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My mother gets married and my girlfriend and I go to the wedding.
Fbailey story number 177

My Step Sister

I was in college when mom told me that she was going to marry the guy that she had been seeing for the past year. I had only met him a couple of times but I liked him and he sure liked my mother.

When I told my girlfriend Theresa about my mother getting married she was excite and said that she would love to go to the wedding with me. The very next day though Theresa said that she couldn’t go to my mother’s wedding because her father was getting married on the very same day.

Theresa and I had rented an apartment off campus and been living together since the semester had started. Theresa and I were both nineteen yeas old. We hit it off right away and we were both taking business classes. The sex was great and Theresa had no hang ups about when or where we could do it either. She liked the excitement of getting caught just as much as I did.

Theresa wasn’t really an exhibitionist but she would flash me her tits whenever she got the opportunity. She never wore a bra or panties at all any more and she only wore those loose tops and short skirts. That way she could lift her top or her skirt to flash me whenever she wanted too. She loved to tease me like that and the sex was great. I couldn’t wait to introduce her to my mother.

Our parent’s weddings were on a Saturday and we both had tests that we had to take that Friday before hand. The drive home was a good six hours but Theresa gave me two blowjobs on the way and she flashed her tits to every trucker that we passed on the highway. It was really late when we got to town so I just dropped Theresa off at her father’s house and went home to my mother. Mom was so happy that I had made it home in time.

Mom explained all about the wedding. I was to walk her down the aisle, give her away, and then stand next to her groom to be his best man. Then she told me that his daughter was going to be her bride’s maid even though she has never met her before. She assured me that I was going to like her though.

I got mom to the church about an hour early. She was very nervous but she got into her dress without a problem and I zipped her up. Then there was a knock on the door and Theresa opened it up and came in. Theresa asked mom if she was looking for her bride’s maid then she saw me, screamed out, and ran into my arms. Our parents were getting married. I introduced mom to my girlfriend Theresa. I had already told mom that we were living together at college and madly in love. Mom and Theresa hugged one another and cried. Then they hugged me and cried some more.

Theresa hugged me and whispered in my ear, “You are a naught boy. You’ve been fucking your step-sister.”

I whispered back, “Not yet but in a hour I will be, sis.”

Then mom spoke up and said, “You know you two have been living together for a few months now and I’m sure that you have had sex but after your father and I get married you two will be brother and sister.”

Theresa smiled and said, “We were just talking about that mom.”

Mom smiled at Theresa and said, ‘I always wanted a daughter and now I’ve got one.”

I couldn’t help it I just had to say, “But I had her first.”

Mom said, “Maybe we should make this a double wedding then. All the guests are here already.”

Theresa smiled at me, got down on one knee, and asked, “Will you marry me.”

I lifted her up, kissed her, and said, “Yes.” Then to her surprise I pulled a ring box out of my pocket and opened it up. I slipped the engagement ring on her left ring finger.

Mom asked, “That isn’t my ring is it?”

I laughed and said, “No mom it isn’t. This one is Theresa’s.”

Then I kissed Theresa and went out to find the minister. I saw Theresa’s father and he was standing with the minister. After some explanation it was decided that we could have a double wedding ceremony after all. We men would walk the other’s bride down the aisle and exchange them at the Alter. We would also be the other’s best man.

Theresa was very happy and mom was excited too. The guests were shocked but the wedding came off without a hitch. Mom went to her husband’s house for their honeymoon while Theresa and I got my house to fool around in.

Theresa liked my old bedroom because it was still little boyish. She looked at all of my posters, trophies, and the toys that were still around. Mom hadn’t changed a thing since I had gone off to college.

For our honeymoon Theresa wanted me to make love to her in every room in the house. Luckily we only had eight rooms but Theresa said that if I could keep getting it up that she would let me make love to her in the backyard, the front yard, and even out in the middle of the street.

I knew that I couldn’t cum eleven times in just the twenty-four hours that we had available so I suggested that we make love with my cock in her for five minutes in each room and then count that whether I had cum in her or not. Theresa got a big smile on her face and agreed to my proposal. I could tell that she was excited about making love naked in the front yard and out in the street too. Personally I was hoping to get to that part well after it was dark.

We both got completely naked up in my bedroom and started there. Even though we had been having sex for a few months now it just seemed that much better now that we were married. I got out my old stopwatch and hit the button. Then we started kissing and fondling each other on my bed. Five minutes had passed but I still needed to slip my cock into my bride’s pussy to consummate our marriage. So I reset my stopwatch and pumped into her as I had on many occasions but without the immediate desire to fill her with cum. From my bedroom we went to my mother’s bed and made love again. Then we went to the guestroom, the big bathroom, and there I filled her with my first load of cum. We then went downstairs and made love in the kitchen, the dinning room, the living room, and in the small bathroom down there where I cum in her for the second time. It was just starting to get dark so I suggested that we get a bite to eat, something to drink, and let me get a little rest so that I could get hard again.

Theresa said that getting me hard again would not be a problem at all. I had to agree with her but I was also stalling for the cover of darkness and Theresa knew that very well. She teased me about it but she gave in. Maybe she was more of an exhibitionist than I had thought. Soup and sandwiches washed down with some soda seemed to do it nicely. Then it was time to go outside.

Theresa was a whole lot more excited about it than I was. She just opened up the backdoor and ran out into the grass jumping around and shaking her tits for anyone to see. She ran out into the middle of the yard and waited for me. She knew that I was somewhat hesitant about it so she told me to get on my back in the grass and that she would do all of the work. I liked that idea a lot. I really liked it when Theresa got on top in bed too. I loved to watch her titties shake and the expression on her face when she orgasmed.

As I admired her hard nipples and the goose bumps on her skin Theresa said, “Be sure to tell me when our five minutes is up. I really want to fuck you in the front yard.”

She meant it too I was sure of that. So I kept an eye on the stopwatch. That took my mind off what we were doing and kept me from cumming. Just as soon as I told her that the five minutes were up Theresa jumped off me and helped me up. Together we skipped out to the front yard and again I got down on the grass while Theresa jumped on top of me slipping my cock up into her waiting pussy. I watched as she bounced up and down shaking her tits and throwing her head back as she started to moan out an orgasm right there in my mother’s front yard for all to see. It was great from my viewpoint. I managed to hold out but just barely. I had planned on giving it to her out in the street on the asphalt.

Theresa got up and this time I took her out into the middle of the street and had her get down on her knees. I got down behind her and entered her well-used box. I knew from past experience that her tits would hang down just a little and then wiggle all over the place as I bumped into her ass. I pulled on her hair to lift her head back and to let her face show to anyone that might be watching us. Even though I hoped that no one was watching us, secretly I hoped that everyone was. I also hoped that none of them called the police to report us for indecent exposure. However to be truthful no red blooded American male would ever call Theresa indecent if he could see her nude. She was every man’s fantasy girl, even mine.

The chance of getting caught was exciting the hell out of me right then and I was thrusting into her like a wild man. I slammed my cock into her pussy and bounced her body away from me and then pulled her back toward me just to bounce her away again. I was having an effect on Theresa too and she was approaching one of her super orgasms. They are the ones that shake her soul and take the top of her head off. They start in her toes and work their way right through her pussy, her nipples, and then come out her mouth. I was approaching my best climax of the day too but I wanted her to cum first.

Then all of a sudden Theresa let out a howl as her orgasm hit, I was pumping her full of cum, and a car stopped just feet from us with their high beam headlights illuminating us in the street. There was no way that I was going to stop fucking my bride at that moment.

Then two people got out of the car and I heard my mother say, “For God’s sake can’t you two do that in a bed like civilized people.”

Theresa’s father said, “She’s just upset because I refused to do it in the street when she asked me too…but we did do it in the backyard at my house.”

Theresa said, “Oh we already did that. Backyard and the front yard too and every room in the house. This was the last place that we wanted to it.”

I finished cumming in my bride and got up helping Theresa to her feet. Then we stepped out of the bright headlights and walked into the house. Mom pulled the car into the driveway while my new stepfather came into the house with us.

Theresa didn’t even attempt to cover up her nudity. Her father looked at his beautiful daughter, the cum running down her leg, and then he shook my hand. When mom came in he opened up a big bottle of Champaign and poured us four glasses. Theresa and I stood there naked while our parents stood there dressed and dad toasted our new wives.

Mom held up her glass and said, “Here’s to Theresa, babies, and our grandchildren.”

Theresa’s father said, “The way you two like to fuck it shouldn’t take very long either.”

We drank our Champaign and I kissed Theresa and then I kissed my mother. When my cock rose up to touch my mother’s pussy under her short skirt she backed up and told Theresa to make it go down. Theresa looked down at the lump in her father’s pants and told mom to do the very same thing.

The End
My Step Sister
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