Chapter 4

This is so boring,” Ben moaned as he tried to peek out through the curtain without actually showing his face.

“Ben, get away from the window,” Gwen hissed as her cousin tried to ignore her, “Grandpa said this was a bad part of town and he wanted to stay in the rustbucket and not let anyone see us.”

“I know,” Ben said, pulling his head away from the window and slumping back into the bench next to it. “I remember what he said just as well as you do, Gwen. He said this was the bad part of town, but it was the best place to get the rest of the things we need now that we’re one happy fucking family.”

“Those weren’t his exact words,” Gwen said with a smirk, “but close enough. What do you think he’s buying anyway?”

“I don’t know,” Ben said with a shrug as he watched his red haired cousin working on her computer.

“I’ve been trying to find something on the internet that will tell me what he’s getting but I don’t even know what keywords to use for my search. And every time I find something that I think might give me a clue it turns out to be an adult site and it won’t let me in.”

“So the geek can’t find the answers she’s looking for,” Ben said with a wide grin.

“Shut up you dweeb, you couldn’t do any better than me.”

“Maybe so, but at least I don’t brag about how I’m going to find everything on the web,” Ben pointed out.

“Good point,” Gwen said as she closed her laptop and slid it away from her on the table. “So what do you want to do while we’re waiting for Grandpa to get back?”

“Do you really need to ask?” Ben asked, patting his crotch and looking at Gwen’s chest where her erect nipples just managed to push out the fabric on either side of the cartoon cat head on the center of her shirt.

“Didn’t you get enough fucking last night?” Gwen asked, licking her lips as she looked at the bulge in Ben’s pants. “Between you and Grandpa I woke up at least three or four times with a cock in my cunt.”

“Ah, what a way to wake up,” Ben said with a toothy grin. “I bet you loved every minute of every fuck, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Gwen said with a sigh. “And I’d love to fuck you now too, Ben. But Grandpa said not to attract any attention while we’re parked in this part of town and I’m afraid someone would notice if the rustbucket started rocking while we fucked. Besides, Grandpa wanted to make sure that my cunt and ass were clean for my doctor visit. He said that his old friend may be willing to accept our story because of their relationship, but if he finds a load of cum inside me during the exam that could ruin the whole thing.”

“I know,” Ben grumbled, “but that doesn’t stop me from being horny.”

“Me either, Ben,” Gwen snapped. “But even if I can’t do something for myself, maybe I can do something for you.”

“What do you have in mind, Gwen?”

“A blow job,” Gwen said with a slow grin. “We can’t fuck, but at least I can suck you off.”

“That could work,” Ben said with a slow grin. “What do I have to do?”

“Just sit on the edge of the bench and unzip your pants, Ben, I’ll take care of everything else,” Gwen said as she slid off the bench and got down on her knees. Ben was in such a rush to open his pants that he got the zipper stuck and had to struggle with it for several seconds before he managed to free his prick for his cousin’s eager hands and mouth.

Ben watched as Gwen held his cock in both hands and licked her lips in anticipation. “Come on, Gwen, we don’t have all day you know,” Ben hissed.

“No,” Gwen hissed back, “but we have enough time for me to enjoy the look and feel of the cock that knocked me up, dweeb.”

With obvious pleasure Gwen ran her tongue across the tip of her cousin’s cock, sending a wave of pleasure running up Ben’s spine to reach his brain with a shake of his head. A quick lunge of her head and Gwen had Ben’s full six inches in her mouth and down her throat. Another bolt of pleasure ran up Ben’s spine as Gwen moaned in pleasure and the vibrations running up her throat tickled the boys shaft as she reached up to squeeze his cum filled balls.

“Oh Gwen,” Ben moaned in pleasure, “where did you ever learn to suck cock like that?”

Gwen’s only response was slide her lips as far down her cousin’s prick as she could before running her tongue back and forth on the underside of his shaft as she tickled his balls with her fingers. “I’m going to cum,” Ben said through gritted teeth as he grabbed Gwen by her red head and pulled her face tight into his crotch. Gwen felt her cousin’s balls twitch in her hands just before he shot his full load deep in her cum thirsty throat.

“Wow Gwen, that was great,” Ben groaned as he pulled his limp cock out from between his cousin’s lips, dripping the last drop of cum on the girl’s chin as he pulled out. “How did you ever learn to suck cock like that?”

“Grandpa Max gave me some pointers while you were taking your shower this morning,” Gwen said as she caught the drop of cum on her chin with her finger and put it in her mouth to suck it clean. “We didn’t have time for me to try out any of the things he told me about sucking a guy off so I wasn’t sure how well things would work out until now. I’m glad you liked it.”

“Liked it, I loved it,” Ben said with a blissful smile. “Can we do it again?”

“Sure,” Gwen said as she swallowed the last of Ben’s cum. “I think I enjoyed sucking you off as much as you enjoyed getting sucked, but don’t forget that I like to be fucked too.”

“No way I’ll ever forget that,” Ben said, reaching down to give Gwen’s belly a quick pat.

“Hey you two,” Grandpa Max said as he opened the door of the rustbucket and poked his head in before he entered the RV, “I told you to keep things down while we were parked here.”

“But Grandpa,” Ben said as he stuffed his limp cock back in his pants and zipped them up, “it was so boring we had to do something. Besides, I didn’t fuck Gwen so she’s still good for her doctor’s exam, right?”

“I guess so,” Grandpa admitted as he set his bags down on the table and went back to lock the door, “but I wish the two of you would learn to obey the intent of what I tell you to do instead of the letter. This is a dangerous part of town.”

“Not for me,” Ben pointed out. “If something actually happened I could always change into Four Arms or Diamond Head. I don’t care how tough the guys around here are, one look at one of my heroes and they’ll run.”

“I know that Ben, but you can’t always depend on the Omnitrix, you have to know when to use it, and when to depend on your own abilities.”

“Whatever,” Ben said as he reached for the closest shopping bag and spilled it out on the table. “So what did you get me?”

“I didn’t get you anything Ben,” Grandpa Max said as he grabbed the collection of dildos and other sex toys before they slid off the table. “These are for Gwen.”

“No fair,” Ben whined, “why does the geek get everything?”

“Well Ben,” Gwen said with a quick laugh as she picked up an electric blue dildo, “if you really want to use any of my new toys you can. Where do you want to put it?”

“That’s not funny, Gwen,” Ben said with a frown as he watched Grandpa Max try to hide his own laughter.

“Sure it is,” Gwen said, “you just don’t have a sense of humor.”

“I do have a sense of humor,” Ben said, “it wasn’t funny.”

“Ben, I’m sorry if you’re feeling left out right now,” Grandpa said in an attempt to console his ten year old grandson, “but you have to remember, Gwen is the one who’s pregnant. Your cousins going through a lot of changes right now and I think it would be a good idea if we gave her as much support as we can. And right now I think that means letting her enjoy a little spending spree before her belly and breasts grow to big for her to enjoy her new clothes.”

“No way,” Ben said angrily as he jumped up from the seat and glared at his grandfather. “You’re giving Gwen a shopping spree on top of buying her all these toys? What about me? She may be pregnant, but I’m the one who got her pregnant you know. Why aren’t you giving me any of this special treatment.”

“In time,” Max said, “but like I said, Gwen is the one going through all these changes right now. So be a little patient, and if I were you I wouldn’t make a point of the fact that you were the one to knock up your cousin. Remember, she was supposed to be raped.”

“I know, I know,” Ben growled.

“Good,” Grandpa said with a nod. “We’ll talk about this later right now we have to get to Gwen’s doctors appointment, and after that it’s off to the mall.”

“Fine,” Ben said as he reached for the omnitrix and turned the dial. “The two of you can do whatever you want. I’m out of here thanks to the Stinkfly express.”

“Ben,” Grandpa Max said as a flash of light filled the rustbucket and Ben’s form changed into the green winged smelly insect alien that he usually used when he needed to fly.

“Eww, gross,” Gwen said, pinching her nose shut against Stinkfly’s smell.

“Ok,” Max said with a weary sigh, “but make sure you meet us back here by four, that will give us enough time to get some dinner and then reach the next camp sight before we need to get to bed.”

“I’ll be here,” Ben said as he opened the door of the RV and looked around to make sure no one was looking his way before he spread his wings and took to the sky.

“Is it just me,” Gwen asked after Ben left, “or did Stinkfly smell worse than usual just now?”

“I think that was you,” Grandpa Max said as he headed toward the front of the rustbucket and got into the drivers seat. “He didn’t smell any worse than usual to me, but since you’re pregnant some of your senses - including your sense of smell - is heightened well beyond normal, so you notice things like Stinkfly’s smell more than usual.”

“I guess,” Gwen said irritably, “but I still can’t believe Ben decided to bail on us like that.”

“Don’t forget, Ben is trying to figure out how to deal with things just like you are,” Grandpa pointed out, “and getting away for a while could be the best thing he could do right now. Besides, I’m not sure if I want him around when you visit the doctor. He’s jealous enough to cause problems if anything happens - or if he thinks something is happening.”

“Ben, jealous?” Gwen asked with a laugh.

“Oh yeah,” Grandpa said with a sharp nod, “you may not have noticed it but I have. Ben is feeling very possessive and jealous where you’re concerned. If we weren’t so close I’m not sure if he would have let me join in.”

“I never really thought about it before,” Gwen said thoughtfully, “but the way Ben’s been acting during the past month I guess he has been a bit possessive. I just didn’t realize it before because he’s always been that way. But what does that have to do with my doctor visit?”

“Well Gwen, I mentioned that the doctor was an old friend of mine when we were both plumbers,” Grandpa said hesitantly, “but I didn’t mention that he’s your great uncle.”


“It’s true,” Grandpa said with a nod of his short grey hair, “Gary was your grandmother’s younger brother, in fact he introduced us after he treated me after a mission. But something passed between them just after the wedding and they grew apart after that. In fact your grandmother refused to have anything to do with him after that, especially after you were born.”

“I get the impression that even though Grandma didn’t tell you, you have an idea what happened between them,” Gwen said suspiciously.

“I have my suspicions,” Max admitted. “Let’s just say that I know what your Gary liked in a woman and your grandmother was it.”

“You mean Grandma and her brother . . .”

“No, I don’t think anything ever happened between them,” Grandpa Max said carefully, “but Gary may have said something to your grandmother and that was the start of their split.”

“And I was the final split between them?” Gwen asked.

“Yes,” Grandpa said with a smile. “When you were born you looked so much like your grandmother that she probably thought it would give her brother some ideas.”

“And what if he does get some ideas?” Gwen asked as she chewed nervously on her lower lip.

“That’s up to you,” Grandpa said. “If he tries something and you’re willing to go along with him than do it. But if you say no I’m sure he’ll back away.”

“I’m not sure if I want to say no,” Gwen said thoughtfully. “After fucking you last night I’m actually looking forward to trying out more cocks. As much as I love fucking Ben I can’t wait to try out even more cocks. Does that make me a slut?”

“That makes you a cock hungry slut,” Grandpa said with a laugh, “and I can think of a few dozen men who will be happy to give you all the cock you want to try.”

“Let’s just start with Great Uncle Gary, that is if he’s interested.”

“Oh, I don’t think you have to worry too much about that,” Grandpa Max said with a nod, “but it may help if you give him a hint or two during the exam.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Gwen said as Grandpa pulled into the parking lot and rolled to a stop in one of the parking spaces.

“I’m sure you will,” Grandpa Max said, giving his ten year old granddaughter an encouraging smile.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So what seems to be the problem today Miss Tennyson,” the doctor said as he entered the examination room and closed the door behind him. When he turned and lifted his head up from his clipboard Gwen was surprised to realize that he looked much younger than Grandpa Max, but then he had mentioned that Gary was her grandmother’s younger brother.

“Please call me Gwen,” Gwen said as the doctor took a quick look at her naked form before turning back to her information sheet.

“Can I call you Uncle Gary?” Gwen asked as she looked at the top of her great uncle’s grey fringed brown hair. “I know you’re really my great uncle, but it’s much easier to say uncle.”

“Great Uncle?” the doctor said, glancing up at Gwen’s nude form again before turning back to his clipboard again. “Of course, Tennyson, you’re Max’s granddaughter aren’t you?”

“That’s right,” Gwen said, giving her great uncle an enticing grin when he looked up at her naked body again.

“I see,” the doctor said with a nervous cough as he turned back to his paperwork again. “You do realize that it isn’t necessary for you to take all your clothes off for the exam.”

“Yes,” Gwen said, leaning back on the examination bed and opening her legs so her great uncle would have a clear view of her wet slit the next time he looked at her. “But I thought this would be more fun. Besides, it feels so natural to sit here with nothing on.”

“Ok,” the doctor said with a sigh as he looked up from his clipboard and found himself looking right at Gwen’s almost bald pussy. “If this is the way you want to do it then we will, but remember, this was your idea.”

“I’ll remember,” Gwen promised, opening her thighs even wider as her great uncle continued to look at her slit with a glazed expression on his face.

“Now to get back to my original question,” Gary said, forcing his eyes back to his paperwork, “what seems to be the problem.”

“There are actually several problems,” Gwen answered, “but they seem to be related.” As the doctor made notes Gwen told him about her symptoms including her morning sickness, tender breasts, and overall tiredness. “So what do you think it is?” she asked as she finished.

“I think I have a pretty good idea,” Gwen said with a sigh as he put his clipboard aside and took his stethoscope from around his neck. He put the earpieces in his ears and put the head against Gwen’s chest to listen to her heart before moving the cold metal down to her belly. “And I suspect you know what it is as well as I do. Do you want to tell me about it?”

“Do I have to?” Gwen asked, “it’s so embarrassing.”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Gary said as he continued to listen to the redheaded girl’s belly, “but if I knew what happened it would give me a better idea of what to put in my official records. And if it really bothers you that much let me point out that I can edit my records.”

“If you really need to know,” Gwen said hesitantly, “it happened just over a month ago. We were spending the night at an RV camp and the toilet in the rustbucket was on the fritz so I used the camp’s facilities. I guess I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings because when I left the bathroom I was caught by surprise when the man came up behind me.”

“What’s so embarrassing about that?” Gary asked as he pulled his chair over and sat on it, “anyone can be caught by surprise like that.”

“But not everyone has had martial arts training,” Gwen pointed out, “I should have been able to take that guy out, but by the time I realized what was happening he had me penned to the ground and was feeling up my tits. The next thing I knew he had my pants and panties pulled down to my knees and he was . . .”

“That’s enough,” Gary said with a sympathetic nod when Gwen sputtered to a halt. “I’m not a police officer so I don’t need the details in order to track down and arrest your assailant.”

“Thank you,” Gwen said, relieved because she realized that she and Grandpa Max hadn’t really figured out the details of her assault yet.

“I don’t think I really need to tell you this,” Gary said, watching Gwen reaction closely, “but you’re pregnant.”

“How can you know that since you haven’t given me a pregnancy test yet?” Gwen asked.

“I will,” Gary said, “but considering the fact that I can hear the fetal heartbeat it’s pretty clear that you’re pregnant.”

“I guess that would be proof enough wouldn’t it,” Gwen asked with a weak smile. “Can I hear it?”

“Sure,” Gary said as he removed his stethoscope and handed it to Gwen so she could place the earpieces in her own ears. Once Gwen had the stethoscope in place Gary placed the head on the girl’s belly and watched the look of wonder as it spread across the redhead’s face. “Incredible isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Gwen said with a sigh as she removed the stethoscope and handed it back to the doctor.

“Would you like to tell me what really happened now?” Gary asked as he slid the instrument into the pocket of his lab coat. “Unofficially of course. The story you gave me will go into my official record, but the way you gave it to me just doesn’t sound natural - it sounds too much like something you practiced.”

“That obvious?” Gwen asked as she placed her hand protectively on her belly.

“Only because I’ve heard the same kind of story time after time when a girl was trying to cover up for whoever knocked her up,” Gary said with a reassuring smile.

“I told Grandpa Max it was a weak story,” Gwen sighed. “But if you promise to keep it secret I’ll tell you the truth if you really want to know.”

“Gwen, I was a plumber, of course I can keep a secret,” Gary pointed out.

“Good point,” Gwen admitted, taking a deep sigh before she continued. “It’s Ben, my cousin Ben is the father.”

“How old is Ben,” Gary asked.

“He’s ten,” Gwen answered, “just like me. In fact Ben and I share the same birthday.”

“Interesting,” Gary said thoughtfully. “You and Ben have the same birthday? I wonder how that happened.”

“I don’t know,” Gwen said with a shrug of her naked shoulders, “it just happened.”

“I’m not so sure about that,” Gary said with a thoughtful grin. Gwen glanced down at Gary’s crotch and noticed the bulge in the doctor’s pants.

“It looks like you have some ideas of your own,” Gwen said, tentatively reaching out to cup Gary’s erection through his pants. “Care to tell me what you have in mind for this thing?”

“Well,” Gary said, taking a quick step back from Gwen’s outstretched hand, “I do have an idea, but considering what came between me and your grandmother I’m not sure if I should tell you what I have in mind.”

“Uncle Gary, I fucked my own cousin and grandfather - and my cousin knocked me up. What could you possibly suggest that I would object to?” Gwen asked as she put her hand protectively over her belly.

“Good point,” Gary said with a bemused smile, “I guess you wouldn’t have ths same holdups my sister had when I told her about my dreams of fucking her the night before she married Max.”

“Is that what came between you?” Gwen asked.

“That was part of it,” Gary sighed, “but the real break came when you were born and she started thinking that I might want to fuck you when you were old enough.”

“Grandma always was a bit of a prude,” Gwen admitted.

“That’s my sister you’re talking about,” Gary said, “but you’re right, she was a prude and after I told her about my own feelings for her she got even worse.”

“Well I’m not grandma,” Gwen pointed out, “I’m pregnant, horny, and cock hungry; so why don’t you go ahead and tell me what you want to do?”

“You may not be my sister,” Gary said with a grin as he removed his lab coat and tossed it over the back of his chair, “but you look enough like her that I want to fuck you as much as I wanted to fuck her. What do you say Gwen, do you want to fuck?”

“I sure do Uncle Gary,” Gwen said, opening her legs as wide as she could as her great uncle gave her a quick smile before he removed the rest of his clothes and headed back to the examination table. “Just look how wet my pussy is - and it’s just for you.”

“Nice,” Gary said as he moved between Gwen’s thighs and ran his fingers along the lips of her cunt before he moved the slimy digits to his mouth and sucked them clean with relish. “You taste as good as I ever dreamed my sister would taste.”

“Turnabouts fair play Uncle Gary,” Gwen said with a smile, “how about giving me a taste of your cock?”

“I love the way you think,” Gary said as he backed away from the exam table as Gwen got up on her hands and knees and turned around to face him. “My cock’s yours do whatever you want with it as long as we fuck.”

“That’s a deal,” Gwen said as she reached out to grab her great uncle’s wavering shaft and hold it steady so she could get a good look at it. She was surprised to realize that Gary’s cock wasn’t much larger than Ben’s, maybe a half inch longer and thicker than her cousin’s ten year old cock, but certainly not more than that. Gwen actually felt a bit relieved that she wouldn’t have to deal with a cock as large as Grandpa Max’s. Holding Gary’s cock steady in her fist Gwen stuck her tongue out and ran it across the head of her great uncle’s penis. She wasn’t sure what she was expecting, but she was surprised to realize that the cock in her hand tasted different from Ben’s, but she wasn’t sure if she could say which one tasted better.

“What are you grinning about?” Gary asked through gritted teeth.

“Your cock is only the second one I ever tasted,” Gwen explained, “I was a little surprised to realize that two cocks can taste so different.”

“Pussy’s are the same way you know,” Gary pointed out.

“Well I never tasted a pussy,” Gwen said with a slight blush, “for now I’ll have to take your word for it.”

“That could change someday,” Gary pointed out as Gwen shifted her face forward and swallowed his whole shaft in one gulp so it slid down her throat in one gulp. “Since you said you only tasted one other cock you must be a natural cock sucker.” Gwen tried to answer but with his shaft stuck in her throat all she could manage was a grunt that made her throat vibrate around Gary’s hard cock until he groaned with pleasure.

“Careful there Gwen,” Gary moaned as Gwen moved her face in and out of his crotch. “I almost came that time. Maybe I should pull out of your mouth so we can fuck before I shoot my load down your throat.”

“OK Uncle Gary,” Gwen said, letting the doctor’s cock slip out from between her lips so the hard shaft quivered enticingly before her eyes. “What position do you want to fuck me in?”

“That’s up to you,” Gary said, giving Gwen a warm smile. “I’ll be happy to fuck you in whatever position you want to try.”

“In that case,” Gwen said as she shifted around on her hands and knees so that her ass was facing Gary, “I’d like to try it doggy style.”

“Oh good,” Gary said as he held his cock steady with his hand as he stepped in close enough to rub the tip of his penis along the red head’s dripping slit. “I like every position, but doggy is one of my favorites.”

“I’m not sure if I have a favorite yet,” Gwen said, “I just want to try every position I can right now. Maybe then I’ll be able to decide what my favorite is.”

“Sounds like a good plan,” Gary said as he stepped closer to the exam table and eased the head of his prick into the ten year old’s hungry cunt. Gwen let out a loud gasp of pleasure as he entered her fuck tunnel and Gary grinned as he said, “make all the noise you want, Gwen, even if my patients hear you they won’t mind.”

“Are you sure they won’t get curious about the noise?” Gwen asked as her great uncle’s cock inched it’s way into her belly.

“Trust me Gwen,” Gary said with a quick laugh, “my patients know exactly what we’re doing in here. I said they wouldn’t mind, I didn’t say they wouldn’t be curious. You’ll understand when you get out in the waiting room. Now go ahead and let yourself go.”

“Yes,” Gwen screamed as Gary buried the full length of his cock in her tight preteen pussy and the hairs on his balls tickled her clit. “Fuck me Uncle Gary, fuck me.”

“Oh God, you’re so tight Gwen,” Gary said as he reached around to play with the erect nipples that topped his grandniece’s small tits. “I love fucking your tight little cunt, Gwen, and your pregnant belly has to be one of the tightest pussies I ever fucked.”

“And just how many preteen cunts have you fucked Uncle Gary,” Gwen moaned as her great uncle slid in and out of her slit, she could feel the sexual energy building in her belly and she hoped she would be able to hold off her orgasm until Gary shot his load deep in her fuck tunnel.

“More than you think, not as many as I’d like,” Gary panted, shifting one hand down to Gwen’s clit as his cum filled balls bounced with every stroke of his shaft. “You’ll get an idea of how many girls I’ve fucked when you get to the waiting room. You and Max were my first appointment today so you didn’t have a chance to meet any of my other patients when you came in, but there should be a few of them out there when you leave.”

“Now I’m really curious about what you’ve been up to Uncle Gary,” Gwen gasped as her slit pulsed around her great uncle’s pistoning cock, “if you fuck other girls as well as you’re fucking me you must have a lot of happy patients.”

“Happy enough to be repeat customers,” Gary chuckled as he felt his prick shivered like it always did just before he shot his load. “I’m going to cum Gwen.”

“So am I,” Gwen squealed as she pushed her ass back to meet her great uncles final thrust as he buried his cock deep in her belly. Gary’s balls twitched against her pussy lips and Gwen felt his shaft grow larger in her fuck tunnel as the older man shot several loads of cum deep inside her body to splatter against her cervix. Even as Gary filled her hole with his baby juice Gwen’s cunt caught his prick in a strangle hold and milked it for every drop of cum it could suck out.

“Oh God,” Gary said, catching himself of the edge of the examination table as his legs threatened to give out on him. “That was incredible Gwen, the best fuck I’ve had in - well, in a couple days at least. It was everything I ever dreamed but didn’t get from my sister.”

“I’m glad you liked it as much as I did,” Gwen said as she rolled on her back and then pushed herself up from the exam table to give Gary a wet tongue filled kiss. “I’d like to try it again when I’m don’t have a baby growing in my belly - if you know what I mean.”

“Oh, I know what you mean,” Gary said with a chuckle as he pulled his mouth away from Gwen’s after a second kiss. “As you’ll see in a few minutes. Now get dressed and go out to the waiting room - and tell your grandfather I need to talk to him.”

“Ok,” Gwen said as she pulled her clothes on, adjusting her hair before she turned toward the door. “But why do you need to talk to grandpa?”

“That’s for us to worry about,” Gary said evasively, “but I need to give him the prescription for your prenatal vitamins as well as things to look for in your development over the next few months and a list of doctors who can be trusted for future exams.”

Gwen thought about Gary’s words for a few seconds and then gave the doctor a quick nod before she made the final adjustments to her shirt and pants before she left the exam room. When she reached the waiting room she could see what Gary meant about his patients. She counted six girls in the waiting room ranging from one blond girl who looked younger than her to an older teen with black hair almost down to her waist. Each girl was accompanied by an older woman who had to be her mother and every single female in the room was obviously pregnant. A couple of the girls watched Gwen as she walked over to where Grandpa Max was looking around the room with a look of surprise at all the pregnant girls and women waiting to see Doctor Gary.

“Grandpa,” Gwen said, shaking Max’s elbow when he didn’t seem to notice her at first. “Uncle Gary wants to talk to you before we go.”

“Oh, right,” Max said distractedly as he got up from his chair and headed for the examination room without taking his eyes off the youngest girl in the waiting room.

“Hi,” the girl closest to Gwen said, leaning close enough to whisper so no one else could hear her as she talked. “Sounds like you enjoyed you examination.”

“Yeah,” Gwen said with a blush that she tried to hide.

“Nothing to be ashamed of,” the girl said with a warm smile, “we all enjoy our exams - and so do our mothers - as you can see.”

Gwen glanced around again at all the obviously pregnant women and turned her attention back to the girl who was talking to her. In spite of her engorged belly and milk filled breasts Gwen guessed that the girl with curly brown hair was about her own age. “Is that,” she said, pointing at the girl’s stomach.

“No,” the girl said with a laugh, “this one is my big brother’s baby. He lied to me and said he couldn’t get me pregnant because I was too young and because brothers can’t get sisters pregnant. Once mom figured out what had happened she told me the truth about sex and brought me to Doctor Gary for my exam so she could keep things quiet. After my first exam I knew that my brother wasn’t the great fuck he claimed to be and I cut him off in favor of Gary and now I can’t wait until this baby is born so he can knock me up.”

“Really?” Gwen asked, wondering why this girl was so open with her about her sex life.

“Really,” the other girl said, “and my mom decided not to wait, Dr. Gary knocked her up right after my first exam. You see Jenny over there?”

“Yeah,” Gwen said, turning to look at the oldest girl in the room.

“That’s her third baby by Dr. Gary,” the girl said. “She told me once that her father knocked her up the first time when she was about our age - he ran off before her mom found out what he’d done - and Gary’s been knocking her and her mom up ever since.”

“Uncle Gary told me that I’d find out how much he liked fucking girls when I came out here but I didn’t think he’d fucked this many girls,” Gwen said with a bewildered shake of her head.

“This is nothing,” the other girl said with a short chuckle, “there’s at least another two dozen girls Dr. Gary fucks on a regular basis. Is he really your uncle?”

“My great uncle,” Gwen said, “but today is the first time I ever met him.”

“Lucky you,” the girl sighed, “since he’s your great uncle you’ll be able to fuck him whenever you want without waiting for an appointment.”

“I guess I’ll have to see,” Gwen said with a smile as Grandpa Max left the examination room and headed toward her.

“Let’s go Gwen,” Grandpa Max said as he helped his redheaded granddaughter to her feet, “we still have to get your new clothes and then meet Ben so we better get a move on.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“He’s late, Gwen said as she held up her new blouse to enjoy the look and feel of it before she folded it away for when she’d need the oversize piece of clothing. She added it to the box of clothes Grandpa Max had bought for her that day and closed the box before sticking it away in the closet. She sighed as she looked wistfully at the box before closing the closet door on the clothes she was looking forward to wearing in a few months. “I told you he’d be late.”

“That you did,” Grandpa Max said with a crooked smile. “And I knew you were right, that’s why I didn’t bet on it.”

“Oh right, you didn’t,” Gwen said with a sigh. “I guess we both know him too well to take a bet like that.”

“Yes we do,” Max said.

“Who are you talking about?” Ben asked as he opened the door and stepped into the rustbucket.

“You of course,” Gwen said as she sat down at the table, Ben sat down across from her as Grandpa Max sat down in the drivers seat and started the engine. “So what was your day like?”

“Boring,” Ben groaned as he let his head slide down his arm to hit the table.

“It couldn’t have been that bad, Ben,” Grandpa said as he pulled out into the street.

“Worse,” Ben moaned as he watched Gwen open her laptop and start tapping something on the keyboard. “I was all over town today using the watch to change into one hero after another but something went wrong with every hero. I guess you could say I’m in hiding out after everything that went wrong today.”

“I can see what you mean,” Gwen said with a laugh, her eyes glued to her computer screen.

“What are you looking at?” Ben asked, looking up from the table.

“Local news videos covering your activities for the day,” Gwen said, saving as she saved the videos to memory. “Why did you turn into Ripjaws to fight those carjackers? I mean, we must be at least a hundred miles from the nearest open water and you change into an alien that needs a lot of water or he suficates?”

“I was trying for Fourarms,” Ben muttered, “but the stupid watch went whacko and changed me into Ripjaws instead.”

“I’ll want to see that video later Gwen,” Grandpa Max called back from the drivers seat, “I hope you’re saving it. By the way, what do you kids want for dinner? We could swing by Burger Barn on the way out of town.”

“That sounds great,” Gwen said.

“I’m not so sure about Burger Barn Grandpa,” Ben said. “Just aske Gwen what happened when XLR8 hit an oil patch at top speed.”

“Gwen?” Grandpa asked without looking away from the road.

“I’m checking it right now,” Gwen said. “Oh wow, you must have felt that even after you changed back.”

“What did Ben do?” Grandpa asked.

“He hit the drivethru window and took out almost the whole alcove,” Gwen said. “It’s going to be a while before anyone uses that drivethru.”

“In that case let’s make it pizza,” Grandpa said, trying hard not to laugh as he thought about XLR8 crashing through the drivethru window at Burger Barn. “It sounds like Ben could use some comfort food after the day he had.”

“It would have been better if I’d gone with the two of you today,” Ben sighed as he picked his head up from the table with a real sign of interest when Grandpa mentioned pizza for dinner.

“Trust me Ben, “ Gwen said so quickly she was afraid Ben would suspect something, “you would have been bored stiff if you went along with us today. In spite of what happened to you it would have been a lot worse if tagged along with us today. Between the doctor’s visit and the clothes shopping you would have been bored to death.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too,” Ben sighed, “but at least I wouldn’t be so embarrassed. Well at least I have dinner and fucking to look forward to now. Nothing better than pizza and a good hard fuck to make you forget a bad day.”

“Or to top off a great day,” Gwen said, exchanging a knowing grin with Grandpa Max through the rearview mirror.

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Glad you are perfecting the art of sinepleg while Asher is down. When you need rest the most it usually backfires. Hang in there Mom and Dad. There are restful days ahead. We just don't know when! We closed cabins this past weekend. Don't know where the summer went. Jenna and Abby both busy with volleyball now. Abby was voted the only 10th grade Homecoming Attendant by the kids in her grade. We are so excited. Now she needs a full length gown for coronation on Oct. 3rd. Luke has a babysitting job after school for the brother of volleyball player, so he is busy. Sam and Mark still have mowing jobs with Papa after school and soon it will be getting all the leaves up. Take care. Lots of Love.

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This is getting a bit more svbejctiue, but I much prefer the Zune Marketplace. The interface is colorful, has more flair, and some cool features like Mixview' that let you quickly see related albums, songs, or other users related to what you're listening to. Clicking on one of those will center on that item, and another set of neighbors will come into view, allowing you to navigate around exploring by similar artists, songs, or users. Speaking of users, the Zune Social is also great fun, letting you find others with shared tastes and becoming friends with them. You then can listen to a playlist created based on an amalgamation of what all your friends are listening to, which is also enjoyable. Those concerned with privacy will be relieved to know you can prevent the public from seeing your personal listening habits if you so choose.

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