part 2
This will be in many parts. Having ADHD, I cannot concentrate very well, so deal with it, or don't read these stories untill I have all 5 parts of the first story done. Good ratings please.

"I have some vaseline that I brought for a fire-starter. How about that?" I said smoothly, knowing very well that is not why I brought it.
"Yeah. Oh man, I'm so hard it hurts!"
"Keep it down Alex, you wanna get caught? You know how hard it would be to explain what we are doing?!"
"Ok," he whispered" I will."
I looked in my pack, found my little "sex kit" as Jimmy calls it. It is a little toilettries bag, with a small plastic jar of vaseline, an enema blue squeezey thing, some nitrile gloves, and assorted pens, sharpies, and other phalic-like objects. I've spent a lot of time reading about anal sex, and how to pleasure a guy, to make sure that I can really make these kids love me. I pull the vaseline from the bag, leave the rest for later.
My shirt is off, only my socks are on. "Alex, do you want to go first?"
"What do you mean? I think I should fuck you first. Yeah, thats how I want to do it."
"Ok. How do you want to do it?"
Blank stare. This kid obviously doesn't understand sex positions, so I take the lead, and lay on my back, my 4-pack facing the sky.
"Man, I'm hard as a rock! Does this always happen to us guys?"
"Yeah, except when you are older, like 60 and your libido isn't as strong."
"Whats a libido?"
"Um..Its a long story."
"Ok. Do I put that on my dick?" Pointing to the tub of vaseline I was holding. I handed it to him, he took off the cap, and just shoved his stiny, 2" dick in it. His eyes rolled into his head, it felt that good. I've tried it too, very fun.
"Come on, take that out of there, and put it in me. I want to get this over with!"
"Yeah...I wonder how good this will be."
"Trust me, you will want more." I said as I laid down on my back, and pulled back my thin, but rock-hard legs. I can run a quarter mile in 1:38 seconds.
"Just.....stick it in?"
"no, slowly. Remember, 'pay unto others, and you want done to youreself'."
"Yeah. Ohhh.......uuuhhhh..."Alex moaned in pleasure. I sighed as he entered me to the hilt. I could feel his thin patch of curly black pubic hair against my ass. Alex was in extasy, never felt anything quite like it.
"Is...."saying with a whole breath each and every word, "" barely able to think, the unknown pleasure to his boy-pole almost ready to burst.
"Yes, I told you. Now fuck me!"
"Im afraid.."
"Just go slow. You will do whatever happens, and you will love it, and want more and more."

Fast forward. I just got my 15 year old ass fucked by a 12 year old. While I enjoyed it only slightly, I found watching him jerk and shiver his one or two drops of cum into my ass to be the best part of the whole experiance.
He lay on top of me, breathless, sweaty, almost lifeless with his first orgasm. I stoked his jet-black hair. I smiled, trying to sound as nice as I could, "Alex. Its time to hold up the bargin. Just roll onto your stomach, and let me get what I was promised."
All I got was a simple nod. It was clear that he wasn't going to be able to move, just like I couldn't move my first time. So, I pushed him off me, I saw his eyes, he looked drugged, just a blank stare.

"Uhh...thanks................awesome...."He whispered so quietly I could barely hear him, then I flipped him onto his stomach, and grabbed my kit. I knew from experiance that little boys have very, very tight anuses, and they needed to be worked open. Though my expreiances with boys included only on other than Alex, I felt I had good knowledge. I took a sharpie, and put on a glove, because I didn't want to get lube everywhere. I spread his little young legs apart, giving me some room to work my magic. I slathered some vaseline on my pointer finger, its blue color almost glowing in the darkness of the night. I looked as his little as, his young, tan body, skinny, thin, beautiful. Hairless, just amazing. I wished I was young again, even though I was only three years older, I was covered in hair, I hate body hair.

"Alex, wake up. This might hurt, all I want you to do is be quiet, and push back. Thats all. Ok?"
" "A big sigh and slightest of all nods was all I got in return, once again.
I took my finger, and rubbed it against his tiny little pucked hole. I could see him trying to push it out, just like I told him. I slowly moved it up and down, making sure to lube it all nice and good. I was so horny.

I started to push a little. I put my finger right there, in the little divit of his ass hole, looked up at his face, I could see his right eye, and I slowly pushed. I saw his head jerk a little, but I think he figured out what was going to happen. I slipped in more. I could feel the warmth, the pure heat, abosrbing my finger as I journeyed further into him.

Please, good comments. Rate the story not on its lenght, but the content. I really like telling these stories, but bad comments make me keep them locked tight in my mind. I'm sure you would like to know the sexual adventures I have had durring the remaining three years of my being in Boy Scouts...

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Hi Anonymous 13 would love to meet and do some stuff togeather if you reply to this i will give you my e-mail address.

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so much for finishing the story lol was good

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Im 13 and i loved that story

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