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This story will include in parts extreme scatgames. So if you don’t feel in mood for that stuff don’t read this story. But I would be happy if you commented on this story. If you like it I will write
Mummy’s true passion- part twelve

“That’s a nice slave- cross” May said. “It’s actually really very nice, look at the leather. Isn’t it great?” Mum answered obviously inside her tray. I let my fingers glide over the dark red leather, die cross was covered with. “And the bounds are strong and smooth at the same time” May got on and held one of the upper hand- bounds in her hand and pulled a little on it.” Mum nodded. My and I was sure mum’s mind, too developed thousands of magnificent fantasies one or better two could do with that simple cross. But Maygan went on and showed us the chair with the hole in the middle. “This is… I think you two know what this is. But the new stuff about the toilet chair is, that the hole can be closed with this” she took a oval piece of wood, covered with the same material as the chair from behind the same, “and it will look like a normal chair. It was an idea of some customers of mine. They had some special exhibitionistic fetishes and wanted to live their sexuality out on some delicate places to call it that way” she blinked to us. Mum’s face had developed some wishful look as if the idea came right from her soul. “Sweetie”, May looked into my eyes, “your mummy likes the exhibitionistic things, doesn’t she?” I nodded and thought myself about some ideas we could realize with this chair. The tour went on. May showed us some bench where the slave could be bound and a really nice swing, made from stabile material like seat belts. She explained us that the huge advantage this sex swing had was the depth the penis could get inside the woman. According to Miss Maygan the sweep had this side effect. And it was simply fun for sure, because Maygan for sure knew that even the most extreme couples sometimes like to have good old flower sex. “This is the newest development of ours.” May said as we reached the massive table in the middle of the room. On the first look it seemed like a pretty normal set of tables and benches. Well it was round and the bench was fixed to the table’s legs but didn’t make the impression of hiding something special of sexy. Mum and I walked around the thing and none of us really knew what to say. Maygan had stressed this behavior certainly to bring the tension to the top. Then she opened some hidden hatch. It was fixed inside the seat bench. “This dearest audience is the ultimate sex toy for the scat game lover.” Mum and I still didn’t get it. “Ok I see, it seems as if I must show you. Son, will you get over here.” The second sentence sounded a little more like the first Maygan I had gotten to know. Aggressive and like a real Mistress. So I certainly obeyed and got in front of her. She held the hatch up and I could look inside. There was a small room where one person could lie on some small but cozy leather board. “Undress” she ordered me and I could hear mum giggle silently behind me as I did as I was told. So after a few seconds I stood there, totally naked in this torture basement with those two amazing ladies. My cock had already grown and was almost hard again. “Now get your slave ass inside there.” Maygan said and I felt my slave ass being beaten by a small crop mum had taken from the wall beside. I jumped in the air from the unexpected pain I was given. So I hurried to get inside the slave room and lied on the leather board. “You’re ok in there?” I heard mum asking and her voice sounded hollowly but like a caring mother ones. I held my hardly moveable thumb up and the hatch was closed. Darkness was all around and I started to feel the metal walls and tried to find out by myself what this strange machine was made for.
“Now seriously, May, what is this thing for?” Mum asked outside. “Be patient I’ll show you now.” With that May got on the small stair and took place on the round bench. “Come up, dear” she said and mum followed. She took the next of four seats to May. Then May opened some other but much smaller hatch. It hid a small and easy control board. There was- I found that out later because in that right situation I for sure couldn’t see anything of it- a little wheel and five buttons, which had all the same function besides the middle one of them. “Now have a look” May started to explain,”this wheel”, she turned it to the right, “makes the round room our slave is in right now, turn. So his face moves right under the bench.” “Wow, that’s slave high tech” mum said and was really impressed. “But wait, there is more”, May said and pressed the Button in the right upper corner. Mum was a little shocked, because the middle of her seat had just disappeared. I could see it sliding to the side under her ass. May had turned my face exactly under Mum’s bare ass, the skirt couldn’t hide it. There in my dark prison I heard mum’s silent scream of shock and then a louder one of passion. She obviously liked this bench. I lay there in darkness, then a small light flamed on, exactly above my head, so I could see mummy’s ass in its whole beauty. The middle was stretched, so I could see her brownish asshole above me and the pink of her fresh pussy, too. Then, all of a sudden my position was changed and the leather board turned me away from mummy’s breathtaking asshole. But the turn was a short one. After ninety degrees it stopped and the bench hole drove to the side again. The small light switched on and I saw May’s ass, still covered with black varnish. Now I saw the end of the small silver zipper for the first time. It hung right above my nose. “Will you try to open it, slave.” I heard the order down in my grave. I tried to get my fingers to the zipper, but realized it was too tight down there. Honestly I hadn’t really expected it to be that easy. So I did what I thought the whole plan behind this machine was and used my mouth. I stretched myself a little and reached the zipper. Then I took it between my teeth and pulled it to the front. Slowly Miss Maygan’s ass exposed above me. The interesting thing was that her ass was not one bit hairy. I had expected it to be a little covered with reddish hair, like her pussy was, but there was nothing. On the other hand I thought what kind of an idiot I was. This woman could get everything she wanted and if she wanted somebody to shave her ass, she certainly would find someone. So I just stared at this fascinating woman’s ass. Her asshole was not as brownish as mummy’s. It had a light, pink color. So it fitted the pale skin of the Mistress. My cock for sure kept growing during that treatment and after a short while I could feel it hitting the low “roof” of my chamber.
While I was down there, in my cave with this two gorges asses hanging there with me, the women kept talking. “That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen” said mum and her voice sounded pitched high like it had before. “Yeah I know. It’s my favorite thing down here.” May replied. “But honey,” mum said, “what is this button for?” she pointed at the red button right in the middle of the five. “I bet you want to know that” May said and sounded maybe more challenging than she had planned to. “Yes the hell, I do.” Mum still was pitched high. Then, finally one of the women, I don’t know if it was mum, becoming a victim of her impatience or Miss May, finally willing to show the last feature of the machine, my cock was freed. Obviously the was a final hatch right above my cock, so it popped out of the cave and, that way, was the only part of me, that really was free. “Mm, nothing happened.” Mum said. “What did you expect? This thing to fly?” May asked challenging but her voice had smoothed within. “No but something …” mum said and moved her high heeled feet under the table like a disappointed child. And then she found out what had happened. Her shoes hit my penis. Not hard, but hard enough. “Oh my god, May, this thing is brilliant!” Mum almost screamed now “We like the whole feet and shoe stuff, too. This thing is perfect for us. I swear no author could have written our story and thought of such a thing!” “I knew you would like it.” May replied and this time certainly joy was in her voice. “Like it? Are you kidding? I love this thing!”Mum cheered.

Then, as the women kept talking and I tried to keep listening to them, I felt May’s boot touching my cock. The whole situation for sure was like an admittedly strange dream come true not only for mum but also for me. I felt May moving her foot along my shaft. Obviously the immense power this machine gave her over the slave exited her. Mum was still out of herself off joy as May brought my pride to full size with nothing but the touch of her boot. “Your son really is into this boot stuff.” She said. “How do you know?” mum asked. “Feel him” May simply gave back. So Mum undid her shoes- I could hear them falling to the ground- and her toes wrapped around my shaft. It was a double fetish dream: I got both, smooth skin from mum’s feet and rough leather from Miss Maygan’s boots. And as if this wasn’t enough I was down there with their nice little assholes. So without being ordered I started to kiss May’s asshole. It was a risk but she liked it and didn’t say a word. I noticed that May’s ass was softer than mummy’s. I guessed that was so because she got her ass licked clean all the time while mum had to use toilet paper until a couple of days ago. I made grand circles with my tongue around the center and kissed from time to time the ass cheeks. Somehow I liked the idea of licking another woman’s asshole while my mum was giving me a toe job and not knowing I was doing that. It appeared to me like a little cheating but it exited me even more. And I knew mummy would find out and then her little nasty boy would have to be punished. I smiled while I thought about that and enjoyed the massage I was getting but hurried not to lose the contact with the Mistress’ ass. As my tongue reached the middle I hardened it and forced it inside with the same strength I was used to from mum. But I underestimated the smoothes of May’s hole, so I got deeper inside then I had expected. She, May, made a little uncertain sound and giggled. She started moving her hips above me and I knew this treatment was turning her on. Meanwhile the smell of her wet pussy, still hidden behind the varnish, had become major. So I concentrated on my work. I worked my tongue in as deep as I could, and tasted on it’s tip what I and I think May too had been waiting for. May’s ass taste was different from mum’s. Because of the aggressive way she first had appeared to me, somehow had expected her to taste strong and bitter but I had been wrong. The little brown pearl I step by step worked down her bowl tasted not very strong. Compared to mummy’s “adult shit” I had the idea that May’s anal crap could have been this of a young girl. But I really couldn’t say which I liked better. Out of love if I had been forced to choose I certainly would have chosen mum but honestly I liked each of them. After a while I finally had worked the little pearl down and got the chance to get it completely in my mouth. I tried to chew it, because I wanted to get the whole aroma. But unfortunately it wasn’t enough, so I swallowed it in once. At that moment I felt May moving her hips harder and I knew she was just cumming. I was a little astonished. I had expected her to enjoy the position as the Mistress she was but I never would have thought she was able to cum just from the experience, she might have made thousands of times, of having her asshole licked and a little pearl of her mistress shit dropping in a slave’s mouth. Maybe it was not that what had made her cum, but the idea of me, the son of the women she was having this nice conversation with, being that certain slave.

I had just finished that thought when my leather board was turned again and my face was beneath mummy’s asshole again. The light switched on and I saw something I hadn’t expected: Mum had already started shitting. Since I had licked her empty last night I had never thought she would be able to have a full load that soon again, but obviously I had been wrong again. While I thought that my mouth had already opened and I waited for the tasty load. The women kept massaging my cock with their feet. “My Dear, are you actually shitting right now?” I heard May’s voice. “I am. But the good thing is I have a son and he is absolutely addicted to eating his mummy’s shit.” Mum replied merrily. “I knew the phrase “fucking the shit out of somebody” never was just a phrase for you, my dearest friend, but you haven’t been really fucked within the last hour.” May giggled. “Yes I know”, mum pressed and the brown snake’s head hit my tongue, “but I have never had a lover like him and this ultimate machine” she pressed again and I felt the snake somehow being forced in my mouth, “turned me on as well and then this conversation with you while giving him a foot job”, finally the snake was all forced out and I did my best to eat it, “and as you know, being a mistress is mummy’s true passion!” she screamed the last words, because as I ate the last of her delicious ass crap, I couldn’t hold my own orgasm back any longer and waves of hot cum exploded on mummy’s feet and May’s boots. The women milked me empty, for this time. Then they got off the machine, after I had licked mummy clean for sure and I was let out of my chamber.

“So, how did you guys like this one?” May asked, but certainly this question was unnecessary, our smiles said it all.

Then we were brought to the room with all the SM clothes. “Now, let’s see what you might wear, when you play.” May said and her eyes flamed like they had before.

End of a short part twelve. I hope you liked this one and comment it if so but also if not. Because many have mentioned the spelling: I can spell (almost always) but I simply don’t read these stories after they are written, so all the little typing- mistakes stay in there. Have fun anyways.

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2012-02-06 16:17:41
i loved this one came again

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2009-06-23 13:00:12
This one is good improvement.. But want more of public and other men involved


2008-01-27 04:10:26
It was ok...I like your writing though.


2008-01-25 08:48:59
to be honest tat was rubish compared to the 1st ones

need more public and daring things
but great story also

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