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Week 3: Panties and Nipples
Before I begin, I want to apologize for the long delay between this and the last story. Life took some unexpected turns. I just got back into writing (thanks to some readers who messaged me). Now that I’ve finished living these stories though, I can tell you that there are at least five more parts of this series, and while they did happen nearly a year ago now, they should be pretty accurate as, not only do I remember them like they were yesterday, but I wrote some rough (really rough) drafts of them at the time too. There’ll probably be six more, though the sixth would involve more than just me and “Jess” (though still all girls), so I haven’t decided yet. I’ll try to get these out in a more reasonable time frame, but I’ve got four stories I’ve started writing right now (including the next part of this series, as well as a couple reader requests), so no promises there. Anyway, onto the story.

During the course of the next week, Jess got a raise and suggested that rather than just coming over to my place, we go out and celebrate her raise with a Saturday night out (though not the whole night, because what would be the fun in that?). I proposed we go to a combination bar/restaurant/dance club about a half hour from my apartment that we hadn’t been to in at least a couple years (might have even been over three years, we couldn’t really remember). It’s actually a pretty decent privately owned place with a nice restaurant and bar on the first floor and a big dance floor on the second floor serviced by a slightly less nice bar. The place is more expensive than most other bars and clubs around, plus they are very strict on IDing, so it generally avoids the local college crowd, which is a big plus for us at 27, and also meant that their dance floor opened earlier (damn those late nights of college kids!). I’d estimate that most patrons at the place are in the 24 to 30 age range, so we would still fit in there. I called ahead for reservations for dinner at 8:00 Saturday night (they do fill up sometimes), and the plans were thus set in stone: Jess was going to come over to my place around 7:00, we would leave around 7:20, and come back to my place when we had our fill of both food and dancing.

7:00 rolled around on Saturday, and Jess had not yet showed up at my place. I gave her a couple calls, but it was going to voice message. Finally, about 7:15, Jess showed up at my door. She looked good as ever in some tight jeans, a boob-enhancing shirt (cause she really need that…), what can only be described as clubbing shoes, and her hair styled back. She looked much more prepared for dancing than dinner. I was more dressed for dinner than the dancing, with black slacks, a fancy shirt I had just gotten, dressy-but-danceable shoes, and my hair put up. As soon as I opened the door, Jess leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the lips, then leaned back, looked at me, and exclaimed, “Looking good, Lisa!”

“You too, Jess,” I responded, adding scoldingly, “but why are you so late?”

“Well, I almost left on time, but then I thought that if we spent too much time together here, we might get… uhhhhhh… distracted… if you know what I mean! So I decided to leave a bit later so we would turn around and go out as soon as I got here. So let’s go!”

I couldn’t help but laugh, especially as she searched for the word “distracted.” I told her to give me a minute to get my purse in order, which she readily did, announcing that she was going to use the bathroom before we headed out. As she was coming out of the bathroom, I had just finished getting my stuff in order and was on my way to the door. I immediately opened the door, and motioned for her to leave first. Walking by me, Jess nodded her head and exclaimed, “Thank you, honey!”

“Anytime, beautiful!” We both got some chuckles out of this as I locked the door and we headed to the car.

The car ride over seemed to go by very quickly, as we caught up on the past week. The only notable moment from the car ride came as I made sure Jess understood that I wanted to be seen as two female friends enjoying a night out, not lovers, just in case we ran into people I worked with or other friends and acquaintances from the area that I know go there regularly. Jess immediately responded by announcing, “So I can’t do this?” while sliding her hand up my shirt and squeezing a bra-covered boob.

I jerked to the side, causing the car to veer a bit (as I was driving), screaming, “NO!” Jess, who got a bit of a shock from the car veering, soon started laughing, to which I responded, “That wasn’t funny!” However, as I calmed down, I did begin laughing a bit and added, “Well, maybe it was a little funny….”

We got to the restaurant/bar/club about five minutes to eight and immediately got seated. I had seen the place more packed before, but it was definitely still more crowded than usual. This boded well for later in the evening for a packed but not overly crowded dance floor, as most these people would head up after they were done eating, plus the weather outside was pretty good, which means more people. Service was decent, though not fantastic, but we soon ordered our meals (and beers). The meal was completely uneventful, just talking and joking around.

Around quarter after nine, we had finished our meals and the dishes got picked up, but Jess and I stayed at the table and ordered a few more drinks as people began making their way to the dance floor. As the clock closed in on ten, Jess and I finally started to follow the crowd upstairs. The dance floor was a little more than half full, though it quickly filled up.

Jess and I were far from innocent, grinding against each other’s legs pretty heavily and letting our hands run down each other, though usually keeping our hands away from, shall we say, “inappropriate” areas. While I overheard at least one guy call us lesbians, I think that was because we wouldn’t let him dance with us, not because of our dancing, as there were many other girls dancing the same way around the dance floor, some being far more suggestive and inappropriate. However, as the night carried on, we got a growing crowd of guys surrounding us and watching, as well as an increasing number trying to join in, all of which got denied. We seemed to have a larger crowd around us than most the other similar pairs or groups of girls, which I am pretty sure was because Jess was easily the hottest one there, especially with her shirt that not only absurdly showed her boobs off, but also made them bounce like they were in a constant earthquake. I like to think I looked pretty good too, but I couldn’t hold a candle to Jess!

Eventually, the surrounding guys were getting way too pushy trying to get in, and Jess suggested we take an early leave, which I quickly agreed to. We got back to my car about ten to midnight. After dancing for about two hours without drinking, both of us were tipsy though not anywhere near drunk, but we were still slightly more frisky than usual, so the car ride home had lots of light slaps and affectionate rubs. This friskiness continued as I parked the car and walked up to my apartment. Luckily, there aren’t too many people out and about at my apartment complex at 12:30, so no one saw us as we got to my apartment, as our friskiness could have been interpreted as slightly more than friendly at that point in time.

I opened the door and both of us tossed our purses in a chair not far from the door. As I turned to lock it, I heard Jess behind me say, “I see no need for this anymore!”

By the time I finished turning around, Jess had her shirt over her head and her naked boobs sticking out in front of her (she had no bra as the shirt she had took care of the support, if she even needed support). I laughed and responded, “So that’s how it’s going to be!” While saying that, I began pulling my own shirt off, followed quickly by my pants. While I stood there in a hot pink sheer bra and panty set, I saw Jess, apparently having trouble peeling her tight jeans off, on the floor in lacy red Brazilian cut panties, peeling her jeans off one leg. As she stood up and pulled her other leg up to pull the pants off, I ran up and grabbed her pulling her over towards the couch, with her falling on top of me. I immediately wrapped my arms around her and pulled her down to kiss me. We launched into a long kiss, with Jess’s hands on the sides of my head and my hands sliding down Jess’s back onto her ass.

After kissing for some time, I felt Jess’s lower body shifting on top of me and felt her ass contract and shift, as she tried to push the one pant leg off her ankle with her other foot without breaking off our kiss. This went on for a bit before I began giggling into the kiss, which led Jess to begin laughing, and soon we were laughing into each other’s mouths more than actually kissing. Eventually Jess pulled back and laughingly told me, “You gotta gimme a second here, this is killing me!” As she said that, she pulled her leg up behind her and reached down with her hand, pulled them off, and threw them across the room. She then announced, “Okay, back to the important stuff!”

Jess then lowered her head to mine and began the kiss again, while I lightly slapped Jess’s ass over her sexy panties. As she kissed me and I ran my hands over her tiny panty-clad ass, Jess reached under me and unhooked my bra. She then broke off the kiss to pull the bra off my arms. The second the bra left my arms, Jess dove face first into my naked boobs, sucking each nipple until they were both as hard as they could possibly get, which got me to moaning.

After she apparently had enough of my boobs, Jess started kissing her way down my body, leaving her hands on my boobs. When she reached my panties, I expected her hands to drop to pull them off, but that never happened – Jess just kissed and licked my pubic area through the panties. Luckily the sheer panties were really thin (obviously!) so I could feel every brush of her tongue down there. While it didn’t feel as good as her tongue on my naked flesh, there was something sexy about feeling the panty material rub against my pussy lips with her wet tongue on the other side (especially since my panties were already kinda wet from me before she got there!) and I could feel my body heating up.

Eventually Jess apparently felt it was time to move on – though much to my surprise she still didn’t bring her hands down from my tits. Instead, she managed to catch the top of my panties just above my pussy in her mouth, and she began tugging down. Quickly catching on (and eager to have her tongue in my naked cunt!) I lifted my hips to allow her to pull my panties down. She quickly got my panties down to my knees with just her mouth as her hands slid down to my hips. She then had to switch her mouth to one side of the panties than the other to get it over my bent knees. Jess quickly put her head between my legs, bit down on my panties, and easily pulled them off the bottom of my legs (which I lifted up slightly to help).

I looked down my body towards Jess, who was now sitting at my feet with my panties hanging from her mouth. I was just able to see a smile through the sheer pink! I smiled back at her realizing, despite my considerable experience with sex (at least it’s considerable in my opinion), this was the first time someone had taken my panties off with their mouth. For some reason, I suddenly thought about how erotic it was, and felt myself get wet. It was odd how, while having them pulled off, it did nothing for me, but afterwards, looking at her with my panties in her mouth, I found myself getting very turned on! While I was thinking this, Jess began to lean forward towards me again. As she did, I leaned my head back on the arm of the couch, closed my eyes, and spread my legs, waiting for the inevitable feeling of her tongue on my bare pussy.

But that feeling never came – at least not as I expected it too.

I guess I had assumed Jess was going to drop the panties from her mouth and just dive into my pussy. But for whatever reason, she did not. Rather, what I felt brush against my pussy were my own panties. I don’t know what I was thinking at first, but I just lay there with my eyes closed, I guess assuming Jess was having a little fun dragging my panties against my pussy. And who am I to stop her fun? But I quickly found out that was not what she was doing! For not long after I first felt them brush against me, I felt them start to get pushed inside me!

I quickly opened my eyes and stared down at Jess, who had her head between my legs pushing my panties into my vagina with her tongue! I was too shocked at first to say anything, or even feel anything. I just stared at Jess, who either hadn’t noticed I was staring at her or just didn’t care, as she was concentrating on my panties as she tried to push them inside of me with her tongue.

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but at some point, while staring at her in confusion, I suddenly felt the panties brushing against my insides – and it felt good! While they weren’t rough, they were far less smooth than fingers, dildos, dicks, or anything else I’ve ever had in there (such as feet or cucumbers for instance…). The sensation of the material lightly rubbing against the walls of my cunt was really turning me on! I soon dropped my head back on to the arm of the couch, closed my eyes, and reveled in the feeling, once again moaning lightly. I focused on the feeling of the panties that were rubbing against me and slowly filling me up.

While the feeling was great, it wasn’t nearly enough to get me off. However, I was still surprised, and slightly disappointed, when I suddenly didn’t feel them moving anymore, instead just feeling Jess’s tongue probing me trying to get to the panties which were apparently completely inside me now, far enough that her tongue couldn’t reach them. That disappointment didn’t last for long though! As soon as Jess realized that she wasn’t reaching the panties with her tongue anymore, she slid her mouth up to my clit and started sucking, eliciting a loud gasp from me! Then, again without warning, Jess shoved a finger up my cunt, which not only caught my panties, but pushed them even farther in!

For a bit, I lay there moaning and occasionally gasping as Jess left her finger, and my panties, in me while lightly sucking my clit. Soon she started to suck harder on my clit, and as she did I expected her to start pumping her finger in and out of my pussy. But I was wrong again! Instead, she just swirled her finger around in slow circles inside me, which had the dual effect of moving my panties around so that I felt them lightly rubbing against all my insides while her finger provided pressure to a circular path on my cunt walls. The combination of feelings were incredible! As she slowly sped up, I whispered, “Oh yes, Jess!” I felt my climax building up as Jess kept increasing the speed and intensity of both the sucking on my clit and the finger inside of me. Feeling my orgasm approach, I began repeating Jess’s name over and over again, finally screaming it as I felt the release of tension (and juices!)! Jess didn’t give in as I hit the orgasm though and kept speeding up until I don’t think she could move her finger any faster and before I could fall completely from my first orgasm, I hit a second, again screaming “Jess” repeatedly, though now with the occasional “fuck!” thrown in.

Finally I felt Jess stop. And I want to clarify that she didn’t slow down – she stopped. One second there was rapid movement of finger and panty in my cunt and hard fast sucking on my clit, the next second – nothing. I don’t know if this was a good or bad thing. I don’t know if I’ve ever come down as quickly from an orgasm, which seemed bad at first, but the more I think about it, if she had kept going and I had hit a third orgasm, I think I might’ve been completely wiped out already for the evening, much as I had been the week before after having too many orgasms through her foot.

My breathing slowly returned to a normal pace. I opened my eyes to see Jess kneeling between my legs, her finger still in my pussy, though completely immobile, and with a huge grin on her face. “Like that, did you?”

I just laughed, bringing my hands up to rest on Jess’s hips. “You’re something else, you know that? Where do you come up with these ideas?” I paused for a bit and watched as Jess smirked, but as she opened her mouth to answer, I interrupted. “Get down here now!” As I stated that, I slid my hands up to Jess’s back and pulled her face down to mine, slipping my tongue into her mouth and tasting my juices in her. I felt her finger slide out of me as I pulled her down, and, after a minute or two of kissing, I broke off the kiss. As Jess pulled her head up, I grabbed her hand with the finger that was in me, and slowly and sensually licked the finger clean of all of my juices.

As I was licking/sucking the last of my juices off of her finger, I heard Jess whisper, “And I’m the one that’s something else?” I looked up at her, finger still in mouth, to see Jess’s face completely flushed, her eyes closed. I don’t know whether she got that turned on by my sucking her finger or if it was the cumulative build up of having gotten me off while getting no action herself, but Jess looked like she was on the verge of orgasm despite being given no real physical arousal except on her finger.

Taking her finger out of my mouth, I announced, “I think it’s about time I was!” Jess quickly opened her eyes to see me getting up. Jess smiled, and it also looked like she was embarrassed for some reason, though I really don’t know why. But she clearly knew what was coming, for while I got up, she laid back on the opposite side of the couch. Essentially we just switched positions.

Sitting at Jess’s feet, I looked her over while she lay in front of me. Her head was on a pillow against the arm of the couch, her eyes closed. Her face was flushed, her mouth slightly open in a smile clearly waiting for what she knew was coming. Looking down her body I saw just how aroused she was – her whole body was flushed! Not like dark red, but she was definitely light red, almost pink color. She was already breathing deeply, which was causing her massive breasts to heave up and down on her small frame. And her nipples! I had never seen them so hard! The tiny caps on her mountainous breasts looked like they were sticking out almost half an inch, which was far more than I had ever seen them stick out before. Even her areolas were puffed out a little!

Moving down from her boobs and past her flushed stomach, I was treated to some very wet, very sexy panties! Jess had her feet together a little below her hips with her knees wide apart, giving me a full view of her lacy panties that were far redder than they had been when I first saw them, as they were now sopping wet!

It was time.

I leaned through Jess’s spread knees and took a nipple into my mouth. It was as hard as it looked! As soon as I sucked on it, Jess began moaning loudly, not moaning like it was something that just felt good, but moaning like she was already on her way to an orgasm! I decided to test that theory, and began lightly nibbling her rock hard nipple. She gasped! I ran my tongue in circles around the nipple, flicking it every now and then, and returned to nibbling it. I repeated this process over and over again, occasionally switching nipples, but always playing with one with my hand while I tongued and nibbled the other. Jess’s moaning increased in volume and intensity while I did this. With both my head and my hands on her chest I could feel her breathing and heart rate both increasing. When I felt her begin to arch her back beneath me, I quickly pulled my head up and pinched each nipple with a slight twist.

I never heard anyone scream so loud during an orgasm! I immediately worried about waking up the neighbors (which proved to be a valid worry later). I sat up while still applying light pressure to Jess’s nipples. Her back was completely arched! Her head was off the end of the couch, hanging upside down, her body completely stiff. I swear she must’ve remained that way for nearly a minute. It didn’t even look like she was breathing.

It eventually ended with a long exhale while her body slowly dropped back onto the couch. As it did so, I let go of her nipples and slid my hands down her body to her legs until I had my hands on her calves that were just to my sides. After her body had come to rest, and her head was back on the couch, Jess slowly inhaled and exhaled a few more times before finally opening her eyes. When she did, she just stared at me wide-eyed, giving one more deep exhale before speaking.

“That was incredible,” she said, or at least tried to say. It came out as more of a dry whisper, catching in her throat.

“I’ve never seen someone get off without their cunt being touched at all! I’ve heard about it, and one girl in my high school said she could get off just playing with her tits, but I never believed her. I don’t know how you just did it!”

Jess just stared at me. She closed her eyes for a bit and ran her hands up her body, eventually settling with one hand on each breast before opening her eyes and staring at me again. “How I did it?” she began, continuing, “You’re the one who did it! Christ! I was hot all night, dancing with you, grinding on you, hell, I’ve been looking forward to this all week! And then after getting you off with your panties, and then you sucking my finger and, shit I don’t know! I have never cum that hard before! You’re absolutely fucking incredible Lise!”

I felt myself blush. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t really do much, she was just that worked up, but I felt it wasn’t worth arguing. I just smiled back at her, then leaned down to kiss her. While we kissed, I brought my hands up to Jess’s tits while hers slid down between our bodies. Then, without warning, I felt her slip a finger inside me and swirl the panties around.

“Oh no you don’t!” I yelled! I pulled myself back and off of Jess, her finger catching on my panties and pulling a small bit outside my cunt. I looked down, seeing Jess looking very confused. Without thinking about it, I pushed the tiny bit of panty she pulled out back up in me while saying, “Don’t you try to turn this on me! You got me off twice, I only got you off once – it’s still your turn!”

Jess smiled back up at me, responding, “Yeah, but it was one to remember!”

I immediately shot back, “Yeah, well, now I’m going to give you two, and maybe three to remember!” As I said this I grabbed the edges of Jess’s panties and yanked them down. She yelped as she was dragged a few inches down the couch and her legs were forced into the air as I forcefully pulled her panties off. And the second they were off, I shoved them in my mouth while Jess was staring at me, and then I quickly pulled her hips up to my face, putting a leg over each of my shoulders while Jess yelped again at being dragged down the couch again.

I should add at this point that I think her panties actually got drier when I put them in my mouth. If they were sopping wet before, they were positively drenched now! That orgasm she had must’ve really been wet! They were so wet that just having her panties in my mouth tasted almost like I was eating her out, her flavor was all over them! But I knew they weren’t staying there for long, though I wasn’t too worried as I was going straight to the source of that deliciousness!

As soon as I had Jess settled in, leaning backwards with her knees over my shoulders, I leaned my head forward and began pushing her panties into her cunt with my tongue, reciprocating the favor she had given me not long before. I had a little trouble getting it started, getting that first push in is quite the challenge (try it if you don’t believe me!) but once it gets started, I found the rest really easy, just using my tongue to shovel it in. Once it was all in, there was just the matter of pushing it as far as I could with my tongue. Now, I’m not really sure how it worked, but somehow it actually did go far enough in that I couldn’t touch it with my tongue anymore, which makes me wonder how I pushed it that far. I guess that her cunt muscles contracting pulled it in while I was pushing. Anyhow, that’s not the point.

When I realized I could do no more with my tongue, I followed Jess’s path on my body and moved my mouth to her clit while trying to bring a finger into her cunt. This didn’t exactly work in the position we were in, so I kinda had to back up and hunch leaning down, but eventually managed an angle where I could suck on her clit with my finger in her pussy while her legs were still over my shoulders. From here I just followed Jess’s path again – I swirled my finger in circles dragging her panties around inside her cunt while sucking on her tiny clit, starting slow and increasing both paces as I went.

It didn’t take long for Jess’s body to react! She approached her first orgasm much quicker than I thought she would, and I actually had to speed up my movements to keep up with her reactions. As she hit her climax, she moaned, “Oh, Lisa!” Hearing my name moaned increased my motivation and I sped up my sucking and fingering, hoping to hold out her orgasm as long as possible. I kept her going for awhile as she kept moaning (not screaming this time, thank God!), but my finger was quickly getting tired. I decided to try and shove a second finger in there to keep it going, but to do so, I had to stop at least momentarily so that I could pull out enough to have room to get the second finger in there. As I pulled out, I could hear and feel Jess’s orgasm end as her moaning subsided and her body unstiffened.

I wasn’t letting that end so easily though! I quickly shoved two fingers back in and swirled them around at a rapid pace. Jess’s reaction was immediate! Her body jumped up and went stiff, the timing was a bit on the poor side though, as when she lurched upwards, I was bringing my head down to suck on her clit again, so what ended up happening was her shoving her clit into my chin, which couldn’t have been a happy feeling!

“Owww–FUCK!” was all I heard Jess say as she lifted her head up to look at either me or her hurt clit, or maybe both, I don’t really know. I could only think of one thing to do at that point in time – get her to orgasm! So I quickly lowered my head and lightly tongued her clit, slowly working up the courage to flick it harder and suck on it harder. I’ve never really banged my clit before, I don’t know how much it hurts, so I didn’t know how rough I could be right after she banged hers. Apparently it wasn’t too bad as I eventually was sucking on it as hard as I had been before and, combined with my fingers quickly swirling around inside her, I had Jess approaching orgasm again. As she hit it, she let out a stream of curses, which was in stark contrast to moaning my name like she had before. I slowly began swirling my fingers and sucking on her clit more lightly.

When I finally stopped, Jess was completely still. She almost looked like she was sleeping. I moved her legs off my shoulders, crawled up between them, and crossed my hands over her chest, resting my head on top, staring up at her face. She eventually looked up at me and said, “Well, that was certainly also something to remember!” We both laughed, though I apologized multiple times over while laughing. I was also enjoying bouncing on top of Jess’s body which was shaking with her laughter!

Eventually, we calmed down. I rolled over, laying between Jess’s legs using her boobs as pillows, my hands resting on her thighs. Her hands, meanwhile, were resting on my boobs. Both of us still had our respective panties inside of us. We stayed this way for awhile, talking about various things.

Amongst the topics covered, I learned that banging her clit into my chin had only caused a sharp immediate pain and that she didn’t even feel it anymore, which made me feel better. I also learned that Jess regularly uses her panties for masturbatory purposes, and that she had planned on applying her technique to me tonight. That was apparently why she had worn the panties she had – I guess the lacy feel of them inside is better than any others in her experience. I made her promise to give me a demonstration of the feeling before the night was through!

Eventually, we decided we needed something to drink. I forced myself, though with some verbal complaints, to get off of Jess and head to the kitchen with Jess in tow. I was merely planning on beers and opened a cupboard to get mugs (beer out of glasses is so much better than beer in bottles or cans). As soon as I opened the cupboard though, Jess, who was standing just behind me, suddenly asked, “You feeling up to your college days?”

I turned around to ask her what she meant, but she merely brought her eyes from me to the top of the cupboard. I didn’t even have to look. “Oh shit,” was my immediate response. “I don’t know if I can handle that.”

Jess was referring to a tradition we had from when we drank in college. Whenever we wanted to get fucked up real fast, we would take two double-shots of 151. Good ole jet fuel. It started as a challenge from a group of guys that didn’t think we could do it. Being as stubborn as we were, we took the deal. I think the guys’ intentions were to get us so shitfaced that they could take advantage of us. Instead me, Jess, and my roommate at the time took the double double-shots, along with the money the guys bet, and, when we felt drunk as shit ten minutes later, left the party. I vaguely remember puking in the street on the way back to my dorm, walking Jess to her boyfriend’s room, and then waking up the next morning in my roommate’s bed with both of us naked, neither of us remembering how we got their or what happened (luckily we had hooked up before so it wasn’t too awkward). Ever since, whenever we wanted to get drunk quick, we would take a double-shot of 151, though we never did double double-shots again. Anyhow, back to the story.

On the top shelf of the cupboard I kept me beer mugs in were my various bottles of alcohol, with a bottle of 151 in front next to a bottle of Grey Goose (which was nearly empty from a couple weeks earlier). I had bought it for the party I had two weeks earlier when I had all my college friends over (also when I first hooked up with Jess). One of them brought it out and we passed it around having some good laughs about it, but none of us were willing to try again. Personally, I hadn’t had the stuff in probably five years now.

But I could see in Jess’s eyes that she wanted to do it and wasn’t going to give in easily. We argued back and forth for a bit, at one point Jess asking, “What? You scared I’m going to take advantage of you?” That was good for some laughs. Eventually I caved, and while Jess dug out two double shot glasses, I poured two cups of water.

Jess picked up her double-shot first, looking like she thought it was hilarious. I picked mine up with fear, making sure I had my glass of water in the other hand. We clinked the shots as Jess toasted, “To panties!” As per tradition, I repeated the toast, and we took the shots. It burnt like hell! The second I finished mine, I chugged my entire glass of water. Jess, ironically, apparently fared worse, choking after finishing her shot, dropping the glass on the floor, and fumbling for her water that was still on the counter. I got to watch as she chugged it. When she was done, she turned to me looking like she was about to vomit and announced, “Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best idea.” I started to laugh, but the second my stomach moved, I decided laughing was a bad idea. Trying out college drinking when you haven’t done it in some five years is a bad idea. I got some celery from the fridge (which wasn’t fun) while Jess refilled our glasses of water, and the both of us went back to the couch and devoured some celery while drinking water with the goal of getting rid of the taste in our mouth (which didn’t work) and settling our stomachs (which did work, but took some time). We just sat on the couch, ate celery, drank water, and talked, still completely nude with our panties in our respective cunts.

It was some time later when Jess announced she had to pee, followed by a few minutes of talking before she got the courage to stand up to head to the bathroom. Apparently, she should’ve waited a little longer, as the second she tried to walk, she stumbled forwards, eventually falling on the floor. I started laughing hysterically, which led me to suddenly realize how much I had to pee! Jess crawled to the bathroom on the floor as I stood up, and realized just how drunk I was. I guess that double shot, combined with the alcohol I had had at the party put me over the top, and I suddenly realized why Jess had fallen – you feel a whole lot less drunk when you’re not moving! I stumbled towards the bathroom, where Jess had finally gotten onto the toilet (not closing the door of course), and I could hear the solid stream of her pee hitting the toilet as she laughed at me. Her laughing caused me to start laughing, which made me have to pee more. I stumblingly rushed into the bathroom and, instead of heading to the toilet that Jess was on, or waiting for her to finish, I kinda fell into the tub on my back, pulled my legs up and let my stream flow towards the drain. Holy shit did it feel good! I really hadn’t realized how much I had to pee! Meanwhile, Jess was laughing hysterically on the toilet. How she didn’t fall off, I’ll never know. When she was done, she wiped (with like ten pieces of toilet paper!), flushed, and crawled over to the side of the tub, watching me pee on my back with my legs on the side of the tub. Our eyes met and we just started laughing hysterically, which caused me to pee in spurts and somehow caused me to push my panties a bit out of me, which caught the stream of pee and made a mess. When I finished peeing, Jess announced, while laughing, “I love ya, girl!” She bent down to kiss me while saying it.

I don’t really remember exactly what happened next. I remember kissing Jess while in the tub, and the next thing I remember we were making out on my bed. I don’t know how we got there, nor do I imagine it was very pretty judging from how we made it to the bathroom, but really, I’m not too worried about it.

At first we were just kissing and feeling each other up on the bed, but then Jess slid down til her mouth was at my pussy and she bit the piece of panty hanging out of me and pulled it out. God did it feel great while it was being pulled out! Then she pushed my legs up, which gave her access to my ass, and she started shoving the panties up my ass with her tongue. I was obviously not in a state to argue anything so I just let her continue. I don’t remember her using a finger to get them fully in, but I figure she must have, as I can’t imagine she got them all in with just her tongue, as shoving them in an ass is harder than getting them in a cunt. But she got them all in at some point. I expected her to stick a finger in and start swirling them like she had done in my cunt earlier. Of course, I should have learned by now that Jess is full of surprises! The next thing Jess did was move up and sit just above my face. I stared for a second at her beautiful pussy and soon was treated to her hole squeezing out her panties. I quickly lifted my head up and bit on to the panties and slowly pulled them down, until her panties, completely soaked in her juices, fell out on my face! I figured she was expecting me to push the panties up into her ass, so I tried to pull the panties fully into my mouth with my tongue. It didn’t really work, but that didn’t matter. As soon as they had come out, Jess had twisted around, and bit a piece of her panties, and we had a brief tug of war with us pulling on her wet panties with our mouths. Jess, being on top, easily won.

She then dragged the panties down my body with her mouth, leaving a trail of her juices from my chin to my cunt. And then Jess stuffed them up my cunt with her tongue. I was damn horny by this point, so while she worked on getting her panties in my cunt, I had brought my hands up to my boobs, lightly squeezing and flicking my nipples.

All the sudden I felt fingers simultaneously go up my ass and my cunt and start swirling the panties around! I hadn’t even realized Jess had got her panties all the way in my cunt yet, but as I looked down immediately after I felt her fingers go up, I saw no panties sticking out, just two fingers in my cunt while I could see her other arm underneath, obviously sticking a finger up my ass. Jess briefly smiled at me while she swirled her fingers around, but quickly dropped her head so she could lick my clit, at which point I dropped my head back on the bed and just lost myself in the sexual feelings.

Jess was right! Those panties she had were incredible! I could feel the lace rubbing against the walls of my cunt! Feeling that lace rub against all sides of my cunt was getting me hot quick! Also, I could occasionally feel Jess’s finger in my ass hit her fingers in my cunt, causing me to gasp every time it happened.

I should note that the panties in my ass didn’t really feel all that great. It’s not that I don’t like anal sex or anything – I’ve had anal sex many times before, and I love variety and often masturbate with a dildo up my ass while rubbing my cunt. But the swirling panties didn’t have the same effect in my ass as they did in my cunt. However, when those fingers hit, it was nothing short of amazing!

On top of the fingers inside of me, Jess licking my clit was really quickly bringing me towards a climax. I was moaning like an animal, which quickly led into repeated chants of “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” My hips were slowly rising up off the bed as I was approaching my climax, ending with my whole body going stiff with my hips at least six inches off the bed while I moaned, “Fuck, Jess!”

While I moaned, Jess slowed her fingers down and stopped licking my clit, allowing me to hold onto my orgasm for more than a few seconds and then slowly come down. As I came down though, my hips lowered, which allowed Jess to know I was coming down, and she sped up her fingers inside me and went back to licking my clit, which started me back up again.

I don’t even remember how many times this went on. At least four or five, could’ve been as many as seven or eight. By the time Jess finally pulled out of me and rolled to the side I was completely wiped out.

As I regained control of my breathing, I opened my eyes and rolled my head to look at Jess splayed out next to me. Her head was twisted towards me, and her eyes were closed. She had fallen asleep! For whatever reason, I suddenly got a burst of energy and announced, “Oh no you don’t!”

I grabbed Jess’s arm and shook her as I quickly moved up to straddle her face. All I heard was a slow “Whaaa-?” before I lowered my cunt to her face while pushing out. I guess Jess caught on, as I felt her panties slowly being pulled out. I pulled my body upwards which caused them to come out quicker. I backed up, bent down to pick them off her face with my mouth, and quickly brought them down to her hips, pushing her legs up as she had done to me. I immediately began trying to shove her panties, that had just come out of her cunt, up into her ass. It didn’t take me long to figure out I couldn’t do it with my tongue, I have no idea how Jess did, so I shoved them up her ass with a finger.

I then moved up to straddle Jess’s face again. She was actually more awake now, and was smiling a surprisingly innocent smile, a smile more of love than of sex, if you know what I mean. The smile simultaneously seemed completely appropriate and inappropriate given the situation. But I ignored it and moved on. I angled my ass over her face and began pushing my panties out of my ass, which was much easier than pushing hers out my cunt. I don’t even think Jess helped to pull them out, I think I just, forgive the wording, shat them out on her. She must’ve had a hold on them with her mouth though as when I started to move (because I thought they were totally out), I felt the very end pop out. I then grabbed this pair of panties, that had just come out of my ass, with my mouth, and brought them down to Jess’s cunt. While I probably could’ve stuffed them in with my tongue, as I had done before, I instead just shoved them up with a couple fingers and started swirling them around while bringing my other hand to her ass and sticking a couple fingers up there too.

The second I put my two fingers up her ass, Jess arched her back and brought her hands up to her tits. I don’t know if it was the combination of already having a couple fingers swirling in her cunt or if her ass is just that sensitive or if maybe it was putting a couple of fingers in her ass that finally woke her up completely, but she got into it and got into it fast as soon as I did!

I basically did the same thing to Jess that she did to me, swirling my fingers faster as she got closer and closer to orgasm. I heard her moaning, though really she was gasping more than moaning, her breathing becoming more erratic as I went. And then, she hit her orgasm abruptly, fully arching her back, stiffening, and staying there.

I don’t know why I decided to change patterns here, but instead of slowing down and letting Jess come down as she had done for me, I just kept swirling my fingers and tonguing her clit. It didn’t take long for her stiffened body to start shaking. And it kept shaking for awhile, as I wasn’t letting up! I have no sense of time, but it must’ve been at least a couple minutes, though it felt like hours to me as my fingers were starting to hurt. Jess just kept gasping and shaking.

Eventually Jess yelled quite loudly, through erratic gasps, “Goddammit Lise!”

And that’s the last thing I remember. I don’t know how it ended. Jess denies she ever screamed that, she remembered only orgasming, and then nothing. Apparently I stopped or something and fell asleep right there. I woke up at some point in the early, early morning with my head on Jess’s thigh, staring at her cunt that I still had two fingers in, and I could still feel two fingers in her ass.

I started to laugh, but then tried to hold it in, as my laughing caused me to shake and I didn’t want to wake Jess up. I slowly shifted my balance so I could look up at Jess, who was completely spread eagle on the bed, legs spread on either side of me, arms out to the sides. And there were drips of dried cunt juice all over her body! She was a mess!

I gently pulled my finger out of her cunt. Jess didn’t even flinch. Then I had to lift up her ass a bit so I could pull my fingers out of there. I got my fingers out, but accidentally hit her leg while doing so. Still no reaction from Jess. I crawled up her body and looked at her face. I couldn’t help but laugh as her normally beautiful face was covered in flaking, dried juices – probably both from cunt and ass, as well as pee for that matter. I then slid a little down her body, grabbed the blanket I keep at the foot of the bed, and pulled it up to my neck while I settled down on top of Jess, using a boob for a pillow. She’s got the best pillows ever! I was back to sleep nearly instantaneously.

I awoke later to Jess petting my hair. I turned my head up to her as she whispered, “Hey there, honey!”

I chuckled, looking at the dried juices on her face, and responded, “I’d say ‘Hey there, beautiful,’ but you look like a mess right now, though that mess looks absolutely beautiful to me!”

Jess laughed (causing her chest, and thus me on her chest, to shake). “You think I’m bad, you should look at yourself!”

I brought my hand to my face, and immediately could feel the mess that was my face. I then looked down my body. I had far more dried cunt juice on me than she had! I just laughed.

We stayed that way for awhile, me eventually moving up to lie next to her, and we talked about the prior evening, what we remembered, how we would never drink 151 again, Jess still being amazed I gave her an orgasm using only her nipples, which she’d never had before, and a bunch of other stuff.

Eventually Jess decided she should probably take a shower before she leaves, which I seconded. We both got up and headed to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, we both laughed hysterically! I definitely was worse off than her! As we got in the shower, Jess tried to take my panties out of her cunt, but I wouldn’t let her, nor would I led her take hers out of her ass. Jess didn’t seem to have much of a problem with that.

So we got into the tub and showered together. There was a lot of laughing and pushing around as we peed, washed each other, felt each other up, and got each other off. There was also a brief discussion that ensued after I peed in the shower. I always pee in the shower – it saves the water of flushing a toilet if you pee before a shower, and it all goes to the same place right? Apparently Jess is not a regular “shower pee-er” as she so put it, though she did pee during that shower. Anyhow, that’s besides the point.

After we dried off, I made us both breakfast and we talked some more. Eventually, Jess had to go, and she started to get her clothes. I told her to hold up a second, and ran to my room, came back, and threw her panties from the week before at her, the ones she left for me to wash. As I threw them at her I said, “To make sure the other two don’t fall out!”

Jess laughed, saying, “You sure you don’t want yours back?”

“Of course not! It’ll make me hotter knowing that they’re in your cunt all day! You can wash them and bring them back next week, you know, return the favor. Or you can return them next week in the same place they are now!”

We both laughed at this. I then watched as Jess, overly dramatically, put the panties I just gave her on, and then continued to get dressed. I then walked her to the door, giving her a sensuous kiss while we were at the door, her clothed boobs pressing into my naked boobs, our hands on each others backs.

When the kiss broke off, I opened the door. Jess started to walk out, then turned around and gave me a quick peck on the cheek through the half-open doorway and whispered, “Can’t wait til next week!” She turned and walked away as she finished that statement. I closed the door and leaned against the back of it again. I was completely wiped out, but at least I had less cleaning than the past two weeks!

As a side note, later that day the old lady that lives next door to me asked me about a loud scream she had heard the night before (which I assume was when Jess screamed during her nipple-orgasm). I responded, in false anger, that I heard it too and that I’m pretty sure it came from the apartment below me, which made sense as he’s a young single guy who has been known to bring girls to his place on occasion. The lady apparently accepted that explanation and said she would pass it on to the other neighbors that heard it – apparently Jess had woken up quite a few!

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