My Second Story (at-least for XnXX) with an incest theme. Enjoy.
Slow start but that’s my style, I like to set the scene.

It was a warmish day. Nearing the end of Autum and the start of Winter the weatherman said it wasn’t to rain but the slowly incoming clouds begged to differ. Hannah looked up from notepad and pen that lay in front of her and peered at the clock on the farthest wall.

‘Ohh, almost time!’’ she thought as she cracked a little smile.

It was Friday. The school week was about to finish and a long weekend about to start. She didn’t have much planned. Although she wasn’t the type of girl that would plan for anything, she was a more. Go with the flow girl. A last minute decider, but she had been told she was to meet up with some friends at the local swimming pool at 6pm.

Hannah was one of the more stunning girls at her school. Long blonde hair, baby blue eyes and blessed with a body of someone twice her age. Which she regularly used to her advantage, not for anything really ruthless but she was known to get her way with mostly everyone, especially the boys and her father.

‘psssst... Hannah, hay! Are you listning?!’
‘We still cool for tonight?’
‘Yeah, I think so. six, at the swimming pool right?’
‘Excuse me ladies but you’re not here to talk! heads down. Not long left now.’

Hannah hated school. The long hours the annoying classmates and the insufferable teachers. Mrs Woodman was the worst. She was too strict. Heads down and complete silence. Hell she’d bust you for breathing too loud if she could. Which would mean a twenty four seven detention for the kid with asthma at the back of the class.

‘Ok class. It’s almost four. Pack you’re things up.’

At that point the class erupted with noise, chairs scraping across the ground, the folding and ripping of paper and the talking of everyone at the same time; it was if the entire class have bottled everything up until now. Movement pushing the air out of their lungs which conveniently came out as rushed sentences and grunting.

‘Quite!, quite!. I didn’t say you could talk!’
‘Right, ok you can go. I shall see you all bright and early on Monday morning don’t forget you’re homework!’

‘Hay Hannah!’
‘Ohh hay Carl, what’s up?’
‘Nothing much, uh, well I heard you’re off to the pool tonight right?’
‘Yeah, wanna tag along?’
‘Yeah! Sure!. I mean, if that’s ok with you’
‘yeah it’s cool. Anyway I’ve got to go, I don’t want to miss my bus or I’ll never get there in time.’
‘Oh, okay. Cool. Tonight then!, later Hannah!’

The bus was always a nightmare. Cold seats, rude old people, and half the jackass population of northern England. Although fairly speaking the cold seats weren’t the bus company’s fault. More rather the fact she still wore short plaited skirts even through the winter months of the year. Although would it really hurt to turn the bus’s heating system up a bit?

‘Right my stop’

Hannah stood up and brushed down her shirt and skirt. Not because it was dirty or anything but mostly because that’s what you did to look ‘natural’ whilst trying to stand up on a rickety old bus.

‘Hay daddy, I’m home!’
‘Hay sweetie, I’m in the kitchen’
‘There we go, everything ok daddy? Have a nice day?’
‘Yeah it was ok, how was yours’
‘Meh, so-so. I’m going back out in a minuet though daddy. Going to the swimming pool with Carl and a few others’
‘I hope you’re not going out like that’
‘Why what’s wrong with me?!’
‘look... sweetie i-‘

Although Hannah was trying to listen she was more engrossed in finding her make up that she’d put into her backpack. Preparing herself for the nights fun. She had all kinds in her bag. Make-up, sportswear, books, papers, even a spare pair of underwear. Just in case.

‘Hay sweetie are you listening to me?’
‘Wha-oh yeah. I’m listening?’

She said while pulling out a small makeup bag. Before her father could say anything she was gone. She’d rushed off to the front room mirror and was looking at herself with a lipstick in one hand while using the other to loosen her school tie and un-button her shirt.

‘Look sweetie stop that we need to have a serious tal-‘
‘Daddy could you pass my bikini from the washroom, the red tie back one. Please?’
‘For crying out loud. I’ll be right back’

Hannah looked in the mirror again and took a moment to brush her lips with the lipstick, it was red, bright red. By far her favourite colour. Her father didn’t like red. He found it a rather slutty colour but it wasn’t his life. If his baby girl liked red he would have to deal with it.

He was called Steve, he was a stocky guy. Well build and fairly overweight. But let’s face it. When your forty years old you tend to let things go. He and Hannah’s mom broke up about 4 years she left him for some other guy. A tragedy really. He loved Hannah a lot. Mostly because she was his daughter but recently because he was seeing her grow in front of him. A girl he had raised into a stunning perky breasted girl. He’d spend nights on his own in his room masturbating over and over. To the thought of getting inside her. But lets face it, she was hardly going to just walk in to the bedroom and cry for a good fucking. So he’d decided to never take advantage. Or at least that’s what he told himself. There had been a few times when he could of just bent her over a table, but no. It would be wrong. So wrong, or would it? I mean, would it? She was his baby girl yes. But men have needs right, sowing the seeds and all that? Really it had gotten to the point where he was starting to question everything he did with her. But not today, today he’d try and change that. However hopeless it would be. He’d put a ban on short skirts, tell her to stop leaving her underwear everywhere and cut out all the see-through tops. That would help. With the ‘then and there’ urges anyway’

‘here you go hunnie. Right. Now then wh... Hannah!’
‘dad don’t walk in when I’m changing. Pass me my bikini quickly. And turn away!’
‘Hannah dear god. You have a room to change in. You don’t change in the living room!’
‘Dad I told you I haven’t got much time. I have to get ready to go out’

Suddenly Steve’s plans had gone. Everything he had been thinking about had gone, he’d just walked in on his topless daughter, no bra and her panties down her ankles. He watched everything she was doing in the reflection of a polished silver plate on the mantle. She slowly slid the bikini bottoms up her legs and under her skirt before fumbling with the tie top. He could feel a boner coming on. After all this is what he had wanted. Only the opposite of what she was doing. He’d give anything to watch her take them off for him.

‘Daddy, can you tie this for me?’

Steve turned round to find he daughter facing away from him, one arm over her breasts holding the bikini top in place while the other flipping the tie strings over her shoulder. Steve shuddered for a moment and took a deep breath. Before walking over. Hannah looked over her shoulder and let out a giggle then smiled.

‘Daddy hurry up!’

There was an awkward moment of silence before Steve coughed to break it. He moved up behind her and looked down. She was beautiful. This was one of those ‘bend her over a table’ moments. He leaned in slowly and brushed his hand up her back slowly which was received with an odd look from Hannah. Realising what he had just done he hurriedly tied the strings before stepping back and smiling.

‘There, now we really need to talk Hannah, ok?’
‘Ok I’m all ears...’

She said whilst pulling her school shirt on again in a hurry.

‘Listen sweetie. We need to talk about how your dressing, I mean, your... you’re going out in all weathers in a small skirt and now you’re using makeup?’
‘That’s what girls do, daddy there’s nothing wrong with the way I dress.’
‘Listen Hannah, Ok, you’re. Hannah... Hannah for god’s sake listen to me for five seconds!’
Hannah turned around suddenly it was unusual for her dad to use that tone of voice. And when he did it was usually something really serious. She swung round quickly in surprise. Her round breasts wobbling around in her bikini top.
‘Daddy is there something wrong...’
‘look Hannah, you’re... you’re a beautiful girl, and I mean a really beautiful girl but you can’t keep dressing like this, I know it’s the style now, but... its driving me cra- Hannah!, Don’t you dare turn away from me!’
‘Daddy! I think you need to calm down!’

Steve looked down and gasped, the tiny bulge in his trousers have erupted and grown many times its own size his throbbing member was clearly visible through his jogging trousers.

‘Shit!, I’m soo sorry this... this.. look we need to talk right now, I want to talk right now Hannah!’
‘Daddy.... J-just put it away... I’ve got to go, I’ll be back around ten.’
‘God-Damnit now!’

He couldn’t hold it any longer, his cock was rock hard and his daughter was virtually wearing nothing in front of him.

‘Hannah come here now...’
‘Daddy you’re hurting me!, get-off!’
‘I have tried and tried and god damn tried and will you let me have five minutes of your time? No, no you won’t bloody listen will you!, well I’ve had enough time to teach you a lesson’

A Gory silence settled for a few seconds Hannah looked at her father and followed his body down, his hands were wrapped around her wrists tightly, there was no chance she could break free from this she was. What most people would say, a lover, not a fighter, and judging from her father’s throbbing member she was about to get all the loving she could handle. A few seconds went by and she felt a soft but strong tug on her wrists, Steve was dragging her in closer and closer, she started to shake softly, her father had never done anything like this before, this just wasn’t his style or so she thought. She pressed up against his stomach and moved her head to the side as a way of avoiding him. Steve smiled and lent down slight, putting his mouth close to Hannah’s ear.

‘Now then, If you won’t let me speak freely then I’ll have to try and make you listen. I tried to tell you about this... I really did try, but you’ve got other things to do, other people to talk to... but what about me, when do I get to rest, when do I get to have a little... ... fun...’

Steve lifted his head and smiled once more while repositioning his hands, His left clasping both her wrists and his right moving slowly down and then under her skirt.

‘Now then, you’re going to do everything that daddy tells you, right sweety... right?... right?!’
‘Ow! daddy! Stop! please stop!’
‘Are you going t be a good girl or not!?’
‘y... yes... I’ll. I’ll be a good girl daddy...’
‘Good. Now then... let’s get comfortable huh...’

A devilish smile struck Steve’s face as his daughter let out a little cry, he led her forcefully to the couch and sat down, making his tearful daughter kneel in front of him. Laying back in the sofa he looked down at his daughter, she cried softly as he pulled her up and in between his legs, A devilish giggle rippled around the room while he stared down trying to get his cock its hardest.

‘Now sweety, I think you know what you have to do huh... let’s see if you can earn my respect back, be tender with it, it hasn’t been used for a while’

Hannah looked up and then down at the pulsing cock and knew what she had to do. Her father let one of her hands go so she could stabilize herself, after a few seconds she moved her head down and kissed the head of her father’s cock over the thin trouser material. A few moments went by and she did it again kissing softly and slowly up and down before opening her mouth and licking its length. Her father cleared his through but she reacted before he could speak, she moved up slowly and took the trouser zipper in her mouth and moved back down, pulling the zipper with her teeth. As soon as she had reached the half way mark she flinched and let out a little yelp as her father’s full girth exploded out and slapped her in the face. She had seen a few cocks in her days but this was a big one. It was about nine inches long and about three inches at the base, or so she predicted. I didn’t matter though her father wanted her to take it and she had to take it, she was too scared not too. She sat back and looked at his cock, her father lifted his hand to the back of her head and slowly forced her down, Hannah hesitated but there was no way she could escape she breathed a deep breath and went down, the head of her father’s cock forcing is way into her mouth. She closed her eyes and waited as anther few inches seeped its way in. She froze unsure of what would happen next before feeling the sharp pain of her father squeezing her wrist, this was the signal to get going, she opened her eyes slowly to the site of a long cock burying its-self into her mouth, she tried to move her tongue around its girth and started to suck softly on the head, slowly at first before move more energetically and more lovingly as time past.

‘You’re enjoying this... aren’t you... you’re actually enjoying sucking you’re fathers cock, aren’t you. Aren’t you slut?’

She closed her eyes again and began to move her head down taking more of her fathers hard shaft. Her father let up on her wrist and let it flop down beside him. He knew his daughter was enjoying this; there was no need to force her anymore, he could tell she was enjoying it, because of the silence, and the fact she went down willingly, well. without a struggle anyway. something shed never have done if she didn’t want too. Hannah moved softly and sucked softly, her warm mouth taking over half her daddy’s cock rubbing it, teasing it and trying to milk it.

‘Ohh baby, my sweet baby, it feels soo good, you’re a natural angel, I think.... ohh, I think I’m almost there’

Hannah relaxed herself and pushed down more, as she started to throat fuck her dads cock. She closed her eyes and took the flavour in, listening to the moans of her beloved daddy; she licked the cock as lovingly as she could and allowed her father to rest his hands on the back of her head. A few short moments went by and her father’s gasps increased, it was almost time, all the sucking had paid off and she was about to get her first taste of her daddy’s hot cumm.

‘OH! Baby!, ohh my angel, I’m Cumming! Ohh god Hannah sweety, ohh baby!.'

Hannah quickened the pace and started sucking hard, the cock was warm and pulsing faster than it had been as the start, she could taste the little droplets of cum that were leaking out but she wanted more, she wanted the whole load.

‘Hannah! Sweety! Ohh fuck!. Hunny I’m cumming hun-‘

Steve exploded and let out a massive gasp, forcing his daughters head down hard on his cock as he unloaded everything he had inside her mouth. Hannah struggled at first, with the initial fright of her father’s force but settled down quickly and began to carry on throat fucking him while gulping down every last drop of his seed. A few moments passed and her father slumped back into the couch panting heavily and stroking his daughter’s cheek. Hannah slowly moved back easing the cock out her mouth, and sat back, looking up to her father for praise.

‘Hannah... sweety... come here... please...’

He beckoned her up to sit beside him, and so she did, she lay on her front, half on him and half on the sofa. Her free hand rubbing up and down her father stomach softly and playfully, she looked into his eyes and smiled sweetly, just as her father did back.

‘Sweety that was... aww... thank you hunny, you were, and are a complete angel. I’m, I’m sorry that I hurt you earlier. You just. You didn’t give me time to talk and I kno-‘
‘I’m sorry too daddy... I’m really sorry’

Hannah lifted up and kissed her father, it wasn’t the average father daughter kiss. But more of father lover kiss, it was deep and passionate she slipped her tongue into his mouth and they connected, softly and beautifully.

‘Sweety, you look tired, let’s go and have a lay down okay?’
‘Okay daddy...’

With one weighted sweep of his arms he picked his daughter up like the bride he wished she was and took her upstairs to his room.

Chapter2 coming or later.
Just whenever i get round to it.

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