Chapter 21

“Morning Beth,” Mary said with a yawn as she reached out to squeeze her bed mates closest breast.

“Morning,” Beth said as she crawled out of bed and reached for her robe. “You better hurry up if you want to fuck Jake before we get our showers.”

“I’m hurrying,” Mary said as she jumped out of the bed and threw her own robe on over her naked body. “Is Jake really as small as Dannie told me?”

“Yeah he is,” Beth said with a bemused smile, “but he really knows how to use what he’s got. That’s why I enjoy fucking him as much as the other guys.”

“I’ll believe it when I feel it,” Mary said with a grin as she reached between the folds of her robe to give her pussy a quick stroke before she slipped her feet into her sandels.

“Oh, you’ll feel it alright,” Beth said as she picked up her shower bag and tossed the other shoulder bag to Mary.

“Do you really think Jake is dumb enough to think that he’s the father of my baby?” Mary asked as she followed Beth toward the grove where they were suppose to meet the older boy. “I mean, all he has to do is calculate the date when the baby is born and he’ll realize I was already a month along when we fucked for the first time.”

“There’s a good chance that since this is your first baby it will be late,” Beth pointed out. “That will, of course, throw off any calculations Jake might make on your due date. But personally I don’t think he’ll ever think of calculating the date - in fact he’ll probably be too relieved when we don’t demand child support from him.”

“So why are we telling him he’s the father if we’re not going to demand child support from him?” Mary asked scratching her head as they neared the grove.

“For you and Dannie he’s the scapegoat if your parents push things to the point that you need to name the father of your child,” Beth pointed out. “For me - well, I guess I like playing with his mind since he cheated on me first chance he got, even sooner than I cheated on him.”

“So for you,” Mary said with a sharp laugh, “it’s all about revenge? You want to make him think that he’s the father of your baby because he cheated on you before you cheated on him.”

“Yeah,” Beth admitted, “I guess it sounds pretty silly when you think about it that way.”

“Maybe,” Mary said with a mischievous smile, “but I think Jake deserves everything we’re doing to him after the way he cheated on you.”

“Just what I need,” Beth sighed, “approval from a pregnant girl five years younger than me. But at least I’m not alone in my revenge.”

The two girls fell silent as they neared the opening in the trees where they knew Jake waited for them - or at least for Beth. The older girl signaled for Mary to wait at the edge of the trees and entered the glade alone. “Hi Beth,” Mary heard Jake say in what she assumed was suppose to be his most seductive voice.

“Hi Jake,” Beth said in a more normal but still enticing voice as she approached the boy siting on the old log. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Ohoh,” Jake said, his voice dropping almost to a whisper, “I hope this isn’t like the last surprise you had for me - or the one Kathy had for me just before she left.”

“It’s a little hard for me to surprise you with another pregnancy since I haven’t had the first baby yet,” Beth chuckled. “No, I think you’re going to like this surprise. You remember Dannie don’t you?”

“How could I forget,” Jake grumbled, “she surprised me with her announcement just a few minutes after you did.”

“I remember,” Beth said, “but I also remember you saying she was the best eleven year old fuck you ever had.”

“Until Kathy came along she was the only eleven year old fuck I ever had,” Jake said with a sharp laugh.

“Well Dannie’s thirteen year old sister Mary is my roommate for the next month, and she’s just as horny as her sister. I invited her along because I thought you’d enjoy fucking her as much as you enjoyed fucking her younger sister.”

“And if I know my luck she’ll end up just as pregnant as the rest of you,” Jake sighed.

“Even if she does I know you well enough to know that you’ll enjoy every single stroke of your cock in her tight little pussy,” Beth teased.

“Yeah I will,” Jake said with a chuckle. “Come on in Mary, you may as well join the fun.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Mary said, giving Jake a bright smile when she was close enough for him to see it. She set her bag down next to Beth’s and crossed the clearing to join the other two, opening her robe along the way so Jake got a good look at her naked body as she slid it off her shoulders.

“What position do you like?” Jake asked Mary as she opened her robe on the grass and sat down on it.

“I’m still trying to figure that out,” Mary said with a mischievous grin as she opened her legs so Jake could see the moisture dripping from her lightly furred cunt. “Why don’t we try it this way for now?”

“Ok,” Jake said slowly as he stripped out of his shorts and t-shirt before crawling between her open thighs. “By the way, Mary, are you a virgin?”

“No,” Mary said with a chuckle, “but I practically had to rape my boyfriend to lose my cherry.”

“Oh,” Jake said, hesitating with the head of his prick just inches from Mary’s slit. “You have a boyfriend?”

“Yes,” Mary said as she shifted her hips back and forth to get closer to Jake’s cock. “But he’s not here and you are. You don’t expect me to go a full month without fucking do you?”

“I guess not,” Jake said with a crooked grin as he nudged Mary’s thighs further apart so he could get the tip of his cock head right up against her dripping pussy lips so he could it up and down the length of her slit before he eased it through her fur covered cunt.”

“Oh God, that’s just what I need,” Mary moaned as Jake shoved the full length of his small cock into her belly and rotated his hips in a way that made his prick feel bigger than it was in the young teen’s slit. “Fuck me Jake, fuck me and fill me with your cum while you make me cum too.”

“Oh I’ll make you cum alright,” Jake panted as he slammed his cock in and out of Mary’s cunt with enough force to make her forget that he had the smallest cock she’d ever fucked. “And I’ll fill you up with all the cum your pussy can milk out of my cock and balls.”

“Come over here Beth,” Mary called to her friend, “let me suck on those beautiful tits of yours while your boyfriend fucks me.”

“You’re a dirty little slut,” Beth said as she knelt down next to Mary on the robe and leaned close enough for the younger girl to reach her nipples with her hungry mouth. “And that makes me so fucking horny. I love it .”

“So do I,” Mary gasped as Jake continued to fuck her in a way that shot pulses of sexual energy up and down her spine in spite of the size of the boys shaft. “Play with my titties while I suck yours.”

“Oh yeah,” Jake gasped as he rolled his cock around in Mary’s tight slit, “there’s nothing hotter than two girls playing with each other.”

“That’s what you think,” Mary gasped as she tried to catch Beth’s nipple in her mouth as the older girl massaged her breasts. “I can think of things a lot hotter than this, but right now I’m enjoying your cock and Beth’s fingers too much to think of any.”

“Enjoy what you’ve got right now because it won’t last much longer,” Jake panted as he forgot the fancy moves and started slamming his cock in harder and harder with every thrust. He could feel Mary’s cunt pulsing around his shaft and knew that she was about to cum too.

“Oh God, I’m cumming,” Mary screamed as Beth’s nipple popped out of mouth and she wrapped her legs around Jake’s ass to hold him deep in her cunt as he shot his load of baby juice as deep in her belly as he could.

“You’re the best, Jake,” Mary said, running her hand through the older boy’s sweaty hair as she gave him a sloppy kiss. “Dannie told me you were but I didn’t really believe her until now. If you promise to fuck me like this every morning than I know I’m going enjoy my month at camp.”

“That’s up to Beth,” Jake said with a hopeful smile as he turned to the girl who was suppose to be his girlfriend. “How about it, Beth, can I fuck both of you every morning?”

“As long as you can actually fuck both of us every morning that’s fine with me, especially if you’re ready to fuck me right now. After watching the two of you fuck and playing with Mary’s tits while she fucked mine I’m so horny I need a cock in me right now!”

“I think I can manage that,” Jake said with a chuckle as he pulled his cock out of Mary’s still milking pussy. Jake’s prick was a little soft when he pulled it out but it started hardening immediately and in seconds Jake was ready to fuck Beth as she switched places with Mary.

“Fuck me Jake, fuck me,” Beth screamed as Jake slid his small prick into her fuck tunnel with a twist that made Beth’s fuck tunnel feel fuller than it really was. As Jake’s pubic hair meshed with Beth’s Mary reached out to play with the older girl’s tits, sending a jolt of sexual energy rushing from her erect nipples down to her pussy and then back up to her belly where she could feel her orgasm starting to grow right behind where her baby was growing.

“You are so God damn fucking hot,” Jake groaned as he slid his cock in and out of Beth’s wet cunt, stroking the shaft across the girl’s blood filled clit with every stroke. He could feel Beth’s slit pulsing around his prick every time he slammed into her and he felt his balls filling with sperm, ready to shoot wad after wad into the blond’s full womb. He glanced up past where Mary was playing with Beth’s pregnancy enlarged breasts to watch see the pleasure on his girlfriend’s face as her orgasm came closer and closer with each thrust.

“I’m going to cum,” Beth panted as her belly clenched and released as the pool of sexual energy surrounding her baby continued to expand. She felt Mary move closer to suck on her erect nipple and as the younger girl sucked on her tender tittie her orgasm exploded from her stomach.

As Beth screamed in pleasure her back jumped from the robed stretched on the ground and Jake managed to bury his cock in her twat one more time before her blond thatched pussy clamped tight around his shaft so hard that he felt his nuts explode with his own orgasm. “I’m cumming too,” Jake grunted as he shot his first wad of cum into Beth’s milking cunt. Five more wads followed the first one in quick succession and when he was done Jake pulled his wilted shaft out of Beth’s sperm filled fuck hole as they both panted for breath.

“Incredible as always,” Beth said after a deep breath as she sat up to give Jake an appreciative kiss. “Mary and I have to go now, but we’ll be back the same time tomorrow morning.”

“And I’ll be here and ready to fuck,” Jake said as he returned Beth’s kiss and then turned to give Mary a kiss as well before he got up from her robe and pulled on his clothes. “Tomorrow I’ll make sure to bring a blanket.”

“You better,” Beth said with a chuckle as Mary shook out her robe. “Because I won’t be the one getting grass and leaves up my ass when we fuck tomorrow.”

As the girls left the grove and headed for the bath house Mary turned to Beth and gave her a broad grin as she said, “I can see why you want to keep fucking Jake in spite of the size of his cock and the fact that you’re actually in love with George.”

“You think so,” Beth said with a grin of her own.

“Well, besides the fact that you want to abuse Jake because he betrayed you by getting and fucking a girlfriend before you fucked Bill I can see that Jake really knows how to use his cock.”

“He sure does,” Beth said with a pleased sigh. “I’m trying to teach the other guys some of Jake’s techniques, but some of his tricks just don’t work with the guys’ larger cocks. So I keep fucking him - at least for now,” Beth finished with a chuckle as the two of them entered the girl’s bath house.

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