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in spite of my kicking and squirming tugged at my pants
The first time another male enjoyed my body was when I was twelve and it was not a sweet romance but struggle and a forced acceptance of my fate. Timothy was his name. He was my brother.
It was summer and Timothy and I were at home going about our own business. Even though he was only three years older than I he’d changed since he turned fifteen treating me as if I were his personal servant ordering me about and abusing me physically and verbally at every chance. The fact that we were going to be home for a most of the day alone didn’t help this.
I at only five feet five inches decided to stay out of his way and when he came downstairs to watch television I’d go out on the patio and read and when he came out on the patio to enjoy a breath of fresh air I’d go to the kitchen for something to drink or head to my room though even there wasn’t safe cause the door’s lock was so weak he’d just barge in and if I did lock it and he got in he’d start accusing me off all manner of things. So was our cat and mouse game for three days until he managed to corner me.
I was in the kitchen making a sandwich and he came in. No sooner had I put the finished peanut butter and jam on the plate than he swooped in claimed it as his own and took one big bite of it.
Timothy was five feet seven inches. He had short black hair like my own and a quiet imposing frame with growing muscles from his constant weight lifting during the school year. He was handsome and if I were a girl I’d probably go out with him but then again I did know how he behaved at home and once I found out if I were a girl I’d leave him but I wasn’t and never thought that way of him I merely hoped that when I reached his age at least I’d have the good looks and no longer the baby face.
“Why’d you do that?” I asked frowning.
“Cause what?” I asked quiet fed up with his attitude over the past few days as soon as mom left.
“Cause I’m the man here and you are as good as my bitch and bitches make men food.”
“I’m not you bitch butt head.”
“Butt head? Butt head is that what you called me? Butt head.” He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.
I didn’t say anything but he was in my face in an instant. I could feel his breath on me as he towered over me and I could hear his rapid breathing. I was scared because he’d beat me before and I knew I was no match for him and I didn’t want to fight but for some reason he wanted a fight.
I stepped back but he kept close.
“Leave me alone or I’ll tell mom.”
“You’ll tell mom?” He mocked. “Only little bitches run to their mommies and tell punk.”
“I’m no bitch stop calling me that.” I shouted feeling a knot forming in my throat and my eyes welling up. Yes I was weak when it came to Timothy. He was my big brother and with our father long run off he was the man of the house and I knew my place when it came to him.
“Oh you gonna cry now.” He leaned over.
I pushed him.
He staggered back.
“You’re going to regret that.”
I turned on my heel and made for the living room.
He reached out. I was wearing a white tee shirt and he grabbed that by the collar. It tore in his hands leaving me with my back exposed but I didn’t stop.
Once in the living room the plan was to run up stairs into the bathroom and lock the door and wait until mom got home. She would side with me I knew but at the same time it would be Timothy’s wrath I’d have to face when she wasn’t there.
It was in the living room though that he caught me throwing me down on to the beige carpet.
The fall knocked the wind out of me but I recovered quickly.
Timothy was on top of me pinning me to the floor while I squirmed beneath him kicking and trying to reach behind me with my arms to pull me off.
“You wanna play? I’ll show you how I play.” He snarled.
He seized my arms and pinned them behind me and then with his free hand in spite of my kicking and squirming tugged at my pants.
“Stop it!” I shouted.
He’d pulled my pants of before as a prank when I was out in the yard playing with him and some of my friends because I messed up a play during a football game. It left me naked from the waist down while he ran in side with my shorts. It didn’t seem as if though that leaving me half naked without anyone to gawk and make fun of me was worth the struggle but there he was working my pants and underwear together to my ankles.
In no time my ass was exposed. I felt weak. I felt vulnerable and began to cry but I didn’t stop fighting. He smacked my ass. He smacked my ass cheeks hard so hard it sent stung and tingled long after he stopped.
“You like that don’t you?” He said when I stopped crying though I stopped crying only because I was out of tears and could only whimper. He took this as acceptance and got off me. I thought he was done but when I turned he was stepping out of his shorts and looming above me.
My mouth opened slightly as I stared at his dick. It was long and skinny and I could only guess at it being seven inches. I was about to jump up but he came down on me sitting on me so that out balls and dicks rubbed together.
“Tim… Tim….g…get off.” I said and we tossed again on the carpet, his shaft hard rubbing against my flaccid hairless prick.
We struggled but it wasn’t before long that he managed to get the upper hand and pinned me to the ground lying on top of me. He leaned and whispered in my ear.
“You’re my bitch now bro…” He hissed.
Why was he doing this? I asked myself. Why now. I had no answers at the time as I lay there feeling his shaft pressed against my ass crack and a slight stickiness on my cheeks. I just couldn’t believe that my own brother as much as he didn’t like me was going to bugger me and there was nothing I could do about it.
He lifted off me. I assume he spit in his hand because I felt his fingers wet on my asshole. I tightened it and tried to resist but he soon had one and then two fingers inside me loosening me up which took quiet sometime since I’d never done anything like that before. To my embarrassment however as he worked his fingers into my asshole my five inch prick started to twitch and I could feel myself getting an erection.
Did this mean I was gay? I asked myself as I felt his head press against my puckered asshole.
He pushed but I didn’t yield to him. He pushed again, harder.
“Aaaaieeeeeee!” I cried out as his head breached my sphincter.
He moaned as if he’d just achieved a life long goal but he wasn’t done. Slowly he continued to push his length into me pressing me against the carpet rubbing my shaft against it as he did.
I felt as if he was trying to tear me and though he was not impressive in girth for a virgin to anal invasion it hurt. I felt as if I wanted to shit and my body was constantly squeezing his shaft in an attempt to expel it which I soon realized only brought him more pleasure.
I lay helpless under his weight as he began to stroke me. He started slow at first picking up his pace as he moved closer to climaxing. I lay still beneath him. I was spent. All the struggling before had weakened me and now with my ass impaled moving and squirming only made it worse so I lay still taking the onslaught but quiet to my surprise enjoying the feeling of my shaft rubbing against the carpet.
I’d masturbated before in fact I’d done it quiet a few times and in fact Timothy had caught me more than once though it wasn’t as if I’d never caught him but on one or two occasions my sessions of self pleasure were a little embarrassing
It would all start with a shower after looking at porn on the internet. If I managed to stifle the desire to cum in the shower then once I reached my room and dried myself off I’d lather my self in lotion. This caressing of my body only increased my desire to cum and it wouldn’t be long before I with lotion slick hands I’d be rubbing my ass and my balls and my shaft eager to feel me seed hot and sticky spill from my dick. This wasn’t the part that was embarrassing though that part was I liked to look at myself in the mirror when I did it. Sometimes I’d lay on the bed with my legs up, on my back and jerk off while admiring my legs and ass. I’d cum and rub it all over my shaft and balls and it was this that on more than one occasion Timothy caught me doing where as the times I saw him it was to pictures and a few preview clips from porn sites.
I could tell Timothy was getting closer to cumming. His breathing was increasing and he was pushing faster and harder into me making me wince with each thrust deep into my ass.
I was also getting close to cumming. His weight on me didn’t leave me much choice but to accept the stimulation and enjoy the only part that was pleasure for me. I closed me eyes and savored the feeling of my balls brushing against the carpet and my shaft caressing the fibers and tried to ignore his hairy balls slapping against my ass with each stroke his, hips smacking my cheeks with each stroke and his shaft seeming to bury itself deeper into my bowels with each thrust.
The sensation as he thrust into me heightened the sensation of my own stimulation much more that I’d eve noticed when I jerked off.
He grabbed my shoulders and pushed once then twice and trice and let out a loud, “AHHH!”
I would not be denied and continued to move only a little until I felt the hot milky spunk spill from my shaft and pool under me as unlike his which had been deposited deep in my ass. I shuddered as goose bumps rippled across my flesh.
Timothy pulled out slowly. I heard my as ‘pop’ but it was more of a wet slurp as his shaft came out dripping cum on my ass cheeks.
He turned me over. “Don’t you dare….” He paused and smiled. He could see my sticky cum on my belly and on the carpet. “You are a little bitch aren’t you? You liked that.”
“I did not.” I said and I didn’t but at the same time I didn’t mind the sensations I brought as I came.
He laughed.
“If you don’t tell mom I won’t.” He said smiling a sinister smile his lip curling up on one side his eyes sparkling.
I nodded.
He reached out and grabbed my hand pulling me up.
“Don’t you think we should clean the carpet?” I asked
“Naw,” he said. “You’re spunk will match right up but we should shower.”
I nodded and started towards the stairs just as the first glob of cum spilled from my ass when I farted and oozed down the inside of my thighs.
My brother laughed and smacked my ass as more oozed from my puckered asshole now sore and raw and probably swollen some what.
“You are my bitch.” He smacked my ass again.
“I guess.” I said under my breath but it was true because things were never the same between us. For the remainder of the summer when ever we got the chance we experimented in all manner of ways with our bodies but in the end my favorite became having my brother in my room, riding my ass while I watch him from the mirror on the dresser and jacked off.


2018-04-11 17:38:48
more please. have the older brother do more to the younger one

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2012-08-15 13:19:25
People are complainin about the boy on boy sex.... But yet you still read it. I'm confused if it's so nasty don't read there is plenty to read if this isn't your tater

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2012-07-11 21:54:09
Very cute story. Loved it.

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2009-07-05 03:39:40
dont listen to the negative comments super awesome story 10000000/10


2009-03-20 06:14:18
I loved it when my big brother let me suck his cock and then he would fuck my ass .I have always been and still am his sissy bitch and love everything that he does to me

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