Chapter 20

“Wake up sleepy head,” Beth said, shaking Mary to wake her up from the light doze the naked girl was enjoying.

“What’s up,” Mary said, stretching with a yawn before she focused her eyes on the older girl enough to realize that she was already dressed in shorts and oversize t-shirt to cover the slight bulge of her pregnant belly. “It’s the middle of the night.”

“And what better time to go out and meet the star gazer with the large cock and even larger lust?” Beth asked with a wistful smile. “By now Ben has his telescope set up and running on automatic so we’ll have plenty of time to fuck and suck before he fills up the memory card of his camera. Trust me, Mary, you’ve got to see the size of Ben’s cock to believe it. Your sister’s boyfriend is packing major hardware.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Mary groaned as she got up from their shared bed and fumbled for the clothes she’d set out on the spare cot earlier. “But I have to admit, now that I’m awake my pussy is pretty hungry.”

“Good,” Beth said, tapping her toe impatiently as she watched the younger blonde pull her shorts and shirt on without bothering with her underwear. “If you’re that hungry for cock maybe you’ll get ready faster.”

“I’m ready, I’m ready,” Mary said as she slipped into her flip-flops and turned to face her counselor. “Are you sure you want to rush out there like this? What’s Ben going to think if you let him see how anxious you are to fuck him?”

“Ben already knows how much I want to fuck him,” Beth said with a laugh as she opened the outside door of their room and stepped outside. “And if you don’t hurry up you’ll miss out on the fucking.”

“No way,” Mary said as she rushed after Beth, pausing just long enough to close the cabin door behind them. “If Ben’s half as good a fuck as you say I don’t want to miss out on this.”

The two horny girls followed the path to the lake and then walked along the beach until they reached Ben who was waiting for them with a blanket spread out on the sand and a cold soda for each of them. “Hi Beth,” he called with a wave of his hand. “This must be Dannie’s sister Mary, right?”

“What gave me away?” Mary asked as plopped down next to Ben on the blanket and accepted the can of soda he offered her.

“It could be the fact that you look just like your sister,” Ben said with a laugh as Mary popped the top on her soda and took a sip. “Or at least you would if your hair was as curly as hers.”

“That’s something I’ve always envied about my little sister,” Mary said with a sigh, “I’d give just about anything have hair like hers.”

“Well I like you just the way you are,” Ben said, giving Mary a broad smile. “George told me the good news earlier. I guess that means Kenny knocked you up and you’re looking for a few good cocks to enjoy and throw some doubt on who the father is when your parents find out that you’re pregnant.”

“Right on both counts,” Mary said with a chuckle as she reached down with her free hand to feel Ben’s crotch. “So, how do you feel about playing second fiddle to my brother?”

“I look forward to it,” Ben said as he slid his hand under Mary’s shirt and up her belly until he could reach tits. “I learned months ago how much I love fucking, the chance to knock a girl up is just icing on the cake you could say. So I don’t mind if you’re already carrying Ken’s baby, I look forward to fucking your tight little cunt.”

“Not as much as I look forward to fucking that long cock of yours,” Mary said as she shoved her hand into the waistband of Ben’s shorts so she could stroke his shaft. “And it feels like you’re ready to fuck me.”

“Yeah,” Ben said with a sheepish grin. “Ever since George told me you tested positive for your pregnancy test all I could think of was how much I wanted to fuck Dannie’s pregnant sister. I can’t tell you how happy I was to get the news and know that I’d be fucking you for the next month.”

“And I’ve been looking forward to fucking you since Dannie told me about the size of your cock and how well you use it,” Mary said as she pulled Ben’s cock out of his shorts and stroked the shaft. “Especially after watching your performance on the video.”

“I’m glad you liked the video,” Ben said as he pushed Mary’s shirt up to bare her tits so he could lick and suck on her small but perfectly formed breasts. “I know how much I enjoyed fucking all three girls while we were making it, and I just know I’m going to enjoy fucking you too.”

“So stop talking and fuck already,” Beth said with a laugh. “This will be the first time I watch Ben slide that fucker into another girl an I can’t wait to see the look on your face when he shoves it in deep. Of course I want to feel it in my cunt too, so you better not wear him out before I have a chance to fuck him.”

“No promises,” Mary said as she tore her shirt off over her head and then pushed her shorts down to her ankles so she could kick them off along with her sandals. Ben was almost as fast getting his own clothes off before he pushed her legs open and put his head between her thighs.

“Don’t worry about it,” Ben said, giving both girls a lust filled smile before he stuck his tongue out for a taste of Mary’s juices as they dribbled out of her slit. “After all, I was use to fucking three women - my two sisters and my mom - every night for almost two months before I came to camp. Fucking two girls a night for the past month was nothing compared to trying to knock up three girls every night for the two months before I came here.”

“Good,” Beth said as she removed her own clothes and settled down on the blanket to watch the other two as she ran her fingers along her slit in anticipation. “Because I think Mary and I are going to put you through your paces and see if we can exhaust that incredible stamina you claim to have.”

“You can try,” Ben said with a smile as he moved up Mary’s naked body until he guided his nine inch prick to the mouth of her pussy and slid the tip up and down her cunt lips with a gasp of pleasure that matched the one escaping from Mary’s lips. “But there’s no way two girls - no matter how horny they are - can possibly match my two sisters and my mother. Especially after I knocked all three of them up and their sex drives went through the roof.”

“Maybe we can’t match your mother and sisters,” Mary said as she wiggled her hips until the head of Ben’s cock popped into her pussy and she locked her arms behind his back and her legs behind his ass so she could pull him closer so he was forced to slide his shaft even deeper into her fuck hole. “But you’re out of practice, and I think the two of us can give you a run for your money.”

“I hope so,” Ben said with a groan as he slammed the full length of his cock into the thirteen year old girl. He smiled when he saw the shock on Mary’s wide eyed face when his prick bottomed out deep in her belly.

“Is that how I looked the first time you fucked me?” Beth asked with a chuckle as she watched Mary’s face.

“That’s what every girl looks like the first time I fuck her,” Ben said with a chuckle as Mary tried to pull him even deeper into her cock hungry body. “At least every girl I’ve fucked so far - including you, my mom, and my sisters.”

“I believe it,” Beth said with a groan as she slid two fingers as deep as she could into her own cunt.

“So do I,” Mary managed to gasp out between grunts of pleasure as she bounced her ass off the blanket to swallow every possible inch of the younger boys shaft with every thrust. She could feel her cunt vibrating every time Ben’s balls bounced off her ass and knew she wouldn’t be able to hold off her orgasm much longer.

“I’m going to cum,” Mary groaned as the vibrations in her pussy grew stronger with every thrust of Ben’s long shaft.

“So am I,” Ben gasped as his balls clenched, warning him that he was about to shoot his load in the blond’s pregnant belly.

“Cum with me Ben,” Mary panted as her belly exploded in pleasure and her slit clamped tight around the base of her lover’s cock and her fuck tunnel massaged his the shaft in an attempt to milk all the sperm out of his balls.

“Me too,” Beth screamed as she shoved her fingers deep in her spasming pussy.

“I am,” Ben moaned as he shoved his cock deep in Mary’s cunt and he shot several spurts of cum against the girl’s cervix.

“My turn,” Beth said a couple minutes later, her breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath after her hard orgasm.

“Give me a couple more minutes to recover first,” Ben chuckled as he pulled his cock out of Mary’s cunt as he rolled over on his back. “It would probably help if you gave me a blow job too,” Ben added as he stroked a finger along his slimy semi-erect shaft and then put the finger in his mouth to suck it clean.

“Sure,” Beth said as she got on her hands and knees and crawled over to Ben’s side. “Give me a hand Mary, together we’ll have him erect and ready to fuck in no time.”

“I’ll help you,” Mary said as she got to her knees and reached for Ben’s prick, “but in return I want to play with your tits while you’re fucking Ben.”

“Sounds like fun,” Beth said with a chuckle as she reached for Ben’s cock as well.

Ben groaned with pleasure as Beth and Mary took turns licking his cock from balls to tip and then back again, tickling his nuts with their fingers as they cleaned the juices off his shaft. “Keep this up and I’ll be ready to fuck in no time,” Ben moaned as Mary slipped her lips over the head of his prick and rolled her tongue around it.

“Good,” Beth said as she gave Ben a toothy grin in the light of his lantern. “As much as I’d like to keep you up and fucking all night we all need to get to bed and sleep eventually, and as a cabin counselor I do have some responsibilities so I need to get back even sooner than you guys do. So with that in mind, the sooner I get your cock hard enough to fuck, the better.”

“Well I’m ready now,” Ben said with a grunt as he forced himself to pull out of Mary’s mouth so his erect penis quivered in the cool night air. “Come and get it, Beth.”

“Try and stop me,” Beth said as she gently pushed Mary aside and straddled Ben’s hips. She raised herself up on her knees and guided the tip of Ben’s cock to her slit with her hand. She stroked it across her clit several times before she set it between her pussy lips and then dropped down on his shaft so it slid into her body one slow delicious at a time. “Of God, you feel so good inside my pregnant belly.”

“It feels even better to me,” Ben said with a groan as Beth continued to slide down his shaft until her brown pubic hair meshed with his and she rotated her hips as the tip of his cock touched the opening of the older girl’s cervix.

“Yes, yes,” Beth screamed in pleasure as she raised and lowered her hips so Ben’s cock appeared and disappeared with every stroke. “Fuck me Ben, fuck my tight pussy and give my baby a cum bath.”

“Fuck me Beth,” Ben gasped as he grabbed the older girl’s hips and held her steady as raised her pussy until only the tip of his cock was wedged in her slit - and then raised his ass off the blanket to meet her thrust as she dropped her body back down. “I’ll give your baby a cum bath alright, I’ll fill your cunt so full of cum your baby will be born pregnant.”

“That will be pretty hard to explain if I end up having a boy,” Beth said with a laugh as she slammed her hips into Ben’s and rotated her cunt so that the walls of her fuck tunnel massaged the Ben’s whole shaft.

“Don’t forget me,” Mary said as she moved in next to Beth and Ben and reached out for her friend’s tits as she bounced up and down on Ben’s cock. She managed to catch the bouncing orbs in her hands and pinched them just hard enough to make Beth’s nipples pop erect and she held them steady long enough to slurp the brunette’s right nipple into her hungry mouth so she could suck on it.

“That feels good Mary,” Beth moaned as the young blond rolled her nipple around between her lips and sent a burst of sexual energy running down her spine to meet the energy flowing from her cunt to spread through her belly, a pool of intense pleasure that threatened to overwhelm her whole body. “Suck my tits Mary, suck them like the hungry baby growing in my belly.”

“That sounds so sexy,” Mary said as she took her mouth off Beth’s right nipple and reached over to guide the older girl’s left tit to her lips. “I’m actually looking forward to when my baby is drinking the milk out of my tits now.”

“If a baby sucking on your tits feels as good as what you’re doing to me right now we’re both going to love it,” Beth said as her left nipple got sucked between Mary’s lips and she emitted a low groan of pleasure as her cunt rippled around Ben’s prick.

“Oh God, I’m cumming,” Beth screamed as she dropped her full weight on Ben’s body and her pussy clamped tight around her lover’s cock as her whole body came to a shuddering climax.

“I wish I was,” Mary groaned as she took her lips off Beth’s nipple to speak.

“Maybe I can help you with that,” Ben said as he groped for Mary’s crotch and slid a couple fingers into her slimy slit. Mary groaned in pleasure as she put her lips back to Beth’s erect nipple and the older girl started sliding her cunt up and down on Ben’s long cock once her pussy muscles relaxed enough to let her ride the younger boy again.

“You’re such a geek you even multitask when you’re fucking,” Beth said with a laugh as she slid her cunt up and down Ben’s shaft with enough force to make his cum filled balls bounce off her ass with every thrust.

“And if I’m really good at multitasking,” Ben gasped, “maybe I can make all three of us cum together.”

“Do it, Ben, do it,” Mary gasped as the younger boy continued to slide his fingers in and out of her pussy as he stroked her clit with his thumb. “I’m so close I’m ready to cum right now.”

“So am I,” Beth moaned as she slammed her hips down and rotated them with Ben’s cock buried deep in her hole. “You’re the only hold out, Ben. Are you ready to cum too?”

“God yes,” Ben screamed as he tried to shove his cock even deeper into Beth’s slit as his balls clenched and he shot his load into the camp counselor’s hungry pussy as her hole clamped tight around his shaft to milk it dry. Ben wasn’t sure which one of them screamed first but his voice was joined by both Beth and Mary as the two girls climaxed right along with him.

“Oh God,” Ben gasped as he rolled Beth’s limp body off his own with a slurp as his soft cock popped out of the older girl’s cum filled cunt. “I need to rest up for the next round.”

“I wish I could wait around for it,” Beth panted, “but I really do need to get back to the cabin for a bed check as soon as I catch my breath. You can stick around if you want Mary.”

“I’d like to,” Mary said, stifling a yawn, “but I’m so tired I think I’m about to fall asleep right here on the beach.”

“It must be the baby,” Beth said with a weak smile, “this early in your pregnancy it’s growing so fast it can really wear you out.”

“Well you’re not that much further along than I am,” Mary pointed out.

“No I’m not,” Beth agreed, “but I wasn’t on a bus for several hours today. Traveling can really wear you out - more than you realize.”

“Maybe,” Mary said, not even bothering to hide another yawn, “but right now I think I might even fall asleep in the middle of the next fuck if I tried to hold out much longer. So, I guess I’ll head back to the cabin with you so I can at least fall asleep in a real bed.”

“And that leaves me all alone with my telescope and the stars,” Ben sighed, glancing to where his digital camera was snapping away photo after photo of the night sky through his telescope.

“You know Ben,” Beth said thoughtfully as she set her panties aside and pulled her shorts on over her bare crotch, “if you want you could go back to the cabin and fuck us there in our bed. My brother Bill fucked both of us there this afternoon.”

“Tempting,” Ben said with a slow smile, “but I better pass. Just because Mr. Linsdale hasn’t come out here to check on me yet doesn’t mean he won’t do it tonight. After all, the only reason I’m allowed out of the cabin this late at night is because of my astronomy work, if he found out what I was really up to he’d never let me out of the cabin again.”

“I guess you’re right,” Beth said with a sigh as she stood up and offered Ben her panties, “just remember, our bed is always open if you change your mind.”

“I’ll remember that,” Ben said as he sniffed Beth’s panties and gave her a quick wink before he stuffed the cunt scented underwear into his telescope case. “And I promise to take you up on the offer, but not tonight.”

“Promises promises,” Beth said, leaning down to give Ben a sloppy kiss as Mary pulled on her own clothes and joined the older girl, giving Ben a kiss of her own. “We’ll meet you here tomorrow night if not before, ok?”

“Trust me, I’m looking forward to it,” Ben said, patting both girls on the ass as they turned to go. “I’ll see you then.”

“Beth,” Mary said as the two of them left the beach, “do you really need to make a bed check?”

“Yeah I do,” Beth said with a sigh, “last month I kept sleeping through the check because I was so tired with my own baby and Mr. Linsdale read me the riot act because I wasn’t doing my job. So this month I have to make sure that I do everything I’m suppose to do on time or I could end up losing my job.”

“Would that really bother you?” Mary asked.

“Not really,” Beth said with a thoughtful frown, “except that I wouldn’t be able to see George anymore.”

“George?” Mary said in surprise. “Does this mean you’re falling for an older guy?”

“Maybe I am,” Beth said with a shrug, “but keep it under your hat, ok?”

“Whatever you say,” Mary said with a mischievous grin as the two of them reached the door to their shared room. “But right now I just want to crawl into bed and get to sleep, I’ll see you in the morning.”

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