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Lightning flashed, flickering on the curtains and walls. Dave heaved up out of his chair and looked outside. Storm clouds rolled and swelled above the trees. Dark, forbidding, they filled the formerly clear sky with chaos. It should have been an hour before dark, but the storm leached all the brightness from the sky.
Another flash of lightning startled Dave. He saw the afterimage of the lightning hitting not far away. The roar of thunder sounded like a giant angry lion on the prowl. Dave's attention went to the TV antenna on a post in the middle of the clearing. It was an obvious target for the lightning. Dave hurried to the TV and pulled the plug from the wall. He disconnected the antenna wire and stood looking forlornly at the blank screen.
The wind picked up considerably over the next few minutes, a wind that broke trees and removed shingles from even the sturdiest roof.
"Good God," Dave whispered. It looked like the end of the world. The lights flickered, but thankfully remained on. He sat in his recliner and watched the horrendous storm from the safe comfort of his chair. The lights flickered again. He decided that he had better find candles and a lighter. The power was bound to go out soon. It usually did in a storm.
Within 30 minutes most of the lightning had passed on, but the wind and the rain remained. Dave was bored, and worried. How was his car? It was a fully restored 1969 Mercury Montego. He had put a lot of work into it. Dave went to the nearest window, trying to see his car in the wind and rain. He could barely make out the shine of light off the trim around the windshield. A distant flash of lightning momentarily lit the car, and he gasped in surprise. Something was wrong. He could see something, he was not sure what, which looked out of place. He thought about it for a moment and realized that he had seen something in the car. He went shopping yesterday, did he leave anything in the car? No, he didn't. A person?
He bundled up in a thick coat, picked up the poker and a flashlight, and hurried out the door. Seven long strides brought him to the car. He yanked open the door and turned on the flashlight. He was looking something in the face. All he could see was a small nose and two eyes amid a bundle of stinking, wet clothing.
"What the hell are you doing in there?" he demanded, brandishing the poker.
"Trying to get dry," a distinctive female voice said. He was momentarily at a loss.
"Get out," he ordered, raising the poker as if to strike. Slowly the girl climbed out. She took a bookbag from the floor and stood. She was almost as tall as Dave. He was surprised, he had thought she might be a small girl. She was in her late teens. She started to turn away.
"No, into the house," he said, stepping back. He was getting soaked. Rain was running into his eyes, making it hard to see.
"To get dry, silly. I have heat and food inside."
"I don't know," she said uncertainly.
"I could call the cops and have you arrested instead. I would probably be doing you a favor."
"No, don't do that. I'll come in for a while," she said reluctantly. He hurried her inside. It was a relief to get out of the rain. It was hard to think when wind and rain tore at your face and body. She opened her clothes slightly and he found that she was pretty, in a way, but she looked dirty and smelled horrible. How could anybody be dirty after standing in that rain, he wondered.
"What would you like to eat?" he asked, sitting down the flashlight and dropping the poker by the fireplace.
She hurried over to the fireplace and knelt before it. She rubbed her hands and moaned, then looked up as if she only then realized that he was still in the room. "Scrambled eggs and chili?"
"Oh gross. I don't have chili," Dave said, making a face.
"What have you got?"
"I had meatloaf and potatoes for supper. There's a little left."
"Fine. I'll make a sandwich out of the meatloaf, and I only eat butter on my mashed potatoes."
Dave showed her the leftovers in the refrigerator. She added cheese to the plate containing the meatloaf and took it all to the table.
"You... you stink," Dave said emphatically. "Do you want to take a shower?"
"Sure, but all my clothes are dirty. I have nothing to change into."
"I'll give you clothing if you take a shower. The stench is ungodly. Where have you been staying?"
"Under porches, in utility sheds or doorways, sometimes in homeless shelters if they don't ask too many questions."
"None of your damned business."
"Fair enough, as long as you aren't wanted by the law. Did you kill anybody?"
"Hey fuck you," she slammed her sandwich down on the plate.
"Sorry. I just want to know who will be sharing my roof tonight. I'm a little worried."
"Well don't be. The only thing I'm wanted for is assault on my husband. I married him when I was sixteen. He beat me every time he got drunk, so I beat him with a piece of pipe while he was asleep. Then I ran. I don't think I killed him, but I didn't stick around to find out. Ok?" she demanded.
"Ok. Sorry."
She picked up her sandwich and began to eat. "You married?" she asked, looking around the house suspiciously.
"Why not, you gay?" she asked in all seriousness.
"Hell no!" he said defensively.
She gave him a skeptical look then returned to her sandwich. Dave saw an unusual movement on her face.
"There is a flea crawling in your eyebrow," he pointed. She rubbed her eyebrow furiously with the back of her hand, then continued her meal.
"I have fleas everywhere," she said calmly. "Goes with the territory."
"How can you live like this? Don't you have somewhere to go?"
"What about your parents, your aunts or uncles?"
"I've never had a father, my mother is a whore, and I never knew any aunts or uncles. If I go home my husband will have me beaten to death. It ain't gonna happen."
"Shit, what a waste."
"You can't live like this. Look at you."
She simply shrugged and sat, shoving mashed potatoes and butter into her mouth. She chewed noisily, while he stood watching. She finally stopped and glared at him until he went into the living room. He reconnected his TV set and sat with the channel changer in his hand. At first he had been excited by the prospect of a female in the house. But now he considered her sub-human, hardly worthy of anything but pity. He could smell her even from there. God, how could anybody live like that?
"Can I take a shower?" she asked, standing between the living room and the dining room. He looked up, wishing she would leave and take her fleas with her.
"Sure," he heard himself saying. It's in there," he pointed behind her at the bedroom. The master bath had a full bathtub, which she badly needed. A shower wouldn't be enough. He followed her into the bedroom and handed her a towel.
"Go ahead," he pointed at the bathroom. I'll try to find something that will fit you. I will also bring a garbage bag for your clothes.
"Don't throw them away, I need them. Wash them in Lysol," she said as she began dropping clothes on the bathroom floor. He watched in wonder as layer after layer of clothing came off. Besides her jacket, she was wearing a dozen different shirts and pants. She stopped as she was about to remove a man's t-shirt.
"Are you going to watch?" she demanded.
"Yes," he said firmly. She didn't even flinch. She pulled the t-shirt off, baring a wonderful set of small, firm, but dirty tits. She wasn't wearing a bra. He turned red in embarassment and hurried out. Once again he was thinking of her as a female, not a sub-human.
"What's your name?" he called through the partially open bathroom door.
"Linda. Linda Jane."
"I'm Dave," he said as the water began running in the bathtub.
"Hi. Got dove?"
"Dove soap. Do you have any?"
"No, I use ivory." It just goes to show, a beggar can be a choser, he thought as he looked through his closet for his old, small clothing which hadn't fit in 5 years. He laid out a pair of jeans and a tight-fitting shirt. It was the best he cold do. The jeans were well worn, the shirt was a cowboy shirt with a rose on the back. He wouldn't get caught dead in it, it had been a Christmas present front an aunt.
Dave heard her singing. The door was open a foot. He walked by the open door and glanced inside. She was washing her arms, paying no attention to him, and showing no concern over the open door. She had armpit hair which was longer than Dave's. He shuddred and hurried on, then stopped, unable to resist.
He backed up a step and looked in. She was washing her neck, then moved the washrag down to her chest. She looked up and caught him looking. He heard her giggle as he hurried from sight.
Dave found that his dick was hard. The brief glance showed that she was not only young, she was beautiful with a killer figure. If she could ever get the dirt off, she would be beautiful. He found himself planning accidents. He could accidentally back into the door and knock it open. He could take her a towel and accidently look in. There were many possibilities. Part of him wanted to leave her in peace. She had the right to be safe and unmolested. The other part wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck her brains out. The internal struggle was killing him.
"Do you have a dousche?" she called. Dave's eyes bugged out. He thought about the few girls who had been in the house. No, none had left a dousche.
"No, sorry."
"A turkey baster?"
"Yeah," he said in surprise. "Now why... oh."
He took a good look before handing her the baster. Her body was clean. It was lightly tanned, compact, and sexy as hell. It had taken on a golden shine in the subtle lights of the bathroom. The tan on her hands and face was much darker than the rest of her body. But God, how perfect her compact little body looked. Every nook and cranny spelled sex.
"You like?" she asked with a smile, looking down at her own body and spreading her hands.
"My God, you're beautiful," he gasped.
"Am I? I used to be pudgy. But I haven't eaten well lately. I guess I lost some weight."
"You're perfect. I can't believe all that was hidden beneath those dirty clothes. What a waste."
"Thanks. Can I have that?" she reached for the baster. He handed it to her and turned to get her a towel.
"I haven't been this clean in a year," she said. Dave heard the sound of the baster slurping up water, then spitting it out again. His cock was aching unbearably. He held the towel in front of it as he returned. She didn't even try to hide. Sitting on the edge of the tub, she had her legs spread and the baster half way up her pussy. As he watched she squeezed the ball. Water cascaded out of her pussy. He restrained a moan of desire.
"I need to shave," she said, looking at her armpit, then up at him with a smile.
"There are disposable razors over there," he pointed at the counter. "I'll just go and..." his words trailed off. He hurried out of the room. He badly needed to masturbate. His balls were hurting from the restrained passion. He seldom had sex on a regular basis, and most of the time any sex he had was with a whore. He didn't like relationships.
Dave hurried to the spare bathroom, locked the door and hurried to the toilet. In a moment he was bent foward with his hand stroking his huge piece of meat with blinding speed. Visions of the cute girl filled his mind. He repeatedly saw the vision of water cascading out of her slightly hairy pussy. It was magnificent. Dave moaned and leaned well forward. He pointed his cock into the toilet and shuddered, as it spurted it's thick cream into the cold water. Looking down into the toilet guiltily, he flushed he toilet and hurried back to the bedroom.

Dave couldn't believe how the night was turning out. The first thing he needed to do was find an excuse for missing work tomorrow. There was no way he would pass up a chance with this girl, if he could get into her... his pants. With any luck, it could last all night long. He laid down on the bed, still thinking of excuses. Moments later, Dave fell asleep.
"How do I look?" Dave was startled out of his nap by Linda's gentle voice. He rubbed his sleep-filled eyes and looked up at a vision of beauty. She was naked from the upper thigh down. Dave belatedly realized that he had forgotten underwear.
"Fantastic," Dave gasped. "But you forgot the... bottoms."
"They would be a bother while I sleep. Don't you think?"
"Y... yeah," he gasped, watching her crawl into bed. He was suddenly nervous. She smelled good, she looked fantastic, and her legs showed an enticing amount of thigh. He had occasional glimpses of dark flesh and brown hair. His cock was hurting.
"Are you glad you took me in?" she asked as she patted the pillow into place.
"Oh yeah, real glad," he said, moving closer to her. He reached out tentatively and touched her cheek. She closed her eyes, obviously enjoying his touch.
"I miss that," she said in a quiet voice.
"Miss what?"
"A touch. Homeless people are rarely touched. They are dirty and mistrusted, shunned, cursed and brushed aside. But they are never touched. I don't know how long I've longed for a touch."
"You are so cute," he said, for lack of a better word. She had a cute round face, slight dimples and a sprinkling of freckles on her nose and cheeks. She was moderately beautiful, but awesomely cute.
He looked at her mouth when she spoke. He wanted to kiss her, but had she brushed her teeth? If so, she must have used his tooth brush. He didn't like that idea. He would have to get a new one.
"I'm clean everywhere," she said, seeing his look.
"Sorry, it's just... well you were a mess," he said regretfully.
"Not by choice. And right now I need you to fuck me. I don't mean make love, I mean fuck. I want to be fucked hard, with no strings attached. I've waited too long for this. Ah, do you eat pussy?"
"Damned!" Dave yelled, not knowing what to say. He turned off the light and lay there in the dark beside her, thinking, fantasizing about having her beautiful young body.
"Yes, sometimes," he finally admitted. He paused for a moment then rolled over on top of Linda with a moan. He sought her mouth and kissed her passionately. Breathing through their noses, they inhaled deeply, noisily, while their mouths locked and their bodies intertwined. Dave's hands roamed across Linda's body, seeking every warm, sensual area of her body. Minutes passed unnoticed. Still locked in their passionate kiss, Dave's hands crept to Linda's breasts and began kneading them. They were small and so firm, perfectly shaped and delicious, now that they were clean.
Dave broke the kiss and swiveled until his mouth came into contact with her breast. Like a starving infant, he sought the nipple and claimed it with his eager mouth. Linda gave a loud cry and grabbed his head, holding it to her chest.
"I love being touched," she whispered into the dark. Dave's heart ached at that lonely cry. He massaged her left breast while he supped on her right nipple. Her hands petted his hair gently, while holding him close. He sensed when she wanted him to move to the other breasts. He broke contact with her stiff nipple and licked his way from one breast to the other. He nuzzled the warm cone of flesh for a moment, then claimed her second nipple. It was already hard, aching to be sucked. He fondled her right breast with his left hand, while suckling on her stiffened nipple. She moaned and twisted beneath him. He could smell the aroma of an excited pussy. It beckoned to him, calling him like words could not. He whined slightly, broke contact and began licking his way down toward her pussy.
Linda's breath came in broken gasps. Dying of anticipation, she held her breath, then expelled it noisily, as he worked his way south to her womanhood. Now laying beside her, he found it and immediately clamped his mouth over her gently rounded mound from above. She cried out and threw her legs wide, thrusting her pussy up to his warm mouth.
"Oh God," she yelled. Her entire body was shuddering. He had only eaten for pussy for seconds, but she was acting like she was about to cum. Then she did cum. Dave ate her pulsing pussy quickly, trying to add more stimulation to her hot flesh. She had not cum in months, his slight mouthings were enough to bring her to a crest. He eagerly nuzzled and sucked her sweet cunt, until she fell back on the bed and relaxed. He waited with her womanhood in his mouth, then finally probed her wet flesh with the tip of his tongue. She gasped in response, but did not warn him away. Her pussy was ready for the second round.
He swiveled around and laid on top of her. Her mouth came up out of the darkness and found his. He kissed her urgently, while his manhood slid forward and entered her vulva.
"Oh yes!" she cried, heaving up off the bed. Her body arched beneath him. She held his body in a death grip, as he slowly sank his hard cock between her legs. She squealed and cried, when he began sliding in and out of her steamy flesh.
"Oh yes, fuck me," she gasped. Dave intensified his attack. He was sliding smoothly in and out of her pussy now. He couldn't believe the heat and juice he received from her pussy. He could feel it on every inch of his cock.
"Oh God, yes," she gasped, drawing his mouth down to hers. She sucked on his mouth desperately. Her tongue probed his mouth, while his cock split her womanly mound and tickled her womb. She clamped her legs behind his ass and pulled him harder, so his pelvis slammed into her wet crotch. He loved her enthusiasm, her hot sexy body and steamy hot pussy. She was fresh and young, a far cry from the dirty creature he had plucked from his car.
The wet sounds of sex, mixed with their combined moans and cries, were loud in the room. The smell of sex was very strong, but pleasant. The bed creaked to their movements, rain poured down on the roof, and wind rattled the windows, all unnoticed by the straining couple on the bed. On and on, he pumped his cock into her hot, wet lips. Her sweet pussy clenched around his cock, trying to hold it into place. He felt the muscles contracting around him, trying to hold him inside her. It was too much too take.
Feeling the fire building in his loins, Dave moaned loudly, while pounding his hard cock up into her wet void. She gasped and withered beneath him, ready to cum as well. They both groaned loudly, then screamed together as their bodies exploded into a wonderful mixture of electricity and fireworks. Linda's small compact body withered beneath him. She held him close as he shuddered and emptied his cum into her waiting pussy. Her pussy lips clamped tightly around him, holding his manhood inside her as her pussy spasmed and twitched. He jerked, pushing his cock far up inside her with each spurt of hot cum. Finally, they relaxed in each other's arms.
Dave laid there listening to the rain, the beating of his own heart, and their ragged breathing. Her arms were still wrapped tightly around him as is she were afraid that he would go.
"That was great," Dave said needlessly.
"Perfect," her voice smiled, even in the dark. "I have been really touched," she said with a giggle.
"I would like to touch you for a very long time," Dave sighed.
"I have nowhere to go," she whispered. "Except, I am ready for more," she said, rolling him over onto the bed. She straddled his chest and leaned down to take his wet manhood into her mouth. She savored the taste of her own pussy on his cock. She had always liked the taste of her pussy.
Dave hissed as her warm lips sank down over his cock and began sucking gently. While the wind buffeted the bedroom wall, and rain poured down in torrents, Dave laid back and enjoyed the exquisite lips of the runaway. He had a very pleasant home for her, for as long as she needed it. She wasn't a runaway any longer.


2007-05-14 21:59:35
it was pretty good, you need a sequel. mabey she could get pregnant and they could fuck the kid.


2004-05-02 11:18:29
very nice. i need a runaway..........

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