Jimmy's brother, Alex, and me, Erich have some fun, at a campout.
I looked into his eyes, those deep blue eyes of his. So beautiful. SO young. He returned the glance, "Ready?" he whispered, well, more like mouthed.
I nodded, not leaving his eyes. He began to push,

"Ow! Fuck!" I whispered in the pitch blackness that was the middle of the night.
"Hmmm...........uhhhh yeahhh..."
"Come on! I don't like this."
I opened my eyes. I could tell Alex was enjoying this, and a lot.
"It's ok, I think it has stopped hurting as much as it is going to."
"Good. I don't think I can last much longer" His tiny, young lips motioned. His dark tan body, muscular, a swimmer's body, much like mine, except that it was much younger. His jet-black hair, bowl cut, combed, and always perfect. His big blue eyes, glazed over in pleasure. His body glistened with sweat; he was practicly shaking in excitement! He began to move.
Slowly, speeding up. Its been almost 30 seconds.
I looked at him. Watched his eyes, wide open, entranced, in a pure, euphoria. Now he knows why they call it going to heaven, he knows what its like, and knows he is different. Different, but in a good way. A way his friends might not know for years and years to come.
Alex remained motionless, his head, raised to the dark, black night sky, covered by the tent wall. He let out a moan.
""He whispered. He slowly lowered himself, onto me, still buried deep inside me, but now soft. He put his young head on my chest, I could see his beautiful eyes, staring right into mine. I asked if he was ready to repay the favor. I know I should have waited, given his first time, at such a young age to fully envelope his mind, to make him feel like I did. But I was horny, I wanted a piece of that tight ass. And I wanted it now, no more waiting.

Backup two hours.

"Night Alex."
"Goodnight, Erich"
In a tent, at a camp out. We said our goodnights, laying there, naked, in our sleeping bags, so close to each other, in this little camping tent. I can't imagine what went through his mind when I asked him if I could masturbate. I just won't know.
"Hey, Alex, I haven't jerked off in almost three days, and I have had a solid hardon for two hours, would you let me do it right now?"
"If you don't want me to, I can wait until you are asleep, or you can join in and help yourself out, it wouldn't make you gay or anything."
"Uh...I-I...I guess. If, If-if you teach me how to do it really good. If you did that, I will let you do it, right here, right now."
" Ahh, great. How do you want to start?"
"Um..I don't know." Alex unzips his red and blue sleeping bag. I see his chest, his young body, as he throws it over, uncovering himself. I'm still not used to the dark yet, so I can't really see much, but he does have a little patch of pubes. He is just right.
"Start by, I don't know, make me hard. How about that. Touch it. I've never been touched there before, except my doctor, and that was only for a second."
"Sure. If thats what will get me relieved."
"Hey, Erich, will this make me gay? I don't want to be gay"
"Naw, homosexuality is only defined as finding people of your sex, well, sexually attractive. I don't like guys, but I've done things with them, so I'm just sorta, bi, I guess."
"Oh.. What kinda things have you done?", he asked, very intrigued," and with who?"
"Well, the first person I did things with, guy on guy things, was your not gonna believe this, your brother."
"Yeah. He let me fuck him. It was awesome!"
" I wanna fuck somebody. But I don't really like girls."
"I had that same problem, they were too ugly, too shallow, or just too slutty.I did find one, though. You know her."
"You mean Erika?"
"Yeah. We fuck all the time"
"Mmm..Can I fuck you?"
"I didn't mean that. I don't want to."
"Well, I guess it would only be fair if you fucked me, I would get to fuck you back."
" Umm.....Does it hurt a lot?" Looking so innocent, so young, but knowing exactly how much it was going to hurt. Remembering the time he had to stay in a bed with his cousin, years ago.
I could see the wheels whirling in his eyes. My plan was working. I was gonna get laid, by Jimmy's brother, of all people!"
"So, I guess we need some lube. I was reading about anal sex a couple days ago, and it said you need lots of lube."said Alex, with a wide, handsome grin,"So, just wanna use spit, I don't have anything."

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