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Teens experience sex for the first time at camp

Learning to make love was a religious experience for me! Michelle and I had been dating for several months and decided to go to summer camp at the same time. We rode the bus to Camp Crawford right after church Sunday afternoon. Michelle and I were able to get one of the back seats while Brian and Cindy, who were nearly 18, had the other. When we started, we just sat and talked, but later Michelle nudged me and nodded her head toward Brian and Cindy. They were sneaking quick kisses when they thought no one was watching. We tried to keep an eye on them without being obvious. After about an hour on the road, most of the other kids had settled down. Several dozed off affording those of us in the back seats a limited degree of privacy. I put my arm around Michelle and she snuggled against me laying her head on my shoulder. I kissed her lightly on the lips and she returned them with tender sweetness.

As we rode along toward the camp, I glanced over to see what Brian and Cindy were doing. Brian had his back toward me, but I could see that he and Cindy were getting along quite well! She had her eyes closed and was kissing his ear. Brian had his hand on her breast and I could see him squeezing and rubbing. I guess I let out a little gasp, because Michelle asked what was wrong. Without saying a word, I nodded toward the other back seat.

“Wow!” was all she said.

We watched for several minutes trying to see without being seen. It was obvious that both of them were enjoying their activity. All at once, Michelle jerked back and pushed Brian’s hand away from her breast. At the same time I saw her glance toward us and a moment later Brian looked our way as well. It was obvious that Cindy had seen us watching them. We turned away, but you could feel the tension in the air. Probably had something to do with Brian being the preacher’s son!

When we arrived at the camp, it took about an hour to get our cabin assignments and put our clothes away. Brian and I had a cabin with eight other guys on the near side of the ravine while Michelle and Cindy had a similar cabin on the other side. As we were unpacking and hanging up our clothes, Brian turned to.

“You aren’t going to say anything about the trip down are you?”

“Hey not me,” I replied with a smile. “Besides, it sure didn’t look like you were doing anything that Cindy didn’t want you to do.”

“You mean you and Michelle haven’t tried anything yet?” he said with a leering grin.

I felt the heat rise in my face and shook my head.

“Well then, you don’t know what you have been missing,” he replied with a big grin.

We had just gotten everything put away when the assembly bell rang. We hurried to meet in front of the dining hall to hear of the camp schedule for the next two weeks. The director told us about the rules, which included no boys or girls allowed on the wrong side of the ravine after nine o’clock in the evening. He was quite specific about the consequences of breaking that rule! He then went on to say that they were short handed in the kitchen due to an illness in the staff, and asked if two of us would volunteer to wash dishes at noon and two more for the evening meal. In return, we would get paid three dollars each for every meal. I glanced at Michelle and asked if she wanted to do evening meals with me. She quickly agreed, so I held up my hand and pointed to Michelle. The director asked us to meet with him after orientation was over.

It was time for the evening meal so he said we could start tonight and learn on the job. After dinner, we went back to the kitchen. The cook showed us the big sink where we would do the dishes. She had Michelle do the plates and glasses, while I had to do the pots and pans. We stood across from each other on either side of a row of stainless steel sinks. It took us about an hour to finish up and put the dishes away. It wasn’t bad work, and an added benefit was that we got to eat any of the leftovers we wanted.

By the third night, we discovered another advantage. With dinner being at seven, by the time we finished eating, then doing the dishes it was after nine. With the rule that boys and girls couldn’t be on the same side of the ravine after nine, we had the perfect excuse to be together, we were just on our way back to our cabins. That evening instead of going directly to the bridge where the boys and girls who were dating said good night, we went out the back door of the dining hall and right into a grove of trees. Once in the grove we were invisible to anyone casually walking by. As soon as we were in the shadows I turned to Michelle and took her in my arms kissing her gently. She responded and before long we were in a serious clinch. We cuddled and kissed for about half-an-hour, then decided we had pushed our luck as far as practical. Silently we walked to the bridge and kissed goodnight.

When I got to the cabin, Brian wasn’t back yet. I sat and talked to the rest of the guys in the cabin until almost ten. Brian finally came in looking a bit messed up. I thought I could see lipstick on his face as well. When we were alone in the corner where our beds were I asked him where he had been. Brian shrugged it off, saying that he was just saying goodnight to Cindy.

“I thought you couldn’t be on the same side of the ravine after nine,” I reminded him.

Brian just smiled and said he and Cindy had worked something out. The next day I pressed him for details. It was fairly simple, he and Cindy both had big bath towels, and when everyone went to the showers they would sneak down to a remote spot by the ravine where he had cut a little trail down on the steep side. Cindy could get to the bottom from her side, but it was generally believed there was no way down from the boy’s side. If anyone saw them coming back to the cabins, it would look as if they had just been to the rest rooms.

The next afternoon during free time, we followed Brian and Cindy, and sure enough they went right to the trail down the steep side of the ravine. Down they went and for a time disappeared from view. Presently they came back in sight. We sat on the bank talking and watching their progress. Presently they sat under a tree and immediately fell into a clinch.

“Wow, they sure aren’t wasting any time are they?” whispered Michelle.

“I’ve heard they never waste any time,” I replied.

“I wonder if some of the things we’ve heard are true,” she mused.

“What have you heard?” I asked.

“Well just that maybe they do more than just kiss. With what we saw on the bus, I wonder if it might be true.”

“Well, the way Brian looked last night when he got back, it sure could be,” I whispered.

We continued to watch them, and before long we saw more than we had bargained for. After kissing for about ten minutes, Brian rolled away from Cindy and lay back. Then he ran his hand under Cindy’s blouse and we could see him playing with her breasts. She was obviously enjoying it and made no protest. Soon, Brian opened his jeans and I heard Michelle gasp when his cock came into view. We were far enough away that we couldn’t see any details, but there was no question about it, he had it out and Cindy immediately began to play with it. I realized what was going on, but was afraid to look at Michelle.

“What’s she doing?” she asked.

“I think she is going to make him come so he doesn’t hurt afterwards,” I whispered back.

“I think we better get out of here before they see us,” said Michelle urgently.

I was reluctant to leave, hoping to see more. If Brian had his cock out, maybe I could get to see some tits! Never the less, I silently crawled away from the ravine with Michelle until we were sure we were out of Brian and Cindy’s sight, then quickly ran back to the assembly area. About twenty minutes later we saw Brian and Cindy stroll into the group, looking totally nonchalant. They joined in the activities looking completely relaxed.

That evening while we were washing dishes we made small talk, obviously avoiding talking about what we had seen earlier. It was just as well since the rest of the kitchen staff could easily hear what we saying. We finished up then hurried into the grove. I took Michelle in my arms and kissed her as hard as I could. She responded in similar fashion, and soon I could tell that she was more passionate than ever before. We snuggled up together in the cool evening air and enjoyed the feeling. With what I had seen that afternoon, I felt bolder than ever, so I ran my hand between us and kind of snuck up to her breast. I felt her stiffen and pull back a little. I held her close and kissed her again. Slowly she relaxed against me as I explored the wondrous softness of her symbol of femininity. After several minutes, Michelle broke a kiss and pulled back.

“I think we better get back to our cabins before someone comes looking for us,” she whispered urgently.

I reluctantly agreed, and turned toward the light. Just before stepping out of the shadows I pulled her close and kissed her as hard as I could, pulling her hips tight to me so she was sure to feel my hard cock pressing into her tummy. Michelle returned the kiss with equal passion and wiggled her little bottom against me. We hurried back toward the bridge where I gave Michelle a quick goodnight kiss and jogged to the cabin.

Brian was laying on his bunk staring at the ceiling, while the rest of the guys were engaged in the usual evening banter. I quickly undressed and slipped into my sweat pants to go to the shower building. Brian jumped up and said he would go with me. We walked to the showers in silence. By the time we had showered, we were alone in the shower building, and Brian began to talk.

“How you and Michelle getting along?” he asked.

“O. K. I guess,” with a shrug, “why do you ask?”

“Just wondered,” was the reply, “It seems like you were pretty friendly on the bus coming down.”

“Not as friendly as you and Cindy,” I joked back to him.

“Yeah, we’re doing O. K. I guess, Cindy is willing to try new things, and I like that,” he replied with a tinge of red in his ears.

Without thinking about what I was going to say, I just blurted it out.

“Have you and Cindy done it yet?”

Brian looked startled and didn’t reply for several seconds. Finally he looked up and replied in a low voice.

“Well, one time we were both really hot, and we went further than either one of us planned to. She let me put it in a little way, but I started to come, so I jerked it out really quick so she wouldn’t get pregnant. If you count that, then we’ve done it I guess.”

“Wow, what did it feel like?” I asked with a note of wonder in my voice.

“Well, it felt great going in, but it was a real let down to have to take it out. I just wanted to slam it in as deep as it would go, but I didn’t think I was ready to be a father just yet.”

“Are you going to try to do it again?” I asked.

“Yeah, first time I get a chance and she will let me. This time I am prepared, I bought some rubbers and always carry one in my billfold, so next time we will really do it!”

“How do you get her willing to go further?” I pressed.

Brain flashed a big grin and told me that it helped if they thought they were the only girl in your life, and it especially helped if they trusted you not to brag to other people about how far you went. I nodded, taking in everything Brian told me.

“Have you ever put a rubber on?” I asked.

“Of course,” he responded, “I don’t want to look like a fool the fist time I have to do it in front of a girl.”

“Do you have an extra rubber I could buy?” I asked in a shaky voice.

“Yeah, I could spare a couple, you will need two, one to practice with and one to use,” Brian replied with a chuckle. “I’ll give them to you when we get back to the cabin.”

“You mean you bought them along?” I asked incredulously.

“Of course, I got it all planned out to really do it before we go back home,” he bragged.

I decided not to tell him that we had seen them earlier in the day, so just followed him back to the cabin. Once inside, Brian dug into the bottom of his duffel bag and slipped me two foil packages.

“How do you use them?” I whispered.

Brian explained about rolling it down then told me to just take one of them and experiment. The next day, I participated in the normal camp activities. I was conscious of the rubber I had slipped into my pocket, and was pondering how I could get some time alone to try it out. Michelle expected me to meet her at free time and I didn’t want to take a chance of making her mad at me by going off alone. I decided to just let it roll and see what would happen. When the bell rang signaling the start of free time, Michelle jogged over and told me that some of the other girls had a project they wanted her to help them with, so if I didn’t mind, she was going to go with them. I nodded in assent, and told her I would see her over the dish sink later. I wasted no time in losing myself in the woods, and made my way to the ravine, being careful to stay out of sight of the path I knew Brian would take. Presently, I saw Brian slip down the path and go over the edge of the ravine.

I waited until I knew he would be around the bend then quietly slipped down the little trail down the side of the embankment. By moving slowly, I was able to locate a spot behind a clump of shrubs, which allowed me to see without being seen. Sure enough, Brian was seated under the tree and Cindy was coming down the path. In an instant they were locked in an embrace. They broke briefly and spread their towels on the soft grass. I could see them looking around to be sure they were alone then rolled into each other’s arms. It wasn’t long before Brian had his hands under her blouse, and I could see him playing with her tits. After about five minutes, he slid his hand up her leg and right past Cindy’s shorts. Almost instantly I could see her squirming and pressing her bottom into the grass. In just a couple of minutes, I could see Brian unbuttoning her blouse, and then I could see her white bra come into view. When he pushed her bra up over her tits, I thought I was going to come right there. I wasn’t close enough to get a really good look, but I could see the dark circles around the tips of her tits. I couldn’t wait to see how much further they would go.

I didn’t have to wait long, no sooner than he had her blouse open and bra out of the way, he just slid her shorts and panties right off! The way they were laying I couldn’t see her bottom, but I was afraid to move to a better position, so just lay there watching. Brian paused only long enough to slide his own shorts off, then I saw him fumble in his pocket and pull out the foil package. I watched scarcely breathing as he opened the pack and rolled the rubber over his stiff cock. I could see them whispering as they kissed and cuddled. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Brian sucked her tits, and Cindy stroked his cock. After about ten minutes, I could see them in an obviously intense conversation. At the end of it, Cindy lay on her back and spread her legs. Instantly Brian was between them, kneeling over her and settling down. They kissed a couple of times then Brian settled lower and lower. I could see their faces, but I couldn’t see his cock between her legs. After moving forward a couple of times, I saw Cindy reach between their bodies, and an instant later I saw Brain shove his hips down and forward.

“Oh, Oh, it’s in, it’s in!” I heard Cindy say.

I saw Brain pause for a second then he began pumping in and out, going faster and faster. Suddenly he stopped and shuddered a few times, then sank down on top of Cindy. They lay still for perhaps thirty seconds before Brian rolled off to one side. They lay there together, talking in low voices. I was just about ready to sneak off when I saw them moving again. In a few moments, Brain was back on top of Cindy and once again began pumping in and out. This time they went quite a while longer before once again he collapsed on top of her. I decided it was time to get out of there while they were obviously not paying much attention to anything but themselves.

A couple of minutes later, I arrived at the top of the ravine and hurried back to the assembly grounds. Just before time for the next session, Brian strolled into camp, and a minute or two later, Cindy walked in from a different direction. I watched both of them carefully, but the only thing I could see is that both of them were trying too hard to look natural. I suppose if I hadn’t known what happened less than an hour before I wouldn’t have thought a thing about the way they were acting. The rest of the afternoon was uneventful, and I began looking forward to spending some time with Michelle that evening.

When we went back to begin washing dishes, the directory said that we would have Saturday night off since most of the campers were going home Saturday evening, there would only be about 20 people staying over and the regular staff could handle it themselves. We finished up that night and slipped out the back door into the trees. As I took Michelle into my arms, I told her that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever known.

“Do you really think so?” she said with a big smile.

I smiled and kissed her tenderly at first, then with more passion. Michelle responded, and didn’t even flinch when I began to feel her breast. With that encouragement, I ran my other hand up under her little short top, feeling her smooth warm back. I continued up until I came into contact with the clasp of her bra. I played with the hooks and slipped my fingers under the band.

“I think you are the most handsome boy at the clamp,” Michelle said as she snuggled closer.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good it made me feel. I worked my hands around Michelle’s sides and began playing with her breasts with nothing between but her little low cut bra. Presently, I found the space between her breasts and began playing with the little band between the cups.

“Let’s sit down,” I suggested pulling Michelle with me.

I leaned against a big tree and cuddled Michelle’s back to me. This left my hands free to run under her blouse and play with her breasts freely. At the same time, I could whisper into her ear how great it felt having her against me. I tried to slide her bra up over her breasts, but it seemed too tight, and Michelle pulled away saying it was hurting her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, it’s just that you are so beautiful that I can’t help wanting to love you all over.”

“I know what you mean,” she whispered, “I want to be closer to you too.”

We sat and rocked for several more minutes as I kissed her ears, neck and sides of her face while playing with her breasts through her bra. Michelle pulled forward, and I felt her sliding her hands between us. I was just about to ask her what she was doing when I felt her bra get tighter. Suddenly I understood what she was doing, and sure enough, a moment later I felt her bra go slack. At the same time she settled back against me. I gently slid her bra up over her breasts and for the first time in my life I felt bare breasts. I explored them in earnest, wondering at the smooth almost silky smooth skin and soft texture beneath. As I explored, I discovered that she wiggled and snuggled closer to me when I was in direct contact with the nipples. We played for several more minutes then I let one of my hands settle down across her tummy and to the top of her shorts. Gently, I slipped my fingers under the band, and as I did, I could feel her pull her tummy in giving me a little more room.

My fingers reached downward until I felt her hair. By that time, I had my hand down far enough that my wrist wouldn’t fit any further down. I wanted to go further, but when I tried to unfasten the button on the side of her shorts, Michelle resisted.

“Lets stop now, I think I better get back to tour cabins before they start looking for us.”

Reluctantly I pulled my hand out and kissed her tenderly.

“I’m glad you stopped when I asked you to,” she whispered gratefully.

“Can I see your breasts?” I asked sincerely.

Michelle hesitated for a moment then slowly turned to face me. It was a moonlit night, but the shadows in the trees made it impossible to see much. I could only see the general outline of her breasts, but couldn’t see any detail, not even her nipples. I was disappointed, but still felt glad that I was able to make as much progress as I had. Michelle fastened her bra and buttoned her blouse.

“We better hurry,” she urged as she turned toward the cabins.

Brian wasn’t in the cabin when I came in. I asked the other guys where he was and just got a smile in response. When I pressed it a bit, they just said that someone saw him sneak into the trees with Cindy right after supper.

“What if they get caught?” I asked.

“I doubt they will get caught. He and Cindy have been figuring out ways to be alone for months.”

I didn’t say anything about what I knew. I didn’t really want anyone lese finding their hide out because I had some plans for the place myself. About ten minutes later, Brian strolled in looking very relaxed and cool.

“Where you been?” asked the guys.

“Just taking a stroll in the fresh air,” replied Brian with a little smile.

“Where’s Cindy?” asked Gary.

“I suppose she is in her cabin with the rest of the girls,” said Brian with a shrug, “Where else would she be?”

The guys laughed and poked fun at him for a few more minutes then we got ready for the shower. As we walked toward the shower building, I asked Brian how he was able to get Cindy across the ravine without using the bridge. He kind of shrugged it off saying they had their ways. The next night the camp had a special evening service, so as soon as supper was over everyone had to go immediately to the chapel. The director told Michelle and me that the dishes could wait until after the service. We went along with the other kids, but by the time the service was over, it was past the nine-o’clock deadline. We went back to the dining hall and finding ourselves alone got started. While we were working across the sinks from each other, Michelle said she was going to take her blouse off so it wouldn’t get dirty. I stared at her with a startled look, but she said it was just a cover up and she was wearing something under it. She was wearing one of those little stretchy tops that covered her breasts, but I didn’t think she was wearing a bra under it. The kitchen staff had put the dishes in the sink so they had fairly well soaked themselves clean, so it didn’t take quite so long to finish them up and have the kitchen ready for breakfast.

We were going around turning lights off when we noticed a light in the ladies rest room. I told Michelle I would get it and trotted over to turn it off. What I saw got my attention! In the entryway was a large divan just waiting to be used!

“Hey Michelle, come here,” I called out in a stage whisper.

“What’s the matter,” she asked with concern in her voice.

“Not a thing,” I replied with a big smile glancing at the divan.

Michelle followed my glance and broke into a big smile.

“Want to try it out?” she said as she sat down.

I joined her in an instant, giving her a big hug and kiss. Michelle responded warmly, and moments later we were locked together in a tangle of arms and legs. The entryway was dimly lit with the light from the restroom around the corner providing the limited illumination. It was just about right, I could see well enough, but the light wasn’t so bright to be intimidating.

We continued kissing and cuddling, with passion growing every minute. I could feel Michelle’s breasts pressing into my chest. Suddenly a plan formed in my mind. All during our kitchen chores I imagined what it would be like to tug down the stretchy little top and get a look at her breasts. I ran my hands up and down her back to assure myself that she indeed was not wearing a bra. Having that confirmed, I began playing with her breasts through the elastic, but it was not very satisfactory. I worked my hands up to the top, then slipped my fingers under and gently tugged it down. Michelle took a quick little breath, but didn’t protest, so I just slid the top down. As soon as it cleared the fullness of her womanhood, it kind of slid right down to her waist. I leaned back a bit and got my first clear vision of tits! I guess I had a startled look on my face because Michelle whispered,

“What’s the matter, don’t you like them?” she asked with a hurt look on her face.

“OH YES, YES, they are fantastic!” I whispered back as I kissed her again. “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful!”

Michelle smiled and leaned back a bit. I stared at the beautiful smooth creamy skin with the little blue blood veins cris-crossing the surface. Her nipples jutted out in the middle of the pinkish brown circles around them. I guess I must have been staring for quite a while when Michelle broke the spell.

“You’ve never seen breasts before have you?” She giggled.

“No, but I can’t imagine anyone else having any as pretty as yours,” I said with awe in my voice.

Michelle smiled and blushed a little.

“Thank-you, I’m glad you like them.”

I kissed her again, then pressed her back and ran my hands between us. Moments later I felt my hands covering her smooth towers and explored them without limitation. Before long, we were laying full length on the divan, facing each other on our sides. I had grown kind of tired playing with her breasts and began wondering what else I might be able to accomplish. As I had the night before, I slid my hand under the band of her shorts and played with her tummy until once again I came into contact with her hair. She was kind of wiggling her bottom around, which encouraged me to press further down, but her waistband was just too tight to get any further.

I withdrew my hand and began fumbling with the button at her side. I felt it pop loose, but only partially. The zipper was still up, and it took me a minute or two to get it unlatched, but then it slid down smoothly. An instant later, I slid my hand under her panties and right on down to her bottom. I felt a warm slick sensation then my finger just slipped in a little. I began running my finger up and down, not knowing what I was doing, but it felt good and Michelle seemed to enjoy it. I explored round and round, up and down. All at once Michelle kind of gasped and pressed my hand against her bottom.

“Oh, that feels good, right there!” She whispered excitedly.

At the same time she opened her legs a little further and rotated her hips upward giving me easier access. I played with a hard little button for a few minutes and let my fingers drift down again. I felt an opening and pressed on, feeling my finger slip in, in, in until it wouldn’t go any further. I wiggled my fingertip, feeling the hot slick wetness flood over my hand. Michelle was breathing faster and wiggling her bottom up and down thrusting into my invading finger. After another minute or two, she asked me to take my finger out because she was getting a little sore.

“Did you like it?” I whispered anxiously.

Michelle murmured her assent as I kissed her as hard as I could. I rolled away for a moment and adjusted my cock to a less painful position.

“What’s the matter?” Michelle asked.

“Nothing,” I replied, “Just getting more comfortable.”

“Let me help,” she said with a smile, “I saw what Cindy did.”

With that, she tugged my belt loose and slid the zipper down. I raised my hips and helped her slide my pants and shorts down. My cock, free of the restraints, immediately sprang to attention. I could hear Michelle suck in her breath as my manhood snapped upright.

“I knew it got bigger, but I didn’t know it got this big!” observed Michelle with amazement.

I lay still as she looked at my quivering pole. Slowly she reached out and touched the tip. I made a little involuntary shudder, which caused Michelle to draw back.

“Did I hurt you?” She asked with concern.

“No, it just feels so good that I can’t help it,” I whispered in response.

Michelle again reached out and began probing my cock. In a few moments, she had encircled it and began moving up and down like she had seen Cindy do a couple of days before.

“Am I doing it right?” whispered Michelle.

“Oh yes, yes, it feels great!” I whispered back.

At about that instant, my pent up emotion unleashed and I shot white juice all over the place. Michelle just stared with her mouth open as my cock jerked and twitched, then finally stood still. Michelle sat with her mouth open staring at my cock, which was starting to wilt a little bit.

“This is fantastic!” She exclaimed. “I can’t believe how big you can get!”

I was starting to feel considerably subdued after coming, and began to worry that someone might come in and catch us.

“We better go,” I whispered urgently, someone might come.

Michelle looked a little disappointed, but reluctantly agreed. I sat up and pulled up my pants, and watched as Michelle put herself back together. I was fascinated as she pulled up the stretchy top over her breasts, and how much it compressed them when she let it go. We walked back to the kitchen and retrieved her blouse; she slipped out the back door. Just as we opened it, the director was reaching for the door.

“OH!” screamed Michelle.

“I’m sorry I startled you,” said Mr. Thompson, “I was just coming by to make sure the kitchen was secure for the night.”

“We checked everything and turned off all the lights,” I assured him. “It just took a little longer than we expected by the time we finished all the dishes and cleaned up the tables.”

“I see,” he grunted, “well you better run along to your cabins before someone comes looking.”

With that he closed the door and headed back for his residence. Michelle and I scampered back to the bridge where I gave her a quick kiss.

“I can’t wait until I can see you again.”

Michelle nodded and kissed me, then turned and scampered across the bridge.

Saturday was occupied with the campers who were leaving that day packing up. All the guys from our cabin except for Brian and I were leaving, so by 2:00 P.M. when the buses left, we were alone. Cindy and Michelle were on hand to say goodbye to their new friends, then as the last bus disappeared from sight, we and about a dozen other campers wandered off to entertain ourselves. Mr. Thompson had told us that the new sponsors wouldn’t arrive until Sunday afternoon, so he expected us to behave responsibly until then. With that, he said he had to prepare for the next camp session and headed back to his residence.

Brian and Cindy, along with Michelle and I looked at each other then Brian suggested that we all take a swim.

Michelle and Cindy raced across the bridge while Brian and I jogged to our cabin to change. In about ten minutes, we had joined at the pool along with two other couples. We played in the water and splashed each other for about an hour. Finally Michelle and Cindy said they were tired and wanted to rest for a while. We walked away together, heading back for the dining hall for a snack. After having a coke and making a couple of sandwiches, we were ready for another adventure. Brian and Cindy said they were going to go for a walk in the woods, making it clear that they wanted to be alone. They headed across the bridge, so I grabbed Michelle’s hand and led her toward our cabin.

Michelle waited outside while I grabbed two fresh towels and hung the wet ones up to dry then we headed for the woods. I urged Michelle to hurry, telling her I thought I had a surprise for her.

“What is it?” she asked teasingly.

“Just wait and see,” I replied with a mysterious smile, “but we need to hurry.”

I led her down the path up to the place where we watched Brian and Cindy the other afternoon. After checking to see that they weren’t in their hideout yet, I took Michelle’s hand and led her down the secret path, then hid behind the shrubs. I spread the towels and settled down just in time to hear Michelle gasp.

Brian and Cindy had just come into view and were headed toward the same spot where we had seen them before. This time, they had bought a blanket with them, and wasted no time in settling down. In an instant, they were locked together as if their bodies were welded together. It wasn’t long before he Brian had Cindy’s top off, and began playing with her tits. Michelle looked a little embarrassed, but continued to watch. We were a lot closer than we had been before, so we could see everything fairly clearly. Michelle turned to me with a searching look.

“Do you think she is pretty?”

“Yeah, I think she is pretty, but not as pretty as you,” I spoke as sincerely as I could.

“She has bigger breasts than I do,” observed Michelle.

“I’m not so sure about that,” I observed, “Maybe they are bigger, but they aren’t as pretty as yours!”

Michelle smiled and kissed me tenderly.

“Thanks,” she said with a look of disbelief, “I know boys like big breasts.”

“No, I mean it, yours stand out nice and straight, but hers kind of hang down, I think yours are a lot prettier.”

“Do you really?” She asked.

I nodded, and kissed her again.

“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

We watched for a while longer as they kissed and rolled together on the blanket. Finally I decided to try a new approach.

”There is just one thing,” I said with serious voice.

“What’s that?” questioned Michelle.

“I don’t know how I can really compare your breasts with Cindy’s, because hers are bare and you got your top on.”

Michelle kind of grinned and turned her back to me exposing the two little bows that held the top in place. In a second I tugged them loose and watched it fall to the ground. Michelle turned back toward me, and in the sunlight the beauty of her breasts took my breath away.

“OH! they are so pretty.”

“Oh, Look!” Michelle exclaimed.

I turned just in time to see Brian sliding Cindy’s bikini bottoms down her legs and toss them aside. We were looking at a totally naked girl, while Brian had only his trunks on.

Do you think they are going to do it?” whispered Michelle.

“I don’t know, but it sure looks like it,” I observed.

“Do you think we should leave?” asked Michelle.

“We can’t,” I replied, “If we move from here they will see us.”

Michelle nodded, and settled down a little further. I sat there staring at her breasts, seeing them clearly in the daylight. I couldn’t resist reaching out and stroking them. Michelle quivered in delight, and soon she was pressing her bare breasts against my equally bare chest. I thought I was going to faint with desire. I glanced over to see what Brian and Cindy were doing, and caught my breath. This time it was me who gasped.

Brian was kissing Cindy’s tits and sucking on them while sliding his finger in and out of her bottom. I looked at Michelle with a question mark on my face, then slowly lowered my face to her breasts and tentatively kissed one of her nipples. I felt her shudder a little, but she didn’t draw away, so I began to pull one of her nipples into my mouth and gently suck on it. Michelle laid back full length on the ground and I rolled against her keeping my mouth firmly attached to her breast. Being further down her body than I was last night, I was in a much better position to play with her bottom, so I began tugging her bikini down. She raised her hips just enough to let them slide down, and soon I had them completely off. I didn’t hesitate for more than a second before running my hand up her thighs and into her curly patch of hair. An instant later, I slipped my finger inside her quivering flesh, and was rewarded by hearing a long low moan. I glanced over toward Brian and Cindy, and saw them both glance our way. I froze for a moment, scarcely daring to breathe.

“What’s the matter?” whispered Michelle.

“Quiet, I think they heard you.” I said urgently.

We lay still scarcely breathing for several seconds until Brain and Cindy resumed their activity. We sighed in relief, but the spell was broken for the moment, so we watched their movements. We didn’t have to wait long. Suddenly Brian sat up and shoved his trunks down. Then, he fumbled around in the pocket of the trunks and pulled out a little round foil package.

“What’s that?” whispered Michelle.

“Just watch,” I replied.

It didn’t take Brian long to open the package, then lean back and begin rolling the rubber down his cock.

“Oh,” said Michelle. “It looks like they are getting ready to really do it! “I’m not sure I want to see this,” she said nervously.

“Well, there’s no place to go now,” I whispered back.

We didn’t have any time to ponder the situation further, because in an instant Brain had positioned himself between Cindy’s legs and in a fumbling movement slid his cock into her waiting bottom. They only hesitated for a moment then began rocking in and out, each matching the other’s movements. They only did it for about a minute when Brian collapsed on Cindy with a loud groan. Cindy was hugging and kissing Brian, and after a few moments, they lay still in each other’s arms. We stared at each other for a minute or two, both afraid to say anything. Finally Michelle broke the silence.

“So that’s how you do it.”

I nodded silently, staring at her with an obvious questioning look in my eyes. Michelle read the look, and averted her eyes. I summoned up my courage then finally asked the question.

“Would you like to do it with me?”

Michelle didn’t answer for so long that I thought I had made her mad. Finally she looked back at me and nodded slowly.

“Really!” I exclaimed so loudly that she poked me in the ribs.

“Careful, they will hear you!” she said urgently.

I looked over at Brian and Cindy, but they were sound asleep cuddled in each other’s arms.

“I want to, but I don’t want anyone to see us and I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“It’s O.K. I whispered back, I got some rubbers, and we can find some place where no one can see us.”

“How long do you think they will stay before we can leave here?” Michelle whispered.

“I’ll get them to leave right away,” I replied.

“How you going to do that?” She asked.

“Just watch,” I replied.

With that, I took small twig and tossed it toward the love nest. I fell right on Brian’s bare bottom. He jumped with a start and Cindy right with him.

“What’s the matter?” She asked in alarm.

“Something hit me,” he replied with a note of fear in his voice that we could plainly hear.

“Oh, look, it was only a twig falling out of the tree,” Cindy said with relief.

“Oh,” replied Brian with equal relief.

I thought they would leave immediately, but to my dismay they began kissing and cuddling again, and before we knew what was happening, Brian had put his cock inside Cindy again and they were slamming into each other like there was going to be no tomorrow. This time they just kept pumping and pumping.

“Wow, it looks like they are going to go all day,” exclaimed Michelle.

“Looks like it,” I whispered in return.

About that time, we could hear Cindy moaning louder and louder.

“OH! OH! Do it harder, do it harder, OH! OH! OH! OOOOHHHH OH!”

Brain collapsed on her again, kissing her hard then rolled off onto his back. His cock was waving in the air, but we could see it slowly drooping until it was back to its normal size. Once again, they fell asleep. I looked at Michelle with a question on my face.

“Do you think we should try to leave?” she asked.

“I don’t think there is any way we could leave quietly enough not to wake them up,” I replied. “I think we will just have to wait for them to leave, but there is no sense spoiling an opportunity.”

With that, I kissed Michelle and was rewarded by a warm response. Soon we were locked in a passionate embrace and I was pressing my cock against her bare bottom. I wanted to feel myself against her, so began sliding my swimming trunks off. Michelle realized what I was doing and looked at me in alarm. I assured her that I wouldn’t try to put it inside, but I wanted to feel it against her tummy. She nodded her fearful agreement, but made me promise not to try to do it. I agreed, and managed to get my trunks out of the way.

As soon as they were clear, I took Michelle in my arms, and as tenderly as possible began kissing and stroking her body. She responded warmly, and in a few minutes I got between her legs, trying to imitate what I had seen Brian do.

“You promised,” Michelle whispered pleadingly.

“I know,” I said, “I won’t try to put it in, I just want to feel you under me.”

With that, I lowered myself over her quivering body, making sure to keep my cock on her tummy instead of where I really wanted it. Slowly, carefully I lowered myself until my cock was firmly trapped between our hot sweaty bodies. Slowly I began thrusting my bottom trying to simulate what I thought I would do if I were inside her. In just a few seconds, I felt my ass tense up then my hot love juice blasted out between us. I kept moving around, and soon her tummy was completely smeared with my come, which mingled with our sweat made us as slippery as ice. We wiggled around for several seconds until the slickness began to dry and we started to stick together. I rolled off and hugged Michelle tight. A few minutes later, I too had fallen asleep. I woke up when Michelle nudged me.

“They’re leaving,” she whispered.

I looked over to the love nest in time to see Cindy stand up and pull her bikini bottoms on. Then, she picked up the top, and holding the cups over her tits, turned to Brian to tie the strings. Brian slid into his trunks then they picked up the blanket and headed up the trail.

When they were out of sight, Michelle jumped up gathering her bikini. She held the cups over her breasts, and like Cindy, turned to let me tie the strings. Then, stepping into the bottoms, she slid them up, turning to watch me. I pulled my trunks up and gathered the towels. We hurried up the trail, and straight to the pool to get the sticky off before anyone could see it. After a brisk swim, we headed back to the assembly ground, finding Brian and Cindy sitting on a bench in deep discussion. We walked over trying to act cool.

“Sit down,” said Brian indicating the bench across from them.

We sat down, trying to look natural. The thing that happens when you try to act natural is that you immediately look unnatural! Brian glanced around to see that we were alone, then cleared his throat and spoke.

“We know you saw us a little while ago.”

“What makes you think we saw you?” I asked.

“Cindy was sure she heard something, but we couldn’t see anyone, but after we left, we stopped to look back and saw you guys getting dressed,” he responded.

I glanced at Michelle and saw her face turning as red as mine felt. We nodded silently before I spoke.

“Well, we had been looking for a place to sit and talk without being bothered, and we stumbled on that place. About then you guys came along, and before we knew it you were half undressed and we didn’t want to let you know we had seen you.”

Brian nodded silently glancing toward Cindy. We sat in silence for a minute or two.

“You going to tell anyone?” he asked anxiously.

“Tell them what? Looks like you saw as much as we did, seems like we all can benefit by keeping quiet!”

We all looked at the others and began nodding in unison. We made small talk for the next several minutes until Cindy spoke.

“Well, I guess I’ll go take a shower and get ready for supper.”

With that, we all headed toward our cabins, Michelle and Cindy crossing the bridge while Brian and I headed to our cabin.

“I’m sorry about that,” I said as we entered the cabin.

“Don’t worry,” replied Brian, “It’s just that Cindy is really embarrassed about you seeing her naked.”

“Yeah, well she’s not got much to be embarrassed about,” I observed.

“She’s got a fantastic body!” I observed.

Brian nodded his agreement, then picked up his towel and headed for the shower with me right behind.

“How was your first time?” he asked.

“We didn’t do it,” I responded.

“Why not?” Brian said with a note of disbelief, “Wouldn’t she let you?”

“Well, I think she would have, but I didn’t have a rubber with me and she didn’t want to take a chance of getting pregnant.”

“That’s smart,” observed Brian, “But you’re not going to let this opportunity go by are you?”

I shook my head, and turned the shower on. When we got back to the cabin, Brian reached into his duffel bag and handed me two more rubbers.

“I got an idea you will need these,” he said with a laugh.

“I certainly hope so,” I replied with a big grin, “All I got to do is find a time and place where we won’t be seen. Michelle says she would die if anyone saw us.”

“Cindy said the same thing, but she didn’t,” observed Brian.

“Yeah, but you guys didn’t know we were watching when you were doing it,” I commented, “And that’s different.”

Brain nodded his agreement. That evening as we were eating supper together, the conversation was a little subdued, but Cindy seemed to have recovered from her acute embarrassment. She and Michelle had talked about the situation, and Michelle convinced her that it was an accident and we really were trying to spare them embarrassment. I didn’t say anything to the contrary, and by the end of the meal, it seemed as if everything was back to normal.

“Hey, guys, look what I found by the shower building,” he said excitedly as he held up a key chain with about eight keys on it.

“What are they for?” I asked.

“Well I bet they fit every building in the camp,” he observed.

“What you going to do with them?” I asked.

“Well, after we are through with them, I’ll leave them where Mr. Thompson can find them,” he replied, “Now, follow me.”

Before we headed out, he whispered to me to go to our cabin and get the rubbers. I wasted no time, and joined them at the bridge in a minute or two. Brian led the way through the camp, and beyond the girl’s shower room. We went over a little ridge and found two older cabins nestled in the trees.

“This used to be where we stayed when I first started coming here about ten years ago,” he explained. “Now that they have built the new cabins, they only use these if the camp is too full.”

He walked up to the first cabin, and after glancing around to be sure we were alone, he began trying keys. The third key worked. The door swung open, revealing four beds, made up and ready for campers. Proceeding to the next cabin, we discovered the same key fit that one as well, revealing similar condition to the first.

“Which one you guys want?” asked Brian, “It doesn’t matter to us.”

“I think we’ll stay here,” I said as I glanced to Michelle for agreement.

She blushed and nodded. Brian and Cindy slipped out closing the door behind them. I took Michelle in my arms, and seconds later we were kissing like our lives depended on it.

“Did you bring a rubber?” asked Michelle breathlessly.

I nodded as I began unbuttoning her blouse. Michelle responded by unbuttoning my shirt, and shortly we were standing before each other completely naked. The sun was still quite bright, so we could see each other clearly. We quickly climbed into the closest bed and cuddled up together. Our young passion was at a fever pitch, and we wasted no time exploring each other’s bodies with the enthusiasm that young passion generates. I picked up a rubber and opened it.

“Do you know how to put it on?” asked Michelle.

“Only what I saw today,” I replied, “But it doesn’t look too hard.”

“Looks pretty hard to me,” giggled Michelle.

I laughed with her, and positioned the rubber over the tip and began rolling it down the length of my cock. Michelle rolled onto her back, and I got between her legs.

“Please go slow,” Michelle implored.

I nodded as I settled over her flushed and glowing young body. I made a couple of futile attempts to put my cock where I thought it should go, so Michelle reached down and guided it where it belonged. I moved forward carefully, feeling the wet slickness of her love tunnel as I started sliding in. Michelle was holding her breath, looking into my eyes with an expression of both anticipation and fear. I inched forward watching her face intently. I saw a flicker of pain in her eyes and stopped my movement.

“Are you OK?” I whispered.

Michelle nodded, but kind of shrank back. I waited for a few seconds until she smiled at me then pressed forward again. I saw her eyes open wide when suddenly I felt myself glide right in. Michelle’s eyes were still wide with surprise when I felt myself bump into her bottom.

“OH, it feels so full!” exclaimed Michelle.

“Are you OK?” I asked again.

Michelle nodded and took a deep breath, then relaxed against the bed. I could feel her body settle a little, and slid my arms under her back and hugged her tight.

“This feels fantastic!” I whispered.

Michelle just stared at me then nodded.

“Are you ready to do it?” I asked.

Michelle nodded again, and I pulled out just a little and shoved back in. I was glad we had made me come earlier in the afternoon, or I was sure I would have already shot off spoiling the first time. After the first couple of thrusts, Michelle began to meet my movements, and slowly we speeded up our movements. Pretty soon we were slamming into each other in ever increasing passion. Michelle began panting, and had put her hands on my bottom urging me on. After what seemed too soon, I felt my ass tighten up, and then my come exploded into her belly with spasmodic pulsing. I felt the spasms flood up my thighs, down my belly, and of course through my pulsing cock. For a moment I thought I would pour half my weight into her before the pumping finally stopped. I collapsed on Michelle, kissing and hugging her until we were finally satisfied. After a few moments, Michelle said I was heavy and I rolled off, cuddling her in my arms.

“Did you like it?” I whispered in her ear.

Michelle nodded with a deep sigh and nestled tight to my chest. We lay together for about twenty minutes. My cock had shrunk to its normal size, and I was wondering what to do with it. Michelle sat up watching me. She was staring at the rubber with a puzzled look.

What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Nothing, I just didn’t realize there would be so much juice,” she said.

“I wonder what happens to all of it when you don’t use a rubber?”

I kind of shrugged, having never thought about it before. I guess I just assumed that it went into making a baby.

“Is that the size you normally are?” She asked.

I nodded and explained that sometimes it was smaller and sometimes a little bigger; except for when I was thinking about her, and then it was big! Michelle reached down and began rolling it between her fingers.

“Ugh, it’s sticky,” she commented with a nervous giggle.

With the feel of her hand on my cock, it suddenly began growing, and in a few seconds it was back in its glory, standing out like a proud poker.

“Let’s do it again!” I said with mounting excitement.

“Have you got another rubber?” She asked.

My heart sank when I had to shake my head.

“Maybe we can use it again,” I suggested as I picked it up.

I rolled it back to its original doughnut shape then rolled it back on. Michelle looked at it, kind of shaking her head.

“I can see some of your stuff on it,” she said with a questioning look.

I pulled some Kleenex out of a box on the dresser and carefully wiped it off, then took another and wet it with my saliva and wiped it again. Michelle examined it carefully before nodding her agreement. I grabbed her in a bear hug and rolled her into bed again. I began kissing her and playing with her breasts with one hand while playing with her bottom with the other. I slipped my finger inside her, then ran it up to the little button I had felt earlier in the day. Michelle’s bottom bucked on contact, and she began moaning and breathing faster. I kept at it, then settled down and began sucking one of her nipples. Michelle began bouncing her bottom up and down, and kept breathing faster and faster.

“Oh, put it inside me, put it inside me,” she whimpered.

I wasted no time getting between her legs. This time, she grabbed my cock and guided it to the right placed the first time. In one movement, I slid right into her bottom and all the way in until our bones bumped together. Michelle bounced when I slammed into her then rose to meet me as I pulled back. In seconds we were banging into each other in wild abandon. Michelle’s expression was one of wonderment. She met my thrusts with mounting enthusiasm, and I could see her breasts bouncing up and down with the force of our movements. Suddenly she threw her legs around my back and pulled me into her as deep as she could. At the same time, I shot myself in with another shuddering blast. Seconds later I collapsed in exhaustion.

The next thing I knew, Michelle was nudging me awake. It was almost dark, meaning that we had probably slept for nearly an hour. I rolled over and sat up, pulling Michelle with me.

“That was better than I had ever imagined,” Michelle exclaimed.

“Me too,” I agreed.

“I can hardly wait to do it again!” Michelle murmured.

I nodded, wondering how or when we would get another chance. We dressed quickly, and stepped out of the cabin after making sure we had returned it to perfect condition. I held the rubber in my hand, having decided to dispose of it in one of the toilets so no one could possibly find it. We walked over to Brian and Cindy’s cabin listening for sounds. Hearing none, I tapped quietly on the door. In a few seconds, Brian answered saying he would be with us in a minute. We sat on the steps holding hands and planning how we could do it again. About five minutes later, we heard the door open and Brian and Cindy stepped out.

“Are you sure no one will be able to tell you used the cabin?” Brian asked.

I assured him we had double-checked, then we headed back to our cabins.

“Well?” said Cindy looking at Michelle.

“Well what?” responded Michelle with a puzzled look.

“Did you do it?” she said with an exasperated voice.

“Isn’t that kind of personal?” asked Michelle.

“Not nearly as personal as watching us do it,” responded Cindy with a chuckle in her voice.

“I guess that’s true!” replied Michelle with a blush.

She glanced at me, then back to Cindy, then nodded.

“Did you do it again?”

Cindy smiled and nodded.

“It sure is a lot nicer in a bed than on the hard ground.”

That evening after showers, Brian and I discussed how to make an opportunity to do it again. We were able to do it right after lunch on Sunday, but then the busses began arriving for the next weeks camping sessions. When we combined our dish washing chores with the restrictions of the camp, we were very limited in opportunities, but one evening when we knew Mr. Thompson had gone into town for the evening, we used the divan in the ladies room and did it again, and again, and again!


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