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To think that I almost said no when Father Tom asked me to teach art appreciation to a bunch of young girls.
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Catholic Schoolteacher

I had been a schoolteacher for quite awhile and had even retired after thirty years of service but when Father Tom asked me to join the staff at the Catholic High School I did. He asked me to do so as a personal favor to him. He was not in the habit of asking me personal favors so I knew that he needed my help desperately.

I soon realized why he was so desperate in the first place. The money was ridiculous, the classrooms were only half full, and they were short of teachers. There were not enough nuns, helpful parents, or even cleaning staff.

The week before school started I took in some cleaning supplies and swept the floor, emptied the trash, and washed the windows in my assigned classroom. I scrubbed the desks, washed the blackboard, and even brought in a box of chalk and two erasers. With the help of another teacher I found a ladder and changed the blown out light bulbs in my classroom too.

The school taught the basics such as reading, writing, and arithmetic but Father Tom wanted me to ‘inspire’ the students. Students had been transferring to the public school system to fill their other needs.

So I decided to diversify and teach poetry, art appreciation, and music appreciation. Of course none of the boys signed up for my class, however I had girls from freshmen to seniors in my class that very first day. I touched on everything that we would be doing that year in class. The girls were very impressed with me and my mannerism.

I on the other hand was equally impressed with them. In all of my years as a teacher I had never seen every girl in class in a skirt and blouse before. I must admit that I also never saw a girl in a skirt that long before in many years either, as mini skirts were the rule in public school not the exception.

As I looked around the classroom the girls were mostly attractive in a plain way since makeup was frowned upon too. The girls could not were jewelry except for a wristwatch and simple pierced earrings. Otherwise they were all dressed in white blouses with white bras underneath that show quite nicely in the sunlight. They wore those nice pleated skirts but in this case they were solid black in color. A tie in the school design, white ankle socks, and black patent leather shoes rounded out the school uniform. Ribbons and simple hair clips were allowed to help keep their hair out of their eyes.

So that first day I read a poem of love, played a concerto, and showed them a few slides of some famous artwork. The girls laughed at “Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2,” that was painted by Duchamp in 1912. They agreed with the critic that called it "an explosion in a shingle factory." They enjoyed Michelangelo’s "Nude Woman on her Knees" but when they saw Edouard Manet's masterpiece “Olympia” that was first unveiled in Paris in 1865 that sparked a whole conversation about the reclining nude woman being attended by a maid and a black cat while gazing mysteriously at the viewer. The young students were actually excited about art. I couldn’t believe that I had inspired them on the very first day of school.

The very next day however my bubble was burst when I was called into Father Tom’s office. He had received several complaints from irate parents about me showing their daughters pornography. As a way of investigating the incident Father Tom accompanied me to my first class where he had me display the painting again and listened to the girls discuss it. He was quite aware of the prudishness of some parents but he said that since it was art it was not pornography and that he would deal with the parents. However he also asked the students to curtail their discussions at home with their parents if they didn’t want to be sent to public school.

Well after that things settled down but the girls had a yearning for more, more nude paintings that is. At first I was reluctant but I slipped one in occasionally. The discussion was not sexual in nature but strictly artistic.

Then one day a girl asked me how she could become a nude model. I told her that those days were pretty much over since an artist couldn’t pay them enough to pose for a hundred hours without moving while he painted them. The discussion turned to photography like Playboy and Penthouse. It seems that every girl in my class had seen at least one copy of those magazines and offered to bring one in for discussion. I was not sure what to do so I asked Father Tom for his advice. Surprisingly Father Tom suggested a special class during lunch where such a discussion could take place and he offered to attend so that nothing got too carried away. Okay!

The next day ten girls signed up for the special lunch period discussion. The following day each girl brought in a magazine with the photograph that they liked the most. Father Tom sat in the very back of the room behind the girls and out of their direct line of sight. I had the girls move their chairs into a semi-circle with my desk in the center.

They each produced their picture and held it up in front of them. As I looked around the room just about ever picture was a full frontal nude with a beautiful face, nice healthy full breasts, and had a shaved pubic area showing. Starting at the face they decided that makeup was very important to enhance their natural beauty. Next they decided that not all of the girls could be natural and then they speculated as to which ones may have had surgery to enhance their breasts. From there the conversation turned to themselves and whether or not they were happy with the size of their breasts. For the most part they were except for two girls with really tiny breasts. Finally they discussed the reasons for shaving their pussy hair off. Three girls admitted that they shaved theirs off and that they liked the way it felt. They discussed the fact that men like little girls and that that was why older girls shaved their pussies bald. Still another girl said that maybe their boyfriends liked to go down on them and that their lover didn’t like to get hair in his mouth.

Then I was asked if I liked pubic hair in my mouth. Father Tom smiled at me, waved his hand, and stepped out of the classroom. Reluctantly I told the girls of some of my experiences with both shaved and not shaved pussies. That led to a discussion about it being unsanitary, can you catch a disease, and what did it taste like. Well! Saved by the bell!

As soon as the girls left for their next class Father Tom came back in. He was curious as to where the conversation had gone. He had a lump in his pants just as I had. I could tell that he was having problems with his vow of celibacy. I knew that I would have to go home and attack my wife again after school. She was starting to get used to it. She knew how excited these sexy young girls make me.

I didn’t tell Father Tom that all ten of the girls had their hands up under their skirts and into their panties where they were masturbating right in front of me. They had set their magazines down on the desk and had slouched down in their seats. Their knees were apart and their hands were unmistakably holding their panties out to give their other hand room to work its magic. They were fingering themselves openly as I watched them. One girl Natalie was breathing very heavy, thrashing about, and enjoying her second orgasm as the bell had rung. On her way out the door I had grabbed her hand and held it up to my nose to smell her musky fragrance and then I sucked on each of her fingers. Natalie just smiled at me, as did so.

Sure enough I rushed right home after school and dragged my wife up to our bedroom. After sex we cuddled and I told her pretty much what had taken place at lunch that day. She then suggested that maybe we should invite one of the girls over for dinner and a discussion the next night. She suggested the most outgoing girl to begin with. When I asked her why, she simply asked me if I wanted to fuck her. Of course I did. No not her, the schoolgirl. Oh! Yes I guess that I did want to fuck her. My wife said that she could help me accomplish my goal then. Could I believe my ears? Could my wife be suggesting that I fuck one of my students with her blessing? No, of course not, she was suggesting that I fuck them all. We were just going to start with the easy ones first.

Natalie was obviously my first choice. She was the most outspoken girl in class and she asked the most interesting questions besides I thought that I could get her in bed. So the next day I invited Natalie over for dinner after school. She then got one of her best friends to cover for her. She told her mother that she was going to her girlfriend’s house after school to study and eat dinner and that she would be home before dark.

Together we waited for the school grounds to clear out before she got in my car and I drove her home. Natalie let her skirt raise up her legs as she got in and she didn’t attempt to lower it either. I wasn’t sure if it was on purpose on not but I still enjoyed it immensely. At one point as I was driving her feet were up on the dash of my car and her knees were up in her chest. Next her feet were down on the floor again and her skirt was clear up to her waist. I couldn’t quite see Natalie’s panties but it must have been very very close. When we arrived at my house she jumped out of the car and practically ran up to the door. My wife was right there waiting and opened it up for Natalie. By the time I got to the door the girls were already inside.

Wasting no time at all my wife asked Natalie about the poses she had seen in the Playboy magazines and then she was showing Natalie a picture of a girl lying back on a bed with one knee up showing off all of her charms. The next thing I knew my wife was asking Natalie if she would like to pose like that for her. She explained that she was a pretty good photographer but that I was much better. My wife told Natalie that she would be a natural nude model. That was just what Natalie had wanted to hear, so she agreed to pose nude for my wife.

We had only been in the house for less than fifteen minutes when my wife was escorting Natalie up to our bedroom while I waited downstairs. About a half-hour later my wife called for me to come up. When I entered my bedroom there was Natalie lying on my bed completely naked. She looked so very lovely. Her cute little nipples were hard as they could possibly be and her sweet breasts were a perfect size. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and she had some makeup on. My wife then explained to me that she had applied some makeup to Natalie’s face, breasts, and tummy for the pictures and that she had trimmed her pubic hair too. Then my wife pointed to a small pile hair on the corner of my dresser. I just smiled knowing that it was Natalie’s pussy hair and that I was going to keep it as a souvenir of the occasion. My wife had taken a dozen nude pictures of Natalie but she wanted me to take a few more. After all I was supposed to be the better photographer. I took about two dozen pictures of my lovely nude model from assorted angles both far and close.

It was then time to download the pictures into my computer. For that my wife handed Natalie a thin short robe to wear. The robe was shear and it was just a pretend modesty thing I suppose. As we all looked at the pictures I could tell that my wife hadn’t been trying very hard at all as she took her pictures. I was sure that it was her way of making my pictures look that much better. Natalie was very impressed with my quality and for making her look just like a Playboy model. My wife assured her that it was her beauty alone that had accomplished that.

Then my wife showed Natalie an older Hustler magazine, which was much more crude with their photographs. The models all had their legs wide open and their pink insides showing between their pussy lips. Many of the models were touching their breasts, pinching their nipples, and playing with their clits too. So of course my wife suggested that Natalie imitate a few of the poses for me.

Natalie thought nothing of removing her shear robe and posing for me in the most provocative and obscene ways possible. With my wife making suggestions Natalie opened up her pussy lips for me and tried to imitate each picture in the magazine. There was a photo spread of two girls together so my wife undressed and joined Natalie on the bed. This had been a set up that was for sure. In one of the pictures one of the girls was touching the other girl’s nipple with her tongue, so my wife did it first to Natalie and then had Natalie do it to her. So for each picture after that the two girls played both parts so as not to miss out on anything. After that my wife turned a few more pages and found a layout of a girl with a guy. Naturally I had to get undressed and get in the pictures with Natalie. I had to laugh when Natalie asked my wife to be sure and get some good pictures of us together. She had remembered my wife’s earlier quality. My wife explained to Natalie that the magazine couldn’t show the actual sexual contact but that we could. So Natalie actually did place her mouth over the head of my cock and I actually stuck my tongue in her pussy too. For the final picture the guy was on his back and the girl was almost squatted onto his cock. Natalie told us that she was not a virgin just before she sat down on my cock for a whole lot of pictures. My wife just kept taking them until Natalie brought me to my climax. I loved it. I could not believe that this little seventeen years old wonder had just sat on my fifty-six-year-old cock but I had the pictures to prove it.

After dinner I got to fuck Natalie in several different positions while my wife took pictures. Then I had the girls do some lesbian poses for me. It sure wasn’t Natalie’s first time to lick slit. Afterwards she told us of the two girls and the one boy that she had been having sex with lately. She also said that my wife and I were much better at it the kids her age were. So of course we invited those two girls over one at a time to pose nude for us and for us to have sex with. We also invited that boy over to have sex with my wife. After all, fair is fair.

By the end of that school year I had sex with each of the ten girls in my special lunch class and on several occasions too but Natalie was always my favorite. We invited Father Tom over a few times but he only accepted whenever Natalie was the guest of honor. I could tell that he really liked her. He could have fucked her too but he wouldn’t, however one time he did let my wife suck on his cock while he watched me fuck Natalie. Then he forgave us of all our sins past, present, and future. I didn’t think that he could forgive us of sins that we hadn’t committed yet but he said that he didn’t want to hear Natalie confessing her sins to some other priest in the future either.

I continued to teach at that school for the next six years until I became sixty-two and qualified for Social Security. Natalie continued to stop in throughout college, marriage, and her childbearing years. Who knows, I just might be the father of one of her seven children! You’ve got to love the Catholic belief in sex for conception only and Natalie was a very good Catholic girl.

The End
Catholic Schoolteacher
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