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Teen Girls Graduate f rom High School and Make Love the same night

Learning to make love was a graduation for me, both literally and figuratively! My best friend, Heather and I were seniors at East High. Although all the seniors were all excited about graduation, Heather and I were especially keyed up. I was the Valedictorian and Heather was going to be presented with a full scholarship to the State University. That should have been enough to satisfy both of us, but we had one more thing going. Both Heather and I had been dating our boy friends for about three years, and although we were very much in love and had even talked about marriage some day, we were still virgins that day before graduation.

After the prom a few weeks earlier, the four of us were driving home from the restaurant where we had gone for a snack. Heather and Richard were in the back seat and I was nestled up against Danny in a dreamy state of euphoria. It had been a perfect evening, and I was so in love that I didn’t protest when Danny began playing with my breast. My strapless formal gave him fairly free access between, although my strapless bra was an effective barrier to him going very far.

“I love you so much,” murmured Danny.

“I love you too,” I replied as I turned a little to give Danny better access to my breasts.

He responded by working his hand down a little further. About that time I heard Heather.

“Stop, stop!”

I wanted to turn around and look, but didn’t want Danny to know I heard. I glanced up at him and saw a little smile cross his lips. Obviously he had heard too! After we got back to Richard’s car and they got out, Danny drove slowly toward my house. It was nearly three in the morning, and I was getting really tired. As much as I loved Danny, the evening had finally worn me down and I was ready for bed. When the car stopped, I slid toward the door expecting Danny to get out and open the door for me. As I glanced toward him, I realized that he wasn’t moving. I was just about to ask him what was wrong when I realized we weren’t home. I started to ask him why he had stopped when he took me in his arms.

“Suzanne, I love you and want to do it with you.”

“Oh Danny, I do love you, but I don’t want to do it tonight.”

“OK, when?” pressed Danny.

“I don’t know, I want to do it too, but not this way. I’ve always hated the idea of losing my virginity in the back seat of a car. It seems so, I don’t know, just kind of common. Do you understand?”

“It’s just that you are so beautiful, and dancing with you tonight and realizing that we are going to graduate in a few weeks, it seems like I love you so much that the only way I can let you know how much is to love you all the way,” he said with a sigh of resignation.

“There is one more thing,” I said with a kind of sigh.

“What’s that?” replied Danny with a questioning look.

“Well, Heather and I made a pact when we were freshman. All the other girls were talking about kissing boys and all that, and we started hearing about some of the older girls doing it, and we swore on our Bibles that we wouldn’t do it with a boy until after we were out of high school.”

Danny sat silently for a few moments until he suddenly brightened up.

“Well, that settles it; we do it the night of graduation.”

“What!” I replied in astonishment.

“Well, you said you agreed not to do it until after graduation, and if that’s all that’s stopping you, we graduate on May 17. Let’s do it that night.”

“OK, but not in your car!” I replied with my heart fluttering.

“I’ll think of some place nice,” he promised as we drove home.

Monday morning at school, Heather and I met at our locker as usual. “Wasn’t the prom great!” I exclaimed to Heather as she walked up.

“Yeah, I guess,” was her subdued reply.

“What’s wrong?” I said with a note of concern.

“I don’t want to talk about it here, let’s meet after school and I’ll tell you about it.”

That afternoon we stopped by the park.

“What is it?” I pressed as we sat down.

“I don’t know how much longer I can keep telling Richard no. He wants to do it with me, and I’m not sure I want to keep saying no!”

“I know what you mean,” I replied. “Danny more or less made me promise to do it the night of graduation.”

“Well at least you will be keeping that silly promise we made four years ago,” she replied with a giggle.

“I guess an hour is as good as a year,” I observed laughing along with her.

“So, you are going to do it?” Heather said with a look of awe.

“Are you?” I shot back.

“I really want to,” replied Heather, “and I know Richard loves me and I love him. I guess that settles it, we’re going to graduate from school and into womanhood the same night!”

“Where are you and Danny going to do it?” asked Heather.

“I don’t know, where will you and Richard do it?”

“I don’t know either,” replied Heather, “I just told him I wouldn’t do it in the back seat of a car!”

“Me too,” I said with a laugh.

We talked for over an hour trying to imagine what it would be like. The major topic was where we should try to get the boys to take us, what we would wear and how we would make sure we didn’t get pregnant. Suddenly I had an idea.

“You know the summer home that Richard’s family has on Cedar Lake?”

“Sure do, that would be just perfect wouldn’t it?” exclaimed Heather.

“Looks like all you have to do is get Richard to think it was his idea and you’re all set,” I observed.

“OK, now how about you and Danny?” She asked.

“I’m sure he will come up with some place. I told him I didn’t want to do it in a car either, and he agreed with me.”

“I have an idea!” exclaimed Heather.

“What’s that,” I asked with a feeling of excitement.

“You know that house has two nice big bedrooms, we could both go there without getting in each other’s way!”

We talked for another fifteen minutes, after which Heather promised she would figure a way to get Richard to come up with the idea of using the summerhouse for “Our Graduation Ceremony!”

A couple days later, Heather said we should go to the park after school. By the time we got there, Heather was about to burst.

“It’s all set,” she bubbled. “Richard copied a set of keys for the house, and his dad opened the house and turned on the water and heat, but says they won’t be able to use it until the first of June because he is too busy at the office. We can go there without any chance of someone coming by.”

“How about Danny?” I asked.

Heather explained that Richard was reluctant to have anyone else in the house but she convinced him that I had agreed to do it with Danny at the same time, and it would be easier to come up with a reason to be out all night after Graduation if we were together than alone.

That night Danny came by and suggested we go out for a Coke. As soon as we were in the car Danny turned to me with a self-conscious little smile.

“You all set for Graduation?”

“Sure,” I replied, “I got my speech all written and have rehearsed it a few times. I think it’s going to go real well.”

“Oh come on Suzanne, you know what I mean!”

I laughed out loud, almost feeling sorry for Danny’s attempt to be casual.

“Yes, I know what you mean. I’m excited and scared all at the same time. I’m excited about doing it with you for the first time, but I’m scared about doing it right, not getting pregnant and if it will change things between us,” I replied in a babbling sort of way.

“If we do it enough I’m sure we will get it right,” chuckled Danny. “And I got some condoms and I sure hope it does change things between us.”

I looked over at Danny with a questioning look.

“You do!” I replied feeling love surge up in my heart.

“Sure, it seems like if I could show you another way of loving you that it will make us even closer,” he replied confidently.

“I hope so,” I whispered.

May 17th finally arrived. I spent the morning rehearsing my speech then packed my bag. There were so many things to do and I had to do all my packing with an eye out for Mom. I had picked out short red nightie for my graduation, along with a new bra, panties and slip. I debated with myself at length about whether I should wear a padded bra or not. Later I decided that maybe I should wear a real sexy low-cut model. Finally, I decided not to try to make myself look like something I wasn’t. The first time Danny really saw me, he would see the real me!

That decision made, I laid out the clothes I would wear to graduation and graduation. I would put them on but I was sure Danny would take them off! My dress wasn’t any problem. Dad had bought me a new suit for graduation, not that it made that much difference, I would have a gown on all the time I was in public, but daddy was so pleased about giving me a brand new suit that I too was excited about wearing it for him.

Heather and I had talked at length about what we needed to do to get ready for the first time. Both her mother and my mom had told us about making love, but there were a few things we just didn’t want to ask about. We were afraid our mom’s might start wondering why we were asking so many questions. Heather and I tried to remember all the things we had heard about other girls’ experiences. We decided that we probably only heard about the bad experiences, but still better be prepared. We had heard about one girl who had so much trouble getting it in the first time that she resorted to using hand lotion! We picked up some birth control jelly figuring it would provide lubrication as well as extra birth control protection. As an extra precaution, we picked out some inserts that said they could be put in a half-hour before having intercourse. We thought we would go into the bathroom as soon as we got to the cabin and put it in so we would be ready.

After packing everything into my bag, I ran over my speech once more. After a light supper, Mom, Dad, and my little brother and sister headed for the school auditorium. Just as we were leaving, my little brother asked why I need a suitcase for graduation. I could have killed him! Dad looked at me, but I was prepared. I told him that I had been invited to several all night graduation parties, and that Heather and Richard, and Danny and I planned to just drop in on a few different parties instead of trying to pick just one. I went on to explain that the girls would think I was a snob if I didn’t make an appearance. I wanted to wear his new suit for graduation, but after that I would change into jeans for the parties.

Graduation went without a hitch. I got a standing ovation for my speech, and a representative of the Alumni of the State University was on hand to present Heather with her scholarship. The informal part of graduation lasted for about another hour with punch and cookies being served in the cafeteria while we said our good-byes to schoolmates and friends who were leaving for the summer. By about nine-thirty, the crowd had dispersed and I could sense Danny urging me to say goodbye and get out of there. Soon, the four of us were in the car heading for the lake.

Richard had gone out in the afternoon to turn on the heat and light the water heater, so when we walked in the house was warm and comfortable. As we walked in, the tension was so apparent that we just stood there doing and saying nothing. Finally, Richard said he would light a fire. Danny sprang to help him, and soon there was a cheery fire blazing away. While they were doing that, Heather and I took our bags to the rooms we were going to use. I went to the bathroom and put in one of the contraceptive inserts. I dabbed on some fresh perfume, putting some on my tummy and breasts. Walking quietly down the hall, I tapped on the door to Heather’s room.

“Just a minute,” she whispered, “I’m not quite ready yet.”

A moment later, the door opened a crack. When Heather saw that it was me, she swung the door open and invited me in. Seeing my mouth open in astonishment, Heather shrugged.

“I thought I’d start this way.” She was wearing a robe that covered her from head to toe.
“What have you got on under it?” I asked in amazement.

Shyly she opened the robe to reveal a beautiful lavender gown covering a very sheer and equally short nightie.

“WOW!” was all I could think of to say.

We whispered in the hall for a minute or two, then decided that we shouldn’t change our individual plans. I went back to the living room first, and settled down beside Danny. A minute later, Heather came down in her terry cloth robe and snuggled up to Richard. Danny was kissing me with mounting passion, and I let myself start to soar. I had decided that I wouldn’t deny any feelings of passion, but just let them build and build. I guess that my sense of being ready for graduation had really turned me on. Before long, Danny had his hands inside my suit and was feeling my breasts through my blouse. It felt heavenly, and I let myself drift with the feelings. A couple of times I glanced over to where Richard and Heather were sitting. Half sitting would probably be a better way to explain it. Heather was leaning back against the arm of the divan and Richard was on top of her. I could see that the robe was open, and Richard was playing with her breasts through the flimsy fabric of the nightie and gown. Danny was becoming more and more aggressive in trying to get at my breasts. Finally I pushed him away.

“Let’s go to our room,” I suggested with my heart pounding.

“OK,” whispered Danny, “looks like it’s time we got out of here anyway.”

I glanced over to where Richard and Heather were now laying full length on the divan. I could see more of Heather than I wanted Danny to see, so I took his hand and we scampered upstairs to our room. As soon as the door was closed behind us, Danny took me in his arms and kissed me with a level of passion that I couldn’t believe.

“Danny, I’ve never been kissed like that in my life!”

“Well, just wait a while,” he grunted as he began to unbutton my suit coat.

In a moment, my coat was hanging on the back of a chair. Danny quickly resumed his task by starting with the buttons down the back of my blouse. He fumbled quite a bit with the tiny buttons, but soon I felt him tugging up to get the last couple of buttons that were tucked into my skirt. Then, he turned me around so he could unbutton the sleeves. Once open, Danny hesitated for a moment then slipped the blouse off my shoulders and down my arms. In a second, it was laying across the chair. Danny joined me again, and made short work of my skirt. Once again he hesitated. I was still wearing a slip, so the reality was that Danny had seen more of me at the swimming pool than he could see now. Of course, he had already seen me without my bra, but it was in his car in the dark of night. He had seen a silhouette, but no detail.

My thoughts drifted back to that night when we both got carried away and before I realized it, my bra was down around my waist. Danny’s pants were open and he had taken his penis out and put my hand on it. It jerked when I touched it, and when I began to play with it Danny started running his hand up my dress. He just reached my panties when he stiffened and his thing jerked a little and I felt wet sticky stuff all over my hand. In a moment or two, Danny began apologizing and quickly zipped himself up. I dressed and we drove home. I had puzzled about it, but Danny refused to say anything more that night. He apologized again as he said goodnight. A few weeks later we were cuddling again, and once again he had unbuttoned my blouse. After a while he stopped and pulled away.

“What’s wrong?” I had asked.

“I’m afraid that I can’t stop if we go any further,” he said in a breathless voice.

“Well you stopped the other night,” I reminded him.

“That’s because you made me come,” he muttered.

As Danny began pulling my slip up, my mind jolted back to the present. I raised my arms letting the slip slide off with a silky whisper. Danny just tossed it aside and took me in his arms again. As promised, this kiss was even more spectacular than before. As I snuggled against him, I could feel him fumbling with my bra clasp. He struggled for a moment or two, but before long I felt it go slack. He stepped back, pulling the ends with him. I heard him suck in his breath as he caught his first clear view of my breasts.

“OH Suzanne, they are so beautiful, they are so beautiful!”

I stood up straight and thrust my chest out trying to make them appear as big as possible. It wasn’t that I had little breasts, but like most girls, I knew boys liked big breasts and I wanted him to like them. I guess I shouldn’t have worried so much, because Danny stood with a look of wonderment on his face.

“They are so pretty, they are so pretty,” he kept repeating.

“I’m glad you like them,” I replied with my heart beating even faster.

We kissed again, but this time, instead of hugging him, I slid my hands between us and began unbuttoning his shirt. Duplicating his actions, I fumbled with the sleeve buttons, and soon had his shirt hanging over my blouse. I tugged his undershirt over his head, and tossed it aside. By now, I could feel my panties getting wet like it did when we necked after the movies or some other date. I was ready to get on with what Heather and I had been referring to as “The Capping Ceremony.” I tugged at Danny’s belt and found that it opened fairly easily. Soon, I had the top button open and slid the zipper down. When I did, his pants just slid down his legs and he stepped out of them.

I stood back to look at him feeling him staring at my breasts again. At the same time, I was staring at his shorts! I could see his penis sticking almost straight out straining to be free. I stepped close, encircling him with my arms and pulling him against me. I wanted to feel his cock against my tummy, and at the same time I could feel my breasts flatten against his chest. I felt Danny’s hands sliding under the band of my panties. By now, I was just as ready as Danny, so I slid my hands under the band of his shorts. When he began pushing my panties down, I followed with his shorts. However, they came down only a little ways when they wouldn’t go any further. My panties had fallen clear and slid to the floor. I moved back slightly and glanced down to see what was keeping Danny’s shorts from dropping to the floor. It was immediately obvious that his enormous erection was the culprit. I pulled the front of the band out, out and still further out until his penis popped free. I pressed the shorts down, and suddenly we were standing totally naked!

We both took a step back and gazed hungrily at each other. I could see Danny’s eyes darting from my breasts to my pubic hair, but my eyes were riveted on only one part of Danny that I had never seen before! I had felt what I thought was the whole thing that time a few months back, and while I knew it was big, I wasn’t prepared for just how big it really was. A feeling of fear ran through my heart as I began wondering how we were going to get it inside me. Judging by the look on Danny’s face, I realized that I was going to know sooner rather than later!

Danny took my hands and led me toward the bed. He pulled the covers down and snapped on the night light by the bed. Then, he opened his duffel bag and pulled out a package of condoms. Switching off the ceiling light, he hurried to the bed. I watched in fascination as his penis swayed back and forth and bounced up and down. I couldn’t help but think that he needed a bra for his cock! He ripped the foil package open, and quickly rolled the condom onto his penis. In an instant, he was in bed with me, and was pulling me close.

“OH Suzanne, I love you so much, I love you so much,” he whispered as he smothered me with kisses.

“I love you too Danny,” I whispered.

“Are you ready to graduate?” grunted Danny with raw passion emanating from his face.

“OH yes, yes,” I whispered. I rolled onto my back as Danny got between my legs and knelt over me and began lowering himself. I could feel my breasts flatten under his weight, but it wasn’t unpleasant in the least. Then, I felt Danny moving up a little and sensed him kind of probing for the right place. I tried to move my bottom to line up with him, but it just wasn’t happening.

Finally, I reached down and taking it in my hand, I guided it home. The instant it was in position, I kind of inched up to meet him, and was rewarded by feeling him begin to slip in. I needn’t have worried about needing lubrication. By now, I could feel my juices seeping out of my bottom, and I was so slick that when Danny started to penetrate me, it just slid freely. For a little ways that is. Suddenly I felt a little pain, and I shrank back a little.

“Stop for a little bit,” I whispered.

I sensed Danny poised to move ahead, but he followed my direction and hesitated.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked.

“Just a little,” I replied. “Let me get used to feeling you inside me for a while.

Danny kissed me tenderly, and his consideration for me filled my heart with love. I guess that caused me to relax some, for all at once I felt him slip in a little further. I rose to meet him, and I guess the movement spurred him on. In less time that it takes to tell about it, I felt something let go, and suddenly Danny sank in and in and in until I thought he was going to go all the way to my throat. A moment later, I felt him bump against me, and realized he was totally inside me.

“Oh Danny, it’s in, it’s in all the way!” I exclaimed much louder than I intended.

“Shhhhh,” whispered Danny urgently, they’ll hear you.”

“Oh Danny, Oh Danny, it’s so good, it’s so good,” I almost whimpered.

“Are you ready for me to move?”


Danny began moving in and out, and I tried to move to meet him. It was just starting to feel good when Danny shuddered, then drove himself in as hard as he could, then collapsed on me breathing really hard.

“Suzanne, I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” I replied.

A moment or two later he rolled off, and cuddled me in his arms. We kissed and cuddled for a minute or two, then shortly drifted off to sleep. It must have been about two hours later when I woke with a start. It took me a minute to realize where I was. I looked over at Danny, who was curled up like a little kid, sound asleep. He was facing me, and I could see his almost angelic face against the white pillowcase. Carefully I slipped out of bed and peeked out the door. The hallway was deserted, so I picked up my bag and tiptoed to the bathroom. I ran a hot bath, and stepped in. After drying off, I opened my bag and took out my little red nightie. I slipped it on and went back to our room. Just as I stepped in, Danny rolled over and felt around on my side of the bed. He sat up with a startled look on his face.

“It’s OK,” I said, “I’m right here.”

Danny blinked then a big grin flooded his face.

“Man, you look great,” he said in a loud whisper.

I scurried over to the bed and slid in beside him once more. Danny kissed me then rolled out of the bed.

“I’ll be back in a minute; I got to go to the bathroom.”

I snuggled down in the bed while I waited for him to come back. About five minutes later, he tiptoed in and slipped into bed with me. Seconds later we were locked in another passionate embrace. When Danny released me to put his condom on, I slipped another insert in and cuddled up against Danny. Carefully he pushed my little red nightie up and kissed my tummy all over, then pushed up to where he was kissing my breasts. All at once, he took my right nipple in his mouth and began sucking. I felt myself getting wet and slick again. I was running my fingers in his hair and caressing his back. After working myself around a bit, I was able to reach his penis and began stroking it.

“Are you ready to do it again?” asked Danny breathing hard.

In answer, I rolled over on my back and opened my legs. Faster than I believed possible, Danny was on me and probing for my pussy. This time, he was able to find it on the second try, and pushed forward. He just slid all the way in with only a slight twinge of pain as his big knob passed the former residence of my virginity. Instead of hesitating, he began pumping in and out. By now I had gotten used to the motion and rocked in rhythm to Danny’s movements. Although I didn’t see any shooting stars or feel the bed move, other than in response to our movements, I began to feel a sense of excitement building and building. Danny was speeding up his thrusts, and I matched him stroke for stroke. As before, he suddenly shoved himself deep into me and pressed as hard as he could. I gripped him with my legs and squeezed as hard as I could while a sense of deep contentment overwhelmed me.

We lay locked together for several minutes until I felt him slip out of me. Danny rolled off and pulled the condom off, tossing it a side. Once again we fell asleep in each other’s arms. By morning, we had done it again. Peeking into the hallway began walking to the bathroom. I had my little nightie on, but Danny, naked as the day he was born, was only carrying his duffel bag. He said he didn’t want to get anything on his clothes. About halfway to the bathroom, the door to Heather and Richard’s room swung open and Heather stepped out wearing her sheer little lavender nightie. We all stopped dead in our tracks. Danny gasped, turned around and ran back to the room. Heather turned red and started to back into her room. I just stood frozen. Heather hesitated for a moment then came down the hall to where I was just turning into the bathroom. We stepped in and closed the door.

“I’m so embarrassed,” wailed Heather.

“Well, it happened and nothing we can do about it now,” I said matter of factly.

“I guess not,” replied Heather with a red face.

“How much could you see?” She asked.

“How much could you see?” I said in response.

“Everything!” We said in unison.

We decided to stay in the bathroom and get cleaned up. Heather asked me how it went.

“Great, how about you,” I asked with a sly grin.

“The first time was awfully quick, and I was really disappointed, but after that it just kept getting better and better,” she said.

“How many times did you do it?” I asked with a note of awe in my voice.

Heather blushed a deep red and looked at the floor.

“Well, how many times?” I repeated.

“Four,” she said with a little laugh, “And Richard wants to do it again, but I said I had to go to the bathroom first, I was about to bust.”

“Are you going to do it again?” I asked with a big grin.

“Why not? I may not get as good a chance for a while,” she said with a toss of her head.

“By the way, how many times did you and Danny do it?”

This time it was I who felt the heat of blood rushing to my face.

“Three and counting,” I whispered. “Looks like I got a way to go to keep up with you guys.”

Heather said she better get back before Richard came looking, and after peeking out the door, trotted down the hall. After hearing her door close, I went back to our room where Danny was waiting.

“I’ll bet Heather is mad,” he said forlornly.

I assured him that she was embarrassed, but not to worry about it, we all knew what was happening, so it wasn’t as if there was a big secret out. Danny stood and took me his arms, kissing me tenderly.

“You got a better body than Heather.”

“Oh! So you looked,” I said with an accusing voice.

“I really couldn’t help but look,” he said, “But I did turn around pretty quick.”

I just laughed at him and pulled him to the bed.

“Let’s do it again,” he urged passionately.

Danny was obviously ready, and when he got out another foil package, I asked him if I could put it on for him.

“Sure!” he replied rolling onto his back.

I laid the condom on the bed then turned back to him.

“I want to do a little exploring first.”

I took his penis in my hand and began running my hand up and down the shaft, feeling the smooth silky feeling of the loose skin. From there I explored his wrinkled bag and the silky smooth balls inside. Danny began moving his hips to meet my explorations. Pretty soon, he said he had to get in me or die of passion. After a few false starts, I rolled the condom on then got astraddle of him. I told him that I wanted to see how I looked to him. We played around for a while, as I grew more and more excited. Danny was reaching up and playing with my breasts.

“They are bigger when you are sitting up,” he observed.

“I need all the help I can get,” I giggled.

“I don’t think you need any help at all,” Danny said with an earnest look, “I think you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

“And just how many naked girls have you seen?” I said with a note of mock concern.

“Only two,” he said.

“Two?” I asked with a note of alarm.

“Sure, you and Heather,” he said.

“Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that.”

“I’ll bet she hasn’t,” grunted Danny.

“Enough of Heather’s body, I want your body,” I said as I raised myself up and maneuvered over Danny’s throbbing cock.

By being able to move myself, I was able to find the right spot then slowly let myself glide over it until it felt as if I was going to choke on him.

“Wow, you are in deeper than ever,” I said.

I tried to mimic his actions, but the movements were totally different. Even so, before long I got into the sense of the motion and began bouncing up and down, savoring the feeling of his tool penetrate into my depths. I was gazing at Danny’s face, and saw the passion mounting. Probably because of how many times we did it already, Danny didn’t come right away, so we just kept bouncing and bouncing. His face took on a more and more excited look. My breasts were bouncing up and down as I speeded up my bouncing. Just as I felt as if I was going to faint with pleasure, Danny grabbed my waist and pulled me down on him and squeezed my tight. I could feel him quivering and twitching inside me. Danny squeezed me like a vice until his penis stopped quivering and pulsing. I lay full on him feeling my body blend with his.

After a couple of minutes, we rolled onto our sides and cuddled together. We lay there for several minutes until we heard water running, presumably in the bathroom.

“Maybe we ought to sneak out in the hall and see if we can get another look,” I teased Danny.

Danny sat up and turned toward me.

“I want to finish looking at you before I start looking at someone else,” he said as he pressed me back.

With that, he slid my nightie up and knelt between my legs. He began playing with my hair and parted my lips. I spread my legs far apart giving him better access to his probing. Danny looked, caressed, and explored for perhaps five minutes.

“I guess I better go to the bathroom,” he commented as he stood up.

This time he slipped his jeans on before leaving the bedroom. Danny was gone about ten minutes, and when he returned he was drying his hair. I trotted down to the bathroom and took a quick bath, then put on my makeup and perfume. Returning to the bedroom, I expected to see Danny dressed and ready to go. Instead, he was sitting on the bed examining my bra. He looked up with an embarrassed grin on his face.

“I couldn’t help but look at this thing that has kept me from getting my hands where I really wanted them,” he said. “With what I have learned, I think it will be easier to get it off now.”

I giggled in spite of myself, and flopped onto the bed with him.

“You smell great,” he said as he nuzzled my breasts.

Before I realized what we were doing, Danny was between my legs and sliding into me again. We pumped into each other for several minutes, until I felt strangely satisfied. I sighed deeply and pulled Danny down to me. Before long, Danny felt kind of heavy, and I pushed him off. At the same time, he slipped out of me, but this time something was different. I felt wet and slippery. Suddenly I realized that Danny hadn’t put on his condom.

“OH NO!” I exclaimed. Danny jumped as if he had been shot.

“What’s wrong,” he asked with alarm.

“You didn’t put on a condom, and you got your stuff in me. I could get pregnant!”

“Oh I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” said Danny over and over. “I forgot.”

Just about the time I was ready to really panic, I remembered that I had already used two contraceptive inserts, but to be sure I got two more out and put them in.

“We got about ten days to sweat this out,” I said with a heavy feeling.

“Is there anything else we can do?” asked Danny.

“I don’t know what it would be now,” I said, but I’m pretty sure it will be OK.

Danny looked as if he were going to die of panic. I explained that I had used some contraceptive inserts as well, and that the additional ones would probably be enough to be safe. We got dressed and stood around for a minute or two then Danny suggested that we get breakfast ready for Heather and Richard. By the time we got the pancake mix turned into the real thing, they joined us. We were all a little embarrassed about the circumstances and tried to think of something to talk about except what we were all thinking. We finally got through breakfast and cleaned the house very carefully to be sure no one could tell we had been there. The main problem was the sheets. Richard decided that he would make some excuse to come out to the house and get it ready for summer and take care of it then.

Just before we left, Richard and Danny said they had to get something out of the car. When they came back they were carrying what looked like our diplomas. Heather and I looked at each other with puzzled expressions. The answer came quickly enough. Richard turned on a tape player blasting out “Pomp and Circumstance,” while Danny presented us with our diplomas. Each of them said we had graduated number one in the class and were eligible for graduate studies. Then they gave us caps with a condom tied on like a graduation tassel.


2008-01-23 23:04:52
this is the only story ive seen where the girl is worried about getting pregnant so i would say its the most real thats also what made it gay


2008-01-21 03:13:15
Booooooorrrring. If you're going to write stories for this site, stick with the format and write what we come here to read.


2008-01-19 19:23:02
kinda lame in the sex area. still funny tho.. not so much hot


2008-01-18 18:45:09
foursome please! would love a sequel please


2008-01-18 09:00:44
Nice story...dumb ending.

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