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My wife and both of her sisters get pregnant while we are all on vacation in Maine.
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Three Pregnant Sisters

I’ve just got to tell you what happened seven months ago.

But first I guess I should tell you about us. I am a twenty-five-year-old male, my wife Ella is twenty-three years old, and then she has two younger sisters, Gina age twenty-one and Lily age nineteen.

Well since all of the girls were June brides all three of us couples decided to go on vacation together one year. Lily was the newlywed celebrating her first year of marriage. Gina had been married three years while my wife and I had been married for five years.

Anyway we all went to some remote hunting lodge that was halfway up into Maine. Since they hunt in the fall up there we were safe enough from hunters shooting us. In fact we were safe from everything including television, telephones, and even electricity. It was the most desolate and isolated place that any of us had ever been in our lives. No wonder we were told to bring plenty of extra ice in block form and not cubes.

Well what we soon found out was that there wasn’t anything to do except sit around or take a walk. So of course we men requested sex to kill the time. It was so funny when Lily had an orgasm. She was pretty loud when she came and both Ella and Gina started to giggle and then they just laughed out loud. When Lily came back out afterwards her two older sisters teased her about her noisy orgasm. Lily explained that she could make all the noise that she wanted too since she didn’t have any children to wake up. That was true because Gina had a one-year-old son and we had a three-year-old daughter that were staying with the wives’ parents.

My wife Ella told Lily that she had to learn to be quiet because she and I had made love a lot in her bedroom and that she hadn’t wanted to attract her father’s attention and piss him off. Gina said the same thing about her and her husband.

My wife said that maybe she would let loose too and then she took my hand and led me to our bedroom. We got undressed and Ella told me to ring her chime like never before and that she would show her sisters what a noisy orgasm was all about.

Ringing her chimes was not a problem at all. At our ages we were very well practiced at sex and I certainly knew what she liked. After she gave birth to our daughter she had gotten even more excited about giving and receiving sexual pleasure. In fact during her first pregnancy we made love even more that we had to get her pregnant in the first place.

So as I was sliding my cock into her very moist pussy I lifted her knees up to her breasts and held them there with my chest. That allowed my cock to slip in a few more fractions of an inch to hit her where it really felt good to her, on her cervix. I like to refer to it as bottoming out. That was when Ella cut loose for the very first time that we had been having sex together. Her orgasm started deep inside her body and deep in her voice box. It started out like a minor Earthquake and built up from there to a volcanic eruption. Her vocal cords started out with a low rough growl and climbed in volume and pitch as she worked her way through her orgasm. Her animal lust was being released for the first time in her life. She wasn’t holding anything back either. She was even starting to scare me but I couldn’t stop thrusting my cock into her depths as hard as I could. If anything she just spurred me on to even greater heights of sexual achievement. I was fucking her ‘brains’ out like men always claim to do but rarely ever do. I was accomplishing what every man only dreamed of doing. Then the whole forest was full of the sound of my wife’s endeavor to break the sound barrier. Her convulsions were rocking the bed, the room, nay the whole house. When she was done the room stopped shaking, the house was silent, and the bed was incredibly wet from all of her juices that had poured forth. My wife Ella was sound asleep in the most beautiful sexual bliss that I had ever encountered.

More than an hour later she awoke, kissed me, and tanked me for the best sex of her life. We started to get dressed but then Ella asked me if I would mind if she just wore a nightie around. Mind? Hell no! I loved the idea. I even helped her pick out one that would allow my brother-in-laws to see her beautiful body and know that I had gotten the pick of the litter. Ella knew what I was up too but she agreed to wear it. After all if I wanted to show off her body she would let me.

When we finally emerged from our bedroom everyone cheered us. They knew that it hadn’t been an act. They said that it was better than any porno they had ever watched. Then of course they realized what my wife was wearing. She excited both of her brother-in-laws, which sort of pissed off her sisters. So Gina and Lily went into their bedrooms to change into sexy negligées too. Soon all three sisters were wearing see through negligées with no panties on. Since we were out in the middle of nowhere they said that they were not going to get dressed again until we left our wilderness cabin. They meant it too. Of course the negligées were soon cast aside and full nudity was the reward.

So for the rest of our vacation in Maine I got to stare at my wife’s sisters and then make love to my wife. The other guys looked at my wife and then made love to their own wives too. It was almost a competition to see who could do it the most. Ella assured them that it was quality that made the sex great not the quantity. Gina and Lily agreed. However I think that I still made love to my wife more often than they did to their wives. We discussed swapping wives but the girls wouldn’t hear of it.

A month after coming home all three sisters found out that they were pregnant. Our vacation in Maine was seven months ago. Now they are all pregnant, humongous, and waddling around together.

Then one day after work I came home and found Gina and Lily sitting in my living room. My wife kissed me hello and asked me for sex. I looked at my sister-in-laws but Ella took my hand and walked me to our bedroom. When she is pregnant she likes it doggy style on the bed with her kneeling and her breasts and belly resting on a big soft pillow while I stand behind her. She just lifted her dress up onto her back and lowered her panties to her knees so all I did was drop my pants and underwear to my ankles. After a quick fuck we both just pulled up our underwear to soak up any leakage and then finished adjusting our clothes.

Ella walked me back out to her sisters and said, “See! That was what I was talking about.”

I watched as Ella lifted her dress up and tucked it under her sagging breasts. Then she lowered her panties so that her sisters could inspect her freshly used pussy. Both girls poked their fingers into her pussy and tasted of my fresh cum. They really seemed to like it.

Together they said, “Okay! You win again.”

As they walked toward our bedroom my wife grabbed my hand and said, “You get to watch this time. Feel free to jump in if you want too. We have three pussies and they are all yours for the taking.”

I managed to stammer, “What?”

Ella said, “I told them that you fuck me all the time even when I’m pregnant. Their husbands haven’t touched them in the last three months and they are really horny.”

I managed to ask, “And you’re okay with this?”

Ella said, “Honey do me proud. Fuck them until they are happy and I can promise you more sex than you can handle from the three of us.”

I could still hardly believe what I had heard but as I entered our bedroom I watched my two sister-in-laws undress with each other’s help. I helped my wife out of her dress too. Then my wife got on her back on our bed and let her sisters lick her pussy clean. My wife explained that it had been a bet and that she had won. To me it looked like I had won the jackpot of all mother loads. I had three of the most beautiful pregnant women in the world at my disposal. As Lily licked my wife’s pussy I walked up behind her and slipped my hard cock into her swollen pussy lips. It was heavenly in there. It was a dream come true.

I had wanted to fuck both of my sister-in-laws but it was Lily that I had wanted the most. Lily had been only thirteen years old when I started dating her older sister. Back then she was just becoming a woman and developing. Gina was fifteen at the time and was interested in other boys but Lily was interested in just me. She had told me so, often. One time after I had just finished fucking Ella I went into the bathroom to clean up. Lily came right in behind completely naked. She said that she was going to take a bath and asked me if I minded. Hell no! So I checked out her youthful little body and her cute little titties. I would never forget that day. However over the years she continued to expose herself to me whenever she could.

Now I was thrusting my cock into her little treasure box and making her forget all about licking her sister. I could see my wife fold her arms up over her head. I saw Gina gawking at her younger sister getting fucked and she was envious because it wasn’t her getting fucked. I looked in the full-length mirror on the back of the closet door and could see Lily’s hanging breasts sway back and forth as I rammed myself into her ass. I loved it.

All too soon I could hear a low rough growl climbing in volume and pitch as she worked her way through her orgasm to her animal lust. As I fucked Lily I thought back to that day in the hunting lodge in Maine and remember the very moment that Ella and I conceived our second child. Lily was reminding me of that orgasm that her older sister had had that day. Lily did not loose all control and she wasn’t anywhere near as loud as her sister had been but I could imagine that I was giving her the best fuck of her life and it pleased me very much.

When Lily’s orgasm subsided she said, “Thank you that was the best ever.”

We all knew that she meant it too. Gina told Lily to trade places with Ella then she got on her knees on the edge of the bed and offered me her ass while she ate her little sister’s cum filled pussy. Being the middle child isn’t as hard as she lets on. Gina is very pretty and really nice and in this case going last was actually a reward. I had not fucked anyone three times in an hour for as long as I could remember and never in three different women either. We all knew that this was going to take a while. My wife got on her knees and sucked on my cock. It was slowly getting up again. I watched very closely as she licked her sister’s pussy. Then she sucked my cock and licked her sister’s pussy again and again until I was hard.

My wife even helped to guide my cock into her sister’s waiting pussy and then she patted my ass gently. She sat on the edge of the bed and smiled and cheered me on. She was proud to share her terrific husband with her sisters and equally as proud to share her horny sisters with her husband. I rocked my hips, I rocked Gina’s body, and I was about to rock her world. Well after a good twenty minutes that is. Just like her two sisters Gina started that low rough growl and climbed in volume and pitch as she worked her way through her orgasm. She was the quietest one of the three but that didn’t mean that she enjoyed it any less. At the very end I was holding her big droopy breasts and pounding into her bouncing ass for all I was worth when I finally unloaded my wad into her love tunnel.

All three pregnant women lay back on my bed and closed their eyes. I watched as they all fell asleep with smiles on their faces. Then I took a few digital pictures of them. I knew that Ella would not mind if I put one up inside my closet door as a memory of the occasion.

Just as I was finished fixing dinner my three round-bellied love-kittens came out to find me. They were all back in their dresses again and much happier than before. Each woman thanked me for helping them out when their own husbands wouldn’t.

As we ate dinner I suggested that just one of them come by after work each day so that they wouldn’t wear me out too much. I promised them the sex would be just as good. Besides I still had my wife to satisfy at bedtime. Of course Lily wanted to come first so Gina let her.

I smiled as I realized that I had about eight more weeks of this…and then I hoped that there would be more pregnancies in the future.

The End
Three Pregnant Sisters
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