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(C) 2008 Chagrin Riddle
William Sisterson wasn't just your average hardworking inbred boy from rural Southern United States, no sir. His father had named him William, who was educated enough to know that William was the proper form of Bill, and Bill was a good, strong name, a respectable name. It was a name that would carry some weight in the world, and when you said a name like Bill Sisterson, people would know the name off the bat. Bill's father expected Bill to be famous someday, but he didn't know just how famous or why.

Bill's mother liked to call him Little Willy when he was young, and would often tease him about his abnormally small pecker. Bill's sisters would do the same, teasing him and sometimes pulling it hard, trying to stretch it out for him. Bill's mother said that he wasn't to blame, though - he took after his father. In all the times Bill's parents had fucked, his mother had never been pleasured by his father. Bill's father would fuck her every night after he got home, and not once was he the cause of an orgasm. But for Bill's father's size problems, he had an enviable libido to compensate, and liked to spend his load at least six times a day.

Now Bill's father believed that only a woman's husband could deflower her on her wedding day, so he left his daughters' perfect little pussies alone, no matter how much he wanted them. At the earliest age, however, he taught each one of his daughters how to suck a dick the right way. He was proud of his daughters, and of what great cocksuckers they turned out to be.

In the field of sex, however, Bill's father was less than proud of his son. He hadn't wanted to pass his penile genes on, but it seemed, for the first fifteen years of Bill's life, that he would be forever known as Little Willy. Bill's father had asked all of Bill's sisters to help Bill out, to make his penis bigger, but the stretchings were painful. When Bill's father found out what they were doing to poor Bill's member, he gave them all the biggest spankings of their lives, and told them that what he had wanted them to do was suck Bill's dick to make it grow, not pull it.

So from the age of eight to fifteen, Bill got head from his sisters everyday, in hopes that his penis would get bigger. His erections were tiny, no bigger than an inch, and having not entered puberty, he never got off to his sisters' attempts to pleasure him, although he enjoyed the warm, moist feeling of his dick in their mouths, the tongues of his sisters rolling over his cock, the very look of it, the smell of it, the way they put all their efforts into pleasuring him instead of torturing him. He loved it, but he could not spew the cum he had seen his father unload.

Bill was a late bloomer, and did not hit puberty until he was fifteen. He worried that his dick would be small forever, and his body was also not fit at the time for farm work, like the other boys were. The other boys teased him because he was so small, and when a couple of his sisters let it slip that his dick was small, the other boys teased him for that, too.

But when he did finally hit puberty, people had to watch out. Between his fifteenth and sixteenth birthday, it all came at once. Bill grew to a stunning seven feet even, with a size 25 1/2 shoe. His dick became his shoe size in inches when it was solid, over 6 inches thick, and he had immense testes to keep the proportions looking natural. His sex drive succeeded his old man by eight times, so he needed to shoot a shot glass' worth of semen every half hour, and had over 15 wet dreams a night. If he wasn't feeding his sisters or his mother with his man-juice, he was pouring it into a bucket. If he didn't get it out, his testes would become quite painful, as if someone had kicked him, and so he was always masturbating.

Now, the last funny thing about Bill's penis, that the whole town thought was spectacular, was that Bill couldn't lose his erection. Bill knew it was a curse, not a blessing like all of the other menfolk thought. He got in trouble when he exposed himself in public, and he exposed himself so he wouldn't cream in his pants, so it wasn't really his fault. Girls would help him out when they could, supplying their hands to give his a rest. They couldn't fit his monstrous cock in their mouths, and just about all of the girls were afraid to try to put it anywhere else. It was all just the same for Bill, because he was raised not to stick it in a Homegrown Southern Comfort Cunt unless it was his wedding night, and only queers fucked assholes.

His courtships never lasted because his girlfriends were just too intimidated. They got too tired out from keeping the stream flowing for him, and they couldn't get anything in return. And although his girlfriends never lasted more than a fortnight, he had a great many of them, each hoping to tame Big Willy's Big Willy.

In fact, the very same boys who had teased him before puberty were intimated by his size now, and jealous of his dick. Only Bill knew that it was nothing to be jealous about.

When Bill had hit his growth spurt, he had twenty-nine sisters, and his mother was pregnant with number thirty. Bill's father never had another boy, and when Bill finally hit that confusing fact of life called puberty, Bill's father couldn't have been happier with any other son. Bill's mother continued to have girls every year of her life until cervical cancer stopped her at the age of 63, 30 years after Bill's miraculous boost.

But Bill's father did notice the curse his son had, and how he couldn't even get a blowjob from his sisters because of the immensity of his cock. His sisters would try, too: they would lick his shaft from end to end, but they couldn't fit even so much as his head in their mouths, and he often wished he could be young again to feel that damp environment engulfing his dick, and he knew that he could never feel that again. Bill's father had sympathy for him, and so taught him how to fuck a pig if he ever wanted something else that a thousand girls just couldn't give him. Bill enjoyed it for a time, but soon found it to be a very shameful act, and only did it when he felt his worst depression. Once in a blue moon he would just spend the night in the barn, pleasuring pig after pig, feeling so sorry for himself.

He tried farmwork for a time, but simply couldn't work for too long before he had to stop and masturbate. Neil and Bob, the two men who owned the general store in town, let him work at the cash register, as long as he promised to keep his penis hidden behind the counter, where the decent women and children couldn't see.

And so Bill worked at Neil 'n' Bob's General Store, and received a decent sum for his work until he was eighteen, when one day life changed drastically for Bill.

* * *

Bill was working the register as usual that day. It was a Wednesday. Bill looked forward to Wednesdays, because it was payday, and he could take his paycheck and go to the city with his father, where they would go to the bank just before it closed (Bill would stay in the car), and Bill's father would turn the check into cash. Bill's father would take a bit of it to go towards the homestead, and the rest went into the bank. Bill wanted to save up as much money as he could from working at the General Store so that one day he could have a doctor make his privates smaller. He had read in the porno mags that Neil let him have that some people thought their privates were too small, and doctors could make them bigger. Bill thought that if doctors could make them bigger, why not smaller, too?

He never told his father why he was saving up his money, because he knew his parents would disapprove. When Bill asked his parents about his package, they would say that God had a plan, and that he must always count his blessings. Yet every penny Bill put in that bank was one penny closer to being normal. Pennies were blessings to Bill.

Bill worked very hard. He was always helping out customers, telling them where certain items were in the store, always measuring out the deli meats and cheeses with precision, and always had a smile on his face, because he always felt like smiling when he was working. Every moment he worked was also another moment closer to being normal.

Mary Anne Margaret, Bill's twenty-third sister from the top, was helping him today. She sat on his penis like a hobby-horse, her legs dangling over either side of it. She sat at the base, and stroked the top when her arms weren't too tired. She didn't wear panties under her dress because Bill said they made his dick itch, but Mary Anne Margaret liked it better that way anyway; if her vagina itched or her bum itched, she could wiggle around on Big Willy's dick and scratch the itch that way. It was funny to Mary Anne Margaret that almost everytime she moved around to itch herself, her brother squirted his juice out. She could feel his juice as it traveled through his penis, both with her hands and with her thighs. And, when he squirted, his penis shook a bit, so it was like a ride to her.

Mary Anne Margaret was seven years old, and of course she insisted that she was seven and a half and closer to eight. To Bill, this meant that she was getting bigger, and soon Mary Anne Margaret would be too big to ride on his dick comfortably. His penis was strong, but not so strong that he could lift an eight-year-old girl for a long time without wincing. Soon she would have to be replaced by Bill's twenty-fourth sister, Mary Anne Louise. But for now, Bill enjoyed spending his time with Mary Anne Margaret, because she was nice and sweet and very, very cute. He really enjoyed her softness, and the way she stroked his dick, and she was always happy to do what he asked. If he wanted her to lick it, she would ask how he would like to be licked.

But for the moment, Bill was happy to let Mary Anne Margaret ride his dick like a horsie. When she was on Bill's cock, she was tall enough to greet the customers over the counter and help Bill count change. It was important that Mary Anne Margaret learn math, because she didn't know what she wanted to do for work yet. Maybe she would work a register, too. She liked to do it, and count out change, and sometimes would do the entire transaction herself, even if it was a little slower than Bill could do. She was very handy, and Bill and Mary Anne Margaret liked each other a lot.

But what Bill liked the most about Mary Anne Margaret was the feeling of her legs wrapped around his dick, her cute little pussy sliding over it, and sometimes when Bill thought about it, he didn't even need to touch his dick and he would cum. Bill came a lot more often now that Mary Anne Margaret was with him. He thought he liked her more than any of his other sisters so far, and if he decided to marry one of his sisters instead of a cousin, he might just marry Mary Anne Margaret.

Mary Anne Margaret had both hands around his dick, and stroked it, hoping Bill would cream again. She didn't know why, but she liked things rubbing against her pussy, and when Bill's cock shook and pulsed under it, she really liked it a lot.

Bill felt her small, smooth hands stroking his dick, and it didn't take much for Bill to cum. Bill's dick shot out a cannon blast, and another, and another, twenty or so huge shots of semen in all, which all went straight into a bucket under the counter for Bill to bring home after work and feed his sisters with. Mary Anne Margaret really liked the throbbing in Bill's cock, so she kept trying to masturbate his huge dick with her tiny hands, getting his dick to jerk around at the end of it all by touching the big purple part at the top. She kind of bounced around, and the little jostles and jolts felt really funny on her pussy.

Just as Bill finished up for the umpteenth time that day, another customer came in.

"Good afternoon, Missus Lee!" Mary Anne Margaret shouted cheerfully.

"Afternoon, young missy," Missus Lee said quickly in return, and went about her business in the store. Missus Lee was married to Mr. Lee, who was a descendant of General Lee, one of the best men who ever lived, and because of that, she was an awful snob. Most of Bill's sisters hated her, but Mary Anne Margaret couldn't hate anyone. That was another reason Bill like her so much.

When Missus Lee had gotten the items she needed, she went to the counter to pay.

As Mary Anne Margaret pressed buttons on the register, Missus Lee said to Bill, "I think you're disgusting. Do you actually put that thing in your sisters?"

Missus Lee had never actually seen Bill's member, but she had seen the bulge in his overalls.

"No, ma'am," Bill said, hoping the talk would end there.

"Don't you 'Ma'am' me. That's not what I heard, young man. I just think about how painful it is on them. Don't you see how painful it is? I'll bet you like that, though."

"No, Missus Lee," Bill said, but nothing more.

"Here you go!" Mary Anne Margaret said cheerfully, and handed Missus Lee her change.

"How awful for you, little girl," Missus Lee said, then gathered up her things and left quickly.

"What's awful for me?" Mary Anne Margaret asked Bill, looking up at him.

"Nothing," Bill said, "nothing is awful for you." He kissed the top of her head, and ignored the fleeting thought of hurting his sister with his cock. "Okay, sport," he said, "time to get down."

"Okay," Mary Anne Margaret said as Bill picked her up and set her on the floor.

"I need to you make me cum one more time before we leave, though, okay?"

"O-kay!" she said, nearly at eye level with Bill's cock, and wrapped her hands around it again. She stuck her tongue out and licked his head, just the way he always liked. She licked the bottom of it first, right where the purple turned into skin, then quickly moved her tongue to the side and up over to the top of it. Next she put her lips to it, and sucked on the top of it like when she sucked soup from her bowl, making slurping sounds. She then licked the side of it like she was going to roll a cigarette, passing her tongue over the same area a bunch of times, then did the same for the other side.

"Okay..." Bill said, ready to cum. Mary Anne Margaret licked his pee-hole and then sucked at that like soup. Bill's huge testes lifted, and his penis unloaded into his sister's mouth. The cum flew to the back of her throat, then he shot out another load and her mouth got full. Mary Anne Margaret moved her mouth away, and he dumped the rest of his load in the bucket. Mary Anne Margaret swallowed what was in her mouth in three big gulps and one small one, then giggled. She liked to drink Bill's cum. It wasn't as salty as her daddy's. It was actually very sweet, like some kind of candy. All of Bill's sisters thought Bill's juice tasted great, so it was really a treat for them when they got to drink it. Most of what was in the bucket would be given to the four babies to drink, because Bill's daddy said it helped the babies grow. He also said cum should be added to the food pyramid, since it was so healthy for growing girls.

Bill petted his sister's hair, and she hugged him and giggled. Bill then buttoned on the detachable section of his overalls. It was an extra large square of cloth that his seventh sister Bethany had sewn when he had finished his growth spurt. The square was denim on the outside and cotton inside, so Bill could walk around outdoors without any discomfort, only a huge bulge in his pants. The cloth covered up the hole in his overalls that exposed his penis and balls, which had needed to be cutout so he could fit into them.

Bill took his sister's hand and they walked to the back room, where Bob was checking inventory. Or, at least, Bob was supposed to be checking inventory.

What Bill and Mary Anne Margaret saw instead shocked them both. Bob was on his knees, sucking Neil's cock like girls are supposed to do. Neither of them noticed Bill or his sister, so Bill just slammed the door to the back room and pulled Mary Anne Margaret along with him. He grabbed his bucket from behind the counter and left the store with Mary Anne Margaret in tow.

Bill was confused and couldn't think. He didn't know what he had just seen. Had he just discovered that Neil and Bob were queers? No, he must have seen something else. Neil and Bob couldn't be queers. They owned a respectable general store that Bill worked at.

"What's going on?" Mary Anne Margaret asked. "What were they doing? Was Mr. Bob doing a girl thing?"

"I don't know," Bill said.

Neil and Bob both ran out of the store like bullets and shouted at Bill to stop. Bill stopped in his tracks and turned around, not sure what he was going to see. The image of Neil's cock in Bob's mouth was burned into his brain.

"Bill," Bob said, when they finally caught up, "I'm sure you just saw something you didn't want to see, but we can explain."

"I don't understand, and I don't want to understand," Bill said, his face made of stone.

"We just want to make sure you don't tell anybody," Bob said.

"Tell who what? Tell the town council you two are a couple of faggots?"

"Don't you say that!" Neil shouted. "You don't say anything if you want to keep your job. If the town council knew we'd be lynched like a couple of niggers. Now I want you to forget about what you saw. It never happened."

Bill handed his sister the bucket of jizz, then picked her up and walked away.

"Bill!" Neil shouted after him, "You don't say nothing if you know what's good for you!"

Mary Anne Margaret was confused, and a little afraid. "Are Mr. Neil and Bob bad men?" she asked.

Bill didn't reply for a minute, just thinking. When Mary Anne Margaret had nearly forgotten the question, Bill said "I don't know if they're bad men, but while I figure that out, I don't want you to say anything about that to mama or papa or your sisters or anybody else, okay?"

"Okay," Mary Anne Margaret said nonchalantly. She was good at doing as she was told, and Bill loved her for it.

Bill didn't get horny at all on the way home, but his balls started to sting when he got there. He couldn't think of stopping to let Mary Anne Margaret suck his dick, because all he could think of was Bob sucking Neil's.

When he did get home, he set Mary Anne Margaret down to put the bucket of cum away, and when Bill entered the front door, all of his sisters began to cheer. Bill's mother said "Mary Jane, Mary Margaret, Mary Beth, Jennie Anne, and Jane Anne, it's your turn."

The five girls Bill's mom had named rushed over to Bill immediately, pulled him to his favorite chair, unbuttoned the cloth covering, and all went straight work sucking his dick. The nine-going-on-ten triplets went for his penis, with Mary Jane and Mary Beth each licking his shaft, and Mary Margaret licking his head; while the twelve-year-old twins Jennie Anne and Jane Anne licked his balls. All five tongues on his privates did a number on him, even though he wasn't horny, and he soon jizzed all over Mary Margaret's face, until she was pushed out of the way by Mary Jane, who got a shot on her face, too. By the time they were done, all five girls had their faces covered in cum.

"My, you shot out a lot," Bill mom said, watching them.

Mary Anne Margaret heard her as she came out of the kitchen, and said "Yeah, Bill didn't stop on the way home at all."

"Not at all?" Bill's mom asked. "My goodness. Well, you must be hurting a lot, then, poor dear. Mary Anne Beth, Mary Beth Anne, Anne Grace, Annie Grace, and Mary Anne, I want you to help him out next."

The next five girls made their way to Bill and started licking him like crazy. Bill shot off another load pretty quickly, but he still was very distracted. He just couldn't think anymore.

* * *

When Bill's father got home a couple hours later, the excitement of Bill's return had died down, and the household was calm again. Bill's other twin sisters, Jennie and Jane, twelve-going-on-thirteen, were playing with Bill's dick, spitting on it and stroking it, while Bill just relaxed in his chair, trying to get into it. His mind was gradually coming off the image of sin.

Bill's mother was breast feeding her latest twin newborns, Minnie Margery and Minnie Margaret, one on each tit.

Bill's father was disappointed. He wanted to fuck his wife, but he knew it wouldn't be easy while she was breast feeding.

"Dammit, maw, can't you feed the girls some other time?" Bill's father said.

"I beg your pardon not to curse in front of the children, paw," Bill's mother said, "and I can't feed them any other time. They want to be fed; not that I want to do the feeding."

Bill's father sighed, and sat down in his favorite chair, right next to Bill. He unstrapped his overalls and pulled them down, exposing his tiny erection. Bill's father's penis wasn't more than three inches when erect, if that.

"Annie Grace! Get over here and suck your father's dick like a good girl. Mary Anne Margaret, I want you to dance."

Annie Grace and Mary Anne Margaret came over to their father. Annie Grace, age eleven, got to her knees, and put her father's dick in her mouth. She sucked it the way he liked, bobbing back and forth, keeping her tongue out to touch his balls. Bill's father loved Annie Grace's blowjobs. Out of all the children, she knew how to pleasure her father the best.

Mary Anne Margaret danced in front of her father, swinging around a pole that Bill's father had found in the junkyard. He had picked it up with the intention of teaching his daughters how to poledance, and when he got home he stuck it upright in the floor right in front of his favorite chair.

Mary Anne Margaret slid her tummy up and down the pole, taking off her little pink dress. Bill watched, wishing that she would slide her body over his penis, but kept silent.

Bill's father loved to watch Mary Anne Margaret dance. She wasn't the most coordinated, and didn't have everything perfect the way her father wanted, but she certainly had the prettiest body, and if Bill's father were any other man, he would have already broken her cherry. But Bill's father was a good upstanding Christian, so Bill's father only dreamed of fucking his daughters, but did nothing about it.

Mary Anne Margaret swung around the pole, then put her back against it and bent her knees, sliding her ass down it. She took off her panties next, which she had since put on after getting home. Nobody but Bill knew she didn't like to wear panties.

Totally naked now, Mary Anne Margaret slid her pussy against the pole, her cute little slit unable to open the slightest for the pole.

Bill's father watched Mary Anne Margaret, imagining that Annie Grace's mouth engulfing his dick was actually Mary Anne Margaret's pussy, imagining that she was on top of him, bouncing up and down hard and fast.

Bill didn't need to imagine much. Just watching Mary Anne Margaret dance naked so sensually sent a charge of cum through his cock, smothering Jennie's hair and Jane's face.

Bill's father creamed in Annie Grace's mouth, and Annie Grace swallowed fast. She didn't like her father's cum at all. Her father's cum was much too bitter. As soon as she could, she stopped sucking her father's cock. She didn't think it was fair that her father asked her to suck his dick more than any of the other girls. He only ever made his other daughters suck his dick if he was teaching them how.

"Okay, I guess that's good enough," Bill's father said, "let's get going before the bank closes."

"Bill forgot his check today, daddy," Mary Anne Margaret said, still dancing at the pole. Mary Anne Margaret liked to dance at the pole, so she didn't mind when her father told her to. Sometimes, when she didn't have chores to do, she liked to practice at the pole, and her sisters would help her out and try to teach her.

"Is that so? Well, then I guess we ain't going to the bank after all," Bill's father said, and stayed right in the chair, continuing to watch Mary Anne Margaret.

Bill wasn't nearly as calm as Mary Anne Margaret was. When Mary Anne Margaret said he had forgotten his check, the color faded in his cheeks, and he expected to be beaten by his father. The funny thing was, Bill's father hadn't beaten him or even yelled at him since he grew taller than his father. But Bill always expected it.

Annie Grace got on her knees in front of Bill's dick and whispered to Jennie and Jane, who had gotten most of the jizz off themselves and into their bellies. The twins nodded in unison, and got up and left, leaving Annie Grace with Big Willy's dick by herself. She wanted to drink some of Bill's cum to get the taste of her father's cum out of her mouth. She wasn't the best as pleasuring Big Willy, but she still tried her best. She stroked Bill's shaft and licked his head, poking her tongue in his pee-hole, trying to get any remnants of jizz there might be just inside.

"So why did Bill forget his check, anyway?" Bill's father asked, then shouted at his wife, "Aren't you done feeding those kids yet?"

"Not a bit, paw," Bill's mother said, "And I thank you not to shout with sensitive ears about."

"Annie Beth! Beth Anne! Where are you, girls?" Bill's father shouted, ignoring Bill's mother's comment.

"I'm here, paw," Beth Anne said, poking her head out of the kitchen. "I'm making dinner, and I can't leave the kitchen yet."

"Where's your sister?"

"She's off being courted, I think."

"Well, that's acceptable," Bill's father said. Annie Beth and Beth Anne were both fourteen, and the oldest of Bill's sisters still living at home. There had been many men calling them, and Bill's father asked them all some basic questions and approved every one. Beth Anne, however, disapproved every one of them, and she spent most of her nights at home. Bill's father couldn't understand it. Why would Beth Anne stay in when her twin sister Annie Beth went out all the time?

"Mary Anne!" Bill's father shouted, and Mary Anne came in the room a moment later. Mary Anne was thirteen and a half, the next oldest girl after Annie Beth and Beth Anne.

"Yes, paw?" Mary Anne said, hoping she wouldn't have to suck her father's dick again. She knew that the trick to not being asked to suck her father's dick was to pretend to be bad at it, and never do it the way he wanted. She'd sucked lots of dicks, and she knew that every guy liked it a different way. Lots of men loved her mouth, but she made sure her father wasn't one of those men.

"Get over here and suck my balls," Bill's father said to Mary Anne.

Mary Anne crossed the room to where he father was seated and got on her knees. She opened her mouth wide and fit both of her father's balls in her mouth. She played with them inside her mouth with her tongue. She didn't mind sucking his balls too much, even though they smelled after he got home. She just didn't like his semen the most. Like the rest of his sisters thought, it tasted really bad. She loved to suck other dicks, and even enjoyed the taste of cum, but there was just something wrong with her father's.

Bill's father liked to have his balls in a nice sauna whenever he could, so whenever he wasn't getting off, his balls were in one of his daughter's moist mouths.

"So why did Bill forget his check?" Bill's father asked, to no one in particular. Bill's face drained again, just after it began getting its color back because he figured his father forgot about it.

"Well, Missus Lee gave him a real hard time," Mary Anne Margaret said, still dancing at the pole, trying to swing around it.

"Oh, that old hag came in the store today?" Bill's father said, "I'm sorry, son. I can see why you'd want to get away from that old bitch as fast as possible."

"Paw!" Bill's mother said, infuriated, still feeding her newborns.

"Don't make me come over there and give you a black eye!" Bill's father shouted.

Bill's mother said nothing, but got up and carried her babies into the kitchen.

Bill relaxed, glad that his father wasn't angry with him. Annie Grace continued her attempt at shoving her entire tongue in her brother's dick hole, stroking his shaft with both hands. Bill didn't pay attention to Annie Grace, but Mary Anne Margaret's dance made him spew another round, most of it into Annie Grace's mouth. Annie Grace swooshed his cum around in her mouth before she swallowed, appreciating the nice, sweet taste. One splash hit her cheek, so she pushed it into her mouth with her finger and sucked her finger.

There was a knock at the door, and Annie Grace got up to answer it, keeping her finger in her mouth, savoring everything on it. She opened the door and a voice said "Evening, little missy. And which of the Sisterson children might you be?"

Bill recognized the voice immediately as Bob, and he felt the impulse to cover up his cock. He suddenly didn't want anyone to see it, especially not Bob. Bob sucked dicks, and he didn't want Bob getting any ideas about Bill's dick. Bill momentarily shifted, but his impulse left him before he covered up. Bill's father had always told him that you can do what you want in your own home, and what rules there are outside don't matter in the Sisterson household. In the Sisterson household, it didn't matter who was over, whether it be a suitor for the children, a nun, or the President; the Sisterson family had the right to do as they pleased in their own home, including being naked in front of guests.

"Annie Grace," Annie Grace said in response to Bob's question, but it came out mumbled with her finger still in her mouth.

"Annie Grace, don't you talk with that finger in your mouth!" Bill's father shouted.

Annie Grace took her finger out and repeated herself more clearly.

"Can I do something for you, Bob?" Bill's father asked from his seat, making sure Mary Anne kept her father's balls in her mouth.

Neil and Bob entered the household, but weren't fazed by seeing Bill's member, or his father getting head, or Mary Anne Margaret pole dancing naked to an invisible tune. They'd been over for dinner enough times to know what went on in the Sisterson household, and didn't mind a bit.

"Well, we were just stopping by to drop off Bill's check," Bob said.

"Thanks, Bob. Ain't this a bit out of your way, though?" Bill's father asked.

"Oh, no," Neil said, "we were on our way to the city anyways. Wasn't a bother."

"Mary Anne Margaret told us everything," Bill's father said.

"She did, huh?" Bob said, trying his best not to lose his cool.

"Hey, I'm sure we all forget things when Missus Lee stops by," Bill's father said. "She'll suck out your soul and you'd leave it behind trying to run from her."

"Damned if that ain't so," Neil said, grinning. "Anyway, just came by to drop off the check. Give this to Bill, will you dear?" Neil asked Annie Grace, who had put her finger back in her mouth.

"Yessir," Annie Grace mumbled, taking the check with her free hand and heading back to Bill.

"Sure you don't want to stay for dinner?" Bill's father asked. "I'm sure my wife's got enough food for two more."

"I'll bet she does," Neil said, "but no, we've got to get going."

"Can't even stay for a blowjob or two? My daughters can suck a mean dick."

"Oh, I know," Neil said. In reality, he didn't know for sure. He had rejected every invitation for a sexual favor concerning Bill's sisters, and now Bill knew why. Bob only accepted once, back when Louise wasn't off and married, and Louise had told Bill that Bob hadn't cum at all, even though she'd tried her best. She spent the whole evening sucking his dick a thousand different ways, but he hardly ever glanced at her and didn't seem to pay attention to her at all. Now Bill knew why that was the case, too. Everything made sense now.

Annie Grace handed her brother the envelope, and then sat on her brother's lap lazily, to the side of his dick, and began gently squeezing his ball sack and pulling at the skin, just playing with it. Bill put his hands around his sister, hugging her close. He didn't want her to ever get close to Neil and Bob again. It was then that his hatred began to boil to the surface, his anger ready to pop. His face turned ugly, and he used all his will not to stand up and shout 'Faggots! Queers! Butt-fuckers!' But Bill sat still, keeping his sister on his lap, ready to squeeze her till she burst.

"I know your daughters give great head," Neil was saying, "but we just don't have the time. If we could, we would. We'll take a raincheck on it, though."

"I'm sure you will. Have a good day, men," Bill's father said, and Neil and Bob left.

* * *

That night, Bill remembered all of his dreams. In every dream, his dick was a normal size, but that was the only good part. The rest frightened him terribly. He dreamed that Bob sucked him dry. He dreamed that he fucked Bob's asshole while Neil watched, and in his dream Bill came in Bob's ass. In another dream he sucked Neil's cock, and drank his cum, and in another Neil fucked Bill's ass, and Neil came inside him. In another Bob licked Bill's asshole until he came, and in the last Neil had a dick the size of Bill's, and he fucked Bill's asshole wide open. In every fleeting, phantasmagoric scene, Bill got off like he'd never gotten off before.

When Bill woke up as the cock crowed, he saw that Mary Grace, his six-year-old sister who had decided to sleep with him that night, was covered in cum. She had slept on top of him, naked, with her thighs around his dick, and he had jizzed all over her back, hair, and ass. Every one of those dreams had been wet. He didn't want to believe that. He didn't want to think that he had enjoyed the dreams of Neil and Bob. He hated them. Bill thought - no, Bill pushed The Thought away as soon as it came to him, and tried to ignore it. He would never allow The Thought to creep into his mind.

The Thought was: 'Am I gay?'

* * *

Mary Grace's sisters had a fun time giving her a tongue bath, licking her clean and getting their cum-rush for the morning. Jennie Anne slid her tongue over Mary Grace's vagina, just seeing what she would do, and Mary Grace kind of liked it. A couple of girls wanted fresh jizz, so they licked Bill's dick to get him off before he went to work.

Bill didn't want to go to work. He didn't want to see Neil and Bob ever again. But he never told his father anything. He didn't want to tell his father that a couple of queers had been inside the Sisterson household. He thought about feigning sickness, but he knew his father could tell if Bill was faking it; Bill had tried to fake it to stay home from school before puberty, just once, and his father had seen through him, and beat him good to learn him.

Bill wasn't sure which of his sisters he would bring with him to work, but he knew that if he didn't bring one he'd just about go crazy. Eventually he settled for Mary Anne Margaret, even though he wanted to expose his favorite sister to homos least of any. He brought her along anyway, because he knew that she would keep quiet if anything else happened, as she already had been keeping quiet, and there was no need to risk exposing any of his other sisters.

Mary Ann Margaret walked next to Bill down the road they lived on, she holding the empty bucket and secretly going pantiless, and he wearing his usual overalls with the extra large adjustment. They passed by a number of farmhands coming into work by truck or by foot, each waving to the Sisterson siblings as they passed, all friendly enough as though their world had not yet been turned downside up. Mary Anne Margaret waved with her free hand, sometimes shouting a greeting, but Bill didn't pay attention to the people they passed. His only thoughts were on the hell he would soon be entering, and he knew that if he were any less of a man, he would run from that place and never enter it again.

But he did enter it; he entered Neil 'n' Bob's General Store with his head held high. He would be brave, and he would not enter the back room all day, and he would never enter the back room again. Neil and Bob might be fags, but he knew that they would lose business if they fucked each other in public. They would probably be lynched, and the store would be burned down, and people would take pity on poor Bill for having to work with queers. But maybe not... maybe townsfolk would think that Bill was a queer too, and would lynch him just the same. A lot of people did not like Bill, and might see him all the worse for it.

No one would ever know about Neil and Bob. That secret would be between them and Bill, and Mary Ann Margaret could hold her tongue.

Bill uncovered his penis behind the counter, then lifted Mary Anne Margaret onto the base of it. Today, as usual, she was wearing no panties, with only her skirt covering up her own privates and very little of the giant schlong she was straddling. She enjoyed the skin rubbing against her pussy, and wondered what it would be like when she had her own husband and he could stick his penis inside her. Would it feel just as good? Better? Would it hurt? Her older sisters, the ones who were married and had had sex, had told her that it was painful the first time, if not the first couple of times. If the six inch penises that her sisters' husbands had were painful, she could only imagine what it would be like to fit Bill's entire member inside her. His penis was larger than her mother's newborns, and she knew from watching her sisters give birth just how much that hurt.

But sliding along Bill's penis didn't hurt at all; it felt really good. Certainly, sliding along a penis wasn't what you were supposed to do, but she loved the feeling anyway. It was like sliding along a warmer version of the dancing pole, except Bill's penis wasn't smooth, of course, and it was thicker than the pole, but it was similar enough.

Thinking of it, Mary Anne Margaret grabbed ahold of Bill's cock in front of her, and slid her bum back and forth over a little area at the base of his dick. Her pussy lips tried to open for his dick the way they tried to open for the pole when she slid down it, but of course her pussy wouldn't open at all. She couldn't wait till she was bigger and her vagina would open, letting something inside. No matter how painful it might be in real life, every time she dreamed of putting Bill's dick inside her, filling her to the rafters, it was the most wonderful dream she had. She dreamed that she was impaled by his penis, and the idea of it, of being filled so completely by her brother, made her feel warm and good inside.

When Neil came out of the back room with a crate of liquor to stack in the fridge, he said "Mornin' Bill," but Bill said nothing back. Bill just stared into space, waiting for a customer to come in.

"Morning, Sir!" Mary Anne Margaret said, and waved to him.

"Mornin', darlin'," Neil said, but didn't take his eyes off Bill. "Glad you came in today," Neil said to Bill. Bill still remained silent. Neil sighed, and went about his business stocking the fridge. If Bill didn't want to talk, Neil would oblige.
Neil took Bill's silence to mean that if Bill didn't want to talk, he sure wouldn't say anything to anyone else. Neil knew what would happen if the townsfolk found out about him and Bob. There was no doubt in his mind that he would be murdered, and maybe beaten first. Southern hospitality is a great thing, but Neil knew it only applies to straight white people. 'No niggers and no queers' is practically the motto of the state, as any member of the local KKK chapter will tell you, and they are legion. Neil is a member of the KKK himself, just to keep up appearances. He goes to cross burnings and the meetings, but he is mysteriously absent when the party comes around to bash a nigger's face in. Fortunately they don't find anything odd about that, and just tell him "You won't believe what you missed!" at the bar the next day.

Bob, however, is a little more trouble. Neil knows that Bob is a little more on the feminine side than Neil, and Bob has to thoroughly watch his act around people. Whenever Bob acts a little limp-wristed in public, he attracts too much attention, and Neil has to vouch for Bob's straightness, since he is business partners with Bob, after all. He's also sex partners with Bob, but the townsfolk don't ever need to know that. And, it seems, they won't find out, so long as Bill and Mary Anne Margaret keep their mouths shut. Neil is fairly certain they will.

Bob, on the other hand, was not so sure, and when Bob came in that day, he looked nervous and jittery - well, more nervous and jittery than normal anyway. Bob took Neil into the back room and talked to him about their problem.

"I'm sure you have perfect faith in Bill," Bob said in a hushed voice, "but I think he isn't talking right now only because he's in shock. When he gets over the shock he might get angry, and when he gets angry he might tell someone."

"But if he does, he'll be out of a job, too," Neil told him. "You know why he works here in the first place: because no one else will hire him."

"What's a job to him, though, really?"

"Have you ever had a fucking conversation with him, Bob? All he talks about when he's not around his folks is about how he hates being so different. He hates the stares he gets everywhere he goes; he hates having a dick that never quits, and one so large as that; he hates ignorant fucking townsfolk cursing him for being different. He thanks me just about everyday for giving him work at a job he can do when nobody else will. And the most important reason he wants to keep this job is because of the money he makes. He's told me once before, just once, when the idea first came into his head, that someday he wants to have surgery done so he can have a smaller dick. He's saving all the money he can from this job, and he'll be damned if he cuts off his only supply of money."

Bob listened to Neil all the way through, and by the end he realized that Bill would not be the big problem. "How do we stop his sister from letting it slip?" he said, but Neil had no answer for that.

* * *

At about noontime, Abigail Sisterson came in. Abigail was Bill's father's brother's daughter - his cousin, in other words. For a brief spell, a couple years ago, Bill tried to court Abigail, but the romantic relationship lasted only two weeks before Abigail realized she could not spend her life with a man so big. She got tired of stroking him and licking him and not being able to go anywhere public like a restaurant or even the movies. She also knew he would never be able to fit inside her. She loved sex too much to give it up. Unlike Bill's father, who discouraged sex before marriage, Abigail's father had no problem with it. In fact, he had proudly popped every one of his daughters' cherries. Abigail was her father's favorite, because she was quite beautiful.

Abigail was so beautiful, in fact, she had suitors by the dozen. Every boy and man in the county wanted her pussy, and she was quite happy to give it to them. But the one boy she really liked among them all was the only boy she couldn't give it to, and that boy was Bill.

Abigail noticed Bill before Bill noticed her, and she smiled and said hello.

Bill said hello back, and Abigail went about her shopping. When she finished and went to the counter to pay.

"Who is this little girl?" Abigail asked, as Mary Anne Margaret rang up the items. She was getting quite good at memorizing the prices and handling the register.

"Mary Anne Margaret," Mary Anne Margaret said, still pressing buttons.

"Robbing the cradle, are you?" Abigail asked Bill, pleased that he had a new girlfriend, but a little shocked that such a tiny girl could ever handle Bill's package.

"No, we aren't together," Bill explained. "She's just my sister. She helps me out in the store."

"What's 'robbing the cradle'?" Mary Anne Margaret asked, looking up from the register.

"It's when two people have sex, and one person is much younger than the other," Abigail told her.

"Bill couldn't rob the cradle, Abby! He's much too big to fit in me!" Mary Anne Margaret said, giggling.

"Of course he couldn't, how silly of me," Abigail said, then looked up at Bill. "Say, Bill, why don't you give the kid a break? I want to pleasure you like I used to, just for old time's sake."

"I don't want to leave the store," Bill said, wanting to explain that he didn't want to leave his sister alone in the store with Neil and Bob, but he stopped himself from saying anything more.

"How about she minds the register, and we can just lay on the floor behind the counter, where no one can see, and we get naked, and I can run your cock between my tits? Didn't you always love it when I gave you a titjob?"

Bill glanced at Abigail's breasts. They were much bigger now, now that she had fully grown in. When they were courting, her breasts had been a decent size, but now she had blossomed with breasts that Bill had only seen in porno mags. She was just as beautiful now as she had been before, and just at the thought of sliding his penis between her breasts made him orgasm, shooting a load into the bucket under the counter.

Mary Anne Margaret continued to giggle.

Abigail noticed that Bill was now staring at her tits, practically lost in them, and from the look of his face, he had just cum.

"Don't you want to do that again," Abigail asked, "except this time, do it all over me?"

Bill picked up his sister, taking her off his dick and sitting her on a stool within reach of the register. "Mary Anne Margaret, please take care of customers if they walk in."

Abigail smiled broadly, running around the counter to see Bill. They both got on the floor, and Abigail took off her dress. Just like Mary Anne Margaret, Abigail didn't like to wear panties. Abigail helped Bill out of his clothes, and together they sat on the floor naked. Bill really hoped nobody could see over the counter, or both of them would be in trouble.

Abigail licked her hands, then began to play with Bill's nutsack, rubbing it, making it wet. As she did so, she licked Bill's enormous shaft, spitting on it to get it as wet as she could.

With no customers around, Mary Anne Margaret watched Abigail lick Bill's dick, trying to learn some new ways of doing it, seeing what Bill really liked. He seemed to really enjoy all of the spit that was on his dick, making it slippery and shiny. From where she stood, high up on the stool, Mary Anne Margaret hocked a well aimed loogie onto Bill's dick. Abigail looked up at Mary Anne Margaret, who was proud of his shot, and getting ready with another one. Abigail rubbed in Mary Anne Margaret's spit, and Mary Anne Margaret smiled. Then she spit again, hitting the head of Bill's penis. Some of it slid down the side, and some of it went into his hole. Mary Anne Margaret found that entertaining, and from then on keep spitting, trying her best to get it in Bill's pee-hole, as if it were a game. Bill didn't object, and it didn't interfere with Abigail's plans.

When Abigail thought Bill's dick was soaked enough, she took her tongue away from her shaft and put her boobs against it. She slid her nipples over his slimy shaft at first, but then spread her tits apart and wrapped them around his dick. She slid her tits up and down his shaft, getting her cleavage wet with spit. A mix of precum and Mary Anne Margaret's spit dribbled out of Bill's dickhole and onto Abigail's tits.

Bill watched Abigail and Mary Anne Margaret, looking to one and then the other. He liked Abigail a lot, and he loved to watch her slide her tits over his dick, but what he really wanted was for Mary Anne Margaret to have those great tits and to be doing it herself. He tried to imagine Mary Anne Margaret's tiny frame holding massive tits, and it seemed totally impossible. Mary Anne Margaret would have to grow up a lot more before she could grow massive breasts. But God, did he wish she weren't up on that stool at this moment. How he wished she was licking his dickhead as Abigail stroked his shaft with her tits...

Bill came as he thought that, shooting cum straight into the air. Mary Anne Margaret thought it was funny to see such a thing, and laughed. Abigail noticed it at once, and stopped her titjob, so she could avoid the cumshot. She didn't want it to get in her hair, because it would be hard to get out, and it wouldn't look good at all to walk down the street with tons of cum in her hair. But the cum did hit her as it came down, but it hit her tits, which she was okay with. Spurt after spurt flew into the air and came crashing down on her tits, until Bill's orgasm finally subsided.

As the last of Bill's cum dribbled down his dick, Abigail licked his dick as best as she could to get it clean. When she was done, she said, "I always loved your cum, Billy. It always tasted so sweet. As sweet as you always were to me."

"Can I lick the rest off you?" Mary Anne Margaret asked, interrupted the moment completely.

Abigail looked at her tits, which had tons of cum dripping down her. "Do you mind if she helps?" she asked Bill.

"Are there any customers?" Bill asked.

"Nope," Mary Anne Margaret said, glancing around.

"Okay, I suppose so," Bill said.

"Yay!" Mary Anne Margaret said, and climbed off of the stool. She started licking the cum off of Abigail's tits, savoring every drop.

"She loves your cum as much as I do," Abigail said as she watched. "Say, Bill, I know you were never really able to pleasure me before, but my last boyfriend showed me a few things that maybe you can do, that doesn't involve your dick. Do you know how to pleasure a woman with your fingers or your tongue?"

"I've heard of that, but pop always told me never to enter a woman's privates unless I was married to her."

"Your father is old-fashioned. Don't you want to know what a woman feels like inside, if only with your fingers?"

"Of course, I want to. I've always wanted to. But when you do that, it's a sin against God."

"It may be a sin, but it's a fun sin."

"All sins are fun, that's why they're sins. But I won't put anything in your woman parts, no matter how much I want to."

"Why don't you just... touch around it then? Touch the outside? Maybe even lick the outside, like how I lick the outside of your dick. If you don't put anything inside me, it's not really a sin, right?"

"I guess not," Bill said, taking a good look at her crotch. Bill really had always wanted to repay her for the things she did to him. In fact, he had wanted to repay every girl for what they'd done to him, but he never really thought about how to do it. His father never ate out his mother at all; so Bill had never had any instruction on it.

"Can I watch?" Mary Anne Margaret said, finished cleaning Abigail's tits.

"Yes, you can," Abigail said, "but do it up on that stool. If customers come in, you have to work the register still."

"Okay..." Mary Anne Margaret said. She had hoped she'd be allowed to watch up close and maybe even give it a try. Maybe at home she could show her sisters what she had learned from this. But she got back up on the stool, glancing at the front door of the store every once in a while, listening for the bell above the door, but keeping most of her attention on Bill and Abigail.

Abigail laid down on her back, taking Bill's hand in hers. She guided his fingers along her thighs, over her labia, and up to her clit. When bill got the hang of it, Abigail took her hand away, and let Bill rub her pussy in his own way.

Abigail really wanted to be entered, she desperately wanted to be fucked, and fucked hard like she taught all the boys to do, but then again, there was something to be said for gentleness. And for such big, powerful hands, Bill was surprisingly gentle.

Bill took a particular interest in Abigail's clit, which got larger the more he played with it. He thought it was an interesting thing, but didn't realize it did anything special.

Abigail damn well knew her clit was special. When she couldn't get sex, she masturbated with her clitoris instead of penetrating herself. She wasn't sure which she liked better; she supposed she liked being entered better, because she was always with a man when she did so. But then again, until now, no man had ever played with her clit. And Abigail loved it.

"Billy, Billy, please lick it," Abigail said, desperately wanting the touch of a tongue on her clit.

Bill lay down on his side, and put his head between Abigail's legs. He stuck his tongue out and licked her clit. He didn't mind doing it, so he licked it again, and some more, and as her clit got larger, he wrapped his lips around it, and tried to put it in his mouth.

Abigail tried her best not to moan, but when her orgasm came, she began to shake. Her orgasm was mild, and although she was normally a squirter, instead she merely dripped onto the floor.

Abigail's orgasm ended, and she lifted Bill's head up. Bill looked at her and wondered what had just happened and what made her want him to stop. She said "Now you've repaid me for all the times I pleasure you."

Abigail kissed Bill, then got up and put her dress back on. Bill put his clothes back on, too, and stood up.

"Did you watch carefully?" Abigail asked Mary Anne Margaret.

"Oh yes," Mary Anne Margaret said.

"Good, because your brother is great at it. If only all boys knew what to do with a clit."

"A what?" Bill asked.

"The part of it you really liked."


Abigail winked at him, then collected her stuff and left the store. Bill stood there, a little awestruck. He had, for the first time, pleasured a girl - perhaps not quite like he had imagined he would, but it worked out nonetheless.

Mary Anne Margaret gasped. "She forgot to pay!" she said.

* * *

Bill had quite forgotten all about Neil and Bob after Abigail had come by, so it came almost as a shock when Bob, after lunch, asked Bill to have Mary Anne Margaret come into the back room for a minute.

Bill was so confused; he had no idea why Bob would want Mary Anne Margaret. All he could assume was that Bob wanted to rape her, not realizing that Bob couldn't possibly want a little girl for such a reason.

"No," Bill said tersely. "If you want her, I'm going with her."

"But someone has to mind the register," Bob said.

"What do you want with her?"

"We just want to talk with her for a minute. It'll only be a quick minute."

"Talk to her out here, then."

"Bob, just mind the register," Neil said from the back room.

Bob sighed, but said, "Okay, you two go talk to Neil." Secretly, Bob was relieved that he didn't have to be part of this conversation.

Bill lifted Mary Anne Margaret off his cock and put his extra cloth back onto his overalls. They then walked hand in hand into the back room.

Neil was there, thankfully fully clothed, leaning against the table.

"Sit down, Bill," Neil said.

"No thanks," Bill said.

"Listen, Bill, Bob and I both know that you know our secret. And I know that you're shocked, and you probably hate us, but what you saw yesterday concerns only us and God. Do you understand that?"

Bill swallowed. "You want me to not say anything to anyone. But I could, you know. I could tell the mayor, or I could tell anyone."

"That's right Bill, you could. But Bill, you know me; you know Bob. We are not bad people. Why should what you saw effect what you think of us? We're still the same guys we've always been. Nothing has changed, except that you now know a secret. That's it. You know we are nice guys. You won't tell anybody, because you know what they'll do to us, and deep down, you don't want anything bad to happen to us, no matter what we do in our private lives. Isn't that true?"

"I don't know. Maybe I do want people to know. Maybe I do want you to be run out of town or hurt or killed-"

"No, Bill, you don't. You're scared right now, and I understand, but you don't want any of those things. Your heart is too big to have any hate in you. You might think I'm a sinner, but remember that God loves us all, no matter what. Isn't it for God to decide what happens to us, not you?"

Bill didn't answer.

"I know you won't say anything, Bill," Neil continued. "I know you won't say anything, but what I want to know is if your sister will say anything. I wanted to talk to her to make sure she knows that she shouldn't say anything."

"I won't say anything," Mary Anne Margaret piped in, "because God already knows, and that's what's important."

"Thata girl," Neil said.

* * *

That night, as Bill drifted asleep, with Mary Jane Anne, his four and a half year old sister, sleeping on top of him backwards, her arms wrapped around his cock, using his ballsack as a pillow, her toes playing with his nipples, Bill's mind wandered back to Abigail, and that thing between her legs she called a clit.

When he dreamed, he dreamed about sucking her clit, but when she climaxed, instead of shaking as she had, he dreamed that she came like her clit was a penis. He dreamed she came in his mouth, and he swallowed it all up like girls are supposed to do. He did not remember these dreams when he woke up, but he did have an uneasy feeling from then on whenever he thought of her, or saw his sisters' clits, as if somehow, in some way, the clit was kind of like a little penis. This thought never fully formed completely into his mind, only on a subconscious level. But he was still uneasy when he saw one, and he felt like he had a bad taste in his mouth they whole day, like there was something sinful about sucking a clit, there was something a little queer about it. Queer... an odd word choice.

The Thought came back to him at work, and he tried his best to push it down. He did not want to think of anything resembling The Thought, The Thought that suggested he was something like Neil and Bob... no, he wasn't at all. He couldn't be. He loved his sisters and all his girlfriends. He loved Mary Anne Margaret sliding her pussy up and down his cock, up and down that pole in the house, he thought she was the prettiest little girl he'd ever seen, so there was just no way he could be... no, don't think that Thought. That is a bad Thought.

But the whole day The Thought kept creeping up on him, and he thought it might just drive him crazy. He tried to escape from The Thought, but The Thought followed him everywhere, and just as he had forgotten about The Thought, it would come back with a vengeance.

Finally, when The Thought broke through and asked him "Am I gay?", he shouted - not with his voice, but with his mind - he shouted as loud as he could NO! I am NOT gay! And he hugged Mary Anne Margaret as tight as he could without hurting her, and he felt comfort in her, comfort when he could find no other comfort, and he knew that without a doubt, he loved her, and that he would always love her, and this love of his sister, and his sister's presence, helped drive The Thought away.

But he still had the dreams, and even though he couldn't remember them all, he still had dreams of Neil and Bob and clits like penises and women with penises and all manner penis-related, sex-related dreams.

Would they ever stop?

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