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My poker buddy’s wife became my ‘poke her buddy’ and with my wife’s blessing too.
Fbailey story number 174

Poker Buddy

Peggy Sue and I had been playing cards with Steve and Marcy every Friday for a few months now. Playing poker was good clean fun and we played for pennies and nickels so no one lost very much money. In fact Steve was usually the big winner with just a little over a dollar every time.

Playing cards at home was cheaper than going out to a movie and a lot more fun too. None of us drank so bars were out of the question. Plus we took turns hosting the poker game and supplying the sandwiches, snacks, and drinks. Steve was a good poker buddy…so was Marcy.

Marcy and Peggy Sue were friends in high school and had grown up together. They were both twenty-six years old, had brown hair, and often traded clothes with one another. They were basically the same size and shape but there was something very intriguing about Marcy. When we were making love Peggy Sue would often ask me if I wanted to fuck Marcy. My cock getting harder and me filling her with cum seemed to be my answer. So Peggy Sue teased me about Marcy a lot. I think that is why the girls started this Friday night poker game in the first place.

Then about a month after we started playing I accidentally dropped some cards on the floor. When I bent down under the table to pick them up I noticed that Marcy’s legs were spread wide open and that she wasn't wearing any underwear. I even hit my head on the table as I tried to get back up causing everyone to laugh at me. However I took another look up Marcy’s skirt before getting back up.

Later when I went into the kitchen to get some refreshments Marcy followed me in and asked, "Did you see anything that you liked under the table?"

Her question surprised me but I courageously admitted, “Yes I did.”

Marcy pushed me back into a chair, lifted her skirt up above her waist, and said, “Then take a good look. I don’t mind.”

So there I was staring at Marcy’s pussy. I had not seen all that many pussies in my life but I knew right away that her pussy was something special. Her brown hair was trimmed very short and her pussy was very swollen and engorged with blood just as my penis was at that very moment. Her inner pussy lips were stretch so that they hung out past her outer lips. My wife’s pussy lips didn’t do that. I could also see Marcy’s enlarged clit too. It looked like a miniature penis. Her pussy was secreting moisture too. A drop had formed on the very bottom of her droopy inner lips. Using my finger I reached out and retrieved that drop. When I touched it to my tongue it exploded in a flavor sensation unlike any I had ever tasted before.

I immediately dropped to the floor and buried my face into her pussy. It was simply the most incredible taste ever. For some strange reason at that very moment I remembered once, an Englishmen referring to it as ‘knicker bacon’ and could not get that phrase out of my head. It certainly didn’t taste anything like bacon but I sure did have the very same craving for her pussy juice that I have for my bacon. I almost didn’t stop and Marcy sure didn’t want me to either but our spouses were in the other room and they wouldn’t wait forever. I got up from trying to devour her pussy and kissed her.

Then I asked, “Can we continue this some other time?”

Marcy said, “You better believe it.”

I sent Marcy back in with two sodas and followed with two more sodas and a plate of cookies. Of course my wife and Marcy’s husband teased us about being up to something in the kitchen and we both denied it but I think we both blushed also.

During the rest of the poker game Marcy would smile at me and I would smile back. Once when she was passing out the cards she managed to slip one of mine off the table and land on the floor. When I bent down to pick it up I looked under the table to see that her knees were opened up and pressed against the table legs to allow me a great view of her pussy. I sat back under the edge of the table to wait for my erection to go down. However smart-ass Marcy asked me get her another drink while she finished dealing. Damn it!

So reluctantly I got up turning appropriately as I did, so as not to show her husband my erection. However my wife caught a glimpse of it and followed me into the kitchen.

Peggy Sue asked, “Just what did you see under that table?”

I replied, “Marcy’s pussy. She isn’t wearing any panties and she isn’t very lady like either.”

Peggy Sue kissed me and said, “Oh you poor fool. You know that if she is showing it to you that it is because she wants you to see it.”

I shook my head yes and she kissed me again as she patted the lump in my pants. Then Peggy Sue said, “I wonder if I can get Marcy to excite you again just before they leave. I’d sure like a piece of this later.”

We returned to the card table and finished playing. We set a time limit so that it is fair when the winner walks away from the game. We just about reached that time when my wife asked, “Honey I lost my shoe. Would you be a dear and get it for me?”

She backed up her chair, I backed up my chair, and then I got down on the floor. I looked around but I couldn’t see her shoe anywhere. While I was there I certainly couldn’t pass up the chance to look up Marcy’s skirt. There was my wife’s shoe right between Marcy’s knees. It was heel to toe between them and her pussy was visible behind it. When I took the shoe out Marcy tried to capture my hand but she wasn’t fast enough. I sat back in my chair and handed my wife her shoe. Both girls smiled at me.

Marcy sent Steve out to start the car and warm it up. Peggy Sue walked him out to the car. Meanwhile Marcy was alone with me and she wanted to return my earlier favor. She dropped to the floor, took out my already hard cock, and sucked it for just a minute. She didn’t want me to cum that was for sure. Then she went out to her car after a very nice kiss goodbye.

When Peggy Sue came back in I was in our bedroom with my pants off. She took one look at my cock and jumped on me. She hadn’t been wearing any panties either. She managed to slip my cock up into her pussy and then she fucked me all that she wanted too. After her second orgasm she and I rolled over so that I could finish myself off. She was very wet and my cock slipped in and out of her with very little feeling. So while I was trying desperately to cum she started talking to me.

Peggy Sue asked, “How did you like licking Marcy’s pussy in the kitchen?”

Shocked that she knew about that I said, “Nice. Very nice.” Then I picked up my pace.

Peggy Sue said, “Well I was in the dining room sucking Steve’s cock.”

Still shocked I said, “Really” as I continued to pound myself into her.

Peggy Sue then asked, “Did you like fucking her face while I was out sucking Steve off?”

I couldn’t reply. I was so horny that I was fucking my wife just like I wanted to fuck Marcy. As I was thrusting into her she continued, “After he cum in my mouth I kissed Marcy when she came out and passed most of his cum into her mouth. You should have seen us. Steve loved it. I bet they are already home and fucking right now too.”

That was just the thought that I needed as I filled her with cum. By then I was completely satisfied and exhausted. I just cuddled into her as she said, “Would you mind very much if I had a threesome with Marcy and Steve? Then she will join us in bed. If he fucks me then it’s only fair that you get to fuck Marcy.”

I kissed her and asked, “How soon can we start?”

My wife laughed and said, “That was what Marcy said that you would say. Tomorrow is Saturday. Marcy and I figure that the two of us can join Steve in bed at ten, two, and six o’clock. Then we can both join you at noon, four, and eight o’clock. If either of you guys can get it up for a forth time we are prepared to join Steve at ten and you at midnight. Then we can do it all over again on Sunday if you like.”

I just asked, “Are you serious?”

Peggy Sue kissed me and said, “I know that you want to fuck Marcy and you know that Steve wants to fuck me. This way neither Marcy nor I will have a problem with it. You won’t be fucking her behind my back.”

I kissed Peggy Sue again and said, “I like it.”

Peggy Sue asked, “You don’t have a problem with Steve fucking me three or four times tomorrow?”

I replied, “Not at all because I’ll be fucking Marcy just as often. Maybe even more.”

Peggy Sue said, “Okay! You will have us both for an hour and a half then we can get cleaned up and to the next bed on time. After you cum we can put on a very sexy show for you that might make you hard again.”

I had to ask, “You and Marcy together?”

Peggy Sue said, “Yeah! We girls started making out in high school and just decided to include you guys in on the fun too.”

Peggy Sue took a bath, shaved what she needed too, and then came to bed with me. She wanted to be clean and ready for Steve so she got up at eight o’clock in the morning. She douched, brushed her teeth, and took a shower before going to Steve’s bed. I could just stay in bed all day long and let the girls come to me.

When Peggy Sue kissed me goodbye in the morning I just laid there with a hard-on in my hand wondering why Steve got to go first. I thought about jerking off but then I thought about Marcy. I really wanted to fuck her just as often as I possibly could. I would have four shots at Marcy and I wondered if I could fuck her twice the first time and still be able to fuck her once during my last time. I thought that I probably could. Then of course I wondered if I could fuck her twice for the two visits and then still get it up once each for the last two. Probably not so what was I going to do. That was a good question and I had another hour to think about it.

The girls came in promptly at noon and rushed to me. I had finally made up my mind to take it easy and go for quality instead of quantity. Four good fucks would be better than six rushed fucks besides I really wanted to enjoy Marcy to the fullest.

When I asked Marcy to do a slow sensual strip tease for me she just smiled. Peggy Sue told me that Steve had been in such a big hurry that he had just lifted her skirt up, dropped her panties, and fucked her over the back of the couch as soon as she had entered the house. She and Marcy had made out for awhile and then he fucked her again quickly before his time ran out. Then they got cleaned up and cleaned out for me before leaving. They were laughing about how he wouldn’t last through the next time. Marcy said he was always quick as a bunny and laughed.

That was my cue to take it easy. I enjoyed watching them both undress and get in bed with me. I ran my hands and lips over most of Marcy’s body then I asked them to make out for me. After watching them for awhile I made love to Marcy and she enjoyed it. I wanted to show her that I wasn’t anything like Steve was. I managed to give her two orgasms with my fingers, one with my tongue, and then two more with my cock up inside her pussy. Peggy Sue was helping us out, egging me on, and encouraging Marcy to fuck me harder. When I finally did cum in her Marcy was totally satisfied. She told me that her husband hadn’t done that to her in years. After thinking about it she wasn’t even sure that it was even him that she was remembering. That was when she told Peggy Sue that she unquestionably had the better husband. The girls made out again for me to kill the rest of my hour and a half. Then they got cleaned up and went back to Steve.

I took the time to shower and get myself a bite to eat. I figured that I needed my strength. Then I went back to bed again and watched an XXX-rated movie until they returned. The girls were very punctual and arrived at precisely four o’clock. I even had a snack waiting for them in my bedroom. They laughed about Steve jumping Peggy Sue again as she had come in the door and not being able to get it up a second time. Again I gave Marcy manual and oral orgasms before making love to her again. When I did cum in her I knew that it was good and that I was certain to make it through the next two times also.

When the girls came back at eight o’clock they were laughing their asses off as they told me that Steve couldn’t get it up at all the last time and that he told them not to even bother coming back at ten o’clock either. He told Marcy to spend the night at our house but he asked Peggy Sue to come back at ten o’clock in the morning on Sunday if she wanted too. She told him that she would be there at ten o’clock and that she would come back whenever he was ready for her again too. Then the girls told me about taking turns sucking his limp dick until their jaws were sore but that he just couldn’t get it up. Marcy said that the only reason that he had gotten it up three times was that fucking Peggy Sue was new and exciting to him. I admitted that fucking her was new and exciting to me too. My wife then told Marcy that I was a great lover and that three or four times a day was not at all unusual for me. I thanked her.

So Peggy Sue and I made love to Marcy for an hour then we shared a shower and got something to eat and drink. Then Marcy and I made love to Peggy Sue. That impressed Marcy even more to think that I would take the time to make love to my own wife when she was right there for the taking. By going slow and taking my time I had won over Marcy. She was falling in love with me.

In the morning I woke up early enough to make love to Marcy and fix them breakfast in bed before Peggy Sue had to go to Steve’s bed. She was going to go alone and leave Marcy with me but I insisted that she take Marcy with her as they had originally agreed. That way no one would be fucking around behind the other’s back. Besides that way I could fully recover and give them both some good loving when they returned.

They were not gone very long at all. It seems that Steve once again fucked my wife over the back of the couch while she was still basically dressed. Apparently he liked lifting her skirt, dropping her panties, and poking her from behind. Peggy Sue said that she liked quickies too but she also admitted that it was nothing like making love to me. Steve had told them to spend the day with me and to enjoy themselves and that he would call our house if he needed Peggy Sue again that day…he never called.

Marcy spent the entire day with Peggy Sue and I. We made love to one another all day long and I cum in Marcy three times and in Peggy Sue once. I did some more fucking but I couldn’t cum again. However that didn’t stop me from learning to please Marcy and Peggy Sue orally though. I thought that I had always been a pretty good oral lover but with their help I got much better. The girls certainly knew what felt good to them and what felt good to the other. Watching them was very exciting but also very educational. Peggy Sue liked it soft and gentle while Marcy liked it harder and more vigorous. Marcy loved having my hard cock in her more than once or twice a week like with Steve. She could hardly believe that I had fucked her seven times in those two days and that I had also fucked Peggy Sue once too. Steve had fucked Peggy Sue just four times and it had been a real effort for him to do it even that much.

The girls kept in touch that week and on Friday we had our usual poker game at their house. We started out with the girls taking us to bed to get the sex part out of the way then they played poker in the nude for the rest of the night. At our quitting time Peggy Sue offered Steve another one before she left and he turned her down. What a jerk! However he sent Marcy home with us so that she would have a good time and so that she was out of his hair.

In the car I asked Marcy if Steve was cheating on her and she just laughed at the suggestion. Apparently Steve’s idea of a really good time is to lock himself in his basement and build model airplanes from kits and paint them. She said that he had about a hundred on shelves in their basement. I had to confess that I never knew that about Steve.

Eventually we stopped playing poker altogether. Peggy Sue would just go over to their house, let Steve fuck her from behind over the couch, and then bring Marcy back to our house for a weekend of lovemaking.

The newness never wore off for me. I would make love to Peggy Sue after work and at bedtime during the week…then make love to Marcy on the weekends.

Then tonight the girls told me that they wanted to get pregnant and that neither one of them cared who the father was. I smile as I thought about the odds being in my favor. Steve fucked them each once a week while I had them about eight times apiece.

So I said, “Okay! Let’s make babies then.”

The End
Poker Buddy
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