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Milton Scrag glanced around at the sea of curious, indifferent, or hostile faces, while nervously following the busty blonde toward the far side of the room. Cubical after cubical passed, and he looked inside at the assortment of entombed humanity. He saw many women, some worth a second glance. Two had short skirts, one shouldn't have, she was older than dirt. The other was a fine looking woman, but she was obviously a bitch. You could see it in her eyes, if you bothered looking at her eyes, while being presented with a view of the edge of her white panties showing beneath the short skirt.
Milton did look at her eyes, briefly. She didn't bother closing her legs, and Milton didn't bother looking away. Three more cubicals contained some fine breasts. One was so close and so open, that he was tempted to reach down into her blouse and scoop them out for a better look. She didn't even glance his way. The blonde before him made a rude noise and continued on to the far side of the office. He looked back to see at least a hundred cubicals in the huge room. It was packed.
All of these thoughts passed through Milton's head, as he followed the alluring sway of the blonde's hips. Suddenly the hips stopped swaying and she turned to face him.
"The new guy is the farthest from the window?" he asked with a nervous laugh.
"Yes," she said coldly, then pointed toward the empty cubical. "Stop by personnel and fill out some papers before you go home," she said, turning away and promptly forgetting that he existed.
Milton felt small and insignificant. He gave the nearby workers a nervous smile and sank from sight, into the thinly padded chair. He turned in it experimentally. It squeaked loud enough to wake the dead. He twisted and turned, trying to find a tune in the horrible squeak. Suddenly he heard a shoe strike the far side of the partition. He had only been at the desk for moments and he had annoyed somebody already.
"Sorry," he called nervously. He slid the chair forward. It grated annoyingly. He looked down to see a sheet of glass, possibly plexi-glass, beneath his wheels. It was probably used to make the chair move easily on the thick carpet. He didn't like it. He immediately pushed the chair back and slid the glass out of sight beneath his desk with his feet. That was better, the chair slid smoothly and quietly, back and forth. He looked around himself and noticed that the partitions around him only came down to within two feet of the floor. He could see feet, desks, and file cabinets in the cubicals around him. His back was against the wall. He saw a black streak on the wall where many other chairs had brushed against it.
"Welcome to telemarketing the Telechoice way," Milton mumbled, reading the cover as he took the papers from his briefcase, which Ms. Witeasha had thrust at him only moments before. He never thought that he would sink so low, as to attempt telemarketing. But when they offered a flat rate, plus commissions, he just couldn't resist. It was better than selling vacuum cleaners, he thought. He turned to page 7 and found a full line of vacuum cleaners. He chuckled as he quickly turned the page and came upon the sexy lingerie section. He could sell anything he liked, anything he believed he could sell. He had about as many choices as a typical flier of sale items from a hardware store or supermarket. It consisted of 12 pages. Milton really believed that there was something in there that would strike his fancy. His eyes went again and again to the underwear section. How long had it been since he'd had sex, or dated a girl that looked like that? He thought to himself as he looked at an exotic black haired girl in see-through underwear. He could almost see her pussy lips through the flimsy material. He would give anything to suck on those fresh pussy lips, or sink his stiff cock into them. How long since a girl like that? Never, he thought to himself, licking his lips. Most of his sexual experiences had been with whores, and most of them looked like a typical gum chewing crack whore.
Milton turned to a selection of riding lawn mowers and decided to start there. It was fall, people were lazy and hated raking leaves. This was the time to offer a riding lawn mower for sale.
He kicked off his shoes, as he turned pages in a lose-leaf notebook, until he reached the proper prepared speech and began memorizing the speel about lawn mowers.
"Good (enter morning or evening) (enter sir or madame)," he read silently. "I am calling today to offer you the top of the line Scutter riding lawn mowers with automatic height adjustment and our patented vacuum bagging system. Are you interested in a Scutter, (enter sir or ma'am)?."
He visualized saying this to a prospective customer, but just saying it in his head made him tongue-tied. Shaking his head, he turned to the next section. It was a dating service. Maybe he should start there. People said he had a sexy telephone voice, even though his real image was somewhat less than perfect. He was middle-aged, bald, and slightly pudgy.
"Are you tired of being alone?" Milton read with a twist of his lips. Damned right he was tired, but some lame dating service would not help him. The minute they got a load of his bald head, and toad-like body, they would be outta there. They always were. The excuses ranged from the common headache to "I have syphilis".
"Oh Yes!" a female voice moaned from the far side of his partition. He started to stand up, but thought better of it. All eyes would go to his sweaty, bald head the moment it peeked over the partition. He sat back in his chair, then impulsively slid his chair back and looked beneath his desk. To his amazement, he found that the sheet of glass, which he'd discarded beneath the desk, made an excellent reflector. Pushed half under the partition as it was, it showed a shapely pair of legs jutting from a short skirt. At the moment the legs were spread, but from the angle on the floor he couldn't see actual panties. Her chair was in the way.
Milton sat up, grabbed a sheet of paper and stood.
"Is there a copier around here?" he asked. The woman was beautiful. She gave him a smile and nodded, continuing her speech on the phone as she did. She seemed very civil and was certainly beautiful. She had dark brown hair, a nice face, and a great figure. She was wearing a white blouse under the open jacket of a blue suit type outfit with small white stripes. On her it looked good, but not half as good as the friendly smile. He wasn't used to that.
She held up one finger while she spoke on the phone. Finally she covered the phone and pointed behind her.
"The door on the right side of the room," she said in an exaggerated whisper. She suddenly uncovered the phone and spoke. Her sexy red lips seemed to hypnotise Milton.
"Oh, of course I had an orgasm, silly. Didn't you?" she asked in a cute little kitten voice. Milton's eyes flew wide. She kissed the phone, then looked up, surprised to see Milton still standing over her.
"Back there," she pointed, beginning to grow annoyed.
Milton nodded and took his useless piece of paper back to the copier. He made three copies before he realized that the paper was blank. He snatched them up as a shadow filled the doorway behind him.
"How's it going?" a male voice asked in a friendly manner. He turned to find a complete stranger.
"New?" the man asked.
"Yeah," he said, clutching the papers close to him as the man looked down at them.
"You seem to be off to a great start. Three marks?"
"You have three new customers," he said, pointing at the papers.
"Oh, yeah."
"Well, take your time. There's no way we can compete with the women, they sell three times more than we do. Be content to take home a baseline paycheck. Don't knock yourself out."
"I... I won't," Milton promised.
The man stood, simply waiting. "You are in the way," he finally said, pointing behind Milton. Milton turned and gasped when he saw that he was blocking the entrance to the restrooms. He quickly stepped aside. The first door was unmarked, the second belonged to the women, and the man pushed through the last door. He was about to close it when he stopped and turned.
"How do you like Marney?" he asked with a chuckle.
"The girl across from you," he said with an incredulous expression. "You know, the brunette in the short skirt and legs six feet long."
"Oh, she's incredible," Milton gasped.
"Damned right, and she's easy," the man pretended to whisper before winking and closing the door.
Milton felt his hopes rise. Was she easy enough to be interested in Milton? Probably not, but it didn't hurt to find out... well it didn't hurt much, anyway. He'd been rejected before, many times.
"Thanks, Marney," Milton said as he passed the gorgeous brunette.
"You're welcome, Milton," she said without looking up. Milton liked the way his name rolled off her lips. She was so... SHE KNEW HIS NAME! Milton realized as he was sitting down. He almost missed the chair. He struggled into the office chair and tried to think. Nobody had mentioned his name. How in the hell? He was about to ask, but heard her speaking again. She seemed to be selling some type of phone sex. No wonder the girls outsold the men. Safe sex was in right now.
"Of course I love you Steve. Oh, I meant Dean. It was a slip of the tongue," she said without conviction. Her voice lowered slightly. Straining, Milton could hear no more. She was whispering.
Bored to tears, Milton tried again to memorize his speech, but Marney's long, slender legs filled his mind. He backed away from the desk and looked beneath it. Marney had kicked off her shoes. Both his and her shoes now rested beneath the desks, only a few feet apart. He gazed at the reflection of her legs in the glass. She suddenly lifted one foot and rubbed it. Her panties were clearly visible in the glass. He had not been able to see them before, because they were black.
Licking his lips, Milton reached down and rubbed his cock. She was so incredible, so sexy and sweet. And she was easy, according to the man in the bathroom. She finished rubbing her foot then rested it against the partition between their desks. Eager to see more, Milton silently slid out of his chair and huddled beneath the desk. He took a hurried look around to make sure nobody was coming, then bent and looked beneath the partition. By bending a little more he could clearly see Marney's legs. He was looking at heaven. They were so close he could have touched them, so close he could almost smell them. He tentatively reached out, then jerked his hand away. Was he crazy? She would scream, kick him in the face and have him jailed. At the very least he would have to pass all those scoffing faces on his way out the door, probably in handcuffs.
With a moan of frustration he pushed his cock down in his pants. The slight touch of his own hand nearly caused an orgasm. That too would be embarrassing, leaving the office and riding the subway home, with a huge cum stain in the front of his pants. He would rather die. He slid even further under the partition and looked up under her skirt. The panties were black, lacey and beautiful. He licked his lips nervously. He wanted to touch her, smell her sex, lick her. He could almost feel his tongue on those silken panties. They would be so...
Marney's foot came down, touching his head. He froze in horror as the stocking-covered foot felt around the top of his head, then the toes touched his face. He heard a giggle, as she spoke to somebody on the phone, but she made no other sound.
Shaking in fear, Milton waited for her cries of horror, but none came. Taking a shuddering breath, he reached out and touched her stocking-covered leg. Her legs opened slightly at his touch. Heartened by her actions he slid father beneath the partition and came up under her desk. He kissed her leg softly. Her legs suddenly sprang open. One leg came up and rested on his shoulder, the other sprang well open. He was now faced with a black pair of panties and exquisitely perfect legs. Milton couldn't believe his luck.
Marney reached down and pulled her skirt up, then opened her legs even more. It was a clear invitation. Milton eagerly inched forward and kissed her inner thigh.
"Oh yes," he heard Marney say. Although he hoped she was talking to him, he knew that she was speaking on the phone. Maybe she was speaking to them both.
"More," Marney whispered. Hesitating only a moment, Milton kissed his way up the inside of both thighs. He was suddenly confronted by her silk-covered mound. He leaned forward and inhaled deeply. Her pussy smelled so delicious. He kissed her panties and heard a loud moan. Her legs clamped around his head, holding him in place. Unable to move, but wishing he could remove her panties and pantyhose, he began mouthing her soft mound with eager lips. Covering the mound with his open lips, he sucked noisily, while Marney moaned and withered above him. His hot lips and moist breath were stimulating her already excited pussy, a pussy that spent the day in state of perpetual excitement because of the nature of her job. She talked sex to men all day long, so when she was presented with an opportunity to relieve that tension, she always took it. Unfortunately, this gave her the name of "office slut", even though she tried to be discreat. She really didn't mind, the other women understood and admired her record. Some of them were very unfortunate, they were married and never allowed other office workers to relieve their tension. Some lived vicariously through Marney's exploits. She was flattered.
When her legs finally opened, Milton reached up and tried to pull her panties down. She gently pushed his face away and held up a finger, signaling for him to wait. Finally, as he savored the smell of her pussy, with his face resting on the chair between her open legs, he heard the click of the phone. In a moment a note was held in front of his face.
"Make another copy," the note said. Frowning in disappointment, he crawled back to his own cubical and stood reluctantly. He was happy to see that there was only a small wet spot on the front of his pants. It would dry soon. But what had Marney meant by make another copy? Another copy of what? He suddenly realized that it didn't matter. She just wanted him to go to the copy machine.
He grabbed up the same page of blank paper and started for the copy machine. A cute blonde was already at the machine, making copies. He looked around nervously, waiting for Marney. Suddenly, she was standing beside him. She squeezed his hand, then headed toward the bathrooms. Rather that going into the women's restroom, she darted into the first door.
With his chest heaving in excitement, Milton looked to be sure the woman was not paying attention, then slid inside the same door. The light came on and Marney reached behind him, turning the lock with a loud click. Milton found himself surrounded by copy paper, mops, and brooms. He also found himself facing Marney, one of the most desirable women he had ever seen.
"Eat me," she commanded, moving back to sit on a pile of copy paper boxes. She slid up on the pile and opened her legs, while pulling her skirt up her thighs.
"Oh my God," Milton gasped, looking at her open, inviting thighs. Many thoughts raced through his head as he moved forward. Was she dying of aids and determined to take a thousand men with her? Maybe she had some type of terrible disease. Was she a nymphomaniac?
Who fucking cares, Milton thought to himself. He was going to have sex. She helped him pull down her panties and pantyhose. They weren't really panties, he thought as he tugged them off, they were more like black silk pantaloons, or exotic boxer shorts with lace. Whatever they were, they smelled wonderful. He held them up to his nose and inhaled deeply, before dropping them on the floor and bending to look beneath Marney's skirt. There was a hand-sized patch of hair above her pussy, but very little around it. Good, he didn't like hairy women. Her pussy was dark red and delicate, in the shadowy world beneath her skirt.
She spread her legs slowly, enticingly, until her pussy was open and pouting, inviting him to kiss it. And he did. With a shuddering sigh, he pressed his lips against her pussy and sucked gently, while his tongue tentatively probed her depths. She sighed and leaned back on the pile of white boxes. Her legs came up and rested on his shoulders. He reached out and held each thigh in a shaking hand, as he supped on her glorious, wet and willing pussy. She moaned and withered beneath his eager mouth. Her phone sex sessions had gotten her very hot. His eager, if inexperience, lips were just what she needed. She felt them to the very depths of her soul. The fire sprang up in her pussy immediately, filling her pussy, ass, and abdomen with intense, pulsing heat.
Marney withered on his mouth, enjoying every touch and tickle of his lips and tongue on her sex. Her cunt dripped with juice and his eager tongue lapped it up. She felt very fulfilled, very flattered at such attention. Many men, and several women had enjoyed her pussy, and she was still flattered each time a man or woman went down on her, and obviously enjoyed it. She liked being tasted. She liked being enjoyed. She craved the attention, recognition, and approval, most of all.
"Do you like it?" she asked, squeezing her breasts between her hands.
"Uh-huh," Milton nodded enthusiastically. She smiled brightly, while continuing to squeeze her perfect breasts between her hands. She pulled one breast out of her shirt and fed it to her own willing lips. Milton watched, about to explode in his pants, while her long, agile tongue explored her own nipple. She obviously enjoyed her own ministrations. Milton enjoyed watching, while her wet pussy filled his mouth. Her flesh was hot and extremely wet in his mouth. She was wonderful.
"Oh fuck," Marney gasped with her eyes widening. She clamped her legs tightly around Milton's head and pulled him tightly into her pussy. Humping and moaning urgently, she rode his helpless face, as her orgasm grew and grew. Then she stiffened, with her eyes widening in horror. She threw her head back, opened her leg wide and restrained a scream. Her pussy bucked against his face. He wrapped his arms around her legs and held them in place, while his eager mouth sucked on her pussy. She hunched and withered, alternately pelting his mouth with her brutal pussy. Moaning with her eyes rolled back into her head, she continued to buck on the pile of white boxes, a clear band of plastic in each hand, cutting into her flesh, as she humped his face brutally. Gradually her gyrations grew less frantic, then died out altogether. She relaxed, laying limp and lifeless on the pile of boxes with her legs hanging off and open wide. She was beautiful. Milton simply waited with his mouth glued over her juicing pussy. Sucking gently but not moving, he waited for her to take notice of him again. Reluctantly, he let her pussy go as she opened her eyes and sat up.
"Up on the fucking boxes," she said, slapping the top of the pile as she hopped off.
"Your turn. Up on the boxes," she said with more urgency.
With no further hesitation, Milton yanked down his pants and boxer shorts, then slid up on the pile of boxes. Even before he had settled into place, her hand enfolded his wilting cock. Her mouth engulfed his penis and sucked it into her lips. Her hot mouth soon had his cock as hard as it had been before. When his cock was fully hard, she slid her lips down until his cock almost disappeared, then began sucking gently. It was unlike any blowjob he had ever received. Rather than bouncing up and down on his cock, she was sucking it like a straw, while swallowing gently. Her throat muscles were stimulating him more than her lips. She was fantastic. He could feel his balls clenching, and the fire building inside, after just a few minutes. It was the shortest blowjob he'd ever had. Before he knew it his cum was shooting into her mouth. She looked up, meeting his glance, as his cock spewed hot cum into her willing mouth. She swallowed frantically to keep up with his load of cum.
When he relaxed on the boxes she sucked greedily, milking his wilting penis of it's precious cream, then sat with her mouth unmoving, simply waiting.
Milton felt his cock wilting between her lips. He started to speak, but stopped at the slight frown which darkened her face. Then he knew why she was waiting. It was only a moment before he felt his cock growing hard again, in her hot, sweet mouth.
"Oh my God," Milton said in awe. He had never grow hard so fast. He normally waited for a hour before trying a second time. It had been only a minute or two.
Marney began sucking gently until he returned to full hardness. Suddenly she pulled away, smacking her lips.
"My turn," she hissed, pulling him off the pile of boxes. He stood uncertainly while she bent over the boxes and rested on them with her bottom half hanging off. She wanted to be fucked from behind and Milton was willing to oblige her.
He pushed her skirt up and laid it on her back. Her sweet white ass looked absolutely delicious. Her pink, pouting lips waited for his throbbing cock to penetrate them. They promised hot, moist, heaven.
He knelt behind her and licked her delicious pussy, while holding her ass cheeks open in both hands. He had never imagined that he could have such great sex with such a beautiful woman, and all on his first day of work. If this was one of the benefits, he would stay at Telechoice forever.
With her ass cheeks held wide open, he lifted his mouth and tongued her red asshole. She withered before him. She was ready for sex, and so was Milton. He stood on shaking legs and moved closer to Marney's delicious ass. Holding his cock in his hand he parted her puffy pink pussy lips and thrust his meat inside her. She squealed slightly before clamping her lips tightly together. Milton rammed his meat into her willing pussy time after time, eliciting small screams with each smashing blow. It was the best sex he'd ever experience, and only the second woman in his entire life, which he didn't have to pay for. It was a very memorable day for him.

Delilah Reynolds put a page on the copier and watched aimlessly as the machine sucked it in. It whirred gently as it digested the paper, then reproduced it in complete accuracy. She watched the sheets slip into each collating tray, then flinched when the distant cries of a woman came to her attention. She paused with another page held over the tray, then let the hand drop to her side as her curiosity got the better of her. Sneaking gently forward, she followed the sounds of the woman's squeals to the door of the supply closet. She gently tried the door and found it locked. With a smile she looked around, then pressed her ear to the door. Somebody was getting a good fucking, she decided. Whoever he was, he sounded like quite a stud.
"Oh yes, yes, yes!" the woman's voice echoed through the door. With her breath coming quickly, Delilah listened. She felt her nipples harden and her pussy turned moist. Just listening was getting her very horny, and curious.
Who was in there? She tried to remember, but she vaguely remembered two stealthy shapes passing her. She never saw their faces. If she stretched out her copying job a bit, she could see their faces as they left. Looking over the booklet she was copying, she looked around at the faces she could see in the main office, then pulled the first and second copies from the tray. She dropped them in the trash, reset the machine and began making the first two copies all over again.

"That feels so fucking good," Marney gasped, looking at Milton over her shoulder. He was sweating and out of breath, but he knew they were both near their orgasms. He was a little afraid that he would cum first and leave her hanging, but it was soon apparent that she was closer than he was. She gasped louder and louder, thrusting her ass back to meet his thrusts. His hips slapped her tight ass, creating a loud slapping sound in the small room. The smell of sex was strong, exciting and erotic.
"Oh yes, yes, yes," Marney screamed. She suddenly stiffened and made a slight gurgling noise. She pressed her tight ass against his pelvis then shook silently as her orgasm tore her loins apart. Trying to suppress her screams, she bit her lip and withered helplessly before his continuing onslaw. Suddenly she reached behind her and pushed him away. He looked on breathlessly as she stood and turned to face him. She dropped to her knees and swallowed his throbbing cock with her hot mouth.
Milton gasped and threw his head back, trying to endure her exquisite lips without dropping to the ground in a helpless puddle of flesh. The fire burned his ass, loins, and cock. Without warning his cum exploded, shooting down his long shaft and into her waiting mouth. Her eyes opened slightly at the strong blast of cum entering her mouth. She swallowed quickly, while holding his ass in her slender hands to keep him in place. Jerking like a robot with a faulty circuit, Milton held Marney's beautiful head in his hands until the last hot drop of cum was sucked from his fleshy pole. He gently released her and fell back on the pile of boxes. He knocked the pile out of shape, but didn't care. He was exhausted, happy, ecstatic. He had just fucked and been sucked by the most beautiful girl in the world.
"Damned, you're good," he gasped, smiling down at her in appreciation. She recovered their clothing and handed Milton his own clothes, while she struggled into her pantyhose, then her panties. He was amazed by the transformation of her beautiful body through the use of such flimsy clothing. Even as he watched her dress, he was tempted to tear them off and start over again. But there was plenty of time, this was only his first day.
"Why me?" he had to ask before she reached for the doorknob.
"You were convenient, and... well I have personal reasons," she said breathlessly.
"Whatever they are, I'm thankful," he gasped. "Can... can we do it again? he asked breathlessly.
"Certainly," she said with a bright smile, then opened the door. She saw Delilah still working at the machine. Delilah looked at Marney, then Milton. Her eyes fell to Milton's crotch as he passed. He felt that look clear down to his cock. The strange girl was interested in him. What had brought about the transformation? He couldn't imagine what it was. Later that day, as he made his way to the restroom, he felt all eyes on him. He looked back to see several women whispering and giggling as they followed him with their glances. Delilah had spread the rumor about his fantastic abilities, and how he had Marney screaming in passion. They were used to Marney's frequent trips to the supply room, but had never known her to lose control of her emotions. This made Milton special, in their estimation. They each wanted to see what was so special about him, through their own brief liaisons in the supply room.
On his return trip Milton looked around nervously, then hurried to his desk. All those eyes made him nervous.
"Milton," a harsh whisper came from Marney's cubical. He stood and looked down at her.
"What?" he asked, trying not to be seen.
"I have a picture of my father," she said with some embarassment, hiding an 8"x10" frame in her hands. She slowly turned the picture so it face him. He was shocked to see a picture which resembled him so closely, that his own mother would mistake him at first glance.
"But it looks like..."
"Yeah," she said with a coy smile. Milton thought of all the implications, then gave her a knowing smile.
"Can we do it again tomorrow?" he asked hopefully.
"Tomorrow hell, I'm horny now. Into the supply room," she commanded, jumping to her feet.
The men watched them hurry to the supply room in jealously and a little anger. Their eyes went to the exquisite ass and shapely legs of Marney, then the pudgy shape of Milton. They shook their heads in amazement. What did he have that they didn't? The women simply watched and made plans of their own. Milton would be a very tired man before they learned his secret. There were 68 of them.

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Dear Stephanie,First I want to apologize for tkiang so long to respond to you. My middle child is going through a very challenging time and thus my own need to step into mom more fully and provide him with what he needs has trumped everything else for now. Like you, I am in the trenches of parenting young children and like many of the other faculty members of the Neufeld Institute, one of the primary reasons I am so immersed and passionate about Dr. Nuefeld's material is because of the daily difference it makes in my own life.There are many things you touch on in your response that cut right to the heart of things. It seems that one of the most profound initial shifts that occurs for parents when encountering this material is in our understanding of and relationship to sadness. Our culture is so very spooked by sadness and we do everything in our power to run from it. When my children were young, I often got comments from people about what a good mother I must be because my children n

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hahahaha great story...........loved it and the ending was fantastic


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Haha. The ending had me laughing. Good erotic story.

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