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told from the prespective of teens
13 year old Carly Shea walked into her penthouse apartment home in Seattle. Feeling rather down considering her very popular; and growing web cast program. She had a bad day at school. Her “BFF” Sam, having gone to the dentist and shopping with her mother; wasn’t there to keep her entertained. And Freddy, her other friend was feeling rather uppity due to the fact. He’s got a crush on Carly. He doesn’t try to hide it. Sam takes notice however and doesn’t make things easy for him because of it. While Carly ignores Freddy’s comments and advances, Sam digs and jabs; a lot.

Blue eyed blond haired Sam is quick witted and funny. Also 13, Carly’s co-host. And overly grounded Freddy 12, producer, techhead and camera guy, for the increasingly popular iCarly web sight and bi-weekly web cast Are constantly at odds. This one fact is overlooked to Carly. She being the balance between the two; has trouble sometimes when one can’t be there.

Carly lives with her older brother and guardian Spencer. He left law school to follow a career as an artist while their father is off with the Military. Her mother has passed on; (it’s sometimes hard to figure out who is the adult.) Carly’s internet use is unrestricted. Her ever increasing knowledge is still rather sheltered because 99.5% of her viewers have not entered high school and haven’t quite discovered sex yet.

Recognizing she was in a funk, Carly opened the show’s email thinking some fan letters would cheer her up. But this one letter she read after about an hour raised some questions. Questions she had never thought to ask because she simply didn’t know to ask.

Spencer entered a short time later and because of the open dialog they share; Carly started asking questions. “Spencer, Why would we get mail from people wanting to know if my under things matched, how often I shop at lingerie boutiques and what Sam smells like”?
It was at this point that he froze. He was thinking, slightly panicked to himself
“What does she know? Has she been in my room? Who is she going to tell?” all at once. Spencer being in his early 20’s and still rather clumsy with himself turned beet red and almost fell over from embarassment.

Spencer’s reply turned out to be gibberish filled; as he rushed off to his room to check and be eased that his stash of porn and journals hadn‘t been raided. As it turns out he has a rather extensive collection of teen girl, leg and lingerie fetish magazines. His lack of interaction with adults has also created a need for prepubescent teen girls. His outlet is to write about his rather explicit dreams of Sam and occasionally theorizing secretly on the taboo of Carly Herself.

At dinner, after Spencer had time to regroup Carly started in again. Only this time her questions got more personal because she didn’t understand his reaction. Spencer hid his feelings very well considering his almost constant interaction with young girls and not having a girlfriend himself.

“why an I getting mail from people wanting to know what I ware to bed Spence? Please tell me, I have no idea what you said earlier. It didn’t make any cense.”

“Carly, you’ve got to try and let me explain. Keep an open mind and try not to get angry or grossed out. But first let me see that mail.”

The address was from a generic free server and looked to be one that a teen girl would use. (Alternating caps and lowers, number/letter combos . You get the idea) he started to read and then to understand what he was looking at.

“Carly, this isn’t from just any fan. He’s got some questions that are more adult than you understand. He’s attracted to you and wants you to describe yourself sexually. Just block him and report it to your host”

“You said HE, the address belongs to a girl! Why questions like that? What does that have to do with my bras, and sweats?”

“Ok sis, sit down and I’ll try and explain it. Just hold on. I may have something that will help up stairs. “ With that he got up and went for a more tame magazine. One that catered with shots of young innocent girls in tame garments. He then started to explain about men and their needs. While showing some shots and poses. Showing what he liked, what things he found more sexy and why.

Having covered Sexual Education at school she had some rudimentary knowledge. The basics. What goes where and why. How babies are made. However the class didn’t cover things like this. Carly was beginning to understand. All along thinking what inexperienced girls all thought ( ewww gross!” But as they sat and he explained things. With the help of captions and model quotes His body started to respond (a fantasy starting to come true) Carlys curiosity hidden well, became more prevalent. She finished thumbing. Mentally noting more than a few images and the pages with letters presumably written by the girls inside. She closed the magazine and cleaned up dinner. While Spencer Sat with a rock hard cock under the counter watching and wondering what it could be like. Spencer didn’t notice that Carly took the publication with her as she went to change.

Shortly after, Sam burst in with Freddy not far behind her. (edging for a
closer look at Carly before Sam could overpower the room). Both glanced at Spence as they hurried for the freight elevator. Not giving much thought to Spenc or the funny look in his eye. He got a very close look at Sam nubile form as she passed close enough to send him a hint of scented soap, snug fitted top accentuating her growing A cups tits and ripe jean wrapped ass.

The show now in progress upstairs; Spence turned on the computer to watch and release the pressure in his loins while watching the objects of his current obsession. He stripped from the waste and was doing a right fantastic job of things as they announced that the remote cam in the great room was to be turned on so they could see what Spence was up to. (Something they frequently did) With the shock of the announcement, his already building climax; he blew a huge load up his chest to his neck just as the cam clicked on. To Carly Sam and Freddy’s surprise AND Spencer’s relief all they got was a shot of pant pocket. Because in his haste to vent he threw his pants on the camera. Messy and hurried because they switched to remote wireless and were on the way down to find out what went wrong he ran for the shower.

Later, the friends gone home and Carly unable to sleep she padded down to Spencer’s room sex charged questions careening inside her head.
Why are men attracted to ME? What’s so special about MY panties? WHAT is Spencer doing with that magazine? She knocked, but didn’t get any answer. The door slipped open at a more rough knock; lights off and Spencer had a rough day so he was very much asleep. He hadn’t cleaned or repacked his “goodie sack”. Carly saw a large pile of various titles and cover art. She grabbed a few (maybe Spence won’t notice) and flashed back to her sanctum.
She didn’t close her door because she wanted to hear if Spencer was moving around.

As she sifted them and looked at what she took. She scanned through each quickly. One was obviously another teen type. Young girls in various stage of dress and a few peek-a-boo full nude and inviting poses. Another devoted to just panties. Girls in various school uniforms or preppie outfits stripping down to everything form regular cotton to thongs and the cover girl (Cheerleader) undressing down to a sheer wet G-string. Carly couldn’t help but think that the girl in the three page foldout enjoyed her doing her set A LOT! She also felt like maybe she liked what she was looking at too. The third and fourth were foot, leg and lingerie. Elegantly Dressed women of different ages and sizes stripping do to matching bra/panty sets or pantyhose and spiked heals. Some had a few garments she‘d never seen before. Some, but not all going full nude. Carly was starting to like what she was seeing but she was harried to at least see all that she got and hide them so Spence wouldn’t wake and find her and have to explain.

The last one however really caught her eye. It was a mixture of all the first set was a teen girl dressed to go to the mall. And 20 pictures later she was naked and enjoying herself to the point of a hard orgasm. The caption read “sweet gushing relief” the second girl was in a tennis uniform, she had a toy an actual vibrator?!?! she said aloud. Then covered her mouth hoping she hadn’t been heard. and the title picture in bold pink letters “wanna play?” A segment obviously devoted to reader letters four pages long(to be read later) the next was just crotch shots of panties. 8 of them. ranging from 3“little girl” cotton, 2thong, 2 “boy short” lace and the last was a shock! The picture and a caption “fresh meat” the girl had what looked like panties cut down the middle but had lace trim on both sides of the split. And white stuff was leaking out of her slit. The entire area was soaked with something. and her inner lips were clearly splayed open . Carly had no Idea she was looking at a picture of a just fucked pussy. But it was definitely the first time she’d seen a close up of one; it really got her attention. AND it was shaved!

A few pages of phone sex adds and she landed on the centerfold spread. The woman was dressed in pink silk from head to toe. On her head was a large brim hat with a big black rose and a sheer vale covering her beautiful green eyes. The woman was had full length black silk gloves. Her pantyhose was opaque black with a beautiful pattern on them. Then 6 inch heel shoes. Shoes that Carly had never seen before and she loved them.

The next page was the dress unzipped. The backside was showing something of black silk was buttoned and laced from the nape of her back and half way up. Next the dress was totally off and her front was bared; her huge tits almost spilling out of ridged black silk demi-cups. A bubble was describing her “corset” as vintage herringbone and silk with full suspenders. And a price tag for each of her garments. It also had a web listing the shop for online purchases

Carly had never seen clothing like this before. And by the time she realized what was happening to herself her hand was in her own panties and she was rubbing herself. Her fingers were a sloppy mess; she was rubbing harder and she didn’t want to stop. It was then that she noticed that her breasts were hard. Her nipples were tender and she brushed one. It sent shockwaves straight to her clit. IT WAS AMAZING! Her free hand dropped the magazine and she rolled onto her back. He started rubbing her nipples one then the other with the one hand. Her other was going up and down the folds of her virgin snatch. She had to concentrate hard not to make any noise yet still carry on in near bliss. Her clit was standing up as her palm mashed it. She started swirling around on it and she got the idea to run her finger inside. “OH MY GOD yes yes yesyesyes” thundered through her head as her eyes crossed, legs cramped up, toes curled and her first orgasm hit her. She bit her lip to keep from screaming as the second one hit her. And then darkness.

The pungent smell of sex surrounded the room when she woke up. Because she had passed out in it she hadn’t noticed it. Carly rolled over and then sat up on her bed. The fingers of her left hand were still at her crotch and still wet. He entire body was a mix of pain and euphoria. She then remembered the magazines spread across her bad and moved to clean them up. Stacked neatly at the edge she discovered Spencer sitting on the corner.

“Carly we need to talk”
“I’m sorry Spencer”
“Shhhh listen will you; please”
“but Spen . .” He didn’t let her finish and covered her mouth with his hand.
“Carly, look I shouldn’t have let you see that first book. But I’m not sure how to explain all this to you. Dad had this talk with me when I was 14 or 15. And we are both sorry that you don’t have the same luxury I did. I don’t know how to explain all this to you so I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got. Sex is something that happens between two people that love…

Blah blah blah.. When is he going to figure out that I know all this. I was just starting to understand why… It‘s at this point the plan started to formulate….
“Spencer, please stop. I know. Ok, I understand your mad at me for snooping and taking your stuff. But don’t you think this is stuff I should know? I mean honestly your telling me the email I/we read was from some sick man pretending to be a teen girl so I would tell him things that would make him excited .. All hot and bothered so he can make a mess with his and I quote from the all teens magazine you have there.. “man goo…” Shouldn’t I know what I’m up against so that I know what to stay away from? Look at it this way. You are my brother and you’re the only one I’ve got. To teach me this stuff. I trust you, and because you love me you’ll answer my questions honestly, and without malice and I’ve counted on you to teach me about the things that will keep me safe. So who better?” She paused and in a very small voice added . . . “Please show me?”

It was that point that Spencer started formulating Ideas of his own. He wasn’t even thinking about the incest taboo issue at the time. He’d passed that because his own hormones were taking over. Couple that with the sex odor circling Carly. And he stopped thinking about everything but how do I get into this girls pants? She’s all but asking me to fuck her. “show me what to do”
Ok so she didn’t say those words exactly. Yet they were burned into his head. Images started to form. A plan started to form

“Ok Carly. Shhhh I get it. Your starting to explore. I’ll tell you what you want to know. But you can’t tell any one what your are up to. And you need to show more self control. I’m going to take this stuff back to my room. And when you want to; we will get them out again go through then and we’ll talk about what you saw together. How does that sound?

Carly didn’t exactly register everything exactly as it came out. She was starting to get the urge to tough herself again. That Spencer wasn’t mad AND willing to explain everything she asked about was enough for her.. “Ok Spence. It is getting late. I’ve got school in a few hours and thank you thank you thankyouthankyouthankyou!! She embraced him then .. Her left hand covered in her aroma resting close enough for him to get a good dose. He hugged her back then tightly at first. They parted and drew back.

Something inside of him caused a blackout for a long pause. He blinked a time or two looked at her face and the expression of well who knows what.. And then at her fingers that he stuffed in his mouth. He was sucking her ring and middle finger of her left hand swirling his tongue around each digit and sucking the residue from them. She wasn’t stopping him. she liked it..

Carly started to gush again. She could feel her insides start to tingle and her body get mushy. She knew her crotch was getting wet again. Her nipples started to puff and seconds later they stood out loud and proud.
That’s all it took for both of them to blush and pull apart.. Spencer hurriedly got up to leave. Carly lay back wondering what was happening to her.
“Spence?” she squeaked out.
“y_Yea Carly?”
“Can I Keep the one with the Woman in the pink dress on the cover? I wasn‘t finished with it yet”
Spencer thought quickly. Kind of frazzled at what he had done with her fingers. He could still taste her spoils on his tongue. And he wanted more.
“I guess that would be alright. But remember. This is stuff you can’t talk about with anyone. EVER! We would both be in a lot of trouble.”

“I understand Spence, and thanks. She beamed. Not quite forgetting what he had done with her hand but wondering why. Spencer lay the fetish teaser on her bed at her feet and was almost to the door when she sucked in a breath just barely loud enough. He turned to look at her then.

“Is something wrong Carly?”
“n-n NO. I just remembered something. You were licking my fingers and it was funny. Why did you do that?”
“Oh? Your not mad; are you?”
”No, it was nice. But why?”
As close as they are Spencer didn’t even think before answering…
“Because they smelled pretty and I wanted a taste.”
She blushed slightly and then she also sniffed. Humm he’s right they do smell good.
“Try it if you want. It’s your. . . . Stuff” he eked out as he closed her door shocked at himself and what he had just said. And to the surprise of both Carly didn’t give it a second thought as she dipped the finger Spencer did not already have into her own mouth. And she sucked, then nibbled at what she had. Giving Spencer quite a show of it. And when she finished she licked her palm and winked at him. She then rolled on her side. Turned off the light and passed into sleep.

Spencer on the other hand, only went back to his room. He lay on his bed with images of Carly flying through his head. Remembrances of the last hours events a torment to him. He couldn’t get over the fact that Carly sweet innocent Carly was asking him to teach her about sex. Was that right? Does she really want me to show her things that only lust can provide? That can’t be right. I’ll wait her out and play along as far as this will take me. Maybe she’ll see the photo spreads at the back of that book and they will excite her. Maybe she’ll get Sam involved.. . . .

Friday morning was a busy one. Carly was in a flourish to get ready for school. She was bustling about cleaning first. Then sitting, getting ready. But today, something was different. Instead of staying in her night cloths Carly was stripped down to a thin strapped lace tee that Spencer had seen before (he’d even washed it with the laundry. Only today she hadn’t covered it with a top layer. And white cotton panty bottoms. Her midriff completely bare the fact that she wasn’t in a bra. It was painful not to stare at her slender, almost 5ft frame. Her dark just past the shoulder hair shined as she curled and shaped it in the mirror that she was using. Not in her bathroom but in the kitchen at the counter.

Sam entered not long after. She always came in about this time for the ride to school together. Walking over to grab the juice off the counter she then noticed how Carly was dressed. She raised an brow but otherwise kept her cool.
“Spencer, have you got any toast for me?”
“huh? Wha. . ? Oh yea, I’ve got it right here.” His eyes falling from Carly’s puffy nipples poking through the gaps in the lace of the black camisole she had warn to breakfast. He finished with the dishes he was allegedly washing and turned to plate and serve it. He then made a hasty leave to find his shoes and keys.

‘Ummm Carly, is that how you are going to school?”
“No. my top is in the dryer and I’m sitting on my shorts. I’ll be ready in a moment.” She then stood and bent to put her shorts on. Turning away from Sam and going over from the hip. Carly struck a pose that she’d seen in the first book that Spencer showed her the day before. Her almost too small panties going taught over her ass, accentuating the crease and just about outlining the camel toe of her aroused virgin gash. She slowly lifted her leg and pulled up the first leg. Her powder blue panty crotch darkening as it heaved into her lips. Sam couldn‘t help but notice. She had never seen Carly look or act like this before. Let alone in front of Spencer! Her actions starting to register but Sam didn’t know what was going on. Carly then left to find the rest of her outfit and Spencer reentered the room. The tent in his pants had subsided enough. But had he calmed enough to keep a good poker face when Sam asks him what’s going on. Especially while Sam seems more knowing.

“Spencer; is Carly OK? She’s acting kinda funny today.”
“Wha? Oh, I don’t see anything. She seems perfectly normal to me. She‘s just running a little late this morning. We were up looking at her email too late again I guess” as if that would explain it. Sam’s a smart girl. Oooo I hope she didn’t notice I said “we”
“Well, OK if you say so Spence. You do live with her.”

Carly reentered dressed and ready. The shorts she made such a big show of adorning were gone. Evidently she kept the lace. It was mostly covered by a low cut V neck tee. Also, a jean skirt just a little shorter than it should be And on her feet; clear flip flops. It was all Spencer could do not to drool all over himself. Her outfit was so unlike her. And so HOT.

Down to the car and where Freddy was waiting. The ride to school went swift and quiet. Spencer raced back to crank one off again. He had to. He was looking for a disc he keeps near his bed that has some candid shots he was able to sneak featuring Sam and Carly when he found them… The panties Carly had on at breakfast. They were set in the middle of his pillow. And a note.

“Thanks for agreeing to help me. I stayed up to read a few of the letters in the magazine that you left me. Not to worry Spence, I’ve changed into some clean ones. That pair got a little too damp. . . The last letter I read described how guys like to sniff them. And since you seemed to like what you tasted last night I thought you might like to try these. Enjoy!” XOXO-C
I think that you need to take me shopping tomorrow morning. ;)

Spencer was beside himself. He was so confused. Elated and horrified. What did she have on for school? I hope she doesn’t get in trouble for the length of that skirt. . Oh My GOD! She looked amazing!!! She’s really taking to this stuff. I shouldn’t have let her leave the house like that. . Before he understood what he was doing he had his pants at his knees. Carly’s panties to his face.

Practically up his nose and down his throat at the same time. Her scent was everything. Spencer’s world was in those tiny wasted cotton swaths.
As he ran the gusset across his front teeth something happened.. He felt some grit lodge into the gap of his upper fronts. Too high on the taste of the sweetest treat he’d ever been given to stop it; took almost no time at all for him to finish. And again he fell back onto his bed unaware of himself for quite some time.

As he awoke he became aware of the funny feeling in his teeth. As he ran his tongue along the line he found that it was more than grit. Is it?? NO She’s too young. Still just a baby. . . What am I doing? This has to stop. She’s my sister! I can’t let her continue. . . But what if I can? What if she let’s me? How far can this go? He pulled the dark thread from his maw.. It WAS a pubic hair!! Carly is growing up. She left me one of her beautiful dark strands. And with the find of his new treasure he was off again.

Sam started up as soon as she got the chance. They were on their way to the bathroom after lunch. Freddy was not far behind but when they reached the girls room. That’s when he had to stop.
“Carly, what’s with you today? At breakfast you made a display. You wore nothing but a lace top I knew you had but never saw you ware. And a pair of panties! Your nipples were poking out. did you notice that? And I really think that pair you’ve got on are just a little too small.

“What? Oh Sam; I’m sorry. I guess I was just out it this morning. Spencer and I had stayed up too late reading iCarly mail and talking about things. He’s really cool you know. Spencer is so understanding. Kind of a goof at times but he’s smart and funny. . . . “ Carly stopped herself. Even she realized that she was sounding like a girl crushing. She followed it up by adding. With a smirk.
“I know he’s a bit old; but he likes you, you know. He watches you from time to time. He hasn’t said anything because I think he may be scared that maybe you’ll reject him. But he treats you like a peer and not just his sisters friend.”

That Carly hadn’t said “little” didn’t get lost to Sam. She decided to turn things up just a little.
“I’ve noticed that Spencer looks at me. It‘s cute and flattering and all; Carly, he’s your brother AND he’s 9 years older. Left school to be an artist. Not that he isn’t good at it. But he’s YOUR guardian. And my mother would kill all of us if she even thought Spencer had a thing for me. Leave aside that a dating situation were to evolve. She‘d be having kittens if she even knew we were having this conversation”

Carly thought he saw a hint of something. Maybe she kinda wanted something to happen.
“Ok ok. Slow down and keep it down. We don’t want anyone to hear you. Look, Spencer and I were reading some fan mail. Something was sent to me. I asked Spencer about it; mostly because I wasn’t sure what I was reading. It was from a girls address. But as it turned out Spencer read it and helped me to figure out that it was a pervert trying to get me to talk dirty. Spencer also told me that he’d help me understand things better so that if I got mail like that I would know what to do.” Sam’s started to blush and then she got angry. she broke in.

“And he’s going to teach you how to talk dirty?? That’s gross”
“NO! he’s teaching me stuff about what men like and how they would talk to try and get girls so I know what to do and how to get rid of them.”
“Ahhh Ok I get it. So he’s going to tell you all his secrets to getting girls and how dirty men can be?
“Yes. But it’s supposed to help me to avoid; not DO something dirty. That’s sick! How could you think that.?
“Sorry Carly. But the way you were dressed this morning. It was like something out of a romance novel. Boyfriend/girlfriend kinda stuff.”
“SAM!! How could you think something like that? I told you I wasn’t even thinking about my outfit. I’ve been dressing for bed like that lately. It’s sexy. But Spencer is my brother and I trust him. And you should too!” did that bother you?

Sam‘s blush went darker and she got quiet
“Well. No. And I do trust him. It’s fine I wasn’t bothered. I just wasn’t expecting it. That’s all. Sexy huh? Since when did you start caring about sexy anyway?” her cheeks began to pale again, and her eyebrow raised a bit to accentuate her question. She was becoming interested in where this conversation was going; it started to show.

Carly flashed back to the last picture set in the magazine that she and Spencer read at dinner. The teen sets titled “Best Friends Undercover” and the set in the leg fetish book called “Submitting to Her Will.” the Coy expression on Sam’s face was all the encouragement she needed to start a new plan. One that included Sam.

“Sam, sexy is as sexy does. And maybe we don’t have a lot of experience; and so what if we don’t have a clue about it. But it’s something I’ve been thinking about off and on. That letter kinda got me going. And Spencer’s reaction to it. . . Well what’s wrong with teasing him a little? (Carly grew a cat that ate the canary grin) Try it; you might find it interesting. I bet I could get him to teach you too . . . if you want. Oh and those blue panties I had; they may have been just a little too small. I took them off. . . .
See for yourself.” She leaned back against the sink. Spreading her legs just a bit. And grew an I dare you look.

Sam, never one to back down went to reach. However, she took it one step further and knelt down. She then reached with both hands and rolled the hem of Carly’s skirt up. Sam slid them up even further on the outsides of Carly’s thighs up to her waist. More or less pushing Carly up and back so that she was sitting on the edge of the row of sinks and practically shoved her whole face in the gap between Carly’s legs. “Humph, white” was all she said and then left her on the edge of the counter. Got to her feet and went to leave.

Carly barely kept her composure. Her breath was rapid and shallow. The reaction she was having to Sam’s extremely bold actions left her excited and confused. She didn’t think that Sam was capable of something like this. Images and bits of letters she remembered from last night cascaded through her mind at a pace she didn’t know was possible. Time seemed to slow as Sam’s hands landed on her legs. They felt like newly forming steel in a mold. She felt herself get pushed back and then lifted. If she were to describe it; it was more like Carly was floating. And Sam had only nudged her back and up. Suddenly Sam’s face entered and then froze inside her skirt. Each cheek barely brushing a thigh. Carly trembled with how excited she had become. Time stopped for Carly. Her mind now centering on an image from the submission spread.

A Dark haired woman was holding herself in the air; propped between a washing machine and a cloths bin. She was adorned in a sheer black bra and panty set. Also a garter belt and opaque reinforced toes and heel stockings with bowtie patterned seems. Lastly in Glossy leather shoes with 4 inch heels and open toes. A young blond woman’s head was pressed in her crotch. The blonds hands were tied behind her back and from the angle you could see that her tongue was mashing the older woman’s panty crotch into her folds.

Only it was Sam who was in control. It was her breath that moved out as she spoke. It breezed up her inner thighs and felt as if it slammed directly onto her clit like a sledge hammer. Just two little words. It pushed her over the edge. She had her second orgasm of her life; in less than twelve hours no less. This one gripping her more suddenly than the one she gave herself the night before.

As Carly sprawled against the mirror not even giving an effort to compose herself. Sam stood checking her hair in reflection. She appeared to be oblivious to what she had done to her best friend. She had her suspicions, but never having experienced anything like that before; she hid her curiosity within indifference. Turning, she tapped Carly’s shoulder. “You had better snap out of it someone may see you like that” Spinning and pulling the door open Carly stumbled after still slightly dazed but recovering with every step.

Outside and waiting Freddy noticed Carly’s movements and whispered to Sam as she took her text book from him. “Sam, what’s wrong with Carly? What’s happened to her.?”
“Carly was up late reading the show’s email and talking to Spencer. She is just a little run down today. Don’t fuss over her she may not like it.”
Ignoring the warning he turned to Carly. “Are you feeling Ok? I can help you down to the nurse if you want.”
“No Freddy, that’s very sweet of you but no. I’ve got a little food coma.” Freddy accepted this but kept her books and carried them to their next class.

The rest of the day passed on and Freddy didn’t have any idea what was happening to his friends. Carly ran through the scenarios that she had been in the early stages of making. None she had thought about had put Sam in the lead roll. Well Sam/Spencer thoughts yes. Just not the ones where she was involved in. And Sam could not get over the fact that she made her friend cum. Carly came and all I did was breathe on her. Oh man she soaked her panties. I bet she‘s still sitting in a puddle right now. That was so cool!

What Carly didn’t know about Sam was that she had from time to time had some thoughts herself. Involving sex between each in turn. And in three person groups. Sam being an only child was given anything she wanted and her parents let her watch TV in her room without being disturbed. They never thought to put any parental controls on the set or the computer in her room. So she’s seen a lot. And kept wondering if she could make Carly go further.

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