Miss Thangam George was her name. She was around 22-23 yrs , about 5” 4’ with a slim 88x88 figure like that of a porn model with form round breast with matching balloon butts jutting out of her slim frame like ripe melons. She was a sexy kitten no doubt and flouted her assets expertly. She was the “darling” of our seniors who would literally dance to her tune much to the charimng of her nurse colleagues and us resident doctors of the hospital..

Working with her was a real pain in the arse not to mention the growing too. She was arrogant insolent and disobedient. Yet no one had the guts to complain about her as she was the darling of the Medical Superintendent.

One Saturday evening some of us had been invited by my friend Dr Pritam for cocktails and dinner. I was on night shift. but had made arrangement with my colleague who managed the emergency till I took over around 11 pm. Now this is a common thing in hospitals and no one minds. Thangam too was on duty that night. The very look of her gave me a hard on and I went about my work with the painful constant growing of cock size . I was sitting on the doctor’s chair watching her going from bed to bed attending to patients and each time she bent down her balloon like butts would push out clearly outlining her panties and the contours of her glorious juicy butts almost bursting out of the confines of the uniform. Each time she bent over her skirt would be drawn up reveling the lining of her garters and her glorious butts stuck out in the air like basket balls. I had the animal urge to impale her ass that very moment but had to content rushing to the staff toilet to let off my pent up steam. My eyes followed her constantly around and I guess she noticed me staring at her with lustful eyes.

The next day I was called to the Medical Superintendent’s office who shouted at me for being late for duty . I was really pissed off but took consolation of the fact that I was not the only one who had suffered due to that bitch. I spoke of my mind to my friends and we decided that she needed to be punished appropriately.

The opportunity came soon. We had been invited to a dinner party given by a Parma company in a local hotel. Thangam George was also invited. The party went on late in the night . After the dinner Dr Preet offered to give Thangam a lift in his car back to the hostel. Everything was going as per plan. Dr Preet took a detour through the deserted park. Two miscreants with their face covered with a face mask stopped his car and ordered him to get out. The moment he was out they put the nozzle of a pistol on his head and pushed him to the back seat next to Thangam. The second guy started driving the car .The whole operation was carried out efficiently with great precision and took just 2 – 3 minutes. The first guy warned Dr Preet and Thangam to keep absolutely silent if they feared for their lives. Then he collected their mobile phones and threw them on the front seat. The guy driving the car switched off the phones. While the Dr Preet was silent and not offering any resistance Thangam started to shout and struggle. and was awarded with a sharp smack on her face by the guy next to her so tight that she started bleeding from her lips.. She lunged towards to door trying to open it . The second slap was harder than the first and it melted all the resistance in her. Blood was oozing from her lips . She became paralyzed with fear and was sobbing begging for mercy. It was by now clear that the kidnappers were serious and would not bat an eye to pump a bullet in her head if required. The car stopped at a desolate spot and the guy in the back seat handed over the pistol to the driver while he went about gagging Thangam and Dr Preet.. He shoved a large wad of cotton gauze in their mouths and taped it with two layers of surgical tape. Then he proceeded to tie their wrists with the same tape so tightly that Thangam yelped in pain. In the struggle her saree had fallen down exposing. her skimpy blouse and the lacy bra underneath. He opened the buttons of the blouse and pulled the bra above her breasts. The breasts sprang out of their confines and started jumping randomly like jelly. No further humiliation was required. By now Thangam was stunned into total submission. Then a pillow case was placed over Thangam’s head totally blinding her. Not an extra word was spoken for another thirty minutes. The car slowed down and finally the engines were cut. She was shoved out of the car and physically lifted and moments later placed on a chair. Then the blind was removed and she blinked as her eyes adjusted to the dim light of the room. She found herself in a well furnished bed room. By now she had gone totally pale and trembling like a leaf in a storm. Her breasts were loosely covered by the pallu of her thin sari otherwise she was shamelessly exposed. She noticed that her kidnappers were strong muscular men wearing loose fitting track suits. Their hands were gloved and they hardly spoke.

Dr Preet had been melted similar punishment and had been blind folded. He looked equally frightened and speechless. Thangam saw him being pushed into another room and the dorr was locked from inside. Now the kidnappers and Thangam were alone in the room. One of the men shoved Thangam down the bed flipped her around on her stomach. With anther mean movement he pulled her sari and petticoat above her waists exposing her large butts covered in a white panty. The panty was pulled down mercilessly. He the proceeded to put the cold metal nozzle of the pistol between her butts cleft and pushed it in. The feeling of the cold metal in her most private parts totally stunned Thangam and she almost passed out. She was by now sobbing slowly but lay totally paralyzed like a sacrificial lamb. The nozzle was still left in place in her butt clefts while the second guy took out his belt folded it into two and landed one vicious blow on her butts. She reacted as if a bullet had hit her withering and trying to get up . The second blow landed with an equal force tearing into her soft flesh. Immediately here was a red wheal where the blow had landed. She withered like an impaled animal. The nozzle of the pistol was replaced with the nozzle of K Y Jelly . While the first guy separated the buttocks wide apart exposing the lovely tight young ass hole the other took out a tube of K-Y jelly fitted with a nozzle and plunged it deep in her hole mercilessly and emptied half the contents inside. Soon the jelly was oozing out of the hole and spilling on the sides of her butts and some was dripping down to her cunt. The guy put one finger inside her ass hole and rubbed the jelly around it and stretching the ass muscle in the process. This was just the encore!!

The kidnappers then inserted a thick rubber tube (Also know as flatus tube) inside the hole and gently pushed it in for about 10 inches.. There was no resistance now. Then they loaded a 50 ml syringe with country liquor and injected the whole lot inside her. The process was repeated till 150 ml had been pumped inside her ass hole. The liquor enema made its effect felt within few minutes as the poor girl was rapidly absorbing all the alcohol inside her rectum and becoming intoxicated. In the next ten minutes Miss Thangam had become fully intoxicated quite oblivious of her surroundings. Alcohol enema intoxicates many times faster than when taken the normal way.

The kidnappers were joined in by their third accomplice Dr Preet. The expert kidnappers as you must have guessed were none other than Suresh and me!!!

It was time for the next stage of the “action” plan. Her hands were freed the mouth gag was opened. Miss Thangam was really high. She was speaking incoherently laughing at one time weeping the next minute. She tried clumsily to get on her feet she just fell into a heap on the bed. She was totally out.

The tube was out, the ass hole well lubricated and the victim in “high Spirits”. The ideal setting for the “Punishment.”

Suresh enjoyed methodically stripping Thangam of her clothes which he neately folded and laced on a chair. In the mean while we shed our own clothes and were hovering around the naked her naked body like hungry lions waiting for the “Kill.” We three friends have our own attributes and likes. Suresh has the largest penis and likes to fuck the life out of the vaginal hole in a woman, Preet is the least endowed on the size front but he is a connoisseur of the Blow Job. He loves to suck and be sucked. He loves to fuck the mouth. Just that gives him a high!! My own 7 inch weapon has an Ass fixation. Given the choice I would choose to have a go at the ass hole ..female or shemale..

I was given the honour of opening the innings. I flipped her on her back, pushed her legs under her stomach and chest. Her butts were kissing the heavens . Preet separated the butts wide to expose her holes one above the other. K Y Jelly was oozing out of the anal opening . I inserted one finger inside and massged the ass muscles then the second finger went in. Thangam just reacted by retracting her butts in. I got in between her thighs and positioned myself for the kill. I was not interested in beating about her bush. I placed my large lund on her ass hole and gently gave a push. It met with stiff resistance but went in somehow. I gave a second push and she yelled out loud shrieking in agony as my pole went in another inch. She was shrieking . By this time Preet had cradled her head in his lap and he expertedly inserted his penis inside her mouth. Her shrieks died down. The third push was with all my strength and I was totally inside her tight anus. I pressed in with all my strength pinning her to the bed and penetrating to her depths perhaps she also did not know. I remained like that for a minute giving her body time to adjust to the new situation. Then I started fucking her in right earnest with rhythmic in – out movements. Surprisingly she soon adjusted to the intrusion and started responding to my thrusts. She placed her hands back on her butts and separated them wide. All resistance disappeared her butts met each of my thrusts in her with an equal upward thrust from her. In her intoxicated state she seemed to be enjoying it. I continued to make minced meat out of her tiny pink pussy.

Preet was becoming impatient. He went for her mouth and started operations from the other end. He thrust his hard on in her mouth . Instinctively Thangam started sucking at his engorged meat. Preet had filled her mouth fully choking her. But he was not deterred and continued fucking her mouth moving his hard cock all around her mouth. She was by now fully co operating and was sucking his member like a lollipop. At my end I could feel the orgasm building in my balls and the next second I exploded inside her ejecting my thick liquid like cannon balls inside the depths of her ass hole.

Suresh was getting impatient. Now it was his turn. He is huge really. He had once confessed that in spite of four years of his marriage his wife still cannot fully take him in her fully. It was now his turn. He flipped Thangam on her back ,placed two pillows under her and separated her thighs wide and got in between. He penis was jutting out like sausages and I feared the worst for Thangam. He positioned his humangus penile head on the vaginal opening and rubbed it against the clits. Thangam was fully aroused by now .he was sucking at Preets like a lolly pop. Preet had already come inside her once and she instinctively gulped his discharges. Back to Suresh ….with slow circular movement he was working on the hole spreading the muscles on all sides. The vaginal hole was wet and slippery The he placed his huge bug on the entrance and gave a gentle push. Thangam responded with a reflex jerk away from him. But there was no where to go as she was pinned down by Suresh. Like an expert that Suresh was he gradually maneuvered his huge errection inside her tight hole . In the second push he was totally inside her stretching her vaginal muscles to the limitThen he started fucking her in right earnest. By now Preet had already discharged the second time inside her mouth and spent was lying to the bed. This was what Suresh was waiting for .He flipped Thangam on her belly now placed another pillow under her and entered her in the classical doggy style. This time Thangam responded with vigor matching his each thrust with her own upward movement. I could see Thangam stiffening and she had her first orgasm of the night. She went delirious muttering and groaning nonsense. Suresh went about his job like the professional he was.. He came with a loud groan his lower torso recoiling at cannon ball firing inside the depths of his prey. He must have shot at least five or six times when he fell on her exhausted.

Now it was Preet who took over. He preferred the unorthodox side penetration position. He removed the pillows and took her from the left side. He embraced her from behind separated her legs and I helped by separating the bums wide while he inserted the already bloodied cunt from the back. He held her in a muscular vice while pushing himself in side her in a rhythmic movement. He would fuck both the holes allowing his prick to chose which to penetrate. In the final moments he had climbed astride her buttocks and was pushing hard against her making deep thrusts inside her wet bloody vagina.

By now Thangam was in some sort of a trance neither feeling pain nor pleasure.

Time for the final act. I went down on by back on the bed pulling Thangam on me and inserted my prick inside her pussy. Suresh then separated her butts exposing her ass hole and pushed his member inside. I could feel his hard prick rubbing against mine.A thin sheet of flesh separating he two pricks!! Preet went on top and sqatted over my head and pushed his cock inside her mouth. We started fucking her in unison each haven chosen our preferred hole. We came simultaneously discharging our might inside her three holes.

We were exhausted and decided to take a break.

An hour later we were back fucking her holes to ribbons She was oozing blood stained liquid from her vagina as well as her ass hole. Preet went for the vagina this time.

We fucked her like this for the whole night till we could do it no more. It was around 4 am when we decided that enough punishment had been given to Thangam to last her a life time.

To close up we forced a glass of country liquor down the gullet of Thangam sprinkled copious amount on her body so that she was reeking of the stuff. We wiped her bleeding vagina and anus with a wet towel cleaned her as best we could and dressed her. She was totally unaware what was happening as she was totally out.

We carried her to the car. Preet drove her to the bus stop near the Nurse hostel. It was quite dark and lonely. Not a should was around. We lead Thangsm to the bus stop and sat her on the bench. She just slumped on the bench.

That was the last act. We went back to Preet’s farm house to clean up the place meticulously and professionally. We slept there till morning and reported for duty the by 9 am as if nothing had happened.

Next day hell was let loose. Miss Thangam George was found early in the morning by the hospital security guard . She was reported to be reeking of liquor, in a drunken stouper and totally in a disheveled shape. The hospital authorities did not want a scandal and did an excellent job of cover up. Thangam was given some “first aid” and took few days to recover. We really do not know what statements she gave to her superiors. It was quite evident none believed her version. She had been found fully intoxicated, reeking of cheap liquor clothes torn and obviously having indulged in a vigorous sexual intercourse.

She resigned within the week and that was the last we saw of her.

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The story was there but with all the spelling errors the story did not make sense. Also,you are` wrtting an adult story use the words to fit the audience.

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