i want to have with my auint also

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