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A dark and sadistic tale set in Victorian England
It’s a pleasant spring morning in 1897 and Alice’s dreams to return St Saviour’s orphanage back to its former glory are at a crucial stage. Four individuals have been invited to a meeting this afternoon. Alice intends to persuade them to pay to join her in setting up a new and more powerful board of governors.

Alice sat at her desk looking through the replies and was delighted that all four had agreed to attend. Her pleasure was made all more enjoyable because she knew that none of them would have replied had she not made it clear that she knew something about them that they wouldn’t want to be made public.

Alice smiled to herself as she heard a commotion outside and got up to look out of the parlour window that overlooked the walled garden. Children were being drilled naked, by their teacher Miss Sedgwick, a routine that was normal at St Saviour’s because of its connections with the navy.

Elizabeth Sedgwick, who had only been at St Saviour’s for a short time compared with the other staff, stopped drilling the children in order to reprimand Amy, one of the junior girls who was getting out of step and generally misbehaving.

Knowing that Miss Sedgwick was a highly-strung woman and it wouldn’t be too long before the sounds of the little girl’s crying would be heard, Alice backed away from the window slipping her hands underneath her gown to masturbate herself in a slow rhythm, a regular habit of hers when in private.

There were many opportunities for Alice to masturbate in private, as built into the brickwork all around the property, were many tiny spy holes designed by her father who enjoyed watching the action anonymously, whilst her mother preferred to be present in the room whilst the abuse and punishments were administered.

Miss Sedgwick, started to spank the little girl’s bottom with some force making the child struggle and scream. Alice was on the brick of a much-needed orgasm, when to her annoyance, a knock at the door interrupted her concentration and spoilt her enjoyment of the child’s spanking.

Adjusting her clothing, she moved over to sit at her desk and tried to calm herself down before shouting, “Come in” in a raised voice. Entering, in her usual matter of fact way Rebecca Bolton, the matron, a stern woman, reminded Alice of the need to have plenty of time to prepare the children for the visit of her guests this afternoon.

Without really looking at Alice, Miss Bolton on hearing the commotion outside went straight to the window and leaning out, shouting to Miss Sedgwick, “Send Amy and David to my room immediately,” then turned and left the parlour.

Alice had always been under matrons spell, ever since she started to help her with her special treatments and knew exactly how she would be preparing the children. Just thinking about it made her want to go and watch, however, she had many things to arrange and decided that it could wait, as she thought of all the new exciting pleasures that were just around the corner.

Patience! Patience was what was needed now! She thought to herself.

That afternoon, Alice watched from a window overlooking the drive as her guests arrived in their separate carriages. Young boys helped the guests to alight from their carriages and then took the horses to the stables to be fed, watered and rested until they were needed again.

One by one, the guests entered the wood-panelled meeting room, they glanced at each other with suspicion and nervousness. Lord Richard Holmes felt uneasy, as if the person, who had invited him, knew of his secret passions and pretended to admire the paintings on the walls rather than acknowledge the others.

Had it not been for the strange welcome they had all received at the front door of the crumbling orphanage, they might have left straight away tearing up their invitations.

When Lord Richard Holmes’s carriage turned into the drive and made its way to the front door of the orphanage, he couldn’t help wondering why he had accepted an invitation to such a crumbling and decadent place.

It was not until the carriage swung around so he could see the front door, that suddenly his eyes lit up and he started to get the feeling that it wasn’t all that bad.

For there to greet the guests as they alighted from their carriages and standing in the entrance to the orphanage, were a boy and girl who had pink complexions that spoke of recent bathing and a slightly glazed look in their eyes that was very endearing.

Richard could see in their faces, the familiar signs of drug induced emotion and this excited him all the more.

The boy, who looked about 13 years old, was very handsome and dressed in a white sailor’s uniform, consisting of a middy blouse with the St Saviour’s crest sewn onto it, a pair of shorts which fitted his bottom snugly, outlining his cock and leaving his thighs bare, white knee socks, a pair of patent shoes and a sailor’s hat that had ribbons hanging down the back. The girl, who looked about 11 years old, was wearing a similar white sailor’s uniform, except that she wore a short pleated kilt.

Richard walked over to have a better look at these children and couldn’t help noticing that the young girl’s nipples were nicely erect from being chafed against her middy blouse. He couldn’t help thinking that compared to the thin and dirty waifs he usually sought out, these children were much more healthy, clean and attractive.

“Welcome to St Saviour’s Orphanage, our home,” they chorused.

Following the children into the great hall, a member of staff was on hand to take his top hat, cloak and gloves. Looking around the hall, he was taken a back by the scene. The wallpaper was drab, the other decorations had seen better days and the carpet was threadbare.

Upwards of two-dozen chairs with torn upholstery were arranged facing a large stage. In the centre of the stage was a birching horse and a full-sized wooden replica of a naval canon, carefully positioned so that the audience would have a splendid view of them no matter where they sat.

Attached to both these apparatus were several straps, held in place by metal rings. They both showed signs of constant use and the surfaces were smooth from the constant rubbing of the children’s inner-thighs and secretions from their aroused and abused genitals.

Intrigued, Richard asked, “What is the canon for?” He knew that the birching horse was the favoured apparatus for punishing girls as he had seen these in action before. “Well, that’s for the boys! Have you never heard of the naval punishment, kissing the gunner’s daughter Sir,” she said, and as she turned to leave the hall she smiled saying, “ Sitting astride them, rather than lying over them, keeps their bottoms stretched wide apart.” “It’s much easier to whip the birch in that way Sir.”

Richard contemplated the apparatus and imagining the merciless whippings being given to the screaming and struggling children. He had no doubt, that these two charming children had sat astride these apparatus and the thought of this made it him very excited.

“If you will come with us,” they had said.

Following the children up the main staircase, Richard watched spellbound as he realised that neither child was wearing any undergarments and the girl’s cute little bottom was in full view to him from under her short kilt.

What was also equally enjoyable was that her bottom was very red as if it had been punished recently. He followed them, wondering if the erotic scene he was now witnessing was due to his over indulgence the night before and if those pleasures, were clouding his mind, as it sometimes did when he took the opium he was offered.

By the time the children had shown Richard into the meeting room, his cock was painfully erect and he was embarrassed to see the other guests knowingly looking at his crotch, as if they too had also been affected by the greeting.

Richard adjusted himself as best he could, turning to look at the paintings. His attention centred on a woman who was also admiring the paintings. He thought he knew her and her occasional glance his way, suggested she knew him but she avoided any conversation.

She moved from one painting to another, keeping her distance from the other guests as they all looked warily at each other. The paintings were all of an erotic nature, from an illustrated French book she recalled.

Adults sadistically flogged children in a variety of ways, the artist expertly capturing the agonies of the children and the pleasures of the adults.

Seeing these images again, brought back memories of the Hardwick’s where she had been the governess. She recalled the many enjoyable times when she would use a martinet to administer severe whippings to her charges, whilst their parents were sitting together on the couch opposite watching the punishments with baited breath.

Miss Fould’s, most favoured method of punishing naughty children, was with a martinet a small French whip that has many strands of leather, positioned on their backs with their knees firmly held to their chests by their bound hands.

This position affords the spectator a most obscene spectacle and makes it easy for the martinet to be whipped into their wide-open bottoms, bringing screams and struggles as it also scours their tender anuses and genitals.

Richard moved to another painting, as it dawned on him, “I know you!” he said, as if it was a revelation. “You were governess to the Hardwick’s” oblivious to the coldness in her eyes. “Miss, miss, miss Frank, Miss French,” he frowned as he tried remembering her name, certain it became with an F.

“Miss Foulds,” she told him coldly, hating it when people didn’t get her name right. Her hands itched to hold a whip and use it upon him for his insolence.

“That’s it. Miss Foulds!” he grinned. “Fancy meeting you here,” he added.

Richard remembered other details about her. It was rumoured that she’d been dismissed from another position as the Bamford family governess after it was discovered that she’d been educating the children in more than just academic studies.

The children were later separated, the girl send to stay with a distant aunt in Scotland the boy to a school in Croydon. The rigorous hygiene and sexual control therapies that their governess insisted upon became useful as the children developed their own sexual perversions.

“ And you, Lord Holmes,” she asked letting her voice carry to the others.

She had also heard of him through a group of friends, envying him and the money he would spend on street waifs for his pleasures. Had she been younger, she might have applied to him for a position as a governess. Sadistically whipping the waifs he had paid to watch being punished.

Looking towards the other two gentlemen, Richard said, “Perhaps you’ve not yet worked out the link that brings us together,” and then smiled as he watched their expressions change.

They had all followed the children up the stairs and been treated to a glimpse of the little girl’s bottom which had clearly been punished and to the boy’s shorts that were pulled tightly between his bottom cheeks, painfully encasing his erect cock.

A new understanding started to express it’s self, as they associated the scenes they had already witnessed with their own dubious backgrounds and started now to realise how close their private passions were to becoming common knowledge.

It was then that Alice made her timely entrance and addressed her guests, “If you will all take a seat please,” She told them, looking around then sitting at the head of the solid wooden table, which along with the chairs had been used for meetings since 1837, when her father was chairman of the board of governors.

“My name is Alice Marchant,” she addressed her guests.

Attractively dressed with a low cut bodice, it was all that Richard could do to keep his eyes off her as he and his fellow guests nervously tried to imagine what she might say about them.

A knock at the door interrupted Richard’s thoughts and Alice who was clearly expecting the interruption called out for them to enter. Guided by two stern looking women the same two children were taken over to a raised dais. Being raised the guests now had a close up view of the children who were elevated to eye level and standing directly in front of their chaperones.

Looking at her guest’s Alice announced, “These are two members of my staff and they have brought David and Amy for you to assess,” watching their expressions, as they drooled over these attractive children, not being able to believe how passive they both were.

“And why would we want to do that” asked the larger of the two men seated across from Lord Holmes. “Mr Smith, please be patient,” Miss Marchant told him, unruffled by his abrupt outburst.

“I’m wasting money whilst I’m here, I’ll have you know!”

It was time for Alice to make her move. “I’m about to offer you an investment you’ll not wish to pass up.” She said, “Hasn’t your wife recently left you Mr Smith, taking your children with her?”

“What’s it to you?” David Smith asked, clearly agitated by the remark. Perhaps, if she knew his wife had taken his two daughters away, then she would also know the reason why.

He was fairly certain that his wife wouldn’t tell, not as long as he took care of them financially. But others? He’d be ruined if the wrong people heard of the naughty little games he would play with them.

Alice smiled and moved her attention to the other man.

“And what about you Mr Stevens? I understand that you’re been recently struck off as a doctor. Some difficulty explaining the use you put some of your medical tools to, wasn’t it Jeremy?” she asked.

The small, well-dressed man, started to squirm as he felt the stares. “I’ll be appealing. Those children made it all up!”

“I’m sure,” Alice smiled.

Her attention turned now to Lord Richard Holmes. “Need I mention the little darlings who are brought by their governesses to your private rooms?” she asked him. “I hear that there is always a shortage of birch rods after their visits,” she smiled.

Richard, wondered just how this woman knew so much about her guests. Thankfully, her attentions moved on and she reminded Miss Fould’s of the numerous children she had educated, quite indecently it would appear. Greta blushed and started to shake.

“It’s all right gentlemen, Miss Fould’s. It’s not my intention to blackmail you.”

“So why are we here?” David asked in his usual gruff manner. His attention was drawn to the children on the dais, especially the little girl who was about the same age as his youngest daughter.

He remembered, that as he followed her up the stairs, he had wished it had been him that had spanked her little bottom. He would have put her over his knee and spanked her bottom whilst masturbating her. This was a favourite pastime.

“I think,” Richard addressed the meeting, “that our host here would like us to donate some funds to repair St Saviour’s. Am I right?” he asked.

Alice looked at Richard, pleased with his shrewd judgment and gauging the mood of the other guests, said “Lord Holmes is quite correct. This orphanage is in dire need of cash to repair its crumbling structure and to improve it in the way I’d like.”

“And you think I have the cash to help you?” scoffed the recently struck off doctor. He had a few pennies left, but had hoped to obtain a position here at St Saviour’s so he could practice away from the prying eyes of children’s parents and guardians.

Alice chuckled to herself. “But I think you’ll find the money, given the offer I am about to make you.” She told them.

“Does it involve the children?” Greta Foulds asked, her voice faltering as she looked at the boy and girl standing passively in front of her. They were the perfect age; young and impressionable, easily led and easily restrained.

Even now she could recall vividly, the feel of the children’s anuses around her finger as she pushed it deep into their bottoms and the feel of their little cocks and cunts as she bathed them. The long sessions she spent ensuring that the children controlled there masturbation habits, which resulted in very severe whippings over the trestle if they disobeyed.

Alice smiled making Greta blush with the thought that she knew what she was thinking about. “You’ve been looking at the children I see. Did you notice their large eyes and the vacant look, as if they are elsewhere?”

“Opium!” Richard remarked.

“Not Opium,” Alice told him. But a combination of drugs that work together like an aphrodisiac; speeding the heart and quickening the blood while also making their skin very tender.

“Another drug calms them, depressing any nervousness, ensuring their full co-operation.” “I’d love to know the name of those drugs,” Greta murmured.

“I’m sure. And perhaps, one day I might tell you and show you how to administer them,” Alice smiled gesturing to the women to start getting the children ready.

“You’re making a point?” David asked. He preferred his pleasures in private and hidden, just him and his two little girls. He wasn’t a pervert to be messing with little boys.

Alice looked at the four guests and smiled. “I sought you out because I know that you have similar tastes to myself and with your help St Saviour’s can be returned to its former glory.”

Greata Foulds laughed and all eyes turned towards her. “You honestly believe that we would want to become governors of St Saviour’s?” she asked.

Richard taken a back with her naivety and the lack of vision this ex governess had said. “Wait my dear. Wait until Miss Marchant has explained to us what she has in mind,” he urged.

“ No Miss Foulds,” Alice replied. St Saviour’s has been a privately run orphanage for the past 60 years and has managed in all that time to keep its anonymity. It is only now that I find it necessary; to seek out people such as yourselves, who can help me raise the necessary capital to restore St Saviour’s to its former glory.

As if on queue, the women knelt behind their charges, one to remove the girls’ kilt and the other to remove the boys shorts. This was done swiftly and their genitals were displayed within moments.

The girl’s shapely thighs were parted to expose her hairless cunt and then her clitoris was roughly manipulated whilst the boy’s balls were squeezed and his cock brought painfully to full erection.

The children were then slowly but firmly masturbated in front of these strangers and turned so their bottoms were also on show. Their reactions were to squirm as their pleasures were aroused and there bottoms cruelly pinched.

The contrast between David’s white bottom and Amy’s already crimson bottom was very plain to see and as they were pinched the girl’s struggles were very entertaining.

Spellbound the four guests stared at the children, their eyes drunk with lust as they looked up at the scene in front of them. The view was uninterrupted due the raised dais and the children were so passive even when so roughly handled.

“You’ll allow, examinations?” Jeremy asked breathlessly.

Pleased with Jeremy’s sudden outburst, Alice answered. “I believe that these children should visit the orphanage doctor on a regular basis, don’t you Doctor Stevens?” And there would be a new infirmary built, with perhaps two nurses as well a matron, to help hold the little darlings down.

“ Yes, yes!” Jeremy agreed, staring at the genitals of the attractive children in front of him and thinking of all the ways to make their intimate examinations hurt.”

“Is there anything you’ll not permit?” Richard asked. The thought of all the children at St Saviour’s at his disposal made him drool.

No more wandering the streets of Whitechapel to find children who are always filthy, only freshly bathed little darlings here.

No more mothers offering their daughters virginity only for him to find out the girl’s cunt had been sewn up yet again. The prospects were positively untold should he elect to join the new board of governors at St Saviour’s orphanage.

“They’ll need punishing,” Greta told them. She looked around her, waiting for someone else to nod his or her agreement before she continued. “They will need to be taught to control their passions,” she said, her eyes fixed on the children as they continued to squirm obscenely, the girl now with her legs parted widely as she had her clitoris rubbed and the boy gyrating his hips as his erect cock was roughly handled.

“A good point Miss Foulds.” agreed Alice, as she stood up and strode over to the little girl capturing her by the hair and then dragging her to a nearby chair ignoring the yelp of pain she gave.

“As I told you.” She said sitting down and pulling the child over her lap so her already sore bottom was in full view to the now stunned audience. “One of the affects of this drug is to sensitise the skin and this means that she will react strongly to the slightest touch.” She explained.

Her hand rose, hovered for a moment and then the cruel spanking started. Amy’s scream was a shrill and her bottom turned an even deeper red as she writhed and twisting obscenely exposing her genitals. It was at least five long minutes before Alice stopped spanking Amy and started to massage her bottom.

“We have another drug, easily administered, which works to reduce their sense of touch. The measure of the dose decides how much pain can be inflicted before being felt.” Alice explained.

Pulling Amy to her feet, Alice parted the child’s thighs to place her wedged hand against her vulva and rubbed roughly. The child stopped crying and then started to buck against Alice’s hand, her eyes glazed and her breath quickening with excitement.

Alice only stopped when she reached an orgasm. However, Alice was disappointed with the girl’s one orgasm, as she had been taught that only multiple orgasms were acceptable.

The boy, who had been watching intently suddenly lost control as his cock as it was masturbated and he shot his seed all over the carpet. He was the next to be spanked for losing control and to Greta Foulds delight this was administered directly in front of her.

“In this establishment the boys are taught to control their ejaculations where as the girls are expected to have multiple orgasms,” Alice laughed and made light of the children’s mistakes just this once.

“Unbelievable!” David gasped, watching closely and drooling over the little girl’s plight.

“I’d like to conduct some medical experiments on these children,” Jeremy Stevens mumbled, the small man perched on the edge of his chair as he watched the girl being swiftly aroused.

“But now, we must discuss terms,” Alice told them letting go of the girl and sending her back to her chaperone. “The position is this; I am offering you all a seat on the new board of governors and as such you will have unrestricted access to all the children here at St Saviour’s. This position will cost one hundred guineas per annum, payable in advance.”

“One hundred guineas,” David sighed.

“A waste of time bringing me here if that’s the end of the matter,” Greta Foulds told her sharply. Once again her lack of money was to be her undoing. “And it’s not,” Alice stated. “Each governor will also be expected to introduce four patrons each year, paying twenty five guineas each. However, if you wish they can partly or fully fund your own fee by introducing the requisite number of additional patrons,” she told them.

Jeremy still frowned, but Greta was smiling and relaxed now, because she was certain that she could find the required number of patrons. “Patrons may visit once a month and once the new rooms are built, be offered the chance to stay the night with the child or children of their choice.”

“This will make you a very rich young woman,” Richard commented.

“The lions share will be reinvested back into St Saviour’s. You, as governors, will have the vote on how to proceed, but I thought we could build a viewing gallery, dungeons, a school and an infirmary, as well as refurbishing the great hall so that the punishment parades can be started again and special rooms built for our patrons to enjoy themselves in private.” She explained.

“A medical facility with all the latest tools?” Jeremy asked. He’d need probes, speculums and special equipment such as; an examination table made to his own design.

“We have a nurse, Miss Anne Bishop. I’m sure that Rebecca Bolton St Saviour’s matron will be on hand to help you settle in,” Alice said. Jeremy looked as if he was heaven.

“You mentioned a dungeon?” Greta asked softly, looking towards her host in a completely different and friendlier way.

Alice nodded and smiled. “The property used to boast a huge wine cellar. It was my thought to turn it into a series of dungeons, some no more than cells but the main one, would be large enough to house a sizeable audience.”

“Well it appears that you have something that appeals to us all.” Richard suggested.

“Yes I think so,” Alice agreed. “But that is not all, we will have to find the type of children that will be best suited to the harsh routines and punishments that they will be put through. Attractive, stoic children who are capable of satisfying our perversions and they will need to be tested.”

“Of the right age, say between eight and sixteen.” Richard suggested.

“Boys older than the girls I think,” David nodded.

“Some segregation by ability?” Alice suggested, watching as her guests begin to think about the future opportunities. “And by inclination,” Greta added. Some children will be better suited to punishment than others, so let the others be humiliated instead. Forced masturbation competitions and sexual performances in front of an audience sprung to mind.

“We need a set of examinations to determine what level they are at.” Jeremy told them excitedly.

“And an education policy that would improve their abilities.” Richard added.

“Woe betides those that don’t co-operate!” Greta grinned.

“So I take it, you agree to my proposal?” Alice asked.

The grins on her guest’s faces answered her question and the fear on the faces of the children sealed their fate.

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