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Chapter 9, Karen’s Home Town Humiliation Continues
Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 9
By Redlegtiger

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity. If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

Chapter 9, Karen’s Home Town Humiliation Continues

Karen woke up about 4:00 am in the morning. It took her a minute to realize where she was and then she turned over and found herself staring into the sleeping face of John Mitchell, Father to her rapist now husband. She shivered in revulsion at the thought of what they had made her do last night. It was just another in a long list of debaucheries that they had forced her into. She couldn't believe that she had done all of those horrible things in front of people that knew her and her family. It was one thing to do it in front of strangers, but in front of people who knew her and her family. She could never face anyone in town again without wondering whether they had seen her that night at the restaurant. Her mind kept flooding with the thoughts of all of the sick disgusting things she had been forced to do. She hated Darrell for what he was doing to her. She hated his parent’s that were obviously in on the whole thing and most importantly she hated her parents for not believing her when she told them she was raped. She wondered how any parent could force their daughter to marry her rapist. If she would have just told them what happened that night after prom, maybe things would have been different. Her thoughts went back and forth between blaming her parents for betraying her and hatred and disgust at herself as she blamed her self because of the fact she didn’t tell them about the rape that night. Her thoughts went back and forth like this for several minutes until her stomach growled, letting her know that she hadn't had anything to eat yesterday other than a bowl of that nasty slave gruel that reminded her of dog food. She sighed and looked at the clock. It was a little after 5:00 am now, so she slowly worked her way to the end of the bed and got up. She went to the kitchen and started rummaging around to see what she could fix for breakfast. She just hoped that they would have mercy on her today and let her have some real food.

She found a dozen eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese and some biscuit mix. She decided to make some scrambled eggs and biscuits for them for breakfast. She mixed up a batch of biscuits and put them in the oven. She spent the next few minutes chopping up some of the cheese, some onion, some mushrooms and some green pepper to mix into the eggs. She found a nice deep skillet and put it on the stove and put it on the burner to heat up. While it was warming, she put coffee into the coffee maker and started it percolating. She cut the bacon into bite size pieces and put them into the heated skillet along with the onion, mushrooms and green peppers and started them cooking. She broke 9 eggs into a bowl and spiced them up with salt, pepper and garlic salt. She added about a quarter cup of milk and mixed it up. She had been stopping and stirring the ingredients in the pan on the stove frequently while she had been preparing the eggs. She kept stirring them until she felt that they were cooked enough and poured the eggs into the pan and added the cheese and started stirring the mix with a spatula.

The smell of the coffee brewing and the bacon frying had drifted through the house and Darrell, John and Nancy were now awake. Darrell went to his room’s bathroom and started cleaning himself up while his parents did the same in theirs. Karen meanwhile was finishing up the eggs and setting the table. She had just set the plate full of biscuits on the table and assumed her kneeling position in a neutral spot in the kitchen near the table with her head bowed when Darrell and his parents came in.

John made a beeline to the coffee pot and filled his cup with coffee and took a seat at the table. The others followed suit and it seemed to Karen that they were ignoring her. She began to wonder if she was going to get anything to eat when Darrell turned and looked at her and said, "Nice breakfast slut. I may just keep you for a while if you keep this up. Go get the dog bowl out of the pantry. You should also find a bag of slave gruel for pregnant slaves there as well. Fill yourself a bowl full and enjoy a nice breakfast."

Karen started to get up to go to the pantry when Darrell yelled, "Did I tell you that the rules have changed. I guess I'm going to have to give you a reminder after breakfast."

Karen's face turned red from both embarrassment and fear due to Darrell's chastisement of her in front of his parents. She crawled to the pantry and found the bowl and gruel. She filled the bowl full and crawled to the sink and added water. She put the bowl on the floor and began eating it without using her hands, taking time to chew up the tasteless chunks and swallow it.

As the Mitchell's finished their breakfast, they got up and scraped the remaining scraps into Karen's bowl. John patted her on the head telling her, “You were a good little slut last night. You keep it up and you just might not suffer quite as much. But of course we would rather you misbehave so we can have the fun of punishing you. I can’t wait for another session like we had at Lynn’s the other night. You have a busy day ahead of you so we’ll see you later. E

Karen wondered what John meant by having a busy day ahead of her as she continued eating. When she finally finished her meal, she knelt in her slave position and waited for her orders and they weren't long in coming. Darrell ordered, “Clean up this breakfast mess and then go clean herself up. I’ll lay out the items you are to wear for the day on the bed in my room. E

Karen complied and cleaned up the kitchen as quickly as possible. When she was done, she crawled to the bathroom off of Darrell's room and took a shower and cleaned herself up. She looked in the mirror and saw that almost all of the bruising around her breasts was gone. Her ass on the other hand still showed the marks of her several severe spankings although they were less than they were. But she knew also that she was going to get punished shortly. She figured her ass would be back to what now seemed to be its normal red and blue state. She finished up in the bathroom quickly and crawled into Darrell’s room to find him waiting there with the paddle.

Darrell told her, “Stand up bitch. Bend over and grab your ankles so I can punish you for not following your rules. E

Karen did as she was told and Darrell started to immediately spank her ass with the paddle. She cried out in pain but hesitated only very briefly before she said, "One. Thank you for punishing this worthless whore master." She continued to count in that manner until she reached 20 and he stopped.

Karen was crying uncontrollably from the pain. She hadn’t been told to do anything else so she just stayed in that position. It wasn't long before she felt Darrel's cock being rammed up her ass hole. It seemed as if Darrell made it a point to force his cock into her as hard as he could so that he really slapped against her tender ass cheeks. He also spanked her ass cheeks on every in stroke, alternating between ass cheeks on each stroke. She cried even louder from this abuse because of the pain it was causing. After about 10 minutes and what seemed like a 100 swats but were only about 30, Darrell came deep in her ass. When he pulled out, Karen turned around and did the obligatory cleaning of his cock, fighting back the nausea of cleaning the shit encrusted cock. When she was done, she assumed her kneeling position and waited for further instructions.

Darrell got the special silver dildo and stuck it up her ass this time. He told Karen, “You have a special day ahead of you bitch. I’m going to leave your cunt free for now. Don’t forget about the special functions the vibrator in your ass has. I’m sure that those pins that pop out on command or on temperature drops will do wonderful things to your cunt. E

Karen's face went white at the memory of what happened the one time that she had been on the receiving end of the pins being released. She couldn't imagine what it would do in her ass and didn't want to find out.

When Darrell was done explaining everything, he set the shock mechanism at its highest setting on the remote and pushed the button as a reminder. Karen let out a shriek of pain and fell to the ground. Darrell reached down and grabbed her by the hair and lifted her back up to her knees. Karen reached up with her hands to try and grab his arms and relieve some of the pressure from the hair pulling on her scalp painfully. When she was finally on her knees, he released her and snarled in her ear, "That was just to remind you of what can happen if you do anything other than what you are told or don't comply with an order by me or by someone we have designated. Don’t forget how much worse that pain would be if the pins had been sprung. Now let's get you dressed up for the day."

Darrell connected her gold clit chain to her clit ring and then handed her the short plaid mini skirt to put it on. He also handed her the fish net top to put on. It did little to hide her tits and allowed the nipples on her tits to stick out through the holes of the fish net. Darrell grabbed the nipple rings and twisted them a little just for grins. Karen groaned just a bit from the combination of pleasure and mild pain. Darrell finally attached the chain to the nipple rings and stood back.

Darrell smiled and grabbed a wide black leather collar that looked something like a shock collar for training dogs. As Darrell put the collar on he explained, "This is a nice little something I borrowed from Lynn. You remember her don’t you?"

Karen shivered from the thought of her ordeal with Mistress Lynn and Darrell's parents. Darrel continued after he noticed the shiver, "I thought so. Now this little collar is one of the tools she uses on her slaves in training. It has several things built into that little box on the collar. First, it has a very small camera that will be sending video of everything you see. Second, it has a microphone that records the sound. Third, it has a GPS locator in it so that you can be tracked wherever you go. And finally it has the ability to be programmed with specific locations and routes. And now for the nice touch, if the wearer deviates from what is programmed, it will send a little signal to that special item in your ass and release the pins and a sustained maximum shock. It will incapacitate you on the spot and signal me where you are. I won't be far away and will most definitely be able to recover you before anyone else would have a chance. I will also be listening to everything you say and if I even remotely dislike what I hear, I'll trigger it. Do you have any questions about any of this?"

Karen shook her head no and said “No master E

Darrell continued, "Tomorrow, we will be having a couple of parties to celebrate our marriage. The first one will begin at noon and will be with our school mates. I know you didn’t have too many friends in school, so I took the liberty of inviting everyone I wanted to attend. I think we'll have about 30 people attending that one. The second one will be a reception that my mom and dad are throwing for us to show off their new daughter in law to their close friends and associates. Some you have met already, others you will meet before tomorrow night. I can assure you that the next two days will be quite memorable. E

Darrell continued, “In order to prepare for these parties, I need you to make a few stops in town and make final arrangements and arrange payment. I’m sure that with your negotiating abilities, you will devise some unique ways to pay for everything. Oh, and paying with money is not an option to even consider. You will have to go to four stores today. The first one will be to Marta's Bakery. She will be providing us with a variety of gourmet breads and pastries for tomorrow. The second stop will be to Keplar's meats. He will provide us with a wide variety of deli meats to include Smoked Elk, Roast Caribou, Barbecued Alligator and many more. The third stop will be to Deb’s Party Store for decorations. And finally the last stop will be to Grandpa's Liquor Store. E

Darrell handed her a piece of paper saying, “Here is a list for each place telling them what we need. Remember that I'll be watching and listening to everything that is going on. If I like what I hear, you will be rewarded." He hit the vibrator button and Karen felt a wonderful feeling developing in her ass and spreading outward and then it stopped as quickly as it started. He went on to explain, "And of course you know what will happen if I don't like what I hear. Now here are the keys to my parents van. Everything will be delivered tomorrow except for the liquor. They don’t do deliveries, so you'll have to bring it home in the van. Now you better get started or you won’t be able to get everything done before they close for the day and I would consider that the same as if you willingly disobeyed me and tried to leave. Now remember, the collar is specifically programmed for the order I told you. It will not allow you any deviation from the order programmed. We’ll see you tonight when you’re done. E

Karen knew that this was going to be a bad day. She couldn’t even imagine what she was going to have to deal with before the day was done. She got in the van and started the engine. She delayed a few minutes to try to build up her nerve and confidence enough to get started. She obviously waited too long because she felt a mild shock from the dildo in her ass. It hurt, but wasn’t the excruciatingly painful shock she had felt earlier. She put the van in drive, pulled out and headed to Marta’s Bakery.

Karen pulled up to the bakery and took a few deep breaths to calm her nerves before entering it. She finally got out of the van and went into the bakery. Marta, the owner, was in her mid thirties and looked to be of Mediterranean descent. Her Parents had actually come from a small town in Sicily and immigrated to America after World War II. Marta was about 5 feet 5 inches tall and about 110 pounds. She had short black hair and brown eyes. Her measurements were 34C breasts, 25 inch waist and 33 inch hips. She was a very beautiful woman and would catch the eye of any normal red blooded male. Marta had been putting some fresh baked bread in the display case when Karen came. She looked up and said, "Good morning Karen. I understand that you're a married woman now. How are you and your new husband doing? It's Darrell Mitchell right?"

Karen knew that she had to keep everything positive or suffer the consequences. She put on the best act that she could and told Marta that, "Yes I married Darrell Monday morning. We are doing well and that brings me to why I am here."

Karen gave Marta the list that Darrell had told her to give to Marta. Marta took it and looked over it. She already knew what the Mitchell’s needed for the two parties as they had ordered earlier in the week. She looked up at Karen and told her, “For everything on the list to be delivered by tomorrow at noon, it will cost about $600 dollars. Will you be paying with cash, check or credit card? E

Karen stuttered a little as she began to explain, "I E E Ed E E Eon’t h E Eave anything to pay with. I E E’ll d E Eo a E Enything you want if you’ll please fill the order for me. E

Marta had already been paid for the ordered food, but of course Karen didn’t know that. Marta belonged to the same fetish club that Mistress Lynn and the Mitchell’s belonged to and was fully in on what was going on. She replied to Karen, "Now Karen, how am I going to stay in business if I spend all of my time filling orders for people who don’t pay. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to come up with the money to pay for everything."

Karen started to panic a little and started crying and begging. “Oh please Marta. They didn’t give me any money. Please I beg you. I’ll do whatever you want. Please don’t send me back to Darrell without that stuff. I couldn’t stand it. Pleeeeease let me do something for you. E

Karen continued like this and emphasized over and over again that she would do anything. Marta of course kept refusing, trying to force Karen into desperation. She already knew what she was going to make Karen do, she just wanted to fuck with Karen’s mind and see how far she could push her before she agreed. Karen finally got down on her knees and begged Marta to please help her, all the while bawling and crying. It was obvious to anyone that Karen was desperate.

Marta knew that the timing was right for a change in tact. She asked Karen in a sympathetic voice, "What will you do for me?"

Karen replied, "Anything you want."

Marta replied, "I want specifics. What are you willing to do for me? Anything covers a lot."

Karen said, "I’ll wash your dishes, I’ll clean your home or your shop." She paused and then quietly and desperately added, "I EI EI’ll even be your slave for a day." Marta asked her to repeat what she said because she wasn’t sure she heard her.

Karen repeated louder this time, "I’ll be your slave for a day."

Marta scratched her chin and she looked like she was thinking about it, when this was the exact opening she was waiting for. She finally responded back, "Karen, as a slave you will have to do anything I tell you, you know that don’t you?"

Karen responded, “I’ll do whatever you want me to, I promise. E

Marta asked her, “Would you be willing to clean my kennels? E Karen agreed.

Marta asked, “Will you do it naked? E Karen agreed.

She asked Karen, “Will you clean all of my shoes, even the ones worn while cleaning the kennels with your tongue? E

Karen almost gagged at the thought of putting the putrid mix of dog shit and piss in her mouth but wasn’t willing to take the punishment for refusing so she said, “Yes mam. E

Marta asked her, “Will you suck my cunt? E Karen agreed.

Marta asked her, “Will you suck my cunt even if it is bloody with my monthly period? E Again Karen almost gagged from the thought, but agreed.

Marta finally responded, "Then if you will agree to spend two days with me as my slave, I’ll agree to fill your order. But I want a down payment right now. Crawl back to the kitchen, remove your clothing and wait for me there. E

Karen crawled back into the kitchen area and undressed. She assumed the kneeling position in the middle of the kitchen with her eyes staring at the floor. She was crying silently and tears were streaming down her cheeks. She was thinking of all of the things that had been done to her so far and her mind raced at from sordid event to sordid event. Then her mind started thinking of all the possible things that Marta might do to her. When she heard Marta picking up the phone she listened in as Marta called Darrell and asked, “Hey stud, what are Karen’s limits for the day?

Darrell explained, “Karen can’t be kept for longer than an hour as she has several other errands to do before the day is over. I’ll confirm with you now that Karen is yours for 2 days next week. E

Marta requested, “I want her first thing Monday and Tuesday. Are you still going to be purchasing a companion for her?"

Darrell confirmed, “Oh yes. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Marta then responded with, "I can't wait. We’ll see you tomorrow then."

Marta hung up the phone and went to the back door of the bakery and opened it. In came the biggest Mastiff that Karen had ever seen. Karen was kneeling naked in the center of the kitchen area. Marta ordered, “Get on your hands and knees dear. I just started my menstrual period this morning and I always get so horny I can barely stand it. I knew I would be having a little fun with you this morning so I just wore one a pad instead of a tampon like I normally do. E She walked up to Karen and placed her cunt in her face and ordered, “Take my panties off and suck my bloody cunt dear. E

Karen immediately reached up with trembling hands to grab Marta’s panties, but Marta slapped her face when she did. "Did I say you could use your hands? Look at me and open your mouth you worthless piece of shit!" she ordered.

Karen complied she started sobbing tears of humiliation down her cheeks from the humiliation. Marta hacked up a huge wad of spit and spit in Karen’s mouth. When she was done she ordered, "Now swallow that and use your mouth to take my panties down."

Karen swallowed the wad of spit and reached up to the waist band of Marta’s panties on one side, bit into it and pulled it down as far as it would go. She noticed immediately that Marta was on her period. She repeated the process on the other side and continued to alternate sides until the panties were down far enough for Marta to step out of them. Karen looked at the bloody cunt that was now only inches from her nose and shuddered with disgust and humiliation of the sordid act she was about to commit. She didn’t know if she could actually do it but she was going to give it her best try. She knew that if she didn’t, the pain she would suffer would be near unbearable. She moved her mouth over Marta’s bloody cunt and started sucking. Karen almost gagged from the thought of it initially but soon realized that the metallic taste of the blood wasn’t nearly as bad as the taste of shit from sucking cocks that had been in her ass.

While Karen was sucking on Marta’s bloody cunt, Marta called her dog Baron over. He started licking Karen’s cunt and ass. Karen started to pull away from Marta’s cunt, but Marta grabbed her head and held her tight. The more the dog licked, the more excited Karen became. Marta was also approaching orgasm from the stimulation Karen was giving her. She looked down and noticed that Baron’s 13 inch cock was ready and gave the order, "Fuck Baron."

When Karen heard Marta tell the dog to fuck something snapped within her. She angrily pushed with her hands against Marta’s thighs so quickly and so hard that Marta was caught be surprise. Karen felt herself falling back on her ass out of Marta’s grasp as she heard the dog yelp in surprise. Sitting on her ass she started crab walking backwards away from Marta and the dog rapidly as she cried out hysterically and angrily, “NO. I don’t care what else you do, I won’t fuck that dog. There’s no way you can mak E E EAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH E

In mid sentence Karen felt a shock in her ass that had her screaming. She curled up into a fetal position and began to cry and scream as the dildo in her ass continued to shock her. It would shock her for a few seconds and then pause just long enough for her to almost recover and then shock her again. For a couple of minutes her body shook uncontrollably from the electrical shocks going through her, screaming in agony with each shock.

Karen’s wondered why she refused. She knew that this would happen. She started berating herself for being so stupid. She thought about how bad it hurt. But she didn’t want to fuck that dog. She had been made to do it before but she just couldn’t do it again. It went against everything that she had ever believed. Her mind started going to all of the animals that Darrell could force her to fuck. Her mind raced from animal to animal and on the next shock she screamed out ‘NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo E E E in one of the most pitiful screams Marta had ever heard.

Marta recognized the scream for what it was. She knew that Karen had just realized the depths of depravity that she could be forced into. She watched as Karen struggled against the electrical shock from the dildo. She wasn’t surprised when the phone started ringing. Marta answered and after listening a couple of minutes, took the phone and put it to Karen’s ear.

Karen felt the phone touch her ear and then she heard, “Listen slut. I told you to do whatever you were told to do. You are such a stupid cunt you can’t even follow a simple instruction like that. I won’t turn that dildo off until you get back on all fours and beg Baron to fuck you. I don’t want you to just let him fuck you, I want you to beg for it as if you mean it. Marta will not let him fuck you until she is convinced that you really want it. Until he gets his cock in your cunt, you will continue to be shocked and the setting goes up for each minute you waste after I hang up. If it gets to ten, I’ll release the pins and let the thing shock you for the rest of the day. And just so you know, the setting is currently at five so it can get a whole lot worse. Now get back up on all fours and beg the dog to fuck you and then finish sucking Marta’s bloody cunt as he does. E

Karen laid there not wanting to let the dog fuck her but not wanting to continue feeling the painful shocks. She couldn’t believe the pain she was experiencing but she just knew that she couldn’t fuck a dog. It was bad enough that she had been forced by Darrell to do all sorts of nasty disgusting things before but she didn’t have a choice. She had to put a stop to it. She thought she now knew where it would all lead if she didn’t. All of a sudden the shocks got worse. She screamed out again yelling out “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO E E Etop E E E can’t E E E AHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! E

Karen’s body went entirely rigid for a few seconds from the shock and then she curled up in a fetal position again. It happened again a few seconds later and then repeated over and over. After another minute the level went up to the seven setting and Karen screamed out louder and this time she straightened out and literally shook uncontrollably. When the Shock subsided Karen decided she couldn’t hold out any longer. With a Herculean effort she struggled up to her hands and knees only to be knocked down by the dildo’s excruciating shock again. This time when it stopped she put everything she had into getting on her hands and knees and braced herself against the pain of the shock. Her whole body shook from the electrical stimulation as she screamed out. Knowing she could not take much more she prepared her self mentally. When the shock stopped she immediately begged as convincingly as she could, “Please Baron fuck me. I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me. I’ll fuck you as much as you want. I want your cock in me E E E AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! E

She braced herself through the shock and was about to collapse when the shock stopped. She quickly started begging in an even more frantic and desperate tone, “Oh god, please fuck me Baron. I can’t stand it any more. I want your cock in me. I want to be your bitch. Please fuck me. E

Karen hadn’t heard Marta give Baron the command to fuck and she was surprised when she felt him on her back. When Baron got up on his hind paws and Karen felt his weight land on her back she reached back to guide the cock into her cunt so she wouldn’t be shocked again. When she felt the cock at her cunt hole she pushed back as quick and hard as she could to sink his cock in. It was obvious to anyone watching that she was actively trying to fuck the dog.

Baron was huge and weighed more than she did and she could barely keep herself up. The only thing that kept her from falling forward was when Marta stepped back up to her face and grabbed her hair, pulling her face back into contact with her bloody cunt. Fortunately for Karen, Marta had been fingering her clit as she watched everything and was close to cumming. She launched into an orgasm almost as soon as Karen started sucking on her cunt.

Karen struggled to suck up all of the blood and cum flowing out of Marta’s cunt. When Marta finally stepped away, Karen fell down onto her forearms with her ass up in the air and Baron’s cock sawing in and out in a rapid machine gun like manner. He slammed it home hard on the next hump causing Karen to grunt from the sudden intrusion. He tightened his grip around her and started rapidly pounding his cock in and out of her cunt even harder trying to force his knot into her cunt. It wasn’t long until his knot was hammering in and out of Karen’s opening. Karen started screaming in pain from the massive grapefruit size knot as it hammered against her cunt lips and clit. He kept pounding harder and harder and eventually Karen’s cunt expanded enough to allow his knot to slip in. Once in, the knot swelled up to half again larger than a large grapefruit. Karen was moaning and crying hysterically from the pain and humiliation of being fucked by a dog.

Baron continued to hump away like there was no tomorrow. Marta had gone to the bathroom to clean herself up and insert a tampon this time before putting a clean pair of panties on. She came out looking as normal as she ever did except for a slight flush in her face. Just as she came out of the bathroom, she heard the bell of the door ringing, indicating that she had a customer coming in the store. She laughingly told Karen, “Don’t make too much noise now. You wouldn’t want my customer to catch you like this now would you? E She went out to the front to tend to the customer. Karen was just hanging on for the ride of her life when she felt the stimulating vibrations of the dildo start in her ass.

Marta came through the door to the front of the shop with her baking apron on and a towel in her hands. She greeted the customer, Frank Thompson, as she normally did. He was the next door neighbor to Karen’s parents and came in every day about this time for a couple of fresh Italian pastries for himself and his wife. Marta apologized to Frank saying, “Sorry for taking so long. I was just mixing some dough for a special order of breads for a party tomorrow. They’re for your neighbor’s daughter Karen. You know she got married earlier this week right? E

Frank shook his head yes and said, EYou mean Karen Peterson, Jack and Laura's Daughter." We always thought that she was such a perfect little girl. I can’t believe she was such a slut that she would go and get herself pregnant. God, if I’d known she was such a slut, I would have taken a shot at her. She has to be about the sexiest little bitch I’ve seen. I can tell you that for the last five years at least, all I thought about when I was doing the wife was that I was doing little Karen instead. E

Karen could hear what her old neighbor was saying. She couldn’t believe that the old man had been perving on her. She wondered what he would think if he saw her now with a dog’s cock in her. She blushed a deep red at the thought of him finding out. She continued listening to the conversation going on through the open door to the front. She was glad old Frank couldn’t see her now.

Marta laughed and said, “Actually her name is Karen Mitchell now. She got married to Darrell, John and Nancy Mitchell’s son, earlier this week. He’s the one that got Karen pregnant. Their having a little reception for just some very close friends of theirs tomorrow and they sent Karen over to order the breads they wanted. I was with the little slut back in the kitchen showing her how I make my breads when you came in. I just let her allow Baron in the back door so she could pet him. E

Frank took a quick inhale of breath and responded, “So it was the Mitchell boy. John and Nancy always seemed like they were nice folk but I never got to know their son. I wasn’t even aware that she had been dating anyone. Her parents had always led me to believe she was the perfect daughter and wouldn’t have anything to do with boys. They always said that she was going to wait until she was going to wait until she got married. I guess that just goes to show you that kids just don’t pay any attention to what their parents Esay. E

Marta agreed saying, “I know what you mean. She was supposed to be the perfect daughter, the perfect student and the perfect neighbor. But apparently she’s got a darker side. Did you hear the rumors flying about what happened at the restaurant last night? E He responded with a surprised tone, “You mean that was her? I would have never believed that little miss innocent Karen could do anything like that. E

Karen’s humiliation was deepened when she heard that last bit of the conversation. She knew now that her parents would find out. There was nothing that happened in town that he knew of that he wouldn’t tell his wife. And his wife would then tell her mother. Her hope of getting her parents to believe that she was being forced into doing all of these disgusting things was getting slimmer. But she knew that she had to try. She couldn’t stand to continue to be forced to do all of the despicable things Darrell wanted her to do.

They continued talking about other thinks as small town shop owners do. After about 5 minutes there was a howl from the back that Marta recognized as Baron cumming. Frank asked, “What in the world is wrong with Baron. He sounded like he was in pain. E

Marta responded, “It did, didn’t it? We better see if anything’s wrong with him. E Marta gave a whistle and called, “Here Baron. E She knew full well that after just cumming, he would be tied to Karen and would come to her dragging her behind him.

Sure enough Baron came out as quickly as he could with Karen being pulled along behind him with his cock stuck in her cunt. Karen was screaming in panic and pain, “Stop Baron, Stop. It hurts. Stop, Please stop Baron. E

Karen bawled her eyes out knowing that her humiliation was complete. Now her parents would know that she fucked a dog and that it would be told that she did it willingly. She just had to get to them soon, before Frank’s wife got to her mother. She just had to. And when she looked up and her eye’s met Frank’s, she just cried even harder. At about the same time Frank responded with a “My god. E

Marta put on the act of her life exclaiming, “Karen! How could you? That is the most vile, disgusting thing I have ever seen. It’s bad enough that you act like a slut in public at the restaurant last night. But to have sex with my dog is the most depraved act I have ever seen? Why I have half a mind to call the police and have you arrested and cancel your entire order for tomorrow. E

That last statement really got Karen’s attention. Regardless of her current situation, she began to panic. She couldn’t afford to fail to get this order. She begged in desperation to Marta, “Please don’t. I have to have that order for tomorrow. I’ll do anything, anything at all. Please don’t cancel the order. E

Marta looked at Frank and asked him, “Frank, I have no need for her services for anything. I know you are as embarrassed as I am. EShe lied. She continued, “However, what about you? She said she would do anything. I am sure she would do anything to keep this from getting to her parents. E

Frank scratched his chin in thought while looking at Karen and Baron. Karen focused all of her pleas on Frank begging, “Please Mr. Thompson. Don’t tell my mom and dad. They’ll never want to see me again. I couldn’t stand that. Please, I’ll do anything, anything at all. I EI EI’ll even be your slave for a day. I’ll do whatever you want. E She just looked at him as best she could considering that she was still tied to Baron.

Frank stood there in thought for a few minutes as Karen continued to beg in heaving sobs and finally said, “You know, I have a Friday night poker game next week with all of my buddies. All of the wives are going to Seattle for the weekend to do some shopping. If you’ll promise to come to the house at 6:00 pm Friday night and stay through Saturday night and do everything we say without question, I’ll consider it. E

Karen immediately agreed saying, “Oh thank you Mr. Thompson. I promise to do everything you and your friends want me to. I promise. Just please don’t tell mom and dad. E Karen felt the vibrator start buzzing in her ass again. And when combined with the stimulation of the dog’s knot, Karen started cumming very quickly.

Mr. Thompson shook his head and looked at Marta and said, “I would love to stay and play a bit, but the wife would wonder what took me so long. Thanks Marta. It’s been a very illuminating morning. I can’t wait until next Friday. Oh Karen, why don’t you bring the dog with you when you come to the house? I’m sure the guys would love to see a little show of you with the dog. E He turned and left the shop, laughing as he went out the door. He couldn’t believe that he was going to get a shot at little Karen. No, his wife wouldn’t find out about this.

After Frank left, Marta turned to Karen and said, “I must say that was totally unexpected. I was just trying to embarrass you a bit and add to the already juicy gossip going around town about you. But it looks like your old neighbor has the hots for you. I never expected him to agree to anything like that. It just goes to show that you can never tell about some people. E

Marta picked up the phone and called Darrell. She leaned down enough and held the phone out so that Karen could hear what was being said. She asked him, “Did you hear what went on? E

They both heard Darrell laughing and saying between gasps, “I think it’s a grand idea. I just love the thought that Karen’s dirty old neighbor and all of his old friends are going to get to use and abuse her for most of the weekend. Tell Karen that I said she did a good job. Tell her that if she keeps this up, I’ll have her trained into the most perfect little sex slave ever. E

Karen heard everything he said and it caused her to start crying again. Marta answered, “I don’t need to tell her a thing. She just heard everything you said. I just can’t wait to have my two days with her. Bye for now luv. I’ve got a nice little toy to get cleaned up. E

Marta hung up and looked at Karen. “He is quite the stud, your husband. I can’t wait to get my hands on him tomorrow night. Now let’s get you two separated and cleaned up before we send you to your next stop. E

Marta walked into the back kitchen and of course Baron followed her there dragging Karen behind her. Marta filled a big pot with water and put ice in it to get it good and chilled. After a couple of minutes with the ice in it, she picked it up and dumped it on Baron and Karen. Karen shrieked from the cold and Baron immediately jumped to get away from the water and pulled his knot out of Karen’s distended cunt. Karen’s shriek of surprise from the cold water turned into a scream of pain from the knot pulling out before it was really ready. Karen was crying uncontrollably now from the pain, the humiliation and the utter hopelessness of her situation.

All of a sudden Karen felt her arm being lifted up as Marta was pulling her up. Marta started going into her mothering mode and started cooing to Karen as she held her head between her breasts, “There, there now. It’s not that bad. It will all be over before you know it. Why don’t you just learn to enjoy what is happening. It’ll make it a lot easier on you if you do. Now come on and let’s get you all cleaned up. E She led a stunned and crying Karen to the bathroom and washed her up. She helped Karen get dressed and sent her on her way with a promise that she would have the deliveries on time tomorrow.

Note to Readers:
Please e-mail me with your thoughts, good or bad about Karen’s ordeal. Also, If you have an idea of something you might like to see happen to her or her future child(That will be the focus of Part 2), then please share it.

I would like to thank Marta from Italy for her suggestions. She was the first fan to correspond with me. The character Marta in the story is based on a compilation of her suggestions and fantasies. I can’t wait to write about Karen’s two days with Marta. There are some really perverted and disgusting things that are going to happen.

Please e-mail comments and let me know what you think of my story. I am always looking for ideas and invite suggestions. If you are reading this on Storiesonline or BDSM and like the story please vote and comment.

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