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Well if Melissa likes to fuck that much, why not pimp her out.
Fbailey story number 155

Cheating Bitch

Melissa is a very attractive girl of twenty-one. She is tall, thin, and has really big tits for her size. However she is also a cheating bitch.

Melissa is five feet ten inches tall, a hundred and fifteen pounds, and wears a 34-D bra. She has a nice tanned body, cute little ass, and legs that go on for miles. She would be a great catch if you could keep her locked up or at least glue her knees together if she did go out.

There is an old joke. It contained a picture of two babies looking down their diapers. The boy baby looks down her diaper, then down his own diaper, and says, “I’ve got one of these.” The girl baby looks down his diaper, then down her own diaper and replies, “But I have one of theses and with one of these I can have all of those that I want!” Well that almost perfectly describes Melissa. She really can have all of those that she wants. The only trouble is that she wants them all.

I grew up with Melissa. Hell I even fucked her a few times in high school. She was at all of the parties and got as many cocks shoved into her as she could get. She was the school slut. She was a doorknob that every boy could take a turn with. The girls used to call her porcupine because they said that if she had all the cocks sticking out of her that had been stuck into her that she would look like a porcupine. Unfortunately it was true.

I never intended to cause her any harm. I had seen her use and abuse almost every one of my friends and work associates. She would get them to fall in love with her then go out and cheat on him. Soon he would find out. She wouldn’t even try to hide it. She started bringing the guys home with her and fucking them on the couch with her current boyfriend in his own bed. Well sooner not usually later he would throw her ass out.

Then Melissa would charm her way into another friend’s bed claiming that she had changed. In less than a month she was back at her old games.

Eventually Melissa got around to me. I was just about her last resort…or then again maybe I was her last resort. Melissa actually cried and begged me to let her stay with me. Then I heard those famous words, “I’ll do anything that you want if you’ll just let me stay!”

I repeated, “You’ll do anything I want you to do if I let you stay here!”

Melissa repeated, “I’ll do anything that you want me to do if you’ll let me stay! Honestly!”

I said, “Okay! Undress!”

Melissa didn’t think twice about undressing in front of me. After all every guy in town had seen her naked and probably half of them had fucked her too. I couldn’t help but get a hard-on as Melissa undressed. I ordered her to take a long hot bath and not to get out until I had come back. She went into the bathroom.

I rushed out to an all night pharmacy and bought two douche bags and everything that Melissa would need to clean out her very well used cunt and to give herself an enema. Fuck that, I’d do it to her myself. Then I stopped by an all night adult store. Thank God for living in these days where every store seems to be open all night. I saw the dildo that I wanted. It was big, full of holes, and screwed onto the end of my garden hose. It as a ludicrous fourteen inches in length too and it was made of that glow in the dark green material. I rushed home.

Melissa was still in the bathtub as I had instructed. I let her get out and watched her as she dried herself off. Then I had her bend over and hold the counter as I gave Melissa her very first enema. Then I gave her a second one just to make sure. After that I took her out back naked but it was after dark. She watched me as I screwed that ridiculous glowing dildo to the end of the garden hose. Melissa’s eyes opened wide as I turned on the water and told her to lie in the grass. I fucked her with that hose for almost ten minutes. The water was ice cold when I was done and Melissa said that her cunt was numb.

I took Melissa back into the house and told her to get back in the bath water to warm up a little. She lay back with her breasts out of the water looking at me as I was looked at her big tits.

Finally Melissa asked, “So what did your devious little mind come up with for me?”

I said, “Well, I have come up with a few things.”

Melissa smiled.

I said, “You will work at ‘Topless A Go Go’ five nights a week. I will drop you off and pick you up every night. I will keep all of your money and tips for allowing you to stay here.”

Melissa nodded.

I said, “You will be naked at all times in my house.”

Again Melissa nodded.

I said, “I will rent your body out during the week as a prostitute. That’s just a polite way of calling you a whore. Again I will keep all of your earnings for allowing you to stay here.”

Melissa nodded again.

I said, “I assure you that you will get all the cock that you want and then some.”

Melissa smiled at that.

I asked, “Do you have any questions?”

Melissa said, “Wow! A fucking whore! Why didn’t I ever think of that? You’ve got a deal!”

Then I let her get out of the cool bath water and dry off. Without any ceremony or foreplay I applied some K-Y Jelly to my cock and slipped it into her ass. I fucked her until I came. I didn’t give a shit whether or not she got off, she was my whore to use as I pleased. Then I attached a dog collar to her neck with a chain and I padlocked both ends of the chain so that she was attached to the headboard for the night. The chain was more for show than to actually keep her from escaping.

In the morning I called all of my friends and told them to come over for a free fuck and to bring their friends too.

That day Melissa got fucked by twenty-two guys before I cleaned her up to start her first day of work. She was getting used to the double enema followed by a garden hose douche and a warm bath. I let her fix her hair and face before handing her a knee length raincoat to wear. All she needed was a pair of panties to work in and they probably wouldn’t stay on for any length of time either.

I sat at the end of the bar drinking Pepsi all night long and kept an eye on Melissa. Quite often she would come over to me and hand me her tip money to put in my pocket. She would also send or bring men over to me that expressed a desire in fucking her. I handed out my new business cards with Melissa’s name, my address, and my new cell phone number on it. I gave them twenty-five minute appointments every half-hour for fifty dollars starting soon after she finished work that very night. I though that two dollars a minute was a good price for a talented whore like her. I know that those 900 numbers cost more than that and all you get to do is talk to some ugly woman in a wheelchair that just happens to have a nice voice.

Melissa was a very good dancer and the men took a real liking to her, especially when word spread that she could be fucked for fifty dollars.

She only worked from nine o’clock at night until one o’clock in the morning five days a week. She got all of the weekends off. Weekends provided the other girls with a very good income and I didn’t want Melissa to interfere with that, so I made a deal with the club owner for her to work just during the week. He could hardly give a shit.

I booked six guys to fuck her after work and then started booking them again starting at two o’clock in the afternoon. Once I booked the twelfth guy for seven-thirty in the evening I started on the following day. I was pleased with having eighteen guys a day fuck her senseless. I figured that with her tips from work she was bringing in over a thousand dollars a day. Then there were the weekends.

That first night Melissa was very excited to get started. The first guy must have followed us home because he was right behind us as I unlocked the door and opened it up. I took Melissa’s coat. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Then I let the guy have her. She took him right into the bedroom.

After twenty-five minutes I knocked on the door. He opened it up. He was done with her anyway. Melissa led me to the bathroom where she brushed her teeth and needed an enema. She was ready for her second ‘John of the night.’

One at a time I opened the door for the next one. They all arrived early. Each one watched as Melissa came out and led me to the bathroom. I left the door completely open so that they could enjoy watching her brush her teeth, shower if necessary, and clean out one of her main holes that had gotten dirty from the last guy. Some guys brought condoms of their own so that they wouldn’t catch anything. I could hardly care what Melissa caught. I fully intended to get her checked out once a week to see if she was catching a social disease.

After her sixth man Melissa thanked me for everything that I was doing for her. She absolutely loved being my whore. I had her clean up and try to get some sleep. It was about five o’clock and she had a full day starting at two o’clock that afternoon so she was excited.

That afternoon Melissa was in seventh heaven. She got fucked a dozen times and then got to expose herself at the club to hundreds of other men. Melissa was the most lewd girl that worked at the club. She could hardly give a shit what the other girls thought about her because Melissa wasn’t into girls.

The club owner thanked me for bringing her to him. He said that the attendance that night was up because of word of mouth. He even liked the fact that I was whoring her out to his customers too. Melissa was an overnight sensation.

By the end of that night I had booked her for the next two and a half days. She was excited to rush home and get started.

I kept the same sleep schedule on the weekend too. We slept from five to one and she worked from two in the afternoon until four the next morning. That meant fourteen hours, twenty-eight men, and an extra fourteen hundred dollars each Saturday and Sunday.

In just one week of whoring out Melissa I had eight thousand dollars and Melissa had been fucked one hundred and forty-six times. She absolutely loved it. I had a very good feeling about this relationship lasting more than a month and it did. I let her old boyfriends stop by a free fuck on their noon hours if they called ahead to book her. Sometimes four or five would come by for a quickie and would share her. Sometimes three of them would fuck her at the same time.

In three months time I had a hundred thousand dollars in the bank

Melissa is still with me after a full year of whoring. She has never been happier in her life. She was born to be a whore.

I figure that in another year and a half I’ll be a millionaire…all thanks to letting Melissa stay here.

The End
Cheating Bitch
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