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Mary didn’t deny Amber anything she continued to suck her viciously even as Andy began pound her pussy with increase fervor
Hand on the wheel the top down and the cool country breeze filling his lungs Andy felt free. Blue sky above Andy and his wife Amber were off into the countryside on a cool autumn day. In the trunk of their beige Sebring was a picnic basket full of sandwiches, fruits ranging from apples to strawberries and two glasses to enjoy a bottle of wine at the end of the day.

Andy glanced over at his wife, one hand still on the wheel the other on her slender thigh. She was a beautiful sight. She was dressed in a pale orange dress. She wore no bra to support her breasts. They needed no bra, they stood high and firm. The dress had a wide and deep V neck boldly exposing the supple soft alabaster skin. His eye moved down her body to his hand and her exposed flesh.

The dress normally hung below the knee but the wind had moved it up mid thigh and the sight of her deliciously slender legs sent his heart racing. He licked his lips and moving his hand back to the wheel and his gaze back to the road he swallowed in anticipation at the day before him.

Amber stared out at the scenery, the passing fields and the trees seeking a spot on her side for their picnic. She knew Andy was staring at her. She smiled. She liked knowing he yearned for her body and feeling his hand warm on her leg sent shivers to her core.

The road rose up above them but the Sebring easily took the approaching hill. On the crest the couple’s eyes fell on a black Honda on the side of the road and a lone figure next to it thumb out.

Andy was a cautious man not one to pick up strangers but as he neared the person he saw it was a woman. It wasn’t late but still Andy wasn’t going to just leave a woman on the side of the road. He began to slow.

“What are you doing?” Amber hissed.

“We can’t just leave her babe.”

Amber knew he was right and said so but men weren’t always the dangerous ones.

“Hi,” Andy said. “Need a ride?”

The woman was large and if not for her voice and features Andy would have probably doubted she was a woman.

“Yes… yes I do.” She said in a soft voice which greatly belied the fact that she had broad shoulders, thick arms and legs had the physique of an Amazon.

She bent and picked up her bag.

Andy’s eyes widened at the sight of her firm ass in the blue shorts she wore and her firm breasts and bulging chest behind the black tee shirt. He was sure she wasn’t wearing a bra because when she straightened he saw hard nipples pushing against the cotton.

Amber too admired the woman curious at how hard the woman’s muscles were.

“This stupid rental broke down. I know there is a town about a few miles up. If you drop me off I’d really appreciate it. Mary’s my name.”

“Andy and my wife Amber.” Andy said.

“Nice to meet you.” Amber said.

“Thanks. Do you mind if I toss my pack in the back?”

“No problem.” Andy said.

Mary hopped in her bulk filling the backseat.

Amber couldn’t help but occasionally glance at this Amazon of a woman. She’d never met a muscle woman before and she couldn’t help but stare and wonder about her. Did she have a man? Did she even like men? Maybe she found Amber’s soft body arousing. This sent delightful shivers through Amber thinking of such a woman dominating her sexually. She shook her head to chase the thoughts away tussling her shoulder length hair. Still she admired the woman’s rippling muscles and her mind went back to thoughts of the woman’s hard body again she wondered. Did Mary like to be sucked? How big was her clit?

“You have nice hair?” Mary said.

“Thanks.” Amber said smiling her full pink lips parting.

“Where were you headed?” Andy asked glancing in the rear view mirror. She was pretty he realized. Unlike Amber’s dark brown hair Mary had light curly blond with dark streaks. Her face was bronze like the rest of her body but not overly so like some women who were more eager to be like a penny than in at least looking good. She had a square jaw and features but in spite of that with baby blue eyes and full pink lips she was pretty.

“Funny enough I was headed no where in particular. I just finished a competition back in the city and came out for a drive. Those things take a lot out of you and driving through the countryside calms me but that rental…” She gritted her teeth and smacked her thigh.

Amber jumped at the sound.

“Oh well. I appreciate this lift. Where were you guys headed?”

“Picnicking.” Andy said.

“That’s so sweet. I hate to side track you guys.”

“No problem.” Amber said. “We couldn’t just leave you.”

“I probably would have.” Mary said. “I may look big and strong but I’d probably have kept going and called the police.”

Amber never thought of that and neither did Andy.

“No big deal.” Andy said.

“Oh there’s a lovely spot.” Amber said.

Andy glanced over. She was right. Not far from the road there were a cluster of large trees leaning over a stream and the grass though high and swaying in the breeze seemed soft enough. He slowed.

“Are you going to remember where it is?” Amber asked.

“I sure hope so.”

“Why don’t you two stop now?” I think I can walk the rest of the way it’s only another few miles.

“No way. Join us.” Amber said before she knew what came out.

Andy was shocked as was Amber at her suggestion.

“Nah you guys have a romantic thing planned. Don’t wanna be a third wheel.”

Amber was stubborn and never backed down and that stubborn streak now got the better of her. She couldn’t back track.

“I insist.” She said a little weaker. “We have more than enough.”

Mary smiled and nodded. “Sure.”

The trio piled out the car. Andy retrieved the basket and the wine. Amber grabbed her purse and the blanket and Mary grabbed her bag.

“What do you guys do?” Mary asked as they waded through the grass as it swayed in the breeze.

“He’s a tax attorney.” Amber said. “We met one day when he came to the courthouse for some docs. He was so rude.”

“It was bad day,” Andy said in his defense.

Amber brushed playfully against his shoulder.

Mary laughed. “Any kids?”

“Naw but we’re always trying.” Andy said.

Amber’s cheeks flushed red.

Mary laughed. “The trying is always the best part.”

Andy laughed as did Amber though she was still somewhat embarrassed at the subtly hints of sexuality.

“What about you?” Andy asked.

“No. No kids. I’ve been busy touring around down shows trying to win as many competitions.” Mary couldn’t help but think it was also quiet sometime since she’d practiced having any though she wasn’t interested in mothering yet.

“How long have you been a body builder?” He asked as they reached the trees.

“’bout five years now. It’s fun but tiring. Seems I’m always on the road with my trainer except the one day I needed her I left her back there.” She thumbed her finger towards the way they came and her rental.

Amber spread the blanket and the trio sat down.

Mary’s tee shirt rode up once she sat revealing the firm abs beneath. She crossed her legs and muscles and veins bulged.

Amber was quiet impressed with the woman’s physique.

Andy too stared wondering in the back of his mind if she had a man and if she did how it felt making love to so much muscle.

“Shall we eat?” Amber asked breaking the silence.

Mary reached into her bag and pulled out a bar. “If you don’t mind I’ll be having these.”

“Oh okay.” Amber said as she set the sandwiches out. “We have fruit too.”

“Cool I can do that.”

Conversation ceased for a few while as they ate but things changed when Amber reaching the container with the fruit touched Mary’s hard hand.

Amber pulled back not in repulsion but embarrassment.

“Sorry,” Mary said.

“My fault. I don’t wanna be feeling you all up now.” She laughed nervously.

Mary laughed. “No big deal. I have people touching me all the time wondering if my muscles are real and if their hard or not.”

“Can I?” Amber asked curiosity getting the better of her.

Andy couldn’t believe what his wife had just asked but then again he was curious too but he wasn’t going to say it.

Amber sat up. She was on all fours now and crawled over to the woman.

She wore a pair of string panties and her dress was on her ass but Andy was the only one who could see the view of her plump little ass, her cheeks pale and smooth like the rest of her slim frame.

Amber reached out and touched Mary’s thigh. She squeezed impressed with how firm the woman was almost like rock but warm.

“I still have some work to do on it,” Mary said, “but I think I’m heading along the right track.”

Amber moved her hands to Mary’s abs and ran her hands over the woman’s wash board stomach. Feeling the ripples under her fingers sent chills through her body. She licked her lips wondering how it would feel to have such muscles rub against her. She froze. Was she really thinking about this woman riding her or Andy with these muscles riding her?

Andy watched his wife. He was becoming aroused. Deep in his trousers his shaft pressed against his zipper. He licked his dry lips and continued to stare. It was like watching a porn movie.

Mary felt a chill passing through her and it wasn’t from the breeze. Though she didn’t want to tell Amber to stop she didn’t know if the woman knew what her touch was actually doing to her.

Amber moved her hands up her sides and bypassed the woman’s breasts though she was curious to fondle them. She touched her thick neck and shoulders. She felt her stomach twist and felt a carnal urge rise in her
Andy moved his hand to his crotch and pushed down on his shaft. It was rock hard. He yearned for release. His racing heart pumped more blood to his already engorged shaft. It felt as if it would explode.

Mary felt her body tingle. She should tell this woman to stop but she liked her soft hands on her and if she wanted to touch her and her husband didn’t object why would she stop her? Mary glanced at Andy. She could see he was enjoying it. Their eyes met.

Andy was caught red handed.

Mary smiled and took Ambers hand and pressed them against her rock hard breasts.

Amber didn’t resist. She squeezed. Most of the woman’s chest was rock hard including her nipples.

Mary pulled back and stood.

Amber felt foolish for what she’d just been doing. She’d embarrassed not only herself but Andy and this woman.

Mary peeled her tee shirt off revealing her naked chest. She then wiggled out of her shorts and panties and exposed herself to them and anyone passing before sitting back on the blanket. She spread legs, her feet flat on the soft fabric grass poking through it.

Amber was stunned and like a moth was drawn to her. Forgetting her husband she easily peeled her dress off and crawled towards the woman her breasts dangling as she moved towards her swinging with each movement.

Andy couldn’t ask for anything better. He was about to watch his wife go down on another woman he was sure. His eyes were wide with anticipation.

Mary spread her legs wider as Amber moved towards her.

Amber’s gaze went from the woman’s soft blue eyes to her rock hard abs then to the large clit between her legs. Compared to Amber’s pussy which was coated with a thin layer of dark hair Mary’s was bald. Her clit was large the hood covering it resembled a small dick. Amber on the other hand had small lips and her labia were hidden behind the sweet folds of her fuzzy mound. She touched Mary’s mound.

Mary moaned and closed her eyes. The anticipation had left her weak and wanting. The woman’s hands were so soft against her hood but firm as curious Amber pushed down on her with probing fingers brushing against the woman’s huge clit the size of a segment on her little finger.

Amber toyed with it and was amused at how Mary shivered each time her fingers moved against it. She leaned down her ass in the air and glanced back. It was the first time she thought of Andy so lost in exploring this woman. Their eyes met. There he was rubbing in shaft through his pant. She licked her lips and with her finger beckoned him over. She then turned her attention back to Mary moving her head down and embracing the woman’s mound with her mouth.

Mary pushed her meat up into Amber’s mouth.

Amber had sucked on a woman once before in fact more than once on a dare from her sister she’d sucked her off but that was when she was sixteen and since she’d never even considered it but here she was sucking this woman they’d just met. Was it because her clit and clit hood looked like a dick?

Mary shivered again feeling the heat of Amber’s mouth enveloping her.

Andy’s shorts and boxers were off. He moved behind Amber and positioned himself. Pulling the string of her panty aside he fully exposed her pussy glistening before him a trail of her white juice trickling from the folds. Andy spread her lips revealing the sweet candy pink opening. Her hole contracted and relaxed. He positioned his head on her opening and pushed.

Amber moaned as Andy entered her her mouth still wrapped around Mary’s clit.

The vibration of Amber moaning sent waves of pleasure washing over Mary. She bit her lower lip and began grinding her body against Amber’s face.

Andy reached under Amber and with one hand he began toying with her slit sliding his hand down and teasing her clit and with the other he squeezing her nipple.

Amber moaned again lost in the triple stimulation of having Andy’s seven inch shaft deep in her pussy filling her completely and pressing against her G Spot not to mention his fingers teasing her clit hidden between her hairy mound and finally squeezing her nipples as her breasts bounced in response to his deep slow strokes.

Mary was cumming. She could feel her stomach tighten. The sensations from Amber’s stiff tongue and the introduction of two fingers into her dripping pussy was too much for her. She gripped the blanket they were on with her strong arms and in spite of herself cried out as wave after wave sent her rock hard body shuddering violently.

Andy watched as Mary shuddered uncontrollable under his wife’s mouth. He pushed harder and deeper gripping his wife’s hips as he pushed.

Amber didn’t stop licking or sucking in fact just as when she’d sucked her sister so many year ago there were rewards from continual stimulation, the sweet cum that oozed from Mary and the aftershocks that sent the muscle woman whimpering.

Andy could feel his balls tighten. His cum surged into his wife.

Amber felt Andy’s pace quicken. She pushed back onto him meeting each thrust with her own arching her back more towards the ground. She gripped Mary’s hard thighs her mouth still wrapped around the woman’s mound but no longer sucking.

Mary opened her eyes and watched as Amber’s breasts bounced to each of Andy thrust. She licked her lips and swallowed her as Amber tightened her grasp on her thighs digging her nails into her hard flesh.

Amber cried out pulling her head away from Mary’s pussy her breasts jumping pink nipples hard as Andy slammed his shaft into her one last time.

Andy held her hips as he pushed his dick to the hilt his balls slapping against Amber’s ass. He let out a loud sigh to match Amber’s as his cum shot into her.

Andy slipped out of Amber after a few minutes. She turned as she always did after he fucked her to suck his shaft. Mary was next to her as she reached for it, Andy now towering above the two women.

Mary hadn’t sucked dick for two years. She had an overworked dildo in her bag and when she needed companionship there was her trainer Jenny who though more interested in men didn’t mind experimenting with her.

Mary beat Amber to slipping Andy’s dick in her mouth. Amber felt a flush of rage at being denied her right but it soon passed when pulling back Mary said, “You taste good.”

“Mmmmmm. You did too.” Amber said. Amber went back to cleaning Andy’s shaft caressing his balls sliding her hand up and down his ass crack as she did.

Mary pulled away and positioned herself behind Amber. She grabbed her ass.

Amber glanced back but before she could protest Mary’s mouth and tongue were at work sucking cum from her hole and teasing her clit.

Mary admired the woman’s cunt. Even though it had a mat of hair it was neatly trimmed. She lapped at the cum that oozed from Amber and when that was gone slipped her tongue in her hole while with one hand toying with her clit the other circled the rim of her puckered asshole. Amber tasted sweet like but also a little salty. Mary savored the taste.

Andy not known for recovering so quickly was getting hard in Amber’s mouth surprising her. Was it from her moaning a result of Mary’s stimulation?

For the first time a car passed but didn’t slow. It didn’t interrupt the trio in the least.

Andy slipped his slick shaft from Amber’s mouth and shuffled behind Mary. He watched as Mary hungrily ate his wife’s ass and pussy and watched Amber squirm pushing back against the woman eager for more. Andy’s admired Mary’s ass tight and bronze like the rest of her body. He reached out and touched it. It was hard and smooth. Mary didn’t miss a beat in devouring his wife even as he caressed her.

Andy pulled one cheek apart and slipped his resurgent cock into her hole. She was tight tighter than Amber. He wondered if that’s because she was tight and fit all over. He pushed in further. Mary pushed back against him.

Amber so entranced by the tongue lashing and fingering she was getting not only in her pussy but her tight ass didn’t pay any attention to what her husband was doing and even if she were she didn’t care. She was in heaven as the first orgasm from Mary’s tongue washed over her.

Andy gripped Mary’s hips and began to pump her.

Mary tightened her grip on him.

Andy gasped unable to believe the woman had control of the muscles in her pussy but sure enough she held him fast. Still he stroked her enjoying the glove like grip she had on him.

Mary didn’t deny Amber anything she continued to suck her viciously even as Andy began pound her pussy with increased fervor as she got wetter and wetter unable to hold him like a vice inside anymore.

Andy watched as his dick slid out only to bury it again deep into her sculpted ass. Where as Amber’s soft meaty white mounds would bounce with each stroke hers was still and hard against him.

Mary was feeling her lower body tighten as it did when Amber sucked her clit and fingered her. This though was a sweeter feeling and even though Andy’s dick wasn’t the thickest in the world she was lost in the moment. Not having a warm cock in her for about two years was too long and the fact that he was married to the woman she was sucking off was deliciously naughty. She closed her eyes breathing harder and faster panting and moaning until she sucked in a breath and cried out as her body reached a massive climax.

Andy spurted a weak shot of cum in Mary’s pussy feeling her tighten around his shaft as if she were trying to squeeze ever last drop of cum out.

She collapsed pulling an also weakened Amber with her to the blanket.

Andy looked at the two women on the blanket.

Amber had rolled over her fuzzy mound glistening. Mary had also turned over her sculpted body glistened from sweat her pussy from her cum and his as it oozed out.

Andy remained on his knees staring at the two women.

Mary glanced at Amber. She’d sensed her anger last time she sucked her husband’s dick and even though she’d just been fucked by him she still differed to the wife this time.

Amber said. “I’ve already tasted your honey Mary. You clean his cock.” Amber lay back and watched as the muscle woman cleaned her husbands cock her ass in the air. Amber toyed with her clit as she watched this wondering if in their five years they’d ever had such an intense session. They hadn’t and as Andy and Mary came to lay next to her, Andy wrapping his hands around her head and playing with her hair and Mary caressing her soft pubic hair she knew unless they kept in contact with this muscle woman they never would again.

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